The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, November 12, 1896, Image 4

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I Ussetf, Youth's and
Ladles and Cents'
Autumn Footwear
Rubbers, Rubber Boots, Etc.
John Hahn & Co.
79 Commercial St.
Maximum temperature. 61 degree!.
Mlnlmlm temperature. St degree.
Precipitation, .IS Inch.
Total precipitation from September
lt. IPH, to date, 1.15 Inches. ,
Excess of precipitation from Septem
ber 1st, 1S94, to date, 2.36 Inches.
Portland. November 11. For Wash,
lnrton and Oregon, rain In the western
portion; occasional rain or snow in the
eastern portion; gales on the coast
TO READERS. Taa "Dally AsterUs"
atala. twiea at meek taadlag aiattar as
aj other paper aablUkMl la Aitaria. It
Is the only paper that praasats Its readers
with a dally talacraphle report.
sarlaa has aaere thaa twlea as auuty road
are as aay othar papar pabUahod la Asto
ria. It Is thareVora aaoro the twiea as
valBable as aa adrortlslag stedlaai.
lata of Oregtia. I
Coaaty of Clatsop. (
Wa, the aaderslcoed, laoal ataaagort
sospootlToly or the Weatera Falsa aad
roetal Telegraph eaatpoalos. horoby eer
ttly that tho "Dally Astoriaa- to the ealy
nT paallahod la Astoria which aow re
. ,ft! M7 fB darlag ear ooatrol
f !"W Sfn 1m ppola4,llefraphle
r?Tffrt: .n,jOHMo,
Hapager W. P. T. Co.
laager rette! Tel. Co.
The birthday party tonight
Fresh peas and string bean at Foard
Stokes.' '
- . , , 1 -
Finest Norway Stock Fish at Foard
ft Stokes. . .. . i
Did you see the big ships sail In yes
terday? Recorder Williams
Knappa. .'
Warrenton lots are
much attention.
visiting. In
now attracting
New crop walnuts and raisins.
He Commission Co.
See announcement of
Party on this page...
the Birthday
Persimmons -and fanck grapes at Pa
cific Commission Co.
Honey to Loan Astoria
Title and Tract Co.
Fancy Tillamook creamery
Pacific Commission Co.
We have low prices on fancy tea.
Pacific Commission Co.
Finest kraut and pickled pig's feet
Pacific Commission Co. . , . -,
Those picnic hams are cheap; 10c lb.
Pacifio Commission Co. - -
New strained honey in Jars or gallon,
Pacific Commission Co. ,
Mincemeat for the millions by the
barrel, at Foard ft Stokes.
The merchants yesterday
good city and country trade.
reported j
Guntber's, the only candles in the j
city. C. B. Smith, sole agent i
Oregon cream cheese, 25 cents a brick, j given. Do not fail to attend. Admls
worth 60c, at Foard ft Stokes.' Uion 50 cents. Children under 12 years
25 cents.
Messrs. L. B. Seeley and Walter C. j
Smith arrived down river today. W. C. Watklns, Jas. A. Lacy, San
Mr. S. H. Brown, Jr., of Boston, will
arrive in Astoria about December 1st
Mackintoshes are selling rapidly at
the Low Price Store, 491 Bond street.
Mr. E. B. Brooks, of Skamokawa,
visited his Astoria friends yesterday.
Just take a look at C. B. Smith'
famous Gunt her candles. It will do you
W. J. Heckard and Walt. Ingalls, of
the Lewis and Clarke were In the city
If you don't know your age the
Judges can decided at the birthday par
ty tonight
A store building and several resi
dences are now under construction at
Emil Schacht, the architect, made hi
first march In a political procession
Tuesday night
Mr. James Stokes returned yester
day from up-river with a long string of
snipe and ducks.
Mr. G. B. Hegardt, In charge of the
government works at Fort Stevens, was
In the city yesterday.
John Boberg yesterday sold to Alex.
Campbell Lot 1, Block 11, Boberg's sub-
If you want your tea the
same all the year round, get
Schilling's Best of your
If you don't like it, get
your money back of your
grocer. ,
taa I fitrioa an
The con
Dr. Howard's residence la at Hi Com
mercial street over the "Spa." Night
calls promptly attended.
Dr. T. U nan. dentist Teeth ex
tracted without pain. Price reasonable.
No. 662 Commercial street
Real estate men yesterday reported
the sale of a number of lota on both
the east and west sides of the bay.
Don't pay ten and twelve dollar for
alr-tlght stoves when you can get them
for half the money at 431 Bond street.
