The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, May 11, 1897, Image 2

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Telephone No. M.
terms or nvBscniprioN.
Bent by mall, 'per year t.00
Sent by mail, per month,.... 60
Served by carrier, per montjt 45
Bent by moil, per year $2 In advance.
Postage free to subscribers.
All communication Intended for publi
cation should be directed to the editor.
Business communications of all kinds
and remittances must be addressed to
Tbe Astorlan.
The Astorlan guarantees to Its sub
scribers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Advertising rate can be had on appli
cation to the business manager.
The Weekly Astorlan, the second old
est weekly in the state of Oregon, has,
ftext to the Portland Oregonian, the
largest weekly circulation In the state.
John F. Handley & Co. sure our Port
land agents, and copies of the Astorlan
can be had every morning at their
stand, 114 Third street
pie during the late camraign as the
shrewdewt business people of the wwld,
ore. now adding me gwu
without- murmur apparently fr"m
anybody. Probably there are no silver
nrtne owners In Japim
If tt la true that In a few days Urn
battleship Oregon will he tn Astoria
harbor, for the pun"'! or reviving
the silver service to be precntl by
the State of Owpw, the " authori
ties, chamber of commerce and bud-
noes men have no time to lose In mk-1
ing ptvpanrtlcn for a suitable recep-1
..s. -N
Keep on
it u want to. If von want
to cure that cough get A vcr'j
therry Pectorl. Jt cures
coughs a iJ coMs.
A Chicago Judgv rvfusixl to let a
Spiritualist serve on a niurdor trli
Jury bewails he suM In court that he
did hotbellevj a man could be killed,
In-thoumtVkxt ooift4Uos W-l hat term.
Use Webfoot Corn Cnn. No
cure no For salt at Kates-Conn
Drnsr store.
According to the lutivt report of the
Hell lYlcphono tviupiiiiy then me tt-iw
soi.fisT telephones In the hands of lis
In Mi'itxxutir wonwui vt tv
lu'f hJf-penny for making a shin,
while s HiHihiimui r( five pone for
washing II
It Is proposed In liieretise Mm num
ber of bluejacket In the HiitMi nary
by ti.StiO, Hulking (he total lOO.Oirt.
People who are complaining that the
business conditions of 1S92 have not
yet resumed, should remember that a nothing equals
thm and entertainment of Captain
lUtrker and his officers irvl the hundreds
of visitors who will K present in the
There is a svl Held for a clean.)
high-grade afternoon paper l; Astoria, j
St. Louts has a public library of
U5.000 volumes and no place to put I; '
except In rented rtm. !
Seems as If all the t tltlitf we Ilk ills-a-sre
wfth 11. a;id all the tlriiKt we
don't llki, agree l.h us l-i'op.l
lurks In most of the good 1 1 1 : 1 e
j ., , , . . , , 'cat, and In Ikenion :ios the g .:H-
I Saltonbea bait tor hath 'at f lll0 tt.,,v,i0 ,.f ,r.. it
;the Estes-Conn Drujr Store j i. l t Nature's rait. Nature ,i. the
i 10c and 25c per jwkasre. I lint she ran, and if a man III only
, I help her a Utile bit Ut the rttlit ttne
t. k., .... 1.1.. . 1. no may en wniu ne iikw nun an mm-n
and the Kvonlng News, nn Its tm-1 , . as ! likes. Pr. IM -rv e'
...... m a. n-ij ti.x..-, imv .
nmv.-l ae.-vt.-e ajid under its new ma. .-iiv .k. .. lets are for people who aiv
! wt 1 uuitgestiou. i-.iriieuiai ly i"r in jo
apenvMit, ouo'ht to (Hcir. If the prom
Lvs of Its salutatory w be Miod on
and there Is tvaii to believe they 1
can It deserves, ant doubtless will
have, the hearty encouragement and, (remkm, sluggtshnew of the liver. Jaun
suppiwt of ewry vlei-ent c'.Iiien and! Jlee, and sick headaohe; also, to relieve
honest business man in the community.
