The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, February 11, 1921, Image 3

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Opposite Hotel Peudletu
Buying Power
Dollar Restored
In Penney stores at least, the
long looked, hoped for period of low
er prices has finally arrived. Here
the American dollar has again as
sunimed its rightful value and pur
chasing power.
The prices quoted here and those
you will find marked in plain figur
es on the goods in our 312 stores are
the lowest it is possible to put on the
kind of merchandise you want to
buy. Every article will remain as
priced until sold of forced by market
conditions to change.
Coat's or Clark's 150-yard spool sew
ing thread spool 5C
Coat's Crochet Cotton, ball Q(
27-inch Outing Flannel, good quality,
checks, stripes and solid colors,
yard 19c
27-inch Daisy Cloth, yard 19,
36-inch Outing Flannel, good qualitv
white only, yard '. .33
27-inch Dress Ginghams, standar
quality, yard jq
27-inch standard quality Apro
checks, yard 12
32-inch high grade Dress Ginghams
yard 39.
27-inch Canton Flannel, good quality
white only, yard Qr
9-4 Pequot Unbleached Sheeting . 57,
9- 1 Pequot Bleached Sheeting, . 59
10- 4 Pequot Bleached Sheeting. 69
8- 4 Pepperell Bleached Sheeting 45f
9- 4 Pepperell Bleached Sheeting . 55,
10- 4 Pepperell Bleached Sheeting 59
9- 4 Pequot Unbleached Sheeting 59,
10- 4 Paquot Unbleached Sheeting 59
9- 4 Pepperell Unbleached Sheeting
10- 4 Pepperell Unbleached Sheeting
yard gg,
36-inch Coronet Cambric, yd 19
Berkley No. 60 Cambric, yd 23
Berkley No. 100 Cambric, yd 29
36-inch Bleached Muslin, yd.. 121Q
36-inch Philippine Nainsook, extr;
fine sheer quality, yard 39,
36-inch Shadow Nainsook, pink or
white, yard .. 49f
2 7-inch English Nainsook yd 23. 25
30-lnch Pllsse Crepe, fine for gowns
undergarments, etc., yard 25'
36-inch English Long Cloth,
yard 25c. 29c, 39r
36-inch Mercerized Batiste... 4gCi 5gf
JSfeVftrber Towels, dozen 9Q(
luck Towels, 16x32 J5C
ToHon Huck Towels 18x36, 2 for 35,
Cotton Huck Towels, 19x38 29f
Bath Towels, pure white, 17x3 2- 29
Bath Towesl, good weight 18x34. 23f
Bath Towels, good weight 20x40. 22r
Bath Towels, good weight 20x40- 39
Bath Towels, good weight 22x44 .40
Bath Towels extra weight 24x4 8. 79r
Cotton Sheet Blankets, 54x74,
pair $1.6f
Cotton Sheet Blankets, 64x76,
pair $1.9f
Woolnap Blankets 72x80, pair..$3 9f
Wool Mixed Blankets, 66x80,
Per pair $4.Pf
n's Pay Day and Underhill Bit
Overalls, heavy quality, pair $1. IT
Men's Stiffel Stripe Bib Overalls 98-
Men'a Cambray Work Shirts, goo'
quality, blue or gray, each ... 79
Men's Rockford Sox, pair 15
Canvas Gloves, knit wrist, pair 10
Jersey Gloves, knit wrist, pair 15r
Leather Faced Canvas Gloves, kn''
wrist, pair 29,
Leather Faced Canvas Gloves, gaunt
let style, pair 29c
Men's Dress Shirts with or withom
colar.. each gg
A Nation-wide Institution
the world.
It is national not sectional. Men
and factions, absolutely irreconcilable
00. no other grounds, stand together!
and work together in the Legion, all
for the achievement of the samel
ideals. No question of o reed, politi
cal affiliation, tank of station enters.
In the Legion there simply are Anier 1
loans And I shall help sustain such
to the best of tny ability.
Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
R. N. Stankiki.d, President
"ijank Swan, 1st Vice President
Ralph A., Cashier M. .
