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00 till Columbia River
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470 tT2 Commercial Btrwl, ASTORIA.
Iia-li3 Third Street,
Big: Freighter Croaton Takes
Fire Off Cape Charles
and Is Lost.
Coolness of tbe Officers Prevent-
el a Panic A mo Df Crew and
Nearly All Were Saved.
Twenty-Two Survivors Picked Up ty a
Schooner anl Taken to Vineyard
Havtn. Mass -Tbe Drowned.
A disaster it sea. fortunately with imall
loss of life five persons In allwa made
known todsy by the landing here of 22
person, who escaped from the burning
iicumer C'roaUn, of the Clyde line,
bound from New York for Wilmington,
N. C. and Georgetown, . C. The dis
aster occurred on November 1, about 18
nillra north of ('w Charles, and about
S mil's from New York, from which
Iort the steamer salUd October SI, with
a general curgo and eight passengers,
At 1 o'clock In the afternoon the burned
hull of the blK freghter sank benea'h
the wave. Of the 2? persons who were
on bourd. 22 have .urvlved. These pas
senger mere landed at this port thin af
ternoon by the schooner Alice E. Clark.
The Crnatan'a lint of drowned In aa fol
low: Second Assistant Engineer Jeremiah
MoCarty. Nova Scotia, leave, a widow
In New York.
Steward James Curtis, of Jemey City.
Mm. J a men Curtis, wife of the .teward.
Frank . an oiler (met name un
known.) Jennie Wlllard. colored, ..mlngton,
N. C.
The story of tho disaster Is told by Cap
tain Hale and the other officer of the
unfortunute vessel, vk follows: The Cro
utiin wa obout 5) hour, from New York
on hi-r way to WllmliiKton. with a nmooih
hm mid calm weiither, when, at S p. m.,
a fireman rnme hurrleilly on deck and
reporti-d thut thr r hip wan on tire. A
Keneral alarm wns Imnn dlntely g.ven and
nil effort wh.h made to lower the boats,
but the tire spread with u h rapidity
that all effort to reach them were un
availing because of the flames. In lei's
than 10 minutes after the lire was re
ported the ship was completel'- enveloped
In (lame from stem to stern.
Shortly after the tire was discovered
an explosion took place In the cargo,
which blew off the after hatches. A
second explosion followed a few minutes
later and the ship was then a mass of
flames. It was nt this time tha,t Cap
tain, Hale, seeing that to remain on the
vessel meant sure death, gave orders for
all hands to Jump nverlwnrxl and save
themselves as best they could. The gal
lant captain was the Inst man to leave
the ship.
Thero seemed to ! no panic on board
and men and women, nftcr lashing on
their life-preservers, calmly leaped Into
the water. The captain and the first offi
cer rescued o'Khl persons from the water
In a yawl.
Thu burning ship was sig-.ed by the
four-masted schooner Alice E. Clark,
which lay about six miles ff, and her
captam sent a boat and crew, who res
cued 12 persons.
Want an Increase of Fifty Cents, Whlih
General Wood Refuses transport
Panama Is Safe.
Cubans who have employed In cleaning
and repairing the streets of Santiago
have struck for higher wages,, though
thev have been receiving a dollar a day.
or 50 cent and two rations higher wages
than they have before been paid for sim
ilar work.
"In faot, the local employers of labor
have been complaining of thl high rate,
alleging that it waa quite Impossible for
them to compete with ho government
on such terms. The Cuban laborers, at
the beet, are laxy anu slipshod. They
want an Increase of 50 cetvts a day. Gen
eral Leonard Wood absolutely refuses to
accede to tho demand and will adopt
heroic measures if the strike Is not very
promptly declared off.
The trouble is that many of the strikers
have rations enough on hand to last a
month or more ami they think they can
coerce the United States authorities.
General Wood says ho will arrest every
laborer nble 'to work and under a va
grancy law, which ho will establish,
compel him to work thirty days for ra
tions while In lull. Ho dislikes the Idea
of Importing labor, but believes that this
must bo tho ultimate result
General Wood visited tho yellow fever
hospital to make nn Inspection. Ho
found ono patient suffering from Bright's
disease, but that there had been a caso
of yellow fever under care for two
months. He severely censured Dr.
Pucker, superintendent of the hospital,
for making an appeal for American re
lief stores, and ho will probably abolish
tho hospital altogether at tin early dato.
Collector Donaldson has returned from
Glbara with $40,000 customs receipts at
that place. Ho reports that there Is con-
Idcrablo smallpox In he neighborhood
of Holguln, but no vellow fever. Gen
eral Dometrlus Castillo, who ia assisting
In the work of organising the military
department In the Glbara district, la busy
engaging men lor gendarmeries, accept
ing men only of good physique.
