The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, November 04, 1898, Image 2

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mil ST 1 I-7F TO 83 U 1 ST
Kotli Is herxfiv sivun lh la asswawinani mik iV nrdhlattsU No. I'?, of the
a &oiorUro.
Telephone No. N.
i w i ii n
tent br nnui, per year
ftnt by wll, per month
Served by carrier, per month
ttant by mult, pr year, in advance,
Postage fr to suoscribers.
... .H
... .
i All communications Intended for publt
Allan ahould be directed to tho editor.
Iiuslnest communication ot ll kind
asd remittance inut bo addressed to
"Th Astoriaa."
The Aatorlan guarantee to IU adver
tiser lb Isrsrest clrculauon of any
newspaper published on tn Columbia
Advertising rates can b had. on appll
cello to th business manager.
Crtlh manufacturer r becccain;
alarmed over tho tremendous stride be
fog tsieo by tho imrto nU Industry.
America made Mils, and pecialiy
those, ot tho wire. Variety, r swiftly
arising oat tho English product Accord
fat to tho report Just received by tho
fcureaa of statistic. th export of wire
Mill from tho L'nX4 State last year
amounted to tho enormous quantity of
XtxROS oounda. These were worth ItfS,
TJJ. or two cent pound. The faot that
urine tho previous year less taaa U
100. 000 poutad of nail wens exported
fhovi how the Industry U growing. Tho
fcureaa conclude It Interesting reprt
a tho subject by quoting an article from
the "British Iron and Coal Trades Bo
Haw." la which (ha American nail trade
Is held up as a mot unwelcome, condition
U English manufacturers. "Figure
published from time to time, says lb
article, "make U dear that tho United
States threaten Europe with sertous
eompetitloa la the nail trade. The United
States appears to be prepared to s!l cut
mails at works for about 3 per ton Utile
more than the BritUh price for steel
alia Wo have never heard of any pnee
approaching this figure being quoted In
Chairman Dabcoik. of the republican
eonsreesional committee, has sj'ven out
fcis official forecast of the Impendinf el
tioo. in which he state that districts
which were considered doubtful four
weeks aco are now safely republican.
Tbo sound money democrats, who are
hattinx between a support of their old
nranisation on state Issues and the dsn.
feroos fallacy of fiat money, have an
sou need their Intention to support tba
republican nominees la almoat every
very Stat of the union, and to rive He-
Klnley a republican house that ran be
deoended upon o support him In the In
tereet of sound money. In the adjustment
of the creat questions growinc out of
the war. and to take advantage of the
opportunities offered for commercial su
premacy. This change of sentiment
toward the republican nominees. Mr.
Babcock states. Is very similar to that
which occurred in 1831 when the demo
erats practically won their fight within
four weeks of the election. The forecast
concludes: "Tho indications are now that
the republicans will elect 1M members,
which, together with tho eight already
Iwted from Maine. Vermont and Oregon,
will make 192 members of the Fifty-sixth
congress. This would give them a work
ing majority of taenty-seven over alL
I do not see how this number can be re
duced if xhe party continues Ks present
aggressive campaign. But to achieve
this result it will be necessary for evry
republican to do his full fluty."
BInco the United States supreme court
aeclded that the Joint Traffic Associa
tion cannot legally be maintained, It Is
understood In railway circles that re
sewed efforts will be made during the
winter session of congress to emend the
Interstate commerce law so that the
line may bo enabled to carry on pool
ing, In a modified sense at least. The
measure had mature consideration last
session, and waa practically ready to be
reported. So much time, however, waa
consumed In dealing with the anti-scalp-
lug Question that Senator Cullom's com
mittee. It Is said, could not get It on the
calendar. The bill now in view will be a
compromise measure, and will Include
sections taken from the recommenda
tions of the Interstate commerce com
mission the railroad attorneys, and the
bill that was Introduced by Senator For.
aker. It Is believed that a law can be
framed that will havo the hearty ap
proval of the commission and at. the same
Im not conflict with existing statutes,
or the recent decision of the highest
court At any rate, It 4s known that the
railroad officials who look after such
matter axe getting the material in
shape, Thsy will doubtless put extra
pressure upon the congressmen, as It Is
' realized that the life of this congress will
soon expire, and the chances are that
few of the republican leaders will care
to have the Fifty-sixth congress called
together In extra session If It can possi
bly avoided. Senator Chandler, Chll
ANtccbWc Preparation for As
slmiuting ttxroodandRctfuU.
tirttcSiaaciisandLVtbcf lYotnotcs DicsHoaChccrful
TicssandRcst.Conlains ndL'aT
Oprum.Morphtne nor JliiKral.
