The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, July 29, 1897, Image 2

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    TIIK DAILY ASTOKIAX, Till KSDAY MOHMNU, ,11 1. Y 2l, im7.
gaily SUtovUm.
Telrphon No. .
tkkms or HiiisruirrtoN.
Bent by mall, per yr.' $6.00
Rnt bv mall, nor month 50
Served by carrier, per month 45 J to redoui.1,.,1 , rfort. to maKo tho oomins
growth a n.nutal nt. on sound lusliirs
WEEKLY. ! l'iinol..
Bent by mall, per year $2 In advance. -
I'ontage froe to uborlbora. j Tho prompt notion of th,. . x.eiuii.- m
ii , oktaUlfhins a military ot lit i ho .ion
AUcommunlcwlons Intended for publl-J il-tniiwriatit Alaskan t..mtoiy m.w.
cation should be directed to the editor, j the tipnv ii tiirvninii.v.-.t
Bunlnesi rominunlcatlona of all kinds ; U)t, n.,ltJ,. j w ..,-, )r1,.r ,,,,,
and remittances must be addressed to;
, maintain.-.!, and wo tm.i .ili-o N pi. -The
Aslorlan. j
par.'! to nio.-i a"y .-mervetiey tit it may
The AMorian guarantees to its ud-
acrlbora the lnreet circulation of any
new-paper published on the Columbia
river. ,easior. for any ftitui-,. dispute oi.r 'ho
Advertising rate can be had on appll- Vaimlaty epioMlon with Uritaln. but whit
cation to the business manager. ' L-ompl.oailor.s may ariso cannot U for.
The Weekly Astorian, the second old- -en. Owl heals and tho straight Ikm-
e?t weekly In the state of Oregon, has. ; In.-ss principles of Loth tho ctwit r-:nll-i
next to the Portland Oregonlan. the spvaki:ur nations will harmoiili,. ,11 dtf-
largest ec-kly circulation In the state.
John F. Handley & Co. M-e our Port
tand agents, and copies of the Astorian
can be had every morning at their
stand, 124 Third street.
Beneath the quie surface of tnidsum- j
nur affairs In Astoria there are brewing
a number of denls fraught with much
Importance to the future port and cam- I
meiclal city at the mouth of the Co
lumbia river,
There Is In hand by the chamber of
commerce and prominent business men
a proposition for the establishment here
of a lanre flouring mill that will hav !
the capacity of grinding Into flour at !
tidewater a sufficient quantity daily of
the wheet of the Interior to make cn
appr-'OlahU" showing In the niark-ts of
the Orient, All who have studied the sit
uation know that at tidewater floi:r ca.i
be more cheaply manufactured than in
the Interior, especially at port si'.ti.ivl
as if Astoria. The? wht,tt natiUMlrj-
falls down hill, as does the water of thes,
Columhia, on whce lar.ks It is .rrown ar j chol'-ra morla s.
The cost of transportation from te , Z Uocause it is the o.;!y remedy thin
wheat fields to Astoria will be the min- er '"iIs in lhe "ot severe cases v:
dyse .t.rv and diarrhoea,
lmum and none. If any, hiirher than i , , ,, , ,. .. . ,,. ,K ,
, Z. l.exause it is the or.: remedy that
the present cost to interior mills, while cllr, chronic diarrhoea.
the cost of reshipment to the Orient i i. Tecaitse It Is the only remedy that
will be maerlaJly reduceej The Industry " iU rvt nt hiUnu collc-
j. I:ai.'e it is the only remedy that
established here will give employment to ;rm n ri u.r..;fa. dy.e-.tery.,
labor and Induce the establishment of j Because It U the only remedy
dependent lines of business. We want jcaa always be depended upon In caes
not only one. but several flouring mills. ot cnolera -vim.
'.. Because It Is the most prompt ar.d
and to those genUemen who are doing 1 n))f(1,,lRe , up(? for bowt.
so nrhch to secure them, all honor Is ; complaints
due. j S. because it produces r.o bad results.
A project Is also well under way for! " P""" anJ s;,ft 10
the building of a large export saw mill . U ( MveJ of
In Astoria. As has been said many ' m9re j. , , . : ! i in the
times before and Is now repealed, if 'world.
there Is anv one ente-rprise pre-eminently '
telonglng to Astoria, it Is the manufic-
lure of lumber. Millions of feet of the; !
finest Umber the sun ever shone upon
are growing within a few miles of the hatfer. Chfnga and Cleveland are r.-p-city.
