The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, September 12, 1924, Image 3

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    PORT! AND offers a Market
Pnrilmd, Orefoa
Complete Chinj. Bslurdae. Adults. Week
dy Matinee. 20c; ETenincs, 40c Cootlnu
""' 1 " " P m. Children 10 cents all times
When in Portland Visit
i MIWMKVTf. DANCING Ev.r7 Nlfht Except Sun.
SKi Tfi.-L.A 5 ii fliw Af'enujo" L Evening. Admission to
hinytou St.
g Mallory
Select Residential & Transient
15th and Yamhill. Portland. Oregon.
Modern Fireproof American Plan
Portland's Oldest FUR House
Established 1870.
Remodeling, Repairing, Storage.
1 29 Tenth Street, near Washington.
Real Franklin
Expert examination free All work guaranteed. Sen
sible prices. We specialize in Complete Overhauling and
Cylinder grinding-.
Moved to New Larger Garage. 9th and Hoyt, Purtland
- Hors'ioiAtlVuruV-
Portland. Ore.
We Specialize in
Hides, Pells, Wool, Mohair, Tallow, Cascara,
Oregon Grape Root. Goat Skins, Horse Hair
Write for Shipping Tags & latest Price List
Portland Hide & Wool Co.
Branch at Pocatelto. Idaho
Miller Paint Co., 172 First St.
The Union Pacific has just issued a
forty page booklet containing 150 rec
ipes for apple dishes every housewife
should possess. "An apple a day keeps
the doctor away" and this book tells
how it may be done in a 150 ways. It
will be sent free to any address on ap
plication by letter or phone to Wm.
McMurray, General Passenger Agent,
637 Pittock Block, Portland, Oregon.
The Bob Shoppc
When In Portland have
your Imir out at tht
uellinff. Curling.
Experts Only
Phone Main 1576
100 Ungar Fldg.
Portland, Oregon
Parts Sold at
Everything from a bolt to an engine.
Grand Ave., Cor. East Saliuoi St., Portland, Ore
Auction Sale
Furniture, Automobiles, Trucks. Don't
miss this opportunity. Every Saturday,
1 P. M. Sharp.
272 3rd St. West Side Portland, Ore.
For Weak Kidneys and Inflammation
of the Bladder.
We pay the
B2W-M North Sixth St.. PORTLAND. ORE
Set of CO.00
Price 25c a Box
, $8j
We guarantee material
and workmanship.
Painless extraction of
t....tli r.pc 'AH veari in
the same location. U. S. DENTISTS. 246W Wash
ington cor. Second. Portland. Oregon.
DIES are doing the work. Special for
chronic stomach Intestine and asthma.
Distributors wanted In your own town.
241) S, Broadway, Portland, Oregon.
Cut, eeam, hem and machine l nfl
pleat skirts ready for band.
Hemstitching, pieotlng and tucking.
85 Fifth Street Portland, Ore.
Larry Sullivan, 21214 S. Broadway,
Portland. Telephone Main 8740.
Will bring you relief. It's the modern
method. You cannot possess good health
with an Impaired nervous system. Drs.
Duckworth and Masien, all modern drug
less methods used, 215 Swetland Bldg.,
Fifth and Washington. Portland
Adolph W. Harr, Ablngton Big., Portland
Complete Line Bottler' Supplies
Portland Beverage & Sply Co.. 431 Stark
Clarke Bros., Florists, 287 Morrison St.
For all Chronic Diseases', Madison Bldg.
Charles S. Wollln, Suite 702-703 Selling
Building, Portland, Oregon.
WABASH. Rooms 60c. 204 Madison St.
Fertilizers'" $26.00. Red Ash Seed-Co.,
Vancouver, Wn. "Fertilize With Brains.'1
The Luclle method makes you a real
marceller. All branches of Beauty culture
taught by expert instructors. For full in
formation write 41 Selling-Hlrsch Bldg.
Phone Main 4337.
Teaches trude in 8 weeks. Some pay
while learning. Positions secured. Write
for catalogue. 234 Burnside Street, Port
land, Oregon.
Made to measure, 467 Washington St.
If you are troubled with Appendicitis
or Stomach Trouble, write Hizz Company,
Portland, Oregon, for free information in
German or English.
Trunks, Auto Trunks to order,
and Pine, Portland, Ore.
