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....In Ladies' Wrappers
Vi otter to the ladles this week large and varied assortment of Ladlre
Wrappers, all thoroughly well aiaJe, with extra width skirts. Some are trimmed
with embroidery, others with lace, nd till other with braid. Hut th moat al.
tractive feature I the remarkably low price we .K for hm.
It equal to, If not superior, to any IMS wrapper ever offered In town.
We hive other at all prlcet up to l M .
It la to four advantage to buy of ut white they last, at such value will
never be offered again.
50G-508 Cointncrclnl Street.
P. J. Meany-rsu
merchant Tailor and
Exporter of Fops.
Blffceat Cash Price
Paid (or Fur Bklna.
Tsntr and Commercial Ste.
Astoria, Or.
Mad to order and kept la etock.
Prtoea Reasonable.
Comer Eighth and Commercial 5ts.
Opea Bxt Thoraday.
$1.00 Will Buy
$1.50 Kid Glove
To Close Out the Line.
Albert Dunbar
Clearing weather.
Freeh strawberries today at the Parlor.
Fresh smoked Columbia river smelt at
the Pat Market
The tug Samson crossed out yesterday
for Gray'a harbor.
The Columbia crossed out for San Fran.
Cisco yesterday morning.
Beat li-cent meal, Rlslnf Sun restaur
ant, Ol Commercial street
Tha ateazner Harrison arrived in yes
terday morning from Tillamook.
Those who have tried the ice it earn
served at the Parlor say it Is the best
In the city.
Best California wine 30 cent per gal
lon. Alex Gilbert, sole agent for Aatorta.
Telephone S3.
The British ship Tarana will l-ave In
tow for Portland today. She is chartered
to load wheat
Three houses for rent. Apply to E. Z.
Ferguson, Astoria Abstract Title and
Trust Company.
Contractor Palmberg will commrnce the
erection of the Olsn building on Com.
merclal street today.
Or. Ball has removed his dental office
Into the Mansell building, over the
Eastern Tea Company' store.
Ramoier and Ideal bicycles for sale or
rent. Repair and sundrtea at lowest
rates. Call at cyclery, 53 Bond street.
Columbia Electric and Repair Company.
The steamer BHrnal will finish discharg
ing coal at the Pacific Coast Company's
Coal bunkers today, and will proceed to
the Knappton mills to load lumber for
San Francisco.
After May t the Astoria Wood Yard
Company will deliver Knappton Mills
lab wood at your door, sawed, for CM
per cord. Leave orders with F. L. Parker
or at the Astoria Wood Yard.
The Mew Creamery Reetanram, Bond
treat, near the alley between llth and
Utfc streets, serve the beat B-cent meal
ever set out In Astoria. Everything is
new, neat and clean, and absolute satis
faction la guaranteed all patrons.
W. A. Gaines private stock wbisay,
handled exclusively In Astoria by John
I Cariaon, la one of the most popular
beverage sold. It purity and quality
axe guaranteed, and It I especially rec
ommended for family use. It Is sold In
any quantity at the corner of Twelfth
and Bond streets.
New Neckwear
Techs, Puffs, l5ows ami
flem and lobby Line of
The PJnce To
Save Money
Strawberrle and cream at the Parlor.
Lightship No. 50 was docked at the
Astoria Iron Work yesterday, where she
will be overhauled.
It you wish to hear the latest sonar.
call at the Fashion, SM Astor
Kopp's best always on tap.
If a doctor' builne to :udy health.
Doctor confidently recommend Harper
whisky, sold by Foard A Stoke Co., As -
torla, Orefon.
Frank U Parker and Duncan McLean
were notined yesterday that they had
passed the civil service examination for
the customs service.
Water consumers are reminded that to.
morrow is the last day on which lutes
can be paid to avoid the penalty of is
cents additional charge.
The second payment for the Kindred
Park property has been duly made by
Fensuson Brothers, trustees, who made
the conditional purchase recently. The
sale Is now complete.
Kelly's transfer wagons deliver b.'X
wood to any part of the city on short
notice. All orders left at Zanfa furni
ture store. Q) Commercial street, wit
receive prompt attention. Telephone
M. liaakins. of Seaside, died at St.
Mary's hospital on Sundjy of general
debility. The funeral will be held this
afternoon from Pohl's undertaking par.
lors. and the remains will be interred in
Greenwood cemetery.
