The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, March 03, 1922, Image 4

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Information received at Crater na
tional park headquarters in Medford
is that there is 9Vi feet of snow at
the rim of Crater lake and 8 Ms feet at
Anna Spring camp, five miles lower
down. This is more snow than there
has been in the park for several years.
Assessors from nine Oregon coun
ties west of the Cascade mountains
held a conference in Salem to discuss
a more uniform system of taxation.
Counties represented at the confer
ence included BentOD, Clackamas,
Lane. Linn, Marion, Polk, Wasco, Yam
hill and Washington.
The $800,000 highway bond issue
voted by Klamath county Tuesday car
ried by a majority of about six to one.
J. A. Churchill, state superintendent
of schools, has gone to Chicago to at
tend the annual convention of the de
partment of superintendent! of the Na
tional Education association.
Establishment of so-called joint
rates on hay from east of the moun
tains through Portland to points west,
including Marshfleld, Astoria, Salem,
Tillamook, Eugene, Albany and other
western Oregon cities, wiil bii at
tempted .by the Oregon public service
commission, according to announce
ment made at Salem.
Market conditions, as fur as they
relute to prunes, will show a marked
improvement this year as compared
with the past few seasons, according
to W. T. Jenkl, manager of the Wil
lamette Valley Prune association, lie
also predicted that the prune crop in
the Wallarnette valley tliis season
would exceed in quantity that of last
Napkins and other linens made from
Oregon flax are being exhibited In
Salem by Robert Crawford, formerly
at the head of the prison flax indus
try, but at the present time manager
of the Willamette Valley Klax & Hemp
Growers' association. These article
were manufactured in iielfast, Ireland,
from flax gathered in the vicinity
of Salem.
The snow and Ice on the pavement
between Mood River and the Mult
nomah county line lias caused consid
erable damage to the Columbia river
highway, according to J. R. Nickel
Ben, superintendent of maintenance of
tlie road In Hood River county. The
pavement has been cracked In spots
Fences have been smashed and walls
pushed down.
The postofflce department has an
nounced the following appointments of
fourth class postmasters In Oregon: K
Oscar Rlckll at Dnthan, Douglas coun
ty) William B, Evans at Kamela, in
Union county; Minnie Gustaison at
Keith, In Umatilla caunty; Minnie
Kramer at Top, in Grant county, anil
Hi lton K l-awson at Wedderburn, In
Curry county.
A shaving brush of cheap manufac
ture, thought to have caused the
d.'iith by anthrax of Rev. W. J. How
ermau, who died at Albany, lias been
sent to the laboratories of the state
health department at Portland for in
vestigation. These brushes are under
stood to have been Imported from
China where they were made of Siber
ian horsehair or boar bristles.
K. K. Elliott, director of the state
board of vocational education, lias a
deed for 1000 acres of land lying be
tween the Miami anil Scioto rivers In
Ohio. It was issued by the governor
to Archibald lllalr, as assignee of
James Wood, who was a colonel In the
American army during the revolution
ary war. The deed was signed In the
handwriting of John Adams, president.
There were four fatalities in Oregon
due to industrial accidents during the
week ending February 23, according
to a report prepared by the state In
dustrial accident commission. The vic
tims wen Sefauo, laborer, Glen
dale; George Strleiner. falLr. Port
land; Sam Zamo. fireman. Hanks,
and A. G. Van Ressen, machine opera
tor. Portland. A total of 356 accidents
were reported.
Complete exoneration of Mr and
Mrs. J V. Myers of any fault in eon
nestion with reports alleging miscon
duct in the management of the Oregon
employment Institution for (he blind
In Portland and recommending the
immediate dismissals of Charles G.
Illshop, O 1,. Johnson, Ellen Slversou,
Oiarl. s S West and Sylvester Mayer,
inmates uf the school, were the out
standing features of a report submit
ted to the state board of control by a
committee of prominent Portland resi
dents, appointed recently to make a
thorough investigation of the institu
tion. Public Service Commissioner Wil
liams and representatives of the state
bridge and highway departments, the
Southern Pacific company and the
county court, met In Roseburg for the
I If, of considering the overhead
crost :s to be built at once on the
9ewli highway at Oakland. Sutherlln,
Wi!!mr and Shsdy Point. Each site
was Inspected and a hearing then hsld
In Koseburg The coats of the cross
ing will be apportioned by tke com
missioner between the state, count
aud railroad company.