Feature Printing for Less
192 Third Street Portland, Oregon
SALESMEN EARN $30.00 DAILY selling
NOGAR Clothing Suits, $12.50 made to
measure. Will outwear three ordinary
suits. Absolutely snag proof, water and
fire resistant. Write for Selling Plan.
301 Couch Bldg., Portland. 'Ore.
Scales, Electric Coffee Mills, Show
Cases, Butchers' Display Cases.
129 First St. Portland, Oregon
Tel. BRoadway 7438
Women's Employment Bureau
Help of all kinds, 409JYamhlll Street.
Critz Super Pressure Lubricating System
WHOLESALE nrriro lun Couch
MnnOrP J"at received a consignment
itUnutu of 50 head horses, from 4 to 8
years old; 1200 to 1400 lbs.
If you are looking for ranch horses or
grading stock do not overlook this op
portunity to buy. Your price is ours.
Will take In any kind of milk cows or
cattle In exchange. This Is the bg horse
and mule market. We always have from
100 to 150 head to choose from. North
Portland Horse & Mule Co., Union Stock
Yards, North Portland, Oregon. Empire
When You Have
Suffered Enough
and have spent enough
money for drug medi
cines that have pro
duced no results, in
cases of Stomach Kld
nev. T.lver and Bowel
troubles and RHEUMATISM, then write
to me, state your ailment, and enclose 4
cents In stamps for my Free Booklet,
which will tell you the way back to New
Life, Health and Happiness with
Address, Marcell, the Nature Man,
901 W. Lombard St., Portland, Ore.
Please mention this paper.
Old-time Power of God
129 Fourth St., Portland, Ore
Telephone Bdr 5692
Elastic sfDcIiNGS,
Your "TEETH SLEEP" While We Work
Our Reputation is our greatest asset
Dr. Keene, 351V4 Washington St., Portland
Experts In all lines of Beauty Work.
825 Medical Bldg., Portland, Oregon.
The Gasket JHouse 409 Burnside
ATTENTION LADIES 16 rests lame spot.
Sanitary beauty parlor; we fix you up; we
make alt kind of hair pieces out of comh
inga; 1-stcra switch, 95c; 2 stems, 81.50;
8 stems, $2. Pull course of beauty cul
ture, $20. 400 Dekum , PorUsnd, Or.
OZY Home Restaurant
If you come once, you will come back.
Leave vour packages, no charge. Look
for orange front. 204 3rd St. S. McKeragan
Baths, sinks, toilets, basins, boilers,
pipe, valves and fittings. Prices reason
able Standard Plumbing 4 Heating Co.
East 6th and Morrison Sts. Portland, Or.
Abdominal Supporter Arch
Supports. Send for baas
uring blanka.
Laue-Davis Drug Co.
Truss Expert!
173 Third St., Portland. Oro
Wholesome food cooked just right
by cooks who know. SPECIAL '26c
luncheon served daily that cannot
be excelled. Park Street between
Washington and Alder.
Centrally located; reached by all depot
cars. Exclusive district. Rates reason
able Morrison St. at 13th, Portland,
Purity Dairy Lunch Restaurant
125 Fourth St., Near Washington St.
GOOD THINGS TO EAT at Reasonable Prica.
For reliable Cleaning and Dye
ing: service, send parcels to us.
W pay return postage. Inform
ation and prices iven upon re
Established 1890. Portland. Ore
Rem o Ted without injury to the skin by Key -Horn
Depilatory. Sample on request. Ney-Born Lab
oratories, 619 Morgan Bldg.. Portland Oregon.
Foreign and Domestic
Ifafaurr Broa 21 lain at
Cop Retains His Job Though He May Be Rich
Hollywood, Cul. Everybody knows
policemen are skeptlcul, and Herbert
R. Reynolds, traffic officer of Holly
wood, Is no exception. In the squadron
at the police station, fellow officers
recently crowded nround and congrat
ulated him on fulling heir to $500,000.
"Maybe yes and maybe no," Rey
nolds commented, leuvlng hurriedly
to take up Ills duty aa directing traffic
officer at Hollywood's busiest corner.
According to Attorney Charles
Knudson, the money was left Reynolds
by his father-in-law, Mangug Brown,
In Philadelphia.
