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Brief Resume of Happenings of
the Week Collected for
Our Readers.
Col. James A. Drain,-who was elect
ed commander of the American Legion
at the recent convention in St. Paul,
Washington, D. C. Formal conclu
sion of nn agreement with the Polish
government for refunding that na
tion's obligation to ihe United States,
amounting, with interest, to about
SlGS,00O,0OO, Secretary Mellon, chair
man of the foreign debt funding com
mission, announced, and awaits only
the approval of all members of the
With the signing of the Polish fund
ing sett lenient, four governments will
have entered in arrangements with
the United States by which they will
be slowly but surely retiring the obli
gations they contracted during the
war, while a fifth, Cuba, has paid off
its debt entirely. In addition to the
British government, Lithuania, Fin
land and Hungary have settled their
debts with long term funding agreements.
Surveys for the proposed Bear creek
storage basin for the Portland water
system, located six miles above the
Bull Run headworks, are being made
by a crew under the supervision of
Ben S. Morrow, assistant chief engi
neer of the water bureau.
Merle I. Minear, who slew his sister
with an ax and then attempted sui
cide in Portland by cutting his own
throat, is on the way to recovery. A
charge cf first degree murder was fil
ed against the man as soon as it ap
peared certain that he would recover.
The Eugene city council has voted j
to repeal the old ordinance which
allows anyone to operate a motor bus
line on the streets by simply making
an application and paying a small
license fee, and announced that a new
ordinance regulating such lines would
be passed and the license fee placed
as high as possible within reason.
Under the provisions of a temporary
injunction granted by the state su
preme court, C. A. Murphy, acting
chief of police of the city of Astoria
and the Astoria city council, are pre
vented from closing the soft drink es
tablishments operated by A. T. Fuller
and Martin Costella pending determin
ation of their appeal to the circuit
A recommendation that the inter
state commerce commission require
the building of an extension of rail
road from Bend to Lakeview, includ
ing a connection with the Natron
cutoff and from Harriman to a connoc
lion with the Natron cutoff was madi
in a tentative report to the comniis
sion by C. I. Kephart, commission ex
Oregon pensions have been granted
as follows: Catherine D. Johnson.
Wasco, $30; Percy R. Lyons, Algonui,
$12; Sarah E. Davis, Eugene, $30;
William U. Keller, Roseburg, $15;
Levi B. Gilman, Echo, $50; Clarence
Woodard, Portland, $15; William S.
Hyner, Eugene, $24; Gustave A. Ols
son, North Portland, $12; Fred Reed
Portland, $15.
For two dollars a year the state
fish commission has obtained from J.
L. Kendall of Pittsburgh and the Cali
fornia-Oregon Power company a 10 J
year lease on a small tract of land
lying along the banks of the Umpqus
river, near the R. A. Booth bridge at
Winchester, where It is planned to
locate the largest fish hatehery on
the Pacific coast.
With more than 9,000,000 acres of
cutover timber land now on the hands
of Pacific coast logging companies, the
industry is beginning exhaustive study
and research of its problems, both
present and future, declared E. T
Allen, forest economist of the Western
Forestry and Conservation associa
tion, before the more than 400 regis
tered members of the Pacific logging
congress in session in Portland.
Construction of the state trout
hatchery near Canyon City will Uc
completed this week, M. L. Ryckman,
hatchery superintendent, has announc
ed. The hatchery wil be put in oper
ation next spring. The cost of its
construction was $11,000 and it wiil
serve a country Into which it had
been practically impossible to tftke
trout fry, because the fish car could
not be run over the narrow-gauge rail
way which penetrates the district.
The supreme court dismissed an ap
peal In the case of the estate ol
Xarifa Faling, deceased, the Children's
home and the Security Savings &
Trust company, administrator, appel
lants, against Thomas N. Strong and
others, appealed from "Multnomah
county, where the case was before
Judge Tazwell. The appeal was from
an order of the court settling a final
account of Thomas N. Strong and C
Lewis Mead, as executors under the
alleged will of Xarifa Faling, execu
ted in 1915, and allowing attorney
fees of $50,000.
