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The Dally' Astoria
mid worry
: and pvitMAManr
...Family Clrtototlflj
An "Ad M.
In Tms Ai)mh'I
"Wmi Cuisws."
NO. 20
, jfii Ijti
aw .;,-.. .- ' w-
tsvr i.etw
A-r T -raw jr Avsr f ajtsfnt v v y
r -w -
Ladies' Kid Button Shoes
Cileni Tip. Cintom Made, Worth li V)
Laird. Schoter & Co.'s
-VHO ltd $0 9ln.
Columbia Shoo Company
323 Commercial
A Full Line
Office and Hlnfloc
Calendar Pads
Blank Books ft,?,1
?'"ng Supplies
Tide Tables
City Book Store
The Low Price Store
is closing oyTjrsjysiNEss.
All Dress Goods, Shoes, I'mlcrvtcnr. CIobKk, Corsets, sold 30 per
cent, off rccinlar prices. If voa buy one dollar's
worth of goods all you pay for It Is 70 its
I. COHEN. . .
401 lloncl St. -
Do We Have
Because our Goods are
Properly Represented.
Wo I t'iil Courtoounly with Our Customers,
Wo Collider Their Wimtn,
And Give the Most Value for the Lowest Trice
Astoria Roofing and Cornice Co.
rll Gravel. Tin and Slate Rooflnr
NINTH STREET AsPna,t fvlatr
Clarkson & jftclrvin
Promptly Furnished
Astoria Asphalt & Roofing Co. fftvi
All Work
Roof Pltitio
sod Repairing Leaky Hoof
Emil Schacht
GEO. NICOLL, Assistant.
Kopp's Hew Brewery
Wall Papar. Anim' Matarlala, Palatt ,
Oil. Glut, ate. Japanat Mining i,
Ruga and Bamboo Coodt
365 Ccmmerclal Street.
jlAlVIS, BflGOfl, LBHD
Cor. 4th and Gllsan Sts
Ladies' Fine Shoes
HI lry. 4 VI,
St., Astoria, 0
Awtorln, Or.
for Basements. Sidewalks and Streets
Repalrlnf of all kinds of Roofs
Boom Company
216 and 217 Chamber of Commerce
Portland. Orefoa
Guaranteed -
A complete stock of lumbar on hand
In the rough or dressed. Flooring;, rut
tic, colling and ell kinds of finish; mold
ings and thlngtae. Term reasonable
and prices at bedrock. All order
promptly attended to. Office and yard
at mill. H F. U LOGAN,
Seaside, Oregon. Proprietor.
The Palace Cafe
Is the Place for a
Good Meal...
Eastern Oysters
la the shell or can
Served to Order or Sold at Retail
Hoiim Moving Tools lor Rout.
While I'mlcr Surveillance Hurry Snow
Kwapcs from Jailor Clinton.
l.ort l SI it hi and N True t I Mm
Yri Found-Tree Hherln Offer
Reward of
About : o'H.Mk yrstetday afternoon
alight flurry M snow l flM
th county Jail made thloita Hit'
frigid f"r tlii Jailer n1 deputy lM-rim
h up t Itw. jin-iM-nl wrlllng are atlll
)Mulnic th iHiinn.
r"rftii tho l"n lnftmi0"n ol.talna-
l,l turn it ti "flo-m iibvb y rt-
HirriKl It Knwi IM J"'-r (.union
hl Hurry Htcw mi-l iHih-r rtwnr
out rry!ng In rod rnin tnr oti
.lt In th ynr-1 Tin af.TiMm a
iilrwHnut i!m. a1 Itw mn xncluJfl
thai th. y would Mkn a l.n-ath f frtnh
air. th-y ma'l- hr.-k for Mrty.
('Union jiiud a gral) for Un-m. Iut
r.mlit only YA' nw nwui. Bnow wrap-
11K anl mnnlnit lwti U utre.t. Frm
(Nmiim-n-liU h tumd ui NUith anl
tM,k lht drri't ovT Ihw hill ami w
-n lt to vlw. Thr nhrrlfr anl
hi ..n.ull trtrl In I'urniilt and have
rv( yrt lxi-n h'-ard rnnn.
