The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, March 07, 1924, Image 3

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1 W1X 1 nnU for YOUR PRODUCE
- WYAT I Qui 1 to II p, p., Children 10 rent. .11 ttm.s.
L-Jq fV T Write us for prices and market conditions on
1 agt VX- OUll Vel Hogs, Poultry, Fruits, Potatoes, Onions, etc.
Portland, Oregon Forty Years in the Same Location.
Ml! Se,ect Redential & Transient II . 1
H l 8 Vk UIYW 15th "nd Yamhi- Portland. Oregon. L vfV I
E IflCUlUl V Modern - Fireproof - American Plan O0ICI
Return Postage Paid
On Replated Articles
Auto Lamps and Spotlights Resilvered
874 East Oak, cor. Union Ave., Portland. Ore
That Fit None Better
Dr. Harry Brown
149 Third St.
We Specialize in
Hides, Pel's, Wool, Mohair, Tallow, Cascara,
Oregon Giape Root Goat hkins, Horse Hair
Write for Shipping Tags & latest Price List
Portland Hide & Wool Co.
Uranchat Pocatello, Idaho
All long rye straw stuffed.
Insist on having the collar
with the "Fish" Label. If
your dealer does not handle
this brand collar, write to us
53 Union Av., Portland, Ore.
At less than H Price. Mail orders promptly filled
ail way V 1 land
Pacific Aim Wreck in fin. Bro4.W4 Flanders.
....... t, ...
New Pacific Northwest Pocket Map
The Union Pacific has just received
from the pre? 8 a new pocket edition in
dexed map of the Pacific Northwest,
which is perhaps the most complete
and convenient map of Oregon ant
Washington ever published. A copi
will be sent free to any address by Win
McMurray, General Passenger Agent
Pittock Block, Portland, Oregon, upoi
receipt of request by card or letter.
Belvue Poultry Farm
Phone Tabor 3039 47th and E. Davis Street
To farmers and others: We are buyers
of large or small quantities of poultry.
Highest market prices paid. Cheques
mailed same day as shipment arrives.
No commission deducted. References,
West Coast National Dunk.
Cut, seam, hem and machine
pleat skirts ready for band.
85 cents
Hemstitching", pirotiiig and tucking.
85 Fifth St.
Portland, Ore.
Hemstitching, Buttons Covered.
1C6V4 Tenth St., Portland
Sanitary Beauty Parlors We fix yon op,
we niuke all kinds of Hair Goods of your
combings. Join our School of Beauty Culture.
400 to 414 Dekum Bldg., Phone Broadway
8902, Portland, Oregon.
All machines taught and repaired. 428
Yamhill, Portland, Ore.
Northwest Welding & Supply Co., 88 lit St.
m K
it R B s
1 1?
My New Officei
ABOVE is pictured the splendid new
quarters now occupied by myself
and large staff of experienced rectal
These offices, located directly opposite
the Court House, in the center of Port
land, are among the most modern and
best equipped medical offices in the West.
If vou are suffering with Piles or other rectal ills
come to me for examination and for my non-surgi
cal, practically painless treat
ment which Is GUARANTEED
to cure your Piles or your test
will be refunded.
Write TODAY for my
free illustrated boo I
CHaS. Jl DEsN, M.D. Inc
Established 1SS7 (37 years), surpassing In
Its effect. Your druggist will supply you
at thjrty-flve cents, or address Labora
tory, C49 East 22nd Street, Los Angeles.
Sample free by mall.
Complete Line Bottlers' Supplies
Portland Beverage & Sply Co., 431 Stark
Lessons given tiring done. 225 2nd St.
Clarke Bros., Florists, 287 Morrison St.
Do not throw away your old feathers. We clean,
dye and remodel and match samples. New Flow
era and Feathers made to order. 20 years estab
lished. We guarantee all work. Hartness Feath
er & Flower Shop, AWv Washington St.
WAHASIL Rooms 60c. 204 Madison St.
Teaches trade in 8 weeks. Some pay
while learning. Positions secured. Writ
for catalogue. 234 Burnside street, Port
land, Oregon.
The North Portland Horse 4 Mule Com
pany has 250 head of horses. These horses
are for sale, exchange, or rent, with or
without harness. We take In cattle,
horses, or mules in exchange We rent
by the day, week, or month. We are
equipped to deliver to any part of the
eotintry on good roads, with our own
trucks. T'nlon Stock Yards, North Port
land, Oregon. Empire 0121.