The timber sections are traversed ! n snted already.
by Innumerable w-iter co'irse-s. down j
which the logs are floated at little ex- j
pense. Water and fuel are cheap, and
yet today Axtoria has not a saw mill 'jf The recovery of digestion, an 1 the r ?
sufflclent capacity to supply the home ! sumption of activity by the liver, bow
demand. Almost dally huge rafts ,f lo.- ' ' U an'' kl"neys are "" which
mark our iiroirr-ss on thj ro'id to
from the Clatsop county timWr res-rves n y .
are towed the city, even as far j wh(.n nottth-T- Stomach Hitters Is
east as Portland. 110 miles, to manu- juswl by the invalid. Xothins so s ip ly
facturel Into lumber, a large portion of exidltlously constmVs th- di.-t;in-
which Is shipiKd back here for local us-,
while every' week from one to a doz. n
vessels are loaded at Portland or Int. r-
mediute points with lumber and tirnb.-r-
for California and foreign ports, man;.-
factured largely from Clatsop Ions. A--
toria gets neither credit or profit Horn
tiie business. Is it not time v- hi 0 a
mill that would save towage cn lc ;s ii !
build up a great trade on a i asls ti at
could not be outstrI;p-l by the .Sji.i:!
or any other country Natui- int.-:!.,. ,i j f symptoms, thronpi tie u
this for a lumVring ity and ..-ry ,,t ih,. letters, show with whr.-. thor
z n must feel gratilied that our I.,.-:-. - s i.ihn-ss it removes ihc.r evi-e.
men ate awake to thi
have of their ewn shrewd bu.-i-i. -s h. j.s..
taken steps to Join capital with 'T
natural resources In an enterpri-e '' '.
will employ many labor, rs. from -n
chopper In the forest to th- ex:it m.-
chinist, sawyer anil fhlppintr ni r
the heels of thh" good news. om. tb '
great excursion of hundreds of l.:n!.. r
tnen from the Eastern stat. s, jnai.v .f
wi.-m lira locking for wid.-r an.' men
profitable fields In the West. Not to
a possible'' opsprtunlty, As-orta's -ham.
le.r of conimc-roe appoint, d a'.i .
to'mewt these gentlemen, who will be in
Portland next S-uunlay, and Invite tin rn
to the lower Columbia, extend them the
freedom of the city, and an excursion
to the Js'ehalcm yMl-y.
' What wonder, then, that every business
mm In Astorla wants a regatta In this,
the year of emancipation of .W-;ori:t
trotn the shackles of a c nt'iry : Th
h ird times that were are practically
over, and with the finishing of the rail
road this fall and the grandest crors
In the history of the state, marketable
at high prices, Astoria, with the whole
stale and nation, will experience an im
petus In business seldom, if e ver, equal
ed. AstoriVs progress will Ije p-cnllar
and her prosperity phenomenal. Cele
brate In every way possible- give a dozen
iviMtin, It that Will l.rlnir noiil her
to witness ,Mir triumph. lVvpli wo want
and miiM hnve. Tin rv l .ck to
l.m nnil tho regatta oomniltte fltv .l-ilnn
mm uf th tliiipx that will quicker inan
nnytlilnK el-r eonvim. p.Mle iher Ik a
Mdid fuiur f.r Astoria, und that tiler
will lo work anil lu.lne oi3t'tiiiiltt
here- for Nothing- lmtilt II.-'-oiiiii"
us, ami tho unlet no, on the ee
of sivter ihinsy. should only stimulate.
! ; rise lii a now country of so m-i -h al .
! imiK.rt.inoo to ns.
There Is no oo
I f. r ikvs In th future a.s is'
tho past half
j Tho Commercial strevt extension mutter
1 1 ad ap-.iln taken a rest, but It is porta;.
jjust well now. as It will he some
i months Ivfore there will tv any prvasliK
. n.ves-sltv for a depot. The sruiek on the
telephone dock is doing Rood service nt
pivsent. and further t!n may nuMe
tho street to Ik) built without friction
irnd at the minimum expense to the city,
The senseless comments on th Ila-
jw.illan annexation matter can do no pos
! sihlo goo.!, and may do muoh harm.
1 . , , , ,,,
; Trust the government to do th r.sht
thing for the Vnlte-d States. All the sur
rounding clretimsanoes nd V"i'l of the
que-stlon are fully known to the execu-
I tlve, cabinet and senate, ami it Is ten
to one tht y will take a str.iich
O'.'LlO. OHOLKitA AND MAHlili' iKA
KLMtUV is ,thl: I!t:ST.