Dr. O. B. KMcs is again at his office
attending to his practice, and patients
may And him there at the usual hours.
All who wish to enjoy a pleasant
evening's entertainment should not
fall to attend the Character Concert
Nov. 1S
Plenty of air tight stoves In the mar
ket but only one with hot air draught
tube. The Queen, at Fisher Brother.'
Price. 110.00.
Hans Rasmussen. of Gray's River,
the Bunke Brothers, and John Chris
tiansen, of Gray's harbor, were In the
city yesterday.
The carpenter work on Seaborg's new
building at Ilwaco has been completed.
and the painters will soon have their
part of the work done.
LOOK OUT for fraudulent telegraph
ic news in the Astoria afternoon paper.
None of these paper receive one line
of outside new by telegraph.
F. J. Scholfleld. the landscape gard
ener, will offer al! shade, ornamental
and fruit tree (every pne guaranteed
to grow) at reasonable figures,
A shipment of M.50 square feet of
wire netting was made to Cathlamet
yesterday from the store of Foard ft
Stokes. The netting Is to be used In
Asa trap, '
v v - " - -.-Ti ,
Don't forget that the Low Price Store i
ha the only perfect fitting wrapper,
the handsomest line of Jackets and
capes, and 1 selling them at wholesale
price. 491 Bond street
It Is reported that some of the can-
nerymen at Ilwaco will pay out no more
money to the fishermen there until they
learn the attitude of the state leglsla
ture toward the Columbia river fishing
Tn the Justice court yesterday the
case of Nels Peterson vs. George Mels-
ter, to recover 123 for services rendered.
was on trial. J. M. Hughes appeared
for the plaintiff. The case was con
tinued till today.'
Principal A. L. Christopher, of the
Blind Slough school, has Just rendered
interesting report for the term
which began April 27. The rank, and
attendance of the pupils is shown to
have been above the average.
In the parade Tuesday night Walter
Stokes' horse became unmanageable
and ran away, almost demolishing a
telegraph polie In his flight. Mr. Stokes
was not seriously hurt but had occa
sion to buy arnica yesterday.
The Bachelors' Club mansion, on the
corner of Franklin avenue ana fif
teenth street was handsomely decorat
ed for the big parade Tuesday night
The bachelors had all kinds of fun
when the parade passed the mansion.
The music for the Christmas service
at the Catholic church was received
yesterday. Amongst the other fine se
lections will be W. A. Leonard's Third
Mass In b flat Mrs. Cearns, the or
ganist, has already commenced drilling
the choir In this difficult music.
-character Concert" to be given
at Fisher's Opera House November 19
for the benefit of Grace Church, prom
ises to be a very novel affair, and a
departure from the concerts usually
Francisco; J. B. Barnes, Theodore Glad-
ding, C. H. Fisher. E. A. Seeley, Port
land; J. J. Read, Salem; E. G. Sprowl,
Tacoma; S. H. Maddock, Seaside; E.
Stuart and wife, Ilwaco; J. Riddel,
Nahcotta, were guests of the Occident
Kinney's cannery suspended packing
for the fall season with the close of
last week; the boats are now being
hauled out of the water and stored
away for the winter. The fishing on
the Columbia river this fail has been
a signal failure, neither the fishermen
nor earners having derived much bene
fit from the operations.
The suit at law against Chas. Olvis,
over a dispute concerning the measure
ment of tan bark, was yesterday set
tiemen out of court for the exact
amount originally offered by Mr. Olvis
to the plaintiff, all costs of suit to be
settled by the plaintiff. Including an
additional charge of 131 for transcript
of the proceedings on a proposed ap
peal to the supreme court by Mr. Olvis.
Mr. Duncan Stuart yesterday return
ed from Spokane and North Yakima.
He reports that some of the towns in
Washington are In a very peculiar sit
uation. All their local officials, from
dog catcher to mayor, were elected
from the Populist ranks. Mr. Bryan
was defeated, and the question In those
towns now Is one of the value that will
be placed upon their county and city
A touching incident is reported in
Portland when a meeting occurred In
the office of T. A. Woods, commander
of the Indian War Veterans' Associa
tion. Mr. A. H. Sale and the assistant
wagon master of the train of wagons
engaged in the Taklma Indian war
near Walla Walla, were Introduced to
each other after long years of separa
tion. Mr. Sales was chief of the escort
to the wagon train. The incident that
made both veterans remember each
other was the dispute which occurred
division of Clatsop Grove.
Idera.ll on wu 3S0.