It ulll w nrnwmtx'rwl that a f-w
day Kn"w " the ytmnic man
tv. while maakrd, nilerrd the office
of the Aturl rvtr car ( . arn r
mldnUht. hrht up th niirht watchman
at the ltit of a revolver, and a-ur
Ing the kya of thn nxm-y drawer ob
talnrd aNut IW. He afterward cn
frajKvl thr crime and rWurtied the non
ey. and notwithstanding (he fawrt thaw
the oimpuny dM nt care to rvim the
rw. uu IhiuihI over to awnit the
ajllim of the irraml jury. It le Mild
thnX Hitw la fclmplc uilndixl. and
Ay or two inp ho cnfel to Car
day or twi Mnce he rnfed to llee
Captain Hall.x k thftt he had cm)niltti(d
the dtMsJ In onti-r to ruiae funU for
hi eli-k wlfi. who tuul Juet irlvpn tiirtn
tu a child In TUIiunook. Know had
n-rn illaclmiKrd by the company and
clalniH.! that h ciuld iwit net work and
knew f no other wajr to rel-o' the
At I 'rlk luet nlKhl Bherlff Hare
returned from the chue. and denied the
whole etory atntvv. "Yeeterday morn
ln Snow ankeii prnnlBrtlon to 110 to
hla reetdrnce. Junt nouth of the Tlghe
Hotel, for jhkimi clothen. I told Jailer
Clinton W take him htme, aa he had
luneonre before but to take no chance
u ho waa a dunKcruu man and needed
ireful wau hlim, Clinton look him to
hla houee, the man went up vtalra and
down wtatra. and flnajly Into th kitch
en, which la a Hmt klu-hen. with 111
only entrance from th porch. Clinton
waa In the room with hhn. Pnow made
a d&ah for the door, slammed It In Clin
ton'a face, matle hla eara, daahed
around the corner up jmrt Mr. Flatier'a
hou ie and Into the brunb. Clinton nev
r aw ma m:u ancr ne icrt me
kliclx-n. Whether the Jailer hal bn
knocked down by Snow or held at hay
by Uu iilxtol which viui eat til In hla
house I have not yt kitrnitl. I think
we will have our man Iwfore mornmir,
You can wiy that I will offer & reward
of tc'5 for hla capture. AJI of this
vmixtthy liUk In bemh. Snow knew
exaotly what ho wh diring. He la
young man and should receive hla lea-
ii, not only Tor hla own good, but
for the good ot othera."
Waahlngton, January 23. Senator
Jones, of Arkansas, chairman of the
IVimx-radc national committee, tmlay
sint a telegram to Secretary Walsh, In
Idaho, saying In the atrongest terma
thttt party expediency demanded that
the Democrats In the Idaho legislature
vote for Dubois. The following is the
text of the message:
'On a full consultation of the sltua
tkn we believe the controversy In Ida
ho today 1a the sanve that waa fought
In the last campaign ithat the Interest
of the national Democracy demands the
election of Dubois, who with Teller,
and others, led the silver Republicans
out of the Republican party, lite de;
feat by Democratic votes, or by failure
to obtain them, will not only affect our
party In the senate, but will weaken
and dlsalpate our strength In the West
and Central Wet. We reinird his eleo
Hon of supreme ImiMtrtance. Can vo
present a stronger argument to our
brother Democrats In Idaho?"
Washington, January S3. Inte today
the friends of the Nicaragua canal bill
were considering the advisability ol
amending the menmire so as to meet
the objection mode In Mr. l?olerlpuez'
loltei, uid H now stvms probable that
thlH course will be adopted.
The contemplated ankMKlincnts would
provide among other things for the
securing to Nicaragua a contract per
eentage of the stock and for a proor
representation of that country upon
the board of directors. They think that
with the bill amended In these respects
they can prevent Its recommitment,
when the motion for that purpose 1
nad", as Is vn-y likely to be dn
arly next wck,
CiHiKHXJK I'Oll TftKA.HI'llKlt.