Camping in the national forests will
h,e restricted to certain areas, accord
ing to a plan being worked nut by
the forest service, which to some ex
tent will be carried out in M25. Camp
ing grounds will be established at
given points and persons desiring tc
spend their summer outings in th
loresis win oe assea 10 pucn men Cheese-Washington cream brick,
tents there. This step will be taken 21Q22c; Washington triplets, 21c;
to prevent forest fires and to obviate Washington Young America, 22c.
the necessity of closing the forests oi
portions of them to campers during Spokane
the dry season of the year, as waj Hogs Prime mixed, $1010.26.
done this year. Cattle-Prune steers, $6.757.25.
New Era in History of Air Navigation
Is Written.
Lakehurst, N. J The navy dirigible
Shenandoah came to earth at its home
station here after a journey across
the country and back.
After circling above the field of the
navy air station the crew of the air
ship dropped a coil of rope from a
trapdoor at 11:50 Saturday night.
The Shenandoah brought back a rec
ord for dirigible flying. In the 17 days
12 hours since she left Lakehurst
for Camp Lewis, Wash., she has trav
eled 11,000 miles through storm and
gale, over the treacherous heights of
the Rocky mountains and along the
windswept shore of the far Pacific.
Her average speed has been about 60
miles an hour.
Washington, D. C. Major-General
William f'i. Haan. retired, who com
manded the 32d division in France,
died at Mount Alto veterans' hospital
here after an illness of several months.
Boardman Locals and Personals explorer rasmussen
Mr. ami Mrs. Al Murchie of Wasco.
Mrs. Claude Ballinger cauie up for the
Iiome talent play, " Miss Molly" which
was given last Friday night in the
Wheat Hard white, $1.53; soft
white, $1.50; northern spring, $1.47;
western white, $1.48; hard winter,
$1.46; western red, $1.43.
Hay Alfalfa, $l!tl9.50 ton; valley
timothy, $1920; eastern Oregon
timothy, $2122.
Butterfat 37e shippers' track.
Eggs-Ranch, 38fT0c.
Cheese Prices f. o. b. Tillamook:
Triplets, 29c; loaf, 30c per lb.
Cattle Steers, medium, $67.50.
Hogs Medium to good, $910.
Sheep Spring, modium to choice.
$8 11.
Wheat Hard white, $1.53; soft
white, $1.51; western white, $1.49;
hard winter, $1.48; western red, $1.45;
northern spring, $1.47; Big Bend blue
stem, $1.65.
Hay Alfalfa, $22; D. C, $21; tim
othy, $26; I). C, $28; mixed hay, $23.
Eggs 43 g 60c.
Butterfat 43c.
Cattle Choice steers, $77.50.
Hogs Prime light, $10.25 10.80.
school auditorium.
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Oruduff of The
Dalles Oregon, were week end guests
jf Professor and Mrs. J. O. Russell. In
lideutly they were present for the lo
cal play "Miss Molly" which was dir
ected by Mrs. J. O. Russell for the
Ladies Aid Benifit. Miss Augusta
Huckin accompanied them on the trip.
Mr. and Mrs. James Glover of Me-
Minnville were week end visitors at
(lie Russell home. Mrs, Glover is a
sister of Professor Russell. Mr. Glover
county Commissioner of Yamhill ' r
Miss Alice Aldrich was a week end
visitor in Hood River.
Mrs. .1. ('. Ballinger and Miss Bar
bara Hixon attended the football game
at Fossil on Saturday.
Mr. and Mis. Jas. Glover of Mc
Minnvilio ,lu,i jjft and Mrs. Ross
Ornduff and daughter Augusta of The
Dalles were week end visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. J. O. Russell.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Russell drove to
Wasco on Tuesday night where Mr.
