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Vol. i
No. 3
Salem. The constitutional 40-day
period proscribed for legislative1 ses
sions expired Saturday, but owing
to the fact that many bills remained
lor attention, both housss deemed it
wise to extend the session over into
this week and adjournment was taken
until Monday morning.
There were 2S8 measures when the
two houses began proceedings Satur
day, so it was quite evident that a
Jam during the closing hours could
not be avoided. By extending the -sion
beyond the constitutional pe
It could be brought to a close in an
orderly and business like manner with
out the confusion and turmoil certain
Emergency Board Bill Vetoed.
Governor. Olcott vetoed the bill pro
riding that the state emergency board
shall consist of i ho chairman of th
ways and nit ans committee of the son
fcto, the chairman of the ways and
J moans committee of the house av':
five other m mborn to be elected from
the joint tvays and means committee
The s nate approved Governor Ol-
coi'.'s appointments of n. von der Hel
ten of Wellen, George W. Cornwall i
Portland and Walter h. Pierce of La
Grande, as members of the board of
regents of Oregon Agricultural college.
Free School Books Defeated.
Following a prolonged debate in
to prevail if an attempt was made to which all house rules regulating length
conclude within the 40-day period. of oratorical display were stretched to
Members will receive nc pay for their1 the limit by nearly every member, the
labors this week.
Among the important measures
which awaited final action when the
session adjourned Saturday were the
road bills, reapportionment bill and
the appropriation bills. A total of
745 bills had been introduced in both
houses. Of this number 360 were in
troduced in the house and 379 in the
According to the records the gover
nor had signed 55 measures originat
ing in the senate and 74 house bills.
Few Big Measures Passed.
Aside from the road bills, the 31st
session will have little to its creait
in the way of really big measures of
vital interest to the state at large.
The port development bills and tne
teacher's tenure bills, which caused
much friction during the session, were
of special interest to Multnomah coun
ty. Among the measures of general in
terest passed may be mentioned:
The new state fish commission and
new state game commission and the
fish and game codes.
The budget bill which directs that
every tax levying body must have a
budget law applies to every tax levy
sens who shall look after the budget
items and hold public hearings. This
budgt law applies to every tax levy
In I body in Oregon.
Of more than local importance was
the decision of the legislature to abol
Ish forever the purse seines and the
trollers. who have been operating for
years along the Oregon Coast,
Another general bill of general in
terest is the one which provides for
double election boards; one board to
count the votes while the other board
is receiving the ballots. There are
restrictions which will prevent any
information as to how the count is go
ing until a few minutes after the polls
close. The principal advantage of this
law wili be that the result of elections
will be known almost immediately
after the voting ceases.
Anti-Alien Land Law Killed.
The anti-Japanese legislation was
killed in the senate. The senate, after
the most spirited debate that has mark
ed the present session of the legisla
ture, by a vote of 20 to 9 defeated the
bill. This bill had strong support in
the house, but the belief that the Jap
anese question is something for the
federal government to handle rather
than the state prevailed in the senate.
The bill was practically a duplicate
of the California bill on the same sub
ject enacted last year.
The bill received 34 affirmative
votes in the house, three more than
required as a constitutional majority.
Opposed to passage of the bill were
25 representatives, with one membei
of the house absent.
Soldiers' Bonus Referred to Voters
The senate by a vote of 28 to 2 ap
proved house jpmt resolution No. 12
referring to the voters of Oregon at the
next general or state election the
question of amending the constitution
so that the state may lend its credit
in an amount not exceeding 3 per
cent based on the assessable property
valuation to provide funds with which
to pay participants In the recent world
war a cash bonus of $15 a month for
the time they actually served or a loan
not to exceed $4000.
By the same vote the senate also
approved house bill 203, which pro
vides for the creation of what will be
known as the world war veterans'
state aid fund and prescribes the man
ner in which the bonuses shall be paic
and the loans executed.
house voted down Senator Banks' free
school book bill. The final vole was
29 in taVor, not mough to pass the
measure, and 2S votes against.
It was charged repeatedly that Ore
Eon is in the throes of a school book
trust and that this" bill offers a simple
and economical way out of tiie grasp
of the trust.
Appropriations WMl Exceed tte.U.UO A
At the completion of its labors the
joint ways and means committee an
nounced that it had readied an agree
ment to recommend to the legislature
appropriations for state departments
and Institutions for the biriMium of
1921-1922 approximating $6,607,3 38.97.
