The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, November 24, 1897, Image 2

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Telephone No. W.
tkiims m i:uii'riN.
Sent by malt, per year $.
gent by mall, per month ttf
Served by carrier, per monife )
aait by malt, pel' year In advance.
Postage froe to subacrlbcr.
All communication Intended for publi
cation should be directed to the idlier.
Business communications o( all kinds
Jul remit tnjtcea must be addressed to
"Tli Astorlao."
The AstorUn ruaruiU1 to it a auo-
trribiMrs the litrgvwt circulation of any
ewspaper published oo the Columbia
river. ,
Advertising rates can be had oo appli
cation to the business maaafvr.
The Weekly Aslorlan, the second eld.
est weekly In the state of Oregon, baa.
text to the Portland Orerotlao. the
larteet weekly circulation In the state.
John F. Mandley Co. are our Portland
events, and copies of toe Astorlan can
he had every mornlnj at their i;a-wl,
Ki Third street
Gt-nenU Baui tint Weylop lm
rluvJ Ouh to a wrotchei remnant.
The SjhuiIsIi army on the Isbunl is but
a ehadow of the host sent to Weylr.
Iwiihw are ttrnouvtuM rus nnnrchlsts, and
tho sawn niiil on w ill, h 1 fcml
the c'.olrtrtitl.n of vloty Into hlirhrr
ami lowvr mm nro npiillc.t nvlih ever.
InriMKlng seventy." Till", of course, t
the nrtnK of it lil.irln-rsklto. N one
over flixusl labor oivls.ttlo!U with
criminal ciinspliMi'b''. Na tv cvor
calbxl suoh labor .is SarKnit, Ar
thur nl llnmii 'm itvlils;s. IVIw ami
Sovwlitn aiv .ui. troll Is . imb's :) illc.
tinmiry definition of t 10 word itn.iivhll
H astr.iy. llawlly t ti lvbs. ami Sov
ercljsn wlor of men are far In the minor.
Ity among: tho Inbor UviiVrs.
The Greatest Singer of the Day Acknowledges
Her Indebtedness to Paine's Celery
In loYotnir ttoneril Mister Workman
eVwenKn ihe Knlirbts of liilwr idwnt
the country's plautO:. Sovnvlun was
tnit the Utthtivn .inl chonvt dvtmi.
Kouo ho w.ts over tlirus; Into it nsl-
tion of prominence In the I'liltiM S:iul. j
The, wonder 1 that he was aliened to j
hoM hi rmsriion sso lenK. Purlng the jxisi
two or t!n yir tvlstK-o. uml n. the!
Interest. of Ms omler. iitwnred to the
public to have lnvn tit principle con- j
cern. tuxl the politics which he advocated i
wtea boul the mont recklcs and extrnv.
aant which the country has hvul during j
this perKxl. In conuxirison wk:h 9ovr-
e4rn, Stmpsvn arM "O'done" I"als were I
statesmen of conservatism and Uilance. '
The Knltrhto wvnrij have headed off a
rood del of rVHculo for their order If ,
thy trad ntHtxh.xl Soverelitn irlir.
It l plain that trinj.Vi's visltlnit . !
nwn are wvl plci.oed wi'.h the re.-;tlon ,
Iven to thnt ly the admitustr.itlon at
Vashlnc-in. A I r-'irt s nt.'.u. of
foreign cxumtri.w who conic hciV n any i
fri tally mfcwion ir i'.iKk;y placed la a!
km mm m t 1 -
Ciir-j6W will find no reason to regret
Its. recent turlrt wtk. when It comes to-j'tW l-'iM Ahbu
S.rth.T In IV.-ombw. Th treckoury re-! ln 1i- !0 ""'
ciK8 under the now law have now j NMm.lury settlement
nu lied such a fiS'ir,; that r. Is ierfivUy j tradition, was ch-irm
jlurent that the measure I going to ( h, rceiv-d frvnn
be . success ns & revenue produce r. The j ,ar' "f Sl-,:'- ""d s-ttd
.i nil ncn of the nresont month are run-!,ht bort rime lie p.t.-
nln at Ue average rate of a million JoU i "- nV the hJI'li-' l r-l- of his
l.u-3 fur each business day. and when the
ton. who heU
;riity of ex- ;
the lritmnl j
, then Seore
:" er.iirl thnt
I in V.ihim::or)
itt.l .