l.on,lon. May tJ.--The n,uy MalPs or-
iv-smMdoitt it ratals under date of Ve
td'jiday says:
A 1. n k l-atlallou t.lay ltmkd the
Turks near PUllllpliMi, Tlv tlreeks
f mkIu well, but ttwlr ammunition Wiu
itv.i, ,tiaiitvl and they woit com
i.'il,l :. i'tiiMv
The oilUvrs and men In lCplrtm art
t.lli.rly displetwe with the head,uttr-
' i.,,. dt.irT l,ir.,lw it.A .i 11
lVeasin IVI-l' ' """"'ts nave
ivon piumieriiig thoir xmiatdots, A
very UiiMitlsfaotory condition of thlniis
tr.oil 1-1
Ayer's Pills are recommended by b ad- w"honl 11 manifests "" " ' r"r'"
Ing phohins and druKslsts. as the ' ,,f The Vo:s" ne Uck
most prompt and etlleknt retn.Mv for j a"-' WU1' 1,1 ,h,lr tl,,n' Th ' ltl" ln
Wllousnesa. nitt.ea. cvvstlvw.ess. Lull-! ,,'1-f,vt biirmony with Xatur-. They
'.fitvt a iM-rmatu'.H mv. 1 'r-i
take them rgularly only a little while
After that, use them occasionally when
j coldn, fevers, neuralgia, and rheuma-
I ttam.
! you neM them-
att.x'thlni; that
w hen you hae eat, n
you. ;
.Ilsugrtvs with
Thia Is the day or ana-tm.s ana aiut- . J Thev n ay le taken just as f.x-oiy
tnat.btRwhat .,le need most n.awdays ' J J M ytu would take water or any
.xliclne. Mmmons; ! n.Hyv.t v of life. Ontv u.d they are
alva-s In fawr.
tariff cannot be framed and passed In
a mknute, or even in a month. It was
eighteen months after G rover Cleve
land became president before the Wil
son tariff bill was a law, but there
Is good reason to believe that the Ping
is. the aiiti-billvms me
Liver Regulator, the King of Liver Med
icines, and Hetter than Pills. "I have
used no other anti-bilious remedy for
that for ladles of a constipated habit i " , , " , ' , . .
It." Laura V. Craig,
That U what Edwards & Parker, mer.
Each yeur about IjO.OOo Is exp-'iul.l
Noil.,, is hereby glvvn tlmt the com.
n on ouiu lt prox. , estul.lh ii,l
e.msirtiot . HVtctn of diiCns In thin
porthm of the City of Asloitt. us laid
em and rwordod by John M.-tTure and
.to:i,. by Cyrus Olnev. u hei.
oher; itufter dwnrltHM nul designated
s.ini tinutis to coiHilst of tena
e.ilta drain ple i.t exectitllig IJ
iuhe In dlivnteter, Mild system of
Iraltw to be ooiiMlnir :e,l at (he excise
Elhwbury, Fla.
in sprinkling the streets of London,, if ull property wi the drulnage district
lain-- Pln Ralm. f,- rheumatism, lams h sand to prevent the ors.-s from
ibacic. detp seated and musi'ular ixiins
Sold by Estes-Conn Drug Co.
Mexico Is the richest mineral countr)
in the world, not excepting Peru.
Thirty rears Is a long time to fight
I so painful a trouble as piles, but Jacob
v 1 1 vtll luMWu A In Uh than
Mitcheil. of Cnionrllle. Pa., stnunrled
eighteen weks after the Inauguration j thM Klfl(f uore he tried DeWitt's':
One of the public schools of Oermany
has maxle it oblgatory for all its pupils
to learn to ride the bicycle.
The Weatfield tlnd.) News prints the
following in regard to an old rasldent
of that place: "Frank McAvoy. for
w hli It hail be know n and designated
McClure's LM'ainas tlstiict No. S,
and to lt iiHlrui'tei --ir-lltiir to the
THE BEST REMEDY FOR RHEtMA-! pla.-.s and spool Moat Ion to he prepared
From the Falrhaven (X. Y.I Register.
Mr. James Rowland, of this village,
states that for twenty-five years his
wife has been a sufferer from rheunia-
by the City nur ami ile,iMltel
In the ultliv of the Auditor and Police a,tul niwlng to the charter
of the City of Astoria an-1 the ordin
ance in relalkm fH.-ieto.
tism. A few nights ago she was In su. h
pain that she was tn-urly cnisy
Tt,.. 1.....! n...l . - .... ......
