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Save time
ni worry L'E
An "Ad"
The Dally Astoria n
Has a Rsntiua
.. .Family ClfcoUtlon...
Much mooi than TMRri Tif a
In Tm Axiiaii'i
"Wm Column."
NO. 63
City Book Store
Stationers & Booksellers
All the Leading Newspapers
and Periodicals Kept on Hand
Robt. Stewart & Sons'
Irish Flax Salmon Twine
It Is the Best, the Strongest and
Longest-Lasting Twine Made . . .
Dealer In Cork and Lead Un, hanging Twine, Laads; alto, Oara, Oarlocka,
Boat Cooking UUaslla, Sail Drllla, I'alnU, Boat Nalla. Etc., Etc.
ItiMiarlliig llorw Power Murine Knitlne.
Colt I'AIITM I I.AK AllllHKft
HcrculcH Goh Brtginc WorkH
400 NAMMOMB NT.. KAN rit AN l O
Shield Braiid Hams, BaconStrictly Pure Lard
QuaraatMa the Itetl la Ibe Market
The Columbia Iron Works
.... FOUND RYM EN ... .
Blacksmiths, Iflachinists, and Boiler-makers
Cura.r Klhtnlh Nt.
Ross, Higgins & Company
R. Iv. Boyle & Co.
Real Estate, Loans and Investments
Commerclnl Htrcet, Antorln
The Palace Cafe...
Is the Place for a Good Meal-Eastern Oysters
W. W. WHIPPLE. Proprietor
Astoria Roofing & Cornice Co.
34 Gravel, Tin and Slate Roofing'
ninth TMFFT Asphalt Paving for Basements, Sidewalks and Streets
Asphalt Coating- on Tin and Shingle Roofs
Repairing of all kinds of Roofs
Clarkson & McIrvin Bom tympany
Promptly Furnished
Astoria Asphalt & Roofing Co.
All Work
Hoof Painting
sad R.p-trins U.aisiy Hof
General Contractor
House. Bridge and Wharf Builder-House Moving: Tools for Rent
L'lnT gasoline or cheap dlstlllal oil.
Khcinra connected direct with pro
pellor shaft. Mid no nolay, easily broken
IwvkI fun uikhI In revema motion.
New spark device; no Internal (print
electrode to burn out.
Hon. I for testimonial.
V are building thrM new 'ylr, elf
ular.lnif marltw engine In all site
up to ?00 horse Hiw'r.
Every engine fully guaranteed.
and franklin At.
216 and 217 Chamber of Commerce
Portland. Oregon
Usv. at
Guaranteed - -
N. JEN5EN and R. 0. HANSEN
Interest Worked Throughout the
Slate Hnd Coniwnlcs formed.
Ha florae ixd frail Seed (la the V)
Will Be Ditriliitcd Here Clatsop
In (be f orctroat.
At lam Oregon hae awak-nod In the
furl I Im I she ran grow a 111 Nl'lti flax
which will compare favorably with
that grown and manufactured In Ire.
. It cannot fall to be a source of (at
traction to every rldni rrf Aatorta
and CUtsop couniy that the work of
It prominent business men, Mi-aura.
Foard A Woke and M. J. Kinney, to
faithfully ronducted during the it
month, to ntert cttlxcii of Oregon
In the raising f "ax fur fllx-r .1
certainly Ix-arlnir fruit. Thla la ev.
d-nced by th i)UWkriKa with which
l hi- people of thv etale at larav have
Uk.n up the matlw. ami It it moat
iratlfylna I" note the gm-ral artlvlty
rnm-ernln( tha culture of flax. Mr.
i K. V. 1'orivr. nna;er of Itobert
jStewert A Hon, the wralthleat flax
lilniirra of l.laliurn. Irelanil. certainly
knew what he waa talking nb .ut vh n
he auBifi-meJ that the climate of Ore
on h aa ell (aJuiitn) ,to the culture
of flax. The rriirta of flax already
crown In thla county without any nia
cin! care or att'titlon, (l.-monalrat.-H
lM)nn. a ilouht that flax can te aur.
ceaafully grown In )rexon. It will
iro!a!ly take only a little time ami
exwrlence to convince the eople of
th w'orlil that n Kod a fltxr can
be rvducl In .'rrs "n't eat counllca
a la grown anywlur. All of tha re
port received from experiment mi fi
I made h.lnt In that dlrectliHi.
I Already a company hue lx-. ii atarte,!
