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The Dally Astoria n . . .
QSr' " mm: " ' H HeouuS
...Fimlly ClrcuUtlQB...
Much mos than tmsss Tmi At
111 Astoria.
F.xnim HOW?
u4 worry
An "Ad".
In Tmi AtoiaH'I
"Wnl CsllMS."
NO. 27
Vfe it SsAA' yW
e wmm
Tim In What
. Wo Hovc-
A CIiciiji Shoo ran not be a tfooil hIioo.
If )od want u good artielo, vonw here;
K not, auywhoro oIhh will do.
A CJootl HcrvlcortM MHoe
A heller iirntto for
The very beml
A Full Line
Office and fjUt-Joc
pocket . . uianes
Calendar Pads
Blar?k Books &3J
?STX Supplies
Tide Tables ?r 189?
City Book Store
The Low Price Store
All. Urcv-i Good, Shoes, ladcrwesr, Cloaks, Corsets, hold 30 per
cent, off rcqular prices. If yon buy one dollar's
worth of QMd all you pay for It U 70 cts
Bond Ht. - - ' ' Aftorln, Or.
Do We Have
Because our Goods are
Properly Represented.
We l)eal Courteously with Our ( 'ustomcra,
Consider Tlitir Wants,
And Ciivo tho Most Value for the Lowest Price.
Astoria Roofing and Cornice Co.
34 Gravel.' Tin and Slate Roofing
ninth ctdfet Asphalt Psvlnj for Basements. Sidewalks and Streets
wn 1 " 5 ' rtt 1 Asphalt Coatlni on Tin and Shingle Roofs
a34 Repairing of all kinds of Roofs
Clarkson & McIrvin Booni ComPany
promptly Furnished
Astoria Asphalt & Roofing Co.
AH Work
Roof Painting;
nd Hpalrln Leaky Roof
Emil Schacht
GEO. NIC0LL. Assistant.
Kopp's few Brewery
HftiaS, BflCOR, IiAfyD
Con 4th and Glisan Sts
Overcoats and winter wrapt will bs la
fashion. Thsy can bs dlsoardtd, ttmpor
rlly Willi traveling In the stlam-heated
trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St
Faul Railway. For solid comfort, (or
ipd and for safety, no other Una oaa
eompar with thla rraat railway of tha
to 2,a
216 and 217 Chamber of Commerce
Portland. Oregon
l.rnv orders at
SI. 1.4 Commer
cial Mtroet
seaside sawmill
A oombleta stock of lumber on hand
In the rough or drosned. Flooring, rus
tic, celling and all kinds of finish; mold
ings and shingles. Terms reasonable
and price at bedrock. All orders
promptly attended to. Office and yard
at mill. H F L. LOGAN,
Seaside, Oregon. Proprietor.
The Palace Cafe
Is the Place for a
Good Meal...
Eastern Oysters
is the shell or cia
Served to Order or Sold at Retail
Hosss Wtovlag Teols lor Rat.
County Court Spent VcMcrilay and
Last Sl(ht In Discussion.
State Might WHI Copy After Mr East
ern Sisters I ncrea of l"IulUon
l.y Prop, r Improvements.
At th. wi.lin of 0. county court
ymt.nliiy. and the tt.lJoiiniixl mwUng
limt rvrtiliiit, tie prlwilpal subj.-t un.
iliw uiftlim Vicuna's IHver
brMit". laffc'' numlx-r of farmers
.wro In fnn tlk tlv Lewis sxl Olsrke
to urH the early oMi)pltlnii of the
brtilge. Tliry jvancil tlr arguim-nt
thai If CttttJK cmnty. "r any other
Mrtim of the fctate of On-S'xi hled
to pH.' and develop iM farming ll
irlrtn. kmh! roiwln are a tiecliy. Not
only do Ctie faiuient nrl Convenient
means of iCea to the city, but the
. iii.h, ti-rJ .hI driveways for the
pU-Mure and reTnotlon of Uielr cltl
sens. Astoria, purtl'-ulnfly. neeU good
country ru1ii. The rity Itself Is built
mi a -rl of hill", hum no boulevards
or public parks, and while being only
about Ikji tiulwa from the ocean tjeai-hes.
has no driveway or even bridle path
over whleJi tt citllen ran reach the
mean by team. burse-iMU-k or bicycle.
