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THE ASTORIAN lias the larrest
clrtnlatloa of .an tit
fel.fcst and teat paper
on the Columbia River
ILA Ion the Columbia River
3 -w.
NO. 6.
tm nil i b ieb i ci ,j ea ii in in in m in ih w 1 1 m a a M i . t i' mrrwr i f ;. w - 'r r . Wi-vr . - - 111 wv ti if in ra iu i n u ii i c i
Stoves and Ranges
nr. nr.
CompcrH UtctiMllH
A full Hm PIpm. T.acc.
a Smtaktn' Aitlcln.
474 Cofttmorvlail Ml.
lnri' (lotqefim
rotcrtinmet Mali
lT m-i-i ma--'
Bacon and
Thn Bwt, Abtolutely Fur. By.
For Sol. at
The Occident HoteJ Bar,
Hie Offloa Moon,
And all Ui leadlnc bar In Arforla.
!'rjs" r It-Til . J
1 .iw "f" ' 3
San l'runclseo
and l'ortlnnU ,
Books and
ii 'v5-
mid ProvlMlotiH
Foard & Stokes
Munulmtunr and
lcMlr In
Three Klnnm-Klne Mntip; lianiranf All Klnrti:Tii
Maaiilfli-enl llai; Kvprvlhiii Klrnt 'U: hiI
orilcr and K-vervbiMly'a lti(hu hirlrlly (ibirrTeit.
Tlia North P.oitlo Brewery, of which
Mr. John Kopp ii proprietor, mnkoi beer
for domentio nil export trade.
Bottled beer tor froily n.e, or keg
beer iiipplieil at any time, delivery iu
the city free.
Al l. KINI'H .
The It""! I" the Market
Strictly Pure Lard
Car. roarch nd Cllun f'trcets
I'nrtland. Orcijon.
Cubu Mist and Kill Have Peace by
Abwlate ladepcadeace.
Soldier. Needed I. Till Ik ri.ld l p
Wild l.lnd-Cib. Ready I. Tiy
t frit lor rue.
S-w VV Jim. - Tim Herald (it
j tli f.iil.mlnu leiii-r from f!ii. M.ntnio
, ;n. a "tinna i.ili r H Ju. f of Dm ''whan
i army ' In id" KM'I. per, y,. lnT;-
! "Vi.i ji-d in. for my oplrim rei;ar.!iiin
whai i ff.M !3i. atiiniiim r k'ii- tboat
lu he llll."Ml.'l , n I '! lllllfM
i lMl loW, h !. Ill' atpe-i id H lOJI 1.
'Pbe ''ubitis In unit 'Vt nni (fni")M ti
ilrt. n tMv. r viH I, n (Mr ninu.
if!" 'Ii" lil--lni-'ll:.ii.i iiiill Day
IMVK ( HlHl'llmil 'I lllflr Ulfilltf t!l'l'1--tl-1.
in-' Nil nnntiT 1ut minili'-r of Wrr.
li M Kr.i;il.-il t, j any i.iiiidi
lii'V rniim:. rvit n t-ww Sp.iin .uUi
rii-'i.i' (or hi-f.Hf no othrr ritilit I.Vn c
K" ; !.. KjMiii.h flak- ovr 'uj. uii a
, iii!' ! iioiiiiiimI hhwi U-iiiv. Oi- m
i nut J.'c.rl ill iliillllfc hi. Mir. THr t"u
t'4l lt lullllll .if thi uthrr imiIu.
H-mi of Uii- I'l'wikt i'iK,rlii'i limn ht
n'.Vir i-l'V Cui'A ch.JI hit rMKiii" 'I
j ii nil., r of Hi- rtl'th'Kl if fri'i- ilalM
In ili: 1 1 It tili. .if ulwiuii' r.iill'Mmn
. t nr ul.iln-.l l.y t no lirmi, moiv,
! ttic)i. iDiilliil nji one n.i" force Impel
the ruhan propti' an a whole an we a
1'i'tivl'bi.iiii lo aloit Im. giaml r.fullnn
of tii I r i leti-p eriilttii'tii and Inter.
ct( ihe form, r tirt-.llre tJle I 'lllwllt. f'-e
ihut they luvi. lmvn prufiMimlly hurt by
Ui horrible war mxrtvsl npfm-rat
iifc-Mtnt thein by flpaan, ! I ittur e.
