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biggest and best paper
on the Columbia River
THE ASTORIAN has the largest
circulation of any paper
on the Columbia River
NO. 130.
i i , ... , ,
Corner Washington and First Streets
ii -i '
i . i
L U. :
1 1
. . -I
! w.' -it's 'X',' j
w . ;: '..V-
Miipv Niimcs I'rcsentcil to the Senate
ami Cunflrmitt ions Made.
si'iicius uwc.k immm; kicks
Tariff Itill Delated b) Talk rUklituji mil
Mill Iron Arm M tu niia Treat y
Ci'otlJf iel ililier Vv
tl.iilly di'ii-rmlricl to riniki. a bunk the
ullllllp lux,
W.uililiiKtiMi, June 6.- t'l.fririuin'l. r J. C
Green ban Ik i ii ordered to ihe I'iikcI
Hound ruiviil lullon.
H'mliliiKtoii, Junn The condition of
Die new dry dock nt Hrviuortoii, on I'u
gcl Hound, which ha bn th subject t
much concern to the. rmvy t-jui-t rnt-rit,
owing to representations of I in unsound
ness, Iiuk Ml lust l'cn onVially n ported
beyond iuintlon . Tin- nirt from the
comma tula nt of the station lo Chl'f .Mat
llni of llir lu r- ii of yrln mi'l il k
Mtitit'H tluit ttic 0'i'k nhitwvi) not th
lliflit t i ttli !iii-iit iiftor im klnic tti'
iiitli ulilp riitn. nfHl that Ii l hviiihI In
i-vi ry iinl ular.
Police Stoied the New York Hout
in the Seventh Round.
After .lucb riddtittij md Dmci'j Aroiad
.lober kin Cettimj the Bett of it
kbci the Hill i4 Stopped.
iilxliiiiluil l'nrliir Snil, it .itrr. m.liil u, nr lun-li rrntucn. ti'liolitti-rf in
lll.rty, n iUa trim in I nt,'".
Wiil'liiKlin, J c 1 1 w ii -iHM'i lul lo tl.-
AiMfi,m.i Thr it -ti. n ( l.i.l ly nt tl.i-
tilli,wll!K IKHtlllllillMllK to the IM-l;it:
T,i Im- rinovN i iir,i"t'lwi,iry mwl min
M. 1,1. l,l.ol.lllll V t III. fl.11,.,1 M.!,l,l ' hi'-'mto. Jinn- a ui lo III.- i iiiii I. Mil -on f MukMiikIoii. tuj"''l from M'.uhli.iton !
flilll. Mllll.iin V, I'ovm-II. of Ni w Jrrmy.l I''''-"''1' '" M' Klnl. y (u. off.r.-. the
to llaytl: John of IVnn.vlvj-! "' "'"""'"-r t M.i.ria to . -.;ovt-
hi, i. io M-. ii. rlmi'l . Jolin I', i iuu.-ri-. o!
U unliJIWIoIl, to Ih- lollHtll Jit KilllKaH'l,
). l'lt MAI-Klli
n. r J.n-oli i Cox, of Ohio Tlu- off. r
wim rnii')"' th fH.f'iit iift.r th.-
i in.-4'iliii; of i hi- 'i-WiMt, tiit no f:ir no ri-
Il.nrv I, WH-Miii. of M'.iililiik'loti, t u
I fill, r .f f, n.i.,r M'll-.iv ui M'anliliiKlun.
!! I.u l. - ii roiin- 1.-1 '.Hi tiir r.-i.iM.l.
ui !,int .r M ii!ilni,'i"ii for noun- time.
ii..,imiii. m U ..rily ilii.- to hi
inoth. r, in I I..- ! ,,h., i i,,.,r. cl f..r tin
l.o-iii .o t.v Ho- r. i'H.:- !) ot -im...
I.r U ,i r. -I,!, nt of S:.-.i,.m. . Mr W il:
w.ii .inn., iiiviinio. nll- in. nl loin ! for Mi,n-
i. r to J,i;i;in.
Mr I .. i ii it i .i n In it r. m of l"itt.