H, ItfgQ, Ui J Vice-President
Bank of StanfitlW
Four per cent Interest paid on Time Cert ificates of Deposit
Is suffrage going to mean less marriage and more public ca
reers' is it going to mean more opportunities to unmarried women
only? Are married women with homes and families going to refuse
to sacrifice those interests and leave the field open to the young
women the unexperienced, unmarried women? First summary of
results would indicate that this is so in the ratio of 2 to 1 Of
three women who have just assumed important public offices two
are single and one is married. The misses are Miss Florence Allen,
elected Judge of common pleas court at Cleveland. O, and Miss Mary
K. Davey. elected prosecutor of Hocking county O The married
woman is Mrs. Lillian Brownleo of Washington. Pa. who is mayor
One of the magazines that de
vote their columns to better busi
ness and especially to better
Dullness methods by the every
day man -the biy business fel
I w doesn't need it has been
dicuasing printer's ink and its
uses. Among other things we
were interested in the following
which we extract for the benefit
of our readers:
"The value of the rural press
is not realized by one farmer in
a hundred. By this I mean that
the farmer is slow to take ad
vantage of the profits which the
publicity of the press place at
his command, in the disposal of
blooded stock, the exchange of
animals and the disposal of seed
grains There is no reason why
the farmer should not avail him
self of the advertising columnsof
the paper as well as the village
merchant. By using printer's
ink there are many instances
vhere the products of the farm
might be sold without the loss
of time incidental to taking the
sdtne to market and there dis
pose of it at a price named by
the other fellow."
And here is another statement
chat is worth thinking over:
Order your Prunes now for Prune
Stars That Shine
Should tonight be clear and
Jupiter Pluvius condescends to
keep his clouds out of the way
for a time at least it will be pos
sible to see and enjoy the sight
if an evening star or two.
According to calendar Venus
md Mars are evening stars at
present and will continue so for
several months. Venus will
twinkle every evening until
April 22 whether we see her or
not and after that she will be
visible to the early morning ri
jr. Mars will stick around eve
ry evening until June "29th and
the rest of the year prefers t
scintillate in the morning.
Jupiter is a morning star right
iow, but from Match 4 and up
to September 22 will do duty on
the evening side.
Saturn is doing his glittering
early in the morning now but af
ter March 12 when the sun be
gins to get up too early to suit
him he changes to an evening
star. He likes the !on summer
nveninjrs best evidently for when
September 21 rolls around he
goes back to early morning hour
Remember Prune week.
Pol. F. W. Galbralth, Jr., New Na
tional Commander, In Bpeaking of the
American Legion org aniation in the
smaller towns and the rural communi
ties lias the following to say:
"Nowhere is the Legion stronger
than in such places. The local Legion
post is fast becoming the dominant
factor in the life of the smaller com
munities. It is a social center. It is
a public forum where the principal is
sues of the day arc discussed and
threshed out. It is the rallying point
of loyal sentiment.
Ex-service men in the rural com
munities, too. seem to have discover
ed there are practical advantages to
Legion membership, and it is our wish
that ALL of them sec it so.
The Legion members la the smai
let communities have been lirst to
rind out the service the Legion ex
tends to its members thru its Sen ice
Division at the national headquarters,
where claims of till varieties are ad
justed. In the year Just none by the
Legion obtained the settlement of
claims in favor of ex-service ineii total
ing more t ban L'. 000,000 in cash -and
the majority of these claims originat
ed in rural oommunlttees.
The Legion, when it puts its com
pensation bill before Congress, shw to
It that a land settlement clause was
contained therein. It saw to il that
provision was made whereby an ex
service man living on a farm could
borrow money from his government
on easy terms for the Improvement of
I farms, it saw to it that I he man in
the small t own had t he privilege of
putting his money in a home.
In the early days of the Legion, and
a great universal organization of those
who served our country in war was an
idea rat her t ban a .fact. There were
many who said it could never be done.
Whyr we asked. Well, they told us,
ItoW will you ever get the North and
Soul h, estranged as those seel ions are
on political issues, together? How
will you get the capitalist and the la
borer, the fanner and the city man,
the Socialist, the Republican, the
Democrat, the Catholic and t.he Pro
test en t how will you ever get them
all to agree on anything?