The farmers believe ht If they rmd
t, mads and brWKe connections
iw rtiwi Young's lliver Into the city, the of the peninsula between
v.mns's Illver and the Lewis and
Clarke would be quadrupled In I
than four years time.
It seem to be Uw ofilnlon of those
versed In grnrral business matters that
roads are to a community as easentlsJ
as are the blood veins to the human
body. There are some who think that
It la uiintnewwry to and any more
money on rmuls kt the present, a our
intrh-atv aystem of Interior waterways
vthlxh haw alreaUy built up the Jty,
III continue to serve the purpose. This
may b true, to a certain eatent, and
it la also proUtbly true, as suKKeHtvd
by certnsn Au1a ImwIikks men. that
this city and county nesls several other
llilmrs in the IminMliate future more
thiin It do an additional rxiH-n llture
ii ronds ami brldires. It remains the
fact. li.evt-r, Unit what riodit the
iwuiity bus have been of creates! ben-
flt. Haul the waterways have reached
their limit of us-fulnese. If there Is
to to Increase of population In the
country districts. It mum come tnrouirn
aitillll.mul and lmpnvel nwlH.
Tin more rhdtim-ls f trade that A'o
ipeiieil In any community, the jjreater
and better the Reneral builniw. Kvin
the running of regular trains arrows
fiVMii Clatsop 1'laliiH dally has t-lilarged
to iui appreciable extent the traltlc of
the city. If people are furnished quick
iiihI cheap means of traiiHpvirtatlon
mender and fnlKht It cjinnot fiUl
to IncrpHse bimlin all around. Where
i-IUv like lUtltlmore. New York. I'hlla
lcl.hlu, t'hlcuK". St. I'aul, Omaha.
Kansas City, San Pranctttco, I'ortland,
Snlftle, Ta-oma. and Awtotiu have both
water and rail transportation, they
reai-h the . hlKhcet state of di-velop-merit.
Hut with it nil those cities are
the iiMil nuccetwiful which have good
ountry roods. Tile p0l in the West
do not seem to have renllied the Im-
IHHtance of this matter, as yet. but
down In New Jersey they have brought
t Minus to a tine titnt.
The following suitemont of the bids
pened In the comity court yesterday
for the construction of the proposed
Young's river btidge will be found moat
The bids cover sjMUia to be built on
plli. with abutmenu and pile pivot
and stiM-1 cylinder piers, with W) to VJO
f.ret oenlng, sp.uie 204 to feet,
and the entire length of the bridge to
be JS0O feet, with lfi-foot trestling, and
16 to 20 foot roa-lway. Vakelield
Jacobsen, 12,4l; rncJIlc Drldgc Com
pany, f!2,"Srt, Sanderson A Maney, $13,
S(W; Wakefield and Jacobsen, J17.S:U:
Paelllc Tlrldge Comiany, $13,3!0; Pmifio
llrldge Company, $13,990; Sanderson A
Maney, $1",!K)0; Sanderson A Maney,
$19,670; Wakefield A Jacobsen, $22,750;
Pacific rtridge Company, $17,390; Pacific
Bridge Company, $317,91-0; Sanderson A
Maney. $23,030, $25,2r.0, $16,800, and $17,
6(H); raclflo Bridge Company, $16,561.
Th entire attention of the court was
occupied up to U o'clock last nluht In
considering the various bids made by
the different contractors on the several
styles at bridges. The two county com
nilmtlonera were orisved to building
any bridge unless they could use the
special rood fimd tax imposed on city
property. If it Is found that this caa
be done, work will proceed vt one. All
bidders withdrew their certified checks
and gave bonds InxtcAd, giving the
county court thirty days in which to
consider the matier. It being under
stood that the bids are to be resealed
and placed n Clerk Dunbar's custody.