Colonel Hay, wtio hn returned from
Quantanamo, say that the Cuban gon
eral. 1'nrei, ahout to grant Indefinite
furlough to Mi men, to enable them io
go to work, the reason apparently Hng
that many are practically js gn1 wouM
have ;one to work anyhow.
Lieutenant J. If. Blount, the Judge 4
oa.te, I acting a lieutenant governor.
CVUaln Chester, of the United State
cruiser Cincinnati, after an examina
tion of the wreck of the Relna Mercedes,
l of the opinion that (he veasel cm be
raised at imatl expense.
She I of an antiquated type, but would
b uieful when repaired a a achool ship
6r for coaat defense, though It would be
necessary to lax out a targe um of mon
ey for Kflttlng her.
The recelDt of the a
bulletin announcing the aafe arrival of
the Lnlted Btatea transport Panama at
Havana cauaed relief here, aa there had
been some uneasiness, although the re
port that she had been lost waa not
credited. The department hail tn
caused much annoyance, owing to the
utterly unfounded dlipatchee forwarded
on the subject for a day or two to the
United Statei. more than fifty pro
gram having been received aaklnv fnr
One report waa that a achoooer bad
passed tome wreckage marked "Pan
ama," but there waa nothing In this.
Kvery ichooner In Santtosro harbor waa
vlaKed and everywhere the earn flat
denial waa made. The rumor circulated
waa a stupid boax.
The Proceed Will Be gent to Relativts
Promotlona Made In Nebraska Regiments-Oregon
Soldier Injured.
MANILA, Sept. 24. (via San Francisco.
Nov. 4.K Headboards have been erected
over the grave of the Aator battery
dead who lie In the native cemetery, and
their effect have been told at auction,
bringing large sums. A coat belonging
to Private Dunn brought fx. and a to
bacco pouch 1Z The money will be sent
to relative.
William Flick, of company M. Minne
sota, met a glad surprise upon arriving
here. The German cruiser Princess
Wllhelra 1 now in the harbor, and the
young soldier learned that h:s brother
wu a marine on board. They bad not
een euh other for ten year.
The following promotion have been
made In the Nebraska regiments:
Cttirtain W. H. Oury, company B, ha
been made aecond lieutenant In the
Twenty-third Infantry; First Lieutenant
Claude H. Ough. O company, to be cap
tain of B company; Second Lieutenant
O. W. Burr, of E company, to be first
lieutenant of O company; Sergeant Ma
jor Sherman A. White, to be second lieu
tenant of E companyiRegtmental Quar
termaster Sergeant Wadaworth to be
sergeant major, and Sergeant Ryan of
II company to be quartermaster of the
Lieutenant Crltchlow. of Battery B,
I't.ih. was presented with a beautiful
Ivory cane on Wednesday evening. He
was the officer who commanded the
l'tah guns In the trenches on the night
of August 21. The Utah battalion has
Ix-en made an independent organixatlon,
with Captain Young acting major.
Captain F. J. Case, company F, sec
ond Oreiton, haa been detached to Inspect
the sanitary system at Cuvlte. and re
port on I:: ondltlon, together with rec
ommendations for repairs or an entire
new system.
Edward D. Doldrlch, of company F,
Second Oregon, had a serluo fall from
his hammock last Thursday. It Is now
feared that he may have sustained ver
tebral Injuries and has been removed to
tho hospital.
The Governorship of New York Claimed
by Both Parties-All Bets Taken
bv the Republicans.
NEW YORK Nov. 4 Chairman O'Dell.
of the republican state committee, has
given out the following statement:
"Tho campaign which is rapidly draw
ing to a elose from every Indication
points to a republican victory. The clos
ing of a careful canvass ol the up-to-date
counties convinces me that a plurality
large enough to more than meet and
offset any possible plurality that can b
obtained In Greater New Y'ork by Tam
many Hall Is assured.
"I And that the constant talk of Tam
many Hall leaders of their certainty of
carrying the state has been a mere bluff.
There Is no possibility of tuelr securing
In the city of New York a plurality that
would Insure the election of Van Wyck,
and they are now seeking wltu fake bet
to bolster up what they know to be a
losing cause. Their bets the republicans
are calling, and we are met with the -
formation at their betting stand that
there Is no more Van Wyck money in
sight. On the contrary, I am in receipt
of Information from hundreds of demo
crats within tho city of New Y'ork who j
propose to vote ior Kooseveii. ana i
believe that there Is a surprise In store
for democrats as well as for republicans,
only that the surprise for the republicans
will be In the nature of a pleasing one.
"I clalft the state of New Y'ork with
out anf question for Roosevelt by at
least 4iuv His magnificent canvass has
awakened enthusiasm throughout the
state, and his manly and courage
ous utterances, and his reputa
tion for honesty, have brought to him
the Independent voters who are to de
cide this election."
Richard Croker, In a statement to the
public, says:
"I am confident that Judge Van Wyck
will be elected by a handsome plura.ity.