; ily h.i Ixi-ti rwi lvi-.l from Mr Cox
ii Mi Lf, J vfv-
,Lc-s-.?ji U r . ,rrr. ' . rnrT II nr. ivn i- , ,..,
, 7 . :i: ; fen Inn1 1 ;::.;::"
ha; I'i:mal
N- i-r
AiU Im-I tlx- 1 n It'-Ki nt to Hi
lull) Canoviui
of tin- I'nrti.K.f
r N M .toy ,.' .
Iiittn. m ti i Tki iI
I limn w ho 11m n
J tti y
w.t i.
Si- i I!
I'liia I 'liniiiU r Suit, Imtil
wikmI flumli in ii .j.,t (or. Ii or X I (VMiir .
1 1'
l till vt-il.t , l,il,., 1.' ...... k.... .1 .1
k .-"i t. It I II II 111 I.I III- I I 111 I ...
.M.ifi.t!i ui M:i i ntisistiiii.: n( i si,!c!,,,. (, i ,;,irs ;,ii, i six fnut
cxti-iiM..ii,!.-. all )..t ,i; 5o ,,n ( y,u imnisli ( roums f,
V,thliifc-ton, Join. '.i. Th,- , ii.Ht. tihlny
ihlli iii. il tin- follow ln lioinlniitlone:
i my I.. U'lNon. of W'.ihIiIiokm:, mtniv
r lo fhill: John ii
nn l .nil i, inliut- r
N. Vork. Juni- H - A 1l-jot !f-ti lo th? I
Mori, I from M.i.irl.l Kiiy: I
S.-nor rt.iiriiMt.i iiov. r .-ulMc. ! thr .jui vii
ri-fi-nt to ki-i I'n-mli-r t'liiiotin af:1 tht' -i
niiM-rv ,iil i tk In o!!W. in Hi-- conirary
! hii-l I.U'I rtr.-nK iim tin- i-v..-.!l..n y '
of ii,.- .i.K.nt of tin- lil- r.ii Inli o!.,. '
Willi ii i to tin r. '-all of Wcth r .i:l ',
rttrrtal of th." w liol.- .li y follow .1 '-
I Ho r.i.(aio ittnt In 4'uKi. In i.rilvr to j
I ori' tht iiliii n- .-ji.-iit.Mi of ti l rt j
j fiiriin, an. I Inii.roM' the iui., ri-t-iru!n.- i
lw.ll. Hi.- I'l.ln-.l 8ttr Tt. Il'n-nils -.-r- I
''-t In th.-lr .I. -I. rinltnit'oit to hoi I tUit
! f i .mi iiarlluiiii nt hull relation with the
. c i riuiti nt in Mil? an t iiiK' kt-(i.H the
ln:k.. of In tho i-a;.iut. Mat-Hhul
J t.'ulltiHIM lh.MtX. y llf!lM-l I'M' ('t'tl rt-
j it. in to hi I. rt a:iy I thai would
I'm- wilhtik' to uikIi rl.ik.- a niure llUml
i iolt y to I'i.o uihI- iwviUUcvU-r. Jlur
' n!i, ils !.(,, 1 i.iroinii-i iil.iiioo i-x-
, i-r, -.! tin Mm,. i,,lntiin 11. it.--- .ro-
. ' fotiii.l n;iri'ri.-e w.w tant.l l,y ttif t-ti:
. l-lim.tii. oil""" "f 'rl-l
o tw H.tI.iii.I. !
I on-
.'.ll.iil l,y
tl t.otl.l.
r' m,i iioinliiai. .1
onwiil ii ii-r. I to K.i...., .in
Murrtanii .-fliniiiliir ill..!-, ton
pl.t.-i- III" a.;i.-l:tl in-m l
tin- io. -I'I, nl .
Now- York. Jnnt; Hi-ter Mahi-r and
Tom Hlmrkt-y fouvtii torilht at the rl-iifi-
Atlilt-tli: '"lull for a .urw; of IL'.'i").
At thi- iiid of tin- mv.nth round the po
llci' anl the i-ontriit r-nlted
In a inot uimatlnf.u tory manner.
