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Brief Resurre Most Important
Daily News Items.
Events of Noted People, Governments
and Pacific Northwest, and Other
Things Worth Knowing.
President Coolidge by proclamation
Tuesday restored the rights of Ameri
can citizenship to all deserters from
the army and navy during the three
year period between the armistice and
the formal ending of the world war.
Slipping in from the high seas un
der cover of a heavy fog, 21 vessels,
headed by the British steam yacht
Istur, Wednesday dropped anchor
along rum row in New York, to dis
pose of 100,000 cases of liquor $8,
000,000 worth.
Three hundred persons were burn
ed to death, suffocated or died in
panics as a result of a fire which
swept the important town of Chowt
sun, 40 miles oast of Tsinan, Shan
tung province, last Friday. Seven
hundred others were injured.
Those who visit Tijuana, the Mex
ican resort across the boundary line,
14 miles from San Diego, Cal., will
have to return to United States soil
before 9 P. M. hereafter or remain in
Mexico overnight, according to an
nouncement made at the American
customs office.
Robert C. Shlpman, world war vet
eran and homesteader living two miles
iOUth of Grants Pass, Or., was knock
ed down and killed by a ferocious boar
while feeding his hogs at noon Wed
in ii day. Mr. Shlpman was bit on the
teg, his femoral artery severed and
death was due to loss of blood.
John II. Dunbar, attorney-general ol
Washington state, and T. J. L. Ken
nedy, corporation counsel of Seattle,
will appear in the United States su
preme court April 14 to oppose an
appeal of the Pacific Telophone &
Telegraph company and the Home
Teiephono company, it was announced
King George sees in the good under
standing betweon Great Britain anil
the United States "the best guaran
tee for I lie future peace of the jivorld."
This declaration waa sent Wednesday
to President Coolidgo at the request
of tho king by Sir Ksmo Howard and
marked tho presentation of the new
ambassador's credentials to tho Amer
ican chief executive.
On recommendation of tho grand
jury. Judge Wilson in Hood Hlver, Or.,
Tuesday omitled assessment of a fine
against H. 0. Goodman, ex-high school
manual training teacher, who ploud
od guilty to con! ributing to the ilc
liniiuency of Kenneth Convert, a lti
yenr old boy, by inciting him to com
plicity In thefts of automobile acces
sories. Judge Wilson sentenced llood
man to '20 days In Jail.
President Coolidgo Is In entire ac
cord with the desire to assist the farm
ors of the northwest and those of the
country generally through the present
period of depression, it was stated of
ficially Tuesday, but lias arrived at
no decision as to the form such aid
should lake. Officials of the depart
men! of agriculture are expected to
submit recommendations to the presi
dent upon the various legislative pro
posals now assuming shape In con
gress. The Philippines' pleu for Immediate
Independence was dealt a stinging
blow Wednesday by President Cool
idge. The president, In a letter to
Manuel Hexes, head of the Philippine
Independence mission, declared flat
ly the administration did not believe
tho time had BOOM to grunt indepeiul
eiico to the Filipino people and ussert
ed that grievances against (lovernor
llenoral Weed were unjustified and.
like the independence appeal, were un
supported by a considerable portion of
the island's population.
Tho tax reduction bill pussed by the
house will havo to be remodeled to
provide for $100,000,000 mere revenue
Chairman Smoot of the senate finance
committee nunounced Wednesday
night on tho evo of consideration of
the measure by that committee. Has
lnf his calculations on estimates re
ported this week by the treasury de
partment (hat tho house bill would
cut off 116.000,000 in revenue in the
calendar year 1125, Mr. Smoot said
this would fail by $100,000,000 to pro
vide funds for tho working expenses
of tho government nlono, exclusive of
a soldier bonus bill or other pending
extra appropriation measures.
First Payment March 15 to Be Un
changed Later Action Expected.
Washington, D. C. The movement
to obtain immediate action on the
proposed 25 per cent reduction in in
come taxes payable this year was re
vived in the house Monday, but as
quickly turned down. Republican
leaders decided that action could not
be obtained on a resolution before
March 15, when first installments are
Republican members of the ways
and moans committee, meeting with
Representative Longworth, party lead
er, agreed, however, that if the rev
enue bill, already passed by the house
and containing this provision, meets
with any delay in enactment, a separ
ate resolution to make the cut ef
fective before June 15 would be press
ed. The action again places in the hands
of the senate tho problem of tax reduc
tion and the senate financo commit
tee in its consideration of the revenue
bill will tako up the section which
provide! for the cut in 1923 income
Most of tho administrative sections
of tho bill were gone over without
change by the committee. Upon wind
ing up these details of tho measure
the various tax schedules will be taken
up, Secretary Mellon will be asked
to present estimates on the amount
of revenue necessary to be raised and
his opinion on the rates required to
obtain such revenue. Chairman
Smoot has expressed tho opinion that
the bill as passed by the house fails
by 5100,000,000 of raising sufficient
revenue and had declared many of tho
lax rates will havo to be raised.
