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    im LHlL. AS.Ui.i.t., SAlli.OAV MOltMNO, JANUARY 8, 1)8.
gaily ctoviittu
. JOHN T. LIGHTER, Editor.
Telophons No. M.
t-biims op simsciuPTiON.
Bent by mail, per rear &.
Sent by mall, per month J&
ftervcd by carrier, per month,..., .41
Bet.l by mall, per year, in advance. ...ill.
Postage tree to vubeortbera.
All ciimmunfcation intended for publi
cation should be directed to the editor.
Business communications of all kind
and nmUtanei'S must be addressed tc
"Tike Aatorlan."
The Astorian guarantees to its sub.
acriber the larvest circulation of any
fcewspaper published on the Columbia
Advertising ral'ca con be had on appli
cation to the business manager.
Weekly Astorian, the second old
est 'weekly In the state of Oregon, has,
cat to the Portland Oregonjan. the
arrest weekly circulation In the state.
John F. Handley & Co. are our Portland
gents and copies of the Astoran can tx
fcad every morning at their stand. 1
Third street
henchmen have for year Knight to engender
among the country districts mr Portland and
Portland men,, It It Mitchell's hope to pn)ert
himself and the party of his imme Into the
next campaign, to the end that the voles ot
the gold-sUiuriaid reKUblloiii may be di
verted and scattered and rendered of no
avail In turntnn down Ihe free silver spectre
and putting the fnal sod on hi own poltllcal
1lle tli! 1 no time to Interrupt the re
vlvlng prusiH-my or ti distinct ami depress
the ItnpniVi-d business inlciv.sis of Or iron by
HUtu-iiutiiig the nrai'glino 'u' clamor
which tl is to lie t..r.'.l w iilaiw ii.l I lie ivmlug
raniMi.n, it i cl tin- duty of the Miilino
mh i-oinmiUiv to elu, kma:.' tins opening
tllOVi' of the Mlli'luSl (.tTH llr ft! lilting tin
tciiiiienue reive (o M.t lulls ctNisl.nt, to
grllUT Willi tllO M;loi IrlllT 11 I'llh'.lsht'd
by tli- iirrfoninn. in ismvt'tii.ini fiirm fur d's
trtbuiioti tliriit'.h'u:: tiie length snd Itreadih
of the Male. Il in h: W well a's.t, in tie
same puinphlcl, lo ii l mint I lie pulilic Willi
the ivitaiiuiig lo Mil. tn-H ci iuiine ne.
goliutioits for a -imirv'iue'" Ian sprint;;
when It litkl ho ictl on his brily in the
dust N tore tin- despised Mmon and ort'ervit
toprrm'.t Ihc C'rs n ilrlrealiun" lo ,11
the Portland and At una patronairo,
ltrividcd only ho and "hi mm' were rivi'j
nlrcd In the arransrenicnts to he made for the
rvptiMtt-iui priinarn-s ami contention ante
dating the commi; eleoliou m June.
It ts understood that the S;in Francisco Kx
amiuer will appear thin morning printed in
m!. symbolic of Currant's blood, -kilch that
elevated and refined Journal Insist, and not
without Justice, that It has been the chief in
strument In causing to be shed. In Ihe ab
sence of the usual California; mementos of
suen occasiona-shred of the rope with which
the victim Is hanged, his desiccated thumbs,
toe, can or other preserved anil pleasing
portions of anatomy, of which."; In this In
stance, II is reported, the' large and select
company of distinguished citiiena present
lor some Inscrutable reason, were deprived,
the ladies and gentlemen who compo e the
Immense and profitable subscription list of
the Examiner will doubtless carefully treus
re and bequeath to their children and
graudrhiidren, the sjiueuluary-hiicd.; eopv of
their favorite Juiirna'. with Its profuse cuts
' and realistic Hustratltuis, a an entirely ac.
oeplabie substitute souvenir of. theirclty's
chief social sensation of the past two years.
So far as other people and the newspapers of
most other plaees are concerned, lt;is reason
able to assume that the curtain has at last
fallen upon one of the most 'horrible and dis
gusting tragedies the civiliied world has
known. There is no doubt that pun-ant !
dead, and that he was killed by judicial
process for the supposed murder of Blanche
lamont The only doubt left is as to who
really killed Blanche Lamont; or rather as to
whether Theodo.-e Durrant did sojor not.
Tar. so far as public knowledge goes, nobody
in Ban Francisco or elsewhere is any wiser
n that bead today than on the Slate of the
discovery of thejunfortunate girl's remains.
The police Lave sacrificed their selected vic
tim, and the public wrath of Kan Francisco
and the Examiner Is no doubt entirely ap
peased. It Is of no further inlerexl to them
who killed Blanche Lamont Durra t Is
banged, and the matter will now be suddenly
allowed to drop.