If It Is decided that the work can go
forward the matter of choice between
the different bids, It let understood, will
be submitted to Chief Engineer Ja
mieaon, of the railroad company.
It 'may be asserted with, considerable
certainty that the treasury portfolio
will not be invited to accept T. C. Piatt
Opposition lias Its Innings Cither
Nws from th Capital.
Washington, Felruary J After
brief parliamentary struggle In the sen
ate late this afternoon the friends of
the Nicaragua canal bill were unable
to hold a quorum aw! alt out the ob
struction to that measure, vtlass had
mntlnued his sfn-enh in opp(lttim, this
bHng his third day. At 4 30 p. m. ft
ctwsi fire of motion to adjourment,
4id calls of the siate t-gun. The
friend "f thw Mil resisted adjournment,
while the opoMltlon sought to clow? the
srlin and give Vllus a rest from his
iiolr,ii ti'd elforts, The parliamentary
cont't continue at Intervals for half
an tiour. and the senate refused to ad
journ. The friends of the bill finally
gave up hope of securing a quorum and
yielded to an adjournment Vilas con
tinues to hold the floor.
The senate agree.) t the houw reso
lution llxlng February 10 for the cere-
mony of counting the v.te fsr resl
ilent and vice-president before the two
hotisem of congress. Altlioiigh defeated
for re-Hecilon, Senator Dubois, of Ida
Iwi, w as wnleonvd ba k to the senate
tUy with marked cordiality and with
an bundam?e ? floral tributes. His
dtk was Irterally overWhelrnel with
dowers, while tablM, chairs, and ad
joining dk avere thought Into use
to NUifort many unique devices Into
within rosea and violets had been
wrought. A great cluster of violets was
Med wrth HMsm. bearing In sliver,
"lssio." The main design, rfcrtng eight
fet from the floor. as arch pillars, be
ing of white roses and the capstone of
tmmortHlea, bearing the word "honor."
Washlngtim. February J. (me month
from tonjorrow thore will be a change
of occupant In the White, House and In
antkitatin of this there Is already a
gtmeral pu king of the personal effects
of Prellmt Cleveland and his family.
These are Hng made ready for ship
ment to his mewiy purchased hohne In
rreldnit and Slra. tievoland will fol
low ttvH usual custom of invhing the
pivaicUMrt -elect and his wife to be their
(.newts at dinner at the executive man
sion tin the vvenltig of March 3 Presi
dent llarrlwon oirtertalncd President
and Mrs. Cleveland in this way before
the !.iHt clunif of aiminUaratlm. The
lumii usually given by the retiring
onwl'l-nt In bon.-r of his miwwmir Im
.iicitlifly aftr lu formal Inaugura
tion will Ik- or lilt ted at the coming In
auiiurution u avoid delay In the move
ment of the procetwWn following the
cvrciiwa'iieM at l lie cailto.
Washington. Flruary S. The East
Tunniwv bridge burners have been
romrnndl by the hue committee
n Invalid pensions a worthy of a
higher rate of p.islon than other sol
diers'. U-ciiUMe of the perilous churacter
of their duty and the sufferings they
mid rwont. A number of eltlxens of
I'tMl TwuiesKtiv In lfil enlLsttl In the
Cti'.on army as brklge burners, under
standing they would lie shot or hMlged
If ca.ture.l by the enemy. Some wore
captutxl nod shot, sonic csoaiHtl to
tha mountaJns. wid others Joined th
t'nlon army. In view of th"!e fais
the committee thinks sei lal nvognl
tlon should 1h giv.-n them. A bill Intro
duced by Anderson, of Tennessee, pro
vides) that thirteen M-rsons who were
thus ongiigetl in tills service Ije placed
vi th iiitlon list at $-1 per month.
No Necessity for Nebraska's Proffered
Kindness to Chlcapoans.