If the provision to make the 25
per. cent, reduction on 1923 taxes ef
fective is finally agreed to as carried
in the revenue bill, deductions in taxes
due in tho other threo installments
will be allowed to make up for the
full payments made March 15.
House Votes Sale of Plant to
Washington, I). C. Henry Ford's of
fer for Muscle Shoals, pending before
congress for more than two years, was
approved Monday by tho house.
l!y a voto of 227 to 142 the Mc
Kenzio bill, which would authorize
acceptance fo Ford's bid, was passed
and sent to tho senate, where there
Is uncertainly as to what action, if
any, will bo taken on it at this ses
sion. Continuously before the house for
a week, tho McKenzio measure was
approved virtually in tho form in
Which it was reported by the military
Committee, which had been Informed
by Mr. Ford that he would take over
the government's nitrate and power
project on the Tennesseo river under
tho terms embodied in the bill.
To tho last, advocates of the Ford
offer resisted attempts to modify the
proposed contract. Amendment after
amendment, aimed at the heart of the
bill, wns thrown out by decisive vote,
and as passed tho measure carried
les ; i han half a dozen changes, all ol
minor importance which proponents of
the hill were willing to accept.
Under terms of tho bill. Ford will
have tho right to lease for 100 years
dams 2 and 3 nt Musclo Shoals, and
adjacent power stations.
Franc Drops to New Low Level
Paris. - The French franc sank to
a new low level Monday after a tem
perary sharp improvement during the
day, attributed to tho government's
announcement that there should be no
further loans or Inflation to justify
pessimism regarding French finance
Tfct franc was worth 3.54 conts,
tho dollar being quoted at 2S.13 and
the pound at 119.80 when curb-trad
lag slopped.
Baby Believed Tiniest.
Chicago. Henry Canze Jr., prob
ably Is tho tiniest baby In the world.
He weighs only 12 ounces and
stretches himself out to a bare eight
inches Henry was born Saturday to
Mrs. Henry Canze of Melrose park.
"The boy Is so small ho cun rest
easily in n cigar box," the father said
The father Is 24 and tho mother 20.
Moral Sentiment First.
hcii'iico . . . necessitates a faith
commensurate with the grainier orbits
and universal laws which it discloses.
Yet It does not surprise the moral sen
timent. That wns older, and awaited
expectant these larger insights.
House Leaders Agree Not to
Form Separate Measure.
Democrats Declare Move Is First
Step in Plan for Wreck of
Proposed Law.
Washington, D. C. The provision
for a 25 per cent reduction in income
taxes payable this year will rest on
the fortunes of the revenue bill, house
leaders reaching a tentative agree
ment Saturday not to remove it from
the revenue measure and seek its im
mediate enactment in a separate reso
Advocates of the latter plan, includ
ing Representative Tilson, Connecti
cut, a republican member of the ways
and means committee, admitted it
would be almost impossible to get
such a resolution through by March
15, when first installments on income
taxes are due. The treasury depart
ment had asked this in an effort to
avoid the necessity of making refunds
on theso payments, and President
Coolidgo indorsed tho proposal.
The proposition was opposed by
many members of both parties, demo
crats declaring it was the fir3t step
by the administration leading to a
presidential veto of the revenue bill.
the new rates of which will apply first
to taxes payable next year.
Meanwhile the senate finance com
mittee reached the first important sec
tion in its consideration of the revenue
bill the estate taxes.
The rates of these taxes were rais
ed by the house over the opposition
of republican organization members
and strong sentiment developed in the
finance committee to revise the en
tire section with a view, however, to
raising the same amount of revenue
as provided by the house.
Chairman Smoot said considerable
favor developed toward making the
tax apply to beneficiaries of estates
rather than to the estates of the de
cedents before division.
This would make it in tho form of
an inheritance tax and would require
general revision of the rates.
The $50,000 exemption allowed in
tho estate tax necessarily would be
cut down, Mr. Smoot said, and per
haps most of the rates raised.
Pending study of the income tax
schedules, definite lines on the expect
ed fight over them have not been
drawn. Senate democrats, however,
havo indicated a desire to stand' for
tho Garner Income tax rates, pro
posed by the houso democrats as a
substitute for the Mellon schedule.
They once were placed on the bill in
tho house, but the Longworth com
promise rates later were substituted.
