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Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
Events of Noted People, Governments
and Pacific Northwest, and Other
Things Worth Knowing.
Blood Poisoning Proves Fatal to Calvin
Coolidge, Jr.
The cabinet lias resigned. This
change In the Chinese government be
came known In PekiD Tuesday.
Petty Officer Flowers of the United
States destroyer Sycard was killed
Monday In an automobile accident in
Calcutta, says u dispatch from that
Jewelry estimated at $25,000 in
value was stolen Sunday night from
the apartment of B. Charles Ehrman,
San Francisco importer, while he and
Mrs. Khrman were out driving.
Dates for formal notification of
President Coolidge and Charles ;.
Dawes, republican vice presidential
candidate, of their nomination by the
Cleveland convention are fixed for
July 24 and 31, respectively.
The lower part of Main street In
Jacksonville, Kla., Monday was en
veloped by a fire which destroyed the
large warehouse building occupied by
the Quaker Oati company, the Booth
Fisheries and the St. Johns river boat
The appointment of Kenneth Dur
ham of Spokane as director of the fl
partment of labor and Industries was
announced by (iovernor Hart Tuesday.
Mr. Durham, who succeeds Edward
Clifford, resigned, bus been supervisor
of industrial insurance for the past
illown into Bend, Or. by the storm
Which passed over the mountains Mon
day evening, or coming in answer to
n migratory Instinct, swarms of large
moths, believed to be of the pandora
variety, affixed themselves to I In;
walls of buildings and telephone pole 19
in the city Monday night.
Six persons, including Dr. F. W. Me
Nalr, president of the Michigan Col
lee of Mines, lost, their lives and 17
others were Injured Monday when a
solid mail train on the Chicago, Hurl
ington & tjulni y road crashed Into the
rear end of the eastbound passenger
(rain No. 2, from Denver, at Huda, 111.
The ltev. George nougats Byeri, an
Americas citizen attached to the
Presbyterian mission, was murdered
June 24, presumably by bandits at
Kuchck, Island of Hainan, according
to information received by American
Minister Bchurman at l'ckln and for
warded to the stute department Men
The derelict of the tramp steamer
Hridgetown, which last cleared Bar
hadocB in February with a $2,000,000
liquor cargo ami siiwe was reported on
the Jersey coast rum row, was report
ed Monday by Captain I.alnson of the
Royal Mail liner Ohio to have been
sighted last Wednesday elf the I'.raud
A lighted lantern, hung below, kept
n cougar up a largn Cottonwood tree
Saturday night at the home of (ierland
Uoblnson. who lives two miles north
west of (ioldendale. At daybreak Sun
day morning the animal was shot by
Itobiusou and Otis Morgan, a nearby
neighbor. It measured fi foot 8 inches
from tip to tip and weighed 100
Proposed consolidation of the South
ern Pacific and Kl Paso & Southwest
ern railroad system wus defended in
a statement Issued Tuesday by Julius
Kruttsi hiiltt, i hairmuu of, the South
em Pacific company. He said the
union would insure preservation of
existing routes and channels of trade
and commerce In harmony with the
policy of the transportation act.
the same bandit who three weeks
ago held up and robbed the North
Sacramento branch of the California
Trust & Savings bank of $2000 held
up (he bnuk again at 11 o'clock Tues
day and took $600. The bandit was
identified by the bank offlcluls as the
nutu who had beeit there before. He
was unmasked ou both occuslons. He
operated in the same maimer and tied
iu an automobile as before.
Further evidence of the crafty super
mind of Nathan Leopold Jr . who w ith
Itichard l.oeb. murdered little Hobert
Pranks, came Tuesday when the stale
luarned of what appears to have been
un attempt to shift the blumo for the
murder to (he shoulders of a fellow
studei.t, George Lewis, who was
brought in for questioning. Lewis Is
un ornithologist and had taken one of
Leopold's lasses ou a field trip about
the time of (ho murder.
Washington, D. C. Calvin Coolidge
Jr., son of the president, died Monday
night at Walter Reed hospital of blood
The end came after the boy had
battled with the utmost bravery and
fortitude for five days against a dis
ease which had racked his body with
pain and sapped the reserve strength
of his frail constitution.
President and Mrs. Coolidge, who
had maintained constant vigil at the
hospital, were at his bedside, hope
ful and cheering and comforting their
son to the last.
A sinking spell, the fourth he had
suffered in 24 hours, brought death.
Notwithstanding the use of oxygen und
other restoratives, the courage which
had withstood crisis after crisis and
had beaten death off repeatedly was
unable to meet' the attack. The col
lapse began at 0:30 o'clock and he
died at 10:30 oclock.