Lim-oln, Neb.. February 3. The sen
ate this morning killed the Kennedy
resolution offorvd last week and adopt
ed ono offering to send corn to Chicago
free of any cost to the city If It would
lie accepted by the mayor.
Chicago, February 3. Mayor Swift
has heen advised of the action of the
Nobraska legislature and sent the fol
lowing telegram:
"Hon. James F. Harris, State House,
Lincoln: Answering your mesAge, we
sincerely Cmnk tho generous people of
Nebraska for their profforcd donation
of corn, but respectfully decline, as the
response of our own oltisens has been
so abundantly generous as to give all
aid that will be required to meet the
wonts of the suffering."
Uosoburg. February 3. Deputy Sher
iff Stephens goee to Salem on the morn
ing train to get John Case, who was
arrested there today by the ohlof of po
lice. He was indicted by the Decem
ber grand Jury for holding up a train
at Cow Creek Canyon in July. 1S95.
Nothing new concerning the Thursday
hold-up has developed. Detectives and
Olivers are quietly at wvrk. The no
torious Jailbird. Bob. ITInman. was seen
at Riddle's on Tuesday of lost week.
Chicago, February 3. A special to
the News from Washington says:
At the requeM of Major and Mrs. Mc
Klnley no wine or other mtoxloants
will be sold at the Inaugural ball. Mrs
McKlnley Is really responsible. It will
be the first time liquor has been pro
hibited at that function.
l.4i...t.s Vnw lr Thst ttie Sena-
ia i v
tor's Senatorial Sun Ha Set.
The Senate and Rump House Went In
to Joint Convention to Ballot, and
Then Went Out Again.
SjwiaJ to the Aatorian.
Salem. February 3 Indications to
night are that J. H. Mitchell will not
to a memlM-r of the next Vnlted States
mate, The Joint assembly called today
for the purpose of electing a United
Stat'.-s senator -was composed of only
thirty-nine members, seven less than
a majority. As there was not a majori
ty prewnt the assembly took a recess
till morrow noon. It 1 now the hope
of Senator Mitchell that the other seven
members can be Induced to come In at
that time. Lines have been so closely
drawn, however, that It seems that
the hope cannot be real I red. Failing
to secure an election by means of a
Joint convention, the only adtematlve
for MHcheU is to wait until the house
Is regularly organised.
The Joint convention assembled at
noon. It was called to order by Sen
ator Patterson, who nominated Senator
r.rowndl a cliairman. Brownell was
unanimously elected. The rolls of the
senate and house were then called. The
following senators answered to their
names: Brownell, Driver, Dufur, Qow
an, Johnson, Pateraon. of Marion. Price
Reed. Taylor 9.
The following members of the house
were present: Benson, Bridges, Brown,
Chapman. Conn. Crawford. David.
Gratke, Gurdan, Hogue. Hope, Hudson.
Huntington. Jennings. LangeH. Marsh,
Merrill, Mitchell. Nouler, Palm. Rigby,
Smith, of Marlon, Somen. Stanley.
Thomas, Vaughan, Veneas. Wagner 29.
Senators Hughes and Harmon came
in later.
Yesterday's proceedings In the sen
ate and Irnon house were rmd. Sen
ator Reed asked the chair If the re use
roceedlng required of the Benson hotis
temp-ary organiaation.
Th. -j-air
would not gne Ret-d a definite reply
and Reed put on his hat and walked
out of the room. After waiting for
about three quarters of an liur for forty-six
members to come In the Joint
assembly twk a recess until 7:30 p. m..
not having been able to secure the at
tendance of forty-six members.
Tliere was no change in the situation
at 7:30. The Mitchell men worked Hke
beavers all afternoon and Interviewed
every available member. When the
hour for assembly arrived, it was evi
dent that many less than forty-eix
w ere present. The chairman waited for
half an hour, and then called the as
sembly to onler. The roll was cal'ed
and twenty-nine members of the house
and ten of the senate, exactly the
same a In the day, responded. The
clerk reached up to Chairman Brownell
and whispered that there were juft
thirty-nine. Brownell made no response
and there was no announcement of the
result. After waiting for fifteen min
utes for members who never came the
convention adjourned until tomorrow
The Joint convention was made of the
licnson house, with one exception, and
ten of the tjwvlve ewnators who voted
yesterday to reverse President Simon.