Ho will have from 73.000 to SO.OoO plurality
In these two boroughs, and the rest of
Greater New York will increase the to
tal to 100.000."
JUNEAU, Alaska. Oct. 30, via Victoria,
Nov. 4. Captain Abcrcromble, U. S. A.,
of the Copper river exploring expedition,
with the remainder of his command, has
arrived here. He predicts a great future
In mineral wealth and small agricultural
development for the Copper river valley.
Ho states that his party discovered an
thracite and bituminous coal In quanti
ties. When asked to what he laid the gen
eral disappointment of the season, Cap
tain Abererombte said. "To men who
should never have left the plowhandie.
Most of them were grubstaked. They
weakened and remained In camp."
Spaniards Refused to Give Up
the Philippines to the
United States.
Clalmei Tbis Country Hal No Io
. teotion of Annexation When
Protocol Was SlfneJ.'.
TbtsIsAIso Cuirted Afalnst UilteJ
States anl Reparation Demanded
-Are Prepared for Conflict.
PARIS, Nov. 4--At today' session of
the peace commiss.oners the Spanish flat
ly refused to accept Monday's proposi
tion by the Americans to take tbe entire
Philippine group and to retmbure Spain
for her "pacific expenditure" there. j
The Spanish commissioner had also a I
number of positive declarations, whlcn
filled some S7 typewritten sheet. In one
statement the Spaniard held that the ,
United State had no ultimate right In
the Pnlllpplne Islands, and could have ,
none cave by the consent of Spain In !
these negotiation, and upon terms satis
factory to her. According to the Spanish j
contention. In a formal statement, the
United State entertained no thought of .
annexing the Philippine when the proto- j
col waa signed, or It would have been
expressed In the protocol a clearly a ,
conditions regardlnsr the cession of ter
ritory In the Antilles and the Orient M.
Camon, before the signature of the pro
tocol, received from Madrid the present
ment of an alleged cable message, clear
ly setting forth that the maintenance of
Snain's anthorltv over the Pnlltppines
should not be affected by the protocol, to
which reservation the United States made
at that time no protest or objection.
It wus turther held today by Benor
Rio and his colleague that the occupa
tion of Manila having occurred after the
signing of the protocol, and thus after
the suspension of hostilities, was Invalid.
With all this for ground work, the Spani
ards made their first positive move
against the Americans, and It constituted
their counter proposition. They charged
'non the United States wrongful appro
priation of public moneys belonging to
Spain by seixlncr tariff duties at Manila,
and they formally demanded the return
of these mo-iys In the sum ot nearly 1,
WASHINGTON. Nov. l-The admlnls-
I tratlon is waiting results from the peace
' rtstm m ieatnrt m- Vt antlnnlmltw In Vim a.
commission with equanimity in the re
alisation that the government Is perfectly ,
prepared for any turn the negotiations
may take. The navy, especially, in a
state of preparedness, should It come to ,
a resumption of hosth.-ies. One by one1
all the splendid tiphtlng machines of , treasury ana goes so iar a v uecu
the North Atlantic squadron, which hud that Weyler himself came to the trea.
been brought north at the earliest pos- ury to aid in the crime as he allege,
sible oment. were docked, cleaned and It has been divided to make a full Inves
thoroughty rented at the New York and tlgatlon of the case.
Norlolk navy yards.
Admiral Dewev has dispatched his ve' ENGLAND AND FRANCE MAY
sels one by one to British docks at Hong- hfcomE INVOLVED.
ong. where they have been placed In as ET BEL0ME I-NVOLVMJ.
good condition as possible, outside of. . ,,
our own home ports. Secretary Long j
has prudently declined to part with the
numerous fleet of auxiliary vessels ac
quired by the government JJst prior to
and during the war.
As far as the army Is concerned, while
the original force of nearly a quarter of
ot a million men, called Into service by
the oresldont, has been largely dimin
ished by the mustering-out of many regi
ments and organisations, it Is the opinion
of expert military authorities that the
army as a whole Is now a more formid
able weapon than it was at any period J
during the war.
In fact all branches of the military
and naval service profited by the ex
perience of war, and are now In better
shape than ever before.
Several Governors of States and Repre
sentatives Opposed to Paying One
Cent tor the Islands.
NEW YORK. Nov. 4.-Several gover
nors and four members of the house of
representatives, in telegrams to the
World, give their views on the proposi
tion to pay Spain $40,000,000 for the Phil
ippines. State executives and national
lawmakers generally agree In opposing
any plan calling for a money payment
by victor to vanquished.
Governor Johnson, of Alabama, says:
"I don't think the United States should
take the Philippines as a free gift and I
certainly would pay nothing for them.
We want to extend our commerce, but
not to go into the colonial business."
