The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, March 28, 1924, Image 4

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    The Boardman Mirror
Boardman, Oregon
Entered as second-class matter Feb
11, 1921, at the poitofflce at Hoard
man, Ore., under act of Mar. 3, 1879
Howard Packard is ill with an
attack of La Grippe.
Claude Ballenger drove to Alder
dale Saturday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warren re
turned from Portland Fiday.
Opal Wagner returned Monday
from a week-end visit at Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Porter left Tues
day for Portland after a visit Hire.
Jim O'Donnel and wife went to
Wasco and Grass Valley on Sunday.
Misses Louise Sears and Jeanne
Marvin motored to Portland for the
Mrs. A. T. Hereim was an all-day
visitor at the W. A. Price home on
Tuesday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Attobury en
tertained the Tate family at dinner
on Sunday of lasl week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins were din
ner guests at the Royal Hands'
home Sunday.
C. H. DUlabaugh lost about :so
baby chicks Tuesday, when the
brooder house caught fire.
Mrs. Hcrschel Rlnns left Thurs
day for her home In Portland, after
a ten day' visit ai the Macorabei
W. A. Murchic and wife leti
Thursday for their noma in Wasco
after a short visit at the Ballanger
George Mitchell, more commonly
called "Fat", suffered a very pain
ful accident on Tuesday, when a
bolt cut his leg quite badly while
he was unloading pipe at Peters. He
was taken to Hermiston, and it wasl
necessary to have eight or nine!
stitches taken to close the wound.!
He is still there staying at the home
of bis brother.
Word came on Monday afternoon
that Arthur Chaffee, who has been
working at Rul'us the past month,
had been taken ill with apendicitis,
also the appendix had broken. He
was rushed to the hospital at The
Dalles where an operation was per
formed. Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee went
at once to Bee him, going with their
older son Nathan, who was visiting
here. They came back Tuesday on
Number 2. The young man was
reported resting well. His numer
ous Hoard man friends hope for a
speedy recovery.
15y V .Seaman
Frost during the past week has
done more or less damage to various
fruits in the district. N. Seaman
and Son have smudged four nights!
recently. This has saved the bulk of!
their apricot crop. Some sheltered
spots were not damaged as much as
more open places. Fruits should not
bloom in .March. It's too early.
A most delightful birthday dn?
ner was that, given last Sunday by
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Mulkey at their
home In the east end, celebrating
the birthdays of four of those pres
ent. Mr. Jim Howelll Sr., and son,
Jim; Mr. and Mrs. Mulkey, all of
whom had birthdays during the
month of March. Mrs. Howell and
Mrs. A. T. Hereim and children
completed the guest list. A big
birthday cake was the centerpiece.
All thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.
Mrs. G. C. Holland of Portland,
who has been the guest of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Saling, for
the past few weeks, returned home
on Number 1 Wednesday. Mr. Hol
land was up Sunday between trains.
Earl C. Brownell and Mr. Tucker,
of Umatilla were in Irrigon on busi
ness the first of the week.
The Umatilla Rapids Power pro
ject property is being stored in the
Reclamation service warehouse this
Week until work begins on the pro
ject in the near future.
The Union Pacific System is pub
l'shing a rate of seventy nine cents
per hundred on hay from "Peters,
Boardman and Irrigon to Los An
geles, California via Salt Lake City
and Los Angeles and Salt Lake
City railroad on account of the hay
shortage in Southern California this
A nine and one half pound daugh
ter arrived at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Kunzlc Saturday morning.
March 22.
Bath Bleakman of Hard man is
visiting bar friend Zo.' lladby. Hie
Oame last Friday, returning homo on
tfondaj .
Mrs. Leslie I'ackard and daugh
ter Hello returned last week from
a trip to Salem and Other valb
John Jenkins enjoyed a visit wit,,
his brother of Cascade Locks, wbo
came Sunduy and remained until
Miss Dorothy lloardman came home
Saturday for a visit during spring
vacation. She Is a student at Wil
lamette university at Salem.
Mrs. Harry Then.ds (nee Blather
Chaffee) and tiny son, and Mr. and
Mrs. N. Chaffee and baby of Eu
gene, came Saturday for a visit at
the home of their parents.
Another son arrived at the Paul
Smith home early Monday morning
lie weighed six pounds anil has been
named Max Oliver Smith.
Mr. Herbert llnnellne of llertnls
ton stopped for a short time at the
Royal Rands' and John Jenkins'
homes last Friday on his way to
N. Chaffee and wife and baby and
Mrs. Harry Thenels and baby re
turned Tuesday to their homes near
Eugene after a week end visit at the
home of their parents.
