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    1 ioVj, Vt.l Usli'
, . , i-,
v '
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' '1 ..... . '
felffctt and test pi per
on the Columbia River
THE ASTORIArl has the far.tst
clrcolatloa of aav eaer
oo the Columbia River
NO. 8.
Ttin cnrnKATrt)
Stoves and Ranges
ARB me
We Are
Enabled to Buy
la lur'i- 'piaiititii's on account of our liig t ratio,
ami tlnit can give our t-iiMoiiicrti the lowt-rt
j'lit'fM on all kiii'ls of iin-rcliuiilit
A lull IIm dI PIm. T.baccs.
ad 5ejuasra' Aitlclea.
474 Comtttatrvlal HI.
Ailnrit's l.orqeoss
tntertaiaoieat flail
J. Ithi Jri ifaicaV' L.V Three rioora-rine Mmlr; Ciainrs of All K lulls; Two
mDZrl -- ? 1 rr J! Mavninrrnl liars; Kvervthlii. Kinl flaaa; (lood
wa---. ai awaatsi mm iliissiisTasW' order and Krrybody'B It lit lit Htrlrtly oUrnrrtl.
Bacon and
The Beat, Abolutely Pur Ry.
For Salt at
The Occldont Hotel Bar,
The Office Saloon,
Ami all the leading tatn In Astoria.
1 .
Sun FrunciHCo
and rortland ,
Books and
Foard & Stokes
Manufacturer and
l)Nltr In
Tbe North Faoiflo Brewery, of which
Mr. John Kopp is proprietor, make beer
tor domeatio and eiport trade.
Bottled boer tor family ute, or keg
beer .applied 'at any time, delivery in
the city free.
linn ranteed
The Heat In the Market
Strictly Pure Lard
Cor. Fourth and ('.limn Streets
Portland. Orcynn.
Secoad Ward Content Decided la I'ti
lager's favor.
Till BflMlcikaia (.oaten Sol Decided
Mettiatj l Be Hereafter Held
Tharsday tvcalag.
At 13 A oe k y.-u-rW iht conation
Hiimtl convened i ihf owuiuil clmm-o-rs
for ihn lnnjllon of Mayur-oln?t
II". V'lin".
"ri...M,t of ih uiiii- I'.uker cnlli-d
t.'i couix ll tu ur.Vs ujiO fumijy rMiv
tl--tl Mil)'!" H rvnma - rmortra
tu ih iDmir by CuuiK-tlnirn t.'hmoii and
H'li Ih-. IU-nia vra T.i .r Ji. Kiiai' y
T l.( ami wv to th
rlnhi uixl l-ti of Muor Ii.-.vriiaii, BJid
t)Vi nr.ui. II room i.k-l a Mb x-c-l
Mayir I ti(i t"n t th'-n n.ont. tint fu-.-1)111111111,
on r. .l-!t:ii.i: M, mr:
I'iukrr. M.iir.Kor arl '!mnn. Aft.r a
t mimii. ttcttt thr . viniii!ra rr.
Iirt. ibat '.M. -r. (;l.l,ml M J. w n.
Um tii-wly ,-!f t,-l t-uum lm. n rr mn th
uivl T ftrJ ari. r-ji" ; Hv. I. nni
mit!'l to thir m-;t, bin rt tmy
ti.t r- thrlr a-uy . l.iit t.. wutlnK
Mr. I :.nifT. I'ountlliii.iii-t from the
Mifnl a nnl. Th y r-im:n" ul 0 mat
an opinion t- oitJil:wd fr-,m h. rJty M-orn-y.
on mo'.in itir r-i! f tb com
mlttm a abipHd.
llayor HMT;man ilun k!.iii1 tht the
poipla ihi .k-n n no uru-.rtain ton
at h atw pKlln nnl lat ihlr wtun
rhmrltw rt-ainx'trd.
"I hnl tut r-'onr tin- cJ.f.jitrO onn.
Mnt for iw:n 'llnun fnn th C-oond
rd." hi aaat. "Mr l'ur,;f-r N a x-iiv-
and h n i"Iiii ii by ioni
to iirwMnt thn."
