The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, October 06, 1922, Image 2

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    The Boaidman Mirror
Boardman, Oregon
M VI v n.KVKl..VI. lublisher
liiuill UK V1) tt i IHif'kK V l'l
Th- 'hriviug little town oi Vstoria
offers an object lesson to many ano
ther town and city in this and other
Ma m. At the time of the lamented From IVparunent Industrial Jour-
red as second -class matter Feb
LI ' '11 th" post office at Board-
T" indr act of Mar. 3, LS79.
Print hu is t(tjBpj
yanion of achievement. -
demise of the Oregon Dairymen
league a few months ago the Clatsop
cou.ity branch "of the league deter
mined 'o continue Its activities and.
ip e,-de- 'n .J p T-'k OVr h- IOCttI
plan' "i the U-.i-'i, :i ud ronimued to
iiulisiii. O. . C.
Oregon's 6a wheat varitiea are 52
".oo many, is the teaching of the farm
crops department of the O. A. C. ex
perinicnt siauon at the state fair.
operate it and market their products The remaining LI varieties bes
coo perariTely.
Reirliziajc the value of the dairy
industry and the prosperity of th-
dairvmen to that section and to As-
v.-u-on the hsel-of near beer tuna herself, the business men of
.ire sow to have near Christian! that link city .k-'-rtiiined to s and
Science ! lienih both uiidittiae and
th- church' have" failed to withsfan t
the inroads mac
of faith and mil
he ad-.
world to macule but from th tree
thus brought to blowout, there svm
sprang, innumerable ofEsiuxira r nd
gradually the 'heory of mind over
matter began to force it way.
Charlton there were aplenty, but
bit by bit the barriers of ititdU'-.'.l ct-nv
servatisiu were broken dowa. and "ow
there are simis of modifieaf uu on
the part of the churches. Th !aet erS- oat rlers j3 ,
concession to the newer il:ou:ht largi- or two small
comes in the eniabtiMiiing in New
buck oi the milk producer hi a ht-lp
fill and practical way J U. Mickle,
0f the Oregon Dairymen's council.
13 former! y statj dairy and food inspec
ts tor. expressed the idea in a nuishell
fn? the other day when he said 'o a rep
i"ee re.sentanve of The Oreson Farmer:
" -The business houses of Astoria will
not buv a dollar's worth of dairy
products from outride sources if the
local dairy organization can supply
the demand "
Not . very town or city is in a posi
tion whore the business men have so
good an opportunity io aid 'he farni-
ity or town too
r the eiisiance
II U.' . a . ...
" oi a v.-r actual anu nervr-rial co-
'"' ' '- ' il "-!.iUl operation between the busing men
is hopeful
to be headed by Dr. Edward . Ok and the protlucer3. tr
per' 'ii psveho-the rayv u.nd By- ,.v.,i. ,.r- . ,., ,r,)V,j conditions to
see leaders in city life beginning to
recognize he importance of prosper-
i ii
me institution
the most et i n-
Episcopal Church
Ministry of Heah
is- backed by soni
-in in i lusters. phsiciiis iaj
ocists in the United States It
permit simultaneous treatment
physical and menni! ailments.
Through medical experts and rain- r)!mover
iatenal faith healers. Dr. Cowles says
the hospital will be the means of
breaking up the work of "half baked
religious enthusiasts and faith heal
ing pretenders '.
There will he wards for philoso
phers, clergymen, medical experts,
psychoanalysists, metaphysicians, -o
cilogisfs, Christian Scientists. Eman
uel isis and every denomination of
ed to all Oregon conditions have been
usted and ar recomm-nded for the
districts and tor -pring planting as
may be required.
The new type recirculation prune on exhibition ill I he station
bum ft at the fair ems down labor,
erst and time of drying prunes fully
oi --half in many cases It also im
proves the weight and quality of the
dried prunes by giving greater uni
formity and eliminating "dummies".
The new eopper carbonate dust
treatment for wheat smut on dispra.
at the fair calls for two ounces copper
carbonate dust to one bushel of the
grain. It is mixed either in a churn
or in large quantities in a mixer in
vented by C. C. Calkins, county agent
of Morrow county No injury results
from the treatment, the grain can be
he d before seeding, standing is good
and vigorous, and so far as tried
protection is good. J-
Potato fields intended for certifi
cation should have all diseased hills
removed before digging the erop. All
and a high living standard on the dauiaged. ruugh.or misshappen pota-
country's farms. Oregon Farmer
We use i he turkey is these parts
to kill the grasshoppers. Across the
pond Turkey is an effective Greece
.U!tri Ken .ire;
Sign n a millinery store: "Young
iman wanted to trim rough sailors'"
lO'S should be sorted out at digging
Select corn from stalks having one
-tood ear. Take no ars from fallen
or down stalks which are often dis
eased Avoid selections from thin
places in the field Save seed now
and dry it promptly.
s n true that ignorance
fou look happy enough.
I'l l rien-el Knimu
Fall work is facilitated by early
dry plowing on noist soils. Dry
is plowing is easily done on irrigated
ground. Ground that has been is
cultivated crops will generally plow
weil before the rains. Spring grain
stubble is more easiiv drv plowed
healers -v maB :" ta to met a beautiful than winter stubble land which has
When the doctor find paMvnts ' ,unit iaily ar rne o( flwn H t been worked for a year. Thor-
wh fail to respond io treatment for ,,pl"Hl ,h" 0Pak,'s- HV his hat and ough dtstking in the faU makes early
su io vi on t you nave an
ride '
JiB thank. I'm just walking back
from one now
physical adments. ihey will itillabo'
l with healers who will be given
a ehanve lo practice their curative
methods. I'erhaim out of the com
promise or amalgamai ion may come
t greater longevity for humanity
which has been so buttered from pil
lar to poqt by conflicting theories
auto plowing eusier by loosening the sur-
face, working in stubbie and refuse. !
and helping to trap early fall show-fl
ers. thus i-ofteuing the land and lea
seiini4 the lower requini.
