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tir; coot
Try Rodlyn coal, Elmore, Banborn Co,
Th MHnMtil( Wt ot yesterday for
ij IlKht ahlp.
Hon. John Hnhn returned yesterday
from a trip to Irtlnnd.
Editor ninrkford, of the Clatakanle
Chlof, 1 In the city on bulnea.
Mr. N. Poton. (menu agent of the
rrtflo Coart Company, ta In tha city.
Will W1.hin. of Portland, u In tha city
In Ilia Inlermt of tha Union Meat Com
T. I. Dunbar and Mr. Dunbar loav
thla tnortilnc for month's vtalt to Cali
Tha Wlwcomba rarka was towed down
to Fort Stevana yeatarday, and 4 neady
tot sua.
Thn oohoonec Dewey will lev out
today for Nehalom In tow of tha tug
CptMn John Brown, of tti Belriw,
who was taken tick a faw day aero, la
Boat California wlna. SO cents par gal.
loa. Alex Ollbert, aole amt for Astoria,
Telephone B.
Luther festival In 8aedlh Lutheran
church November 10, at t p. m. AdmlanKm
B and 15 cent.
ChrUtlAnaen A Co will, tt l umtertooJ.
ahorlly move tnto tha old Crosby building
on Commercial atreet.
Callsend coal and colt a la tha beat
for domaatlo purposes. For aula by tha
Aatorla Gas Light Co.
Tha Clatsop mills were closed yester
day out of reepect to the memory of the
lata William & Kinney.
Tha Critiah bark Beeewtnjt, 1364 tna.
Captain Griffith, SO days from Shanghai,
In ballast, arrived In Sunday.
Two caaea of drunkenneaa were up In
tha police court yesterday. In which
fine of 5? and IS were lmpoaod.
Apples, appib?. apnJea. very choice and
Try cheap. Twa hundred boxea must be
old at one. Ros. HlCfins A Co.
B. D. 8!glcr. a Multnomah t.TTi
blnder." came down from the metropolis
yesterday for a abort business trip.
' Tha Holy Innorenu guild of VrPr Aa
torla will hold their annual aole of fancy
article on Saturday, November St.
Cfiptain Fowera. of the Wis combe Park,
and Captain Jackson, of the Sdberhom.
left for the metropolis on business loat
Call and aee a new dreas auit, the very
latest, confined to the McAUen A Mo
Ponnell dry goods bouse. Commercial
Water consumers should bear In mind
tha penalty of S cenis charged on all
water rates delinquent after the 10th
The British ahlp Crown of Scotland,
liS tons. Captain Jenkins. H days from
Ban Francisco. In ballast, arrived In
Mr, J. E. Hwrgina, cashier of the As
tori national bank, left yesterday for a
month's visit to his former home in
For Sale. 100 tone of Rosy In coal; the
finest bouse and steam coal ever brought
to Astoria., Elmore. Sanborn Co., Tele
phone, Main S-L
C J. Treat hard made the high score.
C at the A. F. C. alleys fur the men yes
terday. Mra. Dellingfr waa high for
the women, with 11
The British ship Silberhorn. wheat
laden, arrived in tow from Portland yes
terday. About &0 tons of wheat was put
on board to finish her cargo.
Pleasant furnished rooms. Including
bath, with first class board, for gentle
men only, can be had at ZX Seventeenth
tret References exchanges.
For rent The entire upper floor of
the Badollet building over Albert Dun
bar's store. For particulars inquire of
W. O. Howell. 63 Exchange etreeL
The tug Relief waa engaged yesterday
In dragging for the anchor lost by the
City of Athens In colliding with the
Wlscombe Park, but did not succeed In
finding It.
The class In physical culture so suc
cessfully conducted by Miss Buckun
meyer, of Portland, two seasons ago. is
to be reorganized next Wednesday after
noon for the winter.
The driving of piling for the south
aide of the Young's bay bridge was com
menced yesterday. The piling will ex
tend for ISO feet and three days will be
required to do the work.
