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Wood Is Football Star
Data For Use in Legislative
Program Is Desired By
I Washington, D. C Presidont Cool
ldge announced appointment of tiu
following as members of the special
commission to confer on a program
of agricultural legislation for submis
sion to congress :
Robert B. Carey, Tareyhurst, Wyo.,
former governor, chairman; O. E.
Bradfute, president of the American
Farm Bureau federation, Caicago;
Charles S. Barrett, chairman National
Board of Farm Organizations, Union
City, Ga.; Louis J. Taber, master Na
tional Grange, Columbus, Ohio; Ralph
P. Merritt, president Sun-Maid Raisin
Growers, Fresno, Cal.; R. W. Thatcher,
director New York experiment .sta
tion, Geneva, N. Y.; W. C. Coffey,
dean of the college of agriculture, Uni
versity of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minn.;
Fred H. Bixby, American National
Livestock association. Long Beach,
This commission will begin in the
near future its study of agricultural
problems and is expected to have a
report ready for the short session of
congress, according to word at the
White House Friday.
The president will use the report as
a basis of study of recommendations
he is expeoted to make.
General Goethafe Has a New Job
The photograph .shows William 11 '
Wood, fullback of the West Point '
Military academy football team anil
one of the best kickers and open-field
runners in the East. Wood is a vei
erun of two seasons' play.
Washington, D. C Of the 4,500,000
world war veterans entitled to adjust
ed compensation, only 1,450,000 have
applied for the federal bonus, accord
ing to an announcement by Major-General
Robert C. Davis, adjutant-general
of the army. More than 1,000,000 cer
tificates have been sent to applicants.
Applications have dropped from' 58
000 a day during July to only 9,000
daily in October.
The war department therefore, has
atarted a new drive to speed up the
work of gathering applications and at
the same time Major-General Davis
Issues a request that all veterans who
do not intend to apply for the onus
either now or eventually, communi
cate that fact to the department in
order that the cost of administration
may be reduced.
Controller of Currency Reports
Increase of Three-qtiar ers
of Ui'lion Since June 30.
Gen. George W. Goethals, builder Of the Panama canal (light), inspootiin
the site of the Pacurma dnms near Los Angeles which he lias been engaged
to build for a fee of ,$10,000. Three dams are to be built there us a part ol
a flood control program.
Boardman Locals and Personals
Represented his State in United States
8enate Continuously for 31 Years.
Cambridge, Mass. Senator Henry
Cabot Lodge died at the Charles Gats
hospital Sunday night. He suffered
a stroke on Wednesday, November 5
Mr. Lodge was born at Boston, May
12, 1850
The illness that led to death was
similar to that of President Wilson,
the original complaint being similar,
and the stroke that brought on the
ond much the same.
Senator Lodge had four years atil
to serve in the United States senate
where he had represented his state
continuously for 31 years. His plac
will be filled by appointment, Gov
ernor Cox having authority under i
legislative act passed two years age
to name a successor until the nex
general election. This will not take
place until 1926.
Washington, U. C. With total re
sources On October 10 of ?23,323,061,
000, the national banks of the country '
on that date reached the highest point
in resources since November 15, 1920,1
it was announced by Controller oi ,
Currency Dawes. The banks includ
ed in the total numbered 8074.
The results of the bank call of
October 10 showed an increase of
three-quarters of a billion dollars in
the banks' total resources since the
call of June 30, and an increase of
$1,610,185,000 since the call of Sep
tember 15, 1923. The figures, in the
opinion of the controller, reflect in '
a measure the prosperity of the coun
try as well as the natural growth of
its wealth, since there has been no
slackening of the increase in resources!
at any time in the last year.
Between the dates of the last two
calls, loans and discounts by the na
tional banks were increased by J231,
420,000 and the amount October 10, j
$12,210,148,000, was greater by 17t,-
Deposits of the national institutions
were reported October 10 at $19,108,
798,000, or a gain of $760,961,000 over
the amount entrusted to the banks on
June 30. It was $2,068,268,000 larger
than the amount of deposits at the
time of the September call a year
Dr. Frank D. Vizetelly
Mrs. Homer Cason has been quite
ill fur the past ten days.
Mrs. W. A. Price and son Billie re
turned on Saturday from Hot Lake,
where Mrs. Price has been taking treat
inents for seeial weeks.
Mr. and Mis. Hmuk sr.. anil Mr.
und Mrs. Kay Houck of Springfield,
visited several days this week with
Mrs. Itny Houck's aunt, Mrs. James
Mrs. J. C. Corbin enroute flvm Cceur
d'Alene Idaho, to Martinus Cal., spent
a few days hist week with her nephew
Lee Mead.
Mrs. J. A. Fleck and daughter Mary
of The Dalles were guests last week
of Mrs. Fleck's daughter Mrs. Lee
Mrs. Joyce.-Willis was i nsa.ntly j
surprised last Friday erasing by tbte
arrival of he.r cousin ltill Kenny of
Ti 'himook. Mr. Keeny bail been goose
v.urdlug nt ArliiiKi A And c4W up I
visit. Mrs. Willis returned to Tliiti
mook with him and bad an enjoy
able week end at bis home returning
to Boardman on Sunday night.