Inclmllurn, llr h
lcucluii, llr sli
t iiuccriu'. Ur li
"row n of "ieotliind, Ur h
iKliva. lir Sli
II t!ivood. llr l
lHini.riuoii, IL ti .
( innt-'liin. lii'k
Kitphpocy lie. llr
Mon l;ii ns llr sli ,
Minvlial Michel, Ur sli
i-a'sa'e, lrli
Andreiu. Hrsh
Arracnn. llr hk ..
llrenhiMa. Mr lt
III u Xt.ic, llr -di ...
Torrldale' llr h ,
tral.itry le, Ur xi
!!eniv lite ine, lier h .......
Transit. St Mr .
lliawHih.i, Nw h .
Kowmuti il. Ijav, lit hk
HollN k. ier n
lirti-vst'iidale, llr h
v.. vu irciut (iiu tneir tlalcwxsl. lirsh
mLsion for distribution of relief is linely ,"'1 Weiitworih. Hrh
. . u I uilierliidliire, Mr U ..
to cause disturbances. 'The sick roan, Kd. nNilii m.-e. ttr h.
Tde p-vte his demanded the recalj or.
two American missionaries from the provJ
Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
W tons,
IMS ton,
1M tees.
Vcv.el and.Klio;
Auckland, James, Ur sh, UM tone, Ade.
la Id (
Olonlul, Ta,vhir, Pr sh, ISM tons, Roya)
Orvits, Itn, lr 1 tons, PMney,
St. Knoch, l4lrd, Ur tr, lSfvJ inns,
Wlihlrash, Walker, r bk, UM tons, Ade
laide. Ortrud, Huts, Ofr sh, U:4 tons, Santa
Alc-, Kiifitmrtnn, tier h,
S.inl-4 Itoxall.t.
j Nllhsda'.c, Slovens,, Ur lk,
, NaK.isMk).
' lloiiMinff. Motvnn, Pr s-'i,
: V c;i-tle. Aimtri!.i.
Konlilinnk, lVtemon
j klergh-Mltl.
Uiv.miixM, Pavlea, Pr bk,
I rtiritan. , Pr tr, ton, Klobo
' It ltljchoff, Schwartlntr, ilcr ship, jrtW
j ton. Mi ll'oviriie, Nov. S, duo February.
W hint AiMsmnn, winter, ur barn. s,tr tons,
Atist-n Pay, .
I.onnsd.ile, Jones, Pr bark, INS tons,
Prisbane, . ,
v.,is ' Camhrlan i'rlra-e, -. Pr slip. 1 ITS
: tons. Molbourns, .
City of Athens, Lundlns, Pr ship, il!
tens. Antwerp. ,
l.ixoj S'Vwtor. Lewi, Pr ship. Itill t-'ns, Roy-
n( Roads.
Pr hk, MB tons,
ION tons.
Oils Value
of Europe,"' as he Is derisively termea.
Is as unreasonable as hai political heaJUi
la feeble. As a bright contrast to his
obstinacy and stupidity, fha people ot Hen Avon, llr hs.
America are acknowledging fax and wtde,'i:rri!t'i
I'liiloHi,'!!-, llr -h
luind.iui'ira, llr lk
I'ueeii Miimarrt. hr h..
Adolf tier -h
1uuh rr. llr tiii
Klnnrosshlre, Ur hk
riortda. Nor sir
V linlMiire, llr
the beneficence of the mission of lies
tetter's) Stomach Bitters, namely, to re
lieve and prevent malaria, rheumats! :houa, llr sii . ....
and kidney complaint, chronic dyspepsia,! iu,ldn 11 ill! Kr be
constipation and liver trouble. The ner-j v.laiiii"'' '
vous, the, weak and the inflnn derive! ivriV.";"rbk '
unspeakable benefit from its use, and It j Ki'm' h'i.'i'ri
greatly mitigates those infirmities spe. I ' rvmartylur. llr h..
dally incident to advnclr.g years. Sleep.! Kal!l'oVcivae
appetite and a sensation of comfort l'uiiueclin, rr lk
The answer of the republican central com
mittee of Multnomah county to the long and
hypocritical screed prepared and addressed to
it by John H. Mitchell, is a plain andjeonclve
statement of the Issues between the repub
lican party of Oregon and the rnostformlda
ble enemy which will confront It In the next
campaign the band of political prostitutes
and spoilsmen known and appropriately des
ignated as the "Mitchell" party.
Mitchell's object In seeking to revive strife
among Multnomah republicans Just now
ought to be perfectly obvious to every man
with a grain of political; sense. Sojfar from
being a political quarrel which concerns only
the gold-standard advocates ando-calli-d
silver republicans of Multnomubcounty, the
controversy which It is Mitchell's purpose to
arouse will, if he succeeds, involve the Inter
ests of every voter In the state of Oregos, und
sore especially those (who believe in and
hope to see maintained in the next June elec
tlon, the p'lnclplesjof the( republican party.