The steamer W. H. Harrison will sail
from Astoria for Tillamook. Garibaldi.
Hay City and Hobsonville. weather per
mitting, on Wednesday. May b. on the
arrival of the steamer Thompson from
Fredericksburg Music Hall, corner of
Seventh and Alder streets. Portland. Or. I
H'h clas entertainment every evening. ,
The only family resort In that city. Ail
kinds of refreshments. All delicacies In !
season. Admission free. Louis Dam.
masch. proprietor. I
Wanted Man with little money In :
every county In Oregon and Waahlrigton.
to sell the "Best" Incandescent Lamps; ,
make own gas; 100 candle. Cheapest
lignt anown. ine uesi incanaescea; ,
Lamp Co., liS Third street, Portland. Or. i
HugKins 4 Squler. Manager.
In the county clerk's office esterday
August H. Bohde. a native of Ormany.
and Gregory Buckler, a native of Eng.
land, declared their Intention to brcome
American cltiiens. Ellas Henr.kson. a
native of Russia, was admitted to citi
shlp before County Judge Gray.
The ordinance authorizing the street
committee to contract with the West
Shore Mills Company for lighting the city j
for the ensuing year, and the ordinance
authorizing the auditor to issue tjuit
claim deeds to Messrs. Ferguson and Su
prenunt to lots on Court street were
signed by Mayor Bergman yest-rday.
A tire alarm was turned in an-nit 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon for a Are
in the residence of John Mcintosh, on
the hill. The fire was caused from a de
fective flue, and the roof was burned be.
fore the department succeeded in extln.
guishing it. The building was badly
damaged, and the loss will be about WJ.
In the police court yesterday two John
Does forfeited their ball of W each on
a charge of fighting. Peter Casper,
charged with tx-ing drunk, was fined U.
Peter Dowi was lined t' on a charge f
beinu drunk and resisting an oftl er. A.i
Chew- and Ah (Jul-, two Chinese, f.,r-
Wted their ball of Jlu each on charges
of discrderly conduct
Much Interest i? being tak'-n by mu- c
lovers in the concerts given nightly by
the Amine sisters ladies' onh-stra at
the Louvre. A very attracti program
Is presented this w.-eg and is rendered in
a manner that cannot be excelled, and
should be heard to lie anon-i iat-d. The
onceris are pronounced to be the best
ever given In this city. Astorians should
not fall to visit this popular resort where
a most enjoyable evening can be spent.
j habeas corpus proceedings were disposed
The following were high at the A. K. C. ! of. When Judge Gray reconvened court
alleys last nlpht for the w-ekly button: tho motion of Attorney Fulton was al.
F. A. Fisher, 20; Jam's Taylor. ITS; M. lowed and the" four sailors, O'Urlen.
""dc-iy and W. A. Stlne, 174 each, i Uurke, Andrews and Wilson, were ills
Messrs. Flsh-r. Taylor and Sine won the ' charged. The men were turned over to
buttons last week also, and mut win ' th custody of the sheriff, to be held
tln-m n-xt we. k again to have !h-m for as witnesses the kidnaping '. The
keeps. Tonight conclude, this week's ! ease will be resumed this morning. A
tournament, and it is likely that .m..
or 'he above scores may be beaten yet: i
at any rate tin. re will be plenty trying it'.
rour-in Hand
Knicker Leggings.
Ijv J. and I). .MtCcorge, Dunfrees, Scotland.
SUSPENDERS of the Celebrated Wilson Bros, Hake J
The Leading House of Astoria
The oyater name between team of the
Hwaco and A. F. O. Clxih lake pla.e
today. 'Fl of the stroniti'st bowler of
he tfWtball Olub will reprewnt Astoria
and unless all slitns fall the hoys wllll
return victorious this afternoon. They
hrtve the bent wishes of the club, who vx
poet them (o outdo all previous effort.
At any rale, llwaeo bowler will know
they have had a same before It Is flu.
Ished, ami llwaeo athlete are not slow
In any same, either.
Captain II. R. Robertson, of Ihe Hob.
prison KaTt Company, ha Just let a con.
tract to John Kastabi-ml to construct a
pile raft i Stella. wn the Columbia
river, the structure to be delivered at
Astoria by AuKUst i:, the I'.. I.
This raft will consist of MOoiw piles, mak.
