The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, January 02, 1898, Image 2

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gaily Qviovian
JOHN T. LIGHTKll, Editor,
telephone No. 61
Sent by mail, per yoar
Sent by nwjl, per month
Bervvsl by carrier, per month
Sent by ma!l, per year. In advance..
Postage five to sulvsoribcj-s.
., .Ji
.. .
Ail ciwimunlca'.b in intended, for pul!
cation should be d.rccted to th editor
Business communications of all kin.l
ami remittance must be addressed tc
"The Aatnraju"
The Astonnn guarantees to lis ;b.
sx-rfbers the largcet clrculaih n of any
newspaper published on the Coiumbla
Advertising rat. can be had cn appll
cation to the business manager.
The Weekly Asbwian, the second old
est weekly in the state of Oregon, ha
ant to the Portland Oregor.un, the
largest weekly cr-n!atlon In the state.
John F. Had'.ey A Co. are our Portland
agents, and copies of the Astotlan can N
kad every morning at their stasd. 11'
Third street
Cbauncey M. Depmr is not only the
toast gTeoeful and most eloquent after-
dinner speaker In America, but he also
has ion? been recognised as a man of
errand judgment, wide discernment and
able stsutessnanshlp. At all times his
Tiers are Intervening. Wt never he
touched on matter of Importance his
statements are worthy of consideration
and respect. In a, speerb delivered be
fore a Washington club recently Mr. Pe
penr saM concerning the mini f est destiny
ttf Shi wwntrr;
-For tr twenty century the mission:
of the United State la peace; peace, that,
it may capture the markets of rtie world:'
pea.-e. th. t 1- rnnv fin I the rda -es.
ks surpiua productn. not only food but of
labor. c-n meet, rwith a profitable return.
President McKinley has struck the key-J
Bote of this expanding policy of our!
coorstry and recosmisee that our mtaMion
lias ciltanged from Internal development
purely to external commerce In the note two American missions ries from the prov.
whk he has sounded so loudly and so:nc? of A'W. on tho pretert that tner
, . . . i miss-ion for d.itribution of relief Is llstrly
eliarlv for r''- Thus the twentieth . "
, to caue disrurbarrces. "The sieic mn
century will rewe the nineteenth. the0f Eur0Iw.-. ne ta d.ri,vrty. wrmea
eighteenth, the seventeenth and the l.
teenth. and the Vnlted States will enter
hopofully upon PS larger mission. Goo obffrln0C3r and the peop'e ot
. t America are acknowledging far and wide
grant that we may see America reach out . . . . , , .
I the betveflcence of tbe mlsolon or llcs-
cn the lines set down by our forefathers ( tetter sj Stomach Bitters, namely, to re
in t!ie conquest of the world." j lieve and prewnt malaria, rheumitlsm
Contrast this utterance of broad states- and kidney complaint, chronic dyspepsia,
. . . . ! constipation and liver trouble. The ner-
rrarmh.p and high patriotfera with the
I vous, the weak and the Infirm derive
frenxled shouting of those Jingolsts-hap-, un..pkable trcm Its use. snd it
pily a small tjarJ who would force this greatly mitigates those infirmities, spe.
nation Into a needless war, with all that cially incident to advancing years. Sleep.
aurh . rnmrtt would entail merelv to w.
cuiv a lf.tle nctoricv rr tJ b)l- r i d!
-anirg ioliti- al iopularity at rtiMr hone
districts! ;
The business lntr.sts of the Tniteti
havA . Mmit-bihl, Imnpnv,.
. ... r
wwt in .fti a i., t)....A nu,.,),, i .
ago trade and commeroe were almost i
at a standstill. There had been a revival
following the election which his not yet
ceased. The deposits In tanks had not
been fully retovered .tf:-r the free ilvr
ppexer had caused the timid ones to
wlthlraw tJneir savin?.' from r'ank vaults,
to be hoarded away from possible disas
ter. A cjomparatively small number oijaa'hr ?sain.
faetorlre w?re running with their full
comDlement of workmen. M--anrs
were still In the slough of de.spond. To
day tuiks have big ' reserves, notaitn-
siamlin-,' the laive sums which are lo.uiii
In European markets.
Fa'torlfK are be.
tng taxed to rjhelr capacity and the retail
trade has lncrt-a.l 10 a point th:it gives
a liig Incrvia th rhe JoWjir.g trade. Tne
record of elarlnffs gives an evjd.-,c; ot
The Increase In gf-ne'ii) busnes
tii-ri 1
Is een more marked in the mbldle vrtl
than in -She ecun.