i-iiiii. they are 1 fli-mly eotivlnewl that
utilv aa free men w tfwy In. abb- o i-n-lev
j-.! e nnil 'iiiniiajp thi ti'.'M.iry
.-rellt 1u rnwwniii th"r oinniry, whleh i
ha lu-en 1eva..neil by .ikiii Kiern-lf,
"In nhorl. v.itia not otily t 11!
ncde to 9h. fr. It In tmv truit
Hpuln ehoupl re.Menl. Hint f.u-t nrxl
lc.iiSir a-Me ul .-haotle autonomy.
j itfiouKI niiinfiill" iwfnnit the true proh
1 pin I t SpnnHh nivtloii iicknowl-
iiIk" "ntw- iii'1' H'ii.i.v, wh.ft e Ju:
' ly 1'l.ilina, anl receive a omiii'iiKitlon
which k. rtuht and eiiHa)lc. And
reti l"t h' r claim from our povrrnni-nt
' mime ii'lviitlt.iKc.. n ihe Cuban tariff to
I fouler hir awn nduwtr.n. Then, ami
j imivn t h i. will rile r.tflnhow of w.ic.
I itirhten fie horlon wi leiw refli-i-ted
by Hie iil-ire of the trlnwtnit flells and
Ihe flrliiK of he nuiihin."
The llcrnl'l o irwi:ii an liirvew
with inn At a date ntT th.ui the
aboe. The correntiondnt found i.iomei
In Hie Nit of hentti urwl nlrltn and fully
rnnvtu'nl that the kwu wtruKKle In draw
Inir h cKmp. The. Intranm-KcnritK o
litm, nald Oem-ru) Oomei. have been the
only one wtlllnir t ixntmie rlie ntnutRle
t-caiiKe they feared that I'nbnn trlittnph
wmihl re.ih In Ihrlr prpecuton ami the
1 1 nftnillon of tht-lr proinTty. Ttiey nre
tti t-rly nilniiken. I, Maximo Oomei,
whoee iwont has never been brokei, a
aure iinm of absolute protection.
"I know rtie people repret th.
tHirlfly hiiKlneea element of the aaid and
b. lleve fhey are diwttrwl to rank nmonit
the rmt vnluetl ritliena of fht' rpjble.
The irlinnph of our rjwe will lain? to
them aaaumnpe and pervntsiwon to follow
thi Ir vocation In peat. There will t
no prewldi-nt'e roluton. either polliicai
Hoe1.i. All we aik of thm l 10 Jielp
tnild the fortune of the Island aiwl re
piilrlns the nate of war. I taiy Ihe earn
limine, too, to the Spunl oflK-cm In the
held. They have tieen fiKhtlnn us not tie.
they hate CuUi, bul lieoiiuse tfhey
lov: Ppaln. They liave proved fheni
aejvm to be loya aons of the motherland.
and wht ii thi y have tald down photr nnns
we will trlr..lly extend to them the rlnht
hand of fi low t:ip. W'l wH biir- the
bloody pail and no forward shoulder to
ehonMcr tc build up CtrtiVs IMMrlnn
v!hiw whili have ben destroyed und
(ttr shall n-ed men to :ll Ihe soli. The
rank find tile of the i'tpan9i army will fill
llie Klip."
i'pi'aklnif of terms on wtok-h Oultn mlttht
n freedom, Oen-oJ Gome roltrateJ
bis rtnt.nont Cuba atlll nltnn
to un.haai. her liberty. It la believed
thai JiMUmo.ono would be an ciiult.ible
aniounl now. 11 rnpl he ha 1 n, doubt
thai 1111 arrangement would be made wlttt
Ai.icrican .Mpllallits to form a eyndlrntp
iNillect oustoms dull -s ujuI pay Snin In
lrstallmciMw. In t!tii way U10 Ker.'Tal
said there would be ; iiosltlvp end to the
war by ihe establishment of friendly ra
il. 'Ions with Bhiln.