I'minolmnn M--Trirnr ro at tie con.
rliulon of thr nmyor'a rrnrl iirul Kintrd
thut na for an h nwRml Uirre
'n no ll f- Hirer In tho tmi.r. IU a-aa
it t!h.r by ihfr -4r ami t.l atotw
w-rr KiiM'-.l aob-ly by tb- ty .l..irt- and
aa on aa he wo (n th ixujn.H h wo
lwil tu lr nil.!.! Wiat chdrnr. Pojii.
llirmn irkcr rt.urd thai !. colru libJ
ith Mr. MTfocr'r vlo.
tVmnrilm 11 iSufbtunt mid Hiiitn-j and
Atturnry All.-n rr Wwn n! to
Ibrlr neat.
At lor niy Alb-n :iit.-l Hint tir not
IMvtmrw! t l oinon on tho rl.
rt.l It y of Mr. l"txtriKr. I. 1 would br
ablo to ulr oi In lh f VfMn'. to which
Mayor lbtvnin ril tiiaii he watr.od
h opltikm rlirtit aa-ay h h would not
mwnli. a dofott onndldAtf unlms
forortt to do o. II fnntnr udds) that
tin iwotild not d'-llvor (his mtmise until
tho pr.nt wiiat44c m -ttJil.
A motion was vhon miid itml carrlvfl
o a.ljtirn iill 7 o'clock in th tvnpR.
whon tho rojort f tho city atiomty cou:a
Iw hoard.
Tromi'tly nt 7 o"olvk Mayor Itorgman
tok ha aont. All thv roum-ISmon wor
proaont oxcopt Wc. Hla oh.'Ur a va
rant and iwaa Until y turned against Ma
drnk bv Jit noJtrhoor, Councilman 1 'ark or.
Evory tint In the council room waa oocti.
pkd, many bolng comiH-lltd to tanO.
City Attorney Allt-n thon dnlivorwl a
iwrltton ojilnlon on ihe eligibility of Mr.
t'talncfr, na csinelnwn-irot front Ih.
Socond wurvl. .Aftor rovlwlnj; v.irnua
eoMoni of tho cty chnrtor and quotlnK
lffrmit aitJorltdoa lioarlnir on tbe case,
he Mtatml that he lul an affidavit from
I Mr. I'talintor ami a lat rvnn for 3Sw.
itatod Mrv'h 1, lf97. for iaxo on anloon
proorty palit by the firm of Hoeh & Ut
aliHtvr; a rrdxmptMn tnx oortlfK'ate
from C. J. OumtH to C. C. I'tilnKwr for
fho nmount of V.d, for loin 4 and S, block
I, Eimt AitirlH. Mr. Alb-n wut on and
Ktwtvd brlclly that lit bin oiUnNm the aftl
livlt and rts-iiptii of 'Mr. I'tzlntnc con
InlnM evldonoe that I10 tl'tzintror) wna a
tax-layr on iiorwonallty wnil In this
ctty nd Ju-lonRlnif to Hovk & UtilnKi'r.
No cotiiailnian 'had pil 1iux'k for 1S7.
aj tlho tnx roll had tx-vii vomplolod and
wi In tho hdndx of tho bonrd of equali
sation at Snlom. "Mr. Ala n clol by roc-
ommondliiK t)l.Ht tbo coinilmaJMlect
fnun ho Ss"ond ward be eon ted by the
Mr. Utaireer. who wn in'nt. tnen
took hla ont.
Mayor llownian then Immediately niwe
nud dilvoivl Ills nn'.ne, u follows:
Uentlemen of the Common Council:
In obedience llo custom and wrtwablc
to tho requkromeilts of tlie Cfty Clmrter,
I nave the honor to submit for your eeri.
on consideration, wuedi mottwra ns n my
liidimiem will prove iKnetMal to the
public welfare.
Tiie people of Antoria have trel lth
j non-piii'tlnan nnl iir't.JLn city povern
j mint, and by an overwhelming vote, Jiave
dtvretAl thut u, on-partisnn ailininisira-
1 tlon of affairs 1 tiho btit mUted to give
them an economical and efficient govern.
Tho partb'ans afTirmed than the bent ser
vice could be obtained from offtoala who
vra tvaponsHila to some organized pwrty
the cll4zma declared that no public eer
vajtt owed allegianoe to any party, but t0
ih poopl" dln!t. Th nuirty of tti
xipM Mia4.l avWlb thl latur vl-w
and H lo(iixVo im 10 confomn to the pop.
uar ail, fir ha who dx not irracofully
.iilmat tt th peqle'e wl la a dangerous
t'ttlion arp unfit to bold offlco.