Beglnning wUi the first of this year,
the 'miscellaneous reports of consular and
diplomatic officers UTson commerce and In-
UHtri-s In foreign countries will be J
printed Immediately after thHr receipt
at the dnirtment of state, and will be'
issued in Vtv form of advance h.
form of advance sheets.
This wlii'h hnr. -lily TT -i . .;.
tfcorlid by S-cn-Uiry of State Hhermin
is intended for the benefit of trale or. !
t aniza'tlons, business firms, .he newpa.!
per prR-, etc. It Rill result in j,rartI. i
ally Uie dally iiiMlcatlon of th-- report
except on Sundays and legal holldnvs
sjrl it cannot doubted the w-iot
end prompt distribution of the Informa
tion furnished In this way will be helpful
to the merchant and manufacturing tn
tertsetsj of the United Sta,tes. The publi
cation of these reports will be under the
dirodrjon of ihe bureau of foreign com
saBrce, whot,e present very efficient chief
Mr. Fred'-.-lc Kmory, is k'-nly alive lu
tfia importance of the element of timeli
nes In getting commercial Information
before the public. The publication of the
rcgnar monthly series of consular re.
ports will be continued aa heretofore.
There 1a much fear expressed at Wash.
Ington ttiat currency or financial legisla
tion will not be pressed for passage for
the present This) is understood to be ow
ing to the assumed difficulty of recon-
clllng the many divergent views on flrutn-
cfe.1 subject represented n the cummlttce
on banking antl currency. It will take
mm, time to determine whether a prac
ticable agreement cwn be arrived at
among Hie member If not, prhap.s he
way and mean committer m.iy take
up the qiuwlon; but tt I Kwticht by the
lenKr of ths house thi-.t for the pree
i iM a:i-? mi: i: i.i l .! 1. 1 ntr-.-t w :.utr
U Unite mtion lssiMe, it would be
l:ier iwi to asittue ;he matter. Mean.
xv'ilK' the nun etary eotiimllon, him
; ,, !'. ' ,, - .1. ' ''.l I n.l
einriMny ihsU of the country wi;h a
view to fommimln a rravtivablo ilun of;
n--fom), 1a aUlroKed a elroultir to Kink.
er and oinors spxnitiy iniereoteU In a
' ie .:t . c.nrounrtiK that I; mm
the (H of vvnl"dln; ita liUwr and suo
inllting a plan for flikuita) renr;ntsa
trm, h:ch it ttoivs to nv uppoitel by
t;ose tiVK-emed In rforming a etctve
fln.nioinl syMom. The commisiin urgea
tsuvi m o..- rho nin featur ot the'
nun tdiouid t foumi v-tmim-n.i,bie. hce!
favoring should .u far ns postble waive J
..i.;.-..! . n .u.u.r a The cm-1
givMlona bMikra nevj to be remlndeu
thtit the tine Is mt propiMoua for a jhiI
ley of pecttponoment or tnAc(on.
T1U B isll.H.WK.
T.Vr is a tileiK-ei whore hath been no
Ibeiv l a stleiue where no sound may be.
In tf cold grav ivlr the deep, de.p
Or in the wide deswrt, .wlier no life 1
Which hath tnvn ntuRe, and still must
jilP profound;
Xo vo.-e la Jueied no Jlfe treads si
lently But clouds and cloudy shadow wander
That never spoke, over the idle ground;
But in grxvn ruin. n ie Ksoate walls
Of antique palaces, re man hath been.
Though tfis dun fox or wild hyena cali
And ow,, , comlnuaJ,v bKwwn
Shriek to the eohw, and the
low wimis
o-,!11 "Menoe 1...
uml aone.
Thomas Hvvvi.
The iw.-te hx demnnl,'J rhe reel! or
Is unre.xsorw.ble aa hW political health
. ' feeble. As a brietrt contrast to his
PPtite and a eensation of eomfort
throughout the system, ensue from Its
rse, Vhich should be regular and per-
--i -.,
slstent. An early resort to this fine pre.
ventive s logically suggested to thone
who seek its aid.
TjrVlW All the 1DVP. ' ' T atr.rvnv vnlrM
( . ,
That not on eonJi may toil and strug
gle cease.
on mounliUn,. ter far Uan
Their silut promise of eternal peace.
The bet preparation to remove dand
ruff frcm th iiead. nnd to cure and silra
ulat the scajp, that da-idruff will not
Hall's H:Mr Ren-.-r.
i Thl' 3'-psi;s its egss in shallowr
water whtro th warmth of the sun pro -
motes STwdy haUSijng. Tfe common
Anake often selects a bed of decomposing
vegetable matter. The crocodile and the
clumpy sea tortoise go ahore to lay their
i A January thaw kf always more pro
j duetive of colds and coughs than a Jan-
uiry freeze. Then is the time Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is nelisl and proves
so extremely efficacious. Ask yotir drtig-
gist for it, and afco for Ayer's Almanac
which j free to all.