In a total of W.X to ll.HX) sticks, or
nearly as Inr as the original design of
the raft belnje built at West ttealtlo.
j Stella was the headquarter of the com.
pany until they were moved to the Sound.
l'r. Jansen, accompanied by Mrs. Jan.
sen, left yesterday on an exiendinl visit
Jto Kurope, where 1'r. Jiuisen will study
for a year In one of the medical col.
lece. On lr. Jensen's return he Intend
1 10 locate at Seattle, should Astoria not
..fTrtl. tul I... ln.lii.ui.Mnt. ,.. fK.. H....ll....t
jv,' ' ... .... ........ '.s i... itia uiv.iivm
j profession than It does at present, Mrs.
jJnen has Ion been noted as one of
j Astoria' most accomplished and ac om.
! nuHlatlnn musician. Her absence will
be fell In the future soolal gathrrlnk- of
u he cl:y.
Alex Malcolm, one of the best known j
j pilots on the Columbia river bar died at '
'St. Mary's hosl:al early Sunday morn, j
I in of heart failure. IVeeased was about .
1 j years of atte. n native of Kdlntmif.
Scotland, and h;is N'en connected with I
the pilot service on the bar for nearly!
: JO years. He was a member of the Inde.
'pendent Order of Hodmen, and will be i
1 buried under the auspices of tha: so- I
j clcty. The funeral will be held tomorrow'
j afternoon from IVhl's undi rtakliiif rooms ;
and the remains Interred In Oreenwood i
I cemetery
The coming sea-on promises to be a
j lively one In rowing and yachting The
: Portland Rowing "uh Is adding many I
I new members, and the old ones are show. :
ling more thim usual Inter, st. .ays the I
I Telegram. The regatta to bo held during '
I the session of the Kdltorlal I
, convention in July ha had a stimulating
'.effect Uion the rowers. Many of them
arv already putting In much time at
I practice, hoping to be In perfect con.
! ill: Ion by the July meet. Astoria's new
i club will probably be in condition by tint j
( time and will be Invited to Join In the
: contest. It Is also expected that on,, or j
more clubs from llrltUh Columbia will '
be here to take part.
l,u"n olul ut evening and a num. j
' r of ubjecls of much importance were
discussed. Correspondence w received
from Governor Oeer in r. gurd to the j
immigration of Finns, direct correpon. '
dence with the state board of Immtgra- !
lion being advised. Mr. Dell's proposed
book of Clatsop county was recommended ;
af !er a fUu examination and endorsement
by the secretary. A proposition for a full i
Jescrlptlve and Illustrative article on A-
torU , ,h. Pal.m.. MonIhy was also
rommended. untm and an.
pr,)VaI by .t.. i.yman. The subject
of ,he rp(cat,, wa, ,aKen up m urni.t.
a committee consisting of Messrs. Kern.
Gosslln. Peterson. Neweil anil F. I
Parker being appointed, who will name
a, committee of citizens to act as regatta!
committee and report at the nezt meet, j
iiik. vu rsr. .lull u lie u .1 i i"i-
. .
sundry ouis were ordered paid, ine sum
of i) a month was ordered set aside to
meet the Interest on the creamery fund
ami incidental expense. The following
gentlemen were elected memli-rs: H. C.
Thompson. Joseph T.
wald IJeckman. Mr.
I-e. and Dr. (is.
wald IJeckman. Mr. Hnrpt. editor of
the Lanniar. was Invited to attend the
meetings of the club, and thanks were re- J
turned to the Columbia Itlver Pi
Association for its liberal contributions
for furthering fish legislation.
The hearing on the writ of h'-tihu"
corpus in the case of the 12 sailors
brought from San Francisco for the Tint,
ish ship Howard D. Troop was resumed
before Judge Gray at the court house
yesterday. After argument by counsel
on both sides. Attorney Fulton mov-'d
that ther four men. who were admitted to
be American citizens In th" answer of
defendent's counsel, be dis-harger. At
torney Smith asked for a continuance,
b fore the motion was decided, which
was granted by Judge Gray. The con.
tinuance was for the purpose of calling
the kidnaping case again', t'aptaln
looming in the justice .ourt
' John H- Smith and Deuuty I'
Corning in the Jnstl
ourt. Attorney i
nlted States
Marshal Koberts appeared bcioro Justice
i Hughes with a warrant Issued out of
! the L'nlted Slates Commissioners ofth e
for tho arrest of the sailors. Attorney
Smith claimed the Justice court had no
i Jurisdiction, the warrant having been
: Issued before the men were ordered held
; as witnesses. This was shown to be In.
correct, however, and Justice Hughes
bound the men over in t'Si bonds each
to appear in court as witnesses against
Captain Corning. Counsel for both sides
agreed to try the case as soon as the
.Mti.mpm ., taiw.-d ,.r ,,..i.rHn. ...
tween Captain Corning and th- sailors'
boarding hous. men, and an amicable?
