The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, November 26, 1897, Image 2

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Teb-phon. No. 6.
TKItH O' MlMrtritlt'l'ION.
Bent by mall, pT year 16.00
fltnl by mall, per month k
Served by carrier, per monife to
Bunt by mall, P r year In adtanc..Tu.A
I'OHUMf frva to aubaerllwra.
All communication. Intond.-d for rubtt.
cation should be dtrrctod to the idliar.
Hustings communication, of all kind
and remittance muat be addressed to
"Th. A.torlaa."
The, Aatorlnn vuaranua to I'l sub
scriber, the birgwt circulation of any
B.rsp.per published on the Columbia
river. f
Advertising rates oaa be had on appli
cation to the busbies, manager.
Tlw Weekly Aatorlan, the second aid.
eit weekly In the naU of Otvgoo. has,
next to the Portland Oragoalan, the
largest weekly circulation In th siats.
John F. Haodley Co. are our Portland
agents, and copies of tho Aatorlan can
be had every morning at their .:a,id,
12 Third street
Mr. Bryan Is one man who doea not
believe there Is too much politics in this
Two years ago Coxy received 5175
votes) for governor, wbita this year his
vote wns but 5K1. Mr. Coxey should or
ganixe a new party.
propose to submit to the legislatures, of
the various stt.s this ' Inter. Ami tlie
moft extraordinary provHon of the
monsure Is that which would allow any
crack-brained theorist or irlMti'tlo sil
ver howU-r to register, leowre and draw
poy therefor from the tuition fees of tlw
students. Here Is that nvtlon of the
S.vtl.vt 1. That In the "IHo of
the decrees of Voelu lir of s.-ler-o. ma..
1 r of s'ien-e. uid do. lor i.ailoionhy
In roinviiiio, poiUVii ;iiul o. -m-i, n -r
fhiill n. 1 i;r.i:io.l by l--stiv.:;!o; s of
l-M-iiii.f: eivt tin's.. hi n in the ".u-i
ii.-v.t ,ir w rnv.t'.iv! to .li'eid thr el i-sojtj
of uoh tirti;wio:it ins;nio:or may i
iter for the work ,m'!,,1 f,,,. In die J
nttainniont of i ho .iNvo.!.m.l d.-c:v.'s. !
mid who shall 1- ixvmifod lo tlw j
courses in Ihe ui'on an or.Ml i
(Vvtlnc Willi ilio Ii.i.'Iion enioloyt .1 hv j
the Inww : the Institutions. hoivr. ;
to he In naa;r- NMird to piv iiv h i
txiohers only th-' pnjvi tio:i of the tut-j
lion tVv due to oaoh 001110 , c!-on. j
The students shall revive a orlit rounl I
to that trfveii for like work under aj
Miober employed hy the trustees.
Ttie sehiie is an al-Mird one. hut that
majies no difference to any man who lias
such a laok of knoxrtedgv .is to h.Keve
thtit any law decreeing; a ratio hween
the prices of two products can tv made
effective. The plan of flxlne prices by
law. a w-oll as that of flxlns the com-i
pnntttve value of legn ton.Vr coins, has
been tried time and apain In the history
of the -orld. and never could lv msde
effective. To conii the tenchimr of
swh delusions would be a crime atnilnst
imollipcnce ami a sin .isuinst civfiiia.
tion. We do not think any state legis
lature will pass any such bill: hut the
fact that a proposition Is actually made
to do It s a shame to the ahole Amer
ican people.
Centuries ego. pecvl used to fenr what
I they cnlled tlw pestilence. "Iki.-k
Death" was the most tenihle thini; In
! the wr-jKd to thfm. They f.ximl It as
of September of last yer simply aug- P1 nnw foar the cholera nnd yeilow
' fever. And yet there Is a thl-g th t
The Increase In the post il rrceiprs of
the country for this Svtmbcr over those
Do YouJJse It?
It's the K'st thing for the
hair under all circiitustaiu-es.
Just as no wan by taking
thought can suUl an inch to
his stature, so no preparation
can make hair. The utmost
that can be ilone is to pro
mote conditions favorable to
growth. This is done by
Aycr's Hair Vigor. It re
moves dandruff, cleanses the
scalp, nourishes the soil in
which the hair grows, and,
just as a desert will blossom
under rain, so bald heads grow
hair, when the roots are nour
ished. But the roots must be
there. If you wish your hair
to retain its normal color, or
if you wish to restore the lost
tint of gray or faded hair use
Ayer's Hair Vigor.