DiVHugo Eckener, the German Zep
pelin expert, who was In charge of the
ZR-3 in its flight across the Atlantic.
Centralia, Wash. Marshal Ferdin
and Foch, allied commander in the
world war, paid tribute in a cablegram
received here to four American Legion
men who were slain here by Indus
trial Workers of the World during an
Armistice day parade five years ago.
The message to the local Ameri
can Legion post gave an international
aspect to the unveiling of a memorial
in Contralia Tuesday in honor of War
ron Grimm, Dale Hubbard, Arthur Mc
Elfresh and Ben Cassagranda, the four
slain in the parade.
"I again salute you, my comrades
of the American Legion, who have
kept, during times of peace, tho grand
principles which you fought for and
maintained in the world war, and may
the memory of our four comrades who
fell for the honor of their country
remain sacred to us all," said Marshal
Foch's cable from Paris.
On November 30, 1921, Marshal
Foch visited Centralia and placed
wreaths on the graves of the four
slain legionnaires.
On Sunday morning, the home of
Jess Lower was destroyed by fire.
The house including furniture and
all Mr. Lower's personal belongings
were a complete loss. The cause ol'
the fire is presumed to have started
from a defective flue. Mr. Lower
had been away from home for a coupl
of hours and had put out his fires be
fore leaving. Mr. Lowers was workln;;
out in the fields and saw a couple of
1 clowds of smoke coming from the
chiiueny. He ran toward the house
I but was too late to save anything for
when lie opened the front door he
found the inside of the house biasing.
He tinned his efforts then, toward a
sun k of liny which lie had close by.
.Mr. Lower has moved into the house
j across the road. There was no insn-nnce.
Goose Hunters are . Jniledr Clothing
Thieves Caught Other Items
From Arlington
(From Arlington Bulletin)
A slip and fall beneath the trucks of
u moving freight train which he was
attempting to board in the local yards
cost 10. U. Kunolpson his left leg lie
low the knee, last Friday afternoon.
The young man had been workiug ut
the new water system plant and hail
drawn his wages that day preparatory
lo going on west. Tlie leg was s,
badly crushed thai after first add was
glVMI by Dr. Donnelly nnd Kenneth
Smith, the boy was rushed to The
Dalles hospital where the memlier was
amputated. Two deep gashes 5 or ((
inches in length were ulso inflicted in
bis scalp in the fall from the train.
Late reports from the hospital arc
that his condition is satisfactory and
Hint his father has been located In
Nebraska anil is on his way to the
- his bedside.
Fred Malone of Biekleton and T. E.
Hendricks ond Ople Waggoner were
guests of H. H. Weston at a wild goose
dinner on Sunday.
Ople Waggoner and Arthur Allen
attended the dnnce at Blalock on lust
Saturday night.
The local grange received a carload
Of coal this week which was distribut
ed among its members.
Mrs. A. B. Strait lias accepted a
position as housekeeper for the Winter
at the T. E. Hendricks farm.
Board Can Summon Labor Leaders
Chicago. The federal court sus
tained the right of the United States
railroad labor board to compel of
ficials of the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Firemen and Enginemen to
appear before it when summoned. The
deoision will enable the board to force
representatives of employes on West
ern roads to testify in their wage and
working conditions controversy. Em
ploye representatives recently bolted
a hearing claiming the board had no
Mrs. H. H. Weston is in Portland
this week having dental and Optica!
Work done.
M. L. Morgan and John Brice were
"goose hunting" nt Arlington on Fri
day and they came back with the limit
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brlce and son
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mulkey of Van
couver Washington, were the guests
at the John Price home the fore part
of the week.
Owing to correction lines being oiu
mitted in the high school story of the
standing of the teams iii the upper Ooi
umbia League, Uonrdmun is given a
percentage of 850 when It should have
a percentage of 867 fi r seven games
played to date. Condon should also be
credited with having played 0 games
instead of (1.
This review gives Boardman second
filaee in the league iicordiug to the
present rating on games played. The
Boardman team has worked hard for
thelf laurels and the school and town
are justly prowd of the record.
Armistice Day (uiel
Armistice day was very quiet at
Boardman, All the stores end busi
ness houses were closed nt noon in
observance of the day.
New Palni
The O-W depot looks like
week with its fresh coat
Which WES put on hist week.
new lids
f paint
Radio Spark Spans the Sea.
New ifork. A radio wave, flashed
across the ocean from England, set
off s powder flashlight, clicked a
camera and made a photograph in
the Grand Central Palace at a radio
exposition. Major-General J. G. Har
bord, president of the Radio Corpora
tion of America; Helen Keller and
Harold Bolster, director of the exposi
tion were photographed by the unseen
radio photographer, who was station
ed in Carnarvon, Wales.