, In I'ortlnnd. manacej and InMu.-in-.-il
by aotm- of the moat promlm-nt ladl-e
lit the XorthweDt. to clloiuraitc t he
Jralalnir of ilux for the fiber Whi-n
I Mi-Hiliimca V. I. lord, J. .'. 4uril. I..
tJllton. n. N. IMitock, and ladle
of like prominence head ai patriotic
'movement u h a till. It evlio ct sic
cnlhueliiKm und-T the iruldanue of
w hich auch a cauae la mire to le onie
it permunent InhiMry of th atate.
Now that the agitation coninienreit In
AMorla haa creattM jiuch widespread
Intercut and enthiiKlaam. and alnce
live hundred poundu of the bct ..!
I In the world Will aoon be here (win
Itotterdam, and lnc the Stewart of
Ireland have not only taken fcreat In-
tereat In the iu!tlon, tnit have Inti
mated their wtlllnKntna to establish a
nplnnlnK mill here If MilTW'tont flax can
le Krown to uiply It with proper
tlber. Atrlana and the people of
C'latii county should alo take the
;lcail In making a tlnal, aclenlltlo cxper
jlnient In the matter of It growth and
I cultivation. They can congmtulute
themaelvea that Mr. Kinney. Foard &
Btokca and the Stewarts have opened
the way; but If they lt others take
precedence over them, It will be found
later to be a mlxtuJte and a lifelong
When the deed arrive from Rotter
dam Mcra. Foard & Stokes will dis
tribute It gladly and willingly to all
thimo who ilen Ire to make an honest
and careful test of tlax culture.
New Enterprise Incorporated Look
ing to the Greater Astoria.
In the county clerk's oftlce yester
day, 'artlclea of itHMrT"ratlon were
filed which may mean very much to
the future of Astoria. The enterprise
established Is the Astoria Wharf and
Warehouse Company, with unlimited
I duration. Tho incorporators are F.
P. Kendall, William Timson, O. C.
Fulton, and M. M. Walker.
Tho artlclea recite thot the company
can receive and hold, purchaae, ac
quire and lease, and grant, bargain,
sell and convey, leaae and mortgage
real estate, together with all rights,
prlvllegeaand easements, and any and
all manner of franchises thereunto be
longing; that It can purchase-, build
and construct or lease buildings for
docks und warehouses, and that it
can grant, bargain, sell, mortgage,
lease and dispose of the same; that It
can purchase, receive, own, acquire,
bargnin, sell and hypothecate personal
property, warehouse receipts, notes,
bills, and evidences of Indebtodnss;
that It can engage In a general wharf
age, warehouse and storage busfness,
and operate a bonded warehouse under
t'nlted States laws for gain, profit or
The principal office Is to be located
In Astoria, and tho capital stock Is
placed at $30,000, or three hundred
share of S100 each.
This morning Contractor Normlle
will put twelve teams at work at
Hinlih'a J'olm to grade for tha ways
of lli new uhlpyard of the Atorla
Iron Wurka. The Manxanltit will be
locked there aa aoon a po.alble. In
order to havo her rebuilt within tha
ontruct time, in thla connection It Is
nolb cable thut no step have yet been
taken to Improve the roadway between
Hie Washington cannery and the point.
It Is understood on good autnorlty
that tin- Taylor estate will make no
uhjectlun to the Improvement A meet
ing was suppowd to have been called
lust night of citizen ri t'nlontown to
ret'onuiwriil measun-a to this md, and
If nw i-mary, take up a subscription
In aid of the enterprise; but it could
not he learned last night that such a
meeting had been held. Certainly It
will not redound to the credit "f the
city, after the creditable display of
enterprise on the part of the Astoria
Imn Works, if a suitable road Is not
built to the new shipyard. At least
this Is (be cutisensus of opinion of the
business men of the city.
Make It I'p Over Heverat Hound of
Kan Francisco, March 22. Corbett
and Fitxslmmoiis had an amicable
meeting this afternoon and partook of
refrrshineis together. Corbett begged
hard for another chance. Fltxalmmons
reiterated his resolution to fight no
mre, but Anally made eonreaalona,
promising that If he did fight again
Corbett should have the first chtnee.
Fltxslunnona was passing through
the lultby of his hotel when Corbett
hailed him. The new champion stopped
and the recent bitter antagonists
greeted each other as cordially as If
they had been lifelong friends.