E. T. Clark, the president's per
sonal secretary, emerged from the
sickroom at 10 o'clock and told those
waiting outside that the patient was
sinking, but that his stamina was re
s la ting every backward step.
Neither President Coolidge nor Mrs.
Coolidge came out, and the physicians
remained to minister to the suffering
b'oy's last minutes.
The White House, where a staff
had been kept busy while the presi
dential residence was temporarily re
tnoved to Walter Heed hospital, ceas
ed to function for the time, and Secre
tary Slemp and others rushed to the
hospital. In other parts of the city,
Where the illness of the boy had grip
ped public interest to the exclusion of
almost everything else, thore were
anxious inquiries as to his condition
and expressions of sympathy for the
Announcement that death had final
ly ended the sufferings of the frail
boy was made by Mr. Clark. He walk
ed slowly from the room and those
who were gathered there knew from
his demeanor that the end had come.
The infection developed from a
broken blister on the right foot, sus
tained during a tennis match with his
brother John on the White House
courts last Monday. At first paying no
attention to it, the youth developed
an alarming condition by Wednesday
night and physician were summoned.
The poison, however, once started,
had spread so rapidly that medical
skill was without avuil. A number of
specialists were called to act with
White House physicians on the case
and a desperate fight for life was
made by the boy, who struggled in
great pain and with high fever.
Church Asks Freedom.
llecorah, Iowa. - Resolutions call
lug for freedom of religious worship
und absolute separation of church und
state were adopted Monday at the
closing session here of tho fifth an
nual district convention of the Nor
wegian Lutheran church of America.
Another resolution adopted declar
ed "it is the duty of all citizens to
obey laws enacted by the govern
ment." The Lutherans in still another,
resolution deplored war und welcom
ed iii banishment, hut declared they
si ood ready to "sacrifice oven our
tires whenever the government, In
order to preserve the common welfare
summons us to the field of battle."
Tunnel Plan Abandoned.
London. Prime Minister Mai Donald
announced Monday in the house of
commons that the British government
had decided against the construction
of a tunnel under the English chan
nel. Mr. MacDonald declared that the
government had accepted the advice
of the committee on imperial defense
that (he advantages of the tunnel were
not commensura(e with its disadvan
tages from a defense viewpoint.
Cyclone Stops Air Mail.
Omaha. - Frank Yager, uir mail
pilot flying between Cheyenne and
Omaha, was forced down at Chappe.:.
Wb, about 25 miles north of Jules
burg. Colo., by what air mail officials
termed a "young cyclone" at 8:15 Moil
day night. A relief plane piloted by
Jack Knight was sent from the Omaha
field to pick up Yager's cargo.
Keno Forest In Flames.
Klamath Falls, Or. Lightning cans
ed a serious forest fire in the Keno
section, II mill's west of Klamath
Fulls, Sunday and local firefighters
have been uuuhle so far to get the
flames under control. Tho fire has
spread over a trout of three miles and
threatens an immense area ot Weyer
hausi-r Timber company pine.
Accused Cowboys Free.
Mention, England. Court summons
which had been Issued against Tex
Austin and other promoters of the
rodeo In the Wembley stadium und
cowboys participating In It. charging
cruelty to ttuiuiuls iu the steer-roping
contest, were dismissed Monday.
La Follettee Candidacy For
mally Indorsed.
it- -
Hobart Bosworth
All Elements at Cleveland Convention
Reported in Full Accord at
Cleveland, O. After indorsing
Robert M. La Follette as a presidential
candidate and providing for the organ
ization of a new political party next
January, the conference for progres
sive political action wound up its con
vention early Saturday night.
The conference empowered its na
tional committee to select a vice-presi
dential candidate after conference
with the "La Follette-for-president
La Follette was indorsed as a candi
date on his own platform. Tho con
vention then adopted for itself a plat
form embodying the ideas contained
in the Wisconsin document and in
the statement of principles issued at
the St. Louis session of the confer
ence last February.
The final day of the gathering work
ed out strictly according to plans ol
the leaders and without appreciable
opposition. But just before adjourn
ment some of tho delegates, dazed by
tho rapidity of events, had to be as
sured by the chair that La Follette
actually had been "nominated" and
that definite provision had been made
for the new party.
The confusion arose from the facl
that the report of the committee on
organization recommended this action
and that no separate motion of in
dorsement was offered. The report
itself was adopted without a dissent
ing vote, but the significance ot this
action did not dawn on either dele
gates or galleries and there was a
total absence of demonstration.