1. n affords a!mct Instar.t re
lief In case of p.tla in the stomach, folic
ar.d ) cent sir'-s for sale hy
E-'tes-Conn Drug Co.
j The Cincinnati members of the Society
!of Western Artist have formed a local
tu the goal. As no hollly f'lnctlo.l cun
jsuffvr Interruption wlthojt Impairing the
. general health of the sywm so the
syst.-m can never acpirn per;"" . Uyr,
!; alt.Vs synonym, until that fun .tkn
1- ae lively nsumed. Tuk-, for in
stance, digestion, i sus n.sio-i of hi. h
is ir .'. aiialilv ri.ciirie.i b. the Kin -r- If
.N. ,, uon wh,,h lt .j.,,,,, ro,v
w--ak, biliousness, constipa.ti'j'i, o -ad-lache,
iKtierty of the Llrw-d, ;'.rirl a hun
I dr.-d other symptoms s'lperven'.-, whl ;h
' indicate unmistakably 'he bun fi;i i-i-li-jence
of d-.-p-:'ri. The di-irTe irr.n' e
is starved bhzi. It shows itself 1
:iz, vnite lips, weal:
digestion, ro appetite, exhaus
tion, lac!: of n:rve forc, soft
muscles, an-1,, ch!;f c: a'!, ve?.':
muscles. Your doctor ca!!s it
Anaerr.i:.. Kz v;:'i tell you that
the weak 2 -:ir weather of sum
mer ofte.'i bi--.:s it cn.
L' Jtl bJ
of Coi-iivcr C'l vith Hypo
phosphite3,will make poor blood
rich. It is a food for over-taxed
and weak rj';;e;t:n, so prepared
that it cn easily be Liken in
summer wh:n Co Oliver Cil cr
even or 6LL" :'o rrJ0ht rep zl
SCOTT & C Jt New York
For till at ,y. t. . by nil diuhU.
a cc-'irse of Ayer's Tills tht
system Is set in good worki:ij
order and a man begins to fee! life is wotth living, lie
v'.'.j lias beeome the ;:adu.i!
prey of constipation, does nd
reali.-e the friction under wliieh
he labors, until the burden is
lifted from him. Then liis
moantains sink into mole
hills, Lis moroseness gives
place to jollity, he is a happy
man ngnin. If life does not
seem worth living to you, ycu
may take a very different view
of it after taking
Ayer's Cathartic Pills.
Who doe's not know women and young
girls who are i-oniltmally In tears? Who
always see the dark si,i,. Who have
frequent fits of melancholy without any
apiwrent cause? Thv lnt,l!!gc"t phy
sictun will know that it is some derange
ment of the complicated and feminine
organs. The young K trl sutfors, lllly
and mentally. In silence. There is un
due weakness. uneXiHCt.l Jviiti. ui:rea
sonal le tears and lit of temp. r. 1'r.
i'l. rce s Favorite Priscrlption ex. rts a
wond. rtul power uv r woman's d. lie
organism. it Is an'.iii tome
and Is sp.-cilic for the -eu!!.ir . rk
nfss.s. Irregul.trltl. s . and seilttiul d. -rangoments
of Wvqian I'.tr-I.s. ,.:.v
Poin divtors fr-'l;wi'!y tn.n :!..-ir
women puti-nts .for biliousness, n, r.
vo'i-u.'ss, dyiv. tisia. li-r or kt h;
treti'.les. h n the real sl.-kn.-ss Is In
the oriins di-tinetly '.-nunltie. ind tv.
h. Ip can c-.rne t.ll they a:-1 mole I'-r-f.ctly
strong by the is.- of Lr. l'1-ic.'s
Pav.'hti. Pr s-ripttoti. S.-n.l .'! . .-fi's :u
. t.. -.s it stamps to World's Ii!!sarv al Asseviatlon. I'.uffalo. New York,
and receive I're Pli rc.-'s t'otnmon S. tlx
Medical Ad vis.. Illusirat.d.
In France, if a person di.-s with more
detbs than can !e cov.r--l bv his
tate" the doctor's bill hies pr-ce.l nee
over all other claims.
The best regulator to regulate people
Is Simmons' Liver Regulator. It rfiru
lates the liver and the liver -s th.
person. If tiie Ii v. r I- r.-cul'ir then
health Is good, but if sluagi-h ..r d.s
..IK..1 then there. Is constant bi:ii;-n. ...
h.dlg s;:oa. h.-.-..iach-' and all th. Ii.
or.l-rs of the stomach that on.- hears of.
