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nooks, f ' jrioflic.Mo, Magazines. u.c.f
Aro lictta be Taken rr:r.iTho
Library vvithuut p-.-r niiiuion. Any
oho f- .) f.'.J'Hy of 'wucli offense,
liable to brosecution.
biggest ind best paper
on the Columbia River
THEIASTORIAN has the largest
circulation of anv paper
on the ColumtlalRlvtr
NO. n.
f7sm v nf
'A (Sir rtmrirtfr -
The Houscfurnlshcr
Washington and First Streets.
..Bargains in Furniture..
Ash CIiiiiuIkt SuitH, fulUizo
Hotel $, :J piu-t-H
lttMlxleudH, wmiil, curb
IM.HU-niU, jroii, any size
4 ft 0 in. 4 ft,
IltHleprncfi woven wire ...
Miittriws, wool top
lieu LimntroH
Carpets Cheaper
Kv rythiiig to furnii-h throughout at
' prices which paralyze conipttuio
Sole Agents for Knox
Hatters and
94 Third Street, PORTLAND, OR.
.The Only Exclusive
Baseball and Tennis Goods
Boxing Gloves
Croquet Sets
New Novels find Magazines received as noun
as published
Paints, Oils, Wallpaper
Painting and Paperhanging
Only skilled workmen employed. All work guaranteed
to the standard of excellence. The best work in
Astoria has been done by this house
C. fl. CUTH BIRTH, Proprietor.
Ross, Higgins & Company
Portland, Oregon
$ 10 00
H :n
1 2
1 50
3 ft 0 in or 3 ft
1 50
2 50
'. 00
Than Ever Before
and Wauturton Hats
Men's Furnishers.
Fishing Tackle
Baby Carriages
Children's Wagons
Garden Tools
Attention fulled In the I'crlls of the
Antic Winter.
i.aii: m:vs iko.m ai.aska
Vhisbrv Hfiuij Sramjiilcd Into the Country
and Sold in Indian nt Large t'riit
Mcmticr Mcxiiu Wrcibrd.
Wimhlmtl'Mi, AokuM I" .-!-' t uuy I lu- taken eogulliilin- nf Iht- I'l.l In thr
Klondlk" liul.l field iiikI h.m tll") thr
follow Iiijc warning t" Oir rtnral p-i..
'To Whom It May Coma ri. . In I. u
nf Ihe Information pi.ltnl nt thin dr.
1'iirtiiwnt tluit i,'f i.-ron. lth Z1"
tutu of t..iifhaiiit. and frr:ght, nre now
n w I tlutt lit U ntr.iii'- to thr Whit
I'a tn Alimkn for mi optorlut'tv t,i
cross ilir mountain to the Yukon iler.
Hint tlml many inc:rr nrr pr.irlrg lo
Join llirni. I drrtn It proper to ..ill tn"
litt.-ntlofi of nil w ho coin. m.;it.- mukli'K
Hint irt to I he- rxpout. privation, nf-fi-rtiiir
nn.l danger lurid -nt i)v r o m
this advanced l ri'xl of tli-; -(ioi!, ex. ii
If I hey should occee,l In rtnvg th"
mouiitnlnii lo rwK'h Dawson nty. When
nv..r ttu in, V.' inlK Of 1 1 m -! nnvi-
K ill. m on ilif V"koii riv. r, wl'h'Jiit n V
r.iint(- nminn of, will fill
iN-furv Hum .iiii.l It In OooMfJl If
thr Journey mn l romi.l-'r.l t.,"Tor llw
rlvt-r U contl l.y Ihf Ire. I am nioxnl
to 1ra' politic noilrr to thw on.)!'
tl. n ly ihc smvlty of th.- pol.. (:.
urticm to iw-ofilr lU' In tt'
moimtniiioii. v. Ild.rn. .liirlni! id., f.'
or l monih of jrtlc int.r. w.i.p
no t.'ll. f run rrarh th. m. hnwrvr-r ki"- t
llw iRIitmsl C N. r.I.IS.J.