-1 ly
RrronTfR "That politlcita wouldat talk to me. !! refuted
to open In mouth."
City Kuitor ."Why diiln'i you offer him a chew o( riper
HeMiteck f Th4t would open it."
m v ' -.."
r. .
If '
1 .
oflKsil life. "Your reiul!k-ati xe u:lve."
Ihnmi lUve has att lii'.e.l a sueeess i:.e .'f the jiipM i-ts "T the h.sititi.
ui.l r-lei!te.l in tht ni'iials f .:ne art mokliiK Mi.itltilic f r i'i" c lerv
1 1 reptilt the ftory of her ttiuuipli tniMtinl is the r.ipld In. !.im' !n wiltht
Is m-lli-s. Her superh voice, her fasol- at..l the iihr as. d ru ldineis of hi "d
ef foreign wool, suk&t, and manufactures j Jro presenttM to President Jackson ,)ltt,rnI half-oriental .lancw. her c ir. , invariably follows fs ise. It clears the
n.w ill th country hive been consumed. In th oorty V. ' Is th- llixst trentleman ewins B'siun'!. h-r Mack ey. s. -kin. inakis l lie i-xcretor. par;f:nt
Is rwUixed. the revenue will be amnle I ever aiw." Tncle Sam kitow how to lrrusttll.
Tipcr Ikidsieck Plug Tobacco is the chew
for every one who wants the beat. Ask for
the Large New rive-Cent Piece of
Increase whtoh will come after the stocks j tlxfm'l an Ene' of disttmtion
to merit the running expenses and restore
some of the kwsee sustained under the
WUeon law.
The Imports Of linen joods from Eng
land were only 2,S.'l.fttr ytards In Septem
ber. Its., against b.OST.000 yards In Sep
tember. 1SV; the Importation of Jute
piece goods In September, IW. -as 6.
SllfiO against S.l.4tfl In September. isa5-,
that of silk broad stuffs 4,202 yards
agains-t 9.Si3 ln September of last yeir;
that of woolen tissue 22.!J yards agulnst
CSO.OtiO. that of worsted tissues ill.)
agwlnst 1.431,000, and that of woolen car
pets .SO0 yards agislnst 4T.X in the cor
responding month of last year. Xo won
der our Englisto friends do not .ike the
tariff of the Dlngley law. and no wonder
thejt the law Is popular with our mar u-
facturers and their employees.
The change In public sentlmit regwrd
Ing Cuba end the CuUm question dur-
muke the stnuigr within his gates fHl
at home.
TiJe table for November. 1897
A M.
V. Ji.
M. P. M. , ft. h.m ft.'ft. h.m ft
Montlav.... I ti. ii ' 7 l U i .i n
'I ueselitV ... 7 I'M 6 t 7 tr i ill'! I l 47 3 2
Weillld' V :t r t s ititi d 2 07! I 7 - l ti 7
Thunwlav. 4 J27l. s- j S.VJJJ
Krulay 5 io lu 7 j lu M 7 v 4 t!7i .' I 4 l i
Saturday . 6 lO.ViTy It 4u7 l 4 l 2 -I ;ei
sl'MiAV. 7U:t4i; I St-t 2 6MOI
Mi. inlay ... u -M 7 t l.' 8 -i ti i i 6 l u I
I'uexUiy ... I 0", 7 3, 12 2 7 i a - 7 2Je5
WvtliiMl'vlO 142 7-ii 10-si 7H :tti 7 0 0 2 17 7 0i - 1 34 su l3 7 :40l
Friday . . 12 2 41 7 0i 2 o'' 7 k s 27 4 0 s -' 0 .'