Tr Simmons' Hv.-r li-gulator and pr )ve
Some of th hit.-, i cries h.-ivc an ai:-
nn!i:ne note In th.-m that must hurt
the one who utters th.-m much ai It
!e-s tho-. who hear the-m.
"Last sumni-r one of o'ir Kran.l-'hll-Jrcn
waa sick i'h a .ev-rc l.ow.-l trou-
Ijle," (..lys Mm. K. (J. Gr.-twy. of I-'r. -l.-r-
I'-kstown. Mo. "Our doe-tor's rein..v had
failed; then e trl.-.I fhaml-rlaln'? folic.
Cholera ami ri.irrhoa r.enn-ily, v. Ii. h
?ave very r II f." I-)r falc l.y
Kste-f-Conn Ir'jsr f'o.
A of v.-lv... stn..le1 wl'h .ii'--mon'l I '-.ill.-. I a c.,l.,r. T! ...
'3iitf t.-ir coll.-.r. mor.- prop, rly, shonM
Don't thin your h od w ith sasHafrm
or poison It with blue-mass; but nM
Nature by usini? DeWltt's Little Early
PJ.spro, the famous lltt!e for c n
stipation, bllioiisn'-s anl toma-;h an'l
liver troubles. TTiey are purely veget
able. Charles Holers.
The fair prornenailf-r ill.-.l.-ivf fanciful
IN whl'.li. a rule. ;ir- tlnl nr-.nn'l
be bat raih- r than worn ov. r tb- fa'e
Jjon't rn-fleef a ro ugh beeau" the
weather l- t'le'aot; before th" next
ar-.rm rolls aroun.l it may deve' Dp into
a. yerious .I'.'ficulty b-yond repair. One
Ml.M.'te Comrh Cure is .-auy to take
an 1 will lo what Its name Iniplieg.
Charles I'.oers.
'.Vorr.. I. v.'otkb!;r In 'c-rman fee.
-r:.- r- J or U.!-c n -c n.-ar -ors .lur
' : rk;hv ::o -r-.
Not ooly -,:!'-s t th- . er .- ,r l n l
''. lie eure.J i-y li-WI'.t'g V.'I'c-i Hazel
.-a.iv, b.jt eeas.-ma, peaOls, bum", bruin
is bo;i-, al'-eis and all other sKln
t;-ub!'-s can be Instantly relieved by
Che sa:ne remedy. Charles Itogers.
Ol.l-f'iHbloned Ux-pl ilteil ribbon If v n
on the counters. l-V'-ne-h mo'line- ,,rr.
u'liif It most eff.-ctlv. ly In r. .-..
.When you want a real life-like and
artiwtlc photo, don't fail to call on Snod
rraws. The wfrk he is turning out now
U ahead of anything ever made In As
: irl.i before.
A J' rj s.-i uken, N. -I., man rai.-" k ctraw-,-
ri n s o I.i rjf that a .loz n ol them
.n--ke 1 quart.
When (rolnir Fa.t travel on the North
rn I'a'llic Hallway. Qu'ck time and the
.r.'y line running dining cam. Train
"tiv.-s Portland daily at 11 o'clock a. m.
Use Welifoot (Jorn (Jure. Xo
ciir mt pay. For sale at, Ks-tfs-(!onn
Dim Store.
TIIK HIUKCTlllN N't vf tbVin.
Thetv are people who have ot'Js-tlon
to advertising mat too in the o.ltiittns of
a newspaper. The grouiul of objection
I lliat they do not want to read nd
vo-rtlsotnems. Now this objoollott 1 u t
good, for oflcntlmes Ih.-so ndvti'tlse
mentx convey valiinblu Information.
IVr liistmuv, how else would the trav
eling public learn of the excellent din.
Ing car service of the Wlsonslti ln.
mil lltnn between St, Paul and t'hlcago,
or the genernl iMmfort uf traveling over
this popular Hue, V'or particulars cull
on tho nearest ticket agent or addr.s
J. O. Pond. ti. P. A.. Milwaukee, Wis,
r tlc-o. S. I.rttty, tletieiiil
stark strtvt, lrtland, t'r.
Agent. IU;
Why Is it thai o in my worn, u -iiv
deathly afraid of thunder, but net .h. j
hast bit Intimidated by I.KhtnH-.u" j
Some for ten, some for tw-nty a.i I j
some for thirty y.-ir-; have ent-'r.. l
from piles ti then have hcen . i 1 1 . I -. !
J and pcrinaneiitly cunsl by us'n-t I v.
l!t's Witch llael Sa'ie, the crest j
remedy for piles and nil f onts of !; ;
dNisises. Charles tJogers.