Msrry if Lonely; most successful "Horns
1aker" ; hundreds rich; confidential; rell
ihle; yr-nrs experience; descriptions free,
'The Successful Club," Mrs. Nash, Box B66,
'akland. California.
inquire grower, C. L. Johnston, Sher-
vood, Ore.
If you are troubled wilh Appendicitis
tr Stomach Trouble, write Hizz Company,
Portland, Oregon, for free information in
erman or English.
We have taken over the following truck!
com the Portland Motor Cur company
ind Automotive Brokerage company,
hich must be sold at once In conjunc
tion with, the bank's trucks, Packard,
Nash, Republic, .Masters, Geary. White,
Winther, Kissel, Federal, Dodge delivery,
Comet and other m'ikes. Alt sizee in
cluding dumps nnd hoists.
Terms to Suit.
Cor. Grand Ave. and Salmon.
Something to
Think About
Happenings of Importance
to Folks of the Northwest
Save On Your
ripe, new nnd secondhand, black and gal
vanized, berry and hop wire, galvanized
barbed wire, farm tools, drag saws, black
smithing tools and supplies.
201 Front St. Portland,
Miller Paint Co. Wallpaper
We invite you to call and inspect our
line of Wall Papers and Paints or send
for our free catalog. Select what you
want from our line and save money.
172 First St., Portland, Ore.
For reliable Cleaning and Dyeing-
service send parcels to us.
We nnv return imslavi. Inform-
RDSAVg H atjon and prices given upon re
Established 1890. Portland. Ore
XX71IEN we mortals turn from the
beaten track and find that we
are at a place where we must pause
and meditate up' i; the serious facts
confronting us, wt are frequently in
clined to become ill-humored and il
loglcai. A sort of mental strabismus dark
ens our vision and numbs our bodies,
caused In a large measure by our dis
inclination to touch upon anything of
a serious nature. We dislike to go
afield among the dark shadows where
the ghosts of the past are lurking.
The open sunshine is alwnys prefer
able for the reason that it dissipates
doubt nnd permits us to see clearly
without effort.
Indeed, the great majority of our
relatives, and ourselves included, pre
fer the frivolous to the profound. We
incline to touch lightly, to grasping
with all our strength.
We full at once into the st;;!e of the
school boy when the trees are budding
and the air is soft and warm. He
tosses a dependable coin to decide
whether he shall take his place in
the classroom among serious teachers,
and still more serious books.
He returns home at night with a
string of fish, a new freckle or two,
and goes early to bed, brooding over
the seriousness of his plight. He
will remember for life when he is
told on the morrow that It is the seri
ous men and women who do things.
He will tell you that had Sir Isaac
Newton not been the serious-minded
man he was, the fall of an apple would
not have revealed to him the law of
What the thoughtless term "good
luck," If you will look into the mat
ter deeply, may be traced to serious
thought. You may con your Greek
verbs, or piny hide and seek with
your Latin, but if you are not really
serious in your studies you can never
muster them.
To move forward day by day In
your sphere of endeavor requires the
quality of seriousness that made Wash
ington so dearly beloved by his armies,
and gave to Lincoln an enduring name.
To the serious-minded, earnest per
sons, the world is indebted for Its
greatest Inventions and loftiest
We want a little more seriousness
in our work, and decidedly less dejec
tion, and when we get it, paradoxical
though It may seem, we shall be more
cheerful and infinitely happier.
( by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
Livestock. Warning Out.
Olynipia, Wash. Possibility of a
wholesale quarantine against ship
ments of livestock into the state o
Washington loom larger by reason of
notification received by the state agri
cultural department from Washington,
D. Ci that the dread "foot and mouth"
disease had made its appearance in
Alameda county, California.
The telegraph message came to
State Veterinarian Pelton, from Dr.
J. R. Mohler, chief of the bureau of
animal industry, Washington, D. C,
urging every precaution and asking
for report of any suspicious disease
among livestock. Word was also re
ceived by Dr. James C. Exline, in
charge of the federal bureau of ani
mal industry for the state, stating
that the disease was sprendinsr. A
general alarm was evidently being
sent throughout the western states.
Both Dr. Pelton and Dr. Exline were
much exercised at the disturbing news
and they left for Portland for confer
ence with Dr. Lytle, state veterinarian
f Oregon, as to precautionary meas
ures to be taken by Washington and
If necessary, said Dr. Pelton, the
department would go to practically
any extreme to keep the disease from
getting a foothold in this state.