Nrvrr In !h hlmory of ttie rirnf ha
thiTo 1mii aui-h an tnormou atttrnilancfi
at a lolii(f bout In thl vli.-lnlty Tht-re
wt-r. iiIkiuI l,' irnona iic;i.-l Into
tin- IiIk hullilliuf at Kill nre.t and Is?.
UiKton att-.iut, A more reiinm-ntatlvc
-oiii,-r. ifut!oii of will-known jortlnj mm
nu- :n vc-r wltnismd a lioxlntf mat h than
I that w till h ai-wmhlii at the rlub hous
tonlKhf. Tim quiuitlty of money "'hioh
would have chani-'id lutnlH, had the liout
rtriilteil In favor of either man. U Well
up In x IlKures.
That there would Ik- poll e interference
If the men foorht hard wan fear-d hy the
inalorlty of thone who purehait"! ticket:
leu .. ftt-r the two lioys who took par
n t.'.t o i jii-iPf.- i-.t.t tM-i-n allowed to
piinuinl each other w ithout I Ins Flopped
l.y th. pull -. thost. pr s.-nl had hoi-crfS
lhal tile hi,! fellllWK WOlll.l haVV .1 (?l.Otl '
-..Mine lo wttle the question of nuprem-
niid wtlh th afTair. Th tatu- han h-rn
the mark of eollego vandulii In tlmen pnt I
and on thin ocranlon, wfK-n It wan found
painted nil on three, with the I't
ter "II" on the front ami buck,!
arid t ho ' ore, neven to four, on '
i ho Hide, Indignation wan Intense. After'
a thorough ifc-arrh of the local paint
lori-ii and the discovery of a. lunplcloun
Iut of red paint on a Tourur itudent'i
riot hen, w hich renulted In a confesnlon.
the other m-n renponlhle were cornered.
Accused of Housebreaking, but Be
bind the Arrest h a Story.
Ink Ixjit few-able Located Off Thun-Uri
Bay, Wisconsin. .
I Attempt Made to Steal a niiefrotn the
Milwauk-f-, wi., June . -The aunken Doflded Ower- Big legal Tight
hulk of the lon(f-lot I'ewablc han at last ! t ji. f0i0-
t--n lix-ate"! and It valuable carvo of 1
copper will lie recovere-1. A dispatch.
tiis le-n received that the PewaMc has ,
Wn located off Thunder Ttay liht In ' San Francisco, June 9. Mining men are
V fi-et of water. The Pewatdc was unk j dlscusslnir the strange atorieisswhleh come
thirty-two yeiirs aKO In a collision with: down from Hawthorne, Nevada, about
th.- Meteor, lu carifo corwlsted of T : the arrest for hoj-bernkinr of mlnln
ton of courier, vnlueJ nt tho time nl ! t.xrts Hanue and Alexamler Womhl.
I.',o, and is now worth more than IVj.- j They have tei-n held to answer, relented
Many atu-mnt had beenmade to on honls. ami trtnl set foe Jniv 7
locate the w reck In the iast thirty-two J Behind the arrest Is a story of the fa
years, but without success. Many divers m Sliver Peak mine, located ntout lout their lives In attemptinu to no miles from Hawthorne. Long avo
locate the wreck. Sixty per cent of the j the mines came. Into the possession of
value of the cargo w hen recovered will ! John L. lilalr, a New York milllotuUre,
no lo the salvage company. J who shut them down. Four years ago h.
J. HancheTAe, father of Mrs. Oeorgt
j Crocker, got at Blair through D. O. Mill
and secured from him a bond on tho
mine with permission to work it aiU pey
t 7Vi.w at the end of a certain time, lie
i pledged himself to spend $3"J.iii) In erecl-
, ; In? mills and making Improvements, and
Sr.n Francisco. June 9.-Should the trov- hl "n b" fleveloplnir and wo'klngr
i rnmi-nt aciept the projiosiitlon of the property-
Fnlon Iron Works to dlajforal f""lr ' Jr"lrs oM and ha,, lo rt-"r8
armor for the UttUship Wiorsin, now ! from """i"" ,"U!, of ""nw lnc
in court of consiructiun. It is thontrht ' l'a, lt'- Th H-inchellea say that when
thai an armor plale plant w ill ! et-tab-! lh,,r oKeT Bulr' fam,1-v thc ,:""'")
ii-hed In thf.-t city. A Hetts lirown, of
One, May He Itabllshe.l In San Fnincl:o
My the I'nion Iron W'orki.