Whu wonl.l our r i n.ttn. t Ii, r .ae
-lal tO t'lC el..S Of W. .lit,. lO.Ol
l young Kills at the pres. m iim, '
Mr. C. II lasiir jin k. a dii:i;.tt ai Men
don. Mich., says nil of the lesiltno.
tilals that have been piil.:hed by il
inamifaotiiters of I'haiiiU-i bil l's I'o'.lc
I'holert a .1 Ih.uhoea Item, dv could 'e
duplicated In thnt ton. For sale bv
l-.stos-Cniln Prug i'o.
The quaint prunell.i italt.-r Is fr. -H'.
ntly soon on ladles who cling lo th,.
old fashions and (.luteins
rible accident to be burned or scitlded;
but the pain and agony and frlgh'ful
dlsflgurenients can b' quickly overc me
without Icaimg a scur by using IV.
Witt 'a Witch Haxel Salve. Charles
Some of the n. gliL-hum ar. Ill such
prononncsl plaids that at a ylan.'e on
thinks them w..en.
"Th-y are dandies" snt.l Tho. It.ov.
ers. of the CnH ket. Texas, Ktiterp: l.v
while writing about DcW itt'IJtie K -ir.
ly Kis.-rs. the famous im'.o pl'ls for -leK
headache and dts .rd.-t-s of :h-' s.oina -h
and !li.-r. Charl.-s P. .gets.
t!i ti ir Uf." ..r-- n-'f .rri v,
H'liiilr!" of In-. ti n tn
ilm-'M t try rti:iTutHrlaln' 'um;h Urnv
. .lv 1-y r-.ulln; v. h it it h.n l it.- fur
ottior. .'mil h.ivlr.K t -tfl U merit (or
th ui.-rh aro ti!ay Hat inii- ! frl- n K
for t!t -y !tc--inn Vtwa.
Why- will tu i rr.m w!i. u - ti I v
oti" st r-t n U-' t soni'-t hintf r I
lit r. n or purpk?
Yon may txxw.t th world ovrr anil ou ;
will not flni another nvnll tru. ulI''l i
"hamtrlnin Colic, f'hoh-ra an.! I' i
rhota Kt'mrOy for bowel cnmpl.ilr.t'i. It
i"l-ajantt uf ani! reliable. Kor nt
by Kstt'S-Conn Prtip f"o.
A n-.-ll-kni n firm ulv .may
e..-iiH.-in.l i in .lr
If vo'i .1. ir. a h. ...I h. .. 1-l-y.
m l-. .w.--t hair. .e.- t the 1.. st pr. i t r i
!!n lo ir '-.)tri.lili It. Ilall'i Hair I!.--r.-w.-r
U the M'I pr.Mpict "f j.-. nee.
A "inure of niiirl.le or Rial". In .in
kitchen e'liiipm.-nt.
Of nil the whlnker liven offercil lo the
public none luive prov.-.l no ile-lrnMi nnil
ea.s of ntipllcation u ii;i.-kini;h.irtr, to
coior a beautiful brown or black.
iv.irl.. i. r- w.rii l.y bra.- brll.j who
'l.j not In li'-ve that they b- tok n t ars
til he
ll mi:
Jlan-lkerchl.-fn houl.l not l- jx-rfumcl
'a e l.y a faint odor of sachet wiw 1. r
ti n
The ha-ljo looks .-a.y, but, like the bl-y'-(,
It .l.-c.-lsliiir wiiyn.
Tit fl8-
if n
' ammrn m 1 1 1
Be Favorite Home (eiDcili.
For ail diseases caused by derangement
of the Liver, Kidneys, anJ Stomach, q
Keep it always in the house and you
will save time and Doctor's Bills, and
have at hand an active, harmless and per
fectiy safe purgative, alterative and tonic
If you feel dull, debilitated, have frequent
headache, mouth tastes badly, poor appe
tite and tongue coated, you are suffering
from torpid liver or biliousness, and SIM
MONS Liver Regulator will cure you.
If you have eaten anything hard to
digest, or feel heavy after meals or sleep
less at nii'ht, a dose of SIMMONS LlVEK
REGULATOR will relieve you and bring
pleasant sleep.
If at any time you feel your system
needs cleansing and regulating without
violent purging, take SIMMONS LlVER
J. II. 'ixn. & Co., riilladelpbl.
icxtxLsivi: rsK ok tuk wdkd "CASTURIA." and
"PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as oli; tkahi makk.
, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, cf llimmis, Musxuvhusctts,
was the originator cf "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," ,',' samo
that lias borne ml docs tuno on every
bear the facsimile signature if CtttSffidifcui; wrapper.
This is the original PITCHER'S CASTORIA, ' uhn h has been
used in the !:omes of the Mothers if America fr mrr thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper ami see that it is
the hind ton hm ; alwaus bought
and has the aignaturts of
per. No one has auli. rih from me to i;: my name ex
cept The Centaur Company of which Cha ;. II. I'lctcher 13
President. a .,, ,
March S, 1897. 0 & ' P
Do Not Bo Deceived.
Do not crulanirvr the; lifo of your cliiKl 1y acoptinpf
a cheap substitute whicli sonu: ihuist may tiller you
(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in
gredients of which even he il's not know.
"The Kind You Havo Always Bought"
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You.
i . . t . -
n . i p i ii ii ii.-m i iri i
Shield Brand Hams, Bacon, Strictly Pure Lard
OunrantMil th hell In Ih Marktl
.-'!. .. II ef- .j. L'-i-l
-iT 7- rt-r-,
: lift . j'iiniimgW
TlmC Cftfltmm" cttcct .Inly O. IWOT
LKAVK Astoria for l-'luvel at 7 a . in.. M u. in. and 12 in., ami I p, m, dully; ut
p. m. Saturday only; at l.Zu p. m. dally exeept Hatiinbiy aiul Hutnlay;
at 7.10 p. m. Saturday only; mid nl 7.JU p. ni. dally except Uiitunluy.
I.r.AVK AHtorla for H.-nsldr at 7 u. in. and 1 a. m dally;; at 4:3a p. m. Hiiturday
only; al 5.30 p. ni. dally exe. pi K.iturday iunl Hiiiiilny; at 7:10 p. m. Huturd.ijr
and Hiind.iy.
I.IOAVK I'lavel for Astoria at CHS a. m., S;aU n. in,. lu:C & .m. and 1:30 p. m. dally;
at 3:30 p. m. Saturday only; at 4:' p. in. dally exe. pt Haturday and Hun
day; at C p. m. dally exeept Saturday, and at 0:15 p. m. Huturduy only.
i; Klavi I for Seimld.. at 7.27 u. m.
only, and at 3:37 p. in. dally except Huturduy and Holiday.
K Seaside for Astoria at 3 3) ii. in. and i.ln a, ni. (billy; at 2 ; IS p. m. Hiitur
day only; at 3:13 p. in. .lally ex,r
Sunday only, and at tl p. in. Hutu
I.KAVK S.-imlile fi- I'lavel at fi;30 a. in. a
only, and at 3:4.1 p. in. dally exe'i-p
iffar'-Vli.fciiri '111-- " " i J'11"-
tl.ftiul a Unions
4 fid
'I'PIIrr ntrrnRllieniiaii.l miormaiiiall weak ornnin.
Tim r. Mifr.-r. i-. ara ti ture.l ny i. inra m hn-auw nlnity pr cinl r itnniHan wiib
Proatalllla. IT IM HKN K In thuinljr known rmenr lorari.williiiaiaii raiiiin.
miK A wtiLi'-n i?tinrMi.-..xivHii an. I m..ney reiiirne.! If mx l.nn iIim-b not oliocl a ruiaiioi.iaura,
Ua twit, in f-.r .in. iiv null, h.-ml far ruaaelrmilnr anil lemliiionlala,
Adilrena I4 V t. SI CHIt'l.H ! '0., I'. O. Uox Baa Jfranulavo, ('al. Kir Hilt dy
( HAH ROOKUH. 458 Cummerclal Htrmt.
New Hrcifl Hrmtdr Atlulljr nkurmn Ut tha
prnti-HMlfn. IVpnMtnwtil i'mr-m in l iy, Vri
refumt motif? If ti"t '''hi- V'liM-iui l inNtMlt
toiiKifurtttHMtirifprirti ffJK anil th uiu vim run
trrmt with tlioito win I a i'f I r (u f ikikiIm-ih m
will oontrarf Ut c.mti tin tu ur tm.y -i t uut
i.lii, aiwl
Muke ao
wn Ull to
Lhurgc, it
num. If
yni nave U-it wit.
tl 111 llftVB U'NrR IW1
In mrnilli, fforr 'I hnmt,
f d nrt, I irrm mi an f
VyrUmmm fulling out,
Uminilarjr or 'I rrilttry
mt rni cballrngi
niit PMr ItilN til
th i9 bill ff lha mimI
1 1 F' ur, ii..iitjiHtiihn4
I I 9m ("tint, Mn. ...i- I'ttU'hi
flmiil , in,t,rr-i iltfm
l"il ut l lift llulror
it Ih tl.l- Vrlmmrrt
r ph Ilia OmL k
"iliclt I ho inont wbatlh.
th wnrM fnrafHr w
mt iiM lv.y bnffll-4
m I M c n I phyMliliMi.