fsitiirdav ..I 3 A'' 2 : 7 ii 9UI44 Sf.'4t)4
SIX1IAV.H 4)ijj SI7 7 2 9 44 41 100107
Monday... 1A. 4 4Hg iinHf 10 H 4 :; 10 Is 1 0
Tueday...l 5:n Sw4 II 12 10 II 4 1 i
Wediml 17 63470 6261 il2:a 3S
Thurnday lsi 7 X) 7 2: 7 V 6
Friday ID s 27 7 9 On 6 .
Saliirtlav 'It 9 i T irt I A u
SL'MIAV.-'I 10 13- I 11 13 7 2
.MiMlilav .22 II li
Tuesday.. i'. 0 07 7 II 12 9 2
Welnd 24 U 7 6 12 2 9 .1
,Thurdav..J.ii I 4. 7 7 I l tt -"i
Krlilav 2 3-.' 7 7' 1 :s 9
ing the past few months is very strongly , -situnlav .7 I- 7 2 ij s 9
M NKtY.2 4.4; (
marked. A short time ago. the man who: Monday, v-e 4 7 4' 4.ti 7 6 ttl
, , . , , ! Tn. vlnv ., :a .', ) 7 3 5 l7'l-'lJi'
expressed a doubt cbout the propriety of! -
tntfer:nce on the part of the I'nr.ed i
States in Cuban matters was loudly rte-j
not.ncfd by members of all parties. To-;
day auch a level-headed conservative 1
man is CkmgM-stnan Hopkins, of I.liii' is, I
ailvl-'s neotralicy. and is cordially com-1 f"r TI .aim
I livhth'eise.
mirth th.v.'. tind
IndeacrlUiWo sorruitlung more,
the indesrltwhlo something men'.
iqi 'the ilazsilng personation !y which
tho nrtist has made her iwime f.moiis
In every piirt of the wopH.
ihT marvelous artist temi-rament lias
made her a grtit actpw. but this brlnus
Its own price, and ns gnut hearts know
great griefs, great temperaments rnn-t
kn w great amvus strain, consequently
there are perllsi of nervous protr-t-tlen
ami wifltltnbsl emragements when
Imputient ftiidlences are apt to forcW
these extenuating iHn-irmstan.-es.
".ilve')i atxute rella''i in P.ilr.e's
celery mmnminil nf all smh llme of 1'.w
nervous energy npeors In 'the following
Iloston. Mass.. March. 1!C. ,
I am convlrieel thai Palne's celery
comprtund Is the gTeeytpst neire strengih-
ener trmt can be otrtlnetl. I can vouch j
for Its wondprftd health-giving power.
ETery great chnngi for the wnre In I
hen'Jth Is tn most cases at once t trnyed j
by a loss of weight ami .1 pin.-h'-d thin-:
1 'i0 2 9
W 2 1
S -.7 1 1
4 il 0 .1
M2 0 4
7'it'iJ nm,f of " ,h, ""'er hand, a r m..t
U 42 2 0
1 V 2 4
2 7
4 0i 2H
.".1W 2 9
I s) 3 0
1 t7 3S
213.' siKI I gni.- in weigyt. up to n crt.iln point,
jjj Snoii bnnd 1n bond with an
' 4 lu a 0 in all other esse-Mi.i's if he ilth. and nr.-
4 II. DOS ;1j,jy Jn impno-iTTii-nt l:i Ho ,.r md
nmounC of the 1oo
th' fun.-tleiis. rfirni"l hy the bnwei.
make kidneys anl skin, regular an. I li'irouah.
makej The ImprON moiit In looks f.iin t.iktn
this gnat r-tiH.iti- Is ml a mere ini.
ter of lute mnlty. but the slun of n.
i-r vro-'sa.-s all ove the body. Many a
p.irent, wif ind hu-l'atid h.ixe w.,'!'1!!-.!
with growing sur,i--e nii'l Joy s itie list-l-ss,
while. til .e 1, f,..,e r, ln'.ve ;.ilii.