"When jk'iiw W," he iWUJYd,
"we want to ro-kon on Spain iimon our
friends." 1
Ucfcrrinn t Hlio nblU'y of fuba
1 10 can on the war. I'enne said h's
foni -were ample an I 1c dnrtj that Oiha
could conilnue (liihtlnit even If Che hi-
dlM-s had to go rwkeJ; that war cost
the Cubans nothing, wherein Spain' lire
1 ood was betng dralnel 1y her enormous
expensee. H spoko tn term of affection
ate admlra-llon for America. de-rblng
her a the llht of Cub and eaW that he
would welcome Intervention aa affording
an Insluntaneou eolurion of the p.-o)lem.
bill ilirijiU-l nun'Ull" )li"uti
Iinc to vint prjtn'lorf if.
Nw York, Jn. . A HmU 1lpHtc,i
from Hvnt my:
AM Havana llkln of in frutnion
of a pM to kll or wpl'ir. nnTa Ar.i
ruit, l wi Oi-nirJl lx- and ipr
talv Kln of H'h wire Innwent In
tnmv.ntii. Mr. Kln, .Inc.- hl rrlvl
Vfral ly mo. hm provnl Mmr If n
MiiliUKlanik- lnvirtlf'.r. He mmli no -rmt
of Ui lnl-tieon to commutilrai with
I ho Itwur"!!!! uii'l i-(itkii'I a iart:ulr
ili-iilii- lo wm 0iiit Aruniu'n. H
utatiil ohat lio kM (I'tirnl Irr to pro
vl'V uM hj wo-il I take him lo fi'-n-t-ml
Aranuuiri-n. but lntil tuu t)i
.ri,.ir(l i.K."llii'it tr k"Pt kth for
f. :ir IIi.ii t"" Himiilnh ouil tiki- pilvim
of l to It-ar.i of Ar.iniT'ii ri-ii' I'i'a
Hun. In iiii" o.' I hi". Hi'. tory not only
l.uki 'l out. !ml Mr. Kliue wan n
amiirnin'" 1y 't-rt-l i-l CoiiK'to ihi iMt"'"!''"" nM-lf lo hl
i-.iHT throunh the 4niili lri. All
K.ii. arr..n.' l f it Mr. Kln Hi sulii'
l i t-.i Mi.- Il l i thli tiKirnlti. go
lo i hi. rixi'
wh'-r.. he .ih
ti mwt
lu.iklii. Tii
Mirht. Null
Hi ll'.i
Imii'l J i.ui
hfi-.nii". junri"l lat
Mr. Klnil w.ia rloii'ly
iI.r I'iv. ! by .-i.iiii h p.ill.-e' iit. eie I
a;. lw .l hii I tibo'it 11 Vi-lu'k lln. oviTi-d
Mr. Kiiuf aivl .s....rvtui y
Ku-c In eiir- '
1 i-.t 'uni'iliiNi:! I'ulK ieai(iK Ihe
'l.ii'Ki r IJk- x il ! eari-'l fur Ihe country
1111! In li'ilf an limn i. on n way 10
warn ArniiK i "n It 1 "I" ter4
tlii.l ilir auihyriiie inmln .-very pn-t am-j
tlnii lo f"l')A Mr. Klnie n :he pl.ico flf
n.i . llmi ami liH" a t-trt on h inl a in.c j
In uviTionir reieiino' iiy Ihe r lx-l rib-f. I
Vr. K in k" L u nitn.i'ii)fi of th. f.u- I
lire of tuu iiropi.cj trip waa thin mjr'ihiie
nhrn In' 1 jlii.l 1 ha I lil itunlc aim inh
ln IifHIt ANT Mt'ST HAN'5
I'lejMriil Ion
. for Ili4 Kx-cniin
"1 YcntiT'la;'.
Hcui Km 111 lice. Jan. S I'U"f' Mine- j
thlnif iiiifiirs- i n nt.-rven. to prevent it. j
Wam H'tiry Th-odore I'urrant, the I
'otidcnini.l niunlerr of lUan. h'- ini, !
