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Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
rebels handling BULOARiAiTinirr uinnrinr
iHmrr inurouL
Capital Is Blockaded and King Offers
lo Resign Communication Cut.
Events of Noted People, Governments
and Pacific Northwest, and Other
Things Worth Knowing.
The "Old Curiosity Shop" in Lin
coln's inn-fields. London, familiar to
nil lovers of Dickens, has heen sold
fur $11,250. The purchaser, J. A.
Phillips, said he bought the shop to
preserve it as a curiosity.
Captain liercc Shepperson of Lon
don, Kngland, aviator, fell on the
Hermitage property, 12 miles east of
Nashville, Tenn., Saturday after he
had completed a flight in the service
of a sky writing advertising company
He burned to death.
Representations have been present
ed to the Jugo-SIavian minister in
Sofia against the reinforcement of
Serbian troops on the Hulgariau fron
tier, Minister l'anretoff of Bulgaria
was informed Monday in a cablegram
Horn his government,
(loncva is developing at such amaz
ing rapidity as the great world forum
for exchange of Ideas that few, if any
of the delegates assembled there for
the fourth assembly of the league of
nations are able to follow all the
activities of this extraordinary mental
M. Kucharski, Polish minister of
trade and industry, passed through
1'aris Tuesday on his way from Lon
don to Warsaw. It is understood that
the Kngllsh financiers gave him no
encouragement for a loan to Poland in
the present stato of the London secur
ities market.
Mrs. Kobert F. Carr, Lake Shore
drive resident, Chicago, lost a string
of pearls valued at $10,000 three years
ago at a hotel at a health resort at
Watklns, N. Y. Saturday the gems
were forwarded to her. They were
found by a gardener trimming a hedge
near the hotel.
Thirty inches of snow has fallen at
Home lake, u summer resort in the
lllg Horn mountains in Wyoming since
Sunday morning, the custodian at the
resort reported. Various ranger sta
tions in the Hlg Horn mountains re
ported snow depths ranging from two
feet to 28 inches.
The mother of 25 children at the
age of 37 years is the record of Mrs.
P. I'ecena of San Diego. Cal., accord
ing to a report made Tuesday by a
physician to the city health depart
ment. The report was occasioned by
thu fact that Mrs. Cecena had just
given birth to her 25lh child. It died
at birth.
London. The revolution in Bul
garia has burst into full flame and the
whole country is in the hands of
rebels, according to a dispatch to the
Morning Post from Belgrade dated
The dispatch adds that Sofia is
blockaded. King Boris has offered to
resign but his offer has not been ac
cepted. The insurgents are said to have de
stroyed all means of communication
and the government has lost connec
tion with the provinces. The situation
of the capital is critical. It is block
aded both in a military and economic
sense, is short of provisions and is
threatened with attack.
President Coolidge Is Asked tu
Exert His Power.
Hormun Kwert, "ancient mariner"
and globo trotter, who with his son
called from Culfport, Miss., recently in
the 22 foot boat Sea Foam, Is expected
In Los Angeles about Christmas day.
Kwert recently completed a trip
around the world which took 22 years,
during which time he earned his liveli
hood painting pictures.
Successful negotiations of a con
tract with Sicilians Brothers company
of London, submurlno cable manu
facturers, for more than 1800 miles of
guttii percha Insulated cable at a price
of $1,214,000 to replace the present
worn out government cable from Se
attle to Alaska points, was announced
Monday at the war department.
THIrly persons were slightly hurt
Saturday night In the crowd that gath
ered In Satkville street. Dublin, to
listen to an address by President Cos
iove. who has returned from the
fourth assembly of the league of na
tions at Geneva. The Injured were
Jostled and trampled by the crowd iu
its enthusiasm to boo and hear the
Ambassador Woods at Tokio handed
to Premier Yamamoto Tuesday a certi
fied check for $1,000,000 as the first
largo Installment of the relief fund
for Japanese earthquake sufferers col
lected by the American Red Cross. In
reporting to the state department, the
ambassador said the premier was
deeply moved and expressed his grati
tude to the American people.
Lieutenant "Al" Williams, navy
pilot, Tuesday established two new
electrically-timed air s . . ,1 records
over the measured one kilometer
course at Curtis field. New York. He
averaged ii7j miles an hour In four
trips over the course and on one flight
aided by a brisk w ind from behind, he
reached the speed of S6 miles an
hour. Both records were accepted by
the navy department us authentic.