AnfJKcmclY CorConstiM-
rion. Sour Stotxicti.Diarrtsxa.
Vorms .Comiilsiertt.. evemn
acss andtQSS OF SUSP.
T$imu Scfrntlureof
on and Tillman. wV are memtwrs of
tho !nterao commerc commftteo, are
knowa to be flerco opponents of all poot- i
Ins; proposttlotm. anj theT have alo
mtide a savaro reslst.inca to tho antl-
scalnlnjr Nil. Unless they withdraw their
opposition a bis; fight canrxit be avod'ed.
v v v v y
Ta&tof R Onr.
VTbea a party
middle aged worn
a get together
alooe. a common
theme of con vena
tion is their Phys- P
would be better if
these discussions of the ai'.ments peculiar
to women took place twenty vears earlier
in life. If a little of the prudery of mod
ern society were banished, to that young
wocarn talked these sabjeds over among
thrmirlvea, there would he less sut&nng
among women in middle life.
Good health is the best endowment that
a human being can have. Good general
health among women fc largely depended
npon good local health in a womanly way.
Through ignorance and neglect it has be
oome such sn ordtnarv, common - place
thing for women to miner from wraknrM
and disease of tSe delicate and important
feminine orginim, that many women have
I come to took npon these trouble as an
' nnawniHaSt intrtnr TSt im A mitt.
take. All troubles of this nture may be
cured in the privscy of the home, without
undergoing the obnoxiou "examination"
and " local treatment" irnuted upon by
the average pbyvician. tr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription gives health, elastic
strength and vitality to the Kutilive organ
concerned. It ''lay inlammation, heal
ulceration in from pain. It tone
the nerve an i ...ilds the nerve centers
tt makes a woman healthy and strong, and
thus prepsres her for heslthv wifehood,
capable motherhood and a safe transition
at the change ( life.
"I want to teir to the great benefit 0rHl
from tutng Dr Pierce Piwwile prtwnvtim."
write Mr R. Mmqo. of Strykerwinll. Wyo
ming Co.. N V. ' I commenced uing it t.t
three month before emiAnrraent With mi
Swmer confinement I tulfered gmily. while thi
corararattTelr er owing to the UM
at Uw 'Fi
svonie rrecrituoei
No person In Norway may spend more
than slxe cents at one visit to a drinking
BsarsO IfrlUd a Hw Km lx$
Aopleby How does your wife like her
new sealikin Jacket? Foiley-I havn't
seen her lately. She's he.-n so nusy call
Ing on her friends.
Du'4 headache, pains In various parts of
the body, sinking at the pit of the stom
ach lots of appetite, feverishnes, plropUs
or sores are all positive evidences of Im
pure uiiwl .-so matter now It became so
It must be purified In order to obtain good
reaitn. Ackers Blood EUier has never
fnt-4 to cute scrofulous or syphilitic poi
sons or any otner blood diseases. It Is
certainly a wonderful remedy and we sell
every bottle on c positive guarantee.
t or sale by Estea-Conn Dnj ;o.
There are over !ffi known languages
ana ai&K-ct.
Mokl Tea positively CXJr,t j,adaetie,
indigestion and constipation. A delightful
herb drink, Remova all eruptions of
the skin, producing a perfect complexion,
or money refunded. 25 end DO cnts. For
sale by Estes-Conn Drug Co,
A bee's wlr.Rs are said to beat the air
at the rate of ISO strokes pc second and
to propel the tee a distance of 20 miles
an hour.
ID 9
fd VQ
,1 O
Its least virtue is
that it lasts so.
Soap is for comfort;
the clean are comfortable.
Fof Infants and Children.
liThe Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
You HaVs
s Bought
Tho new cable which has been laid
across tho Atlantic weighs W pounds to
m o , ,h.
Brstu ,fXVAA Kin Inn fcfl
A plw-e of flsnnel dampened with
Chamtyr'.sln F-aln Italm and t-und on
to the affected jwirt Is supi-rlr to any
plaster. When troubled with a puln " h
hint or side, or a lame Ni-k. give It a
rial. You are cert.iln to be- mr thn
pleased with the prompt relief which It
afforo. Fain B.ilm I Io a certain cure
for rbeumViiim. For le by t'hirle druicislst.
Obrrlln college tud-nt h-ive N'en In
formed that they may Indulno In carl
Plating In their room If they ch,e.
The good Methoduts of Ohio are almost
horror stricken In con?eo,ueiu-e.
sf OT7.
Reggy (quoting Hamlet): "If thou
wat needs marry, marry a fool." Maude
-Oh. Reggy. this Is so sudden.