will expiate Wh crime upon tie- i:.illw 1
at Sin Qu.-nun toinorruw moriilnx. Tbls
ir.onilni; Ms atiorneya were U'. confl- i
'bill rtiat hey ( cnd ave him from the j
hi'-nhmian s ncosc. but after iiovrnor
In Id had uiiiiuiiia iil hl r'usiil to mer- 1
f iwlth lh. execution and the nen
ll.ishid ov-- the wre from Waitoimrtjn
tin! Albi tc.irliiian hiol f allot l.i tils '
inie-too 10 the itri-'ne court of the I rn- i
I r't.i.t.-s, they w.-re comp. li' d to aek-1
now .i!fce tii.'inmive ihi;iiiUi.-l. Al'.or-j
r iMuprey 11s a forlorne hope r-iTiel ;
Ihe cvi h.i( of applying to the ju 1 j
of the feil.-ral co.irt for h bill of eiccep- ,
tloii to fi. jr ra;tn- di nylnu his peiltljn j
for a writ of h-.iix-.iH corpus ve:ei!uy,
but falle.1 to cure the appeal
Inirrnnl'ti parcnt-i announced their dc.i
101 inin.iilon to tall upon Kvcr-iar lor
tin. HirKi. of niukini; a rtnul fir !
their on' life, but the povernor abso- j
luu-ly refill J to mv 'Vm an. I they eft
thin etty fir San Quontln In onler that
thev niltrlit Mwnd tlie 4iti;ht with their
mw and bid thlm farewell.
Amon I.unt. hangman, visited Dur-
r.uit'i v-ell this afternocn for the purpose
0 la k 1 ic hks -neamire and 'letermlnlnR
iipiwi the length of the drop. The ma
chinery of the irivllivw was t-fd nd
I'VivyUipiif was fouml to work emon'Jiy
toiliy. AIkmii TiO Invitations haw been
Isnted ly Warden Hale.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. t. call s kv
aueU tonwtit by tho republican state ex-
ooutrce. cmnUltt for muss conveitln
of the reiniliiicane to the hold lu this city
next Monday to prottst mrajnst the at
tempt to diifoa Senator Hanna.
Now York. Jan. C The police comml.
slon.-rs loduy apionlcd Acting Chief Mc
Culhich a chief of police n th city.
Annuiolls, M.I., Jan. 6. Tho deadlock
over the upoaKcrsriip or me .Miirayiaiio;
house of delcR-ates was iiirokon today
and there wiih no Indication rht It will
be oiibil for some time t" come.
Kinrc in 'Frisco.
Columbia Theatre Partially Pestroyod
Sonic of It'ie Furniture Saved.
San Francwo, Jan. 6 The Columbia
thititre, vn IVnvell street war Market,
the mallesit but most popular of the
Ihret play houstw controllixl in this city
by Friollandor, liottlob& Co., was (Tutted
by tliv this evenlntr. The flames "auei'd
almut $12.fti1) damage to Wie interior wnlls.
celllntrs nivil furniture, 'but the damage
from the v-.iiter iln-fore f'lw fire was ex.
tlng-uk-hed er.nsldernbly ncrcae)d this
sum. Tho Insurance wan $2iW.
It was fortunate that Ihe fire, which
it s suinoeil startod from a dof'V.lvi'
flue In the attic, broke out no laf.w than
7 : tr. tils evcnlnit, when thcr were only
ii'hiut li" ivmhoiih 111 the toiNatre. At the
llrsl sound of the alarm all these persona
wtw (ulckly anil s-itcly es.-orteu to tne
lox olllce where their money was re
turniil. Meinwhle Malthow Riul BuIrct,
who have bivn playing "At Clay Coney
Isbukl." suporpiu ndinl the removal of all
tlho Hcenery lo Hie lln-iuoof vault.
While eniraged Un the work Matthew
and liulger Inhale-j the smoke and w?re
partially suffocated. They subsequently
revived, however, and this wa the near
est approach to a casualty.
Dcvere Cables Prom Europe That a
Steamer Is Chartered.
r.rilnd Sires C.ilr.ct f.r Ktotdikc
Belief Sip.liei - Will HtU it
livery it Dye.
Wii1irtnti, Jan. .-A r:iMtcram r'
Ivil at lhi Kr HnMnt tody frorn
ij-uii-iiant In-vow, v wan i".-nt with
Jaki"in to -Buropf to ewtire Mn.
ilwr fr thn KlVimllke rcU-f p!IU'rti.
al't 1 1ml a Htwurmr iad fen rhartena
for tre- tr.iiwieir:ilon of tfw rendr to
rnltwl Htat, m1 It ma exjiw-teJ the
party vjill be be 10 m( fur New York
on the Snh Irauanf.