Ing, UIldiT the help of I' line's celerv
c iii'uml. lb h, (ol r ind wholes. mi",
n" of mtnd and l l'.
Not only '.s ilier- ,, ."l.. s,iin in tr:e
general heaph fioin lh- in.- of I'.ilne-
r-'ltn irnijeir.l hut s-i. h dNrde.-s as
sl. k Iwiidacii. s. rheum iH int. nnir I'gla.
kl'liny di"is" anl nervous b-hliiiy In.
v..riilly yl.M to the vigorous building
up nf the he ilth that thl great nm-dy
never rails tn uUnit.
Irtrrxi-sel app-tltc. ready capi-lty to
dlgert food and the flmil cure nf stomach
disorder, howe! dllTlciiltUs and nep ous
deningem -nt foll'mr th' Pf Pj'ne
c1Ty nmii'jti.I.
As u rudi'.t man Insiiies his housf
utalnwt a contingency of (Ire, however
so peri. ins feeling "run d"Wn"
and tlr.l :ihoiild lake prc-Minl ms agilu-t
ilius hr-uking down in Iw ilih hv
blllldit.g UI ,e."ri'lv .hi- stpoill! ,in.
vU.r .f the -ntlre sy:irn l.y in- irs nf
1'. line's eelry '"init.iun 1.
Sole Agents for Knox and Wanburton Hats
Hatters and
94 Third Street, PORTLAND, OR.
.Tne Only Exclusive Men's Furnishers.
J. M.
Convent of the
...Holy Names
II tF. uPK.NFI' TH Kilt IIO.MlliINd A Nil
Ii.W K'lliMll..
For rntes, etc.. address th. 8uperloress
Th OlumU.T'. will
r Oriy's har's-.
The, 'A ii!
k rK'k to
by the Sending papers of the
ln his expressions on this sub-
" "' I The Kinros-shir.. w.
js-t, when he says: "My opinion alsiut tn,. i,,w,r n irH,r --,!
Cuba is that, un".es we are ,ibs-,l;i-ely to going to s.-a.
coni.eJKs to interiere from motive of'
humanit-, it were better for us to main
tain an attitude of ti-utrality. '
1 A four m.-'Kteil ship
. mii.ste.1 ship and a Htrk
; tbi nvwh of the riv-r.
t t.!iy
iipi'li'-s In the
"Wn to
1 rt'orv
'1 off
Soereign, In his last will and tesna-j
ment to the Knights of Labor who de-1
posed him. said "labor orgrmlzi tions are
c'.a.s.-l with -ri.ninai conspiracies, labor
Tne lumlrf-r t-hxner fiw-ipl P;irkf,
Ctn-ti-iin Janson, from San Fnn-isfO, In
li".ist arrived in V'-stplty.
T'.e f.r)li-i -!.ip II 1
I I'rtthard, jvirh tl.'2"
1 '.eillJ'-d ll.t
iio;t ye'.-r'hiv.
Th.- '-irk-,r !.. I.--Frr.n'-l-K.
:m i'.i!'. i.-t.
t.i V ,ifi-T!i s.n at,d wl'l
K:t:'l.;c.,n mill.
1 H
' ip'-iin
w?i' n t
SprmglMirn., Hr hk. 1.'
Town, Sejt'-m1-r 2'.
Durhridge. MoInuchlan, V,r sh. Z'.'il
tor.s. Table Bay, Septemlr 17.
Poltalloch, Mclx-od, Br hk. ;'9 tons.
Table Day.
Ophf-iia, Sorenson, Nor bk, 11 tot s,
Otago, Etk. Swd hk. j;o t .n. H..m-b-;rg.
Ij-and--?, Jarvls, l:r sh, l'S tor.s, Hlogo.