Russell attended a meeting of the Mas
onic lodge.
A. W. Cobb was renewing acquaint
ances (n the project last Friday and A
Saturday. thi
.wr. and Mrs W. A. Murchie of Was. room
co are guests of Mr. antk Mrs. .1 fllWest
Fourth Birthday Party
On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. j. c.
Ballinger entertained in honor of the
4th. birthday of her daughter Maxuie.
The little folks took possession of the
house, anil played kiddy games. In
the breakfast nook which was artistic
nll. decorated with Hallowe'en fav
ors and at a table adorned with a
pink and white birthday eake with
four lighted candles, the children sat
down to a delicious luncheon of sand
wiches, brick-Ice-cream and cake. The
guests wlio helped .Marine enjoy bet
birthday were: Mrs. Ralph Davis anil
shns Ralph jr. and Blllle, Mrs Elsie
athews and sons Wallace and .lame;
Mrs. X. ,. Maoomhsr and ria-nsMW
Bfbll Grace. Mrs. lahfc Colon,, ,i
daughters Janet and 'Mai'dell. Mrs. M.
Morgan end sons Billie and Bobbie.
Mis. Murchie and Mrs, BussoU.
Surprise Party Given Nlaer was given a very pleas
ant surprise last 'I hnrsdn.v evening in
honor cf his birthday, when several
fiends called, (the evening was spent
in conversation and a delicious lunch
was serve.) By Mrs. Nizer. Those in
attendance were Mi-, and Mrs. Barry
Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Kugone Cum
ffclns, Mr, and Mrs. Walter Knoff,
Mrs. Leslie Packard, Robert Bradley
and EUvlra Jenkins.
Water System Is
On Paying Basis
Concrete Pillars Will Mark Entrance
To City Limits Many Improve
ments on Water System
The City council have ordered a
number ol improvements on the build
Hg covering the city pumping plant.
the way of concrete steps, now
the covering
B, Chaffi
week into
home on
Oi Main I
' ffice is also to
B moved his family
their new modern
the street one block
licet. The telephone
be moved to the new
Mrs. Richard Dingman has return- residence,
ed from several weeks in the east tins, bill on is building a new g
Mrs. Clay Warren was u visitor in '-go on Ms ranch. The building is
Boardman last week. ! I
Mrs. A. T. Hereim and Chester left eves.
Saturday for Portland where she wllL Royal
undergo an operation for goitre. Ches
ter Will StllV With Mrs. T.nraon nt T.,.1,.
anon and A. T. jr. is here with Mrs.
Allen during their mother's illness.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Pat Patlie have moved
into the Boardman Townsitc company
house on the highway.
Art Wheelhonse of Arlington was
in Boardman on Tuesday electioneer
ing for Mrs. Lena Snell Shurte.
The Misses Edna and Ethel Broylcs
were Arlington visitors on Tuesday.
F. E. Broyles is having five acres
leveled in the southeast corner of the
old Frank Cramer laee, which has
been occupied by the GHbreth family.
The generator for the electric light
Plant in the school house burned out
last week.
Mrs. Betli Bleaknian and Zee Hud
ley motored to Boardman last Friday
night to attend "Miss Molly".
A. W. Cobb came in Friday for a
short visit. He has lteen working in
Arlington fir some time and plan?
to go to Yitklmn soon.
by .':( feet and S feet high to the
lb nds
la leveling
ranch atom
k in-
f tlit
Mrs. Elsie Mathews and tw,
Wallace and James of Pilot li
rived Monday for a visit with her sis
ter Mrs. . A. Maeoniber.
J. c. Ballinger look several of tin
high IChOOl football liovs o Fossil oi,
Mst Mtttrdoy for the game there.
The new editors regret their inabll
ity to intelligently discuss the politi
cal campaign from a Morrow County t many
Standpoint. However we will he bet
ter informed in the future.