Governor Adams, of Colorado, who fa
vors annexation, says:
"It Is the defeated and not the victor
that pays. Why should the United States
pay Spain for Islands she has forfeited
by every law of humanity and liberty."
Governor Pingree, of Michigan, says:
"I am opposed to this country having
and looking after the Philippines. They
would be an elephant on our hands.
The American people in my opinion
would never go there to colonise, as they
can do better elsewhere.
"I think we would find It very hard to
get soldiers to go Into tnat climate to
clean up the back yards and look after
our Interests."
Governor McLaurln, of Mississippi,
"I think the United States, with the
consent of Spain, should take the. Islands,
containing Manila, and take the Went
Indie. wMh or without the conent ot
Spain. Value them all and balance their
value against a reasonable war Indem
nity. If the balance show In favor of
Spain, pay It Immediately."
Governor Stephen, of Missouri, say:
"The United Btatea should not accept
the Philippines, even as a g radon
Governor Ramsdell, of New Hampshire,
"I think the United State hould de
mand nothing from the Philippine ex
cept an American coaling elation and
all necessary appurtenance. Of count
no cash should be paid for this."
Governor Lee, of South Dakota, sys:
"I am opposed to the annexation ef
any of the territory gained by our recent
war with Spain, but I believe in keeping
a protectorate over all the territory m
acquired until the Inhabitant ahall b
comoetent for self government I am.
however, opposed to relinquishing on
foot ot territory so gained for Spain ty
ranny to rule again. Should our govern
ment see fit to annex the Philippine, I
am not In favor of paying Spain a single
dollar cash Indemnity for any territory
acquired at the cost of so much lif and
Representative Wadaworth, of New
York, says:
"I would not be In favor of paying on
Representative Hinrlchaen, of Illinois,
"I am opposed to annexing the Philip
pines under any circumstance and an
ereatly opposed to assuming tho payment
of bond which have undoubtedly been
bought up by (peculator for a nominal
urn. I regard the proposition aa a steal
of the rankest character.
Representative Hopkins, of Illinois, pre
fer to await the report of the commlav
sloners and the recommendation of th
preitd(nt before expressing himself.
Representative 8hattuck, of Ohio, haa
Implicit confidence that the president
will decide the matter properly.
Representative Ermentrout, of Pennsyl
vania, say:
"I cannot conceive of any circumstance
or condition that would persuade me t
such step In regard to the Philippines. "
Men Convicted of the Offense Charge
Him With Stealing Over On
Million Dollars.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 4-A special t
the Chronicle from Manila of September
26 says:
Direct evidence connecting General
Weyler of Cuban fame with the wbole.
sale looting of the rhll.ppine treasury
nas Deen uneurinea in cmo.u prison.
MaxlmUno Rosales and Julian Reyes,
sent to prison as srapegoa's for official
thieves, have been liberated by order !
General Otis, but delivery came too 1st
for a third prisoner convicted of tn
same crime, for he died in Bilibld elKht
days before the American army entered
the city.
When Captain Moffett. superintendent
of prisons, began his Investigation of
the cases of the prisoner confined In
Billbad, Rosales anu Reyes declared that
they were unjustly suffering for the
crimes of other and begged that their
case bo reopened.
They averrod that Weyler and his asso
ciates had looted the treasury of JlJi.
000 in Mexican silver, and that tney bad
been accused of the crime and sent t
Jail. Moffett made a report of the mat
ter to General McArthur, and an exam
ination ot the books at the treasury waa
' The la
The latter showed that during the Wey
ler regime several Immense sum of
money had been withdrawn, and tnw
was an unsatisfactory showing as to
the disposition ot It.
Rosales was one of the cashier at th
liritisn umcers ui n wn vuii'wcr
Situation Very Grave and War Ves-,
sels Are Held Ready.
VICTORIA. Nov. i-Last night 150 mi
j arrived over the Canadian Paclflo for th
! gioopjof-war Icarus, and that vessel.
which has been completely rentted. was .
put Into commission today. The nagshl
Imperieuse has been provisioned and ha
taken aboard the limit ot her supply of
ammunition. All her bunkers ere foil
and she Is under steam night and day.
ready to obey the first order.
The new received tonight Is considered
by those In command to be the most Im
portant which has yet reached here, and,
although preserving the usual noncom
mittal attitude of British omoer. thoa
In command do not attempt any denial
of the assertion that a crisis haa been
reached which is the gravest In the his
tory of the empire In many yeara.
steamer City of Seattle, from Skagway.
Alaska, reports the tug Wallowa ashor
on Mary Island. She was comlrur south
with the bark Columbia In tow and went
ashore at high tide. She 1s reported aa
being In a perilous position.
Dm Royal Is the highest grade baking powder
Iumw. Actual test show It geeaoae
tklrd turther thaa any other rad.
Absolutely Pure
sovm. urn rowMa 00., m vtxw.