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S.tlitS to order, from 1.3.50 up
F?ailtS to order, from $3.00 up
When you go to Warrenton
Don't fail to vlttlt
Tho boat of WImcm,
Are the style.
We have on hand the latest
We bought them to sell.
We are selling them at ex
tremely reasonable prices.
Ladies', gents', misses' and
Drop in and examine them.
John Hahn & Co.
479 Commercial St.
.' RlrigS and
September Delineator now on sale
Fair weather, except probable showers
on Immediate Washington coast.
The honest heart that's free from a'
Intended fraud or guile.
However Fortune kick the ba'
Has aye some cause to smile.
The regatta Is booming.
Best meals 10c, at Casino restaurant.
Mr. Louis Berg came over from Knapp.
ton yesterday.
Bee Ross, Hlgglns & Co.'s offer to sell
goods for cash.
Mr. H. B. Parker returned from Port,
land yesterday.
See Ross, Hlgglns & Co. for fresh frulta
and vegetables.
Mr. A. L. McLeod. of Portland, was !n
the city yesterday.
Groceries at the lowest prlcea at the
'Pacific Grocery Co.
At the bowling alleys, yesterday,
Tlmson scored 39.
Another carload of oak arrived yester
day for the Manzanlta.
Ice cream, wholesale and
Smith's candy factory.
retail, at
Leave your orders for wild blackberries
at Ross Hlgglns & Co.'s.
At H price Misses' and Children's Tan
Shoes. Columbia Shoe Co.
Donf forget the Veteran Firemen's ex
cursion to Seaside Sunday.
Mr. Malhoit, of the Standard Oil Com
pany, Portland, is In the city.
An elegant line of Little GenU' Shoes I
Just arrived. Columbia 8 hoe Co.
Many preparations are being made for ' ship passenger agents may be expected.
Finnish Erotherhood picnic Sunday.
When you want a real life-like and
Captain William Rehiltld yesterday re- artistic photo, don't fall to call on Snod
turned frem an outing on the Lewis! grass. The work he Is turning out now
river. I Is ahead of anything ever made In As-
j torla before.
For roofling and Bkylights go to the
Astoria RooOng and Cornice Co.. 34 Ninth ! A """""-ale Is to be given In the Hotel
etreet iGiarhart parlors next Saturday evenlr.g,
ji-nd several of the leading vocalists of
Mr. E. J. Coyle, division freight and iM" clty have hn necure1 to rnako
passenger agent, Canadian Pacific rail
way, Viuicouver, li. C, and Mr. B. W
Do You Want
part of that Si coo?
Get Schillings Best tea
at your grocer's; save the
yellow tickets; and guess
the missing word.
Rules of contest published in large
advertisement about th first and middle
f each month. 49
the Tailor-
Liquors nnd ClKnrn.,
jGrwr, general agent of tbv same com.
pany, Portland, wore In the city yester
day. Mr. J. E. Friendly, of Fortland, h,
has Nvn visiting at Gearhwrt, t In the
Mr. R. D. Jones and V. Maurice Kelly,
of Portland. w at the Occident yes
terelay. Ross, Hlfrglns Co.. it was reported,
have purchAfcd the Hansen stock of
Reduction of W per cent on all good
at the Eaartern Clock Co.'s. 1S4 Tenth
When you are looking for fresh frulta
and vegetables call on the Pacific Gro
cery Co.
Mis May Morgan is spending her vju
cation at Ge.irhart with Miss Matrgle
Mr. T. A. Sweeney and ladles, of Santa
Crux. Cal., were registered at tho Oc.
cident yesterday.
Mh Emma Larson, of I'ppertown, who
has been sick for some time. Is reported
not quite so well.
P. J. Meany. the leading- merchant
tailor. 137 Tenth St The highest price
paid for fur lUns.
Mr. D. C. Freeman, of the Portland
Evening Telegram reportortal staff, was
In the city yesterday.
Mr. E. E. Brodle, of the Tillamook
lighthouse, was In the city yesterday, a
guest of the Occident.
If Uncle Sam can't let us have a hat.
tleshlp already In the harbor, the regatta
will come off Just the same.