The foot and mouth disease, states
Dr. Pelton, is the worst scourage
known to domestic animals, being
highly infectious and contagious, ab
solutely incurable and attacking not
only horses and cattle, but also sheep
and swine. Diseased or Infected stock
must he immediately killed and great
care taken in the destruction of the
carcass and for completo disinfection
of all surroundings.
Just what steps will he taken in
this instance cannot be known, Dr.
Pelton stated, until further word is
received as to the extent and origin
of the disease in Alameda county,
which will probably be known in a
day or two. If any extensive amount
is shipped in from other states, a
quarantine will be thrown around the
entire state and all shipments held in
designated quarantine stations for inspection.
Government Plans to Market Timber.
Washington, D. C. Sale by public
bidding of approximately 730,000,000
feet, board measure, of ripe western
yellow pine and other species of tim
ber on the Klamath Indian reserva
tion of Oregon was approved by the
secretary of the interior last week.
The timber is the tribal property
of the Indians living on this reser
vation and is to be disposed of under
authority of an act of congress passed
in 1910. Proceeds from the sale, after
the cutting of the timber, which is ex
pected to take several years, will go
into the tribal fund of the Klamath
Indians. Offering of the timber will
be made in three different units.
'"" Chew it after
PSfe i every meal
It stimulates
ppetlte and
aids digestion.
It makes your
lood do you more
good. Note bow
It relieves thai stnlly feeling
alter Hearty eating.
AVliices ttcio.
breath end
lt Use goody
i Ibail
Across the Way
9he Young
For Sale
1 J horse power 32 volt Motor
1 i horse power 32 volt Motor
3J h. p. Gas Engines
306 Oak St., PORTLAND, 0E
A Hot One.
Dauber "Yes, my parents tried
hard to keep me from being an artist."
Critic "I congratulate them on their
success." Boston Evening Transcript.
Doctor "Well, Thomas, how are
you?" Thomas "I be better than I
was, sir, but I bain't as well as I was
before I was as bad as I be now."
We have hundreds of plans at $10.00 and up. Rend
ua a sketch of the home you want and we will sub
mit similar specimen plans. No obligation except
to rsturn plans if not suitable.
Designing and Drafting. 611-12 Couch Duilding.
Portland, Oregon.
Belvue Poultry Farm
47th and E. Davis, Portland, Ore.
We have the finest variety of Hreedlna
Stock at reasonable prices; also Baby
Chickens, for sale.
Tancred Imperial I,eghorns.
Kaneys Strain Rhode Island Reds
McC'onnels Strain Black M In ureas.
Sheppards Strain Anconas.
Klshels Strain Whits Rocks.
White 1'ekin Ducks and Drakes.
Removed without injury to the skin by Ney-Born
Depilatory. Sample on request. Ney-Born Lab
oratories. 519 Morgan Bldg.. Portland Oregon.
Gold and Silver Plating.
Send us your old Silverware, Reflectors
and Musical Instruments for repair and
resllverlng. W save you money. B. L.
Foote, 3864 Washington St., Portland.
Set of llQ.OO
Teeth, PV
Wt guarantee, materia
and workmanahip.
Painless extraction of
teeth. tjSc. 20 years ia
the same location. U. R. DENTISTS, jiSW Wash
ington cor. Second. Portland. Oregon.
The two greatest aids to virtue are
a jail and the knowledge that the
I neighbors are watching.
Heir to Millions Is Working as Messenger
Boston, Mass. William H. Vander
bllt, son of the late Alfred Uwynne
Vunderbllt, and heir to a fortune esti
mated at $20,000,000, has taken a posi
tion as messenger in the oflices of
Lee Higginson & Company, bankers
and brokers. He receives the salary
of a beginner, $3 a week, and asserts
that he desires to learn banking from
I the bottom rung up.
He alta on a long bench with other j
messengers, answers telephone call
and runs errands. L'pon his depar
ture from work he returns to his home
on Loulsburg Square, Beach Ulli.
where he Uvea with hlg bride of laxi
November, who was formerly Emli
O'Neill Davis, and where he employs
a butler and five servants. During th.
evening he is prominent lu itie aoclai
uJIairi of Boston's younger set.
The young lady across the way says
nicotine Is a deadly poison, and If peo
ple must aWOke they ought always to
use cigarette holders.