Likewise, republican organization lead
ers, including Senator Watson of In
diana, had Baid they would seek to
replace the substitute rates with the
Mellon rates, although admitting slight
possibility of keeping these schedules
in the bill for a vote in tho senate.
Homestead Areas Open.
Washington, D. C. Opening to
boniest ead entry of 323,000 acres In
five western states the largest area
to bo set aside for that purpose in
a year was unnounced Saturday by
the interior department. Hates for fil
ings will be announced later. The
areas include 110,70 acres in Carhon
and Phillips counties, Mont.; 69,000
acres in La ml a r and Pershing coun
ties Nov.; 30,960 acres In Lake coun
ty, Oregon.
Senator Greene Better.
Washington, D. C. Senator Greene
of Vermont, who was shot in the
head several weeks ago during an
encounter between a prohibition en
forcement party and suspected boot
leggers, was able Sunday to lenve his
bed for the first time. Paralysis,
which developed In his loft side, it
Is said, has steadily subsided.
How Men Judge.
Men usually judge of tho prudence
of a man by the result, and are very
apt to say that the successful man has
hud much forethought, and tho unsuc
cessful has shown great want of It.
Baby Boy Found Slain.
Seattle, Wash. The body of a baby
ooy was lounu Miiuruuy on a munlct
I pal bathing beach of this city. Police
I expressed belief that the baby had
been murdered. Deputy coroner Harry
W. Johnson declared that the body
had been in the water several days
and that the child had been between
two and twelve weeks old.
White Salmon. A colony of beavers
Is creating havoc among the trees iu
the Columbia river district at Bingen,
causing damage to property by felled
Pendleton. Coyotes are so numer
ous in the vicinity of Combs canyon
that it is necessary to drive all sheep,
both young and old, Into sheds at
night, according to Earl Tulloch.
Salem. The state irrigation securi
ties commission, at a meeting held
here Monday, will pass on the Jordan
valley irrigation district, which has
filed application for approval of a con
tract entered into between the district
and the proposed builders of the pro
ject. Salem. Mrs. Walter Pierce, wife of
Oregon's executive, was reported in a
serious condition Saturday by physi
cians. Mrs. Pierce has been suffer
ing from an ailment for several years
and recently has spent much time in
a Portland hospital under the care ol
a specialist. She is now at home here.
Salem. Weider Brothers, owners of
two laundries in Salem, have an
nounced their retention to establish
another laundry here at a cost of ap
proximately $72,000. Work on the new
plant will start within the next month.
The lot on which the laundry will be
established was purchased at a cost
of ?12,000.
Baker. Mrs. Homer Carnes fell un
conscious Friday while driving her
automobile after bringing the car to
a complete stop and died several hours
later in a local hospital. Mrs. Carnes
was found by her husband, a breeder
of thoroughbred Jersey cattle of this
district, who was following her, driv
ing a hay wagon.
Seaside. Plans for a novel lifesav
ing method to provido for the rescue
of bathers in danger in the surf off the
local bathing beach have been pre
sented to the city council and local
business men during the past week by
representatives of J. H. Rankin, Port
land aviator, and the Hltt Fireworks
company of Seattle.
Salem. A breakfast honoring secre
taries and advisers and a sermon by
Rev. Ward Willis Long, pastor of the
local Presbyterian church, featured
the final session of the annual stat
convention of high school girls re
serves which closed here Sunday.
More than ISO girls from various sec
tions of Oregon and Washington at
tended the convention.
Salem. Fresh fruit growers of the
Salem district who are members of
the Oregon Growers' Co-operative as
sociation, voted to remain iu the as
sociation. The action was taken at a
meeting attended by more than 125
of the growers. Independent growers
were given permission to handle their
own produce under certain conditions
outlined by the management.
Salem. Governor Pierce, who two
weeks ago underwent an operation at
a local hospital, left the institution
Sunday. Physicians said his recovery
had been rapid and that his present
condition is very satisfactory. The
governor announced today that he will
spend most of tomorrow in his office
attending a meeting of the state bonus
commission and the state securities
Seaside. Paving contracts for the
covering of portions of the Seaside
Cannon Beach road were let Saturday
by the Clatsop county commissioners
to J. II. Tillman, contractor of this
city. The first award covers the pav
ing of the stretch on this route from
Rroadway to the city limits, and the
second contract the paving of the
stretch between Elk Creek bridge and
the Ecola stores.
Salem. Petitions have been filed
with the county school superintendent
hero asking for the formation of a
union high school district at Wood
burn to include 14 smaller school dis
tricts of northern Marion county and
southern Clackamas county. This
high school district previously was or
ganized more than two years ago, but
the proceedings were subsequently de
clared to be illegal by the courts.