TUe tatle for November. 1897
I intaTwATKa low wathk
A . f. M.
A. M.
menu the evidence piling up on all banc's
to show a condition of In.-rvasei business.
b.iulft. It. in ft.'ft. Ii.iii ft
Monday.... 1 I, at ti iHV7 0 1-' .' .1
i ii..tiiv ? m ? k i in' i ' I i7 a '
cvmsos more misery unci nnre init.s Wistnsil v :i K.4ui'.i, SMtlil 1 07 1 7 .' (
than any of the?
nine-tenths of 1
world Is iraceohie
It is svi common that V"'- i ;-'! '";
Last year Kansas gave Bryan a plu
rality of 13,i. The vote this year shows
a republican guin of somlthing like 33,
A On this year"s te every conpTrS
siouiU district In the state went rvpab-
Itcan. In SI counties tvpufclicans elected
the entire tickets and a majority of the
officers elected in 7S counties are repub
licans. The republicans elected 7
county officers in the state while the pop.
u lists elected 17 and the democrats six.
Evidently the voters have had a taaie of
prosperity. A good report may be ex
pected from thai scale in the state and
congressional elections next year. j
Wtthout any disposition to underrate
her efforts, or to detract hi the slightest
degree from the praise o which Mrs.
Lord is Justly entitled. It may be truth
fully said that the credtt of the intro
duction of the fiax growing Industry Into
Oregon, If it is suocfully accomplish
ed, may be fairly divided with some of
Cfctfscp county's people. The As:or!an
took this subject up at the in:an..e of
Mrs. Dr. Adair, long before the Oregon
ian thought about it. and it is lankly
Kndiiv A lo in 7 .i in .urn i 117: J I 1 i. 1
nine-tenths of nil the sicknew in thv Saturday 6 in V 7 .11 11 i 7 1 4 , '.' I i,f
It is merely ! J,1 -N A. 7 U S II , l0i
,t j 7 3 0 :
.; 1. 7 ' 11 1'
a: s:i"t
4 u s 0 :
1 .'i t
1 i Mill 117
The little help needed Is fumis'.iett by .Monday. ...l' Itt.rts 4 1' 6 10 'I ' 10 i I o
Dr. Pier'. Past Peilets One Pil, 2?J. J .Ji'S J ' ' "
Is a frentip taxatire and two a miM ci-1 Thunnluy 1 T T 2 7 . i c 4.' J u I ;
. MIMIUIII ... V I .1, I." IP J .- !
that im;(e. oiMnmn thin? oon.tip.ton, I Tuw.jiv ... 9 ti 7 ;i( s $ ' t
It makes people listless, cwuses diMlns. Jyy.o ; -J,
hcnilaches. loss of appetite, loss of sleep, i Friday .. i J is 7 ;
foul btvnth and distress 'atlng. 1 ) '
VertvM, Jidd, lip all, 1711" tons, Wl.
tvnutru, rull.u-ton, ilr h, im tona
IVi cdln, tV-toler U.
Jacqura, llertiada, Fr bk, HOfl tons, Ma-
Indian Ihntdi-e, Alien, Hr bk, IMS tons,
JiiplMer, Kimder, Dnn sh, b'M tons, Yo
koliama, I'lioltustorvl. Thomson, lir bk, Il!7 totis,
t'apo "1Smi, Ktolr J.
thty (if Yii k, Jones, Pr sh, 1 tttT tons,
j Itliililorle, Maekny, l'r hk, l.v.Ti tons,
! IVai;,a li.iv, Mitembei' 4.
! Iloppott, Trk. Kus eh. t."'V tons. Tort
Natal. September 3.
j Miliirtdcs. Aylltig. Ur sh, HM ton, Mel.
j roiirne, October 15.
I Uuthrle. Vr s!i, ll.''i tons
Yokotut ma.
! lloiteite. So-iiiaii, c!,r sh, ; ions.
' SiwtiKhal.
UikeniKi, Itrndherlng, Ur bk. tons,
Clan llobertson, PHI, Itr sh, 1M0 tons,
Santa Homilla.
ltrllNh tleneml, Thomas, Ur sh, Itai
tons. NVwwisth-, Australia.
Midas. Mi-ssvtmer, Hr Ik, l.V.;' t-n,
llctrlekdale. Stewart. Ur sir, 7KS tons;
YaJorl, trvwn, Ur sn, IBS tons. New.'
owstle, Australia.