( by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
Has Anyone Laughed
At You
Stingless Bee Found.
Tacoma, Wash. Science is credited
with many great developments, rang
ing from the discovery of anaesthetics
and radio to spikeless cactus, meatless
dinner and stringless beans, but one
that is commanding the greatest at
tention in Thurston county is the
stingless bee.
The Thurston county bee keepers,
meeting in Olympia, are focusing their
optics upon a great little playmate
for the children, a new type of bee,
of the Adel strain, developed by scien
tific processes. This beo is as harm
less as a soldier at parade rest. He
has no stinger, has no offensive arma
ment whatever, and if attacked must
depend upon the speed of his wings.
E. J. Campbell of Tenino Is the
exhibitor. Abel is said to bo a great
little bee, fond of Washington's cli
mate, and one of the sweetest little
honey gatherers that ever happened.
Campbell's exhibit A is drawing the
attention of all the Thurston county
bee keepers. The whole convention is
abuzz over the stingless bee.
Marion Taxes Decrease.
3a!em, Or. Taxes in Marion county
duo during 1924, based on 1923 valu
ations, aggregate ?1,G10,127.G2, or $51,
6C5 less than last year. This was in
dicated in the tax rolls for this year,
turned over to the sheriff. In 192.'!
the total tax was $l,CG4,793.0fl.
The tax to be collected this year
is composed of the following items:
State tax, $327,71"; county tax, $336,
3.17.05; county, Bchool and library
$155,232.47; high school, tuition fund,
$51,176.05; county, road $139,137.10;
union high school district No. 1, $!.
775.89; union high school No. 3, $5,
374.58; special school.!, $296,780.21;
special roads, $44,309.89; special cities,
$245,104.15; Miller drainage district
No. 1, $686.70; and forest patrol, $1,-500.53.
wws , -r
A deaf and dumb person being
asked, "What is forgiveness?" took a
pencil and wrote a reply, containing
both poetry and deep truth embodied
in theso few words: "It is the odor
which flowers yield when trampled
upon."- Toronto Globe.
Literature a Fine Art.
Proper place to call a spade a spade
is in a technical, scientific or medical
work. Literature is really one of the
fine arts, and has 400,000 words to
make it so.
Lakes of Killarney.
The Lakes of Killarney in Ireland
are owned by the earl of Kenmare,
who has preserved his heritage from
commercial encroachment.
H. B. Dick
Officials Plan Meeting.
Salem, Or. A meeting of the labor
officials of Oregon, California and
Washington probably will bo held
within the next few weeks to deter
mine the best methods to be used in
handling unemployed in the three
This was announced by C. H. Gram,
state labor commissioner, who has
returned here after spending several
days In southern Oregon interest ing
the commercial organizations thero in
labor problems now confronting north
west states.
Mr. Gram is urging the establish
ment of tree employment bureaus In
all of the important cities In Oregon,
to the end that reliable information
may he obtained with relation to the
labor situation in the various sections
of the state.
You always read the adver
tisements first?
People have probably pes
tered you and said you were not
literary but "all business." Lack
aday! they know little, those
laughers I Ads today are really
more literary than story-text.
More time Is taken in their mak
ing, more censorship In their
publication, more bruins (very
often) In their 1 uildlng. Ads
are nearly always faithfully Il
lustrated where stories have Il
lustrations that may not match
their contents. Stick to your ad
reading; you will learn about
Industry, art, prices, costs. In
ventions, and far more than
most stories tell you.
Your get-away here Is:
That millions cf dollars have
been spent Just to make you do
this! So why not!
'ty by McClure Newspaper Syndicate
Waitsburg Bank Fails.
Olympia, Wash. Failure of the Ex
change hank of Waitsburg, which did
not open for business Thursday morn
ing, was announced by the state bank
ing department. John P. Duke, state
supervisor of banking, has taken
charge of the institution.
The bank was organized In March,
1904, with a capital of $25,000, which
was Increased to $50,000 in February
1910. On December 31, 1923, the pub
hshed statement showed capital and
surplus of $70,000; deposits $183,000
and total assets of $332,000.
M. Zuger Sr. was president. II. P.
Peterson has been cashier since organ
ization. Failure Is attributed to over liberal-
i it y to borrowers.
;:-:-: ; . -;-:-4-
Kelso Population 5907.
Kelso, Wash. Check of Kelso's
municipal census, completed recently,
shows this city has 5907 residents liv
ing within the corporate limits.