Laird. Schoher Co. 93-00. 93.50 and
90.OO Shoes: your choice for 10 days.
3.98. Colombia 8hMi Co.
I - f
The Veteran's Firemen's excursion
Seaside Sun. lay promises to be one
the events of that watering place
jed all the afternoon with spectators, anx.
Captain Dan Graham, formerly of theilous to satisfy their morbid curiosity as
tag Escort, now a resident of Alameda j? th? m9 0f humanity.
Cal., U vudting old friends In the city. J --Vrnr - ...
I A magnificent sample of Clatsop county
Mrs. David Shanahan, four children 'grown flax fiber was on exhihtinn at
and maid arc rusticating at Seaside. Th.y
have taken quarters at the Grimes Ho-
Mr. Isaac Kauffman, the well known j
merchant of Portland, who Is summer-!
Ing at Gearhart, spent yesterday in the
Street Superintendent Holt will expert.
mont next w?i-k with aaphaltum pave,
ment, laid on top of the common street
In the Justice court yesterday, James
Garvin waa bound over to the grand
Jury in the pum of M on a chargu
of adultery.
Ladles' Tn and O.blood Oxfords, 93.00
ent to 91.00, 93.00 cat to 91.80, Laird.
Hchober A Co. 94.00 Oxford, cut to 92. oo.
Colombia Shoe Co.
Mr. J. G. Walker, the well known cap. I
allst of San Francisco, with Mr. Tyler i
Woodard, of Portland, are guest of Mr.
A. B. Hammond.
ited amount of freight and passengers
can find transportation at Foard
Stokes Company's.
Mr. C. E. Brown, district passenger
agent, and Mr. W. E. Nile, traveling
freight rent of the Union Pacific, Port- j
land, were In the city yesterday.
Artist Haperup'g two lateet paintings,
one a moonlight scene In the Mediterra
nean and the other a Bunset sc-r.e In
Holland, are attracting much attention.
Captain Thomas Parker, who has been
for 21 years In the service of the steamer
Uwaco yesterday resigned, and his place
was filled by Captain James Whltcomb.
Now that the fishing season has closed
i and the fishermen are beginning to move
i abroad, an Influx of railroad and steam-
up the program.
1 Mr. V. R. Finch, who has been visiting
j bis brothers, Dr. A. A. Finch and Charles
I Finch, returned yesterday to his home
jin San Francisco, via The balks and the
j Willamette valley.
aiway Tent of th Maccabees Is
arranging for an entertainment to be
given by the famous Homers family at
Fisher's Opera House, Saturday evening,
August 21, followed by a dance.
In the police court yesterday, n. John,
son, arrested for fighting, was dismissed;
Olaf Johnson, fighting, fined $10; Anlone
Domelotls, forfeited 110; L. T. Kennedy,
same HO; Hans Smith, same fined flO;
the Cash Grocer.
35 Cents
Litrge box Imported Turkih Castile
2.1 Ccuts
Large box Imported French Castile
20 Cents
Can Kex French Tongue
10 Cents
Can Hex IVvilod Hani
5 Cents
found Large Fancy l'rmies
Teleptionat -U
Andrew Mack, wme, W; I. Brock. Inter.
ferln lth an officer. Until -" : J"!lii
Hans.!!, Intoxicated fined JJ: Jack Peter
son, same. .
W. S. Edwards, agenta of (he l'ii.-ih.
wick Lumber Company. Ms. wiimn ino
Inst forty-eight hours. delivered I'V.kH'
feet of lumber for const ruction purposes.
And still Astoria Is not Improving.
Mr. C. O. Terry, traveling passenger C. R & .. and J. M. .-ein.
I traveling passenger passenger agent O.
traveling pasesnger ng.nt O. It. V.
called on their Astoria friends yeet.r.
Martin Wallace. Sydney Smith, Port
land: W. F. Smith, Wtuellng: J.une
Rrownell. Long Reuoh; C. W. Crawford.
Woods Landing: Walter Way. Seattle,
were guests at the Parker House yvstcr.
Thomas G. Grevn, Portland. W. K.