Hornby Oasile. Ilrlitht. Ur sh, 1JTS tons,
Dninurnlg, Johnson. Pr bk, ISM ton
Adcailde, September W.
Ttiotls. Oliver. 11. bk, UTW tons, Naga.
iwkl. Ot-tolsrr 11.
J.vnV.111 Hill. Walker, Pr bk. H7 tons.
rrt Oaledonln, Anton. Pr bk. S13C ti.
Ktntin-k. lVrrelle, Pr sir. ISS1 tivns
titulw, Munrv. Pr str. 1?"8 tons, Yoko.
but ma.
Amarn, Kent, Pr s'r. tons. II'tfiK
kotig. Alexander Plack. Putin. Pr bk. 13M
totu. Ant"erp
Watjeti. rrlts. tier sh, "079 tons, ltlog.
Inl Slinftsleirv-, Cumilneluim, Pr sh.
tons, Sydrwy.
llrlstol. Molntyre, Pr str. 1771 tons.
San Francls.o,
Kmllle, Oltmann, Oer sh, 173S tons. Yo-
Look !
Havt you aeen It ?
Tb b.w FlvtvCaot Plecs) of
Increijed 40 per rent, in lite and Improved lo quality. Ask your
tobacconist to show you one of the NEW plcte. the biggest
bargain for the money you ever saw. Try it and b convinced.
tharttc. Once usol. nlwnys In favor
i Friday Is s r, 7 V ." 1 1 V
! Sal unlay .11 V 11 7 si 10 1." 6
l I I'A 1 10 1.1 S I Ml la 7 ;
.noiulay 11 mis
If you are careless enough to let an nn
scrupuWius druprlst seH you something T'uuv-j; "0 'UKti
on which he mnkos more money, it Is Vediud' -.'4' U .' 7 i 1J i'. a .S
your own fault if you do not get well. I"".-? ZU
.1 it-
1 .';!
Be sure and get Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Saturdav.:'?: s lj. 7 S 2 4J
iviw. f-L'Xli.Y.i 4m 7 4! 3 3,-, s:t
Monday ...i)' 4 V. 7 4l 4 M 7 ii
Send H cents in one-cent stamps to ' Tuesday 40 7 3 5 47 s l: Hi 3 1
World's Dispensary Vertical Association.
v- -r ., r,. r, MARINE NOTE
100S page "Common Sette Medical Ad
viser." profusely fllusnraited.
4 m i 4 -i a 1
iu : s . u 0 4
IV.iO jo tt.;l 1 4
:c 3 i 7 la 1 .1
7 it 3 - s w I 1
S 11 3 &.V4 1 t
9 14 3 .1 S II IK
.is 3 4 ID ) U U
II 01 3 4 11 Ml) IS
The Rrttish fU Wasdale ana l"ro
vtnee left up for PorthtrKl yestenlay.
Path robes are not reneraTtv crnsld-
ered things of beauty, but ther con be American bark Ouklnnd. 38 days
mule so if you are to Judge by one in , fram aul Pedro- "" ln -"rHy
Hack and whiM. a perfrt Imitation of
ermine lined throughout with pale hlue i 1 h Hntisn bnrk Hadihn Hail, wh at
yjl laden for Europe, put to sai yestenLiy.
; The British ship VVMU.un
' laden, arrived down from Portland y. s-
V-se! on the Way .nil ln Columbia
HIvt to Load I.umlwr.
I.nira May. llan'ii, s-hr. 131 tons. San
Francisco, November 12.
Letltia. Stakkobye, whr. 731 tons, Sun
Pnitu-lsi-o. Novombej. 11
Tenklo Maru. Kaneko, Jap bk, 1H.
tons. Yokohama.
Tarn O'Slmntor. Patterton, bktn, Wi
tons. Santa Rosalia.
bin Schnauer, N'elison, seh, 13 tons.
San Francisco. November IX
; Ttio i-rman shl) INru arid J I"
off when ynur Pfiu'ger. whit laden, arrii'-iil down (mni
The Ahiska Tniivisrtiitlon :md Develop,
ment Co.. of CmVago. III., Capita.
Five MP.Bon IVill:.
Tills comixmy Is the lnrft, sironiret
and lewt rqiiiiped tmnsMrtatlon and
nwrv!umdL-i:ig itamKuiy in the A 1 .1 s lc
tr-dd field.
Three iurv and iwniulloiis stini
shlrw wtll l-fte S.tittle Juno I. and reg
ularly th.n 1 ft-r. carrying trnth fn-fs-trt
and pas.ruTrs.