"Serf, tary Infrlor."
Th.iuaii, of (iallolm II. inn Import . I.
Yit Tlwy t u!
H.xittlr, AUKOt 1" -Th. I' llU'-n.
-r AlitJk.tll . S H'li.-a'r M :n
. .irrmMiii,l. i t. W J Jon. . rl' trom
livm nN follow.;
lw. Al.k,i. Asitiiht I ..Althitnsh Hi.'
t nlli'l Hl.i'.. ut. i-irl tlv i.r 'tilMt
llir ltli..n !itll,,i ot ll,U r III!.. At -k I.
f - olh. r t! m.ilriiial poriio...
th.-r ai- .f 1111,11- of ,il, .-!. it. an.I U-liu lot.1,.1 .-wri
week A lark-.- p.irt of It l NMnit lii;.p ,1
to Hi.' Klon.llk.- Th. ttor-t kin. I ot
tuky :ln.l r.aily mile to tin-,n
for K .1 ImiMI... Thr tr.itllo l -lot r.
irlrtol alum to thm pari if AI..kV
luit In romiiion all alons thr roaAt In
almost r- ry hay or nook ot the I u..l
wh.T" In.llaiii. II vr arr i-(H from hi. h
wlilnky In Kol.l In it)tin.1nniM. At Dyra
nnd Hkwiay, an w. ll n Jnnr.iu, Wran
ijrl an.l Sllka. ari foiuul many alooin
rnntilnit "Mr oprit. Thr Kowrnm- nt W.
miiK ih.'m Intrrniil r.v.nii"' l'..- nm. anil
at tlir xnnir llnir prohit'lti Iht Impor
tallon ami mil.- of llipiors. Thin sort
of prartlro thro' op.n thr .l.xn
for otllrlal rorruptlon. Saloon non ,:rr
wllllnit to pay w.ll tor tlinr piiviat.!
to t'niraK In thr iinliufgl pr.irllr.v
Lives SaWd. hilt Slippll. S
Wetp Iahi.
Victoria, II. C. AuKiist P'.-Thr m.anur
T'l'ka, whU'h iitrlvrd here thin evenlni.-,
reports that thr uteunt. r on Aug
ust S, while koIhk Inlo I'lxoti, the rn.
miner from Sllka. .IiiiIiik i h.ay Um:,
at full speed struck the west IVvl'.s
rock . After two hours the stnun.r sunk
In 5nl feet of water, stem Mrst. The
i.ipljiln e-xhlMtnl Kiint coolness, and
with tho otllicrs did everything Hint was
posslhlc. The pa.iseniters and crrw were
saved, with their Jni'id Ikikh hko. In small
horn. After rowlnit until rilliuhl they
arrlviHl at Jletlakaila. The time Ihe
ship struck is hellev.d to have tan I
ni the niornltiK. Thr ship Is n total
loss. The passeiiKers nnd crew nrv on
the prkn.
New York, Aintust 10 The Tribune
Colonel Archie E. Flsk. formerly of
Colorado, now a resident of New York,
ha orKimlxed n syndicate In the nunc
of the "Aln.Klone -xpeilltlon," to search
fur ROld In Alaska.
Tho Alaska Gold Excitement Utilized by
Omiihn, AuKtist 10 By the r.rrest of
A. J. Dnvls, tho locnl police think they
have discovered a blit swlndhr In the
Three Days Only
Monday, Tuesday ami AVednpstlay, are the clays of our great wash goods sale. All
15 ami 18-cent dimities for 11 cents yard; all 10 and 12J-cent dimities for 8 cents; all
our Scotch lawns and batiste at 4 cents yard. The nicest line of Swiss lawns, organdies
and nainsooks, embroideries, laces, etc., all at sale prices. Bargains for everybody.