TIm, late Honorable iMiufnus C. Crosby,
alitor one ymr of rttlaort rule In 1190, saM
In hla me "I'pon takrns; ohsree 01
Un city's affiilre, w fouret the troaaury
diS'lHod; (ncoinpol ootitnw.'ta ware aad.
dlod on tin now a4mnlittra4tin ami fur
tiier vonlracU of rrly I100.MO h-ul ben
truvlo; mattirs rr In a rntxtue atat.
NotinllhMitM.ndlnir 1tUa atuiUbn, ewryone
has diiiitia th past yejr faltbfully dono
his part."
Tha tioojibt wre tWI"d M anothn
I'lllxon's sjtnilnUtartJ.iri sunroodod the
first und In ! Ifi-ui'iral ni('SKi", Mayor
A:fr Klnm-y aald: "I am aia-1 to to 1jIi
to any that ttm aibnlnMtiratloii of out
i-lty fr iti" low. In t-r days t-n itro.
i 1-ttrr."
Thlr rof.irnmHon ltdl tho pop ti(o
urMy unl firiti-tfulirow, and thoy wroj
lrsumbd to attain ry novern-1
Hunt, mid Ju-Uclrur by Tbolr votos, ucn
ptr.n uovornmont pmvod una lafaot,,. Coltlnie. Ohio, Jan. I-Th wttatorlal
ry. It u. tlw.for... y a.l all .!" OMu ''' h" b"
snn.l und bias and work on a, .. .n-partW-un ta,ta. ire.tln oy,-ry ,
- Ittx-n of woatov. r Imrty. rro-1 or oo-nj-1
laitl'Ni Kith xa.t Jutli'.. urwl iia fair.;
11ms iirl HMirti dv. 1
Tho c..H of t.h- .uidKor and cl-y
tt.nnriT Kill ui'iuiii it yioi with uie of tho iiy in il-t tl, Utorofor-. I
bni It stipi-rfluoia to d" on ory Item,
but il nioioly suiti;ot ibat It wi ro
iuto ritro and wntchfulneaa to
llubion tho Inirdons of lni-btlnet row
trw jul Improvements are commono
al'lo. Imt ru.'iire ohould Kiianl evory
It may be t luinml Dint thr tux levy ot
lrt tvus xit ireiill, rrn n. a low
b vy h no IihH" atin of ceonomy wtirn
o.r livlobmlnrm Increases.
In th, year ,f l. Hie re -clpts from
fm nnd forfiilurrsl aninuntil to too.
ItorfiiR the yr jus, tat rtie rerotnia
fr,n the s.mrc, fol, to JU. Tm,!
bxa U one of tho fruit., of ,r.k.
rrnmont. I labnonlah you. therefore, con
tomop, to work In maon with the police
.toiinr'nirnl or tho eltv eovormnoot
p..e will never overlook our own attort. I CFi, lha' "r '" ,he P" ' orlranl,ta
onmlnca. oven rvaiKh n our o.inlon. tbe'"'" of an1 ran Mme 00
fiiull ll with th.. oth.T fellow j chairman, nor can pi toe no member In
All parts of the n.y ma. Innerr must 1 '5"aW Position, on any of the commit
work I.. h.m,ony. otherwise'ls trtctee- nor dTW' f iU"sr thC "Wle
tlomuid .,. T,ixlwyr lathe KTeal.a, ,r. ! nWaK,- ,he' haV """ 'h
titer tivretiv ; the xom" coumlx of "boitms;" re-
n. -..1. .,, , . . ; publican nMnbera and expo-t th neees-
Tm- exponi-e for the malntenanee of ttie.
l"ore ibsiarTmem n 1 In'
l7 thin eXM-i am. 1-.d1u-.1l to Itt.v", hut j
th am fa. oix.nomy. In my private I al wils foiual that misonably!
w-ll paid entii.iyrvii wore nw.ia 1hei
mivst eitl-l-nt and thai Rjod treatment!
nmiloil In (tood ta-rviiv. j
Iti-fenrt'iR- to the flro depanm-nt. I ilna,
lht ts oxiMMklUmra during the year l9r
"' IKWSHft. Then -rie ctty find tlie best'
voune.-r neiwitmMl on tho Paiitlc coiwt:
tell a IUMI-Iirtlsuil VOlllllleor donartminr
smed no lo,ic-r surtlciem tWfore ia Jun''' -h PiPatln
paid fire department f nnv ma-hlne, Goxvrnor 'tU!t'n'l' "" u,h,,re hi'd no!