The first exception Cas Lake, of Lin
coln ami Benton. Lake told Senator
Mitohell several days ago that. In his
judgment the prHKsel convention
would not be regular and legal and he
would not enter Jt. He thought the
senator ought not to ask his supporters
to engugv In a proceeding not in strict
conformity with the statutes. Lake
was as good as his word. Senator Daly
and Senator Haseltlne were the two
others. Daly today declined to go with
the minority of the members Into as
sembly with what lie termed an Illegal
Sonator Haseltlne furnished the sen
sation of the day. He had become con
vinced that the organisation of the con
vention had not been effected properly
and In succession of the usual vote
In both houses the previous day, as re
quired by the statute. He thought It
his duty not to participate in it, and
so he, too, walked out. Senator Reed
also went in and, when 'he found that
he was expected to sit with the Benson
house, he passed out. There is no pros
pect that tomorrow will bring an Im
portant change.
American Control of the O. R. and N.
Co. Will Do Away with Rate
New York, February 3. The Evening
Post says:
Capitalists Identified with the North
ern Pacific Railroad Co., members of
the underwriting syndicate, and of tfte
re-organisation' committee, as well as
others connected with she Oregon Rail
road and Navigation Company, frank
ly admitted today that ai large block
of stock of the last named company
had been purchased from German bond
holders. They said that the stock so
purchased, together with that the pur-
c.has'-rs already held, will give them
'(the new owners of the stock) control
of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation
Company and Insure its being maintain-
as Independent property and operat-
jed m harmoniinM relatkm wKh the Nor-
them Pacific. Oreat Northern, and the
t'mVm Pacific rtaflways.
Members of the $4,000,000 syndicate
who underwrite the securities of the
Noithwn Pacific Company heartily ap
prove of the transaction. There will be
no disputing traffic from one to another
an no cutting of rate by either of the
three roads named, but all will work
in harmony with the Oregon Railroad
and Navigation' Company, as a feeder
for all three on equal terms). By this
arrangoment all danger of any one
particular Interest securing control of
the O. K. and N. Co., for the purpose
t taking away business from any one
or more of the three roads named Is
done away with, the purchasers of the
stock being equally Interested In all
of them.
Washington Pops. Make Indebtedness
Payable m Gold or Mirer.
Olympla. February . The senate to
day passed a bill relative to the gold
clause in all existing note and mort-gag-s
and providing that all Indebted
ness shall be paid in either gold or
silver money. The fueioniste all sup
ported the silver clause, winning by a
vote of 19 to 9. The entire afternoon
session waa devoted to a discussion of
the menu of the bill and the grounds
of the financial problem of the last
campaign were gone over.
The senatorial Investigating commit
tee has been in eeeaon most of the
day behind closed doors and several
witness? have been examined. Senator
Squire seems to be the target of Insti
gation so far. although an effort win
be made to show than Turner used cor
rupt means to influence the rote.
Washington. February S. The con
tented election case of Cornell vs.
8 nan son. from the Fifth Virginia dis
trict, occupied the attention of the
house today. Three Republicans and
three Democrats on the election . com
mittee had reported in favor of Swan-
son, and three Ilepubl trans offered a
i minority report recommending that
th made vacant, on the ground
that a fair election could not be held
under the Virginia election law. When
a vote came to be taken, the minority
could not muster enough votes to call
the yeas and noes, and Sw anson's title
to his seat was confirmed by an over
whelming viva voce vote.
New York, February 3. It can be
definitely stated that J. Addison Porter,
of the Hartford, Conn., Evening Poet,
will be private secretary 'to President
McKlnley. A private telegram from
Mr. Porter to a friend in this city
states that Major McKlnley has ap
pointed him to tJlat position and that
he nas accepted.