T!ie. at.itiwr nre . Lilly fiit-l fi-j
tin. I'.inv.-ni.-iwe ,f iitr.-r an, I are
Sole Agents for Knox and Wauburton Hats
Hatters and
94 Third Strcct PORTLAND, OR.
....The Only Exclusive Men's Furnishers....
To have a train mov
foot has just touched the platform Is I'ortl.'itnl ywtteplny.
due to tiie influence of 'this lady, and the ' infinitely p'.ermantr than to have It per.
valiuiMe al-.n(- .vf r-,.i i f"rm In that way when you have a foot Th- st.-amers H.irrison ;ir Klmori
on the station platform.
Stokrtf, of this city, that the old world's !
attention was first attrncW to the mat- j HOW TO CCRE BILIOUS COLIC
lm oirt for Tllkiirniok this mornlnic.
weather i-nnlttlng.
ter through the Stuarts, of Unburn. Ire. i
mnu, nu 1 or a year p,tst na.iv o-n enr
jyhig or. egrvneive experiments in urn-.
Ing ana preparing flux in this county.
The Oregon, for San Francisco, finistie.t
! I suffered for weeks with colic id adding freight nt tlv O. ii. S. .in k
j pains ln my stomach caused by bllioun. and put to s -n at J o'clock ymPT.lhy.
! ness and had to take medicine all the
I while until I -ised Chamberlain's Colic, Th Norwegian Kirk Ot.liflla. fr nn
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which f i'.amn. Sit-mW lit. arrive in yestr.
The facr that the Porthand Ch;imler j cured me. I have since recommended It day afp-nuion an.1 1ll h aw up f..r
of Commerce has uk-n ud the matie ' t( S0011 "any people. Poland tr.lny.
of securing the e.tal)lishmi-nt of a fresh- I
water naval station at the mouth of the '
Falrhaven. Conn. A two-masted schooii'T arrival In Liu
Persons who are stibleet to bilious colic y -'-rduy evwdng but her name could
Columtna, will be huiied with much sal- j ean ward off the attack by taking 'his not 1 b-anied. She is suitiS'-l to have
isfaction by tlv- people of all sfvtiwis j remedy as soon as the first symptims Kori': to the Knuppton mill,
of th- state who understand the advan. I "PP08'- SoM Pr? Co.
tage and imporunoe of that proje-t. Th
timr.ks of Aoria, esriecial' y. will (ro out :
Nollilng so strongly Illustrates the
lack of exuet knowljdge among the de
votees of the silvvr craze than the prop
osition deliberately made by some of
tlvm to force the teaching of their the
ories In colleges and oth'-T limtitutlons
of ndvanced learning. .They have drawn
up a bill for that purpo-e which they
Til (Ur
"Th-re is no delay in pay days n'-w;
th-re is no scrip payment to m"n for
bitior, but oasn, and that cah is ea
pool as gfId." Snator Hanrn, at Cin-clnnf-tl,
O., O.. . 1HS7.
Som? of the jitiid tif" worn with d irk
cloth gowns look as though every f lor
to Mr. C. H. Drstd and Captain Iie I In the raiabow had been utillzwl in their
for their strong prei-nta:ion of th" 1 composition.
question at laJJt V-lneslay-s c n''-rence
between their organization and Messrs.
Tor.guo anl EIHs. As Mr. Uodd says,
this Is one of 'the mot important sub
jects claiming the consideration of Ore
gon's rpritatjvef at Washington,
tnd the Astorian has repeatedly sought
o secure their attention 10 It: hut so
little heel is paid by th-fe. stated-men
ito apiesijs (manatlng fpum Astoria or
10 the inllueuce of her citizens, exrfpt
in things pertaining to 11k- distribution
of offices, or the manipulation of deals
involving tlie delivery ami roceiw of
wtes in aid of political comMnuitions,
thai lit haa heretofona been fourtd impos
eR'le to miike the slightest Impression
upon 'them. PerliJips 1th the aid of so
powerful a factor as the Portland Cham
ber of Commerce, the Oregon "delega
tion" will now see the matter in a little
Hffermt light; and if the right sort of
pressure from both Portland and As
toria la exerted after the adjournment
of their fmal eletinga from the Portland
bote! to Washington, some feeble effort
may be made to induce an investigation
on Ithe part of the navy department or
the proper oommtttoes in congress which
vlU reault in public apprecloltion the
national importance of the subject
c.-ipnM.. of currying m nu'h,
our M..-niar ,ui.l fr-lirb! service on
th.- Yukon r! .er will the l.t. Th-h:iiM:iiu-
f m chants' fn-mht mad., a
t--il :"y. We are tb.. company that
irir.r.irit.--s prompt d-llv.-ry at Imwsh-i
r-itv. We K'larin'. yo'i .1" suppW
of fi ti TI. t tl Ife il'l.l ,..y ,irrV'l.