Tbat tbe Mood should perform Its vital
functions. It Is absolutely nscsry II
should not only be pure but rich In life-
giving elements. These results are best
effected by the use ot that well-known
standard blood purtder. Asra" Sarsapa-
Never does a man believe so strongly
In the attraction of gravitation a when
he gore to sit down In a chair snd misses
In 1SS7 Mr. Thomas Mcintosh. 0. Allen-
town. Tenn.. hsd an attack of dysentery
which became chronic. "I was treated
by the best physicians In East Tennes
see without a cure,' he says. "Finally
I tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera snd
Diarrhoea Remedy. After uning ab"Ut
twelve bottles I was cured sound and
well." For sale by Cherles Rogers,
Employer-How Is K. James, that you
are so late this morning? Office boy
I I didn't know you were coming so
early, sir.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
AU druggists refund the money If It falls
to cure. S cents. The genuine has U a.
VI. on each tablet.
In Paris a peculiar fad on the part of
rich women has given rise to the curious
profession of "dog dressmakers." Mem
bers of this profession suwly every sort
of covering a lady wants for her nam-
pered pet.
Hoarseness In a child that Is subject
to croup Is a sure Indication of the ap
proach of the disease. If Chamberlain's
CouRh Remedy Is given as soon ss the
child becomes hoarse, or even after the
crou-y cough has appeared. It will pre
vent the attack. Many mothers who
have croupy children always keop this
remedy at hand and find that it saves
them much trouble and worry, it can
always be depended upon and Is pleasant
to take. For sale by Charles Rogers
The demand for American apple In
Germany Is said to be Increasing at a
rapid rate, as the German housewives
rr fer them to any others. Owing to the
larsre crop promised this season, thotis
and of barrels will be sent to that
Luiurlant hair, of uniform color, Is a
beautiful head covering for either sex,
and may be secured by using Hall s vege
table Sicilian IUtr Renewer.
proposal for Fresh Beef and Fresh
X Mutton: unice v."i vo... 1
Vancouver Barracks, Wash., Oct. 5. 1898.
Sealed proposals for furnishing and de
livering Fresh Beef and Fresh Mutton
will be received here and at offices of com
missaries at Fort Stevens, Oregon, Boise
Barracks and Fort Sherman, Idaho, Forts
Canby. Spokane. Walla Walla ana
Vancouver Barrack. Wash., and Dye
and Fort Wrangel. Alaska, until I o'clock
a. m Nov. 6, 1898. snd then opened. In
formation furnished on application. En
velopes containing proposals ghould be
Indorsed "Proposals for Freeh Beef and
Fresh Mutton,'' and addressed to the
undersigned, of to Commissary at peat
to be supplied. A. 8. BROOKES, Capf.
a X
1 ' tut it4 tMN krtftM fv
Chief Com'y.,v la t.iirt rlvan Inn I tha aaavtemi.tit mail lv (Wri
city of Aatoita, Orvn, antlOd "An tirtttniiiioa Omflrnilii; ih Assesauwm wu
the. 8ivil Amiit Hull rir the trwt rmwovsinwil m tn yr of AsrArin,
OrrMn, Known a "l'h tmprovMir-nt of (Intuit Avvous, V.n TwimUj -NHUli
tiH. to Ttilitv-thlrtl Mtrvwt,'" aiiprov. tH'lir i, lusi. HI b due nint p.
Me. In l'lllti.S flitt' gi'lil coin, at th uttlrn of the. clly liivmiri'r on Nvintir
IMh. INK. mid If not AKI at said time, t hi. nummm coiuu ll will oMor wiirialits
IhiiioI lor the rollsvlloti ot the The eiit.uil I as ,'lln;
Astoria Street Itailwsy Co U IUKk I. Town of Alrla, a
lulil out slid nvonlixl ly J, M.
hiiue-lj- SU M)
Astoria Street Hallway Co U' 1. "l'k 'hai ;f Asioria, ns
Uld out and reMi'tlvd by J, M.
Snmiv ,,,,, SOW
Astoria Street Hallway Co....... I't II. hbvk t Tnti of Aiil,
t'lM out and rv"nlsl by J. M.
Milvsly su.OO
Anderson. William south 40 ft Lot II, Mock S. Tvn .f Airla, as
Mid out and rvivlil ty J, M.
M'ivcl) i;,M
Anderson, Victor, heir of hrdr are Ida
Klmior Anilrmn. Aiel Anderson. Al-
Iwrt VKtir Anderson, Jusina Andsr-
son, widow lAt . UliH'k I. Tiit of Aatorltt, ns
i mil anil rv.iii.uii ny j. ,.