Co-.way Caft.e, Jones, I:r 131
tons, Valparaiso. !
Mdtor.park, Tumilty, Br sh, 14 tons,
Acapulco. i
Commonwealth, And'-ron. i:r --'r.
tons, Taku.
Vanduara, F!avan, Br IV, tor.s,
A'iroa Ray.
T-er,k..i. Long. I'.r str, ;'; ,,,, il .t:,-.
lir sh
21:7 tons.!
l'..rt I
"J. Br
11 ,i-
J 't
h Ml
k, !7r
Arn sh, 1175
ip MoK'll. flo
M'f-i' is
out iky.
I., k-l
el p.
Fifty Years Ago.
This it the way It was bound to look
When grandfather had his "pictpr took."
These were the shadows cast before
The coming of Conjurer Uagucrre
And his art; like a girl in a piirifore
Some day to bloom to a goddess lair.
Men certainly were not as black, we know
As they pictured them, 50 years ago.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
began to malie rjew men, just
as tho new pictured of men
began to be made. Thousands
of people fronted tho camera
wi:h tskins made clean from
blotch and blemish, bectuyn
they had purified tho Llood
with Ayer's S'lrsnparilla. It
is as powerful now aa then.
li record proves it. Othr
imitate tho remedy ; they
can't imitate the record :
CO Vear9 of Cures.
The f lowing vesstls are bourpl o the
I Columbia River, with natne of m iKt'-r,
j ratlonall'y, rig, tonnage, wiiert from
and da." of report-l rallk gt
I Hyson, Hogg, Br str, 271) tor,.-, Hong-,
' kor.g.
I V.'aMlale. Fishtr, Br sh, 17 tonn, Port
I I Ange'es.
Iml!-sl, f.Vison, l:r str. !'".'- ton., ',
' Yokohama.
j (jeorge Stetson, Murphy, Am h, 17W
i tori.s, Baltimore, August C.
' Ifditl gowshire, And-rson, lir "h, 1K7
I tons, Antwerp, July 24.
j 1'riinih'jrtoi', Spurring, Br l.k, 1773 tons,
I Sai,.'..a, iW.y 8.
Aux-r '. y, I. wart, I:r sh, I .V I 011', C'ar
1 diff. May 0.
j r, an Kin.-, H n, Br h, ICS
' to- s. Kliari-hal.
I T'ov .v I'n'l, t'bl''Kl""n, I'.r h, !'
I tons, Liverpool
! I'en Volr'ich, Ahr, ' r yh. j 7 tons,
Santa Hosada.
Province, Jon s, 1'r 1k, 1''. tor .-, Yoko-
liama, B'pt ember 11. i
Or.p'irk, Iri.-t:
Janeiro, Ang'ist v.,
f,- fy "..
ri-r.'.'l'V, Toug
phor.g. Or 'ol.-r 21.
lalforrn i Mih ,-,
t, -fable Bay, Aug-;st .'A
H'-rrv Vi'l.-.rd. Pt.tfr-tt,
t. ti. N'e-.v York. Or tot 11,
oiw, ;:;:.-, Br i.k.
N'r K-t-S'le, A': -''I 1! .
V'-rb 1:-, Jr .1.1, B.-
n roo.
Oi.marj, Fullartor-, Br 13! tons,
J) ' rlin. O' to'o. .- 11.
J.-triiicr, Beri.ti'la. Fr !,k, Wft tot.s, Ma
Jrinda. Indfiri Krr;pir.-. Af.'r.. Br nk. 1"K, r,pr,
Jupi'h-r. Fonder. lien 'h. 1""1 tons, y.,.
fi rolK-r f.
.St.. I71:j tors,
ton '
r-h.-lni-rrin!. Thomson, Br l.k
"..p.- Town, ik'i.ii.r ii.
City of York. Jones. Br ih,
Blalrlr.gie, M.ickny, Br Ik.