, , ".nun .,, .,,-iiiif,v uion w nn n
Sn,the ss liU aicnwtnent shall lie levied
r xt.k-i.- 1 h.,CT. j " v. J . Ji I many vears In the employ of the L..'"'u Mr- ior me o.or. , ,,..rmy ,h (x,t ,lf constructing ,,1
of Ulhun McKWey. and les than , VYltc-h Hud Salve, which Quickly and y. here, : ve : he ha.1 read of Chamberlain's Pain J ,.,., f lna,,s. ,uh ,he dvstrlet em-
i dh nine n nw ypassea. tB. pm,ujr " u, chambarlaln's C4I& Cholera and Dt- ,lillm "ls:ettJ r riWr tMe I l-welng said Dralnag,. IHstrt. t. and the
til the bill can be passed, and the
country has had time to absorb the,
normous mass of goods now being!
effective in eciema and all skin affec
tions. Charles Rogers.
Thirteen uuilions sterling Is the year-
. t. . , 'sielan he went to the store anil s-urcd
nrrnvrs iifninif ivr veil ears or igogtri
-am never without It In my family. I b"ttIf f "U wife did nn approve
.1.1. 1. ..., v . ,.i.. ,v,!of Mr. Rowland's purchase at first, but
& nxviun 11 11, wtji iii.".iif .tic
: . . . ... . .... . 1
Units anil 'ImhJ(h to Iv amenm-l there
for iuv hn-by ilivlirnated as follows:
I '',"t rinlng at the northwvMt i-oin. r of
ANVcrbihlc lrcp.iration fur As -slmttattii)
llw hHXl aikl lietf uU
llitg ilic StutniuJu niul lkw U iif
IVonvolca Wtcslion.Chrcrrul
ncs mvl IVst.Ctinlfllns ncllhrr
Dnnim.Morphlnr iwr Muiaal.
Not N ah v otic.
WIm SmJ-
Apcrfrc I Ilrmrdy for f onitlfvi
tioa. Sour Sloiiuc h.Dinn tfd
Worms jCoiMiLsiorw.rVwrish
ucss oikI Loss or Sleep.
facsimile Sill nature "f
it sot wu u t:k. Dj'i ii
yo ! lk ' - r'! t '
i. foa" a ".n wy w
(we..' -M Uul ) rt C A 8T 0 t lX
Hustler's Astoria
Twentieth St. unci McKee Ave.
1.1...1 .. t ..1,. u j,, i ! nevertheless applied th lUilm tiior-.i,,, u. !,!, k j- .hi-i-..-. ,hr.-.,,..K
ruahed In by Importers. It b nmm-,!, value of potatoes gnn In the Cult-, r90ommetMng ,t - It a sreclnc f ,r;oughly and In nn hour's tin was a'.le, th). ,VIllt of ,,H.M s a(1 a
able to expect a resumptioo of activity led Kingdom.
by the manufacturers, and consequem
Iy prosperity among the masses who
will be affected by that activity.
There are too many people with pre
maturely gray hair, when they might
1 avoid K by applying that reliable and
! effective preparation. Hall's Hair Re-1
, all bowe! complaints.
I tes-Conn Drug Co.
For sale by Es
Canadian apple growvrs say that bar
rels made of paper or pulp boards pre
serve apples better than wood.
10 g to sleep, fne now appii-s 11 win n-! nrll..ut r,,? f (, - ,,ll(.k 4T
ever sne iei-ia an acne or a i i i t,,Hl. mtxltt t1ig the east line ..f
tlnds that it alwn-s gives n llef. He , - M k : ,,, ,h ,lin.,h,.nw, 1n,.r
i-s that no medicine which she had.l(f j M,u.k T3 WIVV ..,,.
north line of block 73 nJiil "2 to the
Preserved fruits, ln a state fit to be
eaten, have been taken from the ruins
of Uercuhuieum.
The Southern democrats who are now
favoring protection must have been
reading the remarks of John C. Cal
houn on the tariff of ISIS, when he said:
"When our manufactures are grown to
a certain perfection, as they will be
under the fostering care of the govern
ment, ... the farmer will -find a
ready market for his surplus products,
and a certain and cheap supply for all
Ma wants; prosperity will diffuse Itself
through all the country." Calhoun onlv
abandoned this theory when he found TJ "J' '"'"Iby continually cougWng will find
IJiwmT-i ill Urc wonu.
Not only acute lung troubles, which
may prove fatal to a few days, but
old chronic coughs and throat troubles
may receive Immediate relief and be
permanently cured by One Minute
Cough Cure. Charles Rogers.
The inhabitants of the United States.
used ever did her as much gd. The
25 and 30 cent sisee for sale by Ksies
Conn Drug Co.