Repeatedly, Friday as Saturday,
the name "La Follette" was the signal
for an outburst of cheering and ap
plause. Yet the culmination of the
convention's work, coming in the form
of a committee recommendation, did
not draw even a pattering of hand
clapping. All elements in the convention were
intent on showing they were back of
La Follette's candidacy. After losing
a tight before the organization com
mittee for immediate formation of a
new party, tho socialists, led by Morris
Hillquit of New York, were the first
to second the Indorsement report.
The farmer-labor party elements
who backed Parley Christiansen in
the 1920 campaign, and who also had
urged the "third party ideu," then
rallied to the support of La Follette
as an Independent, Abraham Lefkow
Itx, New York, being their spokesman.
Wolves Cause Losses.
Klamath Falls, Or. Driven down
from the higher mountains by the un
usual drought, timber wolves were re
ported (o be raising havoc with cattle
ranchers on the west shore of Klamath
lake. Tho wolves killed six calves
and one grown steer at the Doak ranch
during the past few days.
Two of the wolves have been killed
by ranch hands, who report Hie uni
tuuls more bold than Is the usual call
during a severe winter. According to
the ranchers, invasions by wolves at
this season have never been known
Bodies of Five Boys Found.
Baltimore, Md. The bodies of five
boys, members of the Baltimore Even
ing Sun's uewsboy bund, and that of
a negro, were found on the hulk of
the bay steamer Three Rivers Sunday
when the remains of the vessel, which
was burned to the water line in Chesa
peake bay early yesterday morning,
was towed into Baltimore. This brings
the total number of victims of the fire
up to 10 and accounts for all those
known to be missing.
Two Juflo-Slavs Slain.
Belgrade. An incident is reported
from the Italo-Jugo-Slav frontier In
which two Jugoslav customs officers
were killed. The version of the In
cident received here says the customs
men. while patroling, met three Italian
frontier guards who summoned them
to halt. When the customs men
pointed out that they were on Jugo
slav territory, according to this ac
count, the Italians opened fire, killing
them and wouuding u civilian.
Hobart Van Zandt Bosworth,
popular In the "movies," was born In
Marietta, Ohio, In 1867. As a boy he
was of the Huck Finn type. Bosworth
served in the navy, having graduated
from Annapolis. He makes his home
In Los Angeles. He was long on the
stage before entering motion pictures.
He is six feet, one inch tall, weighs
200 pounds, has blue eyes, white hair
and fair complexion.
Have You This Habit?
By Margaret Morison
SO MANY times, so many nights,
When locked the door, and out the
My mother comes and looks at me
While I nm sleeping. Just to see
If I'm tucked in, and haven't thrown
The covers off, as I am known
To do sometimes ; If I am warm,
And safe from harm und fright and
I'm sound asleep, of course, and so
I cannot see, and yet I know.
So many times my mother stands
And smooths the pillows with her
And sees the quilt is folded right.
Yes, in the middle of the night
She conies and stands beside my bed
And holds her light above my head
To see if everything Is well.
Perhaps you wonder how I tell?
She steps so gently, walks so slow,
I cannot hear, and yet I know.
So many times our mothers creep
To where the little children sleep
And watch our breathing. Many a
We know the stairs our mothers climb,
For so our mothers keep on guard
All day and all night afterward.
Of course we cannot heur nor see;
We're sound asleep us we can be;
They gently come, and softly go;
And yet, some way, we somehow know.
(B by McClure Newspaper SynJIcata )
Reflections of a
Bachelor Qirl
TDOBERTA HOOD had lived all her
life up to eighteen on her father's
old furm at Pleasant Valley. So when
It came time for her to begin to think
of her own financial future, she nat
urally turned to the city. And In two
months she w as one of five girls work
ing In the pressing room of the big
garment fuetory that supplied up-town
shops with children's fine dresses.
From eight to five she Ironed dainty
ruffles and tucks and plaits. The
other workers rarely spoke to her; all
went about their business in a dull, I
determined way ; at Intervals the man
ager looked In ; and ouce In two weeks
she drew her pay envelope. She be
came so used to the four mustard-colored
walls that she was no longer con
scious of anything beyond her Ironing
board and the shelf ubove.
Then one week she went home for
Sunday. It was April and the woods
were full of violets. Roberta Hood
picked a big box of violets and moss
to take to the city with her. When
she left for her work on Monday morn
ing the blossoms were so fragrant that
she took a few with her In u glass and
put them ou the shelf above her Iron
ing board. All that day as she looked
up at Intervals they seemed something
living amid the mechanical routine
of her motions. The head of the room
came over to take a sniff and said
that he came from the country, too.