London. Bulgarian communists
have held up the Orient express near
the Turkish frontier, says a dispatch
to the Exchange Telegraph from Con
stantinople. The dispatch adds that
telegraph communication is interrupted.
Sofia. A semi-official statement is
sued Monday evening says that the
Communists' movement has been sup
pressed a! two points in southern Bul
garia and that peace has been restor
ed. Several centers of communist dis
affection still exist in the north, the
statements adds, but attempts to
create an uprising have been feebly
supported and have not succeeded.
Rise Declared Necessary as Protection
Against Large Imports From
Northern Neighbor.
Brussels. Several unfortunate in
cidents marked the start of the race
Sunday for the Gordon Bennett cup,
the American balloons being especial
ly unlucky. The United States army
S O drifted onto the Belgian Yille de
Bruxelles, tearing the rigging so badly
that the Belgian balloon was unable
to start.
The United States A-6699 narrowly
escaped catastrophe and had to throw-
out ballast wholesale, which fell
among the spectators.
The Saint Louis, a third American
balloon, was caught by a heavy squall
and burst ten minutes before the time
for her departure.
The oalloon race started in ter
rific gusts of wind and driving rain.
and has already cost three lives. Of
the 17 entrants assembled for the
race, lg so far as is known, are in
the air.
One of the balloons, reported to be
the Swiss Geneva, was struck by light
ning, and Lieutenants Yon Gruninggen
md YVhcren were killed. The Spanish
balloon Polar caught fire and its pilot,
Penaranda, was killed and his assist
ant, Comcz. injured.
Thus two of the American contest
ants are striving against three French,
two Belgian, two Spanish, two Swiss
and two British. The Italian and
Polish entries had already been with-
lraw u.
Rail Net Income Gains.
San Francisco. The net railway
iperating income of the Southern Pa-
cine company tor tne lirst eic it
ninths of 132;! showed an increase of
tti.17S.126, compared with the same
period last year, the company reports.
rhe net revenue from railroad opera
tions for August was $7,773,712, an in
crease of $1,237,07S over August of
last year. The total net railway ouer-
iting income for the first eight
months' period of this year was $31,
07c", 620.
Ex Premier Is Coming.
New York. A cable received by the
Cuuard line says that ex Premier the
Right Honorable Lloyd George, acc
ompanied by Dame Lloyd George,
Megan Lloyd lieorge and the ex-
premiers secretary, will sail from
Southampton. Saturday, September
!. on the Cunard liner Mauretania,
-caching New York October 5. Lloyd
leorge will spend a month in this
ountry, sailing for Kngland N'ovem
er 3.
Washington, D. C Sydney Ander
son, representative of Minnesota and
head of the National Wheat council,
disc ussed the wheat solution at some
length with President Coolidge Satur
day and urged the necessity of using
the flexible provision of the tariff law
to provide the American wheat grow
er additional protection against Cana
dian grain. He announced immediate
ly afterward that he would urge the
matter before the tariff commission
early this week.
He pointed out the power of the
executive under the law to raise or
lower duties 50 per cent of the fixed j
rate if deemed in the interest of
American producers. The duty on
wheat being 30 cents a bushel, he re
minded the president that without call
ing congress in session the rate could
be increased to 45 cents.
Canadian wheat Is now being sold
in Minneapolis in spite of the tariff.
Mr. Anderson said he had been ad
vised, and that being the case, the
first move should be to protect the
American grower to the limit before
taking any steps to stabilize the
domestic market. He said it looked
to him like poor business to employ
methods to help American producers
without at the same time doing some
thing to prevent the dumping of large
quantities of the foreign wheat in this
country in competition at the more
advantageous prices. If Canadian
growers can compete now, he pointed
out, improved conditions in this coun
try certainly would do nothing less
than to increase the availability of do
mestic markets to the foreign product.
Representative Anderson declared
his opposition to any price-fixing
plan but did not commit himself on
any of the other stabilization pro
posals, of which there are many, ex
cept to indicate that they did not im
press him deeply. He let it be known
that in his study of the grain situa
tion in connection with his activities
on the wheat council he was convinc
ed that rapid improvement in the
wheat market is near. He asserted
the conviction that in the end it will
develop that this country actually lias
no surplus of millable wheat.
The question of readjustment of
acreage in the sowing of the next
crop was discussed with the president
and was agreed upon as one of the
solutions, which of course could not
be a help to the producers of this
year's crop. He said after leaving the
White House there was no (Ioh.h hat
with acreage today on the five year
average before the war there would
be no complaint whatsoever now re
garding the wheat situation.
