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Fair, ctH tain along Wanhlnnton
V can lve klmlly mwrch,
And, tirlplng hand to All and ach,
lt'l trxxl thing (he Cnrncl Hill I lunv
lr laxjen,
Th. Htnte arrived In yfaicnUjr from San
Th. llrlilsh hlp OUrspool will Iev
up tod jr fr Portland.
Sheriff Williams went Knapp 1'
hIrM on ofhYlal business,
John Stuart Illtchen I down from Clif
ton on a visit of a few day.
Frank rctltt, ft well known saloon man
ot Ilwaco, died ymerdajr of consumption
Charlt A. Aleawv lve thl morning
for Rainier, where h. will visit for a fe
Lumber la not truing up, Th Oarnt
Kill la ettlln lower and lower very
Tn trial of D. MalaRamba. on chart
of larcrtiy of a net resulted In a verdict
of not itulltf.
The uk Escort coaled at the. coU bunk
ra yesterday and will ro Into commission
on the bar today.
Ttis NstloroU City, with freight and pas
sengers from 8n Kmnclsco and way
ports Is due today.
Well, what's the matter with the Gur
net Hill? Aren't those brnaclos scrapM
oft her bottom yet?
, Mrs. Strong; and family have returned
to MrMinnville, after a months visit wl'h
Mr. and Mrs. E. C, HoUea.
Mr. Charles lltsltiorn enterMlneJ
party of friends at the family rvM'noe
Ism evening In honor of his birthday.
Today Is the last day whlih water
rales can be paid to avoid the penalty
, or twenty-five wj additional charge.
Vhe acceptance of the Eleventh street
ewer was filed In the auditor's office yes
terdy. TUs vx of the Improvement 1
' L-on't lake the time to home when
you can enjoy a fine merchants' lunch at I
with luncn.
It's a doctor's business to study health,
doctor confidently recommend HARPER
Whiskey. Sold by Foard Stokes Co.,
Astoria, Or.
It's pretty nearly time th people ot
Portland were getting- tired of paying
taxes to nrnke channels for the benent ot
few warehouse.
A long-felt want-On Saturday George
Bartley will begin eerTlng mercnanfs
lunch at the National Beer or coffee
served with lunch.
Why not pla-t a lamp on board the Gar
net HU1 for the convenience of the river
boats, and let It go at rtiat? She d make
a fine lighthouse.
Mrs. C. C. Newman, a first class dress
maker, would like to sew in families. Sne
can be found at 13) Twelfth street, or
Addressed at Warrenton.
Miss Nellie Cutblnh died t the home ot
her parents In this city yesterday, ol
consumption. Deceased was 18 years of
age. The funeral will be held Sunday.
The Oregonian says the two dredges at
that city will probably be operated an
winter. Well, is that so? What for? The
liver fills up as ftist as It la dredged out.
The next time a Portland middleman
comes down this way to purchase loss
ask him what tie wants them for. It's
dollars Ifl doughnuts be won't suy for
shipment to the Orient.
Presbyterian church Services as usual
tomorrow. Theme of the evening sermon:
"The Apostolic Benediction." Evening
theme, 'Self-assertions. A cordial Invi
tation is extended to all.
Congregational church Preaching by
the pastor, Rev. E. 8. Bollinger. Morning
theme, "Preplexlty and Its Divine Cure,"
evening theme, "The Silence of Christi
anity on Soma Things Behind the Veil."
There will be the usual services at the
Baptist church tomorrow. The subject ot
the niornlnr sermon will be "The Mace
donian Cry" of that In the evening "The
Lord Giving Light." Come everybody.
Norwegian Evangelical Luthern church
English Sunday school at : a. m.;
Norwtlan services at 10:45 a. m.; text,
Lukexva, 11-1, "The Two Lepers. En
glish service in the evening at 8 p. m.,
subject: "Joseph in Egypt"
Appointments have been mode for rail
way maJl clerks on the Astoria at ctjiuih
bia River railroad. Those securing po-.itin-ui
J M Howes, of the Portland
Spokane run. and William J. Hall, of the
Fortland-Huntlnglon run.
Tom Barrows. Thomas Boyle, Westport;
Jacob Frederick. F. Scheuaker, C. Curtis.
H. f Cantor'. Fortt'anby: II. KreOs, .-.e
balem: V. H. Fink, Chicago; John Bays.