Mitchell's only chance to keep up? his organ
ization and continue hlsfighttfor election to
the United States senate lies in his ability to
carry the quarrels and prejudices of the
Mn'.tnomah factions Into; thej politics of the
whole state. He knows that a large mujorlly
of the republicans of Oregon favor the main-
tenaoce of the gold Jstandard, and; that, If
permitted todoso.hey Intend by their voti
next spring to put at rest any further doubt
in the minds of their national leaders as to
which category of iWesU-rn slau-s Oregon
shall hereafter be classed In. It win he
Mitchell's enort to prevent this .unanimity of
lon and expression on thcjiiart of Oregon's
voters, because he realize.that his course on
the money question has heen sue Ii that ir the
people on both sides are'permlited to line up
according to their convictions on that ques
tion, independent of uny local isue or con.
sidcrution he will be so overwhelmingly re
pudiated as to stand disgraced before the
whole country, and his political doom in the
State and nation will be forever sealed. It is
not his Intention, therefore, thatjlhe money
question shall come to a square down vote In
Oregon this year, if he can find any possible
Jtieuns U) prevent It.
The rejociion of his pretended overture of
peace by the Multnomah committee result
which he expected but cunningly contrived
to render Inevitable by the presterous
prmiiscannd conditions upon which. It win
based-gives him the desired preu-xt to get
before the stale with his scheme to confuse
the mlndsaudcounclls of the people.aud thus
tloud the only issue which properly may come
before them by the false and sjieclous outr
cries which he and his partisans will rals
agalust the Injustice and corrupt methods
of the alleged "Hlmon ring." Upon this brazen
Charge and with the usual artful play upon
the hostility and prejudice which he and bis
throughout the system, ensue from its, w"irS "ine.'i'r i.k . .
Ci:y ot Perth, Hr sir
HrusM- s, Ur hs
ivhteriyiv. llr b'v ".".
Wasdalc. ltr sli ,
Oplielis. Nr lk
Ilardowie lir h
I 1 Turner in.-, llr h
' S s. 11 . .n. nr ir
Trn rM seims to be a perf.vt rajro for KtincKd ii.-. Hrs'.r
btdted i-oans I l.omiianl, Hr ir .
i initio, br str ...
( , li-nlt-e. br sh .
Verbena, hr Mtr
tee, which should be regular and per
sistent. An early resort to this fine pres.
ventive is logically suggested to thos;
who seek Its aid.
i ;
' Vsf
4T .':
1.1.1 41'
'i,"rtl '
'.'l.'i.n '
r.sii .-' :
V.a. I
.Vi.iilU ;
III..O. !
ts.c ;
t.s'it.l '
Tt.s-f. ;
,-,;,; ;
T'i. I si
mm; ,
Ml.l'JS '
h'..-i :
4,i: I
v.. i:
'.".Tl i
'J'.'' i ,
T"'. '
77 J"T
W.lrst :
Is.' -4!
1.1. SSI
'..'.SHI j
"'.0 s' .
lOsVl. i
! on
'' ii !
llt'.HVI I
I'O r.,T
.s7,l0 1
ll.'..l !
lsl0 I
NI.'W ,
U.i, . I
on the Way and In Columbia
Rlv -r to lawid Lumber.
Uu:r:i M.iy.
'"""J i Francisco, November
Hansen, si-hr. t4 tons. nn
li.,. , Letltla, stnkkohye. schr. Z5i tons. Ran
.-'III f rans,ls'o. November It
ki!iW i Tenkio Muru Kan, ko. Jap hk U4j
! tons, Yokohama.
j Sequoia. , sehr. U. tons, S.m Kran.
j Cisco.
nr. m
l"' !"--' Knnppton.
brtn. SO tons, Tientsin,
Edward r.vrke. Jihntn. sihr. 140 tvws
'MSan Francisco, N. P. Mills, San Francs-
o bay. Dec. IS.
l.i.'ls i
H'Mi Th" new l-in i-iMhioiisi r,. f'ljiy ihnt'-
J'!- I H'Mrlfi-M of a yanl K4f.
lis .11 !
J,;ol A OltKAT KI'illT' N'ITV.
We civ. , i ; '"av. ai-i;t ly rr-v of .-it
"'! f 'r ym onlv, T'i,- !'.s,,,, . cm.
( m.'-i ft.-!-,. M
t'i !). Iai.,U
lIViol tan, a I-it, of 1 ,r,-. r
i....?i j
"icii .ivi4,.r. i.v rt .