Kllln- Irt thr ",l,(floll (1 nil Alrk:t
i... MinlhK t'o." I'.ivU tool a nmk
of on r .1 ' I h In hlx 1 nrlnn frm n ho ll
It In l. l. v il lir ury i.k .k. , in a p i..
ilonalih- kiIm.iiu- whvr y U- olf.-r.-.l to
' liKad-r to V i Alank.i l.ti'l
rk In tJin inlii' ai a Milary .f II'''
P'-r inoriih. To rx'-hi. fr.-r tranportii.
lion nil that fn inr'iary for tf. ap"ll.
raiii! to do tttt to pay Iuvi j lo In
urr k'io'I falln. It h.m 'lr i-lop'l thf
laU h.'i'l 1.1'Vfrnl rii'mn, Mr ha Ixn
Horkliiic In loua mal Mlvoirl ami hi
tw.ipt iKKik iu. buii'li'il- of vrt!m.
WIIV flo To K'.ONftlKK
Wlirn !:li-hi if main rti- op..
at Homo.
((.'Mini,- il. Auk
1 I". -J
II ri-1 It
1: ii .. -I 1 Mir.ii
loiili;.':' halnK lo
1 i- ti rl in I train j
If irnw. l ii l.,l' !
t ..or '!ay' k 1 it 11 y of f'of - I
aivl I-, In Trtt.tty ,
in ,-'iM,
n ilon '
r. unit
(Jul h.
' 1 1 I
1 Ic. I
. 00 ni '
Tli- y .v. U 11 lnii.t on 'h": "'il' h
for a y. ir pant, i.n.f a tnni.r! on I "if
i.U- 1 r .I aul V o k .m i forrn'itl'in
iliri-.- an I a half ft Plr Th. y urork
-.-ral ti.i'k'ti. of jtti 10I
.ml Mo I
in thv iKlur. on.- il Ihc iurt yl.ldlnK'r, oin- 1 Ihc pur;:'. yii-K
hll- iv -vr Ml I 't I a rn yl. I'lrd fi
l..i. !,
.'.il to I'J"
On Anicunt I, ai a ixiliit fn t froti.
thi nioolh of lltr .tunii' l, unit i2 frtl
fr jm thr mirf.i. r, llii-y unrov.rr.1 11 larif'
p'h k"t of purt- it'l'li In four lay thi y
t.M.k out l.a pound. avolrd,it w,-lht
Thr I irKott wui ihr fo t lotiK, two
fr.-t Mr, live lrh thl. k The pork. ',
ylrldrd M:.o. I
TTir I'ditr nvir:;(('- VM" lo C p. r ion
Nrw York, Auifi:
Klomlikr Hyii'lli-.Uc
1 In -Thr Womnn'a
rl.lltlc.n lia lti in lliin rflv M!fa llelrn a.
r.i k l:owi II Ik pr nklrtii and amonit the
iatron-.!u- are Mm Jetmlr Junr Crow,
Mnv I-iura Krarr Walter. Chlcatio. Mr
Sarnh Kbyrlr. CI. v, l and ; Mr. W illiam
CraiKlirid, ladtnnu.n. , and Mr. Su
rah Thompson. Delaware. O.
Thr ralnlall of Ala.-k.. Li& S'luthw.-Wcrn Dailway Company hu.
ootorlou, tl world ox- r. .. thr re-1 '"re""' Us rtrht of way. Is having
,rnt rlrrular of Hk- iirrl.iiltural depart- j ""' uU- in his efforts to .tore
uirni no: onlv a. r..,.nl the quantity j " Involved to the previous own.
tli.u 'fall, l.ut also to the m.uin.r ot I Tt"s " ,houh ln xh"
its fallini:. v.i In. Ions and Itic-essjnt i 'i" of " i-lvr. Is now operate! I,y
-.1... .,, .i,..,i. .-loo.! and f.iir iia - .ii -
'illy bI.omii.1. there li-lnu "ii an ivrai-'.