After several -tirnfii conquered by the
Saracens, awl recaken from the seventh
to tlhe tenth cerrtury, and after Tlng tne
scene of ie wars of the crusswes anj
other conflicts,, Palestine was united to
IJtwman empire by H-iim I. In 1516.
Dr. Shlolde, an eminent physleina of
Tnnw-e, Bays: "I regard Ayer's Sar-
"ifirllla as the best bloo-l-modl'-lne on
earth, and I know of many wo vl--fu
cure effect! by Its use." Pliyski m
aH ov-r tne lan1 have made similar state-
" I
M M- S I '! SJ
zA.m "si r?
i ti ii 8 Bs"J
Skins on lire torturing, disl'uriii,
Itchi;., ',j:f:'.i iili-e'tit;, fccaly. aiel pimply
litif'jrs, ir.'.'.r.t'y relieved by a warm bath
with i Ti' tli Soap, a single appliiiiioii of
Cl'II'.tka "niiiiiieiui, the great bk in cure,
Uni 1 f"ii I e of Cl'TKXBA KlaoLVRSiT.
flMSdtl.rfrarfaOQtthevo-M.POTTSS D.SC.Cosp.,Snls
Irruiis Butwe. Uow loCqft Tortarioj UnOKiis,-l.'f.
&HQVQ CVIM assIpssdHstrpslss4 B9
GA0I O OMIl haw Uj Cmuiiu so.-.
. t'-f v'. wa.
I A m at i . rnmi-. r. &
rifty Year Aco.
Who could imagine ttit tlm nhoiild b
The place whrtc. lu cisliteeu uinety thtee
That while oi ld.woiulcr ol areU and
Fhoul J shadow the nations, polychrome. .,
ltere at the Fair the prltc conferred
Ou Ayer'a Tillt. by the world pietcrttd.
OMeaeo-like. they a recor.l hew,
Kmcc tlicy started jo years ago.
Avers Cathartic Pills
have, the tiiuo of thoir
preparation, been a continuovia
PUCceSS VTith tllO public. 'And
that means that Ayer's Pills
F.ceomplish what is promised
for them; they cure vrhera
others fail. It was fitting,
therefore, that the world-wida
popularity of these pills should
bo recognized by the World's
Fair medal of 1893 -a fact
which emphasizes the rocord:
0 Years of Cures.
Yev-M'l and K!m
lu.-li:ill)Urn. Hr li
til.'lU'Knn, Hr ll '
i ; : 'i
Cniiterne. Itr sli ,
I i'n n ofSsiihrnd, lir h
i.iin lir n
! ytlw.M. Itr h 1
IO ,v,
7 ''.m,i .
j;,uii '
li'j.. 01 1
lo'. .1,1; ,
4; j
I, .,lh.
: t
.? 1
ruinltriall. Hi tk .
I llll' l l l I,.',, 1.1 u
KuphnwMie. Itr
M..;i tvirns lir h
:iirvlml Micliet, Hr li
t.uiunte. itr .U ...
.Vli.iretM. Hr h
Arraiiiu. Hr hk
Hi. iiliil.l.i. itr li .
I li a Mac l. :ian, itr li
Ttrri"lle' itr h
Mra'lisrvfe, Hr li
r.e:ue Hie in.-x, tier ll
TraiiMi, Nr sir ..
Hiawatlm.Nwi.ti ....
Howinan H lir tik
KlotitH'k. ii'-r li
it ni.HeiKlale, Hr h
II-'. ' '
e..o 0
11'. .
h.'xw :
IlS, I, HI
h!' l
M, ! '
:.'...! 1
.'i.'i.i' !
I Halrw.l. Br'.h !
il!koiinuiii. livr il
sV',i' W'entworili. Kr-h...
.iiili.rl,imUltip l:r.l
W.'llll j
iii..V. I
! Kleiilillymire. Hr sli..
;.iio :
riitlwuieii'. Hr th
llHirl.inrlra, Hr tk
Itueeu Mancnret br ti
Adolf, lier h .........
Iuiiyre, Hr nil
IVu Avon Hr bk
Purina. Hrbk
Imva. Hr lk
K iiinriv4hire. Hr bk
Kl rula. Nor Kir ....
Klttitlure Hr ilr .. . ....