F. C. Rich, Kliivel; Jumes Brown, kn.'P
pa, are at the Parker House.
Attention Is called to the fact that the
Astor House dining-room will be reopened
Sunday morning, and will inereafier con
tlnue to srve meals to regular boarders
and transient guests at moderate prices,
Corum & Boggs, proprietors.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, Jr.. and Mr
Frank Withers, of Dubuque, la., are vis
itint- iut the homo of their aunt, Mrs. Will
turn Douglas, at the United States tmoy
depot. They have Just returned from a
very cnjoyuble outing at North beacn
v. ..a tiMn ni work for some
days past making extensive repairs to tn
McCluro school. A new sidewalk has been
placed around the bulldlnp und the steps
have received neeoea mw"".
walk leading to the Bchool has m o been
The Columbia. Iron works, which has the
contract for furnlshlriK all the Iron work
for the government locks at Lafayette
If you'd pay your grocer
$io a pound he couldn't sell
! you better baking powder
than Schillings Best. $
mtiMi!. cn '.he Wir.'smetre. w:tl n an
other shipment of gates, etc., taday. Nor
mlle. Mctlrrgor Fstahnd hv ,n
contract f ir the grmn ng at the locks.
The channel of th Olumli a Is natural
ly annul Ml feH deep. It cannot be nal"
of aufilclent depth to a commodate ves
sels drawing more than that without an
expenditure which would not b Justified
This must b painfully ip-rcnt
John W. Phillips, editor of the Psemc
Journal, of tlwaco, pjsed thMUKh h'
city yemerday rn ru' to Portland, aherf
he will visit for a day or two. Mr. Phil
lip says the prlmr:c held In 1'"
clflc county Wednesday, passed oft quiet
ly, the republican tlvket winning In nearly
every precinct.
M. Oppenhclmer. of Portland, was a
nasscnifer on the State frum San Fran
cisco yestentay. He has been In the Klon
dike country for the pat year and fre
quently saw ninny Astortuns there and re
ports all of them In good health. Ueonx
Smith, he says, n an Intermt In several
good claims and can clean up ptvtvlly
Several forest fires are reported to be
raging In the woods at each side ot the
Columbia by th river steamers. Million
of feet of lumber at Martin s blult wer
consumed by the flames, and several
homes destroyed. On the Oregon slt fires
are burning back of Wes'.port, Columbia
City, and Uoble, and U Is believed mucn
damage has been done.
Charles Grady, a soldier from Fort Can-
by. was arrested Friday morning by Of
ficer Stettem and booked on a charge oi
being drunk and disorderly. Yesterday
CMef Hallack notirte! the commanding
officer at the fort of his amt and re
ceived a rep'.y to treat the man as any or
dinary offender. His trVal will come up
(n the police court todwy.
Petitions to the legislature. r being
pr-pard for circulation throutihout the
county to amend the road laws so as to
provide for the collection of poll taxes
ajid to allow road districts M levy taxes
for road purpose tut to exv-eed i mill,
and ta aaiend the city charter so as to al
low W per cent of the road money ivllict
eJ In Ihe city limns to be used ey the
J. G. Mcgler and wife. Mls Tyrrvl.
P. W. Lansley. Kenmxn c. j. ai' -..'-.
T. A. William. Portland; R. O. IJessorg.
RroPkfl'ld: A. W. Guthm-in. C. H. Bell.
CiHrado; A. a FRailiifc- and wife, tlwru
U. Barnett nJ WTP. &a.em.
Seattle: a. J. wsucr, ytw .( jv
Christiansen. Fred 8. Kellog. in Fran
eiCo; A B. FlU'sbury. Fort Stevens, jr
Cit t JUS yrWn'i
The second lumber raft built this sea
son by the Inman-Paulson Company at
Portland, for shipment to San Francisco.
is nearly completed and will be ready to
leave out the latter part of next week.
Svune slight Improvements were followed
out In the building of the raft, but In the
main It Is constructed on th same plans
as the one previously shipped to San
A report has been published to the effect
that the Western Cnion offlce at Seaside
ha been closed for the winter. This Is
an error. The telegraph office of the As
toria Columbia River railroad company
ha been closed, but the Western I'nion
offlce will remain open all win'-er. mT.
G.le B. Johnson, formerly editor of rhe
Nthalem Times, ha been appointed as
manager, and will remain In charge ot
the office hereafter.