"Iet's have a quiet little smile." said
Corbett. Fits wait acquiescent, and
arm In amn the pugilists, to the sur
prise of the loungers, paraded through
the long billiard room and soon each
as siandlng with his elbows on the
bar. They had a drink together, and
then retired to a secluded corner and
held a long talk. Corbett asked as
a favor, not at all as a demand, that
Ft(lmmiui would give him a chance
.to retrieve III reputation. Hob repeal
led his declaration not to light Again,
but Cortiett was persistent, coaxing
t Flixnimmoiis with all the pcrsuaslve
I Hsu at his command to put on the
; gloves once more. After several tounda
of drinks. Fltxslmmons Indulging In
j ginger ale and Corbet t drinking min
eral water. Corbett 1J: "Well. Hob.
at least you will give me the tirst
t nance?" "I am not going to tight
any more." responded Fltxslmmona,
"but If I ever do re-enter the ring I
promise t ) give you the Ural fight with
"Tlml's a go, la It. Fltx." "Yes,"
repealed Hob, w hile the anxiety cleared
from Corbetts' face.
Koseburg. March 23. The Soldiers'
Home Hoard Is In session here. S. B.
Ornmby was re-elected president; John
I. Hoberts vice president; George Car
py. secretary; executive committee,
the president, T. It. Sheridan and Sol
The following deeds were filed for
record ywterdiiy;
I'nlted States patent to Uaniel
May, southwest quarter of aec
tlon 3:i. township 5 north of
range 6 weat. 160 laycrea
L. M. Hiiwes to L. Greene, lots
16. IT, IS and 19. block 9. Mer-
Iweather Iowns JJOO.OO
tJus Adolph and wife to Edna W.
Wiley, east half of southeast
quarter section 1", township 6
north of range 8 west 500.00
Inaac T. Cole and wife ito John
Uripp. lota 25 and 26, block 6,
Kinney's Astoria 10.00
Oanlel May o Ida Baker, south
west quarter section 33, tow n
ship & north of range 6 west.. 1.00.00
S. Schmidt, P. Casters. Geo. Myers,
O. S. Potter, Frank Thlebault and
wife, Jno. MsGowan, Chas. Thompson,
Thos. Hodge, Tho8. Haines, A. N.
Smith, David Dunne, H. Spauldlng,
,M. P. Callender, C. Pearson, Mrs.
Jvaderly, W. Wheeler, E. A. Seeley,
J. A. Morehad, Geo. Easterbrook.
Parker House
C. S. Carruthers. Clatsop; P. Titus,
John Turpie, John Day's; E. A. So.ile,
Ilwiico; Cy Carruthers, Warrenton;
A. Gruhm, San Francisco.
The following unclaimed lettera were
advertised at the Astoria postofflce on
March SC. 1S97:
Conley, Mrs. MaryJackson, Wm. yS.
Globe Iron Works Murphy, Mrs. K.
Hetl. Wastad Slim, E. B.
iMdFVrren. Ame- Webber, E.
lla C) Wolk. Harry.
Halten, J. J. Olund. L. P. (3)
Peraona calling for any of tha above
lettera will pleaaa Bay "advertised."
Additional postage of one cant far cacb
letter advertlaed la charged.
Dolllvar Illuminates the Dreary Dar
With Coruscation of Liijht and Kit.
THE dem(k:katic sensation
.Itlisris Declares Tora Dsty (hi Cottoa
HcKialcr't Keceptioa to Correspoadeaia
Cbiace Dclegstes.
Washington. March .23. Although
several passages at arms enlivned the
tariff debate In the house today, a
brilliant speech of Dolllver'a. waa the
distinctly overshadowing event of the
day. It sii one out through the weary,
monotonous gloom which haa so far
prevailed like a locomotive headlight
In a fog. Dolliver la a finished orator,
and hit speech today w as a master
piece of forensic eloquence. Replete
with wit and glowing periods. It alter
nately aroused his republican col
leagues to unbounded enthusiasm and
convulsed the house with laughter.
Dolliver Is quick and adroit In the use
of the foils, and the democrats re
frained from Interrupting him. Mc
Laurin. democratic member of the
ways and means committee, creatsd a
mild sensation by proclaiming himself
In favor of a 'duty on cotton, and It
was noticeable that when be tepudiated
the free raw material doctrines of
Cleveland and Carlisle "and those who
ihad prostituted the name of democ
racy" fully three fourths of the demo
crats on the floorustalned him with
hand and voice.
Other sneakers during the day's ses
sion were Messrs. Gibson. Dockery,
New-lands. Lacey. Swanson and Cock
Washington. March 13 President
McKlnley today gave a reception to
the newspaper correspondents station
ed In Washington, and the representa
tives of the local press. Although It
was a busy day In corgre-w, at least
on, hundred and fifty representative
of the leading newspapers had gath
ered In the east room when the pres
ident entered at 3 o'clock. His cor
dial greeting of his old acquaintances
was a pleasant feature of the recep
tion. The correspondents were Intro
duced by Mr. Bunnell, chairman of the
standing committee of correspondents,
and at the conclusion of the handshak
ing the president mingled freely with
his callers and again expressed his
pleasure on meeting the correspond
ent of Washington, whom he had so
pleasantly known In the years gone
by. After the correspondents retired
a delegation of Chinese from Califor
nia, representing the See Tup Society,
called on the president.