In Kccfcrs and Vcstecs.
n ' ' -
agreement will probably be reached be.
tween them today. The owners of the
Troop are very indignant over the de.
tcnilon of their vessel and have prepared
papers for a claim of M.OW damages
against the I'nlted Slates siovernmcnt.
In due course of time (he pai-rs will be
forwarded id the lirltWi ambassador at
Washington for prcoatatbu to this gov.
Frank Trueo, an Italian tlsbetmati, was
found dead In his room In the building
on the southeast corner of Ninth and A.
tor street yesterday afternoon, One of
the occupants, not seeing Truco around
during the day, looked over the transom
of his room and saw the body laying on
the lied, upi'iirentty dead. Chief of To
11. v llnllock was tiotliled and broke open
the d. or of the room and saw Dial life
was extinct. He lay uncovered on the
bed. the bed clothes being thrown to one
side with hi head resting on the pillow.
The plllow.sllp whs covered With what
appeared to he claret wine which Trueo
evidently had drank and vomited be(or
expiring. Signs of wine were also on the
mouth and chin, l'eputy Coroner Max
1'ohl was notified and removed the body
to the morgue. Trueo had been despon.
dent lately and It I believed that he
committed suicide. He was seen on Sun.
day evening and appeared to be In his
usual health. He wa unable to work,
being suffering from rheumatism and one
of his arms was entirely useless. A few
days ago he stated to John Jorgensen.
of the Mug abon, that he would never
become a ward of the county and would
commit suicide first. He always had
money and cooked his meals In trie room
where he slept. IVpury Coroiied Poht.
upon examining his effects, found IW In
gold and a 10-cetit puce In his clothing.
True was a charter member of Laurel
vlrove. .No, 17. I'nlted Ancient Order of
i'rulds. of San Francisco, a eertitlcale of
membership being .nclosed In a frame
hanging in his room. He bad been a
resident of Astoria for about IT years. An
lniiest will be held over the body on
Coroner Pohl's return from Portland to.
A M. Smith returned 'n the train ia.
n it'it fr-'tn a brief visit In Portland.
l.-ny S ill.v iti, of Portland was a
p.fsmgfr limn on ln night's . xpre
ltcv. Fath-r a paenger
on the train down from Portland lat
F.. J Schlegel returned from Portland
.-tet,la. h,Te be .pent Suni.iv with
his friends.
Dr Jili-.n ; Mrs Jaiis.n left for
Knroiv yv.terilay. liere ti y ll! r-'.
nu;n for m nth.
;."rg.' H. Hume, the AU'ka caitn ry.
man. of Oakland. Cal., Is In tin- H.
registered at the tKvldent.
Henry S. M. ',... in and Mrs M tlowan,
of 'li;iook. spent Sunday in the city.
They returned home yest.-rl.iy.
City Treasurer Carney, who has been ill
with la grippe- the past few days, was
able to be In hi offKv yesterday.
Mt. V. A. Fisher, of Aslurla
j Sunday visiting at Seaside.
! Postmaster Craln. of Warrenton, spent
Sunday afternoon In Astoria.
! School Teacher Stuhbs. of Hammond,
j spent Sunday visiting Astoria.
Dr. Skinner left Hammond on the train
for a sh-rt oltlcidl visit to Portland
nr. j. ;. TeH, he U It. A S. attorney,
WH, visiting on the W est Side Sunday.
... ., . . , i 1 .
I Preparations are being made to have
exercises ut Hammond on Memorial day.
Mr C. II. I'ooper. of A:.ria. was a
, pass. tig. r on the train to Seaside Sa'.ur-
; 'Veiling.
During the week the lumber for the new
i 11. h. church Is . zin-i-ted to arriv- and
work will b. gin Immediately.