Ma-hona. Hr sh
William Tllll. Mr til
ilaM-n II ..1. r t
J. I' I'lluc'ir iierh
Anamlia, lir bk
IVru. li-r lk
:i i i
mm: j
.'.'. II j
7.,. ',e J
7V'"l'. i
- -1.7 I
1. 4 if,
I'arr.itlale, Hrbk..
! Klmii-lilre. Itr kIi
' i..'.'Hr ,!L
I rtiuiuni . Hr ik ...
' all ' t'lyde. Hr sti
l'u iue-!in. t r b
j u- , Hr ship
i Uirk.Mre, lir bk ...
K.'.7 a ;
r;i .'. '
'n.'ssi :
11 ,!
11. '.til
rny ol Perth. Hr tr
II "p ,
I 'It! !
d',',: '
s;'U) ;
Vv 1
BruiM'.o, lir bk
c h'htertyre, Hr h,
WaMlale, Hr h ..
' I 'pllfl i -. N T b K
I IJurdowte. Hr hi
Inii:ier.iiii. Hr l
s. Ilvsiiii. Kr sir .
KttrickrlaK Hr utr .
Lombard Hr sir
Provim" Hr sti
iiinba, br tr ,
ifl.-iil!, r sli
WrlM'na, br sli ,
'. : 1
1 ','. 1
lir ".'
Barrels of flour.
The French ship lsxlfii whMt Inlcn
Hrrivwd down from I'ortl.ind '-sn-nlay.
hark-ntlne Siv'hv.
In b.illa'-t, :irrivil
: P'lro,
' ninP-
Th ur..v schooner Laura My
lat from Sun Francisco, arriv-1 In ys-
The Uritlsh .ship McMillan, Wti t ins,
Captain Ourhrie, from Vokohajna, in Uil
lai,t, arrived yewterday evening.
The Russian ship HopjMt, YX, tons,
' Captajn Tork, 121 days from Port Natal,
in ballast, arrived yenter'lay evening.
The P.ritU.h steamship I'ak Ling. 27T,
tona. Captain Allen, 14 days from Yoko
h irr. 1, arrived yesnerday. The Pak Ling
has a llxht cargo of Oriental novelties.
The fo.lowmg vessels are bound to the
o.uinMa River, with name of master,
1 .uioiia.lty. rig. tonnage, where from
ai.d da,te of reportel railt.g:
George Kteison, Murphy, Am h, 17ii9
toiis, Baltimore, August.
Lji ton, bpurrlng, lir bk, 1773 tons.
I riwiiiu-.a, July 8. King, Hansen, Br sh, 1C38
tons. Shanghai,
buveiihy Hall, W hick him, lir sh, IKiS
tons, Liverpool
i:en Voir.l'.h, Ahier, Ckr sh, lVfl tons,
,S ir.ta Itoa,la.
Rprinyhurn, Rae, Er bk, 2500 tons, Cape
Town, September 23.
burbrifige, M'.Lauchlan, Br sh, 213
t.-ir.s. Table Bay, September 17.
Poltalloch, Mcleod, Br bk, 2139 tons,
Table Bay.
Otago, Knk, Swd bk, 970 tons, Ham
our?. Co-vway Cant.e, Jones, Br sh, 1S91
tors. Valparaiso.
Commonwealth, Anderson, Br str, 2183
tons, TakL.
Vanduara, Becivan, Br bk, 11)15 tons,
A'goa Bay.
G.eniiark. Irish, Br eh, 179S tons, Klo
Janeiro, August 73.
Glenbank, Ijeonard, Br bk, 136 tone,
Genevieve. Touge, Fr bk, 981 tons, Hai
phong, October XL
Henry VllWird. intttt. Am h, ut
tons. New York, October !.
oberon. Unity, Itr hk. Wi tons,
Newcastle, Aimtralla, IVtolx-r 1
Jacques, ltermuta. Fr bk, lid) (out, M i.
Indian lniire, Atlrn, Itr bk, 1M5 tons,
Jupltler, Piinder. Peh h, 1031 tons, to.
j Chelmsford. Thomson, Hr bk, S1JT ton,
C.p Twn, Ovtotier I.
! City of York, Jonos, lr h, llil? tons,
1 Syd.iey.
i Uoppolt. Ti'i'k, Kua ell, IJi'k'i Ions, tiri, S.'pti'inlvr i.
' M.uMllMii, liulhiie, Hr ti, H.' tons
Y kotunna
' Ho i l. lte. S ., tier sh, KlV'i tons
T..'ikemlvt, V tdherlng, l'r bit. liVii tons,
l"rf iiiantle,
1 " Uobertsun, 11:1. Hr sh, IMn tons,
S in la KokiIU.