I lai;-..i I! iv, S pt-nther f
lloppo't, Tork. Km eh, 1X1 tons,
N 1 'a!. September 'I.
M,. Maries, Ayllrg. Br sh, 1 1:2 ton'
nourn't. October 15.
Ma. Mllian, riuthrie, Br sh, H.Vi
Hm rl-tte, S. -nian, t). r sh, Ki.",
Shanch il.
Lakemba, Bi trlherlng, Br bk, 1 tons,
Clan Robertson, P!l, Er sh, 1M0 tons,
Santa Rrm!1c.
MrltNh ''ienerat, Thoinns, Br sh, Vtt
ton. N-weimrl", Australia. 1
Mldi.s. Me-s-ng.-r. Br bk, 1H b.n. i
Nagasaki. !
Mrr'r l.oh', Htewntt, Br ir. JKs tons,
Ih t'kor.g.
Yalorl. :rr,n. Br ll'i .'. N'.-.v.'
;-"l", A'"-'r:.'i:i.
JI .rn' '.' .,--.,.. Brli-hi, Br : h, 1.175 tor's, '
A I' l.i Id-. ' '
Untf rr.l'r, Jnl.' S. n. I'r l.k. l-.'.l (r,n-,
A l' .-.(de, ml.- r I'l. I
!, 'illver. B. hk, !., t..n, Nn-.i.
.-ikl. O-1. I,, r 11. !
J.. 1. Ion M l). U'.'!ker, Br l,k. 21 70 p.-..,!
M-ll. nir.'i . i
B'.rt c.1e,(ri!. An 'on. Br l.k. stji t ,n ,'
Nat" -akl. k, I', rr. il-. Br Mr. - . h.irn 1.
fnnba,, Br sir. IVii ton., Yoko
hama. Amara, Knl. Br T. FW ,. n.,n...
Alexander Itla"k, Imnn. Br l.k, H'M
id 1
a n u u a
E II K a H H re
Mount Angel College
Ihls Is tuat tbs place for your hoys.
I'HIghtful location, large building and
grounds, good nieuls, plenty of healthy
exnri le, excellent teachers and careful
training- this Is what they, all say of
alogue and special terms.
P. F. PLACIDUS. Director.
MonitlOHlli, Orogon
Ksk .1 r Virwal i)iire of three years
"-oiilr.r w r wholly pr.,. nn .nh'.
TriliiiHK depar ment of nl e Krmb'S wllh '.im ehllilreu.
l.'Miiiietloii hioI iriitn UK 111 f lyniiiiitticii (MwuiIInIi sys
Iron,, anil Voeai IVInsle for rilhllc si'IhniIS
1 Ii- Norinul I ) 1 in n Is . by law an a "TAT1
I. IKK CkKllHI AIK to lesel,
I lhl eX'l.o. I 1 1 1 hooks, llilllllt and IimIkImx (Hp
proxiniRieii ;, S1..1.011 i-er vosr.
isiinlent. isiiir'lliii tlieiiielve, $1 Pi Oil per yesr
Ac.nleitile grade nrcei.t'd Irani high scluiols.
t'aiaioxuer. ( hrerfnlly tm.i on plli itll .n.
P. L. flWI'MKM,, President, or
W. A, WANN. Meiretiiry Knully
Astoria Public Library
iikauino nooni rnisn to auu
0kmi vsrjr day from 'elek to IH
iid I.W lo t.K p. m.
Bulistirlplloti ralsa 1 psr annum.
B, W. for. ICIovanlh atul Iltuuis DlrsataV
f III l ! f
- IlkMlftklUwl 11
1 ily
!l ) .1 lof.'t"r? I
II " lllSMl Is II
m ant nr.n
renieilr fur J I rh.M.
Hlmi, Rpatmainrrhirsa,
Iiiim, m 11 11 a I ii r si ill
.'liarans. er aiiv hillsmma.
lien, trrluiliui ur uliwra.