When a cold Is contracted, cure It I
at once. One Minute Cough Cure will I The Rank of England employs al-ul
set you on the road to recovery ln'l uw nwn- H "lar' l"'
a minute. It will cure pneumonia, j vrtti.Ung p.n.. of attrt i4w.
bronchitis, croup and all forms of lung!lr annum.
throat troubles. Charles Rogers. " "
More than 11,000.000 yards of tweed; Tht ti
are used annua lily for clothing ,he!iiJiiMsi
mate population or Lomum aione.
that manufaoturtng industries were not
PERSO.VAL.-The g-entieman who E E j,.-,., of Compton. Mo., writes
annoyed the congregation last Sunday U8 that ,Ufrering from piles for ; l.-ks H VI. ss and V to th.
'"" seventeen years, he completely cured jeast .s.nwr of lot 5. bbx-k P).
H'PtJuiK eorniToflot i. hlk "3; theniv
south al'Hig the it Iki of bb k T2 to
the northeaMt curner of lot 4. block
inemv eiwt along the north line of block
) t the iKirtluitat .-iirtwr of lot 3.
blork . tliemx- south along the
e.i.4t I In- of lots 3 and t. Ak
, to the utiiest corner of lot
. blmk 1HI; thenoe west along I'M
south Ihw of b,H-k to tile suthn!
innw-r of k't 5. blm k S9; thenre south
aklg the tsut HtH. of blork to th
Ut!l'ijt corner of kit 1. blmk tl.'i.
thotlee w.t along tte south line of
Good Reason
Why Lots
...Are Selling...
Sittiatt'ii oil tiif Houth hide
of AntoriiiV lulls.
Twenty ileri't'K warnutr
ami vrp'tatinii : tliiyn in
hi I vn lift f tin' Nrth fiilo.
Mniiilitt'iit nitfH fur rt
itli'iift'H. tivcrliMikinj; river
mi' I I my, minnv atnl nlu'1
UtihI. Kn.xy ami natural trutlt-H;
little or no gniilinn ih'imIchI,
483 Bond Street.
jstant relief by u.dng One Minute Cough them by U9ng tnree xea 0( i)v witt'a j south along the eawt line of bt i. bl k
being established in the South, to thus UncondiUonal sun-end. U the only!" '"Z t, k V Ah"rl ' " ucn " tu"' " ' " " " " ,
, . . u A , Lnn. thoie tlmo,u ..,. ,. vnownif th' g ,0UblH, Charl and severe skin diseases. Chos. ilogers. thence wet through the .-.mter f lots
irn wwn.,lu.ilnxKn. -uw.. r...,7 , t.. Rogers. ,5, ,uu 7. I..k in: to th- ivrthw
that maufactures are springing up in'
is DeWltfs Little Early Risers Willi
1 s
' 1 UraiaiiS
MANHOOD restored-e:
KrnitnPf ron' T.lln
c T'iU iMIfmi rw ml J
r.ntnl barvmi. itl
SMS, urh M Wnak ktinanrr, Lasolllrdn 1-iixir, IIwImiIi., W.ka.
Iuiuom, M MsiihixM, nmnilf roniaiuiii pra.ini.iMM, an,
is ot pnwKt In Unall. orn ol nlllirf Ml miiml tjr orni.
lion. Toulhlul.min. .ipraUr. iw oi inlwrau, nnlum ot lUsulinl
which Inui to lurtrmllr, ('Miaiimiitliinnr Ituanllf. n b. rrrml la
vast poeloL II par bm. lor t bf Biil n,iMfc Clrrtitu fraa. Mold
all ilrunUu. A.k lur It, Uks do otli.r. M.nutMlnrvil tr
I make with const! DatJon sick he&rlaehe
Ike South, the theory of protecting, and gtomach troubM. charie, Rogers.
them and thus aiding the agriculturist
is again taking poesession of the South- The state of MLesmii contains 44,
ern mind. jOuO.000 acres of land, i:,000,000 of which
It Is said that more than 90 (r rem
j Laplanders are the shortest peo;.!e ()f raihvay pa.-H.-nf.-rs m .;,..Klaiid trav-
!in ira-ir aeraKe nnin ii:i;..H thinl-.-lu.-w. They contribute
mates, & inches; remaies, oi. , ,,. ,j ,v, r,.,,4
are under cutllvatlon.
it Is not so certain that they could
check revolutions within their own bor-
lt:ie .if lot :. bl.nk 1:; thenv nor:h
alotiK the mut line of lots : and Z,
atanit ' bl" k 1: to the southwest cotn-r of
' l"t :, blm k 101; tlhiMU-e w.nt to th"
jMnuthueat corner of lot S. bloi k 1ih.