We received an unsigned letter this
week setting forth somebody's views
in regard to a county candidate. We
are always glad to get letters for pub
lication, but we certainly cannot pub
lish unsigned letters. Upon request
the editor may withhold publication
of the name, but we must knew Unit
articles are contributed by responsible
Please send in any little news items
or reports of social events. We always
appreciate the co-operation of our
leaders and will be glad to have you
make suggestions for the improvement
f your paper.
A fair sized crowd of rooters braved
the rain to witness (he football game
between lone and Arlington on Friday
afternoon on the Arlington field. lone
took the lead at the opening of the
fight, and annexed a score of is to Ar
lington's ti as final.
Through seme misunderstanding it
lias been -given out among some of
the Morrow county citizens that Mrs.
Sliurte, present incumbent in the oflirc
f School Superintendent is not n
candidate for reelection, such is eon
trary to the fact.
Mrs. Shurte is in the race and her
friends bOpB lor her success. She
Knud Rasmussen, the Danish polar
explorer, who recently arrived in Nome
after three years' exploration of the
Northwest passage.
Washington, D. C. The greatest
confusion seen in Washington for
many a day pervaded the treasury and
justice departments over whether in
come tax payment lists made public
by the new tax law Thny be openly
Treasury officials were in sharp dis
agreement, heads of the department
contending that publication would en
tail criminal proceedings under Ihe
law, While lawyers of the internal rev
enue bureau took exactly the opposite
After a meeting of the cabinet Tues
day, Attorney General Stone said a
general agreement had been reached
on the question of the legality or ille
gality of publication of income tax
returns, and indicated that such pub
lication was regarded an In violation
of law.
No statement was made after the
cabinet meeting. Stone limiting his
common) to Ihe remark that tie found
the members in general agreement
with him, including Secretary Mellon,
who has insisted publication of the
returns to he Illegal.
n ,
rooi, new windows and
et the present tanks.
They are also having concrete blocks
run. for pillars at the entrances to
Ihe city. They will he 30 inches square
at the base and ten feet high. This
may step some of the speeding on the
highway thru our town, for now they
have an excuse to rush on not knowing
they are approaching a town.
1 Mayor Ballenger and the council are
putting forth every effort to finish
paying for the water system and are
meeting with splendid success, before
turning their attention to other badly
needed iniproviuelits, such as side
walks, lights etc, which are always
problems in new towns. Anyway the
town ei Boardman can boast of
splendid water system, and
i ue.
is before Ihe people with a past record
of performance which many officials
would do well to emulate, During her
term id' office the schools have pros
pored and her relationships with the
schools and teacher.,' of the county
linve I u ibotil mutual and helpful.
Her knowledge of the rouiine of the
office, gained through experience, her
acquaintance with the needs of ihe
schools can net be questioned. In fact
there are so many qualifications that
commend Mrs. Shurte for the office
she now holds, that it hardly seems
possible thai the voters desire S Change
in this not the leasi Important, Of the
county offices.
(By former Morrow Count v Teacher)
Can't Frighten Him
Canada exercised its treaty making
lights for the first time when a com
mercial pact with Belgium was signed.
The taking of the first quinquennial
agricultural comma by the United
Slates government will commence Io
cember 1.
Six children were killed and fifteen
injured near Lorain, O., when a school
bus was struck by an inlorurbun near
Sheffield lake.
Henry Augustus Buclilcl, former
governor of Colorado and chancellor
emeritus of Denver university, died al
his home in Denver.
Frank Chanco, late leader of the
Chicago White Sox baseball team, who
died recently, left an estate valued ut
between $,ooo and $300,000.
Laura Jean Llbhy, known through
out America for her writings on love,
died at Iter home in Brooklyn after a
short Illness. She was flU years old.
4'or the benefit of any school board
. inber who may hnvoeoneeivod the
Idea that bis district will not re-
elve (he par capita distribution Of
Ih'e interest! from the irrcducih'jt'
tehool bond. 1 am giving this Informa
tion which I have recently received
f. in Ihe Stale Office.