Ktlinl-iinth, Scotlarxl. known .ill pvr the
purcbase price, .t was refused and a
suit was bejrun over the mat'.r a month r .i. a Mir favorite, but there
world an an exert on such matters, snd 01 tw0 as'
himself a b.rKe manufacturer of arnor
plate, recently visited and luii -cle-1 the
i I'nion Iron Works, and ll is asserted that
... .- v-i ti'sinmj wl iij I'lijj-.-M lo
sialiilnh an urniur plate factory. There
is cause to Ulie'.e that he not only made
es'.im-.itefl Of I'l. cost of such tt.trlc
Lrui t'oi
pr. ierrei.1 lo .siac- his
si. miti to in plenty of rooney on S!utik. .
t -,.-:i ih-. v h ,:,.n oj-rations, Muher's,
iulv . till. i;;c in heihl and reach was
i I
mark' .1.
Sharkiys style of leal inie himself on !
whin slepiimr away caused u ifooii le.. I
of comniei-.t.
Muber was m iu hurry to mix maturs.
ti. eii.'i titly pr. -ferreil to size- Ms ttinti
Hp to the fifth round the fixht was
very lame. Unh nu n In inn very
working plans for their con-
well In i a!l
ainl lunk Ihtuiil, ulir sl.ii k iif ( ;ltin'!s, ( 'lilt.iilis ;tin!
fMrvtliiti' lii ,t limiio.
wnme Tun i. -.en, I, of l'i niiiylvania.
Html- i.r i,, I',, i titK,,p Andrew i. Harlow.
Mlssoutt. Keitrral lit the clly
of Mexico. i.v Tin; i i:i:t 111:1ns
Minle Th 11
too .Many Are
WM. GADSBY, cor. Washington an rirst sts.. Portland. Oregon.
Some Things in Season
Complete Salmon Nets, Knitted Web
2 Lawn Mowers f
J and 1
J LAWN H051; f
irvvv w vv"i
J Hardware?
;Carpenter's Tools?
City Book Store,
Fishing Tackle, Base Ball Goods, Hammocks,
Lawn Tennis Sets, Etc.
TAIill'T HILL I i'II.A Y i:.
WimhlnKloii, June :'.-The senate hud n
period of tiirlff ice.-he ttnlay. 11 lul as a
milt little iiroirr.-ss was made on the
ItawlPntH mid Mills di,'ii., the tlemc-
ir.itlc atlltud.' on the tariff from their
re'elve sllllnlliolllls ItHWllllgM WHS l
iiieinber of tin. platform committee of the
I'hli'itKo convention and proiKise.l the
tariff plunk w hich was adopted. 1,. held
that the vote he and s.veral mher dem-
ratlf senators, had cast for the duties
on cotton and other iiKrirultunil pro-
tints was JiiMtltlcd by platform iind
by the tiailltlons of the tmrtv.
Mills severely arralKned the bill as a
Inss measure th'sUn, d to build up vast
funds for distribution .'imoiii; li'iiedclailes
and at the 1 xpensc of the forott. 11
1111111," the taxpayer. He Indirectly crlt those democratic senators who
voted for the amendments to the bill
liutiiiiK- a lax on cotton 11 ml other arti
cles, ctnueiidliis- that their coirsc was
u ranhal divarturn from the teneis of
ilcniociacy. Uiter in the day fannoit
proposetl an (intendment placlnc 11 n ex
port lummy on itirrlctiltiirnl pitnlucts. He
spoko for two hours on the nctd of ynlinj
the farmer a share of the Inneins of
the tariff. Hutlcr simki In favor ol
irtvliwr the farmer onual U'lietlts with
other classes under the bill. Only hatlf
u page of the bill, covering four brief
coiiipa la lively unimportant pariiKrnphs,
was disposed of dtiilng the day.