Yes If shortened with Cottolene, Don't Rive up your pie but hm It
made with Cottolene. It can then be eaten geueroualjf without
fetr. Biscuit made with
are light, flaky, digestible.
THR M. ar. rAmniNU COM PiNV.
ISt Lull, I a Iran, BiMtrMl,
between the chief wagon master and
the commander of the escort over the
question of transporting the body of
Captain Bennett, of Co. F, who had
been shot In the engagement, to a place
for Interment. There will be a meeting
of the Indian War Veterans both In
Portland and Astoria on the 21st I list.,
and It is expected that there will be a
large attendance.
By decision of the Republican com'
mlttee the O. O. P. elephant which fig
ured In Tuesday night's procession, was
shipped on yesterday morning's boat to
Portland to take part In the jubilee
there, and Incidentally to show what
kind of animals are raised In Clatsop.
It Is understood that the owner of the
beast will soon give a circus In this
city and will Import other additions
to his menagerie.
The sketches tn oil which were ye'
terday left with Artist Swope to be
hung In his gallery for criticism are
the most stupendous works of art ever
produced from the brush of a local
painters-stupendous from their utter
disregard of the ordinary rule of light
and shade and artistic effects, but
ttftrtltng In the Ingenuity of geslgn and
bold coloring, The public will Undoubt
edly expect to see later work from (his
same artist A salon might b bjiened
for exhibition ot this ciaas bt Itne work.
The Society aitrtstt'a. held Its first
meeting of this season last night, most
of the members being present The
following officers were elected: A. T.
Brakke. president; Lara Tarvig, vice
president; Mrs. Pedersen, secretary;
Mrs. Slverson, treasurer, Luis Ander
sen, librarian. Seven new members
were admitted. A social Will be given
by the society a week from next Sat
urday. The society eKpects to do some
record-breaking good work this winter
and everyone is invited to attend the
weekly meetings, which occur Wednes
day evenings at 8 o'clock.
Coach Frank Boyd, of the A. F. C.
team,' Is getting his men In fine trtiYi.
Nace Grant is making an exxetleht full
back and John and Will Toung on the
ends are strong. W. L. Hayward, a
fine specimen of physical development,
is aa good a right guard as can be
found in the state. A young gentleman
named Smith, who played with the
freshmen team of Stanford, will hold
down center. Ed. Hansen plays a snap
py game at left half, as does Professor
Kellogg at guard. McCue, although a
small man, is doing very well at quar
ter. In. Crosby makes a good tackle,
but hurt his leg a few days ago and Is
unable to do any active practicing. Mr.
Boyd Is positive the team will be in
condition for a game on Thanksgiving
day. In the event of any player being
unable to go upon the field, Mr. Boyd
will take his place. Captain Dan Al
len Is playing exceptionally well at
right guard. He Is gritty and cool and
thoroughly understands his position.
Mr. Boyd thinks the team can suc
cessfully cope with any eleven In the
Pacific Northwest.
The report which went abroad from
this city yesterday and was republish
ed in several state papers to the effect
that the recent heavy rains had se
riously damaged tht grade of the A.
and C. R. R. R. between Tongue Point
and Knappa, and that every cut on
that portion of the mod lately finished
by Corey Brothers & Wattis, had been !
filled by slides, one slide covering about
two acres, and that rip-rapping in
places had been washed out, and that
the whole grade, was extremely soft,
seems to have been sent out under mis
apprehension, probably through infor
mation conveyed by some disgruntled
employe. Chief Engineer Jamieson
said to an Astorian representative last
night that the whole story was manu
factured out of whole cloth. "Of course
it is always expected that any piece of
new railroad grading may suffer from
the first heavy rains after its construc
tion. I walked over the entire ten miles
of Corey Brothers' grade today, and
will only say that every foot of the
grade is up in good shape, not an Inch
of rip-rapping has been damaged. There
was a slide from one of the hillsides of
perhaps half an acre In extent which
threw some dirt Into one of the cuts.
The grade Itself has not been damaged
In the slightest degree."
In the police court yesterday George,
better known as "Shorty" Baker, was
before Judge Nelson on a charge of va
grancy. An April 3, 1892, Baker was ar
rested for sand-bagging a Scandinavian
fisherman, tried, convicted and sen
tenced to five years In the pen. He
was released about three weeks ago.
Al. Seafeldt, who was then on the rorce,
arrested Baker and when the latter
took the boat for Salem his last re-
Those who anticipate attending
the Red Men's masquerade ball on
Thanksgiving eve can procure ele
gant costumes by placing orders
with Miss Florence McMullen,
Room 10, Tlghe Hotel. Prices rea-
sonable and satisfaction guaran-'.