Vancouver, Wash., Jan. 6. All awards
CIiiih far made by Caitaln Bralnard, In
chaw rf ' Y" rriti-t -xpel;tlon, for
I supplbw to lie deliver! ' urces
I ful lilrhk-r at fye.i haw bn eecured by
I tli I'oruIuJid meriihajiW. Awar.lj made
I no far are aa follows:
I Itaklrur iiowiler, & twursbi
j Ftour, 112.j) ixximls.
1 Hearts, Cwl ounds.
1 Hutrar. ir.aio rioumk'.
j Vlmvar, 100 pound,
j Suit, 40 uufa.
I'epiier. 2V) poumlA
Candpa, 40 pound.".
'hivta.te, 3)4 jioutals.
Xrik eoondVrwed). VM cn.
Hull.-, i VI pounds.
Coffoe, 60(0 pounds.
No aiward lian yi bi-on m.ule for ba
con, rice and ea-
The Seattle Hardware Oompony, of Se
alt!e, w: awarded the contract to fum
'h sbls and wool.-n sti-knrs for W men
fniim Cominy 11 Fourteenth Infantry,
are to ro In of t relief ex
pedition. Iliim.-lin & Co.. of Portland, were
awivrrbil te comrnct for sbi'plnie baffA
Loss to the Hudson Bay Company-Orest
P.H-hes In Store.
lvnv.-r. Jan. 6.- Pu.-dtd M. Dodd, a New
York .ravelinp man, In an Interview here
"The runh of miners und prospo-trs 10
A'.uska and ie northern Pritl.-h Americ
lant 5nr -and that which will follow the
oening of next spring, meiuis the losa of
many thoiiwindw of dollars to the Hud
son'M Bay Trading Company, which con
troto the r bunine In that courttry.
This result ifrmi the driving away of
the gume from 'V'hlch the company makes
Its profits. Forty year ago my father
ne one of the hundreds of men whom
the Hudson's 'Bay Company employed to
hunt and trap game In the far North. He
followed the buKnittw for 20 yeans and dur
ing that trnie hunted over all the Klon
dike region. He knew of the rich gold
dnilt there and I now have at home
nugvets 'which he picked 'up in that coun
try. He has many times told me that
eome time that would he the greater gold
producing region In the world. He claimed
that The gold deposit extend from the
Hudson's bay to Wetsern Aleieka and ar
to be found ou a" -the northern Islands.
"The official of the Hudson' Bay Com
pany knew of the gold 'but forbade their
men telllwr of 1t, for fear of Jus u?h
a ru. of people Into the country aa w.
hava now seen."
Out of One Revolution Into Another Bit
ter FVeliilK Agalnat the President.
New York. Jan. n. .Uvordmst lo the
Nishinston corr 'sp n lent of the Tribune
Uruguay bus hardly emerged from enp
revolution which resulttvl In the iissansi
nation of President Bord.t and the gov-
rnnient has har.l'y adjusted Itself, when
another overthrow Is promised, and th
tla.-bliip Cinclnndtl of the South Atlantic
Fouadron ha been sent to Montevideo,
where she arrived, reinforcing ihe Cast-
Inc. alreadv there, to protect American
Intercuts. Captain Colby M. Cheater,
comnandcr-ln-chlef of the United Slates
iwvat forces in the Rio Plata, has been
Instructed by cable to watch affairs close
ly. reHirt!nir emergencies promptly to the
r:ivy department.
The tlrtu titi.n.i!ion that trouble was
brewing reacheil th. state depurtmen
through a report transmitted by the nav;
deivirtir.ent from Commander R. M. Berry
of the Ca.'tlne, which had been at Monte
video several month, having been ta
tioiknl there during the recent revolution
Coiumamler Berry thran-s an entlivly ne
licit on that uprlsi'u, whUh press ac
counts h'.ul creill'cd ,he rTOvenimcnt with
uppr'-'i:Kt and rfionv that I'rug lay n
stead of Ks(il!i more stability thi
other Laitin Am-rlcun countries.! is sub
ject to the same vbisiitud w us most of
them and that the ballot Is not h'-lf so
essential on the wjrd in eelectlng the
The report which gives the first accu
rate statement of the remarkable terms
on wheh the revop.lonl were tndurod
to ".urrender,- etatee that upon the ac
rssslofi of CueUt to th. prwadeneir, re
gotlailor whlih had been broken off un.