I'hief '"..n s ili,rii: IViysh-an
l!o,'! .; m.I S irs.-l il fix 1 1-
i ly
.,. I :a'ip'.
SV'O : Over is'
1. -..
i n; s7
l".s(S I
7. 21 '
ux: ii b l ind In s'r iu i-i;T covrs.
any -xi sending :t ,-etits -i oi.e wnt
o iMver cc; "? nt tiling oy
o .-vpl v of :h. . ,.ni., ..- i.nnriy
i r I'-.s.k .iln.idv ol I l-i . I eh t,in,im
it r--n il- pri.-e of II r.i u: I I s iMH.n
jftcRcfotik' rropdidlion for As -simiiatiiiH
ling llic Sluuuuivs uiul IViwols tH
rronwtrs l")ivoslion (InTtfu!
cs nnd ! Vsl Cont.iins nt'itlkT
())nnii.Morpliiiu nor Mineral.
Not Nahcotic.
Wns SmJ'
Jlx Jam
AmM Smi
z )
ApctiVc t Rcnictlv for fonstipa
tion. Sour i
Vonns .ConvnLsious . rVvorish
cicss and Loss or SLEKI .
Tac Simile SiiJiuilurc of
txACT copr or ivr appch.
Cistorl.t It fit up In an t'i l"t'-l only, It
Is B.;t soil H batk. Daa't s:!i saytXS to sslt
suy'.li.out sl-s re t!i f!i- or utulss tUt It
it "Just st V"!" sorrr sisr; ysr.
p-. ' rt that ju i C i 8-T-O B-I A.
General Contractor
mi 11'n'"!" MOVlNtl TOOI.M WICNTICn
It Is ts-iu.-,! mn-ii and wotii,ii .in tail
urss that io many tirirn.i:'S aif ;iso.
It Is th heart und not the brain,
That to tha hlshcst dolh attain.
1' .'.' I ' M'tlictl As-'is-l.tilnn li-iff.i,i
l.l.l"! !
'Barrels of Soar.
Who (toes a th olub ir'.ilie he- huwanJ
tenJs the baby, as well as the good oll
fashioneU aorruvi aho looks after her'
home, will both at times ce run down in'
health They will be trouble.! wth loss'
of appetite, headaches. Meeoleesness
f.-iimiriK or djuy w?l!s. The most won- .
derful remedy for those women Is Electric1 "nd one Uirk ere r'T')r,'-J
Bitters. ThouM.iJa of sufTrer. f rom ' m::N'lM -,-tM.ty ufterrroon.
Lame Pack and Weak Klineyii rite up '
and call it bles3?l. tl is the medicine
The Hiitish sStmnhlp T..en Kai
tlnish loadiosr today.
i T!.- alwoliit,. sniise of -luv.ry that civ.
1 lliz.d wonii-n en 'iire ut ih.- ir i' t-T of
th. lr rt aiih th. olh. r v nuiUiss
nutny a ui. ont.- to hay lap t.-or al ttie
i"m'' 51
for women. Female complaints and nerv
ous troubles of si kinds are soon re
lieved by the use of Electric Blrters. Del.
leate women should kc.-'p this remedy on
A few days asro a charr.ilnjr youns; lady
who was travellnr alone l... a.
.., . , , ! Paul anl Chlcao-o. was a-costd by a
T.-.o .tteain.r K more, for Tila mo..k, Lt , h, .,. t . .
' nandsoms g-en'leman. who nv ted her
"Certairuy, Mr.
Car-nn."' he replle.1. "for the Wisoona-
Central lines have the best dlnlnB car
Th.- British ship Oumbriiin Kins. P.W servke In the world: I shall b d.nht
hand to buld -ip the system. Only 50, tons, s-apt.iin Hanxor.1, 38 daw frum , ed." For fureher pnrtlculars call on th.
cents per bo-tle. For sale by Ewtes-Conn ! Shansrhui In ball ant arrived yestenlay. r.enrmt tlckt nir-r. 1 np o.i.i.. t r
Drug Co. Pond, treneral nassencer mm tn...
i see, :.. or Oorire s. Ba'ty. s;nrsl
latrent. !t Stark stret, Portland. Or.
The hut Salve in the world for Cuts I Th f'owmtr vessels are bound to the
EruLses. Sores t'lrs. Salt Rheum. Fever t'0-unl'la R;ver, with name of master.