Acocrdlng to the newspapers, an Oh o Croup and whooping cfcgh are: t.Vnc tmrth along tlM- w.t line of lots
husband became the happy father of childhood's terrors; but like imeu-N and 1, block 10 to the wrl.huet or-
c,,,,.t . ;seven children not long ago. Of the monla, bronchitis, and oth-r throat' n-r of lot I. blm-k 100; thnce east along
aTiMl LATE THE SLLGGISH KID-iven all lived hut one. It la to h hooe-1 . ........ ...
, , 1.11U iuiik uiiuum, uuk ue ouu Hly , inriii ii.ih 01 oii a i"" oj iiii- 11 n tiiwem
1 TTS u. 1-1.1 1- 1.. -.1 . ,..i,- ' ;
Cough! 'orni-r of lot I. blmk W; theti'-e north
along the went line of bliM-ks H."i and It
to the north west corner of lot S, blmk
Plate gloss dwrs Imply hostility imfl j :'5; thuru-e it to th- siutheast corner
contain the suggestkm that the pe .pis' of lot 3, block "(I; thtn-e north along the
dwelling within the houne have n-ehlnp .nt I In? of lot 4. tilk :fl.tothe northwest
to hide In their lives. ;oor:T of lot 4, block "1; thetnv east to
the northwest corner of lot I, block 7.1;
Torturing, Ichlng, saly skin emp-i th'vu north along the west line f m
tlons, burns and scalds are soothed js. blm k 4'J to the northwest corner of
at once and nromntlv healed hv Ik. lot H blm-k i't u-hloh I. the i!iu of
.na; ana mnammatory elements, pro- As the strength of a building depends Wtfs Witch Hazel Salve, the 1 -glr,i,lng.
I The lots and blm ks upon which Shc-
It le initereeting to learn that Chili
ana urazu nave rormea an alliance to seven an uvea oui one. 11 is 10 oe nopei an(j jun)f trouble can be
keep the peace to South America. These i ne laiu m a supply or inami)enain s curei by using One Minute
two countries bound thus toe-thr , , . ; Cough Remedy, the only sure cure for , Cure Charles Kogers.
two countries, Dound thus together,! In addnloi to Ils tonic and cathartic ! oroup. whooping-cough, colds and
wum uu mucn to prevent me Dreaxing promes, Mostotter-s Stmach Bitters coughs, and so Insured his children
out of war between other states, but ' sxercfc a beneficial Influence upon th?j against these diseases. For sale by Es-
kionet'tt -in. K! 'i ,1. 1., .- .. V. ' . n H. ' M n
les-conn irug to.
Kldne-s and bladder, when they are In
I active, by stimulating them to renewed
I -?nii, mus iopenlng, as it were, a
T I la tfkutimatMt I Kjj 7 ". t t-r iwnl cit rhm
ders. The Brazilian republic is not y Sluice for the escai of impurities whose 'silks now worn by American women
-e?u!ar channel of exit is the organs of! are of American manufacture,
urination. Among these are certain ab-!
A .'.Vt. ! W V , ', Ul ,
1 bw all ilrunUu. A.k lur It Uks Do otli.r,
0. -jt4. rma MoiiiniiMtxi.. i-sna. iiu-iitu pru t. uhmiiumih
ajiu KDUii aauialiuniaaa isiaaui !.. ruruauu. vt.
J. W. CONN, A.aL Astsrl.
twljmin)tinMWli. nni0oi,ra pnra lunmrer,. ',mlm f,,. i.,i,.,ii ..
forin.,.0 I. llio tftrkiMit iinrM.ffM.l 11, ifi iiiji . .. .
f.ttl IO llt.k, O,. WORK ll, 0
nl in.n .iruiw. vImii.ou. .ivi u.iioii .'.i ! a 1. .. 1.
i- w.w ', - mmj, lur.ruran rw.,i,ii.'ir tfiLlnnlo...! in diu.rfi.i,
sill S. da.