ami lait few men w, sulwtllirt-d at an,l,wn fu"y i-M l -ct. The denooratlc
HtMn nt sUKht reduetbm although I tle h.d.uartem have beoa kept In op
you take into oonaMeratlon the free wate,! era,Kn J- McUan nJ Ver
aan-k-e. ,ie exp. nse of mnnlnR tbo paaa'"1"0 lw N"nber Uon- oelenFib'!'
line department waa ,t ,u. his- o lr.f.are for a (trand frco silver ean.rval
where would Khe cUv h.w been w.,h . here on Jaokson dav, January 8. It now
crl,.l had not the Kuardian 1
un:es wived us from serious con(lnrrn
tlons? Aft.r yours of faithful iarvee.
the bialy of volunteer firemen w 0:1s.
Imndrtl -thoift voremony and without
Uianks. It itfiould thuvroje be our am
to show thive brw volunteers every con-sld-ratlon,
so. that dhould tllie tati of thf
Wl ever sound the -warning; they will
rot.pod ami as!t In saving the people's
property ns of yore.
The witter commission have laior-d ear.
twtrtly for the lntetvtts of the city, and 1
Iwnrllly iimh-ot of the reductions they
have made in the wuUt rate for the con
sumer. In lotting ihe contracts for tlty W01R
and laipplie.-i, prefereixv nun always be
Ktvtn to tho low-eat reaponstWe bidder; no
fittorltlHU iar party obligations must be
purmltunl In tho.elty'a ronttrncis, Wo
must be an careful in spending the city's1
mkiney ns our own. Tuxes are easily e.
ved but veiry haiI to wy.
In bHln oontractn precaution ahoulo
t hiken also (tlut't no lltljrutliwi followu
loosely Vlnvnit iirtxr.onts. Tho expensev
f liiweulta from this source have been
oonsldiTable In the itimt tmih lln' court
p nnd uniMld aaHenmienta which lln-
ally had to Ih biriie by the paittent tnx-
Pk yer.
The general heiLlth of the people of As-
Wia Is good. Ait nil-wise- vrovldeiK-e huf
bivel us with it'ho beet cllmuto on earth
so that .li.' fliuWt no balginent n our
mlifctt. Ours Iw a natural health resort.
'Every miemtier slhomld give the closest
Mont Ion to committee work and no bill
should be ordered paid until each com-
ntiutoo hn iMnfuly exnmlnod every Item
ami found It reasonable and correct.
IVrmlt me nl- to susvvst that (he ex
Itens-i of inking eMv of (that political
graveyard) our ne-w and benulrul Ocean
'ow Cnetcry, at Clatsop, Is In excefa ot
the revvintft nnd siteiw should lie talten to
make iirratwnienis so tho sexton -would
rocid-o no more than the receipts Justify.
From ths dreary subject!, I will now
ifiv to tiho live question of Astoria's art
vancemrnt. Our city s on the eve of a
new era. KNicrprlsns of givat magnitude
w nw In many others arc
nb.uit to b'.ossian into life. AVe tire ut the
gateway of the Klondike goll fields and
together 'With oir miltvad, our royal sal.
mon, niugiuiWenl limilier nnd vnluubh
minerals, Imito pai-tlclimtlon of tho ener
getlo Inveoltmenlt eeekor.
Men of brain and brown ar.d cnnjtl are
oomlnK to Join us n our progressive cam-
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Democrats and Silver Republicans Or
gaalze the Legislature.