Salem. During the past week the
Oregon Growers' Co-operative asso
ciation has sold approximately 13 car
loads of prunes, according to an
nouncement made here Sunday. In
cluded in these sales were 25.000 boxes
of prunes weighing 25 pounds each to
n chain-store syndicate in the east.
There remains to be sold approximate
ly 1.250,000 pounds of prunes of the
1923 crop, the association reported.
Madras. The county court at its
session Friday offered a reward of
$200 for tho arrest and detention of
H. C. Topping, formerly sheriff of
Jefferson county, who has defaulted
in the amount of 12016.95. Topping de
parted from Madras for Portland De
cember 10 and has not been in this
county since. At the same session the
county court made claim upon the
American Surety company of New
York for the amount of $2016.95. This
is the total of the amount believed to
be Topping's shortage, according to
Auditor Crandall.
Something to
Think About
TITE WHO by habit are inclined to
" " fritter away our time should give
close attention to the thorough man
and strive to emulate his worthy ef
forts. Give heed to him as he con
fronts his task in the morning, whether
It be at the anvil, behind the counter,
at the desk or at the head of a great
Observe the decisive directness with
which he makes his approach,
equipped mentally and physically to
drive ahead at a gait that Is main
tained until the close of the day.
He knows what he wants to do and
does It without hesitation.
He is every inch a thorough man.
He knows itnnd those about him know
It. He untangles obstinate skeins,
settles disputes and goes through
stone walls without bluster. He per
mits nothing to annoy or disconcert
him. His "yes" and "no" cut to the
core, but they never exhibit anger.
About the only emotion he shows Is
his intensity of purpose, which in some
subtle manner stirs the most phleg
matic soul within his presence to re
newed activity.
He weighs his acts before he sends
tliem out to do his bidding, having as
a result no listless fear of the out
come. Never disinclined to learn he is ever
studying new ideas, getting new slants
on old problems, shortening distances
between starting points and the goal
he visualizes in the distance.
At his first shot he may miss the
mark, but he comes back with a larger
quiver of arrows, a stronger bow and
keeps shooting until he scores a clean
He does not scold wrongdoers when
they frankly repent, but rather praises
the moral courage that admits the
truth. This Is the thorough man who
knows his duty to himself and others,
who achieves and attains while the Ir
resolute look on abashed. If you ask
him, he will tell you that his will
power and patience and endurance are
given him by "faith In the substance
of things hoped for, and the evidence
of things not seen."
( by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
4-H I 1 ,.;i,i..,1i.,h1..H I : 1 l-H;
Physician and Surgeon
Physician and Surgeon
Fraternal Building
Stanfield, Oregon
Dental X-ray and Diagnosis
Bank Building
'Phones: Office 93. Residence 751.
Newton Painless Dentists
Dr. H. A. Newton, Mgr.
Cor. Main and Webb Sts. Pendleton
I Umatilla Pharmacy
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W. E. Smith, Prop.
Quick Service
Satisfaction Quaranteed
x Umatilla,
206 E. Court Street
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X Electric Contracting
XX7HEN we say that a person
" Is "frank" we are under
stood as meaning that he is can
did, open In his manner and
straightforward in his dealings,
a meaning which, at least, In Its
metaphorical sense, goes back to
the powerful German tribe of
the Franks, the word meaning
"free" or "unconqucred."
The Franks were the ruling
people, honorably distinguished
from the Gauls and the degener
ate Romans of their time by
their independence, their love of
freedom and their scorn of du
plicity. In short, they possessed
the virtues which belong to a
conquering and dominant race
in the midst of an inferior and
conquered one. It wns for this
reason that the word "frank"
came by degrees to mean not
merely a national but a moral
distinction. A man who was
frank did not necessarily belong
to the Teutonic tribes bearing
that name, but he was one who
possessed certain moral qualities
the words "franchise" and "en
franchisement" being derived
from the same root, as is the
verb "to frank," meaning to send
matter through the mail fr e of
( by Wheeler Syndicate, Inc.)
Eat and Drink
X E. J. McKNEELY, Prop.
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Fancy Ice Creams
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Juick Service Lunch Counter
in connection with Dining room
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Home Printer
he Young Lady
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R. N. Stanfield, President.
X Frank Sloan, 1st Vice-Pres.
I M. R. Ling, 2nd Vice-Pres.
Ralph A. Holte, Caslder
Rank csf
! Stanfield
Capital Stock and
$37,500.00 '
The young lady across the way say-,
li s wonderful to think of Lady Astor.
an American girl, being elected to the
house of lord time after time.
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Four Per Cent Interest
Paid on Time Certifi
cates of Deposit