The Wonder Drill, an Indispensable tool
to all machinists, plumbers, or workers
In Iron, brass, or other metals. Call and
see It. C. H. Orkwltx. agent corner of
Tenth and Duane streets.
The Oriental liner Klngchow arrived
from Portland yesterday and docked at
Flavel, where he tukts on coal. Sixty
tons of merch and live will be put on
board to complete her cargo.
Clinton's pile driver finished the driv
ing of the piling for the Schmidt Bros,
cold-utorage plant In 'West Astoria yes
terday. Today It will commence driving
piling for the railroad warehouse.
John Oage, an old farmer living on
Young's river, died Saturday night, aged
75. The funeral will be heJd at 1 o'clock
today from Pohl's undertaking parlors
and the remains Interred in Greenwood
The popularity of the merchant's lunch
served by Mr. George Bartley at the Na
tional Is growing dally, and many busi
ness men can be found there every day
for thetr midday meal. The lunches set
by Mr. Bartley are the finest in the city.
Try W. A. Gaines private stock whisky.
This is an old standard liquor, especially
recommended for family and medicinal
use and Its purity and quality is guaran
teed. For sale in any quantity by John
L. Carlson, solo agent. Twelfth street,
near Bond.
This la the age of adulterations, but
Harper whisky Is guaranteed strictly
pure, superlative whisky. Chemists, an
alysts and physicians testify this repeat
edly. The evidence Is not only strong
but conclusive. The people too, And
Harper can be trusted Implicitly; hence
the enormous sales of this royal whisky.
Suid by Foard & Slokee Company, As
toria, Oregon.
The hteat bulletin Issued at tha A. F.
C ahowa that Flnnlgan la high In the
conteat for the WIo medal. Ha ha a
averaare of .. Ooiilter haa an vem.
of MM. Vn(ier H. and ftmiipa J? 1
Mra. Ingalls la high for tha women, with
The cylinder hewd blew out of a donke
eiidlim of llman A MVabe' yr.terri.-iy
while coul waa being holnlisl from the
atenmer Kgnal at the O. R. A N. d-k.
No one was hurt, but the aleamer was
eompolled to una her own donkey until
repalra are made, which will neoeeMrtly
delay her unloading aeveral hour.
lion. 11. D. Mrflulre, alatfr fWh com
mlMtoner, came down from Portland on
the noon train yeaterJuy, returning In
the evening. Mr. Ucvluire waa kept luiy
during hla ahort atay receiving the con
gratulation of hla friend. He wna the
almost unanlmoua chotre of the people of
thla city for the ortlce, and hla many
friend yeaterdey enme nearly ahaklng an
arm off Mm.
Lee Sing, the Chinaman conflnrd In tha
county Jail for being unlawfully In th
country, was (riven a hen ring yeaterday
before United State Commissioner
Thomson. He admitted being without
reglnl ration papers and was ordered de-
ported. Sing, who speaks good KnglUh,
has been In th country for several years
and haa worked In this nelghNvhood in
the catweity of cook. He waa taken
back to Jail, subject to the order of ttie
I'nlted Slate marshal.
Article of Incorporation of th Alaska
Fishermen's Tacking Company were tiled
in the county clerk office yesterday,
The incorporator are Theodore Slver-
on. Christ Cbrlstensen. John Nordstrom
Ole B. Oleaon, A. L Clark and John L.
CUrknon. The capital st'Vk is fT0.. dl
Ided Into 110 share of fc-V each. Th
company propose to engage In the can
nlng. Kilting and freeilng of .timnn In
Alaska and elsewhere, engaging In gen
eral merchandise, mlnln,- and steamboat
Robert Thomson, an apprentice on the
British ship Silberhorn. wh ch arrlvrd
yesterday, wheat t.iden, from Portland.
had a mlruculou eccnpe from detith
shortly after the vessel' arrival here.
A the vessel let go anchor the crw went
loft to bend satis and Thomson missed
hi footing. f.lltr)g from the m.iin tp
to the deck bolcw, a distance of over
feet. When picked up. strange to say,
hi Inlurle consiiited only of a g ish over
the left eye. The accident occurred abMit
IUon and Thomson wa brought ashore
oon after and t.ken to a doctor, who
dressed hi wound. He was considerably
shaken UP by the fall and went to St.