Despite a year's separation between
Reynolds and bis wife, the Brown
family la said to bold a warm spot In
Its beart for Reynolds, who submitted
to eight blood transfusions to save
the life of bis sister-in-law.
14. lsaa, AicClure Newspaper Syutlicate.)
Bertram sat at the fragile bit of
furniture that his landlady had desig
nated aa a writing desk aud begun to
"Dear Bill:
"So far 1 haven't found life In the
big city so very exciting"
Then he stopped, laid down his pen
and listened Intently. After a full
minute of ucute listening, hearing
nothing, he resumed.
"I left the hotel and am living in
a boarding house. Of course no man
wants to live In a bourdiug house al
ways "
Again the fountain pen was laid
down and Bertram listened, looking
Intently at the wull In the direction
from whence the sounds came. The
sounds were faint, but quite surely
they were sobs. He heard them again
low, soft, heartbreaking sobs sobs
that would Induce at least mild nos
talgia In the heart of anyone so far
from home as was Bertram.
"The girls here aren't anything won
derful. To be sure I've seen some
thpt dressed better and looked smarter
than the girls home. There are a
couple of girls In the office, but I
never cared about mixing business
Just then a succession of sobs deep
er and more poignant than the lust
were heurd and then a quick, really
startling thud. Bertram listened for
the cry or shriek that he t hough t
ought to follow this lust sound of
trouble but none came, so he resumed
his brotherly letter.
" a girl In the boarding house that
looks pleasant and rather pretty that
I've spoken to because we sit oppo
site each other at table. If I get really
lonesome I'll get acquainted with her,
though she seems a bit stiff and might
not be Interested."
Bertram wrote a little more, telling
his brother of his share of success In
his work and of his plans for the fu
ture and then the soft, low sobbing be
gan again.
"I guess I'd better quit," Bertram
wrote. "This old house must be
haunted or something. Anyway there's
a queer noise coming through the walls
that makes writing hard. Hope It will
stop before I try to sleep."
The next evening just as Bertram
bad opened a new magazine, lighted
his favorite pipe and spread out on
the lounge chair which was the only
really luxurious piece of furniture In
his room, the same sort of soft sob
bing began. He closed his book.
Rainy night though It was, he donned
his hat and coat and went out, found
a nearby public library, took a book
on engineering from a shelf and pro
ceeded to work over most complicated
problems of his profession.
The next morning at breakfast Ber
tram scrutinized the faces of all the
boarders In the dining room, and he
went thither early and left late so
that be might be able to see them all.
He tried to And one In which lingered
traces of the sadness that had been
poured forth in that soft, gentle sob
bing In the next room. Nobody there
could sob like that, he concluded, bo
perhaps It really was a spook.
Meeting his landlady In the hall
that evening, he asked her whether
the room next tils was occupied and
in that way drew from her the Infor
mation that It was now, and had been
for the past two years, occupied by
Miss Clara I'ringer.
"She sits across from you at table,
smiled the landlady. "Nice girl and
not at all stuck-up teaches school
high school, I think sends money
home to an Invalid aunt "
"She Isn't unhappy " began Ber
"Bless your heart, no," said the
landlady. "What would she have to
be unhappy about? got a good Job
got her health, and doesn't give a
whoop for the men."
"Of course, of course," said Ber
tram and went up to his room.
He had determined to forget all
about the sobbing and would perhaps
have done so hud It not disturbed his
peace of mind that evening. It was
very faint, very much subdued and
might not have been audible to one
possessed of less acute sense of hear
ing than Bertram.
The next morning Bertram scrutl
nlzed Miss Clura I'ringer rather closely.
True, he observed, she appeared to be
happy, but there were light shadows
under her gray eyes, a delicate turn
to her pretty lips that might betoken
sorrow. Certainly she looked a little
more weary, now, than she did when
he first came to the boarding house a
month before. Without quite meaning
to do so he asked her If she had. been
at home the evening before, and she
aid that she had. He asked her If
the Intended being at home that eve
ning, and she replied: "I haven't
planned anything," In such a way that
Bertram boldly asked her If she would
"go to the movies" with him.
The next night he sat In his room
and the sobbing began : Listening
more Intently than ever, he heard be
tween the sobs a low, pathetic mono
tone of words. Now perfectly sure
that Ida neighbor must be absorbed li
some consuming grief Bertram felt
that U was almost hla duty to take
her out when she would consent to
go, to divert her at table, and in every
way try to take her mind from her
great sorrow. And for some reason
or other Clara seemed to have no ob
jection to being thus cheered by her
fellow boarder.