The latter statement Is understood
to have referred to the figures of
government statisticians showing that
while 14 states decreased wheat acre
age very considerably in 1923. the
average planting for the United States
as a whole was 13,744,000 acres great
ly, POHNO,
fconw). fcrf ft
Cow fo. nt
(ers HG Teee.
rut wh v(. 9 mm -m v .
'MkM . IB ,
Physician and Surgeon
Physician and Surgeon
Fraternal Building
SUmfield, Oregon
Dental X-ray and Diagnosis
Bank Building
'Phones: Offlee 93. Residence 751.
Newton Painless Dentists
Dr. H. A. Newton, Mgr.
Cor. Main and Webb Sts. Pendleton
Auto Thieves Get $2370.
San Francisco. Two youthful auto
mobile outlaws Wrove up alongside C
I. Quirk, cashier of the tireat Western
Smelt lng & Refining company. Mon
day while he was returning from a
Mexican To Keep Job.
Mexico City Adolfo de la Huerta.
secretary of the treasury, announced
that he has not resigned his portfolio
in the Mexican cabinet. Senor de la
bank to his office In the industrial dis- J Huerta said he simply requested and
trict with the week's payroll of $2370 , received 60 days' leave of absence
1 hey grabbed the sack containing because of illness. He added that for
Land Open To Veterans.
Washington, D. C Opening of more
than 111,000 acres of public lands In
California. Nevada. New Mexico and
I'tah to ex-service men of the world
war was announced Saturday by the
interior department. Dates for filing
will be made public later by local
land offices.
The lands comprised in the tracts
opened under the orders include 78,
000 acres in Garfield county, Utah,
near Hauksville.
OINCB the beginning of time men
have wasted millions of years of
energy in trying to solve the unknow
able. The mysteries of life and death, the
puzzle of space, these things are be
yond the grasp of the human mind.
Let them alone. There Is abundant
knowledge that can be learned, useful
knowledge that will help you with
your career.
Study that kind of knowledge. Take
mental food that your mind can digest.
Take It in abundance. Work hard to
get it.
But do not torture your mind with
problems that are beyond your reach.
A scientist, searching" for truth, de
termines as soon as he can in what
directions he can make progress. And
his researches follow in these direc
tions. Where he sees a stone wall set up
against him, he turns aside.
There Is no use trying to travel any
further In that way. There Is plenty
of work to do that can be done. And
that is the work that occupies the
Investigator's mind.
The average man will need all his
brains nnd all his energy studying
things that can be found out. We do
not mean things that are already
known. If you stopped with these, the
world would forever remain in its
present Ignorance, which is vast com
pared with what It will know In the
But where life comes fi-m. why it
flickers for a brief space and dies,
and what Is beyond the stars is some
thing that until we receive hitherto
unheard of light, we shall never know.
Waste no time on these problems.
They are as vain as the efforts of the
alchemist to turn base metals to gold,
which occupied brains that might have
been better used on learning more use
ful things.
Learn first the limitations of the
subject that you study. That will
dispose of much puzzle and worry, and
enable you to go ahead and give It
the time and thought that may add
to the world's store of wisdom, and
will certainly add to your own.
bjr John Blake.)
How to read roar char
acterises aad leaden,
(in the capabilities or
weakattBes that Bake
for incceii or failure
ai thowa ia rear paid.
the money from htm and escaped.
Wheat Penalty it Fixed.
Spokane. Wash. Enforcement of
the contract provision of the Wash
Ington Wheat Growers' association,
whereby a penalty of 25 cents a bushel
will be paid the association on all
wheat sold by members to outside
the present he
leaving Mexico.
had no intention of
Conference Dates Set.
Lincoln, Neb. Attorney General
Splllman of Nebraska Saturday of
ficially set October 15 to 17 as the
dates for the national conference of
attorney-generals, at whi. h ,. . iin
buyers, was decided upon by the board production and consumption will be
discussed. The conference will be
of directors at a meeting here Monday.
held in Chicago.
X 7HILE the average student of
palmisiry and reader of the hand
will have, of course, few occasions to
suspect his subject of a predisposi
tion toward self-destruc'ion or sui
cide, still It is well to enumerate the
Indications In the hand which have
been found in the past to accompany
such predisposition. Who can tell
that, such signs being Interpreted
with accuracy, the rash act may not
be averted?