On her next visit home Roberta
brought back some Ivy, and the five
workers took turns watering It and
washing down the glossy leaves.
Through this common Interest they be
gan to eat lunch together. Then they
started a window box, und finally they
achieved curtains, and a table where
they spread their sandwiches and bot
tles of milk.
The pressing room had become a
matter of Interest In the factory. Fi
nally, one day, the president of the
company strolled In. He was a pro
gressive man and he appreciated the
business value of the esprit de corps of
this little group. The upshot was u
clubroora for the workers of the fue
tory a room of their own freshly
painted, with geraniums, and a dis
reputable yellow cat that they had
adopted as their mascot.
To open the new club they had a
party. The head man In Roberta's
room sat next to her.
"This Is your doings!" said he.
"Aw, go on!" laughed Roberta.
But the next spring, when they were
married, Roberta put extra effort into
"fixing up" their rooms. She had
learned the value of the habit of bring
ing beauty Into everyday life.
( by Metropolitan Nawapapar Sarvlea.)
a iiic r rurrt)
, By John Kcndrick Bangs. . X
'PON' this dy was I mad free
from very ttnaeled sover-
And made a ruling- monarch of
A vast domain of human love
A klnf whoa pr!vllea; It (a
To serve mankind's necesalttes:
And In hla quaet for rrortnl patf
To b fortratful of himself:
And on hla brow with pride to
The crown of service true klng-a
( by McClure Nawapapar Syndicate )
VTOBODY Is quite so blase and so
phisticated as a flapper, who Is
Just recovering from a baby-grande
If a man Is looking for an Innocent,
simple, unsophisticated wife, with a
sweet childlike faith In men, he
should pick out a widow of over thirty
five, in these days.
When a brave, beautiful young girl
goes Into the world prepared to resist
Its temptations, It Is an awful dis
appointment to her, to discover that
a "temptation" is as hard to find In the
average business office us a pet fly in
a candy shop.
Oh, yes, every woman needs a hus
band, if only as an instrument of self
discipline to keep her from EVER
growing vain and self-satisfied.
The only perfect husbands are
widows' husbands. To recall tenderly
"a voice that Is stilled" Is no feat, be
side listening patiently to a voice that
is continually wondering why dinner
Isn't ready, where you keep the
matches, and what you paid for those
"fool shoes."
Heaven deliver us from the man
with a new motor-horn, the woman
with a new phonograph, the boy with
a new wulstle, and the neurotic with a
new complex 1
The foolish woman says "yes," and
robs love of Its uncertainty ; the tact
less woman says "no," and robs It of
hope; but the wise woman says noth
ingand keeps It simmering at Just
the right temperature.
The task of a modern girl's life Is
to keep her mother away from the
sort of movies that no woman over
thirty should see.
Why will a man worry more Intense
ly over throwing away an old tomato
can that "might have been used for
bait," than over losing his watch, burn
ing holes In the real lace curtains, or
spilling the glue on the Persian rugs?
( by Halm Rowland.)
he Younrf Lad
Across the Way
Physician and Surgeon
Physician and Surgeon
Fraternal Building
Stanfield, Oregon
Dental X-ray and Diagnosis
Bank Building
Phones: Office 93. Residence 761.
Newton Painless Dentists
Dr. H. A. Newton, Mgr.
Cer. Main and Webb Sts. Pendleton
Umatilla Pharmacy
'Mail orders given special ntten-
W. E. Smith, Prop.
Quick Service
Satisfaction Quaranteed
t Umatilla,
206 K. Court Street
X Electrical Fixtures and
X Electric Contracting I
Eat and Drink
E. J. McKNEELY, Prop.
Pendleton, Oregon
Only the Best Foods Served
Fancy Ice Creams
Furnished Rooms over Cale
Juick Service Lunch Counter
in connection with Dining room
You Are Welcome Here
We Specialize in
Take that next job to your
Home Printer
R. N. Stanfield, President.
The young lady acroes the way says
she never feel she was married un
less she had a church wedding, but
she suppose It would be Juet as legal
to go to a Jinnies of the peace and
have a common law marriace
- -in '- -
Bank of j
Sfanfield I
Ralph A. Holte, Vice-Pres.
Frank Sloan, Vice-Pres.
W. A. Wollan, Casliier
Julia Haggmann, Ass't Cashier
Capital Stock and
Four Per Cent Interest
Paid on Time Certifi
cates of Deposit