Hrlllsli lieiioiMl, Ttiomns, Hr sli, M
ion, N wcastl", Aiisir.illrt.
Mliliis. Messenger, Hr bk, lit" ten
Yalorl, Hiown, Hr n. U.ti tons. New.
, castle, AustriillA.
Hornby Cas'.e, Hrlitlit, H'r rh, 3:i tons
' AdeUlde.
' J onion Hill. Walker. Hr bk. !i: tons,
Melh uirn.
Wrt Caledonia, Anton, Hr bk. Sl3u tons,
1 Nar.11s.1kl.
Kintu.k. Herrelle. Hr str, !vl ton
Yokolmma. ,
1 Amara. Kent. Hr srr.' tons. Hong.
kot g.
, Alexander Htnek, Punn. Hr bk, Itni
ton;1, Antx rP-
Watjrn, Frits, sh. 5T9 tons, Hlog..
lord 8i:flb'iry, Curntngham, Hr sh.
RTt tons, Sydney.
Pr'stol. M-lntyre, Hr str. in Ions,
Pan Francisco.
' Kinilie. Oltnunn, Oer sh, 17X1 tons. Yo
' kohwmn.
Anne Thonas Thomas. Hr sh. 1T6J
i tons. Port Plrle
1 Almora, Thorr.-Hin, Hr bk. 17il tons,
; Newcastle, AusTilla.
Peter Rickmorr, Wostermej rr. ilrr sh.
!S2 tons. Hongkong.
j AurkWind, Jam s. Hr sh. 1316 toosi Adr.
, I.ydgule, Foi rest. Hr bk. tV to
- nienliil. T.iylor. Hr sh. W tors Roval
1 iron t s. Han, Hr ssh ir! tons. Poluev.
St. Kii'o'h. I.alrxl. Hr str. It".; tons,
Sh.Tichal. Walk.-r. Hr bk, UTS to-e. Ade.
Or:nid, Huts. O. r sh. !' tons S in's
At!.", IC'.thtmnnn. r h. ?3 to-s.
S uit a P. sal!a.
Nilhsdi'e. "levers. Rr bk, l'r. !nn.
RnianifT. Morgnn, Hr IX t fin.
X"wcast!, AustMlir,
Forthbnnk. Peterson. Hr lk, TJJ tons,
Gwyne-ld. rnvies. Hr bk. 13 tons,
' Honolulu.
; Puntnn,
. Tr str. M torus. Klotxi
nir-hoff. S.'hwartln, Ger ship, rOS
Inns. Melbourne. X'ov. 5. due February.
liv..ii kolwtma. Dec. 17. due January,
lir."".,! Aialaman. Winter. Fr bark. MS tons.
Hi i 1 Algow Ray. .
ni'"is 'on'"1",'ll'. Jones rtr bark. IJ tons,
H'.i imi i Hrisbane, - .
'ivllj! Cambrian Prlnre. , Itr ship, m
!-. , 1 tons. M-lboiirne, .
"l'y of A'henn. Lundlns, Hr ship. 11M
.!) j tons, Anlv.erp, .
j f"nor. Twlsi. Hr ship, HH2 t ins, Rny
7 ' UV, a) Roads.
v-ssei on the Way nnd In Columbia
Hlv-r to !od I.umlier.
j,Uril M,y. Hansen, s-hr. In tons. Hun
Francisco, Noveml-er II.
Lelltla. Sukkobye. schr,
!34 tons. Ran
F ranolso, November 12.
Tenklo M:iru K&neko, Jap bk, 1K1
tons. Yokohama.
, Ser)uot,
I clsro.
schr, 3X tons, Snn Fran.
I Echo. , bgtn,
' Knappton.
I Nurfliwcst, ,
Pedro, Portland.
(SO tons, Tl-ntsiln,
bktn, 4U0 t5ns( Son,
I Edward Parke, Johncn, sehr, 140 trrfis,
j San Francisco, N. P. Mills, Tranris
I co bay. Pec. 18.
! Ralph J. Ionc, Hansen, nchr. M tons,
j Sin Francisco tay, Dec. 21, X. P. Mills,
San Franels.70 bay, .
Protection, stm, 215 tons. Moose
Landing. , N. p. Mills, Morse Land
ing, .