Bold and Guaranteed by Cha Itngers. hrugll.
eight vare old, and on two occasions
since Its establishment It has l-f-n
threatened by serious revolts, while the
internal troubles of Chill have meterial-
ly ninaerea tnat natn s progress. Fer-jney..) and bladd-r themselves are also
haps the governments of the two! benefited by this stimulus, as their in-
countries expect to receive aid from I 8cllrtty 18 usually a preliminary to their and life-giving, Ayer's Sarsaprilla Is population, llng a d.-. 1 -a.-j
each other In the event of a civil up-
-u...,.BU,;,,rao.elnjuryxoi.nesy-upon tne solidity or Its foundation, so known cure for plies. Chas Rogers,
tern if nt witirely expelled. The kid-1 health depends upfn the condition of
the blood. To expel Impurities and Tmrii.g ISM, W.2y, i tnlgnuits 1-ft Irish
cause the Mtal fluid to become vigorous ports, or S.6 per ,m of the e..;lmat.d
.t 1
disfraxe and disorganizatirm. Thy also; the moet pfjwerful and eff -ctive medi- ;, B o.mpaiv.1 with 1W.
rising. An alliance for that purise
might accomplish something at a crit
ical moment.
People who assumed laot fall that the;
United States lias not enough money, J
xiierlence, in'n with other por-jclne In ue.
tions r,f the yst.-m, the potent invlg-i
arative effe.-t of t!he Bitters, which' In B"etn a nvsnkey
.urthrmor fxrrects diddered con-1 ride a wlieel. It wears the handle bars: Halve
J;tionsof the stomach, bowels and liver. ; very low, and n a persistent ron-her. : longest standing. asfKMiinent Is to be levb-d to to de
fray th" cowt of coimtniotlng said
"y-tli-m of drdUw are as follows:
l-ts 1, 6, 7. S, blmk 49; lots S.
blm k 41; .An 7, 8, block 47; lots 1
. ': 1, 7, . block 72; lots 1. 2.
'.. 0. 7. S, blm k 73; lots 1. 2, 3,
. 7, S, blmk 74; lots 1, 2. 3, 4,
7, n, block 75; b'N 4, 5. 6.
, 7, K,
, 2. 3,
3, 4,
4. 5.
1, .
7. ft.
will be interested to know that
money ln circulation today in the
United States is nearly 140 millions of
dollars greater than a year ago. The
treasury figures show the circulat'on
on April 1, 1S97, to be $1,69,000,6M. while !
that of April 1, 1896, was about $1,32,
4C3.0O0. That additional 141 millions la
a very tidy little sum.
the a case purely of quantify
i It should be made a rna'brr of public
has learned to knowledge that DeWltt's Witch H:iz.-1
will speedily cure pl!- .f the
It is th" household: block 7; lls 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 8. :. . block K
i favorite for buras, scalds, cuts, brul
wnem tne spring time comes, gentle i and sores of all kinds. Charles lioir. I
-r.-d 1,2'0 bills. It was Annie, like all other sensible persons. rs i
At lis rvnt K.-wion the Missouri;
egishiture -
i :i
The present condition of affairs in the
Philippine Islands apiears to be that
some twenty-five thousand insurgents
have taken up their position in tiie
mountains and are there offering a de
termined resistance to the Sjianifrh
Troops. This is practically a duplication
cf the conditions in Cuba; and there
seems to )e no reason why this sort
of "warfare" should not be continued
i uk vfuusm ana tree silver advo
cate are losing their grip In the South.
BUU prohlbklng the making of gold
contracts, which have been introduced
in the legislatures of several stales ln
the past few months, have been In
ever case rejected.
In ail the mews from Japan about the
adoption of the gold standard there Is
not a word to indicate any complaint
on the part of the people. -The Japs,
who were pointed to by the silver peo-
50 fib
of Goal
A day v, uld kc:p your rooms
warn in -wirTc:4. But that
small stove will burn only
twenty-five. Hence, ;comfort
and misery.
A certain amount of fat,
burned daily, would keep your
body warm and healthy. But
your digestion is bad, and you
don't get it from ordinary fat
food. Hence you are chilly,
you catch cold easily, you have
coughs and shivers; while
pneumonia, bronchitis, or con
sumption finds you with no re
sistive power.
Do this. Burn better fueL
of Cod-liver OiL Appetite and
digestive power will revive;
and soon a warm coating of
good flesh will protect the vital
organs against the cold and the
body against disease.
Two tUes, 50 els. and $1.00
Book free or the asking.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Nrw Ycric.
