The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, September 12, 1924, Image 4

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    he Boardman Mirror
Boardman, Oregon
MARX A. OliBVHLAMD, Publisher
Mrs. A. T. Ilereim, Local Editor.
Entered as .second-clas;? matter Feb
11, 1921, at the postofflee at 13 o aid
man, Ore., under act of Mar. 1879
Jack Gorliaui was a Heppner caller
Harry Warren and wife motored to
Portland Wednesday.
W. A. Murchie and wife and Claude
Rallencer drove to Eugene Monday
on buinness.
Mrs. W. A. Price and son, Billy,
to Walla Walla last week for a visit
with her parents.
Doroihy ISoardiuan. leaves Sat
urday for Salem where rshe will reent.
years work.
Clay Warren waH a Portland visitor
a few days last week returned last
Francesl'.laydi n and Ethel Ilroyles
left Saturday for Portland where
they plan to work.
Itev. and Mrs. E. E. Cox of New
Plymouth, Ida., stopped Wednesday
and took dinner with C. J. Btoyden,
The McDanlels, Ah x Warrens and
Hikes returned last week from their
hunttat trip to the mountains.
Next week is the Pendleton Round
up and everybody, of course, will be
there. Here's hoping the weather will
be good like this week, so we say,
"Let 'er Ruck."
Dr H. C. Curry, the Seattle Eye
sight Specialist who lias made proles
Klonal visits to lloardnian lor many
years, will be here again soon. Watch
this column lor dale.
The three Imus KlrlH, Esther, 01
and Blanche have returned to Hoard
man for t he school term. Tliey haw
rOonH at (iot'hams fcgftlS this year lor
a short time when their parents plan
to move In for the year from their
wheat ranch .
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Leathers of
Hernilstoti called at the .lacli Corham
home Sunday on their way home, as
did Mr ami .Mrs WhlltaUer of RW
ll. ion. The same day Win. Fritz and
wife of Woodlnvlllc, Wash., visited
the Ciiirliams.
School has started for another year
with all teachers present and a large
enrollment. I'rof. J. O. Russell, for
merly of Wasco; is superintendent.
Mrs. Crowder has returned to the
delight of all the high school stu
dents.. She spent her vacation at
her home in Hermlston. Mrs. Jen
nie Degendorffer came Monday from
Kellogg, Idaho, Where she has been
all summer with her recently ac
quired husband, she having been
married in February in Spokane
Mr. Griggs spent part of his vacation
at Seattle attending the U. of W. He
has returned wearing the beginnings
of a new facial decoration which is
causing much Interest. Mrs. Joyce
Willis of Tillamook Is the new 7th
and 8th grade teacher and is well lik
ed already. At present she is boarding
at the Blayden home but will take
housekeeping rooms at the Coiliams
shortly. Miss Sears came Sun
day In her Ford coupe from awr
home at McCoy. She attended summ r
school at Monmouth and Co.vallis
and also had a pleasant trip to Miss
ouri the early part of the summer She
and Mrs. Degendorffer are at the cot
tage. Miss Alice Aldrtch of Portland
Is also new. She has the 3rd and 4th
grades, Is good in music, dramatics
and, art, so will be a great asset to
the community. Miss Barbara Hlxon
of Portland was her'1 last rear and is
known and loved by all. Her little
folks think her perfection plus and
she has started the year v.'ilh 15 be
ginners who begin thetf flflrt venture
in the school world under very calla
ble hands .Misses Hlxon and Aldricn
and Mrs. Crowder are all making
their home with the ISallcngers this
year. We have every prospect of a
good school and hope for support
and cooporation of every patron oft he
school wllh the splendid corps of
I ei hers we now have.
Mrs. W. O. King anil Mrs . Clen
Hadley were joint hostesses last week
for Ladies Aid and this was the first
meeting since June. A large number
of ladies were present and much busi
ness was transacted and plans for
the winter made A play is to be given
Shortly by the Aid, which Mrs. J. O.
Husseii lias rery kindly consented to
direct . She hits had much experience
In this line and a good play is antici
pated. Home talent plays are always
well received in Boardman and al
ways play to I l ull house The play se
lected Is "Miss Molly" a farce with
laughs from stall to finish. This will
be given the latter part of September
or early in October.
Plans for the haaar vv re also made
and II was decided to make some snif
fed animals at the next Aid meeting
which will be held Sept. 17 at the
Adolph Skoubo home In the east end
where Mrs. Skoubo will be hostess
on her ipactOUS lawn. Mrs. J. Allen
presided at the meeting and at the
closee of the business session a
DOUnteOttS luncheon was served by
the hostess.