Washington. March 23. March 23.
The Chinese empire has sent a note
to this government stating that it will
be represented at the universal postal
congress to be held here In May. This
will be the first time China has been
represented at such a gathering, which
Is held sextennlally. and the delegates
will 'be sent with a view to the en
erance of the empire Into the univer
sal postal union.
Tvkoa. Wash., March 23. Four drun
ken Indians from the Coeur d'AK-ne
reservation went Into Whltmore and
McLean's grocery store lat night. Af
ter using noisy and abusive language
they began to throw crockery and mer
chandise around the room. Richard
Kelly came to the aid of McLean and
was knocked down three times by the
Infuriated Indians. He seized a large
hammer and knocked out two of the
red men. Constable Oliver Sparks,
hearing the noise, came on from the
street, and with the weights from the
scales and counter knocked out the
other two. All four received ugly cuta
on the head, and iit was feared for
some time that thy had been killed.
Physicians were summoned and their
wounds d rested so that they could be
taken to the calaboose. The citizens
are aroused and are determined to
send the offenders to the penitentiary.
Albany, N. Y., March 23. The Great
er New York charter bill passed the
assembly by a vote of 118 to 2S. It
eorqes uo In the senate tomorrow.
Yesterday a Chinaman stole from
the rooms of a white woman a lot
of silk garments and other artlclea.
The woman was formerly married to
a Chinaman, and had a number of fine
Chinese suits. Officer Oberg waa noti
fied, and at once started on the track
of the thief. Happening into the
pawnshop of Ark Wo on Bond street.
the officer discovered the missing goods
on the counter, which had Just bn
left by the thief, and were being put
on. the shelves. When questioned Ark
Wo said he did not know mho brought
them In, though he paid $3.M for the
articles. Mr. Wo waa then arrested
for receiving stolen good and placed
in the atatlon house under $000 bonds,
and today may tell who the thief was.
What Oregon Growers Think of the
Dingley Tariff Bill.
Portland, March 23. The Oregonlan
haa Interviews with several heavy
wool growers and dealers of Oregon
on the wool schedule of the Dingley
tariff bill. Several gentlemen eptessed
themselves as being desirous of seeing
an eight cent tariff duty placed on
wool rather than the higher dut) con
templated by the Dingley bill.
Hugh Fields, president of the
Brownsville Woolen Mills, and owner
of large numbers of sheep and a pio
neer in the wool business of Oregon,
said: "Reasonable protection la enough
and I would place that at eight cents
on wool In the grease. I betlve that
there should be a tariff on all wooL
I would not let any of !t come In fre.
I think a universal tariff Is essen
tial, and eight cents a pound la suf
ficient. "If the tariff on wool should be rais
ed immediately to the high figure
mentioned In the Dingley bill, our mills
would have to shut down for the time
being. If this raise was made the
price of wool would Immediately go
to about 20 cents per pound and the
mills would stop' until the stock of
clothing manufactured under the con
ditions when wool was bought lor 7
to 10 cents had been worked off."
Thomas Kay, proprietor of the wool
en mills In Salem, also acquiesced in
the belief that an eight cent duty was
much more desirable for the Western
producer than a rate of 11 or 12 cents.
Kentuckians Now Laboring With the
Great Problem.
Special to the Astorian.
Frankfort. Ky., March 23. Today
sep-ira'.e ballots were taken for the
States senator with the following re
sult: Senate Blackburn, free silver demo
crat, 14; Hunter, republican, 13; Boyle,
republican, 3; Davis, sound money
democrat, 6; total, 36.
House Blackburn. 34; Hunter, 53:
Boyle, 3; Davis, S; McCleary. 1; Sioane,
1; necessary to a choice, TO.
The silver democrats held a caucus
tonight, but did nothing to Indicate
what course they would pursue In to
morrow's ballot for senator. Dr. Hun
ter's friends have been bringing every
possible pressure to bear upon the re
publicans who voted for Boyle today,
and claim that two of them will vote
for Hunter. The friends of Governor
Badley claim that three more republi
cans will desert Hunter. Neither side
give names. The Hunter people will
try to force a continuous session to
morrow and keep on balloting until an
election Is had. The opposition will
attempt to defeat this by adjourning,
if it is tound no man can be united
on to defeat Hunter on the first bal
San Francisco, March 23. The attor
ney for Theodore Durrant today filed
their petition In the supreme court for
the rehearing of the application, pre
viously denied, for a new trial. No
new points are cited In the petition,
which will be decided without argu
ment. The prosecution believes the
petition will be denied.