It was pointed out that we were all
together in the war. Whrn America
was lighting abroad and working at
home in 1011 and litis there was DO in
ternal dissension not petty disagree-
"Ah, well,'" said the doubters, "hut
then we were at war. A declara
tion of war ends discussion-,. The
Same of patriotism that war kindles
purges the' soul and casts out narrow
ness. The war is over. The tire is
out. Your aim is commendable but
Put the men and women who con
ceived the Legion idea believed that
in peace as '.veil as in war could CM per
petuated the tine ideals for which we
fought and which made America a na
tion of America in lt)17.
The Ameriean Legion as It stands
today is proof that the vision of these
men and women w as prophet ic.
Ttie Legion of today gilds the world
- 9SuO posts, 2,xxj,0w members in ev
ery city and town, every village and
community In the land and in our is
land and overseas possesions and in
ten foreign countries.
There U nothing like the Legion in
Governor Olcott has announced that
he has appointed Miss Margaret Cos
per. Salem; Alfred G. Piatt, Portland;
A. 0, Hampton, La Grande, and 13. A.
Briscoe, Ashland, members of the state
board of textbook commissioners.
Senator Chamberlain has left the
emergency hospital In Washington
Which he entered more than five weeks
ago to undergo a serious operation,
and is back al his apartments under
the e;re of his physician and a nurse.
Governor Olcott has issued a pro
clamation designating the week of
: February 14 to 19 as "prune week"
to encourage a movement among
growers to dispose of 22.00(1,000
pounds of prunes which remain un
i sold.
from the beginning of the cereal
year to February 1, wheat and flour
: receipts at Portland and Astoria were
equal to 19,128,450 bushels. In the
I same period the shipments from the
Columbia river amounted to 17,8.r5,971
Government engineers have ordered
a detailed survey of the Coos Hay en
trance and proposed jetty sites for the
purpose of making estimates of the
cost of constructing breakwaters on
the north and south sides of the
Gorge S. Parker, 61, of Ln Pine,
believed to have been despondent as
the result of ill health, went into the
woods Friday, sat down on a log,
put the muzzle f his rifle under his
chin and pulled the trigger. Death
was Instantaneous.
Action taken by the l.akevicw cham
oer of commerce and promises by the
Lakeview Box and Lumber company
Indicate a roseate future for Lakeview.
The chamber of commerce voted to
purchase a 60-aore tract of land ad
loiniug the city limits as a site tor
l.he construction of a 1300,000 box fac
tory. A committee was appointed to
raise $14. BOO by popular subscription
o purchase the site. J. K. Campbell,
representing the company, has promts
d to return to the people of Lakeview
:he $14,600, with 6 per cent Interest, in
;ase the mill was not in operation with
in two years. Besides a box factory,
l.akevlew will probably have a 1100,090
lash and door factory In the near
FOB SALE 'Prize winning White
Legorn cockerels 13. Will trade or
sell. Bernard Signs, Boaidman.t re.
PSOFJseS, c v R D 8
Frauds P. Adams
Physician and Surifeou
ank Bldg. I'honmi office 98. Km. 1BD
Office Hours 9-1:.'. :i-i;.
Calls answered day of night,
DM. W . v . I L L S L E V
Osteopathic Physician
and Surgeon
Phone Residence 71 1 Office 551
Office over Bank Building, Hermiston
Calls answered at all hours.
1 1 lilUM IS'l'l )N, ( )H1C.
Hank ItulldiiiK
Office, e:t itouMs
Ktmldeiiue. !2 f a.m. tuti p. in.
1710 11 tit 2 f XI 'im I r
Heppner, Oregon
Roberts llldg. Phone 643
Office in Court House
Heppner - - Orefton
Only Rest&ur&nt in Pen
dleton Employing a full
Crew of while help
The French
lion BACH BROS.) Prop.
KlrUiint I' lirnifslii l KtmiiiH
in Connect inn
There Is Always
-At The
Fifth Week of Session Com
mences With Much Unfin
ished Work on Hand.
Sixty-Day Session Up to People New
Game Laws Are Passed Women
Not to Serve on Juries Commission
Opposes Roosevelt Highway Bill
School Bills Killed Alien Public
Ch irge Bill Up Office of Meat Com
missioner Created.