Albert Kinney and H. I nchton. of As.
j t .rla. made a fast trlti lo Seaside Sat.
j i,r,,,y ,.- nlng on their bikes.
M,.rv.luK,.r;all,.nt Wil,
, ghen by the sch "Ol children last Friday
.(-.ri, ,.- ll .,,.. .l l, i
" " ' ' i""""
appr-i luted ty those whi were f irtu'iate
enough to be present.
lie i, v.. i.uiiii ... rvmii'p pieaiiieu
Inierestirg sermons Sunday. In the morn,
TV... !.... U..I..U I L- , 1 ......
Ing lie preached at Warrenton, and In
the evening at New
v.-ning at New Astoria. The Itev,
ji'-iio rson Is absent at Astoria.
Mr. K. II. K-ddaway. who has l.c-n
working on the f-priirb utlons at Fort j Tt"' r"r'' '"r this mmmnn ami i.b.ii
Stev. ns the past six months, went to ' al" dts.-ase Is found In a t r,-ai in.-n: hb h
Astoria Sunday to accept his old po-l. r-l""'' th food to be readily und th ,r.
Hon on
the steamer
niovi-m.-nt Is on foot at oiig the
' -iisis or the -ni side to have a lil-
cyc,. path built from the county roud
to the Young's bay bridge, provided the
Intended path can not b renrhed at n
tnorH convenient point.
Two Astoria wheelmen, Magnus Cros.
by and It. L. W'aidmen, madi
quick trip from Wurrenion to Seaside
Sunday. The run was made from tae
ocean ba-h roud to Ma-aslde In i mln.
utes. which is considered very good time.
A party of hunters, composed of Mr.
W'hi rlty. lialn, Fox and Hall, of Astoria,
were passengers (in the Saturday night
train for the West Side. As Is invariably
the case, the geese miss the sand hills
on Sundays, as the appearance of the
hunters on returning Indicated.
M. 8. Mcijowan. ('hin-iok.
Julius Ixiw. I'ortlanil.
W. W. Whltmer. rortluiid.
Mr. and Mrs. J, K. Hibby, Hobsonville
J. H. McFarlane, Vuncouver, H. (J,
.1. F. It. Weber. Francisco,
W. W. Slaii-r and wife, Han Francisco,
Joseph 'I'. I.iiwsui!, Han Frunclsco.
F. I'. Kenlelon, L"s Angeles,
ieorge II Hume, Oakland.
F. I'.. Ib-ahan, Fort 'anby.
J'siu;.- J). Hlon-y. Fort Cunby.
('. J. Thompson. Kan Francisco,
A. Mollzen, Portland. r ''astro. Ilwnco.
H. Williams, Tillamook.
.'. O. Taylor, V rnonla,
f'liarli-H Davis, Vancouver.
Oscar Ktickson, Melville.
John M'-iJIilw'r.iy, Kkamokawa.
J"hn Murphy, Htella.
1-1. H. .Small, Orand Itaplds,
''oliimbla Harbor Land Company to
Walla-,. It. Copeland, lots 4 und 6,
block 'Si, Warrenton $400
David W. Hiirnslde to Laura R.
liurnslde, 1M acres In riurnslde do.
nation land dulm l
iry A. Murray to James A. Blng.
bam. lols from 7 to 18 Inclusive.
block 42, I'aclflc Addition to As
Needs assistance It may be best to render
It promptly, but one should remember to
use even the most perfect remedies only
when needed. The best and most simple
and gentle remedy n the Byrup of Ftge,
manufactured by tha California 1f
Syrup Company.
Andrew Lake
...Merchant Tailor...
Perfect I'll (iiiiiiiinltnl. Low rlcvs.
Repairing and Cloning Neatly pone.
Dr. J. II. Davis,
Who va It Mays some Yankee drlcks
On My great Admiral lielnch?
Chorgo Dewev. lie who licked old ripalilT
Let heem linik oud. hast nUht geseimr
M u'ul Holt'
Who as It slighted Consul Hose"
He'd best take care. I told you dose!
You say hi. nam" vas Admit al KautS"
He'll too nnd out. If matins III, til ana'
i M und Ooll!
Who va dot f.'onv Herman Wise
Vat nlioud me dells dose ll'
If be Oon t all too, til buy tnv clothes
At other sbtotes. I ilell toil il.ise.