A new tug for the Borthwlck Lumber
Company is being constructed near the
A.torta iron works. The tug is to te
about TO feet over all. J feet depth oi
hold, and about 17 fett beam. The k-l
has been la.d and the ribs placed, and t-Te
m ork of planking will probably commence
Monday. Among the bidders for the wrK
of furnishing the machinery is the Astoria
Iron Works, and it is Lkely that firm will
get the contract.
Swedish Luthern church J. A. EJlund.
pastor. Services in English at 1:m a. m.
Topic: "Were Not file Ten Cleansed 7 but
Where are the NlneT' Sunday school at
12:15. Mr. J. A. Levin, the traveling home
missionary of the Columbia conference,
will preach In Swedish at 7:C p. m. The
pastor will preach at the school bouse In
Fort Stevens tn Swedish at 7 p. m., ana
in English at 7:45. If do one else h an
appointment there. ..
The vacant lot at the northwest comer
of Fourteenth and Exchange streets is
used as the dumping ground for all the
garbage in that portion of the city. The
hole is an eyesore to a civllixed commun
ity and a disgrace to the city, and should
be filled up. Old mattresses, tin cans ant
broken glass are piled high oo the prop
erty, and the notice posted by the o"f
warning the public that the dumping of
garbage Is strictly prohibited, seems to
e Ineffectual. It is a disease-breeding
hole and should receive the attention ot
the health officers.
A correspondent asks: "Under what
conditions dot Providence forgive pro-
fanltyT' Really the Astortan Isn't very
well posted, but It will venture the fol
lowing reply: The good Lord will over
look any profane outburst on the part
of a ship captain whose vessel Is stuck
In the mud. The disaster to the Garnet
Hill does not necessarily mean that Cap
tain Peterson has no chance of wearing
wings in the hereafter. However. If he
swears because his ship Is not at present
provided with wings, he might be charged
up with It. Ak the Oregonian.
In the county court yesterday the pe
tition t (Jus Gronnel to open a road
running through O. A. Cole s place, argu
ment having been concluded, the matter
wa taken under advisement. In the mat
ter of a bridge across Adair's slough, It
being stated by Colonel Adair that It was
lmjti;tjle to complete the bridge wit'iin
the specified time. It was ordered that
h time be extended, as aaked for, to the
first day of the n'-xt r'-guUr term of the
county court. Before adjournment the
court was engaged in auditing bills, and
tho apportionment oi futi-ls for the sev
cral road districts will be made this
Postmaster McDonald yestoruay re
eelved a letter from a farmer In Kansas
who Is desirous of locating In Clatsop
county. The letter contains many Inquir
ies about the adaptability of the soil of
this section for farming purposes, and tr.e
prices of different kinds of farm produce.
Tliey did not all intend to become farm
ers, and inquired in the letter as to the
probability of obtaining a position ft"
.ichool teacher, adiilng mat a Kood many
peuplo would like to locate In this section
If tho conditions of the ountry were suit'
able. Postmaster McDonald states that
letters of this kind are received occasion
ally from eastern people. Many of them
u:;K to be referred to a real ts'ale dealer
with a view to investing In real estate
Postmaster McDonald turned the letter
over to the secretary of the Progressive
SnodgraBs, the Fotographer. will make
caMnet photos for $2 per doien for
few days only. Come early and avoid the
rush. All work first class, as usual, -
Fanmrs Wtll Meet M th Association
Rooms Today to Deeld Fpon th
Site for the Building.
At I o'clock this afternoon the farmers
interested In the proposed cooperative
creamery will mevt at the rooms of th"
I'Mn-r slv Commercial Axltloti f.r
the pune of perfecting organisation.
All the farmers interested will be In at
tendance, and the plan of operation will
N laid cut.
The meeting will be addressed by Mr
K. J. Seely. manager of the Albany
Creamery Association, who Is one of the
brl posted dairymen In Oregon. He will
explain to the farmer the results derived
irm practical experiments made tn Al
bany, and will offer many valuable sug
gestions. The creamery under his direc
tion Is a most successful Institution, and
the oMe. t of Ms visit to Astoria It to
make the local creamery a success, rlls
address promises to be of great Interest
and assistance.