Adair. Kllen und 4 ot north H fit Lot J. Illock , rt of fpi'er A-
i.iiIa., as loid out and rvcorUvU
by J.ilm Ad.ilr
Adlar, Mary It. ..und H of north fret Lot . Hkk k a Mrt ..f I'piwr As
toria., as luid out iil rvtoiMfit
by John
Hrsnham. Robert J." usd of N M ft I.t . lnHk 40, snt of l!itwr A-
i.mU. as I'tid out and rnrdl
Kitrkur. Tum IV Adair, und k of N M 1V John Aditir
liurton. K. R
UoMllta, rrank
Cornelius, T. S.
Charleston. Nellie O
Inlson. D. A
Georga, Winifred C.
Holmes, Gust
Holmes. Oust
Hyland, Thomas A..
.N. H
..und H
..uml H
..und. H
..und. Sk
Hyland. Thomas A
Hyland. Thomas A
Hyland, Thomas A.
. Thomas A
Hyland, Thomas A
Hyland. Thomas A
Hyland. Thomas A
Hylaml. Thorns A.
Hyland. Thomas A...
Hrn.)rU'kn. August.
Hakvlst. Andrew
.north i
north 4
J, k,n. John
Jordan. Mary A und of N. tt ft
Iukkanen. Herman
Iukaanen. Herman
w .
Llndberg. 8ophla aouth H
Larson. I.I isle
Ir..n. Augut un.1 lj
Unoii. Augunt UIJ Mi
I.aurllla. OIlvU
Mattson. John
MKtson. John
Msnnula. Fllsnbeth
Mannuta. Klliabeth
Moore. Jacob ,
Msnnula, Emanuel ,
Mannula. Eric
Morris. Right Rev. B. Wistar 8. M ft
Morris. Right Rev. B. Wistar
toria, as Uld out and recorded by
John Adilr ... M.4D
Morels. Right Rev. B. Wistar Iit 4. Hb k 4o r .rt pf l' s-
toriu. a Uld out and recorded by
John A.lalr . ... 151.00
Nufer, Peter south ' .0t I. Hlo. k Jt. port of t' Aa
torla. ns laid out and p'corded by
t,.l,n Aitair U flO
Ostron, Joseph north 110 feet
8hlvely, C. W
Welcker, Kaly Adlr..und H of N. M feet
.und H
und. 'i
Wlckman. Frederick
Wlckman. Mary
The following are pyablo In lnHlallfnenls, tho first Installment due Novem
ber lith, 1M8:
Barry, Andrew Lot 10, Block 3. Town m Aatorh, ns
Inld oil und recorded by J. M,
Hhlveiy WI.00
Sullivan, M Lot 12, Block X Town of ..atorln, na
laid out nnd recorded b" . M.
Hhlveiy 80.00
Butl, John south ',4 Lot 7, Illock .1, Town of Aatorla, ns
I-" out nnd recorded by J, M.
Hhlveiy M.UU
Sherman, Borah C Lot 0. Block . Port of Toper Aa
torla, a laid out und recorded by
John Adair 100.00
Webber, If. II a I,ot 12, Block 2. Town of Aatorla. as
Inld out und recorded by J. M.
Hi.ivcly 80.00
By order of the common coundt of tno City of Astoria. Oregon.
AltCHt: II. K. NKIjoON,
Auditor nnd Police Judgo of tin; City of Aatorla, Oregon.
Astoria, Oregon, October 28th. 1898.
Of Shakespeare's famous characters It
la .M lhat Hamlot speaks 1.50D lines.
Iago 1.067, Oihcll') 8W and Lear 7.0.
BrigaI see that you Hrc rlllng on
the daughter of a Journalist, now.
Orlges Yes; she Is the only girl I know
of whose father Is out of the way at
night time.
. For Jjokiit and Childro. .
TtoKhHl Yea Haw teys Echt
Sear tha
Slgnatura of
mad I firdlnaiicw Nv of tba
1ai , luucs IMt't or I le-r a
I.mU.. aa laid out und rwconlsU
tI John A.hUr ,
Lt . IUHk )1, Twit f AtU. (
Mld OKI "-"d tlKVnlld liy J, M.
Lot . lUik-k 1, IVwn f A.luru, s
uujmt and rworaKl l.y J, M-
Lot . h-k is.rV Vf V;'p'r" A '
tori, as Ui.l out and rvorlHl
t John Ailmr
tl W
Lot T. Illock . I'.rt of t'ppor A ioki out atw ruuri
. I f Joiut A'Uir.