From 1500 to 2000 more reside in
additions adjoining the Kelso city
limits, which are not yet included In
the city. The census was taken by the I fo 45 cents.
city at the expense of the Kelso Elks, under the law
Car Insurance Cut to be Investigated.
Reduced rates on automobile insur
ance now being written in Oregon will
continue only so long as they do not
boost the cost of other forms of In
surance, according to Will Moore,
state Insurance commissioner. Mr.
Moore said that license to write auto
insurance at the new low figure had
been Issued to the various companies
temporarily until an Investigation
could bo held.
"Mr. Fishback, slate insurance com
missioner for Washington, and myself
have been discussing tho new rates
by letter for some time, and wo have
finally decided to hold a meeting at
Olympia in March to thrash tho matter
out. Possibly Montana, Idaho and
Utah will also attend this conference."
If You're Rundown with
Lowered Vitality, Try This:
Portland, Oreg. "I don't believe
I would be alive today were it
not for I i I'n ice's Golden Medi
cal Discovery. Two years ago I
disposed of my ranch and came
here lo be near our Children, for
1 had been sick for over a year, not
able to do anything, and never had
a moment's freedom from pain.
1 had headachOti sharp and shoot
ing pains all thru my body. I
felt miserable and low-spirited for
1 could gel nothing to help me. A
friend laid, 'Why don't you try
Dr. Pierce'i Golden Medical Dis
covery it may help you.' I tried
it, and now feel greatly indebted to
my friend for recommending it to
me. Three bottles of this wonder
ful medicine drove all the aches
and pains out of my body and, so
far, they have not returned." II.
B. Dick, S49 Umatilla Ave.
Obtain Dr. Pierce's Discovery
now in tablets or Kquid. You will
fiuickly feel the beneficial effect.
Write Dr. Pierce, President Inva
lids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y., for free
medical advice. Send 10c if you
wish a trial pkg, of the Tablets.
Tariff Rise Forecast.
Washington, D. C. An increase in
the tariff rates on wheat as a result
of the tariff commission's Invent iga
Hon Is forecast at the White house.
The commission's conclusions are
understood to show a difference In
the production cost of wheat In Can
ada and in the United States greater
than was represented In the present
duty of 30 cents a bushel.
The president expects to act prompt
ly, in accordance with the report of
the commission, under tho flexible
provisions of the tariff act.
He probably will Increase the duty
tho maximum allowed
Two Mishaps Prove Fatal.
Salem, Or. There were two fatali
ties In Oregon due to industrial acci
dents in the week ending February
28, according to a report issued by the
state industrial accident commission.
The victims were A. E. Aldrldge, Bea
verton, logger, and James McGraw,
Leneve, hooktender. Of the total of
613 accidents reported 515 were sub
ject to the workmen's compensation
act and 98 were from firms that have
rejected the law.
Motor Run in Demand.
Olympia. Hot competition for the
privilege of operating an auto pas
senger run between Aberdeen and
Cosmopolis Is evidenced by the receipt
in one day by the state department of
public works of four applications for
state certificate of necessity and con
venience. Applicants were E. 11. Abra
hamson of South Aberdeen; Leonard
Uahlstul, South Aberdeen; Tom
Plumas, Cosmopolis, and Ernest Saw
yer, Cosmopolis.
Chinese First in Mexico?
Prehistoric Mexico was occupied
and colonized by Chinese, according
to areheologlsts whoso researches
have resulted in discoveries of In
cense burners and peculiar three
legged dishes made only by tho Chinese.
Flower Nature's Thermometer.
Leaves of the rhododendron are one
of nature's thermometer!, for at a tem
perature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit they
are erect; as the temperature drops
the (oliege becomei horizontal and at
zero tin! leaves roll inward.
Forests Turned Into Autos.
More than 365,000,000 feet of lumber
has bei ti used In a single year in tho
in an uf ml ure of aul omobiles and trucks
in the United States.
Tho fertile regions of tho oarth's
surface comprise 29,000,000 square
miles, tho steppes 14,000,000 square
miles, desert 4,861,000 square miles,
and polar regions 6,970,000 squure
used for Ivaby'a clothes, will keep them
sweet snd snowy-white until worn out.
Try It and sea for yourself. At grocers
Business College Pisces Graduates In
Good Positions
Knroll any time of year. Write for free
success catalog. Fourth and Yamhill.
1'ortlund, Oregon.
P. N. U.
No. 10, 1924