Liverpool, February 3. Wheat spot,
steady; demand, poor: No. 2 red spring,
s uad: No. 1 California 6s 9d.
Hops At London. Pacific Coast. 3.
Portland. February 3. Wheat Walla
Walla, 791180; Valley, S21T83.
New York. February 3. The police
commissioners today dismissed the
charges against Police Captain Chap
man growing out of the captain's raid
on the Seeley dinner at Sherry's.
Butler, the Australian murderer, was
In Astoria in 1S92 and shipped on the
Hritb-h ship Scottish Glens, wiheat la
den for England. He then bore the
name of Richard Ashe.
The absolutely pure
ROYAL the most celebrated of all
the baking powders in the world cel
ebrated fbf its great
, leavening strength and
purity. It makes youi
cakes, biscuit, bread,
etc., healthful, it assures
you against alum and all
forms of adulteration
that go with the cheap
aavsL rtsma
J. L. Kawlios Elected Senator on tie
PiftyTblrd Ballot.
Thatcher's Friends Asserted that Relig
ious Influences Were Working
Against Their Candidate.
Salt Lake, February J. J. I Rawllna
was thla afternoon elected United,
States senator. The vote la as fol lows!
Rawlins, $2; Thatcher, 29; Henderson,
1; Brown, I.
Rawlins was elected on the fifty-third
ballot. This closed the moat exciting
political contest ever held in the state.
It was such a contest aa could not have
taken place In any other state, owing to
the peculiar features which were
brought into tthe contest This was
what might be called "church day." In
the Joint assecnbly church talk was in
Jectsd into the proceedings so often and
so persistently that several times the
presiding officer had to call attention to
the fact that it was a civil body for (ha
purpose of transacting state affairs. '
Consultations between Henderson and
Rawlins men before the balloting this
morning showed plainly that something
important would take plac and word
wast passed around that it was to be
RawUns' day. On the first ballot
Thatcher lost one vote; while Rawlins
gained six from Henderson, putting
him at the top of tbe list A recess
was then taken to 3 p. m., and when
the assembly convened again over mm
hour was lost on the efforts made by
the Thatcher men trying to fores aa
Nearly all of Thatcher's friends mads
open charges of ohurdh influence
against their caodldaee, while bis op
ponents were vehement in their denial
of the charges. Rldoout made a vigor
ous speech In favor of absolute separa
tion of church and state.
Sloan, chairman of the Democratic
state committee, and one of the
Thatcher men, said he had In his pos
session a letter written by a member
of the legislature In which he stated
that he recognized a higher authority
I lhan hi uty to the stata Sloan serv.
ed notice that. If a United States sen
ator was elected by the vote of that
member, he would contest his right to
i vote on he question. When roll call
was finished Rawlins had 31 votes, or
within one of election, while Thatcher
had 24. Several members changed to
Thatcher from other candidates, until
his vote was brought up to 28. Finally
Hansen. Republican, who had voted for
Goodwin, changed to Rawlins, and his
election was officially announced.
Rawlins Is 46 years old and was born
in Salt Lake county. He studied law
in 'this city and was admitted to the
bar Id 1S75. He was elected to congress
as a delegate on the Democratic ticket
in 1S92, defeating Frank J. Cannon, but
was defeated by Cannon In 1S94. -
Will Take the Festive Shot and Live In
Perfect Happiness.
Tsueoma, Wn., February 3. John Kel
ly, a morphine "fiend," today received
tidings that his mother had died In San
Francisco, leaving him $2,000. He has
just been released from the county Jail.
When Informed of the money left him.
Kelly said:
"When I get to San Francisco I am
going to buy $1,000 worth of room rent
and $1,000 worth of morphine and live
perfectly nappy until I die."
About live years ago Kelly was left
$60,000 by a relative in San, Francisco.
He started out to spend it and in six
months It was gone.
i 1 .
smhi ea.. am veas.