Duval, Pittsburg. Penn.: Martin Mur
ray. Louisville. Ky.; X. Sachs. Jr. Read
ing. Penn.; and W. W. Dreyfoa, Chica
go, were guents at the Occident yester
day. In the For 8ale column will be found
the announcement that the Warrenton
hotel Is for sale. Without doubt some
enterprising Individual will see his oppor
tunity In this to establish hlm.Mf on
the West Side.
-- - -4 ..
Judge Abercromble's court and Judga
Nelson's court yaterday vied with each
other In public Interest both being crowd-
Foard A Stokes yest.-rlay It seemed
j to possess all the qualities of fineness,
:smootiines - . lenirth and tauthn.-ss re.
quired for the finest work.
p.cs, Hlgslns Co. haw taken the
', agency for the famous "Con-allla"
, flour. Three carloads arrived here f r
i them yesterday and they will trom
'now on fumish dealers with the same
at mill prices in lots to milt.
The Astor House Is In process of thor
ough renovation, and will be taken In
charga about August 1 by Mr. Dan Tay-
er. of South Bend, and Mr. G. W Boo-
j mer, who will conduct It In first-class
style, at prlcea becoming the times. The
I hotel Is centrally located and convenient
.alike to residents and tourists.
new river service has been Inaugu-
rated between Astoria and Rainier, Ore
gon. Including all Intermediate landings.
The nne steamer pilgrim," Captain A.
hZ'l' E. '"'I?, .""J'.'
a. m.. reachlrxr Astoria at n:3, landing
at tne fourteenth street wharf, and de
parting on her return at 1:30. Prompt
time and the best servl"e Is guaranteed
for both passengers and freight.
Northern Pacific railroad trains leave
Portland dally at 11 o'clock a. m. f r
Tacoma,, and the East. Close
connection made at Spokane for Ross
land, Nelson. Sandow ajid T?Htfh r-n
lumbla mining cam;
For maps and
Information call on or address
Astoria, Or.
Proposals will be received at the of
fice of the undersigned In Aatorla, Ore
gon, until noon, August loth, for fur
nishing and laying about 1,000 feet of
six-inch wrought Iron pipe to supply
tfr column. Specifications may be (,.
and blank forms of proposals will ..
furnished at their office. Bonds will be
required. The rU-ht to reject any or
all bids Is reserved.
Special Cash
From now on
i -I" f r- 1 . ill
ll 1
The list of artides.which come under
this head is too long to publish, tut a
trial order will show that we mean
It M.I Not Turn Away the Wrath
of Astorhuts.
A swift aimwr was recvlvrd yesterday
to t.'to .lln Slid liitoi will from
Atnria to the navy department, reo.ilri"t.
Ira the prrwene here durum the rogatta
oi the monitor Montcrvy, which has leit
lying idle al IVriland for rive or idx
nk, In order that site niltthl take part
in the coming regatta, when that war.
sl.lp ftiiined paMt thv rlty front a I 4. J'
yei?.rday aterinvm on her way from
Portland to Seattle. A letter was re.
.lived yesterday by tbe regatta eetii
mltiee from Acting tsvn(ary of the
Navy Kooscvelt staling thai the Monte,
rev must go to the Sound to make- cer.
win Invent UraMcu tJ Ih reHrieil at
the next arielon of (HMigrvM, CeMigress
meets la Deomlvr.
When the facts Nvame known. In
dignation mii high throughout the elt.v.
Not ecvn the common omtrtrsy of a s.i.
lwt? wis given by tlx- war veaaol as
she p.issel to si. Thinking men could
not uiulertand why il was so necessary.
Just at the present moment, to hurry
the vsW out of U Columtla, and why.
even If a recent onlec waa Isxiied pro.
hlhttlna war vemels from inking part In
ccuntry (airs, an excvptlon could not
have lwin nwdV In Astorla'a iiis-, since
the vessel waa praotlcaily here already
'ind Astoria' rvennnt waa one of lng
T!nee rvtlectlons kd a liuslnraw man
to rvmaik. last evening, that Astoria
didn't want a war vomm-I any how, on
a mere visit. "What we want Is n dry
Jock and navy yard, with half a doien
war vowels ln-re all iho time. Xow It
is time to stop playing with Providence
and get down to business, stand together,
elect a 1'nkcd States svnator from As
toria, and ybu will get your dry. dock
and navy yard, and small matters will
take care of thomA-lwa. When we
stop blckrrrng and unltwlly pay alien,
tlon to our ivnl Interreta, therv will bo
no occasion to nnd fault with our neigh.