That's Me, by oti.
Do: Herman Wise va born her-.
Hut now hi. puns me, alnt d i queer
H.-'s iwiv Atiu-Mean tin -ngli a".l tiiroiigh
Vas iinikes idem i lo nnan Yarkee. to'
l tt--no( Me
May ls It vus tjiat Yankee
as ntttkes i.e t 'ti.-r ma tu
tiiil cans.- ttle peoples ale
l-'or tnankini loe. ,.lr 111"
That's It tu dot i
get there
i fr
rt) '
T.i he e .'or bind ill
s a i I I o
in.L h that i
W IK) IS TO 1 1 LA M K
News from Mi
Martini 'iiiti
llphlllUIelll i ( ,
.It l. .ts lha . II
i ha i:.-tt.,l up
i i irii nil s -. ; . ,ti 1.. I:
l!l c-stt
gat., the 1'itt'IU' t --f t'u war ai:. l.i p a .
the 'ar U--.ri.-is an. I e
g.ict ai Ihroiigli the war gave r -e t
the must ib.M-.triMis , uiiiitums tun no
ui-'i'e -lang-'i than r ine trem n-le'-t
"f tit- health. I; Is .-i.-ii one .lu'v i-
gnaril his hi-aiin It is , h k p I
Hian regain It lb-:i '.'.' r St.'inai h lilt.
ters taken Imiu si!) w ill nut mi create
Ih-alth but will ir.-..rv,. r U Is the
me, lb nie whii h f r ' years has made
weak stomai-hs atrioig. an. has .ivenaiitie
that t.rrlhie elragon. and a'i
lheells such as eousllpatloii biliousness. 1
kldney-H and liver troulile. malaria and
f.-ver and ague, which f ilow in in train
To the offli-ers and memliers of 'u:um.
bla Harbor No S3. A. A. of M P : You
are revjue.te.1 to meet at Carnahan's hall
at VS m. May b. to attend the
funeral of our late brother pilot, Alex
Malcolm. All masters and pilots ae
reillestej to uttelld.
J K. CAMI-llKI.L aptaln.
John w. c. iv
(llrls make bay while the .
Af.-r A. D Jt'" iher- ii b
leap years.
CATAUMI Ol' Till-: STuMA'il
Pli asant.
Slmile. Safe lni-.
Cure For It.
I :rr tnai
'.itarrh i,f the sti.iiia-h has long b
oriBli..r..d the next thing -n I ii.ura.t.1--
ine tiMial siiiiptuma are
fall -r
a "in.
oiouted senaation after
iPanb-d sunietlffii.M wiii. .- .
' or
frmatlon of k,i-...
( pressure on (he lungs and h.-,,ri ttd ,if.
;ieii i nreiurilng: hen, ii. wi
uir, nervousness n(I a general ji'ay
nut and languid feeling.
Tin-re In of..-n
a foul taste in
mouth, mated tonitur n,i t
-of st-.min h could be seen I
slimy. IntlnriHd condition.
would show
Ollghly digested befor,.
It has time to
de. ire imiiMus
ermeril and irritate the
nut-fa- es of the stomach
To secure a pMinpt and heiphy dl- i
gestion is the one necessary thing to do,
and when normal digestion Is senirM tha
atarrhal . oiidltlon will have disappeared.
According to Dr. Harlnnson the safest
aim nest treatment Is to usn ufter ,a,.h I
- meal a tablet, composed t bb...... I
As.-pllc I'-psln. a ll.i.e Nux. 'iold.-,, H-ai I
And fruit acids.
These tablets .an now tw f-.und al all
drug stores under tho name of Htnart's '
Dyspepsia Tablets, and, not being a I
au-nt medicine, can be used with perfect '
safety and nssuranc thai healthy upim-.
lite and thorough dlir-atlon uiu r,.n i
their r.-stular use after meals
Mr. N. J. llooher, of 2710 Dearborn Ht.,
Chicago. III., wrlti-s: Catarrh is lo.
al condition resulting from a n.-gieried
cold In th head, wlu-reby the lining mem.
bran- of tho nose becomes Inflamed and
ho poisonous dim.hargo therefrom, pass.
tig back Into the throat, reuehes the
toinach, thus producing cu'arrh of the
rt-imach. Medical authorities prescribed
or mi) three years for catarrh of the
stomach without cure, but today I am
he happiest of men after using only oin-
uu oi nuiart s I'yspi-pslu Tablets. J
an not llnd appropriate words to express
rny good feeling. I have found flesh
nppetltu and sound rest from llo-i,- Uis. jr
Htuarts DyHpepsItt Tnbleis Is tin- safest
preparation as well as the slmpo-st ami
most convenient remedy for any form of
n.llgestlou, eiiliirrh of the Momnch, bll.
ousness, sour stoma-h, heartburn and
bloating after meals.