"Hi.. -.1.1 s tll.Te.
V'i'i ."Mini it;:v a mii'-h '-hanee as ,niv -r.n. 1 o y..u want to U- mo of
our first? If so, write at urn c, securing
passu-,. berth.
fi'ip -j..., 1 ,) traiwitatl..ri off' r I the
I,.-! r:,.A- u-r..r the public.
S-11.I for free ,,, f The ,v(a ..w,
and f..r our i;i off. r. In.-id'-a-
teinsiK.r'.itlon in the Klondike mil fo
for ..r,,. year f.T lx h'iri.'.l .!.',r
TJiis wili interest e,,, if .i,1 p,,.n, ,,.
Iiiir: If not. our -'o. k off.-r -bould Inf. r.
" '"' y "lion d fa ni- .-me of
eijr .fit kV,',l.-. t
j A I'.inl'.l .''mount of iroek bus bn.
The following vessels are bound to the.luen ns-'irn"! to the we.oeni ;ewv for'
Columbia River, with name of master, 1 sal
Convent of the
...Holy Names
II V K 1 il'I'.N Kl I IKIlt Ilii.MtHIMl A.S'lJ j
PAV xlbsil.. I
For rates, etc.. address the 8uprlore. I
roRM A
Astoria Public Library
0M-n vry day rrom I o'clock lo t.M
and 6,10 lo 1:10 p. m.
Bubsorlpllon rain. M .r annum.
H, W, Cor. Kim an 1 h and iguana Ktreeta.
Hiii uiii nun r'i"ti"ii
rmmlr fur llnii"ttla,
I'IihiI, H i r 111 1 ur 1 hir ,
M lill,m, 11 1 11 m 1 a I till.
Hiim, er ttiir ililUnilu.
lien, lirluil'iii er tilmi.
Hull lf III II I' it II lllnlu.
IHlLftmOMIU Oll Do. '" NM airlnvul,
i .(,.1111 rf M k IH-n.aUU.
er iil In UIll wrowr.
II III, el i IhiIIIi. ti ill.
I'lri'iiUr wui iiu rvuaai.
Reading or Distance Glasses
I 00 ICy tllaiMsn. for u , or
13 00 Hyw (IIojuho for 11.71
Warranted Hold I'latcd Krsinea.
Mako your friend a Iwaullful nd uaa.
fill irtcnt. Wo guarantee a psrfeol lit
br mail providing wlwn you onto lh
(liminHi you answer the following qutsv
lions: How old ICvcr umhI glaaMaT
Mow lon.r Mnl. or fomobiT
(li:i) MAYKIU.K, Kuwrt tiptlclan,
V Third .treol. flan Knnolao.
(Vpti'liin and Photographic fluppll.
f llltoMHI'M
m. m im miMi(
Lfci 1' MiNtuI
1 , WimiinaV. Jdney Plht''
1 Has iu fiiual lu dlM'nx's of tlioi
I 1 ICIilui'VH I. i liiiu v tii omn. Uuvo
l.voit noglovti'iJ your KUIticysif llnvn'
' viu ovorwoiUnl ymir iicrvoua ays-i
gy tciii mni cauiHMi 11-iiiiiiiu n un j-uiir
fKi'iucvi nun iiiiKiiicii- navo ynuw
pallia In the lulim, side, lim k, grolin A
mnl bludilcr? Ilnvo you a llabby r-
H'iiruiic of tlm fuiv, pHHunlly
under tlm even? Tim f rcnni'iit tl M
. I. ..-l'.... 1 tl'llll l.'l.l..HM
f'oio n. in 1111' .1 iiuniii n i 1011. -j
fills will iiiiiuirl n.-wllfo 1.1 tlio,ll
rii'- il urgnns, Itiuo up tlio nynteltl A
m mnl tiiaUo 11 now mnu of you. !y
loilll .Ml ....liffrf luife AW
J vYii.uau Mm. Til., Pmi. (loveland. U
Kor sal. by lies-t'oiiii Drug (V.
