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Vol. i
No. 4
Salem. The 31st assembly of the
state legislature completed its labors
after a session which extended five
days over the 40-day constitutional
period. By holding over a few days
the session closed without the cus
tomary midnight confusion and tur
moil, with measures being killed and
passed while many members were so
tired they were unable tu fully ap
preciate what was going on.
Usually there is more or less criti
cism of a legislature after the ses
sion closes, but the sentiment seems
to be that the 31st session, while It
did not haw before It as much big
legislation as some previous sessions,
considerable of the business transact
ed was of some importance to the in
terest of the state at large.
Before the house adjourned a reso
lution was passed expressing appreci
ation of the manner in which Speak
er Bean presided. President Ritru r
of the senate, before adjournment,
was presented with a beautiful ring.
Road Legislation Important.
Probably the most important legis
lation enacted was passage of several
bills relating to the state's highways.
The principal highway bill passed
was the bond measure authorizing ad
(lit tonal bond issues totaling $7,000.
000 which, with the other bonds au
thorized, will bring the total to with
in $2,500,000 of the amount availabb
under the constitutional limitation a,
4 per cent of the state's assessed
property valuation.
Another highway bill designated
the proposed Roosevelt highway along
the' coast as a state highway and au
thorized the highway commission to
apply state road funds to its con
struction on condition that the money
be matched dollar for dollar by led
eral funds.
The state highway commission and
state board of control were empow
ered to issue short term bonds for
highway purposes.
Two bills enacted as part of the
highway program will affect owners
of motor vehicles. One bill revised
the state motor vehicle code and
places the license fee on a weight
basis, so that owners of barge auto
mobiles are required to pay higher
license fees and motor truck owners
are taxed according to width of tires.
Gasoline Tax Increased.
The second bill levies an additional
tax of 1 cent per gallon on all gaso
line used, so that gasoline will now
be taxed 2 cents per gallon. The new
bill exempts gasoline used for trac
tors, "lotorboats and other industrial
Appropriations approximating n.
600,000, definite salary increases al
fecting eight state officials, revision
upward of the schedule of compen
sation for many district attorneys of
Oregon and release of many other
state departments and Institution
heads from definite revenues fixed by
statute, were some of the financial
bills passed.
In the absence of definite figures,
state officials said that the appropri
ations authorized by the legislature
were larger in the aggregate than
that of any biennial gathering of the
Innumerable so-called bills increas
lng the salaries of county officers
also were passed during the session,
as were a number of measures fixing
definite compensation for justices of
the peace and constables.
Reapportionment Bill Passed.
The reapportionment bill passed
tooki one representative from Linn,
one from Marion and one from tbi
joint Douglas-Jackson district, and
gives one additional to Multnomah,
one to the twenty-first district, con
sisting of Crook, Deschutes. Jefferson,
Klamath and Lake, and one to Mal
heur county alone. No changes were
made In the present classification oi
the state senate.
The co-operative organization sta'
utes, passed in 1915 for the particu
lar benefit of farmers and producers,
were strengthened by the passage of
a bill amending the code in several
particulars, with special reference to
the validity of the marketing agree
ments. Several important bills affecting
the preservation of the timber In Ore
gon and the development of the tim
ber industry were enactd by the leg
islature. Among the most Important
were those relating to the eradication
of insect pests, opening up of trans
portation lines by means of condem
nation of property and the bii's and
resolutions relating to the conserva
tion of the state's interests in the
Oregon and California land grants.
Salary Increases Granted
A number of bills pnnidiug for
alary Increases were enacted.
Suite superintendent of schools, in-
er I from $3000 to $4000; attorney
general, $3600 to $40U0; state engi
n3er, $3000 to $3600; insurance com
missioner, $3000 to $3600; governor,
$rU00 to $7500; state tax commission
er, $2400 to $3(iiK), corporation com
missioner, $3000 to $3600; superin
tendent of banks, $4000 to $60u0.
Besides these increases, the fixing
of the salary of the state veterinarian
is placed in the hands of the state
livestock sanitary board; the salaries
of the state prison warden and his
deputies and the parole officer are to
be fixed by the governor; salaries of
'he heads of Other state institutions
are to be fixed by the board of con
trol, and the salary of the dark -of
the state land board will be fixed by
the land board. This ultimately means
increases lor these officials.