Covirtv.' 5t ihaetl Oie of tfei Coitpiratora
Openly Verttiig for tie Eefeat
ol the Seaater.
ame I',v i.Ut. ra comoino or ani'.
lUnna WWW" "h ,h ocratle
n" mlr "'' h w"n the J' "ratlc
i ca.uHM Huxuoidy ani again torxty in or-
Kunlilng- both brxnch.w of the I-K4utur
n the lntiait of the "combine" oppo
sition to the re-elot-iloii of Bonator Mar.
xht ,m,', f "'m1'""" f
cua A. Han.-.a. Thre art two more datea
for toatu of trTTh-tho jotnt senatorial
cttuciuuM Volieliy nii(ht and Uie Joint
balloiing- for w-na'.or a weok from nxt
1 Wnlmsday, January 12. With cjmplica
i tlona, of u.a Jortlilv onrinlxat.m and
! Its patronagv dliHal of, rhe H.tnna, men
I tonlKhtt began a moot d-rx.rit fiiint on
! the semitorahlp. The Hanna men deny
! if :iit y will forn a :omirlon with
I tirb o for tlie vol-1 donto-rat for senator
; ratiT ttntn be beaten by the free silver
j raibljoaiis or that lH da any-
'thlrtir 4ie but ftrht It out If : titkes alt
j aim or. While they are not aWe to give
h long- enough to elect, thoy cbJm
,hat Httnna ,t'' Boxwl and
candidate In
' 1 h.. nnranlutlan 0 CilO leffljtl.tX'iro. anO
! that the o(poH(y on hwte no; enough votes
j to elect nenator. The Hanna men eon.
sary cmvrate to e tor next eon-iMiy
The .lotvlopments of a.t Saturday
ni;ht and toilay ha-e caui?d the Hanna
nien to wdmft thut thy were outdone n
the in-lmrir)- orpunaulon for this con
test and ttluU Chvy iinbTiMtlm.tteJ the
opKirtltKn. esiMvhtlly the extent of t
ulncv tbe November elwllon. VThle ex.
1 Chutrman Kurtx n thoupM to have
lievn OTgiuiixInK affalnut Senator Hunna
', mer Mnc the tvpublieon state convention
n8l"rs uV-mocratlc state head-
quarters -were ki)t open to get ell the
democratic members In line for what took
plaoe today and for Uhe dfoU of Hunna.
In the meantime. Mr. Kurt was mar.
sballnK every' ponHble republican In line
aanst 'Hunna and communicating with
the committee on arrihgements on Jack
son day. When this fact waa no longer
concealed tonight by the opposition there
were many republicans openly complain,
mg agatntt 'Hanna's managers.- Senator
Hanna did not -arrive here until bust Frl
until tho holiday rece.s, he heard com
plaints about hla absence and about un
derestimating the strength of the oppo
sition and I tainted that he would yet iwln
ou-t. The superior ortraniiatlon of the op
posftlon was shown In the combine securing-
toutvy nearly all of the doubtful votes.
Tle opposition has had an army of wors
ers here for a we?k, with detachments
kept ctose, to euch one of the doubtful re
publicans. The feeling of the republicans who
voted for their caumia nominees Is openly
exprefs.-d asalnst t.ovorn-tr Itushnel
moie ihan ngitlnnt Kurtx or other repro.
aontatlve repuhllouw who comWned with
the democrats.
The St'1'0 national republican onmn ot
ceivtrul Ohio prints a l"ve plcttir of the
gowrnor mith htmvy blm-k bonier. Seme
of the republican Hubs haw cancelled
tihe enrag,ment of quartv here for the
inaitgurntlon exerclsi.s next Mondiy and
nwtiy protesw are being received at the
pt.ite house.
Colonel W. T. Mw.tre. of Marietta, an
other apiKtlnti of Govornor Bushnell, to
daiy realjrned ns trustee, of the siite In
sunn asylum at Atheiw.
If Hanna is no stronsT n uhe hotr.'e
than the Ttoxtwcll ticket wne today, when
1 Koxwil reeelveil r3 vwoea and Maaon W
for speaker, Ulion Senator Hanna woulo
have only 70 votes on Joint ballot and Tj
are mvessary to 1-vt. Notwithstanding
the results n the ;) housM, both siiles
sm eojutilly oonnd-nt In securing the
somitorsMp on Joint ballot
Cincinnati, Jan. 3.-Tha Enquirer in It
Columbus special prints a talk by Oov
onioir BuvbiseJI with one of its staff orres
pondents, of .which the following Is part:
"There are ame tiiintr in the situa
tion," eald the governor, "whbh are pos
itively ridiculous. I am accused of In
constancy because I won't support Hanna.