I lake pl'-asiire In r'e.yinmenninir
OhnmJ)rlaln's Colic, Cholern and
rhoea Remedy to nil who siuffer from,
pains n the stomach," says Mr. Milt Mc
Klnley, editor of the TUwson (Ohio) Her
ald. "Until I us I this remedy It wss, at
times. Impossible for me to be In my
office, owing to att.i-ks lasting from one
to two days. Hy t.-iklng t as soon ss the
first symptoms of til's atlacl: are felt, I
no longer mitt-r hs unpleasant sick
ness!." For sale by Charles Rogers, drug
gist. In flermany, when the vote of the Jury
stands six ngsdnst six. the prisoner is ac
quitted. A vote of seven against live
leaves tlie duclHon to die win, ,ind n
a vote of eltht ag;iini4t fiflvr the prisoner
is convicted.
Mrs. mark. I'.-:iHirt It:lge o., s.iys:
"After two doctors) ;ave up toy hoy to
die, I mveil him from croup by using
One Minute Cough Cure.1' It Is the qu!"k.
ert and most certain remly for coughs,
,'.1-1,. :i",J m'I 'hrar .-ifi'I lung trounies,'
Chas. P.oeers.
One Imtpulse from a vernul woool
Can t'-ah you more of man,
Of monJ evl ftnd of good,
Than all the sages can.
A few d;iys ago a charr.ilng young I:idy
who was traveling alone btwei 11 Ht.
Paul and ctilr.agc, was accosted by
handsome geni'em.n. who Invli
to dinner with him. "Certain
Carson,"' ihe replied, "for the
Central lines have the bst dining car
service In the world; I shnll be delight
ed." For fureher particulars call on the
nearest ticket agemt, or address J. C.
Pond, general passenirer agent, Milwau
kee, Wis., or George B. Batty, general
agent, M Bterk street, Portland, Or.
?jjVr hlmmmi VA M M wsl I M W
... w m mm mm m m m m m m m m m
The picture shows the exact increase that
has been achletl to the 5-cent piece. No in
crease in price
The bicest bargain in tobacco to-day i
one of these new pieces of PIPKR HEIDSIECK.
Try one.
' ) V 1 tr U '- sr of ti 4oarfttt irXHi iM-it mm Muiiv
a s m v
jt'lli'il, I ti
nrrnnr arrrp ail lh h.imir..
BtruHl Asjosvris.n fc,,,,r, ! iim
tm I tili ' 'I. l 'ii In IH iu , sMftiiPsu Jbwiisaioiia, r-fvms
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ZiIa Trm-n i'i,nniiir'ii " !.. rnuii.-l if s r-i"s d.x nul sflivi a wiuaisii tsura
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Addii utvok yistw if .iat i'u,r.u iimj'Xiuu rrkn,iL
L'HAB HOttEl'.B. CI Couunsrclal BtraoL
f;.iaru!iirrtiio(.ittesii uciv.HuuiBeascn, ,4cn as Km .itrmury Iabf
linn liwst. Ilewlwhe, Wskelulurss, Ljat Manhood, Nilillr Kmis
Auiii. ie:vwU4ur, all drsius, loas cf puwrr lu Cruemtiee iigao of
etihrr ses. ctie, by over etetti'in, yMithIul errurs, ei ealt usr of
I .Imicto, upluin or stimulants, which lesa to Indrmily. ConnimpUm or
Inuuiir. Csn be carricl in vest pocket it su tr lis, s fc . by msil
I'friid Circulsr free Hold br sli itru((Uts A,k for ll. takt nunthrr.
Ms'iii-tnte. b the I'rsu Mnikltie 1 .. . pri ffunee l.sue liris
IiugCj.,UitUUjutiugiicuU. Third uj Ysuihlll Bts , 1'oilUuJ, ut.
F.HTT.S.t'nNN' Mtl'il I'll.. Ag'-ntf, Aslorl.
Kxpi-rnmnlH )t.if shown lh.H f.nlgue
tmusis rh'inl.-cil iiu!igo In tlo', re.
nulling In the production of a olnii re
ncmlilliuc iwi i:iiriir poison, which certain
isHV.ige lr!es use for arrows, Arr-rw poi
son, howov. r, ss if i-g.stle origin. M n'n
Ihn ll'i'l of a ilrvd anlmul is injei tisl Into
tli'' urtcrW-JS of 11 rrvsJi one, Wic l.iinr ex.
hlbis all th s-mptims of f.iiirii'
nv coi.rv
You want tin- l-st nwdb-lne that be
obtnnsl. and that Is fhanib. r.iln's
Cough Ri-mci!y.
Yfrtl wvmt a r. tn dy 6hnt ll not only
glvo quick rMp-f but eff- t " IxTnianenf
You want a iN-rii'sIy wlil rHP-ve
the lungs and k-.-f. xp-rt.r!itln easy.
Von waut a r-m.sly w;i; cointi-rint
any tmnb-iwy toward (uiu-moiila.