Jionrdman School Note's
The Uoardman Community schools
Dave opened and the first week of
regular work has been done. The
Several gnode teachere have each
taken hold of their respective duties
wiih a fine spirit. In" the high school
department, Supt. J. O. Russell was
greeted on the first Monday morning
by 3S young men and women. This
is the laregst High School enrollment
in the history of the Boardman High
school. The pupils are divided as
follows: 10 in the Freshman class;
11 in the Sophomore class; four in
the Junior class, and seven in the
Senior class.
The registration and lesson assign
ments were accomplished on the
ripening day. Consequently, the High
School department was at regular
work on the second morning of
school. The new su
books arrived on Tn
there was no inconvii
shortage of books in
classes except the HI
The High School held its first as
sembly on Wednesday afternoon at
3:15. Songs were sung with Miss
Rachel Johnson presiding at the
piano. After the songs President
James Hoyvell took the chair, and
Miss Mildred Duncan acted as seere-
ler in due lorm. The principal
of business was a motion to
e in . football. This motion
ollowed by motions to join the
Athletic assoiiation and to au
o the athleiic manager to pur
the needed football material
le coming contests.
Heppner, Oregon.
I Sell
"Oldest Bank in Gilliam County"
Founded in 1888
I J. C. BaHenger
I Boardman - Oregon
ply of text
sday so that
ccs due to a
any of the
it- Economics
Mrs. Earnest Itrown and four child
ren came to Uoardman last Friday af
ter a long absence She has been at
Waltsburg since June but returned to
put i lie children in school. Her sis-ter-ln
law, Mrs. Casebolt, and children
came, with her for a short visit.
Sept. Is "Rally Day" at the Sun
day school and it is especially asked
that everyone who has ever gone to
Sunday school lu re ami as many as
possible to be present thai day and
make It a real "Rally Day." There
will be a short program given at the
Sunday school hour and every one Is
asked to keep this date in mind and
lie present at this time. Needless to
say you are welcome any Sunday
and every Sunday at the services.
Sunday night a show was given in
Uoardman vv hleh brot out quite
crowd in far (.renter number than
attend church services), It was called
Jungb Land and was quite Interest
ing. A miscellaneous collection of on
Imals. reptiles and one member of the
Simian tribe culled Hank which uuvo
boys and men old enough to knovf
better an opportunity to tease, pekr
sticks at and abuse The head man of
the show who gave the show and tec
lure suld: "Have a rope tied around
your neck and five or six boys poking
sticks at you If you want to know
how Hank feels," but the fact that
the monkey was tied up and thus
helpless gave the young men achance
to tease and annoy the poor monkey
without any danger of being scratch
ed or hurt.
Snakes of various kinds, ferret,
musk! at pigeons. White mice, etc..
composed his collection. It was
an evening well spent.
Artificial support for branches
overloaded with fruit becomes pres
sing just before the crop colors up,
with the starches largely turning to
sugar as the fruit matures. Most Ore
gon trees that have been rightly
pruned from the start get along all
right without tying or bracing, as it
is considered by growers and experi
ment station specialists a good prac
tice now to alloyv Ihe upright limbs to
bend down with their fruit and thus
A. Wheelhouse, Pres. S. A. Rossier, Vice-Pres.
H. M. Cox, Cashier Chas. F. Story, Ass't Cashier
spread the tr
square pieces
a few feet big
ropes tied to
Biipport, are i
by the experin
ee. Masts of 2-lnch
one end on the ground,
her than the tree with
the branches needing
ised and recommended
lent station, tbo rather
lslve in some districts.
Bye Specialist Coming
Dr. Clarke of the Clarke-Stram
Optical Co., 112V3 Sixth street, Port
lond, will be In Irrigon from 9 A. M.
until 2 P. M. Headquarters at Mrs.
Oraybeal's Friday Sept. 1 9th In
Boardman afternoon and evening of
same day. Headquarters at the High
way Inn.
':' sring-
Kelly-Springfields are among the IB
Oldest and best known tires on the' 0
They have always had a reputation
for giving exceptional-mileage and
ii iiiarkable service.
The Kelly tires of today are the
finest that Kelly lias ever built.
They are stronje,., sturdier, will
stand more punishment .and give
more mileage than the tires upon
which Kelly reputation WAS built.
j11" "i1"' " i m wwiii !! iii mm hhiiiihiiiiii iiiihiiiiiihiiiiiiim in in
The Best is none too good
Try our Sherwin- Williams paints
I and varnishes. There is none bet-
1 ter.