Lot T.
l.K-la. as Im.i out and rcordil
py jojin Ailir
Iit T, Ulovk I. IVwu ..f Asiona, a
laid out Jid rwvW y J. M.
U-t t. ItKvk l Town of Astoria, as
laid out and rw-ordml by J, at.
Lot K Ulok I, lwn of Attona, a
laid out and rord.-4 by J. At.
Lot T llliHk I ullkUI by T.
A. HyUnd. Town of Aalorla, as
mui out antl roconlod by J. M.
oiiviv r u
Lot I illock 1. ul1lvldoJ by T.
A. Mylnd. Town of Aaiorla, aa
iald out atul mk'otiIihI by J. it.
Uilvwty 7.0
Lot . lllo k W a uMlvldot by T.
A. Hyland. Town or Aalorla, a
vkt out and rnconled by J. M.
Hhlvelv n in
Un I V lil.ick it aa suWlvl.ll by T.
A. Hvland. Town of Aaiorta, as
I4I1I out and r-ei-orUed by J. M.
bhlvely . ft
Lt II. (n.x k k a uMlvldei by T.
a. iiy.anu. in or Asiona,
laid out and rx.rlJ by J. VI.
t 1!. Illivk X a ,wl-ivl,U br T
A llyUnd. Town of Atort, a
Itl.l out ami by J M.
Hhlvelv I M
Ut IJ Hl.x k 3X n toUlivl IM by T
A. HyUnd. 'ln f Atitrl4, a
liM out aihl iMv-.inlr.l by J H.
Hluv!v 1l M
I't H Itl-vk w n u'xllvldr.l by T.
a. ii.-in,i. ixwn or Aaiona. a
Itlit out ami rworld by J
Lot Jl lll.H-k y. n iiltlvMr,t t.y T.
a. iiyiaii,!. ruwn 01 Ai,na a
Itl. I out and re ,-nl.-. by J. M
Mlily ,,
Lol a IMik M uMtvtU,1 by T
XI 00
, lyiAti, Town r Attorta.
NM out and r-. M-.1 by J M
Hhtvclv ) 00
Ijt I. Iibx-k JT T,wn f A'orl.
bid nut and r orde.l by J. M 45.00
L-t 7 Illmk 1 Twn .f At.U, a
Uld ut and rr ordr, tv J. M.
Hluvriy J4 (j)
It I. Illm k TT. Town of Atona, na
Uld out and r orded by J. M
Hhlvelv . i) CO
It 1 nim k V lrt of l tt-r A.
I. irla. Inld out and rxMrl
bv John Adnlr I 00
I,t 1 lUm-k M a aiirallr de,! by T
A llv'aml. Town f A'ort.
laid nut ami ronrilou by J. I
htvelv 10.09
t J lilork i u.llvlde. l.y T.
A. Hyland. Town of Alirlt, a
liJd out and rMr.!".! by J. M.
Hlllve-lv .09
1,1 moi-k r Town .f Aat .ria. s
U'd out and re.ord.Ml by J. M
Hhlve'v .... xj.00
It ntm-k T. T.wn of A'ortv, a
Uld mit and re. or, U.I by J. M.
tni elv i '
,ni . Mm k I Town of Astoria, a
I'M put snd re- ordml by J l
hlvely r.uo
Lot M. IMo. k I T-wnof Al rlt.
II. 1J out n. re.onle.1 by J. M.
Lot Jilixk Town of tor. a
Uld out and recorle.i by J M
I.t J tlm k M a aul.dlvl.le.1 by T-
A. Ilylnml. Town of Aaior a a
Uld out and r"-orle.! by J M.
r so
I.t I fiwk W n auti ilvtd.-l bv T.
A. Hyljirnl. Town of Ator. a
'Aid out srd r.'or'le. t.y J. M
r w
Lot .' urk ; uMivMr, by T
A. Ilvlnnu. Town of Aatorie. a
InM out an.1 rMaor.!l hv 1.
ShWelv . r.M
Lot .. HNxk m .uiHtlvidH by T.
A. HyUnd. Town of Aatorla.
! I out and r. orlr. by J. M.
I.ot V llloi-k T. Town of Aa'orlt, n
ild out und rei orde.l by J. M
Snivel ).
Lot 7 Hloi k I Town of Aston. .
'I'd out und r.-or.i' ov J. M.
Hhlvelv NI.C0
Lot lilork i Town of Aator'a, a
Uld out and recorded by J. M.