WaahliiKlon, January !3. Th new
KnglatKl si-nalors have 4grwl t, unite
In the rw'nniniridatlm of Hon. T. Jef.
firson C'ookldge, of MasMt:htitji, for
th ortli of rotary of the treasury In
the McKlniey iablnt. This conclusion
waa reached tKlay after a serW of con-
fyri-n'-e In which the ejitlr New Eng
land delegation In tl senate partN-
tfpeclal U the Astotiao.
Omalut, J urinary 23. Attirney (iin-
rrsl Harmon, throuifh Bpwial C'(uni
John C. t.'owin. tllel In the office of
the clerk of the clrcutt rourt f the
'nllel Htates at noon today, a bill
fur frinure of the gvvcrmiicnt sec
ond nnirtgage on th I'nlon I'adflc
main line from "maha to Ogden and
the KaiiKita lucl(lc from Kansas City
to Iienver.
lUtim- Motto. January M The sena
torial vole today rsullel as follows:
Clnitt, th; Dulxss. it- Nelson. 13; J.
( Itogers, i.
'Cltlsen" lloa Something to Hay About
Judge llowlby's Communication.
Astotia. January 23. tKdltur AatO-
rlani It a Kh some sstonlnhment
rwit .mui'h, h"eAer. that I read Judge
lloulby's calomily article in your
Imue of this date. I was somewhat
aatoitlnbe.1 because I expected better
Judgmt.nt frm a gentleman of Judge
Itowlby's HiatMlIng as a profesalonal
man then on second thought, remem
beJnaT more than one speech made by
him recently bi-fore a public audk-ni.
I as prvtaiml for aluuMt annhin.
Kvcn If all the evils the Judge calls
attention to In his ankle be true. do
It not uliow a woeful Imk of common
kim Judgment, to parade it before
the world to place a weapon in the
ready hamla of our neighbors, which
they uill eager!) use to Hay us?
Alut a year ago Judge TowUiy was
nm.1.' Iupy by a numlier of Astoria
gentlemon jiouring a quantity of gold
into his oM'n hwnils as first payment
m a iii- of rruge they had pur-
chaio-d for sh ulatlon 8lnce that
time lite Judge has Ut-n made agnjn
happy by another Installment of yel
low metal. Dc-s llie Judge Imagine
llnu these gentlemen appreciate hln ef
forts to frighten prospective purrliaa-
rs by Haunting his calamity rag in
their fiueg at every turn?
Would It not be far better for such
men as Judge Iktwlby, owner of land
and holder of numerous mortgages;
would It not be far heater for Mr,
I Vow lb y to Jitn Kith more liberal-mind
ed and progrtwiive rltliena, and Insu
lt urate enterprises here that would not
only Increase the value of hla own prop-
erty hut that of his neighbor as well.
and make the sesurlty of his mortgages
far more sound? If the total property
valuation of Astoria Is but a little in
cxciws of two millions, how much will
such article as signed by J. (J. A.
liowlby In this morning's AstorUn In
re.i. It? CITIZEN.
'1 s'pose It's all right." said little
Willie, ruefully, "but I don't see what
snylnnly wanted to give papa a Christ
mas present of a mlr of slippers for."
"lon't you wont him to have i
Christ mus present as well as you?"
asked the visitor.
"Oh. I don't cure about that," re
plied Willie; "but If you knew how my
I ml pa uses his silppeirs sometimes I
guess you'd feel Just the same as me
If you was his little boy."
"How does he use them?"
"Well," returned Willie thoughtfully.
and evidently not willing to be too di
rect In his reply. "Santa Claus might
Just a well have given him a strap
or a switch of some sort." Chicago
Honest im.t stew Is a delicious dish,
and this Is one of the best ways to
make It. Cut the meat Into small dice
with a sharp knife and put to stewing
gently In a pint of hot water, or sweet
not very salty, beef stock. Stew till
tender, then put in three tablespoon-
fuls of diced cold boiled potatoes. Stir
In a quarter of a cup of butter, two
tahltwpoonrula of flour till It Is smooth
one sixxmful of beef extract, teaspoon
ful of lemon Juice, and a teospoonful
of chipped parsley. Stir this evenly
Into the bubbling stew and season It
with siklt and pepKr to suit. Toasted
ir.i,t la nice to eat with it. It Is an
excellent "hurry up" dish.