I ut 1 '-I- nr days In the
Alaska ; a laud ot strlklni: oontrasls
hotli In eliniat.- as well as topography
lo ll the son tin- iitmo.-phere
... remark-ildy I.
rr irtaiilllrrnt. a
11 lioliday atllrv
ar. the scenic eff.i-K
11 natur. s.t ins to In-
lillt tile Setae IWIV
hatinr vary ipileklv. the sky Ua-ome
lm reat the winds Iiiereusv In forci .
rain 1. Kim 10 fall, the evefk-n-rns li:ii
. nilnounly. and r .l-silation and lone
l s prevail.
North of the Aleutian Islands the co,it
climate Iwcomea more rigorous In wln-
t-r. hut in
less markc.1.
short distance
sutnm.T the difference Is
Thus, at St. Michaels, a
iilKive the mouth of
summer tomucraturt
Yukon, the mean
is : .i.-K. Imt 4 d-K. cool.T than Sitka, j
The mem summer twnH-rn:ure of Iilnt
1h- most northerly iwlnt In tho
Harrow, Slates, Is 3fi .It-it-, hut four
li nlhs of a disT'i- hss than the temprr
ature of the air ili.wintr across the sum
mit of I'lkes I'w.k. Col
"It means the trealest bualiu-ss ev.r
ilt veluHil on ll r.icltie ro,ist." said
Mr. E J Coyle. district frrliiht and
jiasseimrr iiKent of the Canadian l'licinc
i.iilrcM.l. of Vancouver. It C, ln an in- :
tervlew yesterday o-i the subjn-t of M.r
r. n iit (told oiseov. ii.i" In Alaska and j
the Klondike reKtou.
Siarilr Is dimply srowlnit Immensely .
rich out of tlie hiisin-ws of supplylm;
outiiiM lot cold-hunters. Every old hulk ,
Hint can be made lit for sea Is lelm: j into the service. Thousands have j
left Sent He and many other thous.ui.1.
from other isirtions of the country are i
.mttlttthK there. WiiK.w have risen; there j
Is work fot ev.ryl-.vly; vacant stores
nr.- Iieliur ri and the nierchnnts nre
renplntr a 1
I am pr.tty well that the!
iVmadlin s-ovcrnmciU has taken u ten-1
able business position In IniposliiK a lax
on supplies cnrrinl Into Ihf lirttlsh pos
sessions by thr miners. No tax I de-
manded on a miner's kit or tools, but his
Rrub and extra clothlns can lx purchased
of Just as sood quality and at as cheap
prices on the Canadian side at Victoria
or Vancouver its In Amerlwui cities, and
trom their stnndioiiit, tho tn would
seem to be justifiable."
Belmont. Mass., August 10. Henry F.
Murey, president of the Fltchhure rail
rood, was found (lead In the bathroom
of his home hero today. Death was due
to mioplexy.
President Marcy had been worried of
late over matters In connection with
the road.
New Turiff on torlond Lutsxia the
Texas Koute.
1 fjcltic Coast Skippers tn Si Mdxe Their
boot'i Snipped Ii) K.:l Chop
as bv
Ilmni in, T.x . Auk W TIk- ovan rat
ir lAiwtrii X' Vork ami Oalitt'.on
him IrouKh 1. r'tli'tloti of ratrs from
'' allforula to Uouxto.i. Thr Hoathirn Pa.
t iinii'iniK.'. n. nr.iivu aukhh j. in,-
tariff on cutini-J k1. leant and pta
I" -.-'-. .
twrltilit 3i:'K iKiunda. from California ter
ritory and Inti rmwJlate trrltory to IIou.
I urn will In- low(-r d to U cintji ff.r l v
xun.l Cajimd Kuolr from 8anla F.oaa
will take a rato of fi3 c-nt per lii pomiila.
--'"fnia wine -,r,1lnlf,snr
cnriomis. 4i,iii puitii'ia minimum, wli
Ukr j cents p.?r lw iioundfi.
