The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, September 29, 1922, Image 2

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    The Boardnian Mirror
Boardman, Oregon
MARK A. OLHVEIjAND, I'ublislier
Entered as Hecond-class matter Fob
11, 1921. at the post offlcp at Hoard -ruan,
Ore., under act of Mar. 3, 1 S 7 !) .
Printing in t lie Inseparable com
panion ol acliicvt'iiicnl. -R. T. Port"
into the negligible position it occu
pied previous to the world war it yill
be a aatonal disgrace.
.-it h electric
in activities for
is the dispatch
, brilliantly ill-
;hts for
lv dpcor-
The great war almost put an end
to agitation for public ownership,
but now it appear:; lo be COUllflg lo
the front in all pans of tin- United
Slates. II it said in Hade union
quarlers that Mi. McAdOO is getting
ready lo run tor president in L924
on a public ownership platform, The
fact that Canada is losing $120,000.
000 a year dii eclly and indirect h .
on her socialized railways does ttol
seem lo have any effect upon the ad
vocates of socialism in this country.
Public ownorshi pof industry offer
the greatest field of activity for th
professional politicians as it incroa
ses political jobs 100 fold and builds
up a political machine that is self
perpetual int? due lo I he large number
of benef icaries of I he system who
naturally vole to keep themselves! ;n
Office and the taxpayer foots the
SHOW YOU IT S A 6300 O.MF.1.
Btuntswlll be staged to int
zens in the '.,-, i
the coram Itt t . i :
wide publicity movement,
will be out on ils nip three
four nights and will po as (
Baker rm1 Jo. eph Later
Special will make trips lo o
N&TlM FOH im ,,, vi lOV
DenBrtmem r the Interior
V. S. Land Office at The Dalles.
egon, September 18, 19 22
Notice is hereby given that Mich-! 9
1 ic. anger, of Boarflman, Ore
if), Who On ,hini!:irv 1A 1 fi i t ,
of the stale carrying a law number homestead entry No. 01947a Tnr
of Portland citizens and distributing) or u vu k ,i ri u im '
' - i i i o ing i nit D FinatiM;
uwibuiib aug ! " uiigs. eic. I roject I Section 1 n Tv.u
in support of the con
amendment to be voled upon ;ovei
ber 7 which gives Portland the rig
lo lax itself for the fair.
Everything on earth is being done
to mislead the American people in
regard to (he neressiiy tor passing
the shipping bill, if the United Slates
is lo maintain ils indcpcndancc on
the sea. There would be no oecea
lity of a shipping bill If American
ship owners were allowed lo operate
their business as foreign awfiert are,
free from such restraining Influence
as our own merchant marine laws
which by handicapping American
ship owners make it impossible for
them to compete will: the foreigner
who is not hampered by such leg
islation. The great trouble is that'
the whole shipping itieslion has been j
made a political Issue and instead ofl
deciding llic Question on its merits
and letting the factl in the QMS
govern- their act ions, loo many ol"
our politicians are simply fighting
the measure as a cheap means of
gaining notoriety in the hope of se
curing voles from an uninformed or
misinformed pubHIc. if our Mer
chant marine is allowed lo drill hack
Conductor Pardon me madam but
your r.irl secmai more than twelve.
Her mother-; Conductor! Would
you lake me for the mother of a gill
of that age?
ConductorLady, don't lell me
nu'iv her grandmother. - Sydney
tried lo
ild not
e brain.
P. Bulielm
Getting Hiin Qoiug
Father (from upstairs)
time 'or the young man to
Young Man our I'm .i-r is
Fal her (overh ior n : ) Wi
you don't have i '-elf-siar n
comes in mtl'VtV tiuil'lv.
Willamette Meridiai
Ited notice of intention to malt
proof, to establish claim to the!
al ove described, before C.' O.
ie.i, United states Commissioner
St Head-nun, Oregon, on lh t s : li
day of i t tober, 1922
Claimanl names as witnesses:
JoBBph T Healy, W. O. King, Sam
li Boardman, and j c Ballenger, ail
ol .Boardman, Oregon i
J. W. Donnelly,
:!;f"'i7 Register
Department of the Interior
I' S. LAND OFFICE at The Dalle,
Oregon, September 1, 1922.
Notice is hereby given that Melvin
I!. Signs, of Boardman, Oregon, who
on September 24, 1919, made Home
si. id Entry Xo. 020992, for NWVi
SEW lllnil Tt TTmntilla DmiIUI q,
lion 8, Township 4 North, Range 22 it
East, Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make three
year proof, lo establish claim to the
land above described, before C. G.
itlawlch i j , i . Stntoa PnmtnlaatniMi.
The shade;, of night were falling ut Boardman. Oregon, on the 27ih
! day of Oclo'oer. 1922.