Dig Turkey Shoot Sunday Nov. 16
Con you hnd "dumdora," "cake eat
er" and "gate crasher" in the diction
ary? Not yet but you may very
soon, according to this man. He la
Frank D. Vizetelly, LL. D., Litt. D.,
the managing editor of "The New
Standard Dictionary of the English
Language." The foregoing words,
along with hundreds of others from
the nascent vocabulury of the "flap
per," the "sharpie," and the "cakie,"
are now on the "waiting list" in the
lexicographer's oflice. A certain per
centage of newly coined language ia
sure eventually to become part of tht
legitimate circulating medium of con
versation, to change from -Slanguage"
to language. """"
Eat, Drink and Be Merry for-
Sovon government air mail planes
were destroyed at Cheyenne, Wyo.,
when the new hangar at the govern
ment air mail field caught fire.
Arrangements have been completed
by a Swiss company for a seven-day
postal service vlu hydroplane between
France and Huenos Aires. The form
er time was 20 days.
Increase in tho retail coats of food
for tho month ending October 15 were
shown in 19 out of 21 cities for which
figures were annouueed by tho federal
bureau of labor statistics ot tho do
part ment of labor.
The Russian embassy in Paris,
which for the last seven years has
sheltered loaders of the opposition to
tho new regime in Russia, now is In
the possession of the soviet kovoiii
mont and the red flag will he flown
from its masthead.
H. J. McDiurmld, former postmaster
at Itandon, Or., was found guilty ol
misuse of $2000 of the llaiiilun pojl
office funds by a jury In federal court
in Portland after 20 hours' delibera
MOB. The verdict carried with It n
recommendation for extreme lenity.
All Austria was in tho t-rip of a
general strike Saturday. Rail traffic
and industry are paralyzed and com
municatlons are Interrupted, Chan
cellor Scippe, who resigned in protest
said ho feared all the const ructlve
work of tho last two years would b
Much complimentary common! has
hoofi lleiird regarding the pleasing ifiii-
-i ii 1 program presented by the Royal
Troubadors In Louys hall on last Tuo.
i lay evening.
500 Negroes Driven Out by Mob.
Harrodshurg, Ky. Armed White
workmen drove out approximately GOO
negroes from the construction camp
of the Dlx river dam, olght miles from
U N alter Edward Wlnkly, IS, a bride
groom of only a few days, hail been
fatally shot by a negro hlrhwuyman
Fifty national guardsmen bare arrlv
cd at the I)lx river dam construction
camp. One detachment remained on
guard at the dam and another, uon
request of the conHtractors In charge
of the dam work, was used as an
escort to protect negro workers.
The firm baud of the prohibit!- n
law squeesftd the Joke out of the 18th
amendment violations so fir as a
number of Arlington people wen- con
cerned, when Ntate and federal sgenti
nd the county nnd city officials on
Phursday afternoon arrested Hujf'i
Sinclair, lt.iv .Morgan and Lester Bee
son upon charges of sale anil possess
ion id' Intoxicating lienors,
a i ii preliminary hearing ai Condon
Friday morning, nil three entered
pleas of not guilt v and were placed
under ,$I(MKI bonds to appear for trial
before Justice Darling si Condon nexl
The officers claim that tb V have
purchased alcoholic liquors trim the
(lcfendcnls and that they secured fur
ther evidence of possession from raids
made al the time of nnest.
In tddltion ll Is reported here thai
State prohibition officers arrested Cor)
ley Beiberger of Arlington In Bend on
Wednesday, for riolatioej of the pro
hibition laws.
Among the goose hunters winged for
game law violation here this sreett,
were Ii, . Wilson end L, Van Vaii.n
I f Bsppner who were filled for hunt
ing wit bin the reserve.
Frank F. t'ob lesser ami Marvll Par
kins wire each awarded thirty day
in the County Jail by Justice Cox f T
hunting on the reserve after sundown.
Other complaints have been issued
but no warrants served up to this time
Ibanez Is Planning to Bombard Spsin.
Paris. Spain will be bombarded
shortly after November 20 by two air
pb.nes carrying Vlacente Blasco
Ibanez' nnti King Alfonso pampbiets,
the Spanish author u unouyced here
Ibanez, who recently denounced King
Alfonso and the military directorate,
said that his ant.l monarchist diatribe
was due to appoar on the 20th ol
this month. Ho declared that two
airplanes already had been chartered
for tho purpose of dropping piunph
lets over all parts ot Spain.
r - dSwSS
After looting a supply ear of var!
iiih irticies of clothing a trio giving
their names as Frank Kane. Joe Kelly
and I'I il Davis were overtaken by
Deputy sheriff Montague and Marsh
all VanWinklc this side of Kin look on
Wednesday and returned here where
Justice Cox directed a thirty day so
journ al Condon
Monday eveniiii,' the Arlington ile-
gres team ami other Masons wuMbH
up n parly of nineteen motored b
Heppner where tin Master Mason De
ne was administered for the Hep
pner lodge. A Bag luncheon and ii
irood time was enjoyed after the cere
monies, 4i'
Frank Baker, contractor. Is Bear
ing completion of leveling the new Ar
lington Athletic fhdd and the new
eroiinilM will he n great lieneflt to the
town for years to come. The Council
is considering plans of Incorporating
the old bull field into the Auto Park
jiii time for next yeurs travel.