Sores. Terter. Chaiiped Hind. CMlblalns, ! rationality, ngr. tonnage, where from
Corns, and all Skin r.i:;iDns and post-! iaAe ot reported sallk.:
lively cur Piles, or no pay r.nulrl.i rge Steuon. Murphy. Am sh, 17M
It Is iruarantteed to irive pe.-f.-; si,fac-l lonB- aulmore Aufu
Cambrian King, Hansen, Br sh, lea
In rt .-.sllinrlv itsi.l form ti,-.iv
i i- of,- .i v.-rv .'H'ravairnitt . to
.,ir a 4riuht-iM lii-.-irtm,n,-, .nk,..,
MT.-oa. sfpti an f.rMliuiry n ilkintr iron n
TO Ct'IlK A (til.D IN ONE 1AV
J. A. Perkins, tf Antl.pilty. O. was for
thirty years!y ITtur'tl hv phy-
slcfans f.r the curw of e-tenia. lie was .
quickly by u'.rtt ivwiti's Wlt.-h Take Ijtxatlve llromo gulnlne Taldrta
Haxel Salv-e. the finvniis Iii!Iti salts . All drumftsls refund the money If It fall
for plies and skin diseases Chss R.ttrerti. j to cure- In-. F.-r sale by Charles Ilng-rs.
How nvivy of m .in trui'ifully -iv at rtetnontbrr yottr own ul must b (1-ntk-ht
we huve done ti. chiiii.- to huri any l.iriiltialist l.efir .st cntt tiep itfttnra; tlin
.int'S .'s-llmis 'lnr:n,- l.'lf dtv
Pnienwsriiy rimes ) Lit'-kmtt to the man
whose liver Is In (tod condition. DeVYltt's
Utile Early fUseir are famout little ,:is
for contlpo,tim, biliousness. lm1lstHin
and all stom.tch ami liver troubles. Chis.
Many a h-i.i.-.. ! d i k-.l k.i.v i
(hat hasn't itti ttiorii of li.tMin
Its ftiur walls.
lib holly
Take latiatlve Brnmo Q'llnine Tt'dsts
AH dnnslsts refund the mousy If It fal:s
to cure; . For sale by Charles It .g rs
spring dou not brim over with rwfresh
In -waters that has not a hidden sourca.
Light on (he hpfcle.ii way.
Il ts r.tsy to c.ttrh a 'sld and lust ss
rs) tf t itt rl.l of It If yoti coitttneitc early
to ise fine Mlinrte CiMiKh Pure., It cures
coutfhs colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and
ll Ihrtmt and liin- tritublesi It Is peas
ant to", fi to ii mi and sure (o curs,
Chss. Rotters.
. .;via s .
Library Car Route
Ths all-rail nmlit l KMtnnal iiilalim
tllatrlct. l Beattls ami Hpokana
Shortest and Quickest Line
- I k
St. Paul. Minneapolis.
Duluth. Chicago
Through Palace and Tourist
Weepers, I Mill UK Slid Ubiary l'lStTT4e,
tlon Cars
Dully TrohiM
For tlckels and full Information o(Ul
on agnt O. It. N. t'u. or aAWs
C. 1'. A T. A , Portland. Or.
It C. KTKVKNH. 11 W P A . KeatOs.
- eit. i w-
tlon or money rvfund -td. Price S cen;s
per box. Fir sa;e by E-t-Conn Drug
'Hi. ll.-ssj , ;l' 1 ., ,
yoit f'.r hlm and -o
hai lio d.w-e'i'c f"!' ''
ntnllnii.tlly of a, affe
a i 'i
out In.-..
... I., pr
rh H
h lu
Tln re s one ln. v a ntaire. In liavJiM ns
Minuet l ..'lli'l -i' , .'.p.. III ,1 hank'.
Iloit of'i n v;S. ..iM.-r j....e Ihe very
HillH-s w,. A,. n. I 1 1 U - for ourselves.
Tou want the bent medicine that can bs
obtained, and that is Chamberlain's
tons. Shanghai.
Dovenby Hall, Whlckham, Br sh, 1SUI
toni. Liverpool
Ben Voirdch, Abler. G-t sh. HOT tons, cKh Remedy.
Santa Rosa. la. .' ou want a remedy tjhat will not only
Ok this out and t.ik I: t.j your dm 5- sPrtn'burn' Bae. Br bk, 2&j0 tons. Cape : five quick relief but effect a permanent
trie f re, of Dr T"' B.
i-oiianocn, Aicueca, cr ok, Z13S tons,. am u remeoy tnat win relieve
the lungs and keep expectoration easy.
Otago, Esk, Swd bk, 970 tons. Ham. ' You warrt a remedy that will cou.tteriot
bur?. ; any tendency toward pnuemonla.
Conway Cast.e, Jones, Br sh, im You want a remedy that is pleasant and
tons, Valparaiso. ' safe to take.
Commonwealth, Anderson, Er str, 2183 Chamberlain's Couih Remedy Is th.