Revisions in the salaries of a num
ber of district attorneys of the state
were granted.
The legislature refused to increase
the pay of jurors, and also refused to
increase the salaries ot the public
service commissioners
Motion Picture Censorship Fails.
The senate refused to concur in the
action of the house and disapproved
the bill introduced by the committee
on health and public morals providing
for the censorship of all motion pic
tures In this state.
A senate joint resolution was adopt
ed, providing that there shall be sub
mitted to a vote of the people at the
next general election the question of
amending the state constitution relat
ing to the special veto power of the
The proposed amendment provide
that the governor shall have power to
veto single items in appropriation bills
and any provision in new bills declar
ing an emergency, without thereby af
lecting any other provisions of such
No anti-Japanese legislation was en
acted, although the house did its best.
The general sentiment was that this
was a subject which should be left to
congress to handle.
For the soldiers, the legislature re
ierred to the people the proposed
bonus. The matter is to be settled at
a special election to be called in the
spring. It is the only measure which
will appear on the ballot.
Among the important bills passed
were the following:
A measure which places bond com
panies under the supervision of the
state corporation commissioner and
adds new teeth to the blue sky law to
permit the commissioner to exercise
his control.
A bill declaring the ownership of the
state to the beds of the meandered
lakes of the state. It affects particu
larly Malheur lake and is expected to
bring about $2,000,000 ultimately into
the school fund.
The bond commission bill makes the
state treasurer, the state superintend
ent of banks and one member of the
accident commission a special board to
pass on the commission's investments.
A state budget system was approved
under which there will be compiled a '
m iss of information which will reduce I
state budget-making to its simplest
form and will lighten the task of the j
ways and means committee in future
sessions of the legislature.
Creation of a tax commission to In-'
restigate and seek to find new sources :
of revenue. The commission will look
for some sort of income tax, presum
ably, and under the measure creating
; it the commission will ask for data on
income taxes from the department of
the internal revenue.
A logged off lands bill, under the
provisions of which It will be possible
to haiclle the snag-infested lands on an
extensive scale and bring into produc
tivity land which is bow almost less
I than worthless because of the stumps.
, ! J
Saturday, March 5, will be
tree planting day for the town of
Boai'dman. The eotninittee in
charge urges that all owners get
trees out around their property
and S. H, Board man will donate
trees for Mam street from the
depot to the business section.
The work is in charge of tbi
commercial club which organiza
tion has also endorsed the mo'e
m nt for federation of the var
ious organizations of the com
munity at a mass meeting to be
called in the near future. Peti
tions have gone to the teclatna
tion service containing names of
the majority of residents of the
projects, agreeing to maintain
and develop a Community park
and cemetery on lands offered by
the government for that purpose
These lands adjoin the school
grounds and the river and ire
ideal for the service Tempo
rary arrangements lor gn to camp
grounds are under consideration
periling more extended develop
ment later. The old grounds
cannot be used this year an the
growth of the town has absorbed
! Snpiii Warehouse.
Ftank Otto, the enterprising
bee man'-is erecting a bee sup
ply warehouse with concrete
basement on his ranch west of
Boardman, in order to properk
care for next season's output of
honey. He will install a large
power extractor and have the
very latest improvements neces
sary in order to operate success
fullv on a large scale. This is
one of our infant industries hers
but is destined to place Board
man in the list of honey producers.
The facetious statement, re
peated In a Joking way. "Put
green goggles OD the cows and
foul Uietu by feeding sawdust
and shavings," Is apparently not
going to be necessary In future
to fevd them thai product it
has been found by experiment
that sawdust from non-resinous
soft woods can be used, but It
first must undergo a process of
tnai ment with certain acids,
which change h part of the dry
mutter Into carbohydrates. How
ever, the low protein content
of sawdust as a feed would not
augur well for Its future use.
A number of fans turned out
Sunday afternoon for the pur
pose of a base ball
team for the coming season.
Plana are under way for the for
tnation of a season league cotrt
prisinu Echo, Stanfield, Herinis
ton, Umatilla, lrrigon and Board
man. As we have enough ma
terial for a good team it is the
duty of the entire community to
turn out and assist in every way
possible in making our advent
into the league a success. Last
Sunday the married men played
the singles resulting in a score
of five to three in favor of the
old stiffs but in next Sunday's
game they say it will be differ
ent. Don't forget to come if
Only to root.