The nt'tiatp iipht-ld tlif adverse re
port of the judiciary commit tee and re
fused to refer to the voters of Oregon
the question of repealing the 6 per
cent limitation amendment to the con
Under a bill introduced by Senator
flanks and approved by the senate,
persons wishing to annul a murrlaK''
contract must have been residenlH of
the state for a period of one year prior
to thu commencement of the suit.
A senate bill by Kberhard, providing
for the employment of a full-time Pro
testant chaplain and a pari time Cath
olic chaplain to officiate at the several
state Institutions near Salem, was in
definitely postponed by the SSBttS
Thirty officers of the National guard,
representing various branches of tin
service, appeared before the Joint mili
tary committee of the seriate and house,
when a hearing ubh held on the new
Oregon military code.
Representatives of the motion pic
ture Industry of Oregon, Including the
ater o warns from Portland and many
of the dtlf-s and towns throughout the
state, appeared b; fore the committee
of public health and morals to oppose
IktSS Mils pertalnlnK to Uie motion
picture industry.
United States Shipping Board
Hifls will het n'icivffi on a private coin
(H'titiVf bHHiH lii ii('i-orl;inr with th
Mtroban1 fetM Mftrim Act at the office wi
the rniti'H Stat.-H Shipping Itnard, 1319 K
Street N. W., NVwhlnffton, l O.
The ihlpi offered few ele Include iteel
veeewi 'rni wodn iteetfnere,
Tin- ntfv teeineri ere both oil and
coal btirrnTH. The Hoard h;iH intahlinhrd
e minimum price on theee veeeew.
Term on Steel Steamers.
JO per cent of the pu t chaH- price In
cash upon delivery of t h whmcI. f per
cent in 6 montliH tln rt-jiftt-r, 5 per cent In
twelve Riontni t li' i ea f l er : fi per eent in
18 tnonthH the) en ftt-r ; fi per cent In 'IK
motithM thereafter. h;ihinre pf T'l per cent
In efjual ncmi-annual luKtallmentH over u
Defied of ten yearn, deferred payineniH to
carry IntereHt at the rate of 5 per cent
per annum.
The two hundred and eighty-five wood
en Iteemefl for .sale are of ten different
typeM. a h follow.: Nine MauKherty; seven -t
en Hall I ti : ten I'enlnHula . hix rftOtflc
American Pwbertee; one Alien, one Lake
and Ocean Navigation Company; thirteen
McClelland ; one hundred and eighty-nix
Ferris: thirty-one EfotigBi eleven ;ray
Harbor. Aieo have a jtuseaMf of wooden
hulls of various typea.
Terms on Wooden Steamers.
10 per cent cash on delivery. Halane
In equal semi -annual IriHtallments over a
period of three years
Hlds may he suhml'ted for one or more
vessels or for any combination of ahove
ve.sHelH. and must he accompanied hy cer
tified oheck made payable to the unttad
fitHfes ShijmiiiK Hoaul for 2 per cent
of amount of the hid.
Further information may be obtained
by request sent to the Ship Sales oi vi .
on, 1319 F Street N. W., Wafrninyiun,
D. C.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bds.
B'ds thould be addressed to the UNIT
INOTON. D. Cy and indorsed "BID FOR
TEAMSHIP (Name of Ship)."
Ship and Sail Under American Flag.
ts ss
Expert Work
ON i
liriii or send your work
or orders unl
I Will Pay Return Postage
Wm. H. Ogden
ii:wri.r.K to the
: Sljr Sftglimaij j
I Suit i
0 H Wirnar. Prop.
In connrctlon
"Wi o tuywktrt nlfkt or 4it"
or ihow you homnlrid Wt uw It O
flril. I n U ISSW
The Continental Insurance Co.
of New York
Subscribe for 'i'lit Mirror.
J. L. Vauhan
206 E Cowt Si Pno'letoa. On
iectrc JtX'
turcs j Suppiics
Electric Conttmctlsig
Arthur L. Larsen
Resident Apni.
IXrop in fit tlit;
Pool Room
Barber shop
ItourOniaii, Orettoo