The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, March 04, 1921, Image 3

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    Local Happenings J
Messrs. Broyles, Weston ami
Beiger were Hermiston visitors
The FTi School pupils are
working on a play to be given in
the near future.
The first few warm days starts
the sap. Harry Murchie planted
garden Tuesday.
Ed Miles and family have
moved to Pendleton where they
will make their future home.
Next Saturday is tree plant
ing day and after the buds open
up we don't expect to he able to
see the aun.
Several more people are going
to put in phones as soon as Mr
Mead, owner of the local lines,
can get the phones here.
Geo. Mitchell needs a cook.
Some one suggests that the
Worm ranch may become com
munity property. Here's hopin'
The boys of the agriculture
elass have constructed a hot bed
for use in connection with the
achool garden, and to raise
plants to sell locally.
Judge Warner's nose would
indicate that he had run up
against an old grudge in a dark
alley but he explains that in
cranking with his crank the
crank flew off and hit the crank
er. However, possession is nine
points in law and the Judge has
it wherever it came from.
Our town is strictly up to date
Mumps, inea-les at:d grippe
cases are all improving.
F P Klitz has a four-room
residence rising above a full
Carty Avenue. W. A. Goodwin
is aoing tne carpenter work.
Mr. L. Woodard severed his
connection with the O -W. R &
N. March 1st after several years
of service at the coal chutes at
Measner. He is now a real
rancher and he says it feels like
being out of jail.
A. J. Hedger has tendered his
resignation as superintendent of
the Sunday School and the as
sistant superintendent. Mrs.
Wm. Pinnell will till the place
for the remainder of the year.
fhe Sunday school plans an
Easter program for the 27th of
Lee Mead is preparing for a
lawn around his house. We
wonder why so many people neg
lect to start lawns and plant
shrubbery when it is so easy to
do so under irrigation. A little
time and less money can make a
home out of what is otherwise
only a house to stay in.
W. H. Stewart's little son,
with childish inciuisitiveness.
was examining the new building
being erected by Leo Root, and
fell into the basement head on.
Mr. Stewart brought the child
to Hermiston where the doctor
reported nothing more serious
than a shaking up.
J. D. Zurcher was in Board
man Wednesday.
C. G. Blayden made a business
trip to Hermiston Wednesday.
P. B. Swayze and E. P. Dodd
of Hermiston were Boirdman
Litors Wednesday.
Work has begun on the canal
and county roads both, so very
few men are at home these days.
Mr. and Mrs. A'ex Hango of
North Dakota and Mrs. Laura
Hango of Alberta stopped off on
their way home from a trip to
C. G. Blayden's new garage
and office is completed and Mr.
Blayden can be said truthfully
and literally to be doing a land
office business.
The U. S. R. S. announced a
cut in wages from $6.85 for man
and team to $15.00 effective March
1st. The consensus of opinion
is that the cut is both unneces
sary and unjustified. The coun
ty is paying $6.75 for the same
The Ladies Aid was entertain
ed Wednesday afternoon by Mrs.
Gotham and Mrs. Slaydenatthe
home of the latter. Thirty one
ladies and eight babies were pre
sent and a rousing good time
was enjoyed by all. Visitors
present were Mrs. Huston, moth
er of Mrs. Crawford and Mrs
Ecker, sister of Mrs. Rands.
Their next meeting will be an
all da session at the church
March 16th.
Killing of Calves for Veal and Spay
ing of Heifers to Fatten for
Beef Is Cause.
That the killing of so many ralves
every year for veal, and the spaying
of hellers ami fattening them for the
block, Is responsible in a large meas
ure for the present high prices of
certain food commodities, there can
lie no ques'lon.
Have It Printed
The best possible advertisement
for your farm or your business,
is neatly printed stationery.
ttle Can Print Tt Tor Vou
The Mirror office is equipped
to print Any Thing and in as
good manner as the best-Not
Country Printing.
fff Job Office Iff
Keilec-tiouN From Starlight
Did you ever take a horseshoe
magnet and stick it in the dust
of the soil of your farm? Try it
and examine the magnet.
We wonder how soon the chair
warmers in the reclamation ser
vice will et their ten per cent
cut in salary.
Everything seems to be de
dining in price but the necessi
ties of life. Oh well, give us the
luxuries of life and we will dis
pense with the necessities.
I wonder if we are always aa
particular when we are looking
for teachers to look after our
boys and girls who have immor
tal souls to be educated tor eter
nity. A stock man well known in the
northwest was asked by an edu
cator what he fed his calves and
he replied "I do not know, I
hire an expert from the Agricul
tural college to care for the
While we are on the subject of
salaries we might give a moment
to our teachers. Of course they
want an increase. Well, let's
get this thot firmly fixed in our
minds: "A poor teacher is dear
at any price; a good teacher is
never sufficiently paid."
' Every kick is a boost
If you get it going up."
Read the Mirror, spring and fall
Send your sub in now,
That's all!
American outspoken opposition to
Russia's dismemberment Is the right
word In the right place. Russia has
very good reason for believing that
many of Its so-called friends would be
ulOftaed to see It cut up Into geo-.-.
rrnnlPHl mhicenieHf.
Automotive Show
Let's Go!