Now, here are Sam Billey, Mr. Tenny ana
several orter patriotic Cinclnnatians who
fouWlit I'us l.isi f ill, up lure under Cox's
order", flghtl j tor , bigger bots than
the one wtrm itvry holpeJ to defeat in
ClrnnM nfld whoae mandate they ara
rum carrying- cut, Why are they dolnaj
It? Tleowui the lmlnttratoa throufn
Mark Hann h prontM'4 that Cox shall
distribute the feleril patronage In Cin
cinnati. In return Cox la to deliver to
Hanna th vot- of certain Cltnatl
"After the last campaign I Umply e.
elded that I hoj1 refuse to atand up
and te ootmtnj among the adherent of a
man -who would have sacrificed me
fall to help hlmsif. Hanna profeesM M
bs able to run things atngle-handed and
leot himself. That nil bis only Inten
tion In the fight but fall. He began t
alone, lt him finlah It alone. If the ad
ministratis can save hm, !t U do o.
Hanna wvt evn conultt me when he
made his 1oa with Cox at Cln!rmart
Neither did Cox. After fox Haul declared
In an interview that Hanna ought to be
appotrtted he wrjte me railing my atten
tion to the tmervH. two week after 1
bad glvon my promise t appoint. C'ox
had nothing to do wth It- I t Hanna
to the senate by appointment He under
took, at-M by Cox. to ecure hla election
to succeed hlmeolf. I was not eonsultM
in that fUht, nor wa I consulted In any
matter of campaign policy, though I was
then making the uie aa the head of the
f'k"t. Why shotij I take any part now
In Senator Hanna s fight? Why shooid 1
do anything more than Hanna' colleague
Senator Foraker. on the suunp. He at
vocaaed the e.tln of Hanna. 80 did 1
We were thea fighting a common enemy.
Ho la not oVin anything !.ow. Nerther
am I. We have no Interest Involved. But
while I am called a Benedict Arnold ana
a Judas, did you notice that no one at
tacks Forakw? I wish some one would,
but no one will. Thy are afraid of Kor.
dr-i.uOO of Silver Certificates Will Have
to Be Called In at Ones. v
Waahingtton. D. C, Jan. X One of tnt
moot daivreroost counterfeits ever discov.
ered haa made H apptrance. John
Creamer, of the sub treasury at Phila
delphia, today brought to the secret ser
vice five 1100 counteifeit silver terllflcatej.
w(th Uhe head of President Monroe. Tht
general appearance is excellent and attet
a done mBaton the official of jhe
tivaeury ciash Asm w-e undecIJel as to
tlmr genuineness, and only after the
notes had bewn soaked n hot waer, when
tno pieces forming she front and back ot
the note came apurt, wre they convlnceo
of the fraud. The note broutrh; over Dy
Creamer had beii turrx.1 Into the ib-tnasva-y
by two leiding banktf turl the
rhlbulelphkt custom house, who hud re
ceived thenn aa genuine. In view of the
dangvrouB choriMir of the counterfeit.
Secretary-Catire to lay decided to stop is
suing anVl to call in all $104 silver certui.
catee of wftich th?re are about a26.000.0ui
outtaiding. Thrt-e aill be exchanod for
silver certlflct of a smaller denomina
tion and the ,4atee destroyed. The as
sistant itreaeutvrs at all of the sub-treasury
cities will be required to send to the
treasury In Washington all the $100 silver
certificates In their poaeeBion and to re
quire all 'banks, rr 1st companies and other
monlnl institutions to do the same. Sec
rotary Oifre desired the statement made
that In his Judgment It was unsafe for
businessmen or othi-g to accept silver
certiflcatea of th denomination.
Steamer Corona Arrives at Port Town,
send With tt.OOO.'OJ From Alaska.
San Francesco. Jan. iA Chronicle spe
cial from port Townsond says:
There was UTT.jOO In gold dust and nug
get on the steamer Corona which has ar
rived from Alaska. The treasure on Be
st-amer was carefully guarded on the trip
down by two watchmen on day and ntght
shift. Some of the nugyets r.verag5d a
high a 15 oui-?s. A man earned Uavld
sou from Oipple fivek. Col., had a nug
get that iweljhed 15 ounces. One of the
drawvre m va,-r ain Carroll s room wo-J
packed with nureJi of an sizes. Your
correspondent had the pleasure of seeing
this wenth, thrxisrh the klmlne- of Cap
tain Carroll. In addition to this amount
there was considerably more tied up In
sacks among oho returning Klondikers.