Thu mcAimrnt i.n the jmrt of the
Bouttirrn Pacific ha hen antlclpa'.e-l for
::iv lime. In friicilng their Teta
liunlna tiny have InJurwJ their Pacific
roiuit I.udIiiiim to some extent and
ed rucently to so It alone In a reduction
of rate to the Trxaa poinu comfietlnif
with the w-aivr route via the isthmus and
Nw York.
Ban'a Ke and KariKus In Court A Iiipute
Over RiKht of Way.
Luivenworth, Kan., Ausurft 1'). Judffe
.Myers, of the state dUtrlet cvurt. navlnit
.Ireland t:iat the Lvavneworlh. Toi ka
thr franta Fe .ytn. In traffic on
! tin- line was abandoned for two month?
ian.l owlnir to th fa-'t Judite Myirs
; ill that J O. Stone, 11 farmer, n lo srssi(rn and title to th-
rient f way which was taken fnrfn htm
1 In the huildlnir of the line Accordlr.n
to Ju.It'r Myers dlrectnl Sheriff Kothen.
! rir. r to place Mr Stone In kws s-io:i
:of the land. Tlw sheriff sent oat a
number of drputl.n and fenced In the
I rotidls d At the same time the Santa
, Fr officials were notified that the rlitl.t
cf way was clos.d an.l the iiostmaster
!at Ienvenworth khs notified to send his
malls liy another route. When the To-
Fe - ytn
(""a train wvnt out tr..m r re usr
! RunR of 3u men went alont: to tcur
th--l'10" the sheriff fences. This they
l. standing hy until the train ruvl
I"""'1. ln, ,h sheriffs men stood by
'nl ,ook the names of the men. They
;'l arreste.1. Ule at niirht ttu.
(Sanl. Fe atrent at Toxk:i swore out a
j warrant charpnir; Farrru-r Stone with the
1 criminal offense of ot'tsmetlnir the I'nll.
Il States malls. He Is under arrest
I All partus to the dispute divlar- the
'matter will 1 (ought to a finish.
STEAM F.U HATE WAIt Hetweeii Ni w Y'ork and
ton ln Hot Water.
New York. August 1'.-The Tribune
The frt-ltthl rate war from New Y"ork
10 liaveston. by which the Morsaii-Km-ory
Steamship lines are try'inw io d. -(eat
thv r.vrntly established rival, th;
rA)tu Star line, has reached an Interest
tliK rAiiR liartvs to CialvtiKV hau.'
Ken cut to two cents a hundred rweljtht.'
As a result tlr town Is full of Texas
buyers and pxuls are beins shipped to
Hie Lone Star state In larse nuantitL.
T.oth the Mnllory ad Morgan lints nre
runnlns extra steamers to Galveston to
nuet the tremendous demand (or ship
ments. It was on July 1 that war wa.s
declared. On that day the Lone Star
Ine was cstablslud by the Ho-'an A:
Sons with thiw steamers to tun to Gal.
veston. The Mallory and Morgan lines
Immetllately cut rates 50 per cent. The
Lone Star line met the reduction made,
and the Lone Star dropped ulso. So
was every cut since then, and by Inst
Saturday the rates on first, second and
third class freight has been reduced to
10 cents a hundred weight, the (ourth
class to 7 cents, and all other classes to
5 cents. Down went the Lone Star line
rates. Everything shipped to Galveston
by the Morgan line now goes at two
cents a hundred, and It Is said the Mai.
lory line will also come to these figures.
Little Rock. Ark.. August lO.-For a
month or more people living near flald
Knoli la. ve l rn fmdliiK valimlilt- p.arU
in a la k mar that pl vr. Iliindr'
of p- pp. hav i-. n oprnlnK mu. I nhriN
In ..orrh of the pearl. rwl inmir nf trie
iririiH have en found, wm; noli!
for a much an Vri. A nperla! from
liild Knot, miyn a syndlcttc of Mrmphii
pi.rtlrs have rail the lake for five ywin
f-.r Tl..y will huild a fern !'
around the lake pud heiffn "Work with a
-f ain dre.l. r They will alo erect an
t hlfaiit cluji hi. ur. iThe lake U aald 'o
le th-; rir-hntt p. url.producer In the
I'nUid btutes.