."an I'raiiclsco, June 1 - laibor I'oirnil
sion.-r I itjLerald ris .-ived information
yesicriiay 10 tne en eel 'ifty I,iinrt'
who univisl ut Viitsontlle last Sunday
nan is en given employ .rent In the tvi-t
fields. Tho promptness with which the
men were engaged has Iven rise to the
suspicion that they came to the l'rltetl
Slates under contract.
Referring to the Ktnteiuenis of the U-
Isir coninilssloner, A. It. Spro khs says
"Some Jap.-.nese are worked In the field
by the Uel-growers. but t.'i per ce:it
the Liber of Ixi-t-ralslng it Vu;sonville
Is done by American lalKirers. Of courS'
the factory doc not produce the Letts,
but contracts simply 10 pny Ji a ton for
the btet.s tlellveritl. Tho labor i
n rfonn. d l y the farmers, who
nun iiml boys to cultivate th
lill'li CRANK DEAD.
New York. June 9-Jostph ltli-h;;riU.n,
1111 wloi:. imrian and eccentric million
aire, who Junicd Into ,iroml
Iniilotng a high wall
avenue tuaitsioti
from his poorer
Blank Books. Stationery. Type Writer Ribbons,
Carbon Paper and Office Supplies.
General Contractor
House, Bridge and Wharf BuilderHouse Moving Tools Rneted.
H. U Boyle & Co.
Real Estate, Loans and Investments
B23 Commercial Street, Aatorla
Washington, June 9. There are several
propositions regarding the Hawaiian
treaty under consideration by the sennit
tliiimce committee. They Include the en
dorsement or the Pavis amendment and
coiillnuliiK the present treaty In force,
without reservation, a suggestion to the
president that a new treaty should be
negotiated, modifying the terms of the
existing Mgr. fin. 111. so as to rentier them
less partial to Haw nil. and a proposition
lonkliiir to tho giving of 11 year's notice
to the Hawaiian government of the abro
gation of the present treaty.
This latter proKislilon Is understood
to originate with Senator Al li lch. and
Is, antagonized by the special champions
of Hawaii. The opinion Is freely express
ed by Helm torn that the ouestlon of nn-
iicxmlon will lie. taken up by tint iidmln-
iNtratlou as soon tin tht. pulf Is passed.
Hence years am by
..round His Lexington
to shut out tho lUht
neighbors, is dead, ills wealth is esti
mated at KV.t-OO.i'tV. On liecomina uss,v
t mien won jay uouiii twe" ly years ao
he constructed part of the I'nion l'uciilc
raiiroatt iuid built large section of the
iron Mount.Un an, I Mexican Central. He
hi Id large Interests In thest? roads, held
stock In nearly all the railroads of this
country, and iKV-se.iscl posse over every
road In this country unj
M'ashlnglon, June H. --HeiiiliMcaii mem
bers of the committee will with
draw tho amendments for an additional
tax on beer nnd for a duty of ten cents
a pound on toA. The question of revenue
la giving the committee considerable, con
cern. If there should Iki a withdrawal
of the Increase on tobacco, the bill would
not meet the needs as a revenue-pro
ducer. For this reason It ha been prac-
New York. June 9. Robert Johnstone
I'lnlcy, liianiigfr of tho McClure news
paper syndicate, died last night, aged :"..
I In was associated with Pr. Allien Shaw
In building up the American edition of
tho Review of Reviews. He was a native
of Ottawa, 111., ami a brother of Pres
ident Flnley, of Knox College, C.tilosburg.
Ho leave a wife, formerly Miss Maty
l.urton, of Nashville, Turn., to whom
ho was married 1 months ago.
it the beu'nnin of the fifth re. ml Peter
liit.ll'-d a good deal and landed good
le:t jab on the mouth, and Sharkey Jab
bed his left on the stomach. Sharkey
swung a right on the .stomach anil Mali.-
crosiHtl his left on his fare. Just
tli.-n Sharkey said; "Why don't you eiit
your moustache off?" ami jabltvd his left
In the wind. Then he JabUtl a right
and left on the face. During this round
there w-t-re cries of "light! fight!" which
showed that some of those present did
not like such trme boxing.