' only mallei no in use that meets all of
Beevaji, Er bk, 1!)16 tons, , theae requirements. This remedy Is fs.
mous for its cures of bad colds through
Irish, Br Sh, 17S9 tor.s. RIO1 the Tlnltejl RtAte .nd In mn. foe
g:t -ar'(l B't a -a.nnb'
Kirur's New Dl.-owrv f.r iV,irninMnn.
C.s.,V or,J f'nl.l. TV,... ,t ....1
to bay before tryjmt. This will ih. you'
the grfai merits of ihU truly wonderful!
remedy, and .-ti)w you ivhat ean be ac. '
complisbed by the r-'-srvhtr zed b-ittte.
This is no exp rim. rit. and wol,1 be disas
trous to the proprle ors, did they not knees'
it would jnvarUb- cure ilany of the
bept phy.-l: iar.s ar- :.o v u?ir.
practice with ? r -1 1 r'e"ili, and are re.
ly:;ig on it In no't cases. It 1;
guaranteed. Trial oo:::e-i at Estes-C'inn 1 pjicutta.
Drug to.
Regular size CO oents and r.00.
! tor.s, Taku.
Vand uara,
I Alcoa Bay.
in their f..pnriarif
Mls Allle ll itrhes, Nnrftlk. Va,, was
frightfully burial on the face and ne. k.
Pain was Inmnntv relleve1 by PeWHfi
. I tVlt. li Iliuei Salve. h.-ri healed the in-
Jury without having a scar. It Is ths on oc Mdrssa
I famous pile reniedy Cltas. Rogers
Salt Lake. Denver. Omaha.
Chicago. Kansas City
and other Eastern CUs via srUnsr toulA.
sro Pacific or O. IL A N. Co.
Only Line From Portland
Offering taaaeigiirs Ihs oh cues of T
Tourist Car Unas through
to Cklcsvfo.
Specially Conducted
Via Hhasta Rouls lo Chicago svsry Ttssav
day. Ilaggaca chevkml ihrousrh to dss
lllintlon. Masnlfl.sffnt .-wary, unloa
dflputa, fast time, lotreat rataa,
Plntach light In all oars.
For ratss and olhw Information oall
Mrs. Stark. Pleasant Ri. !., (i. stys:
"After two dm'tors gave up my hoy 10
die, I saved hlm .' .-roup by using
One Minute Coiwh Cur.- " It It t!.e rit k.
ett and most cftali reim.ily ftr coughs,
' 1 :'! a!! throat in! Ul .j trnuittes.'
Ch.i. Rogers.
A Kjrl can't ! i . In 1-,. 1 !. 1
lug p. min's Inl. n' ..:i a h. 11 he .
i ry we k In Ih" ; i- I. 11 'n
dliLi. ly pr.- dm,- .tii.i r. . I : . .1. i
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I'lili-:-, August a. tlgn cotintries. It has many rivals, but,
ninhnnlr T msarrl R Mr 1V A tr,m t -
vs wsc "J--'-S WU yVl IIIOallCIBl LUIO UI
bad old' fitaml without ner ami Its
, G,evieve. Tou. Fr bk, 987 tons, HaU ( quaJ1Up8 M.
: pnfjng, uctooer ai.
Henry Vlllard, Pa-ttett, Am sh, W
A hop Kirl is authority for ihe lnforma-i tens, New York, October 14. 1
tlon that can an- not fahlona.ble be Oberon, Oully, Br bk, 10M tons,
ac-ise they are worn by -o Kmny shop. Newcastle, Australia, October I.
lifters. j Jacques, Bernada, Fr bk, 1460 torn, Ma-,
! Indian Empire, ATlen, Br bk, 1515 tons, '
I Valparaiso.
j mired and praised. For sale by Charles
Rogers, druggist.
hy 'will niiimwi m-ar 1i!ff n-trlimn( 0
sivhes) with th ir s'r-ft ln k.-?
that are not very robust need a
warming;, building and fat-forming:
food something- to be used for two
or three months in the fall that
Dr. Shields, an eminent physlclna of
Tennessee, says: "I resjard Ayer"s Bar-
Jupitler, Funder, Dan sh, 1051 tons. To. 1 sapurilla as the btst blood-mcdlclne on
Kohama. .earth, and I know of many woid-rful
Chelmsford, Thomson, Br bk, 2197 tons, ' cure effected by Its -use." Physicians
Cape Town, October . I all over the land have made similar slate
City of York, Jones, Br sh, 11T7 tons, ! ments.
Byd.iey. 1
Lakemba, Eridhering, Br bk, IOCS tona,
Clan Robertson, PHI, Br sh, 1540 tons,
In fiermnny. when His vote of .he Jury
stands sx ngulnst six. tlte prisoner Is ac
quitted. A vote of seven against five
leaves the ibclHon to tfwt court, and n
a vote of eight atrttlnsi fimr the prisoner
is convicted.