Mi's. Hobbs. nn Intimate friend of
t l.o tlrst Duko of Wellington, has Just
died In Ireland at the age of 10.T years.
Her huslmnd wiv badly wounded at
Qutitre Bras- Five of her fourteen
cin.troTi and six of her forty-four
grandchildren are serving In the Brit
iHh annv. and she besides thirty
two gre.t grandchildren, and two great
irreat ernnd children. On her 100th
birthday the Duke of Cambridge con
gratulated her In behalf of the army.
Just Three Minute Yesterday
tator bourne In Portland.
The Opposition Declare that the Ben
son People Will Have to Abandon
Their Organlxatlon. '
Hle UU to the Asfrtian.
Ralem, Or., January 23. The DavU
hou had a wwlon today lasting three
minutes. There were Just four present,
but they were enough to keep up the
form of the preliminary organisation,
and to wait till tomorrow, strictly obey
ing the constitutional provision that
bus than a quorum can adjourn from
day to day only. The opoeitlon de-
laren that It was never so strongly
unified as at present. It la decided In
iUi opinion that the Benson organlia-
Wm will have to be abandoned, aa it
will soon be found that It was able, to
io nothing. It Is certain that the
opposition has no Intention whatever of
going in and making up a quorum of
forty, and It Is likewise certain thit
they will not obey mandates of the
Benson house through Its officers, when
warrants are served upon them. Jona
than Bourne says he will yet be
BeeJcer. He went to Portland today,
beina- the first time he has left the
scene since the legislature evened.
The New York Banks Are Glutted with
New York, January 23. The Flnan
cU-r says:
There l no cessation of the movement
of money Into New York Banks. The
reserve Increase for the week la 14,895,
2S3, w-hloh brings the total excess re
serve to $37.07.800, the highest report
ed In over two years. The decrease In
loans shows a small demand for funds
at prevailing bank raws of 2 and 3 per
cent, but on the other hand there Is
reason to believe there has been some
closing of sterling exchange quotations
which have ao largely Increased the
loan Item of New York banks, and thus
the apparent decrease In loam might
be shown In the face of domestic bor
rowing. In other words the latter is
not on as large a scale as exchange
realising. While the banks are hold
ing to their 2 per cent loan agreement
it la rumored some of them have al
ready or will soon reduce the rate on
current balance to 1V per cent.
The stsjtement as a whole ls Interest
ing aa an Indication of the results
which have been forming for months.
The contraction in business previous to
the election; the heavy export sales and
liquidation in all lines baa forced
New York an immense fund of Idle
money, attracted In many cases by the
small Interest paid on balances. Of
course the piling up of this money
could not occur were business active,
but there are signs that capital is be
coming restive nd Is endeavoring to
seek channels where It can And returns.
With cheap money and fewer debts
than at apy time since the panic, the
chances favor a revival of 'busi
ness on a sure foundation. It will be
recalled that the bond sales of the part
few years furnished an opportunity to
relieve the banks of a large amount
of idle money, but no such outlook can
be looked for now. The money must
He where It Is or go Into Investments
of another character. The recent rapid
rise In gilt-edged securities like govern
ment bonds emphasises a point that
money Is seeking a profitable field, but
this Is a narrow one, and will have
to be expanded. Then a general com
merclal and Industrial revival may be
looked for with certainty.
Does Not Want to Face the Chicago
Murder Charge.