Then one night as he sat In his room
he heard the sobbing again. He had
not heard It for a week, perhaps be
cause for every night for a week he
had taken Clara out to a play, the
movies," a lecture, the art museum,
a walk In the park and once to dinner
where they danced.
Following a long pause came more
sobs and then without warning a thud
that seemed to be just beyond the
wall of Bertram's room. Bertram lis
tened a second and then quite clearly
came a cry of pain, and then silence.
In the minimum of time Bertram
was In the hall, found the next door
unlocked and had made his way into
the room. There he found Clara sit
ting on her daybed rocking back and
forth nursing her right arm lu the
bend of the left one.
"Ouch," she said with a pretty pout.
and then she jumped up from the day
bed and offered Bertram a chair In
her little room. "You fell, didn't
you?" he asked.
"Yes," she srdd. "T don't seem to
be able to leurn the trick, l'id you
ever do a stage faint? You have to be
perfectly limp and then you can go
down without hurting yourself but It
takes a lot of courage, and this time I
hurt my arm bo that I couldn't help
crying out. You heard nie, didn't
Bertram had moved his choir very
near to Clara on the daybed. He was
looking Intently Into her eyes, search
ing them for the tears that lie thought
must be there. "And I heard you
sobbing," he said with sympathy.
"Miss Prlnger Clara won't you tell
me? Won't you let me help yout If
my love would be of any help?"
"Of course It would If you really
mean It," said Clara, looking very
much surprised. "I'd no idea you felt
that way about me. But really I
wasn't sobbing. That Is, It wasn't real
sobbing you see I'm to be In a play
that the teachers are giving at school.
And I have to take the part of the
unfortunate sister whose lover Is lost
at sea and I have to sob and then
faint when they tell me he's lost
and I've been rehearsing every night
for weeks. It's so hard for me to sob
perhaps because I've always found
so much In life to be merry about."
"You darling," said Bertram taking
her Into his arms. "I wanted to marry
you any way but I'd so much rather
marry a girl who didn't spend her eve
nings sobbing."
Now He Never Would
Get Those Smackers
It was a $6 murder. One negro
shot another. This Is hl9 verbatim
police confession, with the names al
tered because so-called confessions are
often repudiated:
"I went to call on Mr. Brown at
his home on Antolne street. I knocked
on the door and Mr. Brown said to
me: 'Come right In, Peg-Leg,' so I
went in.
"I looked at Brown and I says to
him: 'Brown, would y'all mind glvln'
me back them six smackers y'all owes
"Mr. Brown he just smiled at me
and he says:
" 'Peg-Leg, they ain't a chanct In the
world fob you to get them six bucks.'
"I look kinda hard at him and I
says: 'Brown, where for you get that
apple sauce Ah ain't eer goln' to get
them six smackers?'
"He reached right Into his pocket
and hauls out a big black gun. He
done laid It on the table and then
he says to me :
" 'I'eg-I-eg, I told you you ain't got
no chance to get them six bucks.
There'B man proof layin' right there
on that there table.'
"Well, sir, took one squint at
Brown and then I got geared. I reck
oned he might shoot me. so I Jest fired
as fast as I could.
"Course, they ain't no use mah tell
ing you I never will get them six
smackers now."
WWW VVVVVVVV f f f f f f f T W WW WW WW
Insulation From Milk
It is said that there has been de
vised a process for making Insulating
pieces out of milk curds. The curds
are stirred Into a paste with cold
water, and coloring matter is added.
If bo desired, the result being heated
to the boiling point. After the paste
has been boiled for ten minutes, con
tinued stirring reduces It to a uni
form pulpy consistency. This pulp Is
then taken, while still hot, to a hy
draulic press fitted with hot molds of
the shape In which the Insulation
pieces are wanted. After being pressed
Into this shape the pieces are cooled
and dipped Into formalin which adds
the needed quality of a preservative.
The product Is said to resist the action
of acids, to be much cheaper than
hard rubber and to be easily colored
In Imitation of agate, marble or the
Scientific Canary
There Is a canary In New Bedford
that drinks water In a slightly differ
ent manner than most birds partake
of the same liquid. Suspended from
the perch on which the bird stands Is
chained an ordinary silver thimble.