CanovHS1 Death Will Make No DllTcrence
With Ct ua and th l.'nlted Stales.
H:. Paul, Auicust 10. Senator Davis.
r.h.Lrm.n of the I'nlted Stater foreign
relation committee of the semue. wr.s what would I the probable eff-ct
of Stnor Canovas' death upon these re
lations. He replied;
"8iila m-eU a great loss in the dtnir.
of 8. nor Canovas. lie was the mam.
s:ay of the Sponl"h (fovtrnmrn and
withiiJ was a man of great ability. It
is to say from this distance
who will tike his place, but It will not
he SagaMa. Th liberals will hardly
come into power as a result of this as.
saaslnutlon. Thw same party will remain
in power. I believe, and I do not lock
for any Immediate change In the rel&.
lions txUti.-iff, l.tween S;ftin and Cuba
or between Spain and the Vnlted States.
Spain certainly has no rwuson to find
fault with the treatment accorded her
by the L'nlted States. Surely no coun
try with a colony standing ln the rela
tion to another country that Cuba stands
to the United States ha even ben as
well treated by th other country Inter.
sted aj Spain has by the United States.
We have enforced our neutrality law
even to the extent of arresting and Im
prisoning our own cttlieni who are
charged with filibustering. We have al
lowed th? destruction ot millions of dol
l..r" worth of American property, and
the Spanhir.U in Cuba have even arres'..
ed our citizens and put them in their
prison. No country ever received more
lenient treatment at the hands of any
nation that Spain has revived at the
hands of the United Suites. I do not
think, however, truit Spain can hold!
Cuba. I do not think she will ever con.
quer the Islands. I believe that Spain
will be worn out at the end of the next
dry season and that she will have t-
Give up the Island."
Insurgent Executed Towns Sacked No
Exciummt Ov.-r Canovas' Death.
Key West. Fit.. August 10. Juan Ar
son yuintero, the insurgent Muler. who
urr. nd red lately at Flnar edl Itio, w as
taken from his home ln Cerro, Havana,
at the order ot Inspector Cubas, to the
outskirts of the city at Jesus del Monte,
and there macheted.
The Cutans of Key West have made
no demonstration over the death of Ca
novas M.vrta Esperunza. a town in Santa
Clara province,, was attacked against by
insurgents, who entered the town at 3
p. m. and led at 4 a. m.. sacking all
the stores and taking merchandise.
clothes, drugs, money, etc. The Spar.Uh
(ore made resistance, but the Insurgents
lefeatrd them with little trouble. The
Spanish loss was heavy. The Cuban?
lost one dead and st-veral wounded. The
forces of tienem! Montano came to the
ti.i o( the town, arriving one day late.
They took arms and ammunition from
the girerillas who remained In the town,
although most of them had joined the
insurgents Then they burned about i
houses belonging to Cubans. Calixto
Alvrr.-i attacked and sicked the towns
of im Encrucljada. Crucos and Placetas.
The Span:sh forces made no resistance.
These towns are In the pacified province
of Santa Clara.
Not Enough Vessels to Handle the Pa-
cilic Coast Crop.
San Francisco. August 10. Reports j
.l , - ,,m I
show mat mere are t j no nieauo sum-
cient vessels to handle the large crop
of gr.ln along the Pacific coast .-o ;;s
to bring it to this city. The City of
Puebla arrived today with a full cargo
of wheat from Puset Sound and left
a large amount behind her. The coasting
vessels are rut able to bring all the
graiii offered at Sound rts. The Pue'ala
was taken to the already crowded sea
wail and the work of discharclng h;r
will be continued all night. She w:l!
leave tomorrow for Port Harford, where
there is a wheat blockade, and try to
bring back a cargo to this port before
her time to sail for the Sound again.