You want a r"in. dy that Is 1 l- ns.nit nnd
sa.f to tako.
Chaniberlalii'rt 1 Vugh I'.-in.dy Is the
only m'sliclne In use that meets all of
theon reiiilrnii'in'LS. This rntnedy Is fa
mous for tA ciih h of bail il'ls through
out Uie Unlt'sl States and In many
Lkn countries. It has many rivals, but.
fn- the spi:dy and permanent curs of
bad ri,ils, statsls 'nirhoiit 11 peT and Its
sjilomlld riuUltl'S am mrry wh'-re ad
mired and prnls.,1. Kor sale by Charles
Rogers, dnigjrlsit.
A poison used 'by tumu- of the South
Arrviiilan !lnHaies Cor iimttliig on the
iHnt.s of their arrows Is lulled curare.
AKlimiU killed 'With It may ! eai.-n, how -
ever wlthisi Uijury.
Take Irfixnilve flrnmo Quinine Tablets.
All rlm;:glnts refund the money If !t falls
to cure- li-c. For sale by Chat Irs I'.og-rs,
Tlw) InrgeHt man ijvor unlisted In tne
lirlliHh army wasi Id""Jt. Sutherland. His
heiLjih'r wium eight fe-t four Itn lies, and
his weight '.VA poll ll. Id,
Fcr Infants i-nd CliiWrn
It has ben calculated by R'jert Ball tttw whol c'ai mAy of th wrfi limimiivl iM-fnro you tun h'p tAAT tho
wwiM barvy miifirn to vroM teU 'iia prln(p doai not brim over with roftrvth
to that whtoh the min dLawlmlnartei in In frajtom ihatt hn not a (hidden ounce,
one-tenifti. of a teoorul ' Liht on th lhfVlen way.
.' 1 v. ;
This Much
General Contractor
til lit Itw K.lksjtttiiPsTj KttibHMi. Nffntua tsvlHJU.
Is-ttslV lu HHtlls4rf f IsOtk ft.)
ImsMWnry. I rilt;a;cii
n-inrir inrs'su( ail uupuriusa,
-AttUM Uw UVt( U4
Iff bilaa Dr. Ieu's
tellaw .Sre Cilia.
This vrunilrrlill trmtf
'Tin a nil" Irs all bowlines, for worker or
"I'liat ! 'iw tlwi l-tti r by !uliniiHC
lur own.
piinp-rliy comes .ul'k'st in ihr man
whose iv-r Is In gmid condition. pcWItt'e
l.lltln r.nrly Itls-rs are famous III lie pills
for constipation, biliousness, Indigestion
and all stomich and liver troubles. Chjs.
Wrii-ziM'l.i bus I w o hwislri d million ncres
uf!. In wbli h giMw nl Wie vnrlitles
uf i-li'iny ns ivi-l) 11 is rostiwiMMl, siilln wooil
11 1 1 I niiiiiinranv.
Mr. Fillsha Berry, of ths place, says he
never nnytiilng to do Jrlrn so niticfi
giwxl and give surh nulrk ndlof from
rhetimntlsni s Oiim1.'raln's Puln Palm.
hotlmred greatly with shooting
( nliK from hip to knee until hn used ti1d
liniment, wlilnh affords prompt rellef.
P. F. linker, druggist, fit. rnris, i)ho.
For sile by Chnrles Rogers, drugglsl.
Alilioukili on land a clumsy an1ui,il, the
si-si Is wonderfully uuhk In the water,
nnd n 11 fid'- rinf nin generally enicn
"Ini'.t iuiy Ush
t in: a riPi.D ix tixr: hat
Tike l,Mx:i'le lirnmo Qulnin's
t'l d"iicl't refiind the money tf !t falls
tn cn": M Fur snle by Charles R ig rs
The Hiiiallon of the 'World nvorngesi
' l" women -to -v.-ry 1'Xi men. Klgm.
I nlntlw of the sud'len d.nlhs lire those of
I mnlisi.
Mrs, M. ti. Ford, Ruddell's, 111., Miff'-red
for elulit yenrs from dyspepsia and
clironlc constipation, and finally
.rured by usliwf TcVltfs Utile Marly
Risers, Ihn famous little pills for all stom
ach and liver troublus. Chas. Rogers.
Home other world Is triad to s-e.
iiim- star that's gone iwwMy;
Tli llglii when gMlng miikiK our ninlil
Makes smewhern -lso a day.
It 1 f&ny in iatrh ft wM nnfl Jhm an
n.y Kt rM of It If you common, piirlf
to iuft On Mlniiit Cmwh Curo. Tt rur'
roufcfm. coMn, bronclillln, piviimnnlii and
-tit hront and lun troi;ll. Tt H penn
ant to tnk, 9nvfft tn in an1 mire to cur.