Hend for book, mailed free, on stomach
troubles, by addressing the F. A. Hi uni t
Co., Marahall, Mich. The tablets can bo
found at all drug stores
Does n mun ever marry I he girl whom
he met through u lllriatlon In the street
or at a mallticc?
Salad Set Day.
Large assortment of pretty deo
oraXlons and fancy tin a In plain
and fancy chinawuro, glassware
and porcelain ware. We are right
In It as to prices and quuJIty.
Some articles cut 60 per cent.
Borne articles cut (0 per cent.
threat Imsrioao Importing Tea Co.
HI OonaaaNUl tat, Aatswto.
fleui Zealand fife Insurance Go
Of New Zealand.
W. P. ThomiiH, Mjjr., Son KrnnclHoo.
Sulworiliptl Cnjiilul
I'iiuI-I'i t'niitiil
Atsi-t.H in I'liiu-il Slnton
Siirj'liiH t Policy IIoMriN
llns lu't'ii Uiuloi'writiiijj mi tlic I'licilic ('iil I'V- r Twonty (wo yrari.
UchUJciU AKentM, AMtorin, Oreutm.
White ii ml
viir-. a
lii Ol.icU. Nmv lllm
I liittcm Mini
'.'I Thir., Slr.-. t, tWnor SUrk,
Pacific NavigationCompany
It. I. Blnioro
W. II. llurrlMon
('oiniiTimif at Astoria with t tie
Sail Fraticiao Portliilnl anj all
Kor rt.-a a.dy In
COIIN A CO., Ajfoui-,
III.I.AMOi'K, Ore.
Bend lent stamp lo pay poetag. aa4 gsx a TVU Table for IM.
Builders' Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Ship Chandlery, Etc.
Can Save Too Money on Estimate of Material of Rvstr DeoortpUofa,
$ Telephone No. .IJ
I Handles Only the Choicest Meats
J 4 JJ Ceasmsrclal It., nsst Palare ttsslaarant.
Stop and Think!
Are You (iettlnu
The Bet Mealn,
Tlie I3cHt LltjiiorH,
Or The Hent Hed
That can bo had In the city? K not, i .
ItUBecauaeyouhavenotvWted Jg KCSlHlirSIlL
For those who renulra
May get there with
1V. ....... ,.S , U . U n A
i u-'unneua w..i rkww
inai oi an ine grri
F.iKik for llio sign if ".lEFF'H" mill
Columbia Electric
and Repair Co.
SucceHHor to
Blacksmiths .
Boiler Makers
Logging Instincts litillt nnd Wcpalrocl.
Heavy Forging Under Power Hammer a Specially
Sole Manufacturers of the Unsurpassed
... " Harrison Sectional" Propellor Wheel ...
Contractors for Electric Lights and Power Plants.
1 1 KMT MA Krt
bilk's' hoc, Ycstlnii IHiiek or Tun
.'.MX), I'.'.flO, .t:70, $;i,00.
MIhscs. mimic n nlmc,
$1.10. .tl.M, Ai).
Mens' VM inn! Calf.
I.S0 .f.MIO, $:.,o
gunlliy and Hiyl III best fur the price.
-swwHir '' 1
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I'olCll.AMt. OKDJON.
Oro.nn ltailrua.1 ,V Navigation Co. (or
Imluls i aal. I or (teijflil slid aaaei.
Mrtmticl Hlittorc eV Co.
linieral A.viits, AMTOHIA. I KK.
Oreguii liailmail A Nnviifaliiui Co.,
IIU.ri.ANH, lira.
General Supply
House for
Family Groceries.
a genuine feed.
economy all that they bimsI
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caterers Jit IT IT s
i he I1K8T.
lukc notdlicr.
KaliililiHlmd twunty yonra.
Kept In Stock