Mary's hortl for few d.tys to re
cuperate. The S-m Francisco Trade- Journal, one
of the leading publications tt 'e kind in
the I'nlted State, will shortly Issue
special salmon edition. The number will
be replete with Interesting statistic and
information concerning the salmon
Industry, and will consist of II pages.
No pain will be spared to make it one
of the most creditable editions ever Issued
on tb Paclfle coast. Carefully prrrwnd j
runes vj naiivnsi sumonaes win pe
presented In the Journal' special edi
tion, and suggestions as to the best
manner ot increasing the output of
salmon will form otle of the moat
valuable features of the paper. It I
requested by the Journal that the pack
ers of the Columbia river send the names
of their cannerl.'. the pack for the prv
ent year, and tie principal brands han
dled. A general review of the salmon
market will also be given.
During a c,uall Saturday night th
British ship Wlscombe Park tripped hr
anchor and drifted down the stream, col
liding wi;h the Brit:h ship City of
Athens, and damaging that vessel to
the extent of about jr.n. The Wlscombe
Park was an hored abreast of the can
factory and when her anchor fouled
the vessel drifts! helplessly with the
current and toirely missed the tvmbran
Queen colliding with the City cf
Athens. The cutheuil and p.irt of the bul
wark pf the latter V"! were carried
away and her r.eging was damared. The
Citv of Athens snapped her anchor ch'iln
whrn the collision occurred and lost
about M fathoms of it. The Wlscomte
Park escaped with sliEht .njurles. Cap
tain Powers stating that IS would repnlr
the damaKes. The damages to the City
of Athens will not detani the vessel
from going to sea. The hull of either
vessel was not damaged.
All features considered detrimental to
the Interests of the city in the orllnnnce
embodying the street railway franchise
were stricken out at a meeting of the
street committee, held at the office of
the city attorney yeseplay. The ordin
ance, whl h h is passed th- second read
ing, was referred to the stret committee
and ithe city attorney at the last
meeting of the council to make such al
terations as wotiM seem irper before
coming to a final vote In the council.
Mayor Bergman. Mr. KeuLtrnr and Coun
rtlmen Brix and Clinton were also pres
ent at the meeting. Each section of the
ordinance was taken up and discussed,
and portions, which were believed too
wide in their scope, were ruled out. This
Included the privilege of building on
alleys and public places. It waa agreed
that work should commence on the ex
tension of the present street railway line
In one year after It hnd passed In'o the
hands of Mr. Kuttner. It Is understood
;he line will be built to the end of the
roadway In East Astoria and extended
around Smith's Point at the lower end.
The restrictions confining the franchise
to certain streets was not definitely set
tled at the meeting, but It Is bellevd
that an agreement satisfactory to Mr.
Keuttner and to the city will tx arrived
at when the ordinance Is taken up again
for discussion. Another meetinsr will be
held by the street committee Saturday
next for that purpose. Mr. Keuttner
made no objection to the changes made
In the ordinance and will assume control
of the street railway as soon as the
franchise Is granted.
Parker House John Price, Svenon;
Dr. A. J. Dooney, Portland; T. J. And
rews, li. Harrison Olympla; W. G. Lab
hard. Fort (ran by; S. L. Swanson, S. 15.
Graham, Ilwaco.
Occident-William Whelan, G. W. Cald
well. M. W. Mathiews, Portland; Captain
W. H. Cross, Ning'how; A. Olson, Rai
nier; Captain J. D. Ellis, Eubomcne; p.
Calm, Georpe W. Stewart, Eosion; R.
Griffith. Bc-swlng.
Short Sketch of the Lifo of Well Known
Astoria Mlllman, Who Died at
Portland Saturday.
The news of tho death In Portland of
William 8. Kinney came as a sad nurpr'se
to the people of Astoria. It was gener
ally supposed his condition was Improv
ing, and that he would soon return to
the city. The relapse came quickly, how
ever, and he sank rapidly.