I wlH cleanse the liver and renovate
! the sy-etem with DeWltt's Little Early
i Risers, famous little pills tir the liver
; and stomach all the year round.
I Charles Rogers.
3. 4.
i. ,
The Finnish Rrotherhood hereby off'-r
$20 reward for the recovery of the body !
of John O. Hendrickson, who was'
drowned on May 1st.
Financial Secretary.
If you want good lumber and lowest
prices figure with the Gobel Mills.
W. B. EDWARDS, agent.
3" Commercial street, Astoria.
Regular quarterly tea hern' e.varnina.
tlon will be held at th- MjIi s,io,,
building, Astoria, Or, li.-1inirig at 1 1 1
o'clock p. m., Wednesday. May U. U:i7.''
All applicants will tie pre-ent pnmptly, ''
and continue Until the rloe. '-
. ... i.
r.xaminaiion for frtate illnlornas will
: be held at the .same place, V unlay,
May IT,, 1897, b-glnning at 9 a. rn.
i H. S. I.YMAV,
Superintendent of S'iOi ioH.
Clatsop co'jnty, firegm.
,6. 7, (i. block Ml: lots 1. 2
7, K blm k 87; lots 1,
4, r., 6, 7, S. blm k Wi; lots
H. I. 6, 7, 8. blmk M; loLi
J, 6. 7, K. block 90; lot
X 4, Ii. B, 7, 8, blmk 9,'i; lot
'), 4, 5, 6, 7. S, l.lm k 9, lot.
I. 5. 6. 7, S. b!m-k 97; lot
1, 4, 5, , 7. 8. blmk 9S; l iti
X 4, 5, 6, 7. 8, block 99; lots
3, 4, 6. 6, 7, 8, blm k 100; lot
4 and the n rth half of lots R,
There are people who have obJe.tloni
to advertising matter In the columns of
a newspaper. The ground of objection
Is that they do not want to read ad
vertisements. Now this objection Is not
good, for oftentimes the advertise
ments convey valuable Information.
For instance, how else would the trav
eling public learn of the excellent din
ing car service of the Wisconsin Cen
tral lines between St. Paul and Chicago,
or the general comfort of traveling over
this popular line. For particulars call
on the nearest ticket agent or address
J. C. Pond, G. P. A., Milwaukee. Wis..
or Geo. S. Batty, General Agent, 246
Stark street, Portland, Or.
j For sale cheap and on easy terms,
(four choice building lots in Mct'lure's
Astoria For particulars call ,in Howell
j& Ward, 519 Bond street.
Happjfand Fruitful Marriage.
rry MAM who would kn'.w th GRAND
racn. the I, H .. a
the N'rw bivi,. r4
to Married Life, who
would .ton, f, r
l l? ,vo1'1 '"" PH
falln, nhouM writ, Sur
called o.oft.,.ui. ...
hood and How ' tuin
EDtlirj"1?' T.n "e wl" mail one col i
Kntlrely Tree, in plain sealed cover. 1 1
I.. 7, , block 107 all in the City of As
j torla, Halitop county, Oregon, h laid
I'-ut it'id mxwdeil by John McClun? and
extended by Cyrus Olney.
Intimates of tlw exiM-nse of xnid
: drain and plan and seHllcatlons of
! tin? locality to be drained will le on fll
In tlie olllce or tne Auuuor arm i "iic-
.luilge for public examlnaitlon. That
t the iK-xt regular meeting of the
Common Council, after ten days from
the expiration of the nll of such Im
provement, to-wlt, on Friday, June 4,
IS97, the said Common Council will
considiT am objection to such lm-
provement being made; and If a remon
stnnce Mgnel by owners of one-half of
the propTty In the above described
dlHtrlct, be filed against such improve
ment in the office of the Auditor an 1
Police Jurlge before siJd fourth day
of June, no such work or Improvement
will be made excel by the concurrence
of two-thirds of all the members of the
common rtouncll elect.
And unless such remonstrance be filed,
the Common Council will order said
Improvement to be made.
Iiy order of the Common Council.
Attest: II- B. NELSON,
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Or., May 11, 1S97.
I W 1'Hiii.lriO'nlllii to Hutj, r-iiLinu,,, inh Tj J!l
V " f"mlU'n. 1 1 slot all Im e.l.r.l,,"r,,i1iA;lri
llllilhnmmiif lmwilM,v J '.kbv ... '.'