To those who are inteested in
keeping farm accounts in the manner
outlined during the Farmer's week
and who have forgotten where they
may be obtained, County , Agent
Calkins wishes to state that you can
either buy them through the County
agents' office, or that some of the
banks had purchased a supply and
were distributing them to their cus
tomers. However, the County Ag
ent's supply is entirely exhautteu
and the suggestion is made that it
..our banker basest any, all who
are interested get together and seno
io Mr. Cunn, at Corvallis. The
banks give the books away, but il
ordered thru Mr. Gunn, a charge o.
about 25 cents will be made.
Mrs. Leo Loot was hostess for tht
-inks Aid, Wednesday ..afternoon.
I'll in was tlie time lor tiie annua.
election of officers .Mis. lloui'dnian
was re-elected president for the 8ro
consecutive .year -Mrs. Blayden was
elected Vice president anil ,Vlr.-. t raw
iord .secretary Committees will b
appointed later. Finishing the in
terior of the church and leveling
and seeding the yard, planting o,
shrubs was discussed. At this titiK
plans were completed for the annua,
roll call of the Aid, which will bt
held March 15 at the church. This
will be an all day meeting and everj
one WOO has ever been a member oi
the Aid here is asked to re.sponu
with a short letter or note. The Sec
retary is irying to reach as many at
possible. We understand that Mrs
Ballenger, Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Fin
iicll have answered Willi a lottel
since they couldent be prsent in
person. A Dumber of persons wert
mentioned from whom the Aid would
like to hea'r at this roll call; Mrs.
Tucker, Mrs. Talbot, Mrs. Jlasklns,
Mrs. Signs and others and an ef
fort will be made to reach them so
they can answer before that time
Every One is to bring a lunch at thil
meeting and a jolly time is antici
pated, Guy Lee was the leader of the C.
B. Sunday evening and a very en
Joyable meetin ii was. The subject
concerned books and informal dis
cussion of numeroua books, both
old and new, and their effect upon
our lives. Next Sunday is consecra
lion day, when the roll call Is held.
and monthly collection taken. Thi
Board man C. E. has no dues and
no account of money given by sep
erate members is kept, whatever
sum a person wishes to give from 1
cent, up Is acceptable. Mrs. A. T.
Hereim will be the leader nexl
S unday.
Mrs. Chas Nizer was hostess at an
all day party last Tuesday, which
was the's 2iird wedding an
niversary. Eifleen guests spent the
day and helped I hem celebrate.
, Western NuwHpupiT Union.
't-mie cornerstone of the home oi
a this wonderful collection in Man
Liattan Square, New York City, which
contains seine ten acres of floor space,
was laid by President Grunt in IS77
The purpose of this great "curios
Ity shop" Is to procure net mil spec
imens upon which accurate know!
edge of the animals, birds, in'iuvnls
and other wooden of the world are
based and exhibit then for the editlca
tlon of the public.
A lew of the displays which attraci
particular attention, the like Of which
probably does not exist elsewhere, are:
the largest known meteorite, brought
from Greenland and velgblng ,'!(1 tons:
nil Indian dUgOUi tUlj feet long, made
from a single tree; a section of a
California tree, 10 feet In diameter
and more tbnn 1(800 years old; n
life size model of a 7f foot whale
probably the largest animal that ever
lived and which probshU weighed TO
tons; Mounted specimens Of more dlff
ereut kinds of birds than you Imagine
the world contains; a collection of iut
pletnents used by prehistoric man.
representing a erloil of approximate
ly HQMM years; exhibits of fishes.
Including some so primitive as to
be senleless; at) exMhlt of snakes that
give you the creeps; an Intensely
Interesting exhibit showing how dis
ease Is transmitted b Insects, and
s library of some NHXM volumes on
natural history, travel and anthropology.
Local Happenings
We hear all the hay to be had has
been sold from the West end. Still
more hay in the East end for sale..
One of the balers in the East end
is not working and is waiting for re
pairs. A late visitor called at the home
f Earl Cramer Tuesday night.
Hearin a step on the porch, he went
lo the door and in walked a big, fat
Goth Albert and Kennith Board
man have been on the sick list this i
Mr:;. Deweese, of Arlington, who
iias been here the past week visiting
,vith relatives, returnd home Satur
day. .Miss Ida Mufford and Al Macom
ber were visiting in Arlington over
J. T. Brice has sold 40 acres of
lis ranch to Mr. Crowley, of Arling
ton, The consideration is said lo
be $10,000. Mr. Crowley traded in
wo lots and a residence in Arlinglon.
He expects to move his family here
in about three weeks.
The Board man Garage people are
Ugging a well on the North side of
heir lot, near the highway. This
vvill be for the benifit of tourists as
.veil as for their own use.