Portland, January 23. George Bets,
alias John Bingham, wanted In Chi
cago will in all probability remain in
Oregon and serve hie three years' sen
tence for burglary. In order to allow
the Chicago authorities to take Beti
on a charge of murder. Governor Lord
granted him a pardon after he had
signed the extradition warrant. Judge
Sears today held that the extradition
warrant was Inoperative because It
was signed while Be-tx was still under
sentence here. He also holds that the
pardon Is inoperative until Bets -has
accepted it. Rets, has expressed no
intention of accepting the pardon and
It Is probable he will decide to serve
out his sentence rather than take the
chances of being convicted of murder
In Chicago.
Chicago Publishers Enjoined from
Stealing Its Title.
Chicago, January 23. A bill was filed
today In the circuit court of Cook coun
ty by Hon. Wm. J. Bryan and his pub
lishers, through their attorneys, for
the purpose of enjoining certain pub
lishers In Chicago and the Northwest
from pirating the forthoommg book
known an "The First Bsttle." The MM
was nied with Judge Kmn who
granted an Injunction without notice
against the Dominion Publishing Co.,
Hubbard Publishing Co., A. H. Kuhl
man Co., and others. These parties
were restrained from publishing a re
vamped edition of the Old Huddard
Campaign Book sold during the cam
pcign under the title of "Bryan, Sew-all
and Free Silver." The ipubllshers of
this book are charged In the bill with
havVng attempted to plratte the name
adopted by Bryan for his forthcoming
publk-ajtlon. "The First Bautle." These
defendants are above charged with call
ing the book "The Great Battle," In
ImltauVm of the tit: adopted by Bry
an and under which his book la to be
placed on the market.
of Han Francisco Chinamen
Posses In His Checks,
San Francisco. January 23. Little
Pete, the most noted Chinese in San
Francisco, was murdered by bis coun
trymen In Chinatown tonight. He waa
sitting in a chair In a Chinese barber
shop when three Chinese entered and
hot him. Inflicting a wound from the
ffects of which he died In a short
time. The murderers were arrested.
The murder Is the outcome of a quarrel
between the Chinese six companies, and
It is supposed that the murderers are
highbinders hired to do the Job.
"Little Pete" has had a varied and
remarkable career In San Francisco
and for years he had been the most In
fluential Chinese In this part of the
country. Whenever any of his coun
trymen were In trouble Little Pete
was always called upon, to help them
out. and he achieved a reputation fir
Jury fixing that almost landed him In
the penitentiary. He was at the head
of Ue business of importing Chinese
women for Immoral purposes and wax
ed wealthy. Little Pete, although he
spoke English fluently, retained his
Chinese dress as a matter of policy. He
controlled many of the gambling dens
In Chinatown and his revenue from
that source were large. He was an all-
around sport and no game was too
stiff for him. He played the races
heavily, and made some bfg winnings.
He waa so successful In picking 'win
ners that about a year ago the race
track people became suspicious and It
was found that he had a number of
Jockeys la his employ. Little Pete waa
ruled off the turf together with the
dishonest Jockeys.
Astoria Gets 110.000 Appropriated
that Purpose.
Washington, January 23. The senate
confined itself strictly to business today
passing a large number of bills Includ
ing those for a statue of President
Lincoln at Gettysburg, appropriating
(300.000 to pay one of the old claims
of the late John Roach for use of his
ship-yards and re-classifying the rail
way postal service. Over 100 pension
bills were passed during the day. thus
clearing the calendar, also a bill ap
propriating 410.000 for a quarantine
station at or near Astoria. For exam
lnation and classification of certain
lands in Oregon, appropriating' $50,000
Huron, S. D., January 23. A severe
iind and enow storm prevailed over
this section of the Northwest today.
The temperature fell to 14 degrees be
low aero tonlgitt. All railroads are
blocked and four feet of snow covers
the Jim River Valley. Itt some sections
being blown Into drifts eight to four
teen feet high. A food famine will rev
suit m remote districts if the blockade
Pasco Rubles, Cat., January 23. The
fight tonight between Young Corbett,
the welter weight champion of the
world, and W. Lewis, champion of
Southern California, resulted In Lewis
being knocked out In the first half of
the second round. Lewis made a game
and stubborn fight. but was no match
for Corbett.
' Chicago, January 23. Mayor Swift
today signed the theatre hat ordinance.