I UK' I i m, MIX ciuitv tit
trralini tl i 'll-a wtn. our 4 VJ'llILI-'Ntf ami w
haro li0,000 rafiiul b-liln( (tiir unruiollllorial
tCnrAtUt. WiiUiUM for tMt-pngf hiu,U and Mttftulula
priMffa. Adrln-a KMIH ItKTIKHV ! .,(
U07 Mataonln Traile, IiIciiko. III
Phone No. 64 Anuria, Oregon
f-Iarcl wnre,
Ship Chandlery,
Special Attention paid to Supplying Shlpi.
on tho
jtUctit; wrap-
Monmoulh, (Iroion
KiWul it Nnntl r.inro uf clirrt- -r
mnr )fnr mh-iilv iiiifitotnii,
I r tiutiitr 'tt'jiitrMiwiit f ti t i r i .1-1' m llh M) r)ill Iron.
Inirii' tlu iiii I Ir.iin ritf in ivmuiutu' y
t-'!M , n I V.m'4 M itt' l"r imi'li' t h
l ho .S.ifitini l:niiu U .iifel ij hTaTK
t.lKK ir.KIUU A If. .-. U
I tUl 'ttMI(t. iMtti'.tt, l.tlk. I'lMt'l lu'lwi'ig -M
rMlA -. i (Mr
tiit'-ti( Kuir-hni il'iii lv-. Ill-1 u H-r xrtt
.iili nli' ifTA'le . t''i't'l trtiin IUU htli.
t itUl'Uue i h'rfull)' tout oil i'it'it(l
IV 1, 'A MI'ltKI.I , Pr. -M'lmit. or
W, A. W ANN, wrrUr Kn ully
"The Louvre"
!ST0KU s (.OKI.roiS
a ri.iHiitN
rin Mualr. Iam i.f All Klll.ta. Two liar.
tVtBTTrllSi; riltST-tUSS
Good Order and Everybody's Rights
ami lo u. m. dully; 1114 1. p. m. Huturduy
pi Saturday and Sunday: at 5.20 p. m.
play only.
nd :30 a in. dally; at 2:(S p. in. Huturduy
t Saturday and Hiin.lay,
II ImU Vllalli:..r1tlirpi.-llii
f'renrh phyiiiHitn, will tiilekly .Hire Veil of all li.-r-
nt. or .iLt'-UMi-H ill tu. c..i-nii i, mien n i...i imiiiitiMy
Innnlli'ilA, I'Hlna ill Din JliM-k.Hellllnul J-. Ii ilMlolin, N'ervialN le-l.lllly.
ruiil-i.-H, I ii II in M Pi Marry, hiliMiitliu( JiruhiM, VftrleM-ele a..A
.mvip.itli.n. Ht'M' all lnMei Uv ilnv or iMBiit I'ii'kmih i"i.
III i.f il.vhilrKe, whleli If nniHteelr e.l lfii'H to Hp..rniHt.irrlne
all lhl...rr.,r..t llnpnlaiier. ' !: V. elealuHia UliillviT, UK
ki'lncr an.l lli nniiarr iiwanauf all Umainuea
v-iUMf for lonorrlii',
'J(N-t. n t i rmMIorrlKi' 1,
WMiiii, 11 n ft nl ii r m I !)
"Imrifi-N, or any liillnmimi
tlon, Irritation ur ul'-rn
lion of in ii f o ii m nim
'MfmtCMwr.uCf. I'Miiw. Nom MlrliiKml
Ae ... ml, Jic aofit lii nlailri wrrtniMr
"" il v.. ..;.- .....,, l r..
)tf rspriwtH. tiri'pHii), fi
i Ut. or 3 Milt. II' 1
L'lrciilnr rent uu niumii
Opn v-y day from I 'eloek U l:H
and 1:10 to 1:10 p. m.
Subscription rate U ocr annum.
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions, Fruit
Vegetables, .Crockery, Glass and
Plated Ware. Loggers' Supplies.
Cor. Tenth and Commarolai itrMta.
For Delicacy,
for parity, and for improvement of the com
(jlexlnn nothing tqiiala Poiziiwi'a Pnwima.
