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ft b
Vol. i
xNo. 8
The Crater Lake Oil Gas company
has leased several thousand acres near
Hubbard Bllyeu, 72, a resident of
Oregon and Linn county for 69 years,
Is dead at Albany.
A coast artillery company of the
Oregon National Guard, witn 70 men
enlisted, was mustered at Albany.
W. T. Kutch, one of the oldest pio
neers of Oregon, celebrated his ninety
fifth birthday at Carlton last week.
Improvements to cost $75,000 have
been started on the naval radio sta
tion on Youngs bay, south of Astoria.
Reduced rates on lumber and shin
gles from the Pacific northwest to
eastern markets are effective March
The Dalles police have started a
coast-wide search for W. J. One, local
merchant, who disappeared last Mon
day night
Wheat stocks now held by Umatilla
county farmers will be assessed at 60
cents a bushel, according to K. O.
Hawks, assessor.
The Malheur county farm bureau lias
fixed the wages of farm laborers for
the coming season at 20 cents an hour,
room and board.
Daniel Lane, living eight miles north
of La Grande, was burned to death in
his home when flames completely de
voured his residence.
Farmers from all sections of Marlon
county assembled in Salem and or
ganized what will be known as the
Salem Broccoli association.
Early construction of the $125,000
municipal auditorium In The Dalles,
bonds for which were voted last sum
mer, has been decided on.
A. C. Howlett, who celebrated his
eighty-ninth birthday at Eagle Point
on March 16, is rounding out 63 years
as a newspaper correspondent.
Taxes levied on gasoline and distil
late sold In Oregon during the period
February 26, 1919, to February 28,
1921, netted the state $854,272.
The Eugene office of the United
States employment service sent 49 peo
ple out to- Jobs during the last week.
Of this number 11 were farm hands.
The Gold Hill cement plant, which
suspended operations last December,
has resumed with a crew of 110 men.
The output of the plant is 1200 barrels
State headquarters for the Oregon
Grain Growers' association will be es
tablished in The Dalles, It was an
nounced by directors of the new as
The Hood River Apple Vinegar com
pany, which has been engaged for sev
eral years in bottling soft drinks, is
planning to can soups, vegetables and
The general board of education of
the Presbyterian church has offered to
give $100,000 to the endowment fund
of Albany college provided the college
raises $200,000.
Another drop of $3 a thousand in
the price of common lumber was an
nounced last week In Vale, making the
total reduction about 50 per celt below
last year's prices.
Dr. Norman Bouchet, slayer of hi!
sweetheart, Ruth V. Richards, was
found guilty of manslaughter by a
Jury in the court of Circuit Judge
Stapleton In Portland.
Five candidates for postmaster at
Roseburg have definitely announced
their intention of seeking the appoint
ment by the republican administration
to succeed Postmaster Reizinstlne.
Fire which was believed to have Ig
nited in a woodshed at the rear of flu
building caused a loss estimated at
$66,000 to the women's apparel store
conducted by Kafoury Bros. In Salem
All national guard units in Oregon,
with the exception of a hospital or
ganization to be located at La Grande,
have been completed and are function
ing, according to Adjutant-General
Speneer Carlson, Marshfleld, hat
been appointed principal midshipman
to Annapolis naval academy by Repre
sentative Hawley. Wallace J. Walsh
of Newport ha beea named first al
The state convention and campmeet
lng of the Seventh-Day Adventlst
church will be held in Eugene in Mi
If the citizens pay half of the expenset
of bringing the big tents and other
paraphernalia there.
Rev. Ernest M. Smith, pastor of th
MethodiHt Episcopal church of Me.
Minuville, died at the church parson
age from blood poisoning. The infec
tlon came from poison oak in his eye
and a small boil on the cheek.
The peak population at the Oregon
state penitentiary for several years
was reached Friday when, with the
arrival of three Chinese gunmen from
Portland, the enrollment swelled tc
345. On September 15, 1919, the In
mates of the prison numbered 243
showing a gain of 102 during the las
IS months.
L. H. McMahan of Salem has filed
with the state engineer's office an ap
plication to appropriate 150 second
feet of water from Mill creek and the
North Fork of the Santlam river for
the development of 312 horsepower.
Joseph C. Poeschl, slayer of Charles
J. Schnabel, prominent Portland at
torney, was found guilty of murder In
the second degree by a Jury which
recommended the maximum penalty
under the law of life imprisonment.
A committee from the Eugene cham-
ber of commerce has been appointed j
to act with a like committee from the I
University of Oregon to arrange for a I
formal dedication of the woman's '
building at the university of Oregon
early in May.