We have a complete line oi
Cedar Flume Stock
Building Material
Builders' Hardware
Cement, Lime, Wood, Coal, Posts
boardman, Oregon.
They used to lie a little higher priced
than other tires, but now reduced
prices are in effect, on account Of
larger factory facilities ,nnd hence. "" I rrTT1trrilinwilll IHIII iiiWilglMij s,sjss,in mmL
the costs no more than other tires .
which have never borne the Kelly OOMMTXITY UHTTBOH SERVICE
Every Sunday
V,'o sell Kell y-Springfleld tires be-
Pause we believe they will give our
customers the most mileage and the
best service at lowest cost.
A T T () K N K V - A 1 - L A W
his place.
shipped in
rial and wil
1 i r 1 1 Dor fioi
Ihe growth of the new building of
the Pacific International Live Stock
imposition has been akin to mai l.'.
The spirit of the live stock industry
materialized and waved its wand, ut
tered the cabalistic words n led, and
presto! It was there, larger and more
adequate than e ver. The . whole Im
mense building is enc losed and bulks
huge, like some gigantic bird Whjch
spreads its wings about to cover Its
children, the most valuable broon
ever gathered together. It is surpris
ing how many Improvements have
I n made over the ..1,1 building.
The boys anil the girls' club depart
ment Is new, and will occupy a space
60x100 foot south or the beef cat
tle department The arena Is 84 feet
longer than before, and the horse de
partment is almost double the size of
ttlt fllll 1.111. Til., IkOlllft't- ,1 .,!, I'l ,,l.,..f
, I , . , ', , figures in lnvob
Is greatly enlarged, and the Interiors . . ,
i .us i j ear loiai
Mr, and Mrs. Fail Hand and Mr.
and Mrs. Halph Walpole spent a few
days yvith their folks in Irrigon
the first of the week.
C. C. Barker hss prchasad a bill of
Turn A Lumber
i building a house on
Sunday School 10:30 a. in. HKPPMS.
If you will come in and refer to Church Service 11:30 a. m. :
thi advertisement, we will make you Christian Endeavor 7:30 p. m
a discount to introduce the Kelly
tires, All are welcome.
Office in Court House
Seaman's Garage
REV. B. S. HUGHES, Prstor..
Arlington. Oregon
George Hand and son Batle I
ar of building
ri building this
Mrs. Itebbert'a Knlgbt and children
have returned from their vacation
In California and report a fine time
The painters are polishing up the
depot this week inside and out.
The watermelon season is Hearing
Jhe end but cantaloupes nre still com
ing on pretty heavy and quality has
not been affected by the cool nights.
etter If anything but
In fact, grai
prices are d
ports bavin::
are without exception Improved in
some particular.
iman re
te four
9 50.
1! Walpole has his big radio lei
melons and took home a load.
Foul brood is the Oregon bees' In tailed and reports it working fine,
worst enemy, says H, . Bcullen com- flordon Holmes of r-nterson.Wash ,
lucreln! boo keeper and bee special- , . ,
1st at the state college, ami mvd was an Irr,"on victor Tuesday,
-rowers keep a sharp lookout for the Garland Jeude and Mr. Singleton,
first symptoms. Any diseased colony of the I'nlon Pacific Interline foi
ls taken care of at odce to prevent warding freight desks Portland,
ipread of ,Ue aBment. were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.Lyle
TllK QUELLE A good place to oat s' allia" Sunday. Tin y filled up with
in Pendleton.
The Highway
O. 11 WARNER, Proprietor
Boardman, Oregon
Wholesome Home Cooking
Best place to cat between The Dalles and
New Fall Goods
Every department is replete with fashionable merchandise that has just ar
rived for the season at hand. It would be impossible to tell you of all the
good things we have to show you, so we cordially invite you to come and
see for yourself. Thentoo, our prices are always lower than you expect
to pay for the qualities offered.
Here Are Listed a Few Things
We Would Like to Have
You See
Coats, Silk Dresses, Wool Dresses, Children's Coats, Sweaters, Princess Slips
Fttrs, Blouses, Corduroy Robes, Underskirts, Corsets, Neckwear, Gloves,
Hosiery, Umbrellas, Dress Coods, Silks, Blankets, Comforters, Bags, Purses,
Colonial Drapery Fabrics, Curtain Nets, Wool Challis, Silk Underwear, Belts,
and many other things too numerous to mention.
Review Patterns
20c to 35c
Phone 127
Better Merchandise
Lower Prices