1 1 I
' ' ' "oikr
I t., U. M. .
: ti. -i . . m '-j
Mi: x; 1: fr u r a
t ,v 35 it t--
if fl i-r ffvrir-'. A nrrm wm;in
Mount Angel College
This Is Just th. plars for your boya
h-IIKlnful o: Ion, Inrgn biilldln.s ami
round, irood meals, plenty of healthy
nend.. Hrellonl tearhers and c-
iruliilni;- this Is what lliey all say of
MT. ANflKI. COM.KaK. Bond for CaU
sli'Kiie and sieelal term.
. P. F.-.PLACIDUS. Director.
ra-.lonailty, rig, tonnage, wlmre from of -iii-.:i n
has ih. -am .iK,rnin:f-.
and da.e of reported rallk.g: as a rl"h i-rn. If vou .mud en u t
Hyson, Hogg, Br str, 279 tons, Honu-: Anck.-i nothing -ilioiild pr.-i rit yon lu-lngi
Caison, Br str, ICS tons
a profit. iV. Hliarebolibr.
fi'ir rorn,any Is rorrioel rf m.-n o'
frl.f bu.sifies reputations, some of whom
Uorge Stetson, Murphy, Am eh, 17M .urn tin: following:
tons, Baltimore, August t. H0.1. W. v.. Matom, I
Linlithgowshire. Anderson. Br sh. 1357 , Tillriols
H. S. n itor from
Mr. N. N. Osburn, well known at ;
Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with
lame baok. He was persuaded to use j
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It gave him !
relief tn one night This remedy Is also
famous for H. cures of rheumatism. For ,
rale by Eetes-Conn Drug Company.
The sound of running water in vrfoun
tulm is ae good as an alarm clock to the
woman 1n a hotel who has left her watch
at home.
fiPtSDT Ccr. Tsr atbbvt for tortarlnpr. ll"fl(f
Clnt?. Hrliinif. Itt;rnlriir, And m:y t ktn n1 rlp
diekv4 Willi Iom or Uair. Warm baths witM.c
Tict'B txAr, iffiitie Hipiiratlofi of (JL'tici'ma
ointmef. nt lull doa-t of Cuticcia Kfhni,
Tsmt, gretueal m b'.ooa purlLera au'i humor curei
t. anlil lbrKi7hmil lh world. PoTTIS
j-HCii V"m .it'-v.
mr " Jew b Curt luhinr Hkio DiMMtifrt.
tons, Antwerp, July 28.
Drumburton, Spurring, Er bk, 1773 tons,
Sanfcfea, July 8.
Annlcy, Ewart, Br .h, IK1 tons, Car
diff, May 8.
Cambrian King, Hansen, Br sh, 1G38
tons, Shanghai.
Dovenby Hall, Whlckhim, Br ah, 183!
tons, Liverpool
Ben Voirilch, Abler, Or h, Uffl tons.
I Santa Rosalia,
j Springburn, Rae, Br bk, 2&ti tons, Cape
I Town, Septomber 29.
I Durbrldge. McLauchlao, Br sh, 2121
tor, Table Bay, September 17.
Poltalloch, McLeod, Br bk, 2139 tons.
Table Eay.
Otago, Eek, Swd bk, 970 ton., Ham
burg. Dund-e, .Tarvls, Br ah, IS98 tona, Hlogo.
Conway Castle, Jones, Br sh, 1281
tona, Valparaiso.
Mlltonpaxk, Tumllty, Br sh, 1394 tona,
Commonwealth, Anderson, Br Btr, 2183
ton., Taku.
Vaxiduara, BeavaJi, Br bk, 1318 tons,
Algoa Bay.
Te nkal, Ing, Br utr, 3016 tons, Hong
konir. Onpark, Irish, Br h, 1799 tor.s, Hlo
Janeiro, August 79.
Ob-nhank, Inard, Br bk, 1359 tons,
rierevleve, Toiiee, Fr bk, 987 tons, Hai
phong, Octobr 21.
Oal?r,rm r"asfl, Mihon, Br bk, 17)7
w. Tibie Bay, AiJIT'ist 30.
Henry Vlllard. Paffett, Am rh, 1475
' ts. New York. October If
OWon, Gully, Br bk, lnf4 tons,
Newcastle, Australia, October 8.
All-rt r. nut iin-'Ment V ii Blaiz
Brewing Kimimiiy. MllH-.-nike...