Nirs, or with I'ncle Sam. Th trouble
is. we lot the main chauevs slip by, and
i be'ii kick Wcausv when we have a re
:itta we can't get a war ship he-re. If
I'ncle Sam doean't consider us of enough
importance now to give us a war vewv I.
we can go over to Victoria and borTew
one or two of her majesty's gun boats.
I would make this suggestion to the re.
gatta committee."
The timti'rs tlse temporary brl.tgr
nt John Days will ho dollwrod today and
tomorrow by the II. P. Uonhwlcn Lum.
ber Co.. and the bridge will prodMihly
be completed by the end of the week.
As soon as he bridge Is flnlstwd It
the intention of the engine, rn to lay the
rails through Kiuipimi to llllnd slough,
ten miles east of John Days, py this
means it will It p.tle to push the
entire work much more rapidly than
could be done In any other manner. The.
cntrncsora nr nuiktng gooil tveadiniy
with the grade work, both In th- sloughs
and through the h:lls where reck cuts
iinve to be made A business man yeMer
day was wonil.rtng what he would do
with th. rallrxid when he g.t It.
iille retsirts come Irom all the ro 1st
ctiles. n-?n Including Portland, of ih
wonderful increase In buslm-ies and riches
Great American . .
Importing Tea Co.
NEW TEA 8 TORE, 571 Commercial Ht.
, Have stocked It with the choicest
Also Crockery, Chlnaware, Gtnsswan
at prices nevr before known.
Handsome and useful presents given
away to every purchaser, consisting of
China, Crockery, OlnSHware, Tinware,
and Novelties.
Teas nt 20c, 25c. 30c, Sic, 10c nnd V,c
per pound.
Roasted Coffee at I.V, 2Cc, 25c, 30c and
iTic per pound.
Spices at 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c, JOc, 33c nnd tnc
per ran.
Importing for nnd opeintlng 100 stop's
enables us to undersell nl others and
save you nil middle-men's profits. Why
not buy from first hands? Get the
best and savo money.
571 Commercial Street, Astoria
100 Branch Stores n Successful Operation
presents free
to every purchaser.
Sale - - -
we will give
-Ross, Higgins & Co.
growing out ' w th"'o.taMihnient or
fteeunor line's nfKli Allwka, A-i oelti 11-
eein 10 b asleep to their opporttiultl
This reiiiiuk was made yeicrday b
s vlslllng railroad man, who I familiar
with the entire slum! Ion, A genii, man
alio lieeiiil Mill make the lt'tilellt spolee
up for his tiwii nnd reiiilinled the visit,
or that (he Astoria chautlHr of com
mere, or the business men In 1 In. coin
merer rooms assembled, had some (wo
aee'kH nito appointed a commute to In
e-e'llgnt the iueHtloii slid see what conl,
be done lo rstnMNh a llnv of sli'anie'.'i
from this port. Their reimrt will proha
tdy be rccelveel next iiinmr, after Ihe
prliii liMl business of Ihe season has gone
toward, but old Astoria wilt have an
Alaskan steamship Hue Just the sam
biiMimtM or no business.
OoM Progrew ll.tllg" lade by the V 1.
rlous Conilulltee.
Tilers will lv a regnita In Aloiia nei
we-vk. even If Mr. Itesnw-vrli won't lei
tV llttlo monitor Moiucrry take part
In It.