Round fi There was a long spell of
fiddling- and dancing around. Sharkey
tried to get Mali' r Into a neutral corm r.
Sharkey led a left for the stomach add
fell short. Maher Jabbed a left on the
chest and Sharkey swung u right on the
head. Peter led for the face, hut fill
short, and then Sharkey sent a straight
rig-lit on tin mouth, which put Malur
down and he fell half through the ropes,
where he remained fully six seconds.
Ills mouth was bleeding when he gut up,
ami the bell ninix ten seconds biter.
Hound 7,-The tlrst blood for Sharkey In
the last round sent his stock up, ind
.Mahcr's face wore a worried look when
he came to the scratch In this round.
tor f.ll short on a lift bad tortile!
face, and Sharkey sw nng a left an.! l ight
on the face and head. Sharkey swung
right on the ribs and Jabbed his left
to the stomach. Mulur clinched and they
broke away clean. Maher rushed nnd put
a right ana left swing on the face, u:id
a right on the Jaw. which sent Sharkey
on his back at the ropes. When Sharkev
1 rose the nun clinched ami were In that
IHisltion when the gong sounded.
Maher was tisltur his right hand, send
Ing uppereuts on the ribs and head, and
did not break when the gong sounded.
When they II1 break, one of Mailer's sec
omls rushed over to take Maher over
to his corner, when Sharkey turned and
punched tlie second on the nose. There
were cries of "foul." while Mnhor and
Sharkey were clinched at the call of
time, but the police Jumped into the rintr
ind created an uproar by arresting the
principals, seconds and the referee. The
bout was declared a draw. The men will
11 be taken lo the 104th street station.
Hundred Fishermen Drowned
the Coat of China.
Now the Hanchettes charge that In
'ihelr ab c.ce exiierts HaK'H' nil WomhU
went to the mine with a force of me:i,
. overpowered th watchman, broke Into
the tunnels, and lived there a week, and
secured a report on the mines which th
Hanchettes never would have permuted
them to have. This report Is supposed to
have been for certain millionaire desir-
'o"!! Of secm-inc cor.trnl of the property.
The elder Hanchette heard of the raid,
hastened to Hawthorne and when the
experts n turnetl there had them arrested.
There will he a hip legal fight over the
affair, eminent counsel having been en
Victoria. P.. ('.. Jane 1. Very imager;
reports w . rv brought by the Empress of 1 of the disaster which 1-efcll the; 1 '
tish-.-men of the Chu San archleP.go. I San Francisco. June 9.-Attorney Gen
off the of China, on May 6. A ler- ;eril Fingeruld has had a conference with
rible gale sprung up and of the several i Warden Hale ri jfardlnfr the Currant case,
hundred boats which wvre out at the Dut the result of their deliberations was
time, very few returned, and it is es-1 not given out. Governor Budd ha taken
timau-d that 5tv nu n lost their Uvea. The ; no further action, but a final decision re
storm swept over the entire archipelago. ' gardlwr tho postponement of the excu-
Several large Junks were lost, In which ton te expected today. It is not believed
scores pe'lshed.
I that the prisoner will be hanged on Friday.
New York. June 9. The sons of Clar- ;
encc L. Nelson, secretary of the Newark
Portland. June 9. The county court to-
Oua Company, fought a duel In play ot ' ,lay or&vrcd County Treasurer Hoyt to
their home, and as a result one of t'o
lioys Is dying from a bullet wound in
his loft breast.
The boys were getting their flr?arms in
use the tax money to pay outstanding
county warrants. The state treasurer
has been puid twenty per cent of the
tax and It is the Intention of tho county
roa.llru-ss for the Fourth of July, aid one l"ourt to mal" him walt for the baIallct'-
of them proposed that th-y "fight a
duel." They carried out nil the orellm-
inaries in regulation style, but tht trou
ble was Clarence's gun was loaded and
IVrtmm was shot.