W. ('. ItinearHori. ireni-al pieriprr
ng'-nt ('. N. O. A T. P. I?. R., Clnr Jnnnil.
P, W. "Irilflrh. prel.enr cino Natlomil
Bank. Vbkuburv. Mins.
J. Ti. T-(rnnrd, capit.-, nt, I.eirrifird
building, (lil'-ago.
Frank If. Hwhf, of Cruirlo. Kacntner
Sr Co.. f'blcago.
D. O. Kdward', nnmeriger traffic, mana.
g-r. C. 11. A T. R. R Om-lnnntl.
fn.iLrVs 11. Rockwefl, traffic mnxiag'-r,
C. I. & T,. r. R. fMonon Rwite), Chicago.
T. 11. Vmtiir, FoOTla nnd Vicksburg,
J. M. WWp. hler First NalJowil
Bank, Vi'ksburg, Miss.
For InfoTmatl'm nddrcxs nfid make all
money payable to W. T DTJDIET, grn
ertil flgent, Haller building, Seattle,
Monm oH 10 nan
HeiPii ir Nnrmiil t'oncMr of Him. yrsw.
n'ir I'm wholly prut, ss uiisl. .
'I r.inmiK ii'mninru4 of ni e Kisdes with Jnn i'ti'.ilriii.
Iiiiir'u tloti mid u.ilu 11 k 111 liyiium.llrii (swnllili
Kin , tn.l Vim s' M"tV hr public M'k"id
1 1"' Normal dlilaiit In reroxnKuJ by Inw as TATI
l.ll OKIUIFII A U to tench.
1 islil I'liM-nts. tuil toll. Iiuokt, tMMid Slid IwltflliK (Hp
proj. lnit-l y 1. Il.t'iiu iir tnr.
Hiiuli at. Iiinir'l w tbeniM'lvi'ii, lllu IK) pnr )er
Arsiltwiilc Kriidi iis'c'ti'il from blsh hcIiimiIs.
t itain(iiH i beornilly uriil on Kvpllmtluii.
I'. L. CA.MWIH.1,1,,, or
W. A. WANN, Hccretiiry Kicully.
oiveh ciioicb or
Via Spokane and St. Paal
Via Ogden, Denver and
Omaha op Kansas City.
Pullman and Tourist Sleepers
Free Reclining Chair Ci.:
Astoria to San Franalsso.
HUto of CNkllforiixi, WnluoaJay, Oo-
tolwf St.
(-"lunil.U. Mmuiay, tKauber .
HLats of OUtfornln. HatuMsy, tjulutiw
fVilumhl. Thurlny. November I
Hints of (itlfnrnla. TiiMklay, Novm
lxr I.
t'olumliln. 8un4y. November 14
Hist of Ollfornl.. Friday, Nnvnmlwt
Columbia.' Wndimvlay. Noromlr M
Btnto of f?iltfornlii, M'Midsy, NovMn
ber 8.
For rat, antf (.n.rat ramnaatliM m,'
on ar addrea.
W. II. H rjlU.Hl'RT.
Osn. P... At., Portland. Or.
. .'VIA ...
UDrary CaT Ttmtt
Meals I.
I'cuucrmts grow more mjrate ss
gowns more sombr. an worn.
liuni m
Oil TB
To Any Reliable Man.
M arret our Np'lUnc and one m'nlh' rem(Hlif
O' rr p .wi-r wn tm wt n linn, vul "tit m,j
olmnrc piymuf. ty Um f.rfimmi uipnjr m u)W
Wr.rt In tl t.;-iO "t,; ut rii-fi ttr',K;j, di.
&,urmi-4 from trT:t of ei (, w-rrr, utt.
W"rK, A'r. l);i;.pjr nmrrl w HMuri0. rum lrt tva.
X'trmuiTi tff rii.vff,p-rj'-ri. of nil r-'tU't riii(iMifinii,
in I una ot tut! f,if.:r n limlf-ij. fit r, o it.
-rhr-fnM; ni dm ttr ii-n. A'' '!
CDic MFntnii rn 64 Niagara sr..
blllb t!t.;f L'tli. bUi, iUI . At
-"ALU, N.Y.
a UanalalammMrrancli pbraii-tan. sslu qulcklyrauayminf sltiirr.