The distribution was made as usual
' the State Laud Board in August.
The per capita distribution is one dol
r "nil sixty-four cents against one
lollar and Seventy-three cents hist
car. As the population of the State
Increases you can reasonably expect
the per capita distribution will grow
less. Thua for, in so far as the records
'llwlise, from the property sold by
be stale en which loans have been
mede, no loss ims beta Incurred.
Ti er., may be soni" loss in Ihe stale
vhere Ihe assessed valuation of lands
n Eastern Oregon, en which loans
ave been m,c. has depreciated to
De-half er 1 lie third of the assessed
vnltisthn of several yearn ago Tlie
losses hew ever will ho so pmnll as e t
fo lifted appreciably the rrrr'wiirij
schooi fund or I be Interest dlstrtM
'ion I hereon.
The dolinquenocs in interest and the
'ii'ieiiseu p.puiiiHon account fo
nine oonis OT qi in f he
' 1 hution.
niters nave been no losses
ami mere will probably he
Lena Sneli Shurte.
County school Superintendent
lor the
xr capita dig.
n y
Cemetery Payment One
The next payment
tract will soon he dm
m the cemetery
This is a com
liilllllt.v affair and Ihe directors are
looking lor all tin. families on Ihe pro
JeW to hi lp. A dollar per family will
wake Ihe payment and It should he
gladly given to me ,,f ti,,. directors
' r left at the post office, Last year
Me directors Bud some i the busl
nessmen paid ll hut that Isn't fair lo
Ihe people of the project. (Inly two
more payments after this one.
U. S. and Canada to Protect Halibut.
Washington, D. C. The convention
lo protect the halibut fisheries of the
North Pacific, which was signed at
Washington March 2. tftf, by Canada
and the United States, went Into ef
fect following the exchange of ratlfi
cations between Secretary of Slate
Hughes and the Hon. Lapolnte. mln
isler of justice of Canada. By this
convention a closed season of the hall
but fisheries is established from No
vember li; to February 15 of each year
and the I'nlted States and Canada
agree to provide penalties for viola-lions.
Gift to Obtain Coo 'y Seat Illegal.
blympla, Wash. Cities of ihe third
class have not the I, ful authority to
make gifts jf property to the county,
John H. Dunbar, attorney-general, ad
vised C. W. Clausen. it auditor. In
an opinion. The c ,ly involved In
the decision is Kit ip, where for a
number of years attcipts have been
made to move the county seat from
Port Orchard to Charleston or Ing
erton. The city OOBfl 1! of Charleston
recently offered a
the county for a com .house us an in
Uucent to obtain thg removal W.
'Ihe following letter was this week
n ecked at the Bulletin olllce from An
tOfl Blelenberg driver of the car thai
hurtled from Ihe Oolumbia highway
i i I Thursday killing a six months ol I
baby and Injuring three others.
L'nlontown, Washington, m. v;
' ( 11 BditOT ;- I am Ihe man who w.i 1
li.ivJhg Ihe Kurd cur Wreck Hi ne 1
your town on October Vi. and III the
name of the party, my wife, my broth
er Nick Biehmherg and also my sister
UISS Kloreiee BMtnbafg anil myself,
I most heartily thank everyone of
our city that so kindly assisted US
in our riiasBtrou.'i misfortune.
My wife and si iter are getting a
I ng as well as could lie expected mid
my Utile hoy thai survived, (ilea Uc
lenberg, Is just fine. PI iP make a
note cf these in. ms in your paper,
Anion W. Blclonbeig,
UoiontOWn, Wash.
Autistic,. Day, Novemls'r lit Is. at
loirs Hall the Boy!) Troiihadors, an
Internationally famous immi.
135 90 Imllding to m ., ,,, ,. 1B-to,
in Arlington with a popular program
l rocal and instrumental selections