Mayor C. O. Bladen, who has
teen an I. 0. O. F. man for years,
ook in the convention at Herm
ston. Saturday,
The attention of all grangers is
called to the fact thatSaturday, Mar.
4,f Is regular meeting night. All
members are urged to attend.
On March 17, the Grange is going
to give its annual dance, in the Aud
itorium. Plans are under way for
a big time and the invitations will
soon be out.
One of the most successful dancs
of the winter was given last Sat
urday night in the Auditorium, when
the American Legion was host at a
hard lime dance. One of the stunts
of the evening was a kangaroo
court, where Judge Vaughn Keyes
imposed fines upon the unwary who
were so indiscreet as to wear art
cles of luxury. In some incidents
the women were fined for wearing
rings and other articles of jewelry
and then left to sit in the pound, as
friend husband refused to pay the
fine of 5c or 10 c.
Mr. and Mrs. Hebert Everett, of
Pilot Rock were week-end1 guests
of N. A. Maeomber, attending the
Legion dance Saturday night.
We would like to inform the mem
bers of the K. O. R. F. that Miss
Price is the authorized inspector of
all sewing sent to the O. A. C. ,sp send your sewing first to her.
John Partlow has purchased the
40 acres belonging to Ed. Hall. . Mr.
Hall and family are now in Walla
Marie Messenger, who has been
sick with the scarlet fever, is now
on the road to recovery.
Board man Utelle
Boardman High School, Boardman, Ore.
The new text books for the English
VIII class have arrived. Study be
gan Tuesday with Shelly's "To a
William GUbrath spent the week
end visiting in Echo.
Louise Klages, who recently had
an operation for appendicitis, at the
Umatilla hospiiaY, returned hom
Monday. II i.s not definately known
when she will return to school.
The East side bus broke down.
Monday morning while bringing the
Children to school. The West side
bus is doing the work for both sides
until the necessary repairs can be
made, The four afternoon periods
have been cut down to three 40:
minute classes, with an early dis
missal in order that the pupils may j
reach home before dark
No.v that the basket ball season
is over, baseball is the main alhe-j
letic interest. The boys are putting!
in a good share of their time in
pract Icing.
Mr. Signs announced that the
University of Oregon had three high
class films which we might procure
and show on our own screen. They
are "Julius Caesar", "The Last Bays
of Pompeii" and "Pilgrims Progress"
Miss price made another trip to
Portland, Friday, returning Monday
:aa.v of the, pupils are absent
from school on account of illness.
Prom I he Hi group this week, Wah
mona Keyes and Alton KlitI are out.
Lauren Coniins has a bad infection
in his arm and the Messener boys
are under quarantine.
Miss Runner has stated that she
will require all the High school stu
dents to make book reports thio
also to be handed in.
"Dont you find it ratlver lonesome
here," asked Roy. "With no one to
talk to" - ...
"Yes, replied Frit with a bored
look in her eyes, "and it is getting
worse every minute"
What makes the leaves turn red in
the fall?
They are blushing to think how
green they have been all summer.
Customer, "I want some powder",
Clerk, "Mennin's"?
Customer, "No, Vimmens."
Clerk, "Scented"?
Customer, "No, I vill take it mit
There was a young lady from Lincoln
Who showed signs of very deep
For she said, with a smile, "To keep
up with the style,
I buy clothes that always are siiri"'
Matilde McCortnick, l6-ycar-o!d
laughter of Harold McCormick,
chairman of the Board of Directors
ot the International Harvester
Company, and grand-daughter of
John D. Rockefeller, the oil king, is
engaged to a Swiss riding master,
48 years old. who taught her to ride.
The young g.rl, who is quite big
for her age as shown in the picture,
made a trip from Europe to
gala her father and mother's con
sent, which both have given. The
mother was recently granted di
vorce in a Chicago court. Ma! ' li
was sent to Europe for her health
when she was quite young The
insert is of the father, Harold Mc
Homemaker's Conference
Oregon Argricultural College, Corvallis, Mar. 20-25
Pictured in lecture, exhibit, demonstration
The Home Management, Sanitation, Furnishings,
Labor Saving devices and .Emergencies
The Child Nutrition, Clothing, Books
The Food Selection, Preparing and Serving
The Clothing Selection, Making Dress Form,
Decorative Touches for Garments,
Short Cuts in Sewing
Evening Entertainments
Comunity Play, Music, Noted Speakers
Full information on any Subject by writing to
Registrar 0. A. C, Corvallis, Oregon
With Every Purchase of
Umatilla Pharmacy
Edwards Building
MllltlllllltmiM ltMMat
Building Material
and anything usually carried in a
Lumber Yard
W. A. Murchie
Boardman, Oregon.
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