der rrtaWent B-rda were renewed. Term
of arreement were reached and peace had
been ratified thy the rhambiim
Th. cotidltloi of pea ar. that
national (niaiico) party shall renounce
armed trurle and consequently rhe
o4ntont army rhall be placid under or
der of th. preetdent of Oie aenate tn ex
tr&Mt of the txscutlv. power who at-U
onlaln h dlirfiandment aa alo that of
th. force raided by the jovernment or
tho war an oon a new prefect) the tr
emmem have resolved lo aittont take
possession of their poaw. The diahend
ment after disarming when 'he executive
khail so detinnr.e, nal) take place tn
the department to wh4 the force re-spr-tviiy
The executive In It capacity is coll
lative prwer. ahaJI patronize and .support
iiefjre the chamber the els.tora reform,
the aaniKkm of rfrtileh ban been pleiltred
'.of re frx country by the -najorlty, the
le(sUlors In -the manifesto of Auiruet I,
; betnie utuleratood trial thre shall be
Incorporate! n he reUmins jeirlstttKm
the inodlflcatiorai already atiprjprlated by
the senate and the bllla prwe-itci to the
rvprfsentailve for the revres-nl'lon of
This clause, on account of tlie Institu
tions! auararrtee. which t ImpIU for the
ciuntry, is fund.imeitM.1 and tssenti-U a
a base of this negotiation and Ihe execu
tive pledge itself to indole this reform
n rhe present extraordinary stttiicr and
to rupvort --s approval.
The report condludea a followe:
The question of the election of a prtsl
dent ro uew.ed Senor CueMta In Maroti
next, which res 01 on the prownt cham
bers, kt cauiUra; much btiterneM and ap
prshenMon. The chamber" are not favor.
ble to President Cuestus, in whose favor
ehere seerrw to tie a popular aprisiry? of
ojilnlon rwhoh tian shown Itself In tcveraj
m-etlrurs, that he whouM declare Wmself
dictator and dkwolve the chambers.
Strong forcee and sol diem are culled out
rhen the-e meeting occur.
Offlclala of the state and navy depart
ments have no ijoubt that a diettorhlp
will be rhe reault and tt will be followed
by civil war.
OAkosh. Wis.. Jan. . Oshkosh ban a
ertonit man, August snane, a uanwn nsn-
erman, over eix feet tall and weighing 300
ho while Fttasimmons mis here oh&l-
lenteed him to an arra-Gwlsting' contest.
Fltzsiininona accepted. The two men
uteiied hand- and braced the(r etbowg
ujwmi the counter. At tvery trial me
pugilist' hand was forced down o fho
ounter. Fitrsimmorji acknowledged hts
lefeat and accepted t good muuredly.
Sfvn F.-anclsco. Jan. . Xot a little anx
iety ki being felt for the safety of a num
ber of eoasttru? vesels that should have
arrived from Pugef Sound some days ago.
Those arrivlntr In the pa-t few daye re
pot terrible weather all alomr the coast.
and while it 1 not thought that any of
the missing vessele halve gone down, thetr
contlnueil absence Is womirur owners and
the relative of those on board. Among
those overdue Is the hark Gatherer, now
19 daye rfom Tacoma: the ship Yonernlte,
JO daya from the same port: and the
ship Hurry Morse, 24 -days out from Se
San Franoi-.-o, Jan. t. All the men that
can conveniently work on tho Japanese
war vessel Chrtos. now in course of ooft-
struvtlon at th 'Union 'Iron Works, are
busy putting the ftnMring touches on tier
huge body. The vessel will be launched
February 30.
San Franctaco, Jan. 6. The now Rands-
burg Railway running from Kramer on
the line of the Santa Fe road to Johannes
burg, in the heart of the new n;inlng dis
trict In the Mohave idesert, is completed
nd tin operation, and the Southern Pa
cific company has joined with the new
line ami Bile Santa Fe In a Joint freight
New York, Jan. 6. Among the passen
gers wno rtaiieu oy tne inis
week ws Ira D. Sankey. the weil-knoiwn
evangelical siiurer and author of wongs.
Mr. Sankey was :u'comianlwl by a lre
iwrty of friends who form the advance
guard of a large Palestine expedition next
Monday under the guidance of Rev.Russel
Conwell of Philadelphia.