Therefore, It is well to know that
chironiants have seen a tendency to
ward suicide in the following signs In
the hand:
An exaggerated first phalanx of the
second finger In a hand that is oth
erwise weak. A mount of Jupiter
(underlying the firxt finger) that Is
exaggerated, with the line of the head
Joined to the line of health, also a
poor liBe of fate and many lines
crossing the line of life. If there Is
star at the termination of the line
of fate, with another star on the
mount of the moon. It Is also an evil
Ign In this regard.
(O oy the Whelr Syndicate. Inc.)
Ninety jwr cent of the workers In
the silk and cotton mills of Japan are
girls under twenty years of ugtj.
Learn to lake yourself leas seriously.
Think how little of a ripple it would
make on the surface of the universal
waters if you were to go under. This
Is nothing to grieve over or regret,
but It should make us smile at our
selves and our exaggerated regard for
our own importance. Delia T. Lutes.
"LTKRE Is a griddle cake for a chilly
morning which will be enjoyed
by the whole family :
Corn Slappers.
Take two cupfuls of white corn
meal, one cupful of flour, a table
spoonful of shortening, one well-beaten
egg, one cupful of sour milk, a
hulf-teaspoonful of soda and a tea
spoonful of sugar. Scald the corn
meal with a cupful of boiling wuter,
then add the other Ingredients and
bake on a hot griddle.
Lamb Salad With Mint.
Take two cupfuls of cooked lamb
cut into cubes, one cupful of cooked
peas. Mince a tablespoonful or two
of mint very fine and add to one cup
ful of mayonnaise. Mix all together
and henp on lettuce. Garnish with a
spoonful of mayonnaise.
Umatilla Pharmacy
W. E. Smith, Prop.
Mail orders given special atten
tion. Quick Service
Satisfaction Quaranteed
Umatilla, Oregon X
Mf MtMtimiMtHIMM
206 E. Court Street
X Electrical Fixtures and
Electric Contracting
Eat and Drink
. i E. J. McKNEELY, Prop.
I Pendleton, Oregon
; ; Only the Best Foods Served
; : Fancy Ice Creams
t urnlshed Rooms over Cafe
Juick Service Lunch Counter
Chill Soup.
Take one pound of hamburger steak,
fry until brown, cover with two quarts
of water, add three large potatoes and
three onions put through the meat
chopper. Season well with salt and
pepper and cook until the vegetables
are done. Now add one cupful of
kidney beans and a quart of strained
tomato with a teaspoonful of chill
powder. Simmer one hour. For va
riety add a little canned corn and a
few stalks of celery. Serve with hot
boiled rice or with crackers.
(. 1823. Weetern Newspaper L'nlon.)
Cure for Unrest.
Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity
and a firm reliance on Him who has
never yet forsaken this fuvored land,
are still Competent to adjust In the
best way all our present difficulty.
Abraham Lincoln.
You Are Welcome Here
Date Bar.
Separate the whites and yolks of
two eggs, beat well. To one-fourth of jT in connection with Dining room
a cupiui or sugar aim the beaten
yolks, flour, one cupful of dates which
have been cut into bits after remov
ing the stones; add one cupful of
chopped walnuts, six tablespoonfuls
of flour, one teaspoonful of baking
powder, one-eighth of a teaspoonful of
salt. Fold in the stiffly beaten whites
and spread in a baking pan a foot
square. Bake until brown, cut into
strips. Cover each with whipped
cream and garnish with cherries for
special occasions.
We Specialize in
Take that next job to your
Home Printer
B. X. Stanfield, l'resldent.
Frank Sloan, 1st Ylee-Pres.
M. R. Ling, 2nd Vice-lVes.
Ralph A. Holte, Cashier
Has Anyone Laughed
At You
Because- By
You are always having your
clothes pressed?
They may say it wars your
clothes out, but when you wear
them you feel like a "regular
feller" whether you are man or
woman. A woman in a haggy
tailor-made is a thing fit for
Internment. The beauty of the
tailor maid is her nattiness. The
man whose clothes are buggy
will rarely get a high post
because he looks untidy and uncared-for.
It may be the style
of some folk to go "unpressed."
You'd be depressed If you did or
you could make little impress If
you didn't.
Your get away here ia:
Pressed clothes make the best
impression, and make you feel
more like a useful citiian.
t by XlcClure Newapaper Syndlcai.)
j Bank of
! Stanfield
Capital Stock and
Four Per Cent Interest
Paid on Time Certifi
cates of Deposit
1 MMt