Th rimon unfrmni r not rami br Ixa-mra mi hmtuaa nlmty nr mil m ImnMarf auk
FrsMUMIH. t'tlfl l)KN E la Mi only n...n rml b, mn wIOmko . n-.r,u," WolitTH5J
U boi, ill (T,r I,T malL Hrml (or rasartrruuir and ir.nuiui.ial, ' '"'
Addraa BVb n EDICIS CO., r. o. Uoi V Baa rrandaw, (W. rrnuib
CHAB ROOERB, 45 Commercial Htnmt.
I'lC fl l a flofi.lMitMmnrt
rn."il f,,r lli,nnrrh,ri
i;ltrVl 'I"-!, hrrmni,irhir,
vi hiii, s n n a In r a I ilia
'hanfm. or any tnrUmma
Mtt u miiiw. lion. Irrllalleli ur HI, era
'MI-I.U KuiHiM. tlol i,f Hi r mrlii
iff vN3 Cotarin Pi), tiranf. Nun MiflnKi'iii
.non:i,a rrj iim iy iirtiKsiiia,
U. a. t, jifl nr "r1 ,n P'a'n wrupwrr.
rip. Pl-IM,'I, II,
l III, r 3 IniIIIx, n.V,.
((ri'iitur ario n ri'OUMl
Notice Is hereby glw.-n that tlie an
nual meeting of the stockholders of the
Astoria Building and Loan Asnoclation
will be held at the ollliv of the sec.
r"tary on Tucslay, May II, 1X97, for the
purpose of electing directors to serve j
one year. ;
The election will be by ballot, nn.l
will be held from 2 o'clock p. m. until
i o'clock p. m.
( For Delicacy, "
for purity, ami tr liii,,nnr,lt , , fom, I
Qimliill nothll.K ,.). p,,,,,,.. p,,,,,,, I
HlLDDD P01S0.3
tm a Jliiarr lil.ooi, l olsoS lie,,,,,,,.,,,,:
11 l-""'" "' -tat.. V..,,rnniH,i,;,'
iiJJ.'J, w':"iv r "!? """ h"a "
'. M..!IIIJB 1' li..l . . ""O
llllllrs. Ciimier i I L. '."' 1
i.t uanuf n..i:i. u.ii.r:'""- '
r - - - - -- ( , -( nr r Trunin
r lillllnir
e,u. una nmiiiiiiKry l,,,, ,,0J
ir. gusrsiiuvh.ri.ra W m., , Z?m
'"""' and I rnllVi,en lb, worliVi'ir a
HelilrU Mi; ah III the m,..l,,m,7 ,7 "u
.ni,.il.arauljr. A ,lt .,,, '
:...K.IW,n. A(l(lr.. otlll i I. M "!v JiF
Macule 'l.uWI..CUIOAii,lV I:0
The following deeds were filed for rec
ord at the recorder's office yesterday:
Grimes Grove Land Co. to f. I.
Peterson, lot 5, block 11, Grimes
f;'"ve JUT. 00
Joseph B. Hull and wife to Sarah
Mudd, wet 40 fet of lot 8, block
id, and east 10 fern of lot 7,
block 13, first extension of East
W'arrenton ,
R. M.-Warren to J. R. Hull, same
projierty Just above 00
C. A. Bhiveley and wife to Wm.
Rehfleld. north 50 feet of lots 7
and S, block 14, Hhiveley's addl
tUm 21 00
C. G. Palmlx-rg to L. Ijirw-n un.
divided half of lot 4, block 11,
Warrenton 2 00
i i i -w-w.aBJBBSJBaSBBBM
ft mm II mm . B VII W "S
i.aia,ana Iraile-Markifthtalnedand all Pat
rm buiincomhicd , MootMTf ria
Oos omens OsMa)T 0 omet
and wc.nj,, piHr,,, Lmo Til? tleI
remote from W,!,ll(i,,n
,m ndW.'d.i!lL" V "Photo., Wilh deacrlp-
i. ; j i""r"i"i or noi, nr ol
tharfe. Uu, lea 1,0. rl, ml .,,, I, "';
irJt r?M'M'T. ; ",? Oliiain l'lBia," with
en, l,.7 Add-M, 1 ' """I MU"m"
Beaver Hill am
Gilman Coal
.Try It
The open cam are doing active mt-
vloe, but there are many who will agree
with the conductor who called them I
"pneumonia peddlers."
For Famllv nr
Steam Purposes.
A a ati u, Astoria.