Deceased was the youngest Bon of the
late Robert Couch Kinney, and wag. born
In the Chchalem valley, this stale, in
1854. In 1867 bis parents removed to
Salem. For several years he was trav-
ellng saJeaman fr th Hulem Flouriti
Mills Company. Whll resident of th
rapttiU city he married Mis Mary
Siren. Afterward he weol to Day ton.
Where he tllilied , flouring mill.
In bri he sold hi Pyton mill and
came to Astoria, and. with hla brothers,
established a Invf, lmon and fruit can
nery on th site of the prenent Kinney
cannery In the Wet Knd. lie wn gen
eral manager of the cannery unttl isse.
In which year he became a stockholder
In the company which purchased the oUl
Farrell mill, which stood what la now
th corner of Fourteenth and Kxolmng;
streets. Three years later a great Hi
brokV out at the mill, sweeping It. wilt)
a big portion of th cltv, away. After
th flra the company built on the present
lle of the Clatsop mill, mm Mr. Kinney
was retained aa manager up to the tlm
of hi death.
Deeewsed wa known as an energetic
and enterprising cltlaen, ami he has
done much to assist In th growth of As
toria. II was an untiring worker, and
could be seen at almost any tlm about
the mill, btwtly engaged. It ww always
considerate to lh men employed at the
mill, and waa held In high esteem by
Mr. Kinney leave a wife and four
children, the eldest of whom I 1 year
of age. Three brother and a lter, all
resident of this city, also urv!v him.
Th body was shipped from Portland
lo Salem, where It will be burled todsy.
Why American Manufacturer Tnderbld
Those of European Countries, and
the Moral to Be Prawn from It.
ASTORIA. Nov. T. (Editor Astortan
There I conslde rahle food for thought
lesiwlally for Scotchmenk In the leading
article of last Sunday' Astortan.
How I tt that American underbid
Scotchmen for Iron piping? How Is It
that American are capxble off perform
Ing more wtk than the Scot In a given
apace of time?
Personally I should nswer these vital
ts.xM. ht question follow:
a a itiM tne American people r
better educated than the European. The
Americans are very ambitious and ex
Pcot In many case much more than they
reillse. tn-rhap. NevertheW. they
are expected to work very- hard, because
hey are fortunate in being paid better
whgt than their European confreres.
The opinion a Svtchmn would arrive
t on seeing an American working Iti a
logging damp, for Instance, would le that
the losver was trying to terminate hi
existence by too ambitious Inbor. In
America men work like machine. When
hey are worn out they are cast aside
a worthless and out of date.
poouanu noes not consider Its men as
machines, aw doe not allow em
ployer to consider thetr m'n ? such.
The manufacturer of Europe compel
compel their men to leave the mill at
1J o'clock on Saturday. This I done In
order that the hand will have time to
forget the'r toll and seek pleasure. They
are uppos-d i observe ibe Sabbath
hence the half holiday on SatubUy.
Which system In th long run will be
come more advantageous to the people
(Europe or America, time will disclose.
Personally I am of the opinion that
American manufactures will penetrat
the utmost parts of the earth against all
obstacle. It must be so. for w Ameri
can work at a hlghr pressure than
Europeans. W are paid more, and It
is my humble opinion that the Amerl.un
wurkingman earns every cent that is
paid him for his Intelligence and hard
The day Is not far distant when we
shall underbid the Scotch, not only on
rpr. but shall shure the Scotish glory
of Mng. with her. the greatest idilp countries on earth. ARTISAN.
MANILA'S Iii niAL r.Rol'ND.
Pr. M. M. Walker D- scrllxn the gualut
Grawyard and tht Old Customs
Practiced !y the Native.