Rh,ve. 1 m
lt . Illock 4. I'ort of rpr As
toria, aa lulil out nnd r"'ori
John AiU e 4t 00
j. fi,H 40 rt of Cm-r As
, u m k 1 Town of Aa oris a
Uld nn.l re.or,e. liy J M.
Hhlve'v 41). 00
A trlaiiKoliir 'ilec ,f inn, I twumdnl
on the norlh bv th ao.itn I ne or
lr,ind iivenoe on the weat by lh
i-nat line of Th'r'v-ll'st aireet. and
on the; ejt by th- l.oiin.lurv linn
Iwtw-.en tbiit pirt of tho i-liy of
Aator'a. fire., na 'n il tit nnd re
recorded bv J M Hhlveiy nnd
that imrt nf the aild ci.v known
aa tho I'ort of Toper Atnrla. n
l.ild out und re.-or I' d bv John
Adnlr 41.20
Ixt 3. Illork VI, I'ort of I'tini r Aa-P.:-1
out nnd riHi,rili-il bv J. M.
John Adnlr
It I Illock .17. Town of Aalor n, ns
laid out and recorder' by J. M.
Hhlvelv 40 .00
Iit 1 Illock T7. Town of Alor'a, n
hi Id out 11 nd worded bv J. M.
Hhlvelv 40.00
A efAHl PrtMiV HhMTV
Open every . ny from 3 o clock to 5:30
and 0:30 to 9:30 p. m.
. Subscription rates 11 per annum.
West Cor. Eleventh and Dusne Btrctts.
Us S la a non-sotannna
ri,inil)r f.,r Ouuurrhia,
J;l'l, Bparmalorrlne,
VVIiIim, aaastarsi dl
chartiM, or aur liiDanuna
llun, r olirra-
ti'.n nf Hi li n n rtn
fi, bnniw. Moo-utrlhgaut
old by UrwrslaU,
or aenl In plain wrapper,
by ifspraa, prepaid, ful
I. , ut I .IxAtlca, f-1l.
Circular Kbl tia rauuaat.
A I I la SSariA I
fff.-jf Ouaiwl II
! saT ia iilMam, T"
a. ajp...,au -.-.i.j.
city of Anluilii, ui. . 111, milled. "An
nil 1,1 at anl.l ilntii mm rntninon
oilt'iion or the snm. me a""'v
Allen A. V.
llvlltllla, Frank
Do Fore, J. II N 100 fsst
Krlrksmi, llustava sst H
Itakvlsl, Andrew north i
Joffrey, Mary It,,,, north i
I4UMIIA, Olivia
Marlon, J. II. It
Marlon. Margucretta.
Marlon, Taul
Marion, Mry C
Marlon, Thomas F....
Olseil, Marn Anna.,.
Olsvn. Marsa Anna...
roysksy, John.,
Parker. W. W
fltvphenson, John ,
Btephenion, John
Thompson, tritk
und. 1 10
und. 1 10
und. I-10
. 110
.und. 110
west 4
east H
und. 14
.south M ft
in hviii naiiiviit roll l'r in" iiiiwuitowih m t'uy w Aaioria,
urcaniL known ns '111" ininvnint "I Twenty-miilh Mtrt, frmii Krsiikllii to
Oiaml AveiHio,'" invnt vinolwr 'th, I WW, will hi dii" anil utyallin In tlinUd
Hlntes sold ooln at llm ultlce of tli i'Hy tr.uiir nil Nnvmiilinr IMH, m, mid if
not o
Miit nui aa,i tsxiwaiHi iv j. m.
e.(uvy sj. 49
Toumala, John Ut 13. UJ,k 4. Town of Astoria, as
Inld mil and rwordod by t. M ui. a
Williamson, Jsne south H Iil I. Illm k 4. Town of AtorK as
lalil out anil rsiordrd by J. si. .
Hll vTy 11 U
Th following la payable In Instalments, the IUt Imtallment due Novsmber
lith. 1M:
Bull. John uih H 7. Hl k 1 Town of Astoria, a
laid oiil and rxordad bv J. M.
flv ordar of the common eounoll of
Auditor and folic
Aatorla, Orvgon. lK.-tober Sin. la
Notice Ic hert-by liven Inst the ase mmil mad by nnllnnr No tV9. of the
city of A'toria, Oreson, riiiltla.1 "An or itiiiamn I'liiinrniing tli aaai-aainriit on he
icUI aaaraamriit roll for in irmt lm iorairni in ti ri of AatOrM, llfmn.
known a "The lmprunini of Tlnrty. rlrt irwl. from r ranklin avenu to
1 Iran. I avenue.'" approved ih'loiier 91th. vaj. will 4m dua and iwyahl In I'nltxl
Htatoa old l oin, al the offiVa 01 the tity treaautvr 011 Novetnl.r I jl h. IH. and
If not ao paid at said tuna, the romnwi emim II will onlnr warranta iUed for
the rollri tion of tho sana. Th ar mailt Is as follow;
Andoraon. Victor, heirs of heirs arw Ida AHrt Victor Andrwu.
la. 1 Ullll.ia An, Juallna All-
ovraon. widow
Adair. Mary It "". U
Adair. Mary 11 und.