This amount is $142,603.02 above the
amount of money available under the
6 per cent tax limitation of the c"r
Btttutldn. but it is believed sources to
meet the excess amount will appear.
The excess of $142,603.02 represent!,
special appropriations, measures ay
proved by the committee not tncludid
in the budget and also requests pre
sented in person to the committee at
its hearings by the representatives of
:he various departments or institu
tions. Marriage Test Bill Passes.
The people are to have the oppor
tunity to say by their ballots at the
next general election whether or not
examinations shall be required of all
applicants tor marriage licenses as to
health and mental fitness of Biioh ap
plicants' to enter into the marriage
contract. The house passed senate bill
174 with only eight negative votes.
The act provides that It shall be un
lawful for any official of Oregon to
issii" a marriage license to any person
until after the applicants shall have
submitted to and passed an examina
tion by a regularly licensed physician,
competent to examine Bueh applicants,
as to their health, In regard to contag
ious or communicable venenal dis
eases, and mentality, as shown by the
physician's certificate.
Provision Is made In the bill for It
being referred to the voters of the
state at the next general election.
Bills Passed Over Veto.
The senate, by almost unanimous
vote, passed house bills 38 and 66 over
the veto of Governor Olcott.
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element called
UirlOUted ,. flew fond t iel aKKertln- ,h.,,
tne- been irvniH h ...,i., i. .
some f l'.- . . to liolf-
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-tnd .:arrnls
They ,,
'i'iik .Kid KKH hq pium
i'Hlbngn. lettiee and ur-
KUttttn vitamlnos
d celebrated Washington s
patrtotie exercises in the
d i. half holiday in the af
The sch
birthday I
f; lenoou ii
The followin Drograntl were yiven
by the riilT rent, prades:
Ttie Good Old Tune-, , N o in QlbbOttl
A Little School Bo; loGeirg
Wa-bi ou , .Dale Albright
The Boy Wsshio ten Badte L'iri n
Why An; I Lilt WashtnifMJ' ..
Ray Sto-arl
Wha Canool Be Denied, Dallas Wilson
A Resolve Alb rt BoardmM
What Was the Secret
A Patriot Vernon Root
Row to be Eleroes, Three Boys
Allien Oili nth, Howard K agi s,
Ted Albrigblt
'Sonjr, Star Spy gled Banner.
thikd and Imh'ktii Grades
i Washington's Birthday, ..Avh BrwlM
rWasbington and 1,... Helen Boat Imao
This Wasblagton ol Ou-g, ....
Verrel Woodward
February Twenty-second
Gladys Wilson
I'd Like to be a Soldier . .
Busy Planting Trees.
Board man is very busy at this
writing planting trees. A cam
paign was inaiiourated a few
week a &tfo and whon the Hermts
ton Oommercl! club heard about
itthf.v came forward with achat
lrnge that they would plant
more trees this season than
Hotirdman, and would furnish a
dinner if they failed to do so.
The Bonrdinan club accepted the
challenge and the race is on.
Some one will get a dinner Nov.
1st. without coat,
Melvin Siirns
These ' Washington's Grave. . Wanda Gilbrel h
were passed during the special WasWngtoa. . . .Nellie Partlow
St ssioti of the legislature In J. nuary
Om, but were later rejected by the SW-, x,l)UI1. v ....
executive for the reason that they ; Quolnt u,0s. Kr. dK'i.wi, S,,hi
were not eonsiaerea emergency le(iis
al ion.
One of the bills gave to the highway
commission power to fix the salarv
of the state highway engineer, while
the other measure provided for an In
crease In the emergency fund of the
state highway commission from $50,
000 to $70,000.
Passage by the house of a bill pre-
Messrs. BonrdtOan, Stewart,
Fkrger and EE Miles attended
the Hvdro Kl etric meeting held
in Walla Walla last Saturday
and report a very enthusiastic
session Strong delegations
were nrespnt from Ssenltlo T:ic.