Mr. and Mrs Gregory and Mr
TVivoes and wife of rllngton, Vls
tted at the Max Rewecse homo on
Thursday. Mrs. Or- PTJ p Itataf
of Max Dewaeta, and Mr. Deweose
and wife of Arlington, his parents
Mls Myrtle MeNlel drove to hr
home In Portland Friday from her
school at Upper Butler Creek. She
returned Sunday evening and left
here Monday morning to resume her
Dr. H. C. Curry, eyesight special
ist of Seattle, who has made pro
fessional visits to Stanfleld for
many years, and Is known for good
optical work at reasonable prices,
will be at the Hotel Highway Inn
Monday, April 7. Fyes exam
ined and glasses fitted when needed.
Lettuce acreage In Oregon will
probably be smaller this year than
last At least there will be no out
standing Increase as bits been the
case In the past few years. Matty
sections are repotting smaller plant
Inge than last year because prictn
did not come up to expectations,
Farmer Smith, Union l'acific Sys
tem agricultural agent, is having N.
Seaman and Son experiment on 100
pounds of sulphate of Potash and
100 pounds of M urate of Potash.
Experiment will be made on berries
and apricots and possibly on water
melons and cantaloupes. Mr. Smith
is expected in Irrigon some day this
week or next for a day's visit.
Have you paid your income tax?
Perhaps you figure It does not
catch you, but we have single men
here who have easily earned their
$1,000 and are not listed as tax
payers. Either they did not get the
wages claimed, or failed to pay
what they voted for. Even the boot
leggers get away with It for awhile,
but sooner or later they get them.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon.
March 11, 1924.
ViTICE is hereby given thai
Victor Rietmann, of lone, Oregon,
who on October 28, 1920, made
Homestead Entry No. 022002, for
all of Section 28, Township 3.
North, Range 2fi East, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of fnten
lion to make three-year proof, to
establish claim to the land above
d fH ribed, before Gay M. Anderson,
I ali id States Commissioner, at
Heppner, Oregon, on the 24th dav
of April, 1924.
Claimant ;names as witnesses:
Claude Finley, of Lexington, Ore.,
George Gorger, of lone, Ore.; Wer
ner Rietmann, of lone, Ore.; F.
Krause, of Echo, Ore.
J. W. DONNELLY, Register.
Office in Court House
Heppner, Oregon.
Popular Priced, Modish J J Boardman - Oregon J
I Sell
v Cox Millinery
i J. C. Ballenger
Every Sunday
Political Notice
To the Republican voters of Mor
row county: I hereby announce that
I will be a candidate for the nomina
tion of County Clerk at the Primary
Eleetlon to be held May 16, 1924.
4tf (Incumbent.)
i Sunday School in?an a in
Church Service 11:20 a. m.
V So. Main St. Arlington, J Christian fwleavor 7:30 p. m.
7 On Highway Oregon $ j All are welcome.
i . .! 1 1" M t 0 t M i REV. B. S. HUGHES, Pastor.
For County Jurtge
To the Republican voters of Mor
row county: I hereby announce ray-;-"
If a candidate for the nomination
at. your hands for the office of Coun
ty Judge at the primary election in
May, 1924. My experience of many
years as county commissioner makes
Ste conversant with the duties of the
office I seek, and I shall greatly ap
preciate your support at the pri
mary and for all past favors, I thank
you kindly.
2tf G. A. RLEAKMAN, Hardman.
rigated lands for Klickitat county,
Washington, timber lands kindly
write to H. M. Cox, Arlington, Ore
gon, describing the property offered.
ranch. 71 acres firm River Rot
tom land in high state of cultiva
tion on Rock road. V mile to
school. 1 miles to Cooperative
cannery. W. A. Umvanhower.
Rt. 1 Dayton, Ore.
Read the home paper.
Arlington, Oregon
The Best is none too gcod
Try our Sherwin-Williams paints
and varnishes. There is none bet
ter. also-
We have a complete line of
Cedar Flume Stock
Building Material
Builders' Hardware
Cement, Lime, Wood, Coal, Posts
Boardman, Oregon.
mmmmmmm mmmmmm-mmmmmm
: .;,i,;s ,!
j p j
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cigarette question forever by
rolling your own fromaBULL".
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joyment, more tobacco taste,
more quality and much more
for your money. (100 for 15 cents)
Mrs. Stoneman of Hardman, who
hay been attending norma" -rhool
at Monmouth, came to Hoard man
Sunday for a visit at the Cram.:
and Dudley homes. Her d ituhter.
Bernlee, will remain for the rest of
the school year, making her home at
Glen Hartley' Mrs. Stoneman left
Thursday for lleppm r.
ES for 154