Astoria tret Railway t'onuwny
Aatorl 8trt Railway Company
Astoria 8trt Railway r .mpany
Astoria Street Railway Company
Ilrenham. Robert J u"d.
Ilrenham. Robert J -.
Barker. Iiur Adslr und.
Barker. Laura Adair urd.
George. Winifred C
Holmes. Oust Utm.
Holmes, Ouat und.
Jordan. Mary A..
Jordan. Mary A..
Lirai-n. Auuat...
..und. V
..und. Vi
Larsen, August und. yfc
Mrsen. P. W
Veiidsll. Ellen Adair und. S
Mnndell. Ellen Adair und. U
rker, Katy Adair und.
Hlilvelv U
Weaker. Katy Adnlr und. tt rt . Block I. Town of Aalorla, ns
Inld out and woroed by J. M.
Hhlveiy II. a
The following are payable In ten In sliillmenis. the first Inalnllmeut due No
vember IMh. iw,
Webber. N. H Lot 12.. Block 1 Town of Aalorla, as
By order of the common Cflunoll of
Auditor nnd Police
Astoria, Oregon, October 2Mh, IK.
1 1 tf fT I J 0 tlsn el a lamiaj t'rimcb uliywclun, will qulok ly our ou of all Bee.
1 1 v. ,1901 V. .iVJ
... .
Addraas lAVOl HEDICIHK tO.,1',0.
Columbia Rlvsr anil Paget Sound Ntvl
' gatlon qompniy. ,
Tnlnphone leaves Astoria dally, except
Baves-Por?lani dally except Sunday
st 7 a,,m.
White Collar line ticgets inten nangennie
n Telephone, T. J. P0""r, ""d K. R.
Flavel. Ilwaco, Seavlsw, Long Beach,
iknmiaiin roe jtniuria. ainu am wnj uu
C. W. 8TONK,
AstriHA Agnnt,
Telephohe No. 11.
UHCroNC ana AFTER t V'Sburrurnnl Imimienry. iflir.Nr.alaauMiUiUvf, Uit
BirunMnrn SlJiiysiidOiaiirliiaryniansolSjUlniBarlUsa
rCPlnKN trngtbniuid.r"lireainll wank nrsana.
tirdtunnow roulli inlng the asMasmeiit u
vmini ii w 1 ornvr wrianis IMUiU lor I lie
i Town of Atuti,
Inld out end rwmdDil by J, W
hlilvely u... , I M 11
I-"' f- K Town of Aaluila,
lltld Olll Mild HKV.,1,.J Vy J
Nlilvnly , 7 B
1-I I, Illock 4. Tiwii ef Almlit, 11a
lulil out and rvcunWd y J, U,
tiiilvKlv 71 u
lM i, Hlm-k I. Town of Aloi, ns
Inld out and r.oidvd by J, M.
hUivelv , js4
, ilm k I. Town f Atoil, out and reiurdml by J, M,
Hlilvely (
I-"t t. Illock 4. Town of AaiurU,
Inld mil and rwurdml by J, M,
....vsly 11.11
" i' 1 own or Asiona, a
'mi mil mm rworuvu iy j, ai
1 01
rililvly : 1 14 tt
I ,nl . illiH k 1, Town of Aatorla, hs
,ili mil and roconlvd by J. M.
. Iltot k I Town of Astoria, a
);ii.i out and, 1 by J, XI.
fcliive-ly n,
I j.l a T.,h l.l.ol.
Inld out ailit roioidud by J. M.
Alilvcly ; u
UH t, films I. Town of Aatorl. as
lain 0111 ami rwuruuii uy J. M.
Hlilmly ' u.
ot 4. niihk I Town of Atorla, at
Uld out ami
rx'ordml by J
. M.
Ut I. llliM k 4. Town of Aatorla, as
Iril'l mil
rii.i nui ana roriltHi by J, at
iii iu, iiiuri town or asiona, na
liild out and rv"td by J. M.
stiiivoi v : t7 m
Lot 4. Dl'Xk I ISiwn of Aatorla, as
Inld out and rsvutdvd by 4, M.
nivsly 1144
s. IUiw k I. 1iwn of Astoria, aa
laid out end rwordvd by J, M.