New York, March 23. A plan to con
solidate all the principal Kentucky dis
tilleries, of which there, are 116. will
probably be completed In a few days
In this city and a new whisky trust
Levy Mayer of Chicago, attorney for
the American Distilling Co., the old!
whisky trust. Is In town and I en
gaged In drawing up papers for the
proposed consolidation.
The correspondent saw him at the
Waldorf last night, but he refused to
discuss the details of the scheme, say
ing that their publication at thla time
would be premature.
"All that I can tell you." he said, "Is
that 116 distilleries in Kentucky pro
pose to consolidate and that whisky
will be cheaper."
Liverpool, March 23. Hops Pacific
coast, 3 15s.
San Francisco, March 23. Htps S
and 11c for fair to choice, and 12
and 12 for fancy.
Liverpool. March 23. Wheat Spot,
quiet; demand, poor; No. 2 red spring,
6s 2d; No. 1 California, 6s 3d.
There to a struggle going fn now for
supremacy between the cup of hot
chocolate 'and the glass of Ice cream
The Cowers Will Land Troops on the
Island of Crete to Relieve Marines.
.loser .W Lctin for the Eqilpmeat at
Creek Troops while the TsrVs art Sat
terisg Crcft rrivitioa.
Constantinople, March 23. The am
bassadors have formally notified tba
Grerk government of the Intention of
the powers to land troop on the Isl
and of Crete to relieve the detachments
of foreign marines now on duty
ashore. The port? ha raised no ob
jection up to the present time, be
lieving that the next move of tha
foreign fleet will be to carry out tba
threat of the powers to blockade tha
principal porta and coasts of Greece.
On this question, however, there la na
unanimity of opinion. In ' the mean
while the war preparations of Greece)
are continuing night and day and
there are no Indications of a back
down In that quarter.
Money does not appear to be lack
ing for the equipment of tha Greek,
and large suppllea of arms and am
munition have been forthcoming- from
what sources Is not so clear.
The Greeks are animated by the
strongest feeling of warlike enthusi
asm, while the Turks are said to be
suffering the greatest privations with
out pay or proper equipment, whfca
has made them sullen and resentful,
but far from desirous of entering npoa
an aggressive campaign.
Canea, March 23. The French ma-
Canea, March 23. The French
transport Auvergne lias arrived at
Snda Bay with 450 marines on board.
Rivera Still Riving and the Distress
Increasing at Memphis.
Memphis, March 23. A fall of one
tenth of a foot' In the river here is
announced tonight. This slight drop
In the high water here Is not consid
ered by the weather bureau officials
as feeing Indicative of a permanent
or1 material charge, but is caused.
It Is thought, by the giving way of
the levets above Memphis. The effect
of the flood Is not dlscemable. The
gauge this morning registered 38.
feet, or one-flfth of a foot below the
highest point reached. This drop haa
not made any change for the better
in the situation. Indeed, it Is caused
by a decided change for the woraa
In the Arkansas districts, which have
been Inundated by water rushing
through the broken levees above
At Cairo the river Is still rising, the
gauge Indicating S1.3 feet, a rise of
three-tenths of a foot In the 24 houra
ending this morning.
At Marked Tree, on the St. Francis
river, the rise Is greater, the gauge
registering 49 feet, a rise of eight
tenths of a foot in 24 hours. With
the rise continuing at Marked Tree and
Cairo there Is no hope of Immediate
relief at Memphis. The rise continues
at all points below Memphis, except
at Arkansas City.
The -work of the relief committee
has assumed enormous proportions,
and there la not a moment whei the
headquarters are not besieged by a
mob of negro applicants for every
kind of assis'tance. It is almost Im
possible for the committee to attend
to the needs of all who apply, but
specially difficult to distinguish between
Imposters and the really needy, as the
former are known to be much In evi
dence in the crowds which dally seek
supplies from the committee.
Ribbon fully seven and eight inches
In width is often used to tie the fash
ionable Ibridat 'bouquet.
Wait for the "Huseby," the best
bicycle on earth for the least money.
J40 and 150. F. L. Parker. aent.
Absolutely Fur
Celebrated for Its great leavening
strength and healthfulness. Assure tha
food against alum and all forms of
adulteration common to the cheap