At today' meeting th committee ap
pointed for th purpose of determining
upon a site and the cost of a building ami
plant will submit their reports, as will al
so the committee selected to determine
upon th number of co which can be
secured to supply th creamery. Nothing
definite I known aa to what ha been
accomplished by tti several committees,
although they are ld to have met with
much success In formulating tne plana
Th site selected is within the city limits,
probably along the waterfront, thu en
abling dairymen to brliw milk her eitner
by boat or rail without Inconvenient', It
1 said the building wtll be erected on
the site of th old Hum cannery, at the
corner of Bond and Fourteenth street.
Th tarmer. It 1 thought, hav srcurcd
between l,Sv and 1 cow. Th. insures
the success ot the Industry.
Recently, when Professor Kent al
drcssed the Farmers' Congress In tnl
city, he spoke at length on the danuge
of Clatsop county as a dairying country,
and predicted unqualified suces for the
proposed co-operative, creamery". H laid
special stress on the point that every
attention should be given to cleanliness,
saying thai upon this would depend to
a gnat extent the success of th cream
ery. Ha suggested that patrons be In
vited to visit the creamery and view the
operations, and. he said. If efery thlng U
neat and clean, the demand for home
made butter and checs would always
exceed the supply.
The excellence of the pasturage In this
vicinity is another condition which will
go tar toward making the creamery a b it
financial suecrs. When Botanist Covllle.
line government expcH. a nere I gSV'
h had tWver before seed such a line
growth of grasses and clover. Th pas
turage here, untlk that In other sections
of the country. Is good the year around,
enabling farmer to feed thetr stock at
the very lowest figure. Where other
dairymen are compelled to pend thous
ands of dollars for hay, those of Clatsop
county can feed their stock on much bet
ter fodder, and that. too. without the ex
penditure of a dollar. Of course some
bran must be fed to stock, but the big
hay Item will not appear on the expense
account of the Clatsop county dairyman.
, V Indeed have bevn favored by nature.
The fall fishing season opened at U
o'clock night. A large number of fish
ermen went out. Indications point to
an exceptionally good season, and It Is
thought the river is full of fish. Th
several canneries have offered IS cents
a pound for steelhead and sllversldet.
and this ha caused much dissatisfaction
among the fishermen, who claim the can
neries had formerly agreed to pay i cents.
As to the Justice uf this complaint noth
ing is known, except that the fishermen
are not at all salitled. saying they
cannot afford to fish for that price. How
ever. In the hope of a rise In the price
many are now fishing. The cold storage
company. It Is said, will pay half a c tit
more than the canneries for all the fish
that may be delivered at U docks, an')
this. If true, will doubtless have the
effect of citus ng a rise In the price. The
quantity of salmon taken will also have
much to do with the price paid. If the
run is good the price may not go above
2 cents, but If th fish are. scarce 1 rents
may be offered before a month. With
three exception all the lower river can will run. The Elmore. Hume and
Cutting Packing Company' cannerle will
jot operate.
The British ship Otterspool wa chart
ered yesterday by 8lbon A Kerr, of Port
land, to load wheat and wtll leave up the
river today. The Japanese crew of the
vessel will be landed at Portland, the cus
tom authorities at that place. It Is under
stood, allowing them to land.
The pleasant effe. t and perfec' safely
with which ladle may use Syrup of Fig.
under all conditions, makes It their favor
ite remedy. To get the true and genuine
article, look fur the name ot the Califor
nia Fig Syrup Co. printed near the bottom
of the package. For sale by all druggist.
We will prove it to you at the State Fair
September 'U to 30. 1SSS, and you can ee
for yourself for the cheap rate of One
Fare for round trip from all point of the
Southern Pacific line In Oregon. You
should personally become lnteersted In
tb'.s worthy state Institution.
It. E. SELIG Lesue and tfg'r
Return engage incut of the pop
ular Bittner Theatre Co.
Iieginning Tuesday, Sept. 13,
Opening in the beautiful society
Drama, ''La Hello Marie."
Saturday euinly iiialineo for la
dies awl cliiMren.
ropular prices !( served seats,
50 cents, gallery, 2'j cents.
Seats on sale Monday, Sept, 12,
at Griffin & Reed's
Two hundred and fifty dollar each: term
of payment easy. Lot T. block lit: lot I,
llo,'k I,".; lot l, block t3 l'l 4, block IV:
lot i, Wo Ii4. Address h, car Ast.irlan,
You Save Dollars
By Purchasing: Your
Drugs, Patent Medicines
and Toilet Articles of
The t'lily rtit-iMlc lrt g Moro lioro
every gi ticlo is sol, I 15 i 'J jr con I.
less Ihnu lite tiKtniitsctiucr' pnro.