A January thaw la. always mors pro
ductive .if colds and coughs than a J sn
ail y freeze. Then Is ths time Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral s ne.vlcxl and proves
so extremely efficacious. Ask your drug
g!nt for It, snd sImj for Ayer's Almanac
which is free to all.
Im- I .t 1' I
! 1- iv. i-k.
he (litis
"I take pleasure In reommeidlng
CJhamberlaln's Colic. Cholern and Dnr I
rhoea Remedy to nil who suffer from '
pains n the stomach." says Mr. Milt Me. I
Klnley, editor of tin Rawnon (Ohio) Her-: , . ., .
, The best preparation to rsinovs dsnd-
. -mil ii: 1 tins romny 11 was, at n(j ,(
times, impossime ror nie to Pe In my
office, o-wlnif to atti-ki astlni- from one
to two daya Uy taking t as soon as the
first symptoms of ihe attacl: are felt, 1
no longer suff'tr his unpleasant sick.
nens." For sale hy Charles Rogers, drug
R. W,, Onii) Agent
IS Third St., sir, Aider, Portland.
Tltrt ,nr, IVr.m,,, Irreffy.
Uilt, an. I ..ii.l..i..t.,i t lar
..l I.. 1.1, It ..i. ,,f ,llrn.i,.
II 1. " I;., , l.m, ,,,,
I. .i. nt w..e.eli,.. mi. lilts t
t. !...m. -l ..I ,.,... , Mlr. ho
fcn.iwn r.t.r.. f. r M..n.eM .ill
II. ri,, ( n..l ,l l,n,m Ufa
'" .l. .-.ire a p., has
lil-rtii.ll -t,tl,l It. ,,,
MOir CUtMlCALCo .iu'IUo
For ssle by Otea-Conn lirug Oo.
cm the head, and to curs and slim
ul.i'.o ihe sialp, that dandruff will not
giii her f.italn, U Mall's Hair Iten .v.-r.
! I
Id . In'
. 1 I 1."
in l.tvc-r
they may not suffer from cold.
of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypophos
phites of Lime and Soda supplies
exactly what they want. They I
will thrive, crow strong- and be
well all winter on this splendid food kot...
tonic Nearly all of them become A lexander Elack, Dunn, Br bk, 1391
very fond of it. For adults who ! ,0T1" Antwerp.
are not very strong, a; "a"11- " uer 2,79 ton". "logo.
ris nf t,fe-- ,!t1s ! T-"1-'1 Sbaftsb-iry, Cunningham
S. WVCkV. TT I til ,
British General, Thomas, Er sh, I'M)'
'on, Newcastle, Australia.
MId&s, Mf-ssengc-r, Br bk, 1302 tens, '
Valor!, Brown, Br sh, 14:i9 tons, New. i
.-iistle, Australia. !
Jordon Hill, Walker, Er bk, 2176 tons, I
Port Caledonia, Anton, Er bk, 8120 tons, !
NaKssaki. !
Kintuck, Perrelle, Br str, 2HHI tons, !
In the ln.-it publication of ;he Berlin
Aftd'-my of Sol-mo, Professor Roemt.
gcji has an artl-;lo In which he confirms
the observation of Dr. Brandes that it Is
possible to make tho X-riy vlsllbe to the
Amara, Kent, Br str, 1OT tons, Honi?-
Br sh,
Br str, 1274 tons,
the Emulsion for a couple m. r 2 ' T T7;
t ... it.. Bristol, Molntyre,
ui niuium in me xau wiu 8nn Fran-,BC0.
put them through the; Fmllle, Oltmann, Ger sh, 1738 tons, To-
winter in first-class eon-1 kohnms,
Ai.t A a I
Ol t lOfU ASK your OOCtorl Anr.le Thomas Thomss. Br sh, 173
tons, Port Plrle
Almora. Thomson, Er bk, 17C9 tons,
Newcastle, Australia.
Peter Rekmnrr, Wetrtermeyer, Ger sh,
2W5 tons, Hongkong.
about this.
B sure you get SCOTT'S Emulsion. See Out ths
Bun and fish arc oa the wrspper.
All dnigjrUtt ; joe. and fi.oo.
SCOTT & BOWNE, ChemUu, New York.
I''ti fi-'1 h !,'"(-, :; y.Cu.t, v. !iijrli" m MiC,St
Mlt. Kiuili.l in..', r f'.ti.n, u'sm;nfn, ttUckh il'ln.
oiiy, in .ih 1 f. ti.i.r,-. ti:,;i, jjin! j iliirn' hair, lif h-
If!!'. .ly -r - I:,-, ;t ' I : -i r i f-'jickl.V tf W.'lTIl i.nlJi
with ,i;ii'i i:A tM, unA Kiitlo utfifiiinvd
ftitii C'-'i J' tiiA 'o.:jLj .HI,. tLu grtut o;iu -urv.