As through our little village pas- Claimaal naincB as witnesses'
Kwl ! Nil I. I'aler, I'aul M. Smith, O. II.
A youth in an auto going like mad, Warner, and sam h. Boaritmaii all
And when we looked al the he. id ol Loardman, Oregon.
N J. W. Donnelly,
II was Excelsior. Excelsior. 30-3-1 feflster
i a nk
((FY 1
Political Chaos
Who doubts for a moment that
thrr- is at this tunc morr or 's.s
political chaos in this country?
Tbi political chaOl of thil coun
try i approaching the political con-
Msiou in other parts of the world.
We haven't political parties to
dav as they were understood :U one
time in the history ot this country.
We have wbai might be called po
litical or gan i itum i arryiny lb
names of ancient political paitu
in other words, the political par
ties have a name 10 live tint tarv
rr dead.
1'he reason they are in this ioii
dition is beiause they have ab.e
doneil great lundametital prracii !ci
of government, and doctrine .
Constitution The chandoned
them hoping that they might sur
render principles for policies
You can't huild a great party on
s policy- it must be builded on a
pi il . 'ile.
li the parties of this omntrv are
to be revived and invigorated yon
must inp-ct into their backbone the
lUf " W-'-' ' M HIUIICT3 II
u.D.t in
AO liif.MrtW
virus of principles, fun
),. mental doctnucs, constitutional
Men tell you that the reason for
the chaotic political sitcation of to
l.iv it the primary election law.
They Sly that the direct pnmy.y
has destroyed party organisation
and responsibility They want t lie
primary law repealed. The pri-
OUght to be amended and in the fol
lowing particular:
FIRST: Amend the law by cre
ating the righi to hold a PR I
mary party convention. If
party would meet in a pre-pt im.ii v
convention and nominate i ticket
this would not prevent any indi
vidual or any number oi individuals
from using the provision of the di
rect primary law and filing their
declaration of candidacy tor olTice.
It would have the effect, however,
of making the individual ,-tand aleiie,
on Ins merits, and Independent of
party support.
The pre - primary coment:on
would file its slate under the saint
provision. Whin that slate was
tiled, the candidate under that l
ing would have the support, i
dOTSemcnt, and inlluence of M
In that y you would crvsta.-
ire the paity, restore its organize
'ion, responsibilnv, and account-
.ibilitv, and at the same turn- you
v . : rj preserve to the individual
SECOND: You ought to anient
the primary law and raise the quali
fications for olTice. Men who ire
not Qualified for the position have nu
right to be elected. If you want
to save representative govern me- -i
li se the standard of olTice hold'
Accorihn' to palaver, which we seldom
totter in' on the lirmk nf certain doom.
O ct the st,i(fc of ilissuliitniii, ttuStv tu r.
in the shaddcr of our tomb! We're tluc to
universle strike, we'll never
lower. .
u. s.
us in
money, an
it ?verv-dav
lit : le soul, o
tail to hear, ue te
W e're hoverm'
-We're flounderin'
have a panic, an' a
see the taxes anv
'he cattle tnarket' I . : t . i t) voii
never seen the like, -ami cv rv 1,1 ...mitr 1 ,
win nesf its door. 1 lure wont be anv money, an' tlii
Woo t he any coal . . . he) n
vcr. we can t escape calamity
not!icr woe to out c.nlaver
. . . It's true the crops is splendid and the medder
rrass it tall; the country's lull of everything to cat.
(ld Dobbin scentr. to tatten in In- sanitan stnll-the soil per
sixes crowd him off the street Th golf link an' the movte
h0W is peopled to then fjatcs. I he ,.tlhon-do!lar pnae-fighl
draws the crowd. . . . The l itest diamond market is in
these United States, where jcwclrv that's plumy ami al
lowed ' I'.ui we mustn't let delusions out the aw ful truth
thai povt t t has us by the
cnts . The CrtCk of doom
pursues us, like a nev ei -t.tilm
sleuth we haven't even ol a
iglttia1 thautcl
Island a w
a hoi e art
it :i Long
. ,o w 10 took
.hap 'bat runs
spirtl and
no unit to Use care
"1 here were lolk who
man loritctnng that i
to be kin I in
Ull into Rood luiuis
- 8
m .
a. ii
1 O ti
ii ii y i
Rcf MB -'- .(! II
II it I i B
1 Because th
Climate is Good,
People are
Town is New and Growing
Location Well Chosen
Half way between The
Dalles and Pendleton
On O-W Railroad
On Columbia River
Soil Will Raise Anything
Water for Irrigation from
West Extension of
Umatilla Project
McKay Creek Dam
Will be built, assuring
more acreage under
Boardman is a New
Town But Not a
Boom Town
Write Secretary of Commercial