M. tfor.l, Noh ' JC .. Bests S -ivelv, a , , , ,.
Kuw.-inl M :t::.- inn, Kr ..a Bra 1 Spolcme and the W ashing-
rjtodoc- ton State uesialature,
s, :u g !"' ' K 4w sm-tione of eastern Oregon
Oh el Dat. I In Life of Waste . ,,, ,
inifioo William Tuck entiWI state of Wash-
W-ishitgto ,V Grii, . Urain Messii.ger , UigJon ti 'ipt cciate th poeaii)e
Washi' gtoi.'s Reception etuwntages of thia great enter
Kdua Hrovles1 V- ,
Play, The Kirs. lag, i ,):'ISP and al' ''-avinK " tonee
is unturned m tnewajf or rortcer-
Junior H. S. I'op
vlously passed by the senate repealing j B0)0 Wahnona Keys Wir the movement
the gasoline test law, wipes off the
statute books a measure enacted In
1907. enforcement of which contrib
uted largely to a gasoline famine In
the state last year. Companies re
fused to bring supplies Into the state
until the law, which required gasoline
to be of fifty-six gravity test, was sus
pended by Governor Olcott.
Legislative Brevities.
The house passed a senate bill which
placM bond houses under the control
of the state corporation commissioner.
The senate passed a house bill,
which gives the governor control of
the tolls of the interstate bridge.
Senator Lachmund introduced a bill
providing for an increase in the salary
of the governor from $5000 to $7500
Seventh and Eiqhth Grades
M ,l all towns of our section
R' el at ii
Wash in.
Bong! Columbia
rat ii I dc, . . .
Gllbi .-tb
Phmi w lament the impossibility of our
M II d tnet opohs taking an active part
OWIDg 'O the tact that it is so
far remote from the seat of ac
tion but we feel assured of their
good will in such a progressive
movement end shall content our
selves with the satisfaction that1
cities of other states who are
more in immediate touch with us
I'. Dodd of liertniaton.
fpther of the Boardman townaiti
topped off between trains Wed
nesday This is Mr. Dodd's first
appearance here since his recent
indisposition and he has not as
yet rt gained his strength after will in a way suffice to make am
three weeks under the doctor's mends for such impossibilities
care in Portland An operation j, M0ecUsd tnat x,.w V()1 k
was not necessary at this tune , . . ,
and seems unlucky to be called nd b0 Will be represented
for in the future as the diagnosis at the next meeting with a
bhows no senoua aigutf. atrong delegation.
This year's Portland rose festival
will be held .tune 8 10.
The Clackamas county farm bureau
has b gun a campaign for members.
The amount of taes to be collected
la La&a county this year is $1,474,
S2&M, Marah field hopes to have in the
near future a glass factory and a new
The city of Bend was left with an
Indebtedneas of f 7o.oto by the out
going council.
In the lasf two years the state has
pi nt $1.4011,000 in Josephine county
for road development.
A coyote killed by Peter Hallf near
Roseburg last week had killed 17
lambs out of a band of 2L
Clifford McKlnney, 17. was killed
in&taiitly when he was struck on the
head by a falling tree near his home,
rear Shelburn.
A week's membership campaign of
the Jackson county farm bureau has
come to an end with not less than
looo member! lisned up.
Getting only one bid for street pav
ing at Dallas, nnd that considered too
high, it is possible the project will be
entirely abandoned this year.
Beginning Monday morning a con
certed effort was made to enroll (00
public-spirited men as members of the
Roseburg chamber of commerce.
Average cost of Instruction of one
pupil for one year in the Hi ml school
is JH7, the city school superintendent
announced in his semi-annual report
With 2S0 rabbits on exhibition, the
annual show of tho Oregon branch of
the National Breeders' and fanciers'
at oclatlon was held in Portland last
week. I
The Soul hern Pacific company has
announced that until further notice the
Saturday night special train from
Wendllng to Eugene win be discon
tinued. The Lebanon Kleetrlc Light com
pany has filed an application with
the public service commission asking
for an increase in rales for service In
Fine indications of oil have been
discovered near the old town of
Boottaburg. oil Is oozing from the
ground for over 300 yards along the
County road.
According to Pendleton estimates.
6.r, per cent of the Umatilla county
grain crop has now been sold. There
has been considerable selling since
the first of January.
Some :iono sheep In the Mitchell
country are Infected with scab, so
cording to word received at Bend by
l)r Parsons, United States bureau of
animal Industry expest.
Approximately 500 business men ol
The Dalles shouldered picks and
hOYOll and put In a day's work upon
the new city auto camp ground, west
of The Dalles, on Washington's birth
The biggest still ever confiscated by
the police was taken from the home
of Kdward Berry, In Portland. The still
lias a capacity of DO gallons. It can
turn out SB gallons of finished whisk)
a day.