Pr. M. M. Walker, formerly of th's
city, mid now a sunreon of the Fourth
fnltwl States cavalry, nt:itloned at Ma
nlla. wrttlnir to a friend In Astorin, thus
deocrlb" th curi"u hurlal and
customs of Mmlla:
"There Is a srreot deal of slcknc In
the army here. The Cemetarlo de Paco'
Is 1ks than a quarter of a mile directly
In front of our quarters and from I to
S our soldiers are burled there dally. It
Is rather deprewilnir to hear the volleys
over the graves and taps sounded so
often durlntc a day. The cemetery Is a
quaint old place. A brick wall about 1
feet hleh and half as thick surrounds
probably two are of ground, with an
oval-topped chapel In the center of the
space, where mass I held early every
morning, and also over the dead, by na
tive priest.
"Our own dead are burled by our chap
lain, but the Spaniard and native aro
deposited In receptacles In the thick wall
for which muot be paid an annual rental
of about tin. After the first five yr
1 for which canh is paid at the time of
deposit!, should the rent not be paid
promptly, the remains are disentombed
and thrown In an open space on the top
of the wall. Hundreds of skulls of those
whose rent has not been paid may be
counted In these places set apart for
"The grounds nre beautifully shaded
and kept, and surmounting th top of
the cha'wd Is a llfe-slie figure of 'Hope'
in marble. The cemetery must be a flrst
claxs Investment for the company that
owns It. The California regiment has a
Catholic prli-t for chaplain, who has
bwn made the superintendent of the
place by General Otis.
"Our soldiers are buried without
Followlng are the teams which are to
contest In the "flower" tournament at the
Astoria Football Club's alleys:
Lilacs W. C. Laws, captain; Mrs. Wise,
W A. Stlne and George Ohler.
Snowballs P. II. Sovey. captain; Mrs.
Saery, II. H. Plnrxll and E. P. Hm
blet. Bachelor Buttons L. B. Burroughs,
captain; Mrs. Adams R. A. Gibson, and
Hon Benjamin Young.
Chrysanthemum.'. If. Cooper, cap
tain; Mrs. G. C. Fulton, P. A. Campbell,
O. Bercndes.
Welgollas Herman Wise, captain; Mrs.
Me-rler. F. A. Fisher, and A. A. Cleve
land. Heliotropes C. P.. Hlirglns, captain;
Mrs. Fisher. E. W. Crosby, and H. W.
Christen sn.
Pansles R. G. Prael, raptaln; Mrs. II.
F. Prael, B. Wise and C. G. palmbcrg.
Asters B. F. Allen, captain; Mrs. In
galls. D. Coulter, and H. Sacry,
Wallflowers F. Woodfield, captain;
Mrs. Stlne, F. Goodull, and N. Schlussel.
Forgot-me-nots Alfred Fungo, captain;
Mrs. Delllnger, J. Strauss, and P, H. Mc
Donnell. It Is proposed to organize ono or two
other teams, If a sufficient number of
players can bo ofnuto qshrdlshr shrdldd
players can bo found to make up the
The first games 1n the contest will be
bowled Wednesday night.
T. mk It apparent to lh.uanda, who
think (hemselve III, that they ar nt
amieel with any diseaso, but that th
system simply need demising, I to
bring eomrort horn to their hearts,
a ciwtlv condition I eaally cured by
using Syrup of Klg. Manufactured by
lh California. Fig Syrup tVmpuny only
and sold by all druggists.
Bid on cedar pole are asked for, snma
to be delivered at tke ct out 36 to the
mile, on "(he county road between Till
mook and Astoria," and lo be delivered
atthln day from Hi date thereof. Th
peclflcatlona for thpse pole nr a fo.
low: Thev are to be of sound, live green
cednr. peeled, with knot trimmed cl
lo the pole: IS feet long, with a top of
not le than vn inche In diameter;
butts 10 Inche In diameter Malt all bbia
to th Oregon Telephone t Telegraph
Co., Maclear Building. IVrtland, Oregon.
Notice Is hereby given that for th pur
pose of making an examination of all
person who may offr thmalv
candidate for teacher of th school
of this county, the county ccnoot superin
tendent thereof will hold a public lam
ination at lh county court house on
Wednesday. Nor. I. ISM, at 1 o'clock p.
m. Examination Nr state papers will
b held Saturday. November 1J, 1S4.