Ii wM thronphotitthffWriri'i. 1'oTTia Dn'O MWCntU.
iiKf.. Hole fr (.(!.. fMtn.
jT " Xiow to fitPluec hill. WhlU IUnia,"ff
itching mim krL
AlihougDi on land a clumsy animal, tne'
sea.1 Is wonderfully o,ulk in ih- water,
nnd n a fair raco ran generally raien
ain'Mt niy flsji. j
I One Minute finish Cute cures quickly.
I Thai's what yru want! ("has. Rogers.
.f ine
1 l.ill'C I'l 1 I,'
r . ..f 1 11
C'i a ri
' 1 1-1 Ir.
'tl.llC el I l-'l'.' e-
Mrs. M. It. Ford, RiiddeH's, LI., suffered
for ehrht years from dyspepsia and
chronic constipation, snd wis finally
cured by iiilntr TleWltl's Little Early
Risers, Ihe famous little pills for sli stom
ach and liver troubles. Chas. Rogers,
Tho population of the world averages
V6 women -to every 100 mon. Rlgnt.
ninths of the midden- deaths are those of
Mis. Mary Itlrd. H n'rlslmrif. Pa , "ays,
"My child Is worth millions lo me; yet
I w.iul'l have hi'tt her riy croup had I not
Invested twenty. five cents III It bollle of
One Minute Cough Cure." It cures couhi,
colds nnd nil Ihront snd luiwf troubles.
Chns. lingers.
If 4 I I l I I ip.-i t.
S-ikiWi',:ili.iir,!Si j
ArkniMix, in a
K' in winter.
Ili" I'liirlintiiii
f"i- iiifumiutioii
'r :ii.-ii,.s a s tlioiiKli we had Just re-
erivep-d fro a couple if Hiin.lays.
1 - T?
Il'i' Silil)o,
K"l'l illl('C In
SliiU'list line is
liotiti-. Write
nliiiut rates ami Indus.
Tickets at offices of connecting line
(ieneral A'lit, I It 1 : 1 1 1 I , Olefin
Take f-aiallve Hromo Quinine Tablets
All druggists refund the money If II fails
lo cure; 2. For sale by Charles Rogerf
Some, othrjr world Is glad to see
fine star that's gime away;
Thr. ! i t when irolu makes our nht
Makes somewhere else a day.
Mr. FJllHha B'rrry, of this place, says he j
never had anything to do dim so much
good and give such quick relief from 1
rfiewfiatlMm as Chamberlain's Pain Balm, i
He was bothered greatly with shooting
pains from hip to knoe untllhe used this
liniment, whldh affords prompt relief.
B. I". Baker, druggist, Bt Paris, Ohio.
Por sale by Charles Rogers, druggist.
Beware of Imitations
N"W Mrrrrt H-mr.y Altattlutrlr I nLnwi to th
rnii ma twmry ir mnii, eim
trr wlh ttium hn
tvill roniwt tn rum
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wn fall to
joil hi. o u. 11 Mi r.
Hill liavn hi-m n,
lmf.tii(i,f,r Thmnl,
r4Nnnl, flrrra n mug
r.yrbruwa fuUUtg nut,
rvnnnry or i rrllurf
fUHrHntlW t'K'Ullt V't
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run nut rnrn, 'I Mm (j
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ror ninny V -Un wMi
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iticin ltT pay li-na of
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oarn. If
Wf. Iulilft-wifahand
l"'lnsi, IMucaui I'atohM
'Iwpli-sS 'iiprp 'alor
it In ihia I'rlmarr,
Hlool l'ol'in lht wa
it II. o iiitMt abftllRe.
rhn world furaraw w
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"Mimmi thyali-laaa.
11 in tin a ftiM'i'Il v itf
htia wjiti our r.IIII,KK and mm
'O CflllllNl Im IiIiuI :..m ....... .twill ls.l
Ewk,I;w2'uVrJ'M,'" h"u ,,d
l.n L ,,.,.M,H 1:lv f'll.,
n to Sl.i.enle l e.,i,.le 1,1, ,. Illlnnlo.
Or. Wllllnms' Indian Pile
illiitiiiunlwlll euro llllml,
llleeihnir ttutt liel.l,...
Piles. Il llliMiriiNl he liinmrM
itlhiys the lu iiiiK,-at once, acts'
-IS a Ifcllllll.'. eii,eM I... i
Hef. i)r. H IIiIiiimh'IiiiIiiiii I'll, (iir.i.
nientisiimpareti for Piiessml Inb
uilt of the private purm. Kverv bos is
e,je. . . .'. " uriii-gists, i,y nutil on rn
For sals by Bates-Conn Drug Oo. I. In.
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