. . r'v "L.'iiiiii'.iriH'ni'i innpr
IiiMMiiiiia.i'aliislnUallw.Hmiihwl KmUslnna. Msrvmis jMrfiUlt
Puupis, VnOlriMi to Msrry, Ku.niiii.( UrstM, VrliMl anft
Luiutiniitlrin. II slurp ail luwi by rtsy or nl.M. Prnvsiils oiik k
OMsul itlacliarxn, wlilch If nulaharWwl 1 m1 11 tn9lnrnilorrWf nil
BCFORC ABB A FTTH . hirronf laipoMnof. Cf I nra r, iHsms. U ttsr, Ui.
kkliwrsand thsurinsryorssnsiilaUiinDaitttaa,,.,. iuulmw
Tli irruM sulTsrvra sr sotrounn by iMirtnr la Imw nkwtr twr OTfit ar. trmMad wtik
PraaiBtlils. CflFMiKNEIi tliofiir niwn rmdy toourwlihootjiormU(in. KiwiMiilmnnt
1 A wrltlojriirani. tvB s4 niuriny rnnmrt If sii Imm dors nol stfacl a par wadui't aura
Waboi,sHtV,r.MB,brmIL moil for raaaclmiUrarKl llttoDhus.
Addnas0AVOInBDICUIBCOnI,OlBoxarrkMrrauakcaM ibrMstf
CHA8 JIOOER8, AM Commarclal BtrMt
'c'avran, and Trade-Marks obtained and all Pat
J'-ni buiinTMcorilie-td ff MODKRSVC Fee.
OusOrncci.Osso.iTC U.S. Patint Orricf
.mil dcuniri hi e pmrnt ia icu timo tliaa lhue
'remoti! irnin wainiiivion.
0 Send rmxlrl, drawinK or photo., with drirrip
innn. We S'Ivim;, if iialrritaMe or not, free ot
i liarjfc. Our fte net Hue till iialent it terurrd,
f A Psmphlct, " li"W to OI1U111 i'utenla," with
.est el Mine in the U. S. and foreign coualrici
Jrnt bee. Aililrru, ,
hrw HtN'grt limed f AlMolMtftly UnhMwa to th
profMrMr"!). lriajn-ut OmrM In 16 to U rly. We
rvfunil nionny if wo ! n"t fiirw. You rn b trrtatMl at
Home tor i hmm prira
will on tract to eu
com In g,
nr hot")
Mah bo
w fall to
70a ItftVil UkM wt-r-.
mi nave tv'iifs and
In rri'iiKh, MnmThrfHii,
Id Mnota. I'Jfwraonaiiv
.ytbrnmm fniUng out,
Hmoiitlnrr or '1 rrtJurj
gumrunl' lortir We
trtacnnrl cliullrnci
fMHItUl I'Hrtl. 'iliut 111"
ine aklll or tb mm
I and ttia aune fiiarai'
prefer to come liei e we
iiitn or paX eiiwnM of
rai iroan
Bs k 1 D,l," U
BHtJoura. ff
urr. liMlidniMitnelk-ind
pnlm, Muraui latcht
irtof theotKlv ,lalrr
It l thli Frlmatrr,
tno4 I'otsHiti UiAt wa
-oiifltthn ftiont obelln
tht iriirld ftr rac it a
rwiHi liait alwmyMbaalr4
niaiir virN weliavtA aV.a)aMiiiiiiln a niM-cIaltv of
trratintf thi ilinaaa wiib our VrlllLFNK and wa
nlieit phrelt'lajia.
liava a)50U.noo ranlfal thlnd our uiK-ondlllonal
ITuarmnUw. WrfUius t.,r 1 AO.pHKi btntk and boll
pnotk. Addrnee 4HH MFIKIfV t it.,
ft't JHMaonlo IVmplft, 4'hl'uai Illlnnla.
Tht all-mil rout to KootnnM mlolnc
dlaUrlct, vU Seattle and 8pkarj
Shortest and Quickest Itine
St. Paul, Minneapolis.
Duluth, Chicago
Through Palace and Tourist
Blitspert, and LJhary Obtmrtr-
Hon Cart.
Dally TroltiH
...Fast Time
For ticket, and full Information nail
on agoal O. R. A N. Co. or axVlraM
C. P. & T. A.. Portland. Or.
R. C. BTEVEN8. O. W. P. A., Seattle
A. & C. R. R. R.
In KITcd Oct. 25, 1N17.
Laav. Seaside for Astoria via Flam
at 7:30 a. m. and 2 p. m. dally.
Leave Astoria for Seaside via Flay
at 10 a. m. and 4 p. m dally.
All the Above Trail Arc Daily.