The Sinythe Lonergan company
plant, comprising an ice plant. Ice
cream factory, creameiry and cold stor
age facilities, was destroyed by fire
at Pendleton, with a loss estimated at
The citizens of Ash and Loon Lake
section of Douglas county have voted
a special road tax for the purpose or
building a road from their neigh
borhood to connect with the Pacific
highway. .
Two new cheese factories have been
added to the string of factories owned
and operated by the Oregon Dairy
men's Co-operative league. One of the
new factories is at Gaston and the
other at Amity.
Proposal to bond The Dallps for
1326,000 for construction of a storage
reservoir and dam across Mill creek
to Increase the city's water supply will
be submitted to the voters at a special
election March Pi.
A shipment of 1,901,400 eastern
brook trout eggs was received last
we,-k at the MeKenzle fish hatchery
The eggs will be hatched and the
fish placed In the lakes of eastern
and central Oregon.
The West Side barns at Medford, a
two-story brick structure, was de
stroyed by fire last week, together
Including 2S
A. W. Walker
with all its contents.
cars belonging to the
Automobile company.
At the suggestion of R. H Baldack,
divisional engineer for the state high
way commission, the county court of
Malheur county will ask the highway
cote mission to improve the road from
Vale to Ontario, which is part of both
the John Day and Central Oregon
highways, two state roads, and as an
Inducement will appropriate $10,000
from the county emergency fund to
ussist in the Improvement,
Fire originating in the shop of the
boiler plant of the Willamette Iron &
Steel works in Portland, gutted the
piling foundation and floor of the
plant, with damage estimated at be
tween $5ti.noo and 110,000,
In a recall election held in Polk
county in which Uie road policy of A.
B, Robinson, COUnty judge, was assail
ed, Judge Robinson received a ma
jority over J. !'. Qlrlch, a farmer of
Airlie, of approximately 1000 votes.
The Astoria Chamber of Commerce
was reorganized last week, following
the resignation of President Sanborn
and eight other members of the execu
tive board, as the result of a con
troversy over purse seine legislation.
Burcbam Bros., who have the con
tract for diking the Itainier diking
project, commenced work last week.
The right of way has been cleared, so
there will be no further delay In tho
work. The project contains 1300
The Catholic church at Cornucopia,
a mining camp 12 miles from Half
way, was totally destroyed last Sun-
! day by the weight of snow upon It.
j The snow Is eight feet at Cornucopia
and IB teat deep in the mountains
near there.
Acting Secretary of agriculture Ball
has Informed Representative llawley
that the federal government has no
available fundi with which to con
duct an Investigation of a cattle dis
ease prevalent in Wood river valley,
Klamath county.
Evidence thai the $70,000 fire at
pilot Rock, which destroyed the ware
hone of the Pilot Rock Flevator com
pany, was of incendiary origin, has
Ii d io the posting of a reward of
$liitio for the arrest and conviction
of the man responsible.
A total of 16,039,048 pounds of wool
was produced in Oregon during Ihe
year IM9, according to census statis
tics. This is a decrease, as compared
with the 18,S41,S02 pounds produced
In Oregon during the year 1909, the
year of the preceding census.
Penitentiary Official have sent out
formal Invitations for the execution
of George Howard, who Is under cen
tenCS to die PYiday, February 25.
Howard was convicted January 22,
1921, for the i der of George R.
Sweeney In Malheur county on Sep
tember 14. 1920.
At a luncheon in Heppner about 40
buRiness and professional men heard
an appeal In behalf of the famine suf
ferers In China. Morrow county's quota
It fixed at $,!4nu and by unanimous
vole of those present It was decided
to make up that amount in wheat to
he sent tO China.
Portland's annual spring "cleanup
week" may be ludd earlier In the sea
son this year than heretofore. Appll
cation has been made to Mayor Baker
by the unemployment committee of
the American Legion to proclaim tho
occasion In the near future, so as to
provide odd Jobs for the unemployed of
the city.
Representative llawley has made ar
rangements with the United States
civil service commission to bold com
petitive exam inations f(r candidates
for appoint ment us midshipman at the
naval academy at AnnapOllS, The ex
aminations will be held at Corvallls,
McMlnnvllle nnd Marshfield on Satur
day, March IS,
A naval radio compass bearing sta
Hon will be In operation at the mouth
of the Columbia riwr within the next
week and vessels hundreds of miles
from the mouth of the local harbor
will then be able So learn their exact
positions during the thickest fogs and
heaviest gales. The navy department
has Just completed the new stution at
Fort Stewna.
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