This thimble when In Its resting posi
tion lle quietly In a glass of water
below the perch of the bird. Peri lling
on the extreme end of hla rest, the
canary places one foot around the
chain fastened to the thimble of water
This he yanks up a abort haul and
places the slack under his foot on the
perch. Two more moves of a similar
nature bring the thimble to a position
where he can drink.
Ilillsboro. A United States civil
service examination will be held here
July 19 to fill an expected vacancy as
tourth-claas postmaster at Aloha and
any other vacancies that may occur.
Ilillsboro. The city of Ilillsboro has
accepted the bond of S. Simonson for
the program of paving recently order
ed by tho city council, for an amount
of S44,5l5S.4:t, which is $ IS. 000 lesj
than the estimate.
Pendleton. Umatilla county dairy
nu n will not have any surplus dairy
cattle to supply the shortage in Cali
fornia, according to Fred Henuion,
county agent. Umatilla county has
been shipping in dairy stock to meet
an increased demand from farmers.
Salem. The United States govern
ment has requested permission of the
state engineer to file on 75,000 acre
feet of water on McKay and Birch
creeks in Umatilla county. It is pro
posed to sell this stored water to other
projects located in that section of the
La Grande. Covo begun cherry
picking in earnest Monday, according
to announcement of Chris Stackland,
prominent, orchardist. Picking has
been in progress in some portions of
the valley during the past week, but
the heavier fruit lias been hardly
Salem. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. McKln
ney and Mrs. S. S. McKinney, all of
Los Angeles, who suffered injuries
when an automobile in which they
were riding loft the Pacific highway
and overturned Saturday night eight
miles north of Salem, are reported to
be recovering in a local hospital.
Eugene. The water situation In Eu
gene was much better Saturday, the
weather having become Cooler, and
less water is being used. All the
reservoirs were full lust night, accord
Ing to employes of the water Tlepurt
meat, and tho ban on sprinkling and
irrigating was lifted for tho present.
Salem. Issuance of blanket bonds
by surety companies to bail out of jail
violators of the traffic laws is not
permissible under the Oregon laws,
according to a legal opinion prepared
here by I. H. VanWinkle, attorney
general. The opinion was requested
by Will H. Moore, state insurance com
missioner. Astoria. Dr. W. J. Kerr, head of
Oregon Agricultural college, who was
injured in an automobile accident near
Astoria on the night of June 28 and
who has since been confined to his
bed at St. Mary's hospital in this city,
was able to sit up in bed Friday itnd
professed to be out of pain for the first
time since the accident.
Eugene. -Cascara bark sales in the
Blttt law national forest have been
largo since April 1, according to a re
port Issued at the Siusluw forest of
fice here. Tho total sales have been
97.04 1 pounds, yielding $4853. Some
small sales are yet being made, it was
stuted. The sales this year are said
to have been tho largest since the
world war.
Mill City. LeRoy Ledgerwood, man
ager of the Mehuma salmon hatchery,
was in the city Wednesday and said
the lust of the salmon hatched out lust
winter were turned loose Wednesday,
they being three inches long. This
makes a total Of about 8,000,000 sal
inon that were hutched out und turn
ed loose from that hatchery during
the lust season.
' Salem.- There were 6:13 accidents in
Oregon during the week ending July 11,
according to a report prepared by the
state industrial accident commission.
Of that total 551 were subject to the
provision of the workmen's compen
sation act, 7!l were from firms and or
poratlons that have rejected the law,
and three were from public utilities
not entitled to slute protection.
Halsey. runners from this vicinity
met recently in Albany with runners
from other ((immunities and set a rati
of pay fur farm hands for the season
Six-team threshing outfits will (barge
$11 a duy, a reduction of fl from lust,
year; eight-team crews, 1S, against
$15 lust year; and ten tcums, $15
instead of $18. By the sack, the
charge will be Tl cents for wheat, 18
cents for barley, and 15 cents for
oats, a reduction of .01 cent for oats.
Wages are to be $2.50 per duy, Instcud
of $.'!, and man and team $1 Instead
of $4.50, and suckers unchanged, $3.50.