US nil ui ttruotf
1 Vs3
roH hint.
till HI. NT I, .Hue el.lelll'e III le at pall
of el'y, 'IVi'iii" leiiKniialil.., Apply 1 1
'. ii. 'riiiiiiiNiui.
I t'll IlkNT - l-'iiinMie.l, u Iiiiii.i ri'.iilt
-am, Willi laiy window; eentiall) .-
llll.'l; Hi KXelulllK,,, Hear Nllllll,
I- ll lil'.NI' Ttte tui alula. I i.hiiiih, Willi
lialli line MeH, an.l e.nlial K. a I lull
mi franklin incline A.I.Ii.'im tl, .'
Uillan nlllei..
I Mill u( the liua.1 .leall llhlllia III Ilia
illy I. a lent, Willi, fur a lnl
lieiiUeinati; ulmi liilile iHinrd imii. ur
Ifttl litMttl.-llll.U lit kUU ll.el4llla.. Ptlii..
Kelt lill.NT - Km IUlid Hiiiia, on
iilt.i ur aintile, Py lliu day r ui.uiia.
lli.K'l TIkIk', under ntli'a new ti)uiim
iiiimii. tii.ul iv.lui'lmu in rut-. Mia,
t), V. roiior. nmiiiiaor. C.-r. Klvvouik
uu.l l-'i uiikllu.
MfcN VANTi;i. luuida wanted for luunedlaia
w.n'k lii lia.'k. Apply at r.-'iii Flai!
Idue k. A. C. I(. L 11.
l'ull HAl.K.
l ull SAI.i: I'lieap, an l'., i."''a
I', liliyele, In peiTeet
Aj'ply Ut llle AMorlu ulllee.
r't'lt SAI.K A J. H. Mundy linpMVwJ
frl.'ll.'ll drum Iw.taUIIK elllillla. Kin f
boiior, ;i:'t fort; cyllndar, Till iooiioa.
A lltat-omaa oinilllO, ua '-od M
nuw. Addr.a "A." AaloitiUt ultlc
I.i 'rlTll.t Weill (Irltii.V and I lie rleIJa
lintel, n l.ruwti mink fur coat. 'Ill
niiil.r will ul.tAlu kutptblo rrd tiy
l.-.ulni; Ilia (Aiinriil at I ho AalurUn
, 1-HoKfc.Hr.lUN A L. CAltUlt
Ml. II. 1.. lli:MH.Ik.N.
e'rtu-e, Klnu.y Hull.lliia. Aalorta.
Urtleo ll'lllia.
7 ti a. in.; IJ lu 3 und i t" 7 P m.
r..-el il all. 111. ill cll.ll to tlio lleallllelll
uf I'l-u.iM-a f Hie I.u ('h.-eillle' 1'la
im), and Huri.r.
llltudermjii Hull ttnc
Aiiturto, ib.
I it. JAV Tirm-K.
-i iTU-J, rouin & and b, I'ytlilan bulldf.
.'iJl t'ollllnrrelaj HI, Itoal'lenra aanie
' yd.
A.-tliiK ttKulatatit urk-ron 11. H. Ma
rino In.apital arrvlca.
Uffler, upatalia, Aalorlan lluildllif.
II. A. HMITll.
Itooina 1 and 2. 1'ythlaa Hulldlm.
uvri c. II. Cixiprr'a aiur.
Pit O. n. E8TKH.
Hporlal attontlon to dlaoaaoa of woniaa
and urory.
Ufflea ovrr Inalora atoro. Aatorta.
Tolnphona No. (X
Offlea on Hond atroot. Aitorla, Or.
41 Cummorelal atr-aet.
Cticator V. Dolph. Itli hard Nlioa.
I'Ol.i'll & NIXON.
I'ortland, Oreon, 14, X M and II,
llnnillton Flulldliitf. All leuul and ool
Irctlon liunln aa pruinptly attotidd to,
C'lnlni Riruliml the Kuvprninent a ipa
TKMI'LK l.ODOIC NO. 7. A. F. ac4
A. M.-lteKiilar eoiniiiuiilea'lonii hnld on
tho drat and third Tuemluy ovoiilnf ot
mi h month.
(J. W. LOUNflllKHHY. W. U.
I". C. 1IOLDICN, HKiTntary
R. P. Elmore
W. H. Harrison
...Open for Special Charter...
Sailing datea to and from Tillamook
nd Nehalcm depend upon
th weather. ,
For Freight and Pauongar
Hatci Apply To
0. R. N. CO., Agenti.PortUnd