Wednesday night J. 0. Ballen
ger, W. P. Tucker and W. II.
Stewart attended the meeting of
the Irrigation base ball league
in Hermiston, where it was de
cided to make a ill-team league
by admitting Stuntield and
Bettor ililppiDK Paclltttee.
With a view of securing better
and more convenient hay ship
ping facilities for the. West End
ranchers, an organization was
recently formed to negotiate a
contract with the O. W. K. & N.
for the construction of a loading
spur at Peters, about two miles
west of Boardman.
A meeting was called at II. U.
Weston's Monday night to dis
cuss the terms offered by the
railroad company and was well
attended. Much ir terest was
manifested on account of the de
sire for a shorter haul for the
low-priced product which must
be handled at a minimum of cost
if it be raised i, all
With a few modifications the
contract was virtually accepted
and a committee appointed to
collect the money which has
been signed up on an acre cost
basis. This committee was
Messrs. Dillabaugh, Cobb and
The officers and directors are:
President, W 11. Weston; vice
pres , Chas Dillon; sec. treas.,
H. H Crawford. Directors con
sist of the above and ('has. Dil
labaugh and A W Cobb,
FOB s. LF. Alxjut ttiree tons of good
wheat bay. Claud White, Boardman
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Prize (Honing cockerels, Woo each.
Paul SUiitb, Hoardujun. 3-41 pd
The formation of a national guard
company has been undertaken at Hose
burg. The total number of agricultural stu
dattta at Oregon Agricultural college
la now 882.
The Lacomb oil well is down 840
feet and stockholders are optimistic
as to final rsults.
Percy A. Stevens post of the Ameri
can Legion at Bend has opened a tree
employment agency.
l'luns for a new building to be built
by the Sons of Norway lodge of Bend
were begun last week.
The Hood River county court has in
creased the salary of the fruit In
spector to $2."00 a year.
An electric cancelling machine has
been received and placed in operation
by I he Hend postoffice.
Total tax levies In Union county for
the year 1920 show an Increase from
1580,711,18 to HM.gsSvBO.
Scarlet fever and measles have
reached the epidemic stage in several
sections of DOUglaS county.
The wool and mohair growers of
Lane county met 'at Eugene and or
ganized a cooperative association.
The stale Irrigation securities com
mission has approved the entire issue
of 1,I60,(W0 of Medford irrigation dis
trict bunds.
Tin- Clatikanie kraut plant, owned
by the Oregon Packing company, has
closed the Season with a total output
of 800 tons.
The road fund of Columbia county,
Including sonic special taxes voted by
Several road districts, amounts to al
moHt $200,000.
A 25-foot section of the pavement on
the Columbia highway, just west of
ClatsUanie. was carried away Sun
day by a slide. ,
Albert Peterson, government trap
per tit Tklah, in Umatilla county, re
ports a month's catch of l!l coyotes
ami three bobcats.
Raymond B. Btabelraan, Former flax
expert tu the Oregon state peniten
tiary, died at BslStt hospital after an
illness of several weeks.
l-'ire. caused by the explosion of
hot paraffins, gutted the interior of
the Willamette Valley Te'i phone com
i pany'l office Si Kails City.
The Pacific Power & bight company
has asked permission of the public
service commission to increase gas
rales and street car fares In Astoria.
Harry Wilson, a laborer of i'ugene,
has left for his old home In Huston,
Mass , declaring his Intention of walk
ing the entire distance from coast to
The taxpayers nf Astoria school dis
trict voted on the question of authoris
ing an Indebtedness of $75,(1011 for the
building of an annex to the high school
A new engine has been purchased
by the Hbod Itlver fire department at
a cost of I1S.000, and a new fire hall
costing $85,000 has been finished and
John McCue, an expert logger em
Pioyed by the Western Export Hi Log
ging company near Cottage Grove, was
instantly killed when he was struck by
a felling tree.
The annual report of the Mount
Angel Creamery company shows that
during th! last 12 months total sab s
amounted to g i 94.000 and $104,000 wus
paid to patrons for butterfut.
With tin- exception of measures
carrying emergency clauses, all bills
Basted at the recent session of the
legislature and signed by the governor
will become operative on May 25.