From a careful ettlm.ite it is safe to
say tthait in drifts and dust then1 wa?
rub cki t Jl.W.OOO in wealth aboard the '."or
F. Harmon MeConnell. of San Fran
cisco, was one of the returning passengers
and verified tho estimites given that over
a million iwas brought out by the miners.
In his opinion that Is a conservative es
Work of the Astoria Prcgnsslve Clue
Bearing Good Fruit.
rortland, Or.. Jan. 3. Jaiin J. Biice, ot
the United States commission of fish and
flVhre!, has authorized Waido F. Hub.
bard, superlntende vt of hatcheries in Or.
egon and Washington, to assist H. P. Mc
liiitre.state ftsh protestor, n the selection
of a site on the Sandy river, to construct
a hatchery for ute-.iheads and sturgfon.
Tills Is the outcome of an offer niad
soma time uo by Brown nnd BoujftMon.
of Oregon City, who agreed to run such
a hatchery m consideration of being pau
$300. The projectors of the new hatchery
on the Sandy will be paid money through
subscriptions made by the Progreamve
Club of Astoria and others interested.
Floors of tbe City Hall Collapse. Kill
log Tklrty People.
Ta Tkaasaid Go Dow a With the Cri)kia
Tiaaera aaa i rriiktiat Fialc
London, Ontario. Ja.i. X T.venty per
son are known to bare been killed and
many Injured by the coiupae of the floor
In the city hall tonight. Tonight ctoe4
the municipal campaign and the ball waa
crowded to hear the ad.lree of the auo
ceasful candidates.
At midnight the bl ot the following
hod been taken out and identified:
F. Heaman.
C. Breckeet.
E. Laixtan.
N. Carrother.
R. Leia.
T. W. Burke.
John Smtth.
Talbot t.
A PhHUua.
John Tunicr.
Ben Xaah.
J. TV. Bortland.
Frank Robinson.
James McLean.
John Bnrridge.
Oswald Bruce.
B. Jacques.
Unidentified man.
Those who were more eerioujly Injured
were taken to the neia-hborln,r drug stores,
whence they "were taken to the hoepttala
or to their nomas, after their Injuria
had been attended to. Tbe dead were
taken to the ootomRte? rooms of Alder,
man Pai-netl, the deetsted candidate for
otkyor.. directly across th street. .,
At the cloae of tth polls a crowd bad
gathered in the otty hall where it bad
been the custom in year pest for the
succosMful candidates to address the peo
ple. The hull was crowded to the very
doors, probably 200O people being Jammed
in ita narrow space. There waa a lull In
the proceedings when the audience called
for several of the newly-elected alder
men. In response to numerous calls, R
M. Too the was pushed forward to the
platform on which he speakers stood.
As he reached ft there was an ominous
cr4'kling and the raised platform 00
which the mayor and newly-elected alder
men were seated ."med to pitch forward
to the floor. There was a suR-KJng of tim
bers and the next moment 150perple were
hurled 2D feot to th floor below. A beam
running SO feet along the center of the
ball had gtven away and the crowded
mass standing elbove that section of the
floor was thrown In a heap to the bottom.
A targe safe stood In one corner of the
hall, and with a huge steam coil weighing
half ton, came crashing; down cn the
heads of the vtotlmi.
Following the eruah there was a wild
rush for Dhe doors. At the south door
wnere 'the majority of tha crowd had en
tered, there iwas a terrifte panic. Those
in front . were (thrown down by the on
coming rti, shrieking and fighting for
the door and safety. Only one-half ot
the rear door spaoe of probably three
feet -was open and In the mad rush, no
one thought 'to open the door In It en
tirety, end 500 people struggled through
the narrow space, the strong beartng
down tfhe weaker.
The winUows on the ground floor were
broken in and the livlns and dead were
tenderly passed to the waiting ambul
ances. An Invenrigtatton of the wreck after
the catastrophe Uieiosed the f?t that a
whole section of the floor had dropped,
the Joists having been as neatly out off
as though the iwoik had been done with
a suw.
The buiHing was an old one, having
been erected In the early part of the
London, Ontario, Jan. 1. At 1 a. m. 'the
deaths resulting from the wrecks of the
city hall number 30 and It Is sakl that the
list is Kkely to be even larger, many of
the injured being In a serious condition.
Royal stakes the food par.
wholesome and delicto.
Absolutely Pur
aovat SMua toxica ea., sew waa.