ItomomUfT yorur own rm mtmt bo ll-
. ..VIA , ,
Library Car Route
Tli all-rail touto to Koulnnal inlnloa
illslrli't, via Hcattls and Hpukana
Shortest and Quickest bine
St. Paul. Minneapolis,
nniuih Chkizo
Through Palace and Tourist
Hleepsrs, I lilting and Ubrary (lusksTT.
lion Cars
Dnlly TrnliiH
FtlHt Tlmo
MKIlVlfk AM' Hi KNf.llY I'SKAyt'H.III
For lleknts and full Information oail
on gnl , It N. I". or aAtrssn
C IV A T A , Portland. Or
It. P. HTKVi:XM. ll W, I'. A HMttl.
'0 . '.,
- wis. , w--
Ily to
Salt Lake. Denver, Omaha,
Chicago. Kansas City
and other Kostcni Ctlea via either Itouth
am Perlfic or O. II, A N. Co.
Only Line From Portland
Offering Pssnri(nis the ohoce of Tw
Tourist Car Ltnea (hroush
to Chlcwgo.
Specially Conductctl
Via Hhaata Itouto to Chicago every Tues
day. DagKMte ohorkMl ihrousrti to dee
tlnallun. Magnlfliv-nt ecenery, union
d-puta, fast time, lownet rates,
Pints, h light In e cars.
Tor rates anJ other Information, call
on or address
It W. IlAXTKll. Oen'l Agent.
IX Third St., cor. Alder, Portland.
Hid S,iiiM., Al'kllllMIN is II
I'liirc In io n in willlrr.
SliiHtist line is (lio lliiiliiiluii
Iloiitc. Wrili- for iiiforin.'itioii
aliinit rail's nm trains.
Ticket at offices of connecting llnew.
. A. c .siikijion,
iciifiiil Ai'iit, l'oi'tlanil, Oii'K"ii
Nrw SWirrH Hi mi,I v AkaolMl! I -L to tha
pmtrulon I'rrmanml I'arM III It lu 36 liars. Ws
rotllllil llinni y If uml.i lint rura V-HI cn lie Imitistsl
niiiirfjrllii.Miiiiiir!i.a SBSBSBI sml Ilia asms im,
lrsl 111 ll tlii'Mi aim I gaj J iHTTfr In eiilna linia wa
altl cmilrart 1,1 I SJ I MrT"r"""'
Climlhs, IT II am fclaaaaaaaaaaa " "
" Uil ' M - -
JT'Ml liarn u., ( M,.P.
Willi hsirn rlim MlH
hi mi-nilli.Now'l hpoM,
M HmMa, . rr mi lir
t rrhmwa rWllhiB uutt
Msvmfiilary or vrtlurf
ua ran Inriift. vVn
Hrt. ItMlisiss tMlaall ami
iwitnpi, Viii'oiii 'ilifi
lrit)f Hit ixMlr II Mlrur
if In l hli I'rlwarr.
MlniMl I'nUun lliat
I -nll.'it tlist nio-il bt.lln
ihffwftrld rrmm
(in nlwar buBrel
(mlHrnt pkralrlnaa.
in mli' n mm i Ulty uf
tha kill tf hti miMl
hirnmn y.n, vn,an
Iri-atinu linn iiiss-,,- ewi
mi illsem-n wnu nir 4 .I'lllLKNK anl w
have AU4MHHI r.I. lsrliliil
..or iMii-iifisliilonal
RiwrftnltH. Will IM.nMf btuA and nh-wlyl
roirk. AMreM 4 00K I4KHKIV
ft'itl Alnwinlr 1mili, 4 hlrutfo. llllnwl
Ms Nerverine Pills
The ga
remedy for
nervous pro;
t rat ion and
all nervous
V' QMA 4 "s3: -d-iutun ol tUt
visMAa'- JtvMnt ernrrative or-
i.i oui. ,nii an ut i.hinii. Ran, 0f eithrr
J4I,i.liCha Nrrvout Prostralion, Failing or
HiAiinooa, impotcnry, INigliti "imij.
wons, Youthful Errors, Menial Worry, g
wssive use ol Tobacco or Opium, which
lead to Comumplion and Inunily. $1.00
Tn's-r. mail 6 to"1 ff $5.00:
l)ns CHEMICAL CO., Prop i, Cleveland, Ohio.
For sale by Betes-Conn Drug- Oo,
ii J '1 -
fit-srrv.t.,'u -
ll'KM.JUl f.-s. II. Hi 1 1