It Is understood that County Treasurer
Hoyt will obey the order of the court.
Milwaukee, Wis., June 9. -The session
if the supreme lodge, of the Ancient Or
lcr of I'nltod Workmen today was de
voted ehletly to routine business. There
was a tendency on the part of tho su
premo to ileal II rm ly and finally with
tho recalcitrant grand Icdec ofv Ontario
and the S'.nni members In that province
aro liable to tltul themselves repudlatid
by the higher organization.
Liverpool, June i'.- Wheat Steady; No.
1 California standard. 2s 9d.
Portland, June 9. Wheat-l'nehangrd.
New York, June 9. Hops Dull.
San Francisco, June 9. Hops Unchang
alntod John Harvard's Statue Red on
May 21th.
Cambridge, Mass.. June 9. A special
committee which was appointed by the
president of the Junior class at Harvard
to Investigate the matter of the paint
ing of John Harvard's statue has re
ported that n special student In his tlrst
year hnd confessed. He acknowledge!
that he decorated the statue with rod
Point on the night of May C9. In ccle
hr.ition of Harvard's victory over i'rinet -
ton on tho diamond. The commissioners
refuse to publish the name of the guilty
student, but acknowledge that he wits
requested to leave the university, which
he agreed to do. Two members of the
fr, shman class. t 1 1 names the com
mittee also withheld, are Implicated, and
will be confronted with accumulated evi
dence and asked to hand In their resig
nations. A fourth man. It Is said, may
be asked to explain what connection he
Port Townsend, June 9. Olaf Hansen,
a sailor, w ho while drunk shipiod on tho
Norwegian bark Prince Robert, lumber
I laden from the Sound to Port Plre, so-
Peori.i. 111.. June 9.-Onno Ellts. a bered up by the time the bark was in the
miner, was instantly killed In an explo-'open sea off Cape Flattery, and In a rage
sion at Shell's 0 nl mine, three miles ; . timllng himself engac-ed for a lor,
south of here. William Peltxr. a com-; voyage, Jumped overboard and was
panion laliorer, w as seriously Injured : drowned.
While nt work a mile from the mouth 1
of tho mine they set a blast and n-j ALLEN STREET RAILWAY BILL.
turned to tho room Just as the explo-!
slon occurred. An Immense pile of stone. ! Rt,H.i-ft..u 111 t,m. .-,.a.,- t
coal and earth was hurled ugalnst them.
Pelper crawled a mile on his hands and
knees and notilied those on the outside
of the accident. Eilts was aged 44 and
leaves a widow ami six children. I
ner signed th famous Allen street rail
way bill today. It authorizes fifty years
extensions to existing street railway
franchises, allows five cent fares, permits
tho consolidation of companies, and
makes no provision for compensation to
Jefferson City, Mo., June 9. Division
No. 2 of the supreme court has nttlrmed
the sentences of the St. Louis circuit -
ourt in the cases of George Thompson
(colored) and Andrew Wnrton, and sen-!
tenccd them to hang on July 8. Thomp
son killed Thomas Cunningham, sexton '
of a colored church In St. Louis, in an !
ttempt to poison the organist. Warton
a -ii'sy. who killed his wife In a flat-'
boat on the Mississippi river at St. Louis. ;
Chicago. June '.'. S.oa'.or Teller tele
graphed Ch arles A. Tow ne today as fol
lows: "I am In full sympathy with;
the puriioses ot your meeting nnd the !
xpre.ssions contained In your addre-s. I
We must m. lie all sliver forces under
one banner. Thi:s united, victory wif
In- assart d In ln."
Absolutely Pur
I Celebrated tor lu great leavening
Kansas city. Mo.. June . C. VV. Spar- j strength and healthfulneea. Assure the
line, n midget. Is dead here of thrott food against alum and all forms o
trouble. He was U years of age and . adulteration common to the cheap
was only 42 Inches In height and weighed brands. ROYAL EAKINCJ POWDL'R
53 pounds. !cO NEW YORK.