Automobile Afternoon
True lea The Most Spectacular Revue of New and
Accessories Models Ever Shown ia Eastern Evenlug
i ( lien'ou-
Grand Ball
Monday Evening, March 14th,
Come and Itting Your Friends
L , 1
Boardman Utellem
Edited by Boardman High
A Western Scene
By looking out of the west
window of the school house, one
can perceive the lordly Colum
bia river flowing on its winding
way. In the distance you can
observe.on a clepr day,thesnow
covered Mt. Hood with change
able colors as the aun shines on
it. On the other side of the riv
er the blue Washington Range ia
visible with its rugged and shar
py sides. You can see the West
extension of the Umatilla pro
ject, dotted with houses, bams
and haystacks. The road lead
ing from the school house iroes
down to the town of Boardman,
with its grocery stores and other
business places. On the out
skirts of Boardman, following
the Columbia river, is the Col
umbia Highway with a stream of
cars going back and forth.
Francis Gilbreth, 8th Grade.
a defective detective; Pau
Hatch, Elmer Flannel, awfully
shrinking; Urasa Messenger,
Abou Ben Mocha; a Turk from
Turkey, Lauren Cummins; Mabel
Montgomery, Jack's wife, Belle
Packard; Virginia Bridger, her
young sister; Wilma Gilbreth,
Mrs. Harrington-Bridger, their
mamma, Ethel BroyleB;Z uleika,
a tender Turkish maiden, Wah
nona Keyes; Mary Ann O' Finn
ety, an Irish cook Lady, Edna
A Venture
Alton started out from Board
man with a Packard to find him
something to eat. He had noti
gone far until he diacovered j
some eggs which showed Signs J
of Hatch ing. "Ah-ha!" said he,
whan these become Broyles they
will be Goodwin s, I'm aure!" he
sent a Messenger to announce
his discovery at home. He then
pat his find in a box and locked
it securely. When he arrived at.
home he discovered that he had
lost his Keys, so he attempted to
unlock the box with his jack
knife. But he broke the Blayd
en had to smash the box .Just
then Mr. Klitz arrived on the
scene and demanded of his son
why he didn't explain his Cam
ins and goin'a Alton's explana
tion proved unsatisfactory so he
was thrashed until there re
mained not a sin Gilbreth in his
body, and he decided "Never a-gain."
.lust Before Sunset
In the distance Mt. Hood is
visible, with her snow clad peaks
lit up by the golden sunset.
Here and there we get a glimpse
of the broad Columba winding
her way slowly to the distant
aea. Near the foot of the nioun
tain a train is winding its way
thru the hills. The passengers
have their heads out of the win-'
dows trying to catch a glimpse
of the glorious sunset. On the
plains numerous black dots are
dioernible. They are cattle graz
ing. FarmerB ate at work, some
leveling land, baling hay and
others are building.
Vast plains of sag brush
atretching way out to an un
known Unfitness can be seen.
Long lines of telegraph poles
atretching out in the country are
viaible. A very common sight
is the farmers hauling their pro
ducts to town. Then there's
the little town of Boardman with
a store and post office. A farmer
ia seen in the streets loading up
with supplies.
Raymond Hango, 8th Grade.
Illgll School l'l..y
Are you inquisitive about the
lights in the school house every
Monday and Thursday evenings?
If you aren't you ought to be,
but don't come to find out for
we are going to explain The
Hi achool is going togive a play,
"Safety First " The characters
are:Jack Montgomery, a young
husband, Leroy Gilbreth; Jerry
Arnold, an unsuccessful fixer,
Maurice Goodwin; Mr. McNutt,
Caroline anil the Lost Ioll
Caroline came into the kitchen
where her mother was patting
away the breakfast things.
"Mother," she said, "I went
out to my playhouse this morn
ing, and I couldn't find Ruth,
my rag doll."
"Why, that is strange," said
her mothf r, "do you think Fido
could have carried her off some
where?" Caroline ahook her
curly head solemnly, "I know
Fido couldn't have had her,
mother, becauae 1 have looked
around inside the yard and he
doesn't ever go outside it you
ktiow ."
"1 will help you look for it
Caroline," said mother But
altho they looked high and low
for the lost rag doll, they could
not find a trace of bar. So they
gave it up, mother adding,
"Since you have so many other
dolls; my dear, I should think
you could get along without
One afternoon late in summer,
Caroline came running into the
room where her mother sat sew
ing. "Oh mother, she cried breath
lessly, "there is a robin's nest in
the old maple tree, and 1 think
the mother bird has some eggs
in the nest. I am going to see,"
and away she ran. In a few
minutes she was back, holding
her hands behind her back, her
eyes shining.
"Oh, guess what I found!" she
cried, "guess, mother!"
"I can't imagine what it is,"
said her mother, wonderingly.
"Why my dear rag doll, Ruth,
mother!" she answered, and she
brought to light the much rag
ged doll, that had been lost so
Why how strange we did not
lind iter," said her mother.
But Carolina didn't hear, she
was dancing around the room,
hugging her once lost doll, Ruth.
Helen Boardman Ith Grade.
Miss Scharman "Don't ask
so many questions, child Curios
ity killed the cat."
Odessa "What did the cat
want to know?"
Photographer to Edna "Now
theD, my girl, look pleaaant for
a moment. That's it. A mom
ent longer. There now yoo may
resume your natural expres
sion." Lauren --"If you were stand
ing on a dime why would it be
like a 5 and 10 cent store?"
Morria- "I'll bite. Why?"
Lauren -"Because it would
be nothing above lu cents."
Fritz - "I spent nine hours on
my algebra last night."
Miss Runner "You did? How
Fritz "Put it under the mat
tress and s oq it."
Lauren "Each night before
retiring I put my thots in a lit
tle book."
Belle "How long have you
been doing that?"
Lauren "Oh, for about two
years "
Belle "Then vou muat have
the first page nearly full by this
Miss Scharman and Miss Run
ner went out riding last Sunday
in a Dodge Roadster.
Notice: For every original
joke accepted by the Utellem
the bueiness manager otfers the
reward of a stick of gum. Bring
on the jokes!