Director Davis of the reclamation
service Is expected to name the com
mission within a few days which Is
to make an examination of the Des
chutes irrigation project in Oregon,
for which congress has made an initial
appropriation of $400,000.
There are approximately 925,000
acreB of irrigated land In Oregon, ex
clusive of Deschutes county, which has
about 75,000 acres under water, accord
ing to a report of the United States
1 Census bureau received at the offices
of Percy A. Cupper, slate engineer.
Examination of stills seized in Des
chutes county reveals the fact that the
man who drinks moonshine whisky
literaly takes his life in his hands,
Sheriff Roberts declares. Evidence
shows that 70 per cent of Deschutes
county distillers are rank amateurs.
The divorce action of Marjorie Haw
ley against Willaril F. Hawley Jr., of
Oregon City, appealed from Clackamas
county, will be heard by the Oregon
supreme court early in June, according
to an announcement made by Arthur
Benson, clerk of the supreme court.
Jed Edsall and a number of other
residents of Jackson county have filed
a petition with the Oregon public serv
ice commission asking permission to
operate a motor car over the tracks of
the Pacific & Eastern railroad which
extends from Medford to Butte Falls.
The Oregon public service commis
sion, at the instigation of northwest
hop growers, has started an action to
restore a carload minimum of 15,000
pounds In the shipment of thiB product
instead of the carload minimum of
18,000 pounds fixed during the federal
control of the railroads.
Reply of Portland and Vancouver to
the petition of Puget sound ports and
Astoria for a rehearing of the Colum
bia basin rate case, in which the inter
state commerce commission recently
awarded a 10 per cent differential to
the former cities, to and from the ter
ritory south of the Snake river, has
been issued.
Railroad officials now believe that
all danger from slides on the branch
line, running from La Grande to Jo
seph, is past. During the month of
March, the Wallowa county people
have been forced to go for a number of
days without freight, because of a
large slide which occurred a few miles
on the other side of Elgin.
The Oregon public service commis
sion has extended the suspension of
proposed increased transportation rats
on milk and milk products to June 30.
Application for increased charges for
transporting milk and milk products
was filed with the commission by the
American Railway Express company
several months ago.
Plans for the Fish lake dam, to be
constructed on Little Butte creek In
connection with the development of
the Medford Irrigation district, were
approved by the state engineer. The
dam will provide water for the irriga
tion of approximately 14,000 acres of
land In Jackson county. The cost of
the development was esimated at $1
-zitg: "2L
Don t put your eggs all in one basket" is the lesson which falling
crop prices have taught agriculturists in southern states, say Texas
farmers and one that might well be observed in every state in the Union
Many southern states have "stayed with cotton" through (at and lean
years alike always at a big sacrifice in the end. But as these pictures
show 'midst the cabbages and palms Texans at least are mixing their
crops but the point is southern soil will grow most anything if the
tillers will give it the opportunity.
Royalty In The Film "Care, i! isn't the care I am worry-
A cow was needed for some scenes I lng about and, refusing for. It's thai
" wiMuuuo luvuuuauvu ui i i uuu i want trial, oow many common
"Way Down Bast" which opens at movie. She is class "
tneAita theatre, Pendleton, for a 3 "We wanted her," said the proper-
a, engagement, aiauing i uesuay i v man, lor one of Mr. Griffith's pro
evening April 5th, and word went ' duct ions."
forth that a gentleman farmer named j "Who, p w. Griffith? I saw some
Henry Lyons, near White Plains. pictures he had of French cows in
Westchester cotiuty, New York, had . "Hearts of the World." 1. this a
some prize stock. picture like that?"
.CI- ... r ii. if ... ....
a.ic piuen man oi i ne stuuioi -.lust as big if no) bigger, 12 reels
juuinejeu i negotiate a loan oi mm ana very elaboiate."
dairy beauty. What's the name of it?"
"Von want her for a movie." quot- j "Way Down East."
ed Mr. Lyons. "Not that cow. She j "Well my oow is better looking
is the daughter of Lady Aberyswyth than those French cows, and it's for
II at tie hv Monarch Fahrenheit life Crimtl. i
r.T;b. : ; . v. , r: r UDao i.uu wk net
tut mi : mug. Aim say, i ve got a calf
generations I am not interested," ' ought to put, in I here wit h i,Ur "
and he turned away. bo "Way Down East" beinir con-
the property man having been t rain- sidered a II r vehicle lor the orient a
erf in HlunrmlntaH ntan-ku-i ..!.. ..... ... . - l"usenta-
rr - ; v.un, io LU snoW ()lle 0f ii,,,
turner) urns cut (. ra ami IA U, ,..,.,rur. i .1 .