Farm bureau representatives from
all parts of the state have been at
work the past week Obtaining mem
hers among the farmers of Columbia
couniy. A total of 4.r.ii was signed.
A mass meeting of the farmers of
the county was held at taker Satur
day for the purpose of organizing the
wheat growers of the county into the
Oregon Cooperative Grain Growers.
Central Oregon 'l first highway work
of the spring season commenced near
Hend with the laying of concrete cul
verts on the Hend Horse Itldge road,
reeentiy authorized by the state com
The Winchester hospital for the cure
of tnbefCttlOSlS, which was originally
proposed to establish al Winchester,
DotlgiM county, has filed notice of dis
solution with the state corporation
A shipment of 1500 coyotes and lynx
pelts, consigned to eastern markets,
was sent from Bond last week. The
lot, representing a majority of the
eatclu-s made in central Oregon this
winter, is valued at approximately $10,
000. '
Clackamas county is to have one of
the biggest road convention in its
Tlstory on .March 7 and 8, when all
of the road foremen of the county will
meet with the members of the county
court and outline the program for the
coming year.
Corn and poultry shows, the first
to be held in Salem next fall and the
latter next January, were decided up
on at a meeting in Salem of the Marion
county federation of community clubs.
Fifteen of the L'l! clubs in the county
were represented.
Bight recently confiscated stills
were offered for sale at Bend as junk
by Sheriff Roberts, after the copper
boilers and worms had been so
thoroughly chopped up as to make
further use In the manufacture of
liquor impossible.
An attack on the new law empow
ering Governor Olcotl to collect all
revenue from the interstate bridge
until approximately $77,ooo said to be
due tin- stale has been paid from
the tolls, will be made by Multnomah
county commissioners.
Governor Olcott vetoed a bill passed
al the recent session of the legislature
providing that the state, cities, coun
ties and school districts should be
exempted from paying royalty on rock,
sand and gravel taken from the beds
of navigable streams in Oregon.
a revised estimate of the principal
crops grown in Oregon in 1920 was
issued by l L. Kent, agricultural sta
tistician of the United states bureau
of crop estimates. Mr. Kent's report
shows the total value of the field and
fruit crops to haw heyi $111,978,549,
The Hammond Lumber company's
mill at Astoria was shut down l-'riday
night and part of Saturday, while more
than 400 men of the mill crew search
ed for two boys, Doyle Morgan, aged
II. and MarciiH HsngS, aged IS, who
were lost in the forest, south of the
Senator McNury has nollfied the
state highway department thut he has
obtained passage of a bill by the sen
ate authorizing the secretary of war
to grant an easement over the CelQO
canal property in Wasco county for
the right of way required for the
Columbia river highway between The
Dalles and the Deschutes river
Due tO cessation of construction
work In June, 1020, on the Jordan val
ley Irrigation project, the desert land
board has decided to cancel the con
tract existing between the slate and
the Jordan Valley Land Ai Water com
pany of Holse, Idaho, unless arrange
ment! are made Immediately whereby
construction operations will be resum
ed. Then ware four totalities in Orsgos
due to Individual incidents, In the
week ended February 24, according to
the report of the slate industrial ac
cident commission. The victims were:
John M Mi Cue, logger, Cottage Grove;
Martin Cruuso, donkey engineer, Port
land; Charles I( Phillips, laborer, Pow
ers, and Tony Creek, edgerman. Glen
wood A total of a accidents were
The Durkef and Bridgeport Irriga
tion districts have forwarded to the
.late engineer for approval plans for
the const met ion of the; liurnt river
reservoir In Maker county. The dis
tricts propose to construct Jointly the
reservoir for tin- storage of 5100 acre
feet of the- waters of liurnt river for
a supplemental supply for the irrlga
tion of 4498 acres of land within the
two districts.
Colls, calvcn and other livestock In
the Topsy vicinity of Klamath county,
having disappeared rapidly within tho
last few weeks, W L. Krain took the
trail of a mountain lion and after four
days succeeded in killing It.
M c Mechem, governor of New
Mexico, has telegraphed Governor Ol
cott that he will place before the
legislature of his slate a resolution
Urging the people of the southern com
monwealth to participate In the world's
exposition to be held in Portland lu
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