At tbv nnx'tlng of the general man.
uting iummliti', yenlerday, the miW com.
mil lii'S reported tine peMgrifes, and Ibe
ccntmllteo on iwuailo sports rcpo'te
a full program for the ihr days con.
talnlng many Interesting and novel fra.
lures. The resrt was adopte.1 ad wil?
be printed III due time. The sro-relarv
was onlered to preie'lire the nece'fi.iiv
pennants, flags and Im.lgvs for Ihe oca
son, nnd his liUllll,ms were posted
bun night. The rlnanoe committee hopes
to have all the funds ready by Ihe end
of the week. There is no doubt now In
tlw minds of any one but that thr regatta
of 1S!T, villi lis attendant Meld Hri
and evening vntortniments, will l the
grandest carnlvul ever held in Astoria
This Is th- year of nil vr wltvtt s
goenl showing should Ik' made, and As.
torlans can in- mistnl to do Ihelr duty
al the right tltnv.
A. O. I'. W. XOTICK.
Astoria, Or, August J.
To the Members of the A. o, V. W,
On next Saturelay. August II. 13T. at thi-
hour of J p. m., the grand fore-man a ml
leoturer, HreMher D. C. Ilerrin, the gran I
recort'der, Brother Newton Clark, and
Pother J. II Zane. of the Oregon I.e.
porter, wrill I prvariit In Ihe bill of
Sesisido Islg.', No. li. to meet the mem.
tiers of the orler and discuss with snd
xplaln (o Hu m the classified plan, ro.
cenily ndotted by our Grand Lodge. The
neceolly of the chanre, frm Ihe level
nseewtmeot to this new plan, and the iu.
portanre of the snnv 10 each memler.
should bt thoroiiirhly understood. This.'
Who liAVo given this plan tlielr met
earnral and careful study nnd -lamination
claim that the order bus. ny In
adoption, placed Itself on a more e,(iit e.
Me, fraternal anil substantial foundation
than, ever before. The prnen of mid
meml-r Is earnestly nnd fraternally d-.
slri-d. IVi not fall to com
Commlucc. Snixl le No
Committee Astoria No
Notle-e Is hereby given that I have been
appointed receiver by the circuit court
of the Stats of Oregon, for Clatsop
county. In the suit of It. L fnbln et al.
vs. Howell A Ward et al.. of nil property
goods, wares and merchandise and chat
tels and book accounts, notes and de
mands and all the property of the late
firm of Howell A Ward: and I am re
quired to collect forthwith all debts due
aid firm.
'.re, all persons Indebted to said
firm will rail at ones at ths place of
business formerly occupied by ths anld
lata firm of Howell A Ward, at No. MO
Commercial street, Astoria, Oregon, and
srttlo their said accounts.
Dated this second day of August, Itfft.
The greater per cent of the eye iron-
hies, such as Inflammation, granulation.
etc., are brought on by errors of refrnc-
tlon, due to malformaton of tlw eyeball.
This also Is the rnuse of 90 per rent of
headne-he and nep'ous troubles and tt
per cent of stomach troubles all of
which can be overeomc by glasses prop
erly adjusted.
Dr. J. A. Iiarr, n scientific optician of
Portland, Inte of Minneapolis, Is stopping
at the Hotel Tlghe, for two weeks. If
you are afflicted In any way with the
eyes, or are suffering from headaches,
be sure lo see blm. Examination free.
Regular quarterly examination of np
pllcants for certificate to teach In lat.
sop county will be held at McOPire
school building High School building-.
Astoria, beginning; at 1 o'clock p. n
Wedneselny. August 11, 1897. Applicants
will be present promptly and contlvje ;o
the close.
Examinations for state diploma will be
held Saturday, August U, 1837, bglnnlnr
at 9 o'clock a. m at same place.
If. 8. LYMAN,
Superintendent of 8cho-ds.
Clatsop county, Oregon.
Healed proposals will lie received by
the underslgnce: at Its ofrice In Astoria,
until noon of August 12, Wi", for con.
slructlng the foundations for the steel
drawlridges over lillnd slouifh nnd flats.
kanle river, on the line of the Astoria
and Columbia River Railroad. Plans and
specifications may be seen at the As.
torla office, and approved bonds will be
required of the successful bidder. The
right to reject any and all bids Is re.
served by th undersigned
The Alcazar Theatre Stock Co., who
will present the famous successes, "Tho
First Bom," the clever Chinese drama,
and "Lost for a Day," the three.act
hilarious Comedy, at . Fisher's Oner
... IMPROVED ...