More wor Is dou'i tell it nil. Hero arc
"tiin rii-e.s. IJeim tnln r every l'lili'lil
McHciiio. Toilet Artiolo or Pniit is M
at cut rate.
Our mail order business Ima trvlile,! in
a yrar, twain orryoin within fttl
mile of Portland ru stivo moiiry ly
tratlitig with ti.
ItrrwUr Ctit rate
I'Mr I'rlce
AlliHHk's Viiti I'laiirrs u l. o 10
Ayeis' eartapaiMa... I ( in
Csrtrr'i I'ilU .it is
t'asterla i,
Swtt K inuUt i hi Ts
IIimvi tSarsaparll It) ist
Paine it'eiery ivuipi'uiid I tw s
ls r! ef 'tg "
Orvgon lilted Purltler ed i
l'lntc t t'.v .rii l'rvrt'i'm j 10
f.rree't li4 Is n M-dlcal I'l"
eiirerj I IV Stt
Me e IVllvts Si
llbsmi' I uk fills .'a) .i
ijulntii l'spuls, ur Siitfar-
Omtrl Tablet. In kittles
rxtlnlM 1,0 l-gisl ','A
tlU'tlltle tiaiulls, or MlKr I
eiiel 1sli-ti. In NctUt
Cuiitatnlnff tOJ 1 gikln U
Uulnltie t iil , nr (us'r I
eiiel Tahe(, In b.-Uic .
'roatatn i ln'J grain Ik
Qittulue t'iu!i, or MK-r-
e"ttd 1sl'lr. ! Iwittlr
cinialuli i ui IgraiD
V buy iltrtvl from tlio tunttti ritt-ttirs-r
in iitlantitiea, winch s-ciircs tie,
VKUY LlUVKST tkim: katks.I
'I'll is elistilea us to retail at luilesale i
iriv. I
We pay transHr:ation rliarge fi A-
loria on ail or,lcrs (r JrukM or patent I
n.eilicine amountiiik' to or over, a lien
cvniMel tiy the rush.
Our itulotrib:(t depurlnii'til will in-'
UTTt you. Kvery new tiling in tidi-1
r'hy is in stock, nJ it aill .lelik'lit us'
to Lave joti call, alietber m buy or imt.
Woodard, Clarke & Company
CutKdte nru(jijlts j
Fourth anJ Vgsliiuslon, IVrtlmnl, drc
Seventh and Astor Streets. Astoria.
Served Dny nml iNlalit.
AUGUST KRATZ, - - Mnnncr
Take Special Jlotiee of This Ad.
Frank Holcomb & Co.
jr-15 VVashlnitun Street
Not leather, but wear like leather.
We Have Added to Our Hosiery Stock
the Famous Black Cat Brand of Hosiery
For Ladies
For Girls
For Boys
This stocking is knit double throughout with
triple knee for boys and fine rib for girls. Give them
a trial and you will have no other stocking.
The Only Place to Get Them.
Portland, Oregon
It Is always best to get
a standard article iT groceries
They are more reliable and can
be depended apon. We handle
only the best standard qualities
other brands are too expen
sive, even thou(h they sell for
less, because they cost us Cus
tomers. LOWNEY'S
Top 24x24
ONLY $2.00
Heilborn & Son
"U ather Stocking
THE BEE HIVE has a full lino
of fall Millinery, walking hats and
COMPLETE LINES of mens', la
dies' and children's woolen and
cotton underwear,
Ladies' wrappers in calico and
outing flannel
This Week 99c
will purchase you
a pair of our $1.25
Kid Gloves.
Albert Dunbar,
The Pat
Jast Received Crate of
H74 Commercial lrl.
Astoria's Leading Restaurant
BverytHI-ng Strictly FlrMt-ClftMM, .
W. W. WHIPPLE. Pron.
Telephone No. (JJ
Handles Only the
4) Commerclsl (..
I - i
Fast Colors.
Everlasting Wear
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. .
Choice flam-lOc per lb
Y j
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The Born .Steeloge
Every Ono
Sole Agent..
431. Bond Street.