Teacher: Why are you so lat
morning '
Johnnv Er-r-r. I had to wa.
Peaches should be fall snravud
with Bordeaux 4 The earlier
niy the berter The nina Krin. f.,,,
of religion and treatment of human neck and ears, teacher, but I promise ahl(. conditions for blight and die-
back infections. Get ahead of them
it won't happen again.
S1 s- S r I'i u
and prosper tv I
I. I hdu t !erp. Aputl'v u trie enemv j
Antcnga has neer
FIR". -Apurtiy tnertca's peo-i
!r lo gootl 'i.iinor Feed -hem I
weil and perm t them to ilccp and
the wd tauich throutrh n storm
and ride rfirounl aii 'firer Im
mediately attt-r th.- di aster at trte
. a nvar'i?tv pas:'vt. htwever.
tbr, ,,-(tle dotam into a state of J
rtMrt TlWrt gomlit'.on is today!
etttuwf vpmi na.
Muring the war, we preached ,
preparation, watch fulness, and the I
curbing of at? radical forces. VVHcn
peace was amnotmcwl we jcitfed
S.i k -fto b Haftir of eating. s:cr
m. and !aigfiin. Te -red
forces dM sleep the powers '
itacmrnr to food irsiemmeiit
oi preparation.
.e. -adv Nir a-" wr. nd an e-i
we cure ipatny we w-.!l neeer be;
rr-ttiy lor any ba:-ie. Event boy in '
America should have at least three
months dt tmlitare training; every j
vonn man m A-ner a should take I
a ivin'age ot Oit!en' Ttamtng I
Canjp every suminer.
SECOMD Broken family altars.
S nctv-tli ! wr :.ut ot me bumesi
ot America ire without 'amu;. .
ars. and wtietv-ome per cent ot the
liooie f the world ire without j
unntv altars. You cannot rear i
lamilv IB an an-God' ataMphere i
and giee to the wcmtU v'rrjoos suns
And daughters V Jiions ot our pei- i
e passed :nr..j i -p : c
jivorce court bei i
tamiiy aitar was not in the io n j
check :hc march toward .)oin--'ic
TH ! T Sabbath desecraon.
Men ; .i n t ignore the law ot Lead
nich commands every ma- o
stand still and rest on 'he tirs day
ot t!-e week. The Sabbath dese
cranon hi.h is on the increase in
this couutm is largely responsible
tor tne confusion, the cituo-. aini tie
inj-chy tnat is rampant m th i
land, Brng men back to the ob
lervancc ot the Holy Sabbath.
URTH Neglected spiritual It is the duty of erv man
to be in his church pew every un
uv inorinng. to give !us -h :.j t
spiricual education, to set before his
lamily i spiritual example and to
Sivc sojne of his time to the spinrual
work ot the church. Wen are Beg
lectnig "teir churches they are for-'
getting their spiritual duties, they
arc omitting to pay their obligations
America was intended to be a
'and of Christian people You cat- t
e Chnsr.a i and negicct your spin-
c em.
Tiki .-tv '-- ,
m m m at m nr i
J---'Va.'JLaV. JL
e -9Ai
bite, knt spent to At kSMbV
wout. the ratn-d.- .s oa i
tamers Tali of power. . .
scorns the midnht bell. . . We 'ear th squawks from Tiiufliw
- dUB-al gruMt trom Waterio... the re- ,. ,h.-n-io :rom beil!
We gather m all naoc that's ruaae, -te MUk mm ml every fane
brnaaVritd hriwcfl the air. . . Wc tme ur diawoa mm at sight,
and k65n bj hymas of oat at-' spite, that let odf even where '
t used to tne 1 psxUtxe Hot. tuc
all tfte itai f pams f gjt to Jraw
Vn o the s, bat i stmt jot a
sen desirt fer mat draw
v ttaWot ao wtte, aa" k-6ch h.ster
it as. lit -e .j e-.l
ex m$m thP- -nee. We
list thank we tasah. .Vbea w get
t tarty we re r: amis K . seme
mi mm aww :t. .. bare a right t
egetl tweatjf-taree ars of ate.
A: : -- e we au aa c ave-
twenty arv at Mtj tr os ioo
i vara :o x-een kan tnd i:
rirx-tisie. tsnrteea years and the tl
wssi ring if d don't nag btsssajLS
Vm$mj a feOswr bawtng thnteen .
yon to Ke adoag Beat awe nnd-V
mg. He sievaa bssV the bsaa. a aat '
cars htm Sown ka wx tarn a hall
jeaew taoo jut hoiatavs. Sundays,
time for three a day aad he's -aat
-t tane ro sort what be hopes to
tfsh. Cnse t thaah of h, ssnae o( ,
as Iga rcr not picking on the
-r fetiow and -rt auaj.
a sii
Because the
Climate is Good,
People are
Town is New and Growing
Location Well Chosen
Half way between The
Dalles and Pendleton
On 0-W Railroad
On Columbia River
Soil Will Raise Anything
Water for Irrigation from
West Extension of
Umatilla Project
McKay Creek Dam
Will be built, assuring
more acreage under
Boardman is a New
Town But Not a
Boom Town
Write Secretary of Commercial