White Mountain Freezer
Will in Four Minutes
Freeze Cream to a..
Hard Even Grain
All sizes, from 1 to 15 quarts, at
Grand Excursion
To Seaside and Return
Sunday, August 15, '97
iff ih... tup vi:ti:oam
Auspkes si
1 111. vs.! arrti I
lenusd Trip. Adults, li.oo
Cniblrsn wader is tars, su
Tialn Leaves Havel
lk at 9 o'clock
A lull lliw l I'l
Xes. Tkbsice,
itlt let.
nd moktrs
47-t Commsrclsl
Thursday, August 2
'Tleo .ittoal orlnlnnl li'lnv nl Jlhc)
c vnlr ."Nvw Vark Joiirnnlr
Poworn' ltitiiOMM
CHtt-io4o I'ltiy
Tlireu lonif rin iillis in San 1 rnticisivi ! llio cnpscily u( tin
Alcazar i'licalre. l'ri'setitrl I ' tlm original Compuiiy n( .
ppoilll scenery- i-oruoottsly inoiitited lavislily anil )ir
liircsqiit'ly costiitnnl clinraclcrlaliu music anil sllecU
A liig ami otiiilrt prrsluclion, pruie'lexj liySyilney tirutnly't 3-act cimieely,
' Lost for a Doy"
AclmlMnlott Irlcc, - BO ccnlh nnd fl.OO
Seats on aalu Tuesday morning- nt (Iriflln .t Itevd's
House, next Thursday, August 12, In.
( ludoa the well-known players, (no, s.
bourne, Hugo Toliind, J. Hurry Henri,
mo, Jno. Armstrong. Oco, Fullerton,
Harry Spear, W. Ih'lnsco, Jos. Silver.
stone. May Iliiekley, Klttlo tlelmour.
Mrs. Oeo. Osliotirne, fir rt rude Tldball,
Vetilo Wells and flftne-n others. The Chi
nese drama, "The First Horn," ran three
conswutlve month In Hun Francisco.
The original company will produce l
here, together with all the scenery, cos.
tunics, music, properties and effeicla used
In the San Francisco production.
Rewrved seat aaln opens next Tuesday
morning; at Griffin & Heed's.
The Hweellsh Lullieran Sunday school
picnic will t. held on I'i'terson's place In
John Day's, August 11
The launches Claud B. Hanthorn. and
The Lancet will take out tho picnic pnr'.y
and will leave at II a. m. from Fisher's
dock, Hanlhorn's and the Scandinavian
canneries. Teachers and Sunday schod
children free, IVrsona over flftewn. years
old, W cents round trip.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Odd Fellows' Lend A Building
Association will be held on Thursdny,
August 19th, at 2 p. m., at Odd Fellows'
hall. A. J. MEOLER,
..Mortgagee Sale..
Wa are closing out Sing Lunff & Co.'s
entire stock of Dry Goods, Ladles' and
Gentleman'! Furnishing Qoods, at prices
regardless of cost. In order to make
room for the large stock of Chinese and
Japanese Curios, Fine Decorated China
ware, Novelties, 811k Handkerchiefs,
Ladles' Morning Gowns, Wrappers, Gen
tlemen's Smoking Jackets, Tea, Etc.
We Invite the public lo come and
make bargains of the above Una of
goods before the stock Is sold out.
Store will open Saturday, July 31.
i:inRrii:Mc ACcnriATinw
iivui 11.1 1 .? w in uwii
Columbln Marine Hand will
" accompany lh i'kcuralon
Character Allowed
Manutncliirtr ntl
l0tr In
HOUSE, fc.siI2
Annual .
Sunday, August
T.? Fort Canby
LfftVPH tho (). U. .t N.
dock nt Jli.'Hl n. m
pare. Round Trip, . . $1.00
,.THo PnHt Lnunch..
Is open to special charier for sxcurslon
parties or rlvor freighting.
Dock at Roas, Hlgglns ft Co.'a Hip.
Leave orders at 214 Bond afreet.
Oriental Novelties
Japanese Goods
543 Comnwroial Street 1
Next to Madiiion'i Cigar Standi