Pendleton. With the completion of
the huge McKuy dam ucross the creek
Of tho same nume by the United Stutes
government there will be need for 1200
settlers on the Irrigated land In the
Hcrmiston-Ktanfield-L'matlllu district,
E. P, Dodd, prominent Hermletos farm
er and business man, told members
of the land settlement committee of
the Oregon state chamber of commerce
when they visited the vast Umatilla
project recently. Completion of the
McKay dam, which Is expected to tuke
two or three years yet, will bring the
total acreage of the propect up to
TwiLrc RePublics
1 I UCiVb Fageols
All Sizes, Prices, Terms. Also Used and
Re-built Trucks. Write for Catalog.
9th and Burnsld Portland, Or.
You Want a Good Position
Very well Take the Accountancy & BQlintM
Management, Private Secretarial. Calculatur
Con.tometor, Stenographic. Penmanship, or Com
mercial Teachers' Course at
The foremost BurifwiSB Oolsese of the Northwest
which hps won more Aectiracj Awards and (Sold
Medals than any other schoo in America. Send
for our Buoeees rMtehw. Fourth street ncur Mor
riaon, Portland. Ore. Isaac M. Walker, President
Wrongs That Sear.
Do not worry about tho wrong poo
in w ill or might do to you. Let them
do their worst. It will glide off your
life us water rolls from oiled canvas.
But the wrongs you commit yourself
leave ugly, irreparable murks. -Helen
The Antiseptic Orange.
The dscovery of the antiseptic value
of 1 lie orange was made soon after its
Introduction Into England, for Caven
dish says Cardinal Yrolsoy was wont
to curry "a fair orange, filled wilh a
sponge of vinegar against pestilence."
Zinc Deposits.
As Zinccblend a compound of zinc
ana sulphur is found in large quanti
ties in Missouri. As smitlisonite, a
Compound Of zinc, carbon, and oxygen,
is found in Spain and Various parts of
the United Stales.
Valuable Imitation Fur.
A process has been invented in Aus
ralla for manufacturing fleeces not
adapted to spinning into an imitation
fur claimed to have advantages over
animal furs.
Takes Out Grease.
When grease is spilled on the rug
you can remove il by Covering the
spot Willi a piece of blotting paper anil
going over it with a hot iron. The
blotting paper Will absorb the grease.
Move for Fuel Economy.
Wilh a view to fuel economy ex
periments are under way with an air
blower to control the draft in loco
motives instead of employing exhaust
steam for the purpose.
The Spider's Silk.
The amount, of sdk produced by
each spider is so small Unit a scientist
has computed that 03,521! of the Insects
would be required to produce a single
pound of t hread,
Danger in Jealousy.
Jealousy Is said to be the offspring
of live; yet unless tho parent makes
haste to strangle the child, the child
will not rest till it bus poisoned the
parent. I lure.
Earning His Reward.
Patience und perseverance are the
two chief iiciiuirements of the suc
cessful artist. These shall hereafter
reward him. No great work of art
wus ever uchieved without I hem
Qeorge Bud,
Must Make Use of Material.
If .ve do not make use of our newly
discovered materials, wo shall only
continue to live stupidly In a si lipid
world E. ('. I.lndemun.
Zinc Not Long in Use.
Zinc was known as far back as 500
II. ('., hut it bus only come Into com
mon use within the lust 120 years. It
was first, manufactured at Bristol in
Deadly Germs Oddly Spread.
Germs carried on the feci or birds
und by Current! Of ulr uro Hiild to
spread mil breaks of "fool anil mouth"
disease among cuttle.
Eyelids of Snakes.
Snuke's eyelids ure transparent
scales fixed over Ihelr eyes, and, being
immovable, I hey give the reptile a
piercing look.
Not Much Different From Humans.
African gorillas live In little Villages,
build their shacks of twigs ami
branches of trees, und in many re
poets resemble tbs native Zulus.
Woman's Weapons.
A bachelor says that when a woman
goes gunning for u husband she urms
be.-siif wilh curling Iron and a box
of XiiioKeless powder.- Exchange.
Both Begin With a "P."
An optimist looks at the oyster und
hopes for a pearl, a pessimist look i
at the oyster and expects ptomaine
used for baby's clothea, will keep them
sweet and snowy-white until worn out.
Try It and for yourself. Al grocerf
P. N. U.
No. 28, 1924