Los Angeles, Jan. e.-The board of dl
retort, or the enanwer or commer.'e in
common with like organisations, p; esed
resolutions extending to President Mc
Klnky a Invitation to attend the Trans-
Ml.vRslpl commercial congress to be
held at Wichita. Kan.. In the fall of 189s.
Soiintors White and Perkins were ap
pointed a committee to extend the invita
tion In person.
Wailngton, Jiin. 6. The eenate com
mittee on military affaire today ordered
a favorable report on the bill increasing
the military force of the country to the
extent of two reglmcmts of artillery. The
purpose of the bill is to afford a sufficient
number of men to protect the new guns
and mortars "which are being put In place.
Bill ii Coigrtsi to Coistruct Skip
For Tils Harbor.
9m 0tkr VmI to B. C.titneted k
tk Trctsiry Dtptrtatat t. Ri
alaca OkMlcte Sbipi.
Wat&lwrton, Jan. .-eVnator Fry.
day Introduced a bin authorizing the aso-
retary of She tresiairy Ho have eight ves
sel constructed for the pnenue cutter
.tnrloe, four of them to court lffl.QOO each,
end one to com 1230.000 and the other ihr
1,(M0 each.
The first four are to be used tn replacing
the Seward, Mcdane. CoJfax and th
Boutnlle, and She (ast three to reptac
the Washlngtoc alt Philadelphia, harbor.
the Hamlin at Boaton harbor, and th.
Chandler at New York harbor.
The 50,000 vessel Is to be used at fb
Columbia river bar on the Pacific coast.
The bill was Introduced at the lrmtanc.
of the treasury department. The old raa-
sei to be reptateed are complained of as
obsolete and unfit for the service re
quired. A NEW LWHT.
Claimed to be Better Than the Saji for
New York. Jan. . Nlcoa Testa an
nounces an Important discovery. He say
that he has perfected vacuum tubes at
such high illumination power that they
may be used In lighthouses and that (hey
will enable the photographer to work by
rdght as well as by day. Th. result wMcit
Mr. Testa has attained l.ave been achieved
by the u3 of hie vacuum tubes and hi
oscillator. The light which he is able to
produce by this mean fa as bright, aa
that of the noonday sun. By Its use every
line of the object photographed may be
made to stand xn clearly and distinctly.
It is known chat it is" difficult to secure
light whL-h will penetrate a fog. It la
believed that light from the vacuum tufco
111 eventually be used for this purpose.
It Is likely that prajUcai experiments
will soon be mutle in some lighthouse on
this coast for the purpose of deno-MUrat-Ing
the practicability of Mr. Tenia's ind
New York, Jan. 6 Tbe committee of
Ihe Neiw York state division L. A. W.,
which la composed of Walter S. Jenkins,
M. M. Bcldtng, jr., and W. S. Ball, ana
which wa authorised to pledge the votes
of the state division at the coming L. A.
W. election to fhe best advantage for tho
division, has declared for Isaac R. Potter
of New York for pnsident and T- J. Kee
nan of Pennsylvania for vice-president.
It has been agreed that the New York:
and Pennsylvania delegation will work
ogether to elect ttilr candidate.
6anta Fe, X. M., Jan. 8. The Las Vegas,
Mora & Taos Railroad Company has been
organised at Las Vegas and the tneo.-por-atkn
papers filed with the territorial sec
retary. The road will be K miles fcnf
and ft ts sold construction work wU com
mence at an early date. The line will
open a settled region of mines and tlna-
Xew Haven. Conn., Jan. 6. The schoon
er Donna U Bngge. or aroningwn, as
present In Xew Haven harbor with a
cargo of himber has been libeled as a fill-
buster. The Brlgsw figured promtnenay
In the hearing of witnesses at the de
partment of justice tn the case of tho
alleged filibustering tuff Somen X. Smith,
now lying at Mobile under surveillance.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan. . President Burt
of the U. 'P. iw-lth tfeneral Manager
Dickinson anvl other officers of the com
pany spent a few hours In this city and
after a hurried Inspection of the shops
and other company property, proceeded
to Laramie.
Royal siake th. food pars, .
wholeMn. and d.llcloa.
AwiolUtbiy PafO
Bona asiamt sowm CO., uw rosa.