San Francisco, August 10. Acting upo'i
advice of his attorneys. Sheriff Whalen
today decided not to execute the com
mitments Issued by Notary L. D. Crais
yesterday, ordering the managing editor.
A. M. Lawrence, and business manacer.
T. T. Williams, of "the Examiner, im
prisoned In the county Jail until they an
swered certain questions relating to the
libel suit instituted against them and
W. R. Hearst by Claus Spreckles.
New Vork August 10. A special to the j
Herald from Valparaiso says: , j
It is reported that the president has j
declared that it Is Impossible to continue
to govern Chill under present conditions.
The conservatives, he says, are too ex
acting. It Is expected that the coali
tion scheme will go out of existence.
The State Department Makes Pormn!
Answer to His Charges.
lit is .lad Because (Maine Suppressed His
Report ravorinf Eagliad oo the
Sen I (Juestioa,
Washington. Aug ID. The stats depart,
rnent has made formal answer to charges
l ending against Commissioner J. W, Fos
ter by Prof. Henry J. Eliot In his Mter
to Assistant Secretary Day. Tho state
ment says:
"1'rof. Eliot is not now. nor has he
been for several years past, connected
with the Smithsonian Institute or any de
partment of the governnxnt. Id ISM he
made a report upon the seal Islands a
an agent of the treasury department, but
It was so full of inaccurate statement. s,
betrayed such a want of sclentlflo knowl.
edge, was so hostile to the Interests of
the United States and was written In
such a prejudiced spirit that Secretary
Blaine declined to hend It to congress or
allow It to be printed. From that time
Prof. Eliot censed to have any connection
with the government and the officials say
he has lost! no opportunity to attack ny
step taken by It on the subject and to
abuse all persons having any official re
lation to sealing matters. His report was
printed by the British government and
strongly relied upon by the rirttish. coun
sel before the tribunal to overthrow the
position of the United States."
Chinese war.
Liable to Break Out In San Frundseo at
Any Moment.
San Francisco, August 10. Warning no
tices evidently directed against the Clil
n. 8cc!ety for English Education, have
tf -n ted on the dead walls of China,
town. Without hilng named the society
is nointid at as having levied blackmail
from women of ill repute Imported from
China. The poster says:
"Lives have been lost before, for such
little things, and they may be lost again."
It is signed " Mook Chlng Society," and
has caused considerable consternation.
The poll-re, who have torn down the
notices, treat the matter seriously and
think that there will be more murder
in the Chinese quarter.
Kansas City. August 10. The wholesale
price of dressed beef by all the big pack
ers has been raised. The lowest price
on dressed beef now is six cents, whereas
on Saturday fair to good Western beef
could be bought for 41 to cents. Bet
ter grades were raised ln proportion.
The best grades of bacon were also
raised Uj cents per pound. The dealers
claim thtt the raise is proof positive
that the big -combine" about which so
much h;is been heard lately is a fact and
that it has begun the expected squeezing
process. They declare that they will go
into a comlbne cf their own and butcher
their own rmnt. The packers deny that
there is any combine. '
Kearney. Neb., August 10. F. T. Rob.
ertson. president of the suspended First
National Bank of this city, has been
brought here under arrest from Forest
City, Mo. He Is charged with swearing
to false statements ln securing- large
deposits of county money, which was
lost when the hank failed.
San Francisco, August 10. The big tug
Fearless has gone to Nanatmo to coal
up preparatory to towing from Seattle
to this city a huge dredger for use In
deepening the approaches to Mare Island.
New York, August 10. The World says:
The New York anarchists are ln ex.
celfcnf spirits 'the assassination
of Premier Canovas,
Royal makes the food pur.
wholesome and tfstidosu.
Absolutely Pure
mm 111