Hhivnly U.H
Ul s. Illmk 1 Town ef Alorla, as
Inld nut and rwrotdad by J. al-
Wilvidy U.U
l.i . )lock I. Town of Aatorla, a
qid out and r'orrfu by J. M.
bliiv.u h.u
Im I. Illoik 4 Town of Aiorta, s
y II. U
the City of Aatorla Orator)
Judge of the City vt Aatorla, urvgon.
1 ."I I. iuocr 1. Town or Aatoria. a
bild out
il.l out aiu rwonlrtl by J.
and ta.onlrd li
ni.i.iir .,......
la.l i. Illock I, Town of Aor,
a 00
laid out mnl ro. nrdf d bv
by J M
FlUtalV ..
lot 4. film k I. Town of Aatorla, a
In l.l out ami recorded by J. M.
Hhlvrly U.H
Ia 1. III.M k I, Town of Astoria,
ifl, oul
snd rnordiHl by J. M
n us
It I. IiIih k t Town of Astufta,
Inld oul snd word.- by J. M
I,t lit. IU01 k t. Town of Aaton. a
n' l imii and word., by J. M
n 00
ah II. Illock I. Town of Astoria,
1. hi out and! tP-ordel bv J U
a ., : a ot
Lt S. Illoik I. Town of Aatorla, a
Inld out and rmorded by J. M.
Hlilvelv I U
Iit t. llliM k I Town of Atorl,
I Id out and recorded by J. M.
hlvely U.n
I Mi I. filiH-k I. Town nf Atort, a
inbi mit ni rronie) uy J.
Miive.y to n
Lt f. Illmk I. Town lit Aatorla,
Inld out and recorded by J. M
Illvely ., II U
I Ail 7. Illock I, Town of Aorla, aa
Inld out and worded by J. M.
Hliloiv I.oo
VI l.ol 4. Block I, Town of Aatorla. na
Inld out and recorded by J. M
r-lv ID IA
V It , Illm k I. Town of Aaloru, a
Iniii out anu re oior.i ny t.
hlllvrly , 7.U
Lot I, lilork I. Town of A'lorlo,
I111 nut and worde.1 bv J. M.
trlvely I 10
Ld llloc k 1, Town of Aatorla, na
Inld out and worded bv J. M.
Hl'IVely U.I,
Ixt 4 lihK'k I Town of Aatorl. a
Inld mil and worded by J. M.
Hhlveiy lO.SO
Ix)t I Block 1. Town of Astoria, as
laid out and rec urdetl nv J. M.
nluvelv l.t
I. t Illock I. Town nf Astoria,
laid ixit and r'ord4 by J. M.
rllilvely ., 11.00
Lot S Illock I. Town nf Aatorla, aa
Uld out and Wonted bv ), M.
nblvely ! ; I SO
IaI 4. Illock I. Town of Aatorla. a
la lit out and recorded bv J. M.
niuvpiy ... 11, aa
li S. Iiloc. 1. Town nf Aatorla, as
Inld out
out ami recoruiai nv j. m.
luin out nnn tci'oriicti iy J. M.
.4'" V
tho (Ity of Astoria. Oregon, i ,
Aiieai: ii. e,. rir.ijnii.-a.
JiiiImk of Hie 'tl v of Aalorla, Oregon.
fiusranleedlocll.ssll ntrvnaa diaeaMS, such s Weak Memory, Lou J
isin Power, Headache. Wakelulnsw, Lost Mtahood, Mghlly MmZ
...,..,i, uiama, ioa w power in ucaeratlve Uigta of
sex, reused by over eiertlon, youthful errors, etceaalv us of
lo-Wh. j TV"' to innrmlty, Cooaomptloo or
riil? V Kkrt oper boi.e for Vy nv.ll
tt?'11? ATkforUiUkinoother.
iir. c.. .n.V..T'.i . a"iione lo . rna Prance laue-IHivl
UrugU.,liUibuUogsgcuts. TUlrdud Vsmb Uats.. PorfjCnd Or.
EffTBaLCONN DRUG CU Agents), Aatorla,
, T . iiiaiiiwa.nenilliai HlnlaSliilia, Wervml Hetiillly,
Plinnlea. llrifiinoaa In alarrv. i. iIimii.ii.... iimi... u..!.!. ..:J
Halninall bmaea hrdiir or nlglil. Prevent taUk-
i.w.a", mi. ii o iioirnecKro lei
lloxaflS.Han Franclaeo, fat T tU hv
CHARLES WOORnH, 4H Commercial fit.
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