Dated this Slat day or October, lS3t
County 8chool Superintendent. Clatsop
County, Oregon.
State of Oregon, Treasury Department.
8alem, Novembor 1st, -Notice la
hereby given that there are fund on
hand with which to redeem all outstand
ing state warrant endorse.! by me "pre
sented and not paid for want of fuiula"
between the date of September th, 1W,
snd April 7th. lsyt. both dates inclusive
with the exception of warrants drawn on
the swamp land fund. AH such warrants,
when properly endorsed, will be pl.
upon presentation at this ortlce, Interest
thereon ceasing from and after the date
of this notice. P11II. METSCH AN.
State Treasurer.
A permanent resident of As
all d'seases of the eye, and
for the correction of ail error
lion. Any glasa that doe no
Isfactory will be cheerfully
OfTce Kinney Bulldlntr.
1 Astoria's Leading Hotel
Mcglcr & WrlRht, PropH.
Taffies, Caramels, Chocolates and Bon
Bons fresh every day,
Commorciul Street near
J. Me
Convent of the
...Holy Names
Hoarding pupils accepted fur tha school
week. Iale of opening, Heptcmlicr ,th,
For rateM, etc., addreus the BuportoreHH
1 1 p 1 1
Leading Druggists
of Astoria
Try " Protoie," a
the Headache
Boys Vestee Suit
LurKO sailor collar, ool
orotl cloth trimmings,
ftiul braid to mttcli. A
vory sightly suit, gcs
from 3 to 8 years.
Ladies Wrapper
(JiKid, lictivy Vegunti
t'lotli, heavy wni."t lilt
ing, niotly trimiiii'tl
with braid, well M'ved,
full width skirt.
y corrected.
The North I'aeiflo Brewery, of which
Mr.Joho Kopp it proprietor, make beer
for domes' io and eiport trade.
Dottlerl bwr for family rise, or keg
bwr inpplietl at any time, delivery in
the city free.
Orlcntcil CmHomIUcm
nnd Toys.
Wo mtial reduce sstock nnd
Hell RcanrctlcfsM of Cot"
Wing Lee & Co.
Cooiicr's Dry Goods Store,
sure and pleasant cure for
Miss '
These Garments do the talking for
Will do it for you, as well.
Leather StoeklngsiK,?'.
Tlio wvll kiiown Uluck
Cut stocking for Ik))h
and girls , doubl
thnnighout, triple ktieo,
fiist blin k.
Calve them n trial
$1.00 per pair
for. 9th und CVmitm-rcinl
New Stock
Of Canned Fruits and Vege
tables just in.
Comparison of quality and
price of same invited.
no li
Braided plush cape, thibet around
collar, 52.85.
Cloth capes, 1.60, 32 and 52.60.
Guaranteed kid gloves, 51.00.
Ladies' skirts, 98c, 51.36, & 51.60
Special sale this week of men's
Carpenter nnd Uulltlor
General Contractor
Phoo No. 68
Aatorla, Oro
Herd wore,
Ship Chandlery,
Special AtUotlon Paid t. Supplying Bhlpt
Astoria Public Library
Open every oay from 1 o clock to 6:80
and 8:30 to 9:30 p. rru
Subicrlptton rate $3 per annum.
Wet Cor. Eleventh and Duane Street,
Us. They
Boys 2-Piece Suit
Nicely inmlo, good tins
Uign. ,0no of Uio very
bi'Ht school suits for
age, 4 to 12
Colors, black or
mmn '" e-""' Wsc
Tl Only IMaioi t.iC.ct HnrunlitM.
Sometime, enpoclivlly ichool time, they
need thorn; good, eany one, but atrong
and hard to woar out. Aa for the boy, O,
we iymMjthlze with you all the year
throinfh, tot the boy ara a frroat tax
on head, ho&rt and iKxjketbwk, but riicht
here our eympothy tukea a practical turn,
Have you toen our ipeelttl hoe for boyeT
Petersen & Brown.