I ing best cow society.
niannei' lit
if fm
s " ' ' .' . -
. 1 ;
V'& J ' - ' - . ' r -" -
1 X "':A '-
is WTfW i. '';' : ?,m V
2m mmm
j wU
y) .
Standing of Teams ii: li-rlga-tiun
Won Lost IVrv't'ife
Stanfield 1 o 1,000
Echo 1 0 1,000
Hermlslon 1 o 1.000
Roardman 0 l ooo
I'matllla 0 1 000
Irrltron o 1 001
Henniston won thp gamp Sun
day at Henniston, but she sure
knew she was in a ball game.
Boar dm an had the game cinched
until the seventh when the blow
out occured, Rut, never mind,
we are still in the race and with
a little more practice and chang
ing around these bush leaguers
m the Irrigation leanue will all
set up and take notice of ua.
We have a good team and are
playing clean ball The umpire
Sunday was a way off in some
decisions against us but the boys
never hollered.
The schedule of future games as
adopted is as follows:
April 3
Echo at Stanlield.
Irrlgoo at Hoardman.
Herniistou at Umatilla.
April 10
Stanlield at Henniston.
Boardman at Kcho
Umatilla at lrrlgon.
April 17
lrrlgon at Stanfield.
Echo at Henniston.
Umatilla at Hoardman.
April 24
Stanfield at Kcho.
Ilenniston at lrrlgon.
lioardmau at Umatilla.
May 1
Umatilla at Stanfield.
Bcha at Hoardman.
lrrlgon at Henniston.
May 8
Stanfield at Boardman.
Hermiston at Echo,
lrrlgon at Umatilla.
Mav 15
Hoardman at Stanfield.
Umatilla at Henniston.
Echo at Irrigon.
May 83
Stanfield at Umatilla.
Irrigon at Echo
Henniston at Hoardman
May 29
Hermiston at Stanfield
Echo al Umatilla
Boardm&t) at I rrlfon
After the ten games scheduled to
end May 29th five more games will be
played on a schedule arranged as fol
lows: The standing of the clubs will be
computed and the two highest in the
percentage column will play two games,
the team with the highest average to
gel the first game on their borne
grounds. The two next highest will
play two games on the same dates and
as above, and the t wo lowest teams
will also play t wo games on the same
dates snd as above. After the two
games have been played, the percen
tages will again be added and two
more games played on the same kind
of arrangements. After last
t wo games are played, the percen
tages will again be ascertained and
one game will be played on a similar
plan as before with this exception
that the game will be played on the
grounds agreed upon by the conten
ders and the gate receipts will be
split 50-;")0.
New Ntore in Pendletoo
The Crescent Dry (iood company is
the new dry goods store which will
open in Pendleton On Saturday, April
2nd at Main and Alta streets In the
former Say res store. Hond Brothers
and It. E, Morse are the Incorpora
tors of the new undertaking.
Just whistle for Whist la,
l)i ink Western brew: it's good for
FOB SALE Thorobred Ooldra ('am-
nine euk's. $:i and to per setting J
K. .lordon, K
.! and $o ue
IChO, H. r.
There were two fatalltliH in Oregon
due to liiilnsti lal accidents durliiK the
wk rodlnt March 24 accord lag to a
report prepared by the Industrial acci
dent commission. The victims were
Hertiert W. Notter, shipyard worker,
Portland, and Sanford ii. Holgate,
meat cutter, Astoria. A total of 364
accidents were reported to the com-lolsslvu.
Turning to Water Power
rreoch anil British cotnaslsetom are
kIvIiik most serious attention to wster
power its 11 substitute for COSt, Itrltiiln's
teti, though still plentiful, Is within
measurable distance of exhaustion,
Km nee never has had eoal enough.
Both, therefore, are muLing every ef
fort to develop a fonn of power whleh
csn not he exhausted. Extensive
works are projected to utilize the
waterfall! Of the .Turn mountains and
the French side of the Pyrenees, while
h Brltlih group of investigators' has re
ported that In one district of Scotland
wafer power can lie developed suffi
cient t" take the place of nearly 2,000,
OhO tuns of coal per year.
"I should think your three daugh
ters would solve the servant girl
problem for you."
"Solve It. They complicate It If
almost Impossible to get s girt to wcrk
with five In the family " (
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