'M,nNI Mirtil. lull lif 10 IIP II US klni
iiuiltNOiiHcti Pn. s'sbisi. Nun aaiiiiiul.
kaiaaiaaali.0 r iaU4a,
lir nil in aiaia wrapper.
J., WiTTwmm. lilppBlll. ur
i on. or Mi . n ts.
illrewUr rn risai
Mr William.' Indian Plla
i iltitineiil will cum Hllnd,
iiiiMHiins ami luiiiinf
lea. Ii alisortwihtilmimts.
ins ii iiiim at mice, acta
imullli'o, tilvn Inntaiil r
Vllllnuia' Indian I'llrtilnt-
leiiareil (or I'llraaml llfh-
tug of I tin private tria. Krry lio la
wasratlteil. Ilv ilriiuriuia. liv mall nil v.
selpt nf prlee M renia and Sl.lKI. WIUIIM!
MslnilsCTUniNO CO., l-r. 'lilai..bW
TVr sals by rlcs Conn Iinux O
Reading: or Distance Glasses
IS 00 Ky (Basses for U K, or
1100 Eya (llaam for 11.7V
Warranted Gold Dated Kramss.
alaks your frlaiul a beautiful and utt.
fill prnwnt W cuarmnto a psrfsol fit
by mall providing whan you ordsr lh
lassoa you ajvawor tho following quaa.
lions: How old Kver usnit (laassaf
I low long. Mais or fomalsT
Old). MAYICIU.K, Ripert OjiUclsJI.
tt Third atrvvl, flan Pranrdao
OptiHana" and I'hotitarraphlo fluppllsa.
HHt Th uaifttmw WkHMt,
K ' JV ' umalHa,ti.'t Vlgaf
1 ' attttl liatMUh ' l'tH n alsHlltoaV
J " " 1Uf, "
m "v ifltla! itMastiltHl, aiKliiig U
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Via Spokso and St. Pio!
Via Ogdeo, Oiovif and
Omaha or Kansas City.
Pollman and Tourist Sleepers
Free Reclining Chair Ct.;
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Astoria to Sao Fraotlsao,
Ulals of California. Wcslnnsday, Oo.
tolaar M.
Columbia, Mondavy, CKolirr K.
Hlats of CUtfumla. Bt unlay, Ootobot
Columbia, Thursday, Novmnlisr i
Htta of Ollfornla, Tuatay, Novatav
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fuliimbla. Bunday, Nnvambsir It
Rtata of California, Friday. Novsmhi
rolumbla, Wnlnnsday, Novstnbsr Si
Btals of rallfornln, Monday, Novsm
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Osn. Pas. At., Portland, Or.
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Library Car Route
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2273 tons, Hy.lney.
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FACE HUMORS iab. ,umi tij. triwiM sp.
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"'Kl-'od. IV'.-, . bid,), -IU lo,r-,
I'll iS' lu.'i iii-r, N'llsrin, Keh, 21' Fr.iticlvo, Novimlxir 13.
Marks r.liininrd and all Pat-
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A'ifl Mauinlf 'I rntplr, 4 Ii4-hk. Illtnola.
Tho all-rail route to Kootenai mining
dlatrlct. via Hattle and Bpokant
Shortest and Quickest Line
St. Paul, Minneapolis.
Duluth. Chicago
Through Palace and Tourist
Bleepars, Dining and Library Obaarrav
tlon Cars.
Dolly Trains
...Fast Time
For tlolcsta and full Information oall
on aenl O. H. N. Co, or axVlraas
C. P. A T. A., Portland, Or.
R. C. BTKVENB. Q, W. P. A., BtUs.
A. & C. R. R. R.
In I-lTcct Oct. 2.S, IH!I7.
Ieavs 6Hslle fir Astoria via Flarsl
at 7:30 a. no, amd t p. m. dally.
Leave Astoria for Boaslde via Flaval
at 10 a. m. and 4 p. m dally.
All the Above Truli-H Arc Dully.