The measure provides for a fine to be
Imposed on any woman who refuses
to remove her hat In a theatre after
complaint has been made regarding It.
LIverjool. January 23. Wheat spot,
firm; demand, poor; No. 2 red spring,
6s lOd; No. 1 California, 7s lOd.
Futures May, 6s 9d.
Hops At London. Pacific coast. 3 lis
Highest of all in Leavening Power, Latest U. 8. Govt Report
T2)fevl Baking
Looks as If He Now Had a Show ta
Beat Judge Turner.
1 11 " J.--.
' Either Party Can Wm the Condi
tions Favor Turner, Even With
His HaiwMcapV . r
Olympla, January 23. Speaker Cline's
stock advanced sharply In balloting for
senator today, and U begins to look
aa if h has a fairly good ahons- to beat
Judge Turner, although the latter yet
holds the trump card. The other can
didates remain m the field? itoiodln
Senator Uquire, but the line kass
been distinctly drawn between CUns
and Turner, with the Populists on soe
side and silver Republicans, Democrats
and fuatonista on he other, and the
fight has sifted down to a struggle be
tween these two forces. It appears ts
be a question of which can draw suf
ficient support from the lesser candi
dates to land the prise. Turner most
gain Just 'ten more votes than Clint.
but if either can win, the conditions
favor Turner even with this handicap.
This was made apparent by Turner's
advocacy of a caucus and CHoVs re
fusal to assist In arranging one.
Four ballots were token today, mak
ing thirteen since the Joint sessions be
gan Wednesday. As result DC th
agreement made at a secret roeetlnsT
lat night, CMne on the first ballot to
day Jumped to the front with 34 vote as
acainst 17 received on the last ballot
yesterday. Turner got 24 votes, the
aaroe as yesterday, while Wlneor
dropped to 7 from 11, and Daniels from
18 to 1 Squire received ( votes, which
Is one more than on the last ballot the
day before. Baker and Rader bad dis
appeared entirely. Cllne. it Is above.
Increased Ms strength from Daniefa
forces, mainly sod by swallowing en
tirely those of Baker and Rader. Oa
the second ballot Cllne and Turner ears)
gained two votes, making respectively
36 and 2t. There were no other Import
ant changes- The third ballot proceed
ed and Cllne and Turner each gained
another vote, giving them 37 and 21
respectively. , .
The fourth ballot was called and
when the result was announced and it
was found there bad been no change
from the preceding ballot, all sides
seemed willing to postpone further hae
tUlrlee and adjournment was taken.
Recorder Lash, of Pendleton,
the Court.
Pendleton. January il The default
ing recorder, George R. Lash, tMa
morning pleaded guilty to the larceny
of public money. The court will pass
sentence Tuesday. Lash was driven to
the court house from his residence
where be has lain sick under the doe
tor's care, and with officers patrolling
before the -house. This morning the
court oOcials, all warm personal
friends of Luah, overcome by emotion,
were compelled to leave the room.
Lash, after saying that others were
Implicated in his crime, refuses to die
close their names. This caused sus
picion against many persons, only to
be removed by Laeh making a clean
breast of the whole matter.
Aberdeen, S. D., January 23. The
present winter Is breaking all records
for heavy snow storms and railroad
blockades. Early last night snow be
gan falling again and wind setting In
this morning. Cuts on the east and
west railway lines have again been
drifted full. This end of the H. and D.
dlvision of the Milwaukee, and the
Great Northern lines from Breckinridge
have been snowbound since January
3, with a very short Interval. The
north and south lines are generally
operated, though only half load cava
be drawn.
New York, January 21 The govern
ment directors of the Union Pacific held
a brief meeting this evening and for
mally ratified the decision of the at
torney general to foreclose on the Un
ion Pacific and Kansas Pacific and else
an agreement with the re-organizatloa
committee syndicate.
I Report waa received from Seaside
I yesterday that the article published in
the Budget Thursday concerning the
I outrages w hich have been perpetrated
I In that lmrs is true, and that these
three scoundrels are well known.