: I
" " Z?Z?T'' w
tea I'nacUro, l'rllaaa, Oncol.
mark to Soafildt that he would
"fix" hint. , Baker struck town Tuesday
morning and strolled Into Mr. Sea-
feldt's saloon that night The rx-pollce
man recognised him and asked him to
partake of that quantity of whisky
which can be contained In a glass, Mr.
Seafeldt to defray the expense of the
same. Baker refused the proffered hos
pal It y In no refined manner, showing
that he still "has It In" for Seafeldt.
He was arrested the same night, Chief
Loughery thinking he was too dan
genius a character to be enjoying his
liberty. He Is a tough looking char
acter and Is said to be every bit as
tough aa he looks. The Scandinavian
whom he sandbagged almost died from
the effects of the blows Baker pleaded
guilty to the charge against him and
was fined 120. On motion of City At
torney Welch the fine will be suspended
In event of Baker's leaving the city.
1. Chorus, "Anvil"
t Vocal Duet (character) "I Don't
Wnt tw Flay In Your Yard,"....
Barbara and Hannah.
1 Quartet "8wet and Low."
Messrs. Smith, Burnet Barker and
-, - Bennett
i Recitation (character sketch)....
Terry McKean.
1 Vocal duet "We've Gone Through
Life Together,"
Mrs. B. VanDusen and Mr. Short.
1 Instrumental duet (two pianos)..
Mr. Olten and Mis Conn.
Vocal solo (character) "A Son of
of the Desert Am I."
Mr. W. H. Barker.
8. Vocal solo (character) "Lullaby."
Mrs. F. J, Taylor.
1. I Allies' chorus, "Lightly Row. My
Vocal duet (character)
Miss Garn and Mr. Burnet
Quartet ('liarncter) "The County
Mikscs Wood and Holden. Messrs.
, Griffin and B nnet.
Vocal solo, "Day. After Day,"...,
Mr. H. G. Smith.
Vocal solo (character) "Maid In
the Moon,"
Mr. F. Barker.
6. Quartet, "Go Sleep, My Honey,"
. Jubilee Singers.
7. Chorus, "God, Who Cannot Be
Miss Conn, accqmpanl.-it.
The Indies of the W. C. T. I'. will
give a Birthday Party this evening,
November 12th. in the basonvnt nf the
Presbyterian church. There will be a
short program and refreshments will
be served. A cordial Invitation Is ex
tended to all to come and enjoy a pleas
ant Boclal evening. Trice of admission,
'A cent for each year of your age, but
the number will never be told." Thus
who have not received a bag can be
supplied at the door Thursday even
ing at 7:30 o'clock.
Notlce Is hereby given that I have
been appointed administrator ot the
estate of W. H. P.yan, deceased. All
persons having claims against said es
tate must present the same to me at
Astoria, within six months from the
date hereof. All persons Indebted to
said estate are hereby notified to pay
said indebtedness to me, forthwith.
Astoria, Or., October 8, 189.
Notice Is hereby given to all parties
holding Clatsop county warrants In
dorsed prior to October 3rd, 1394, to
present the same to the country treas
urer for payment as interest will cease
from, this date.
Dated this 11th day of November, A.
D. 1696. B. L. WARD,
Treasurer of Clatsop Co., Oregon.
A gentleman's resort, at corner of
Bond and Twelfth street. The finest
brands of liquors and cigar always
on band. Call and try us.
To cure a woman of stammering, ask
her what she think of the girl her
husband came near getting engaged to
a couple of years before she married
him. Texas Sifter.
How often It occurs to the shopper
of quiet tastes that there are some
things In the shops she wouldn't wear
If they were glen to her.
The woman whose sweetheart is
away is a boon to the telegraph
In the new era of prosperity Califor
nia should take a leading part.
By the way, what has become of the
Hal It
Salton Sea Salt for baths at
i rnA u ar ia -twin I latin
luc "ico-vuuu "iug Oiure
lOti and 25c per package.
McKinley and
Columbia Harbor
Land Co.
BOND and
Ms on application.
ncgular quarterly teachers' examina
tion will be held at High School build
ing, Astoria, Or., Wednesday, November
11, IS9, beginning at 1 p. m. Applicants
for county teachers' certificate will
be present promptly and remain until
the close.
Examination for State Diplomas will
he held Saturday. November 14, begin
ning at 9 a. m. at same place.
School Hupt. Clatsop Co., Oivgwn.
All persons having claims against the
Republican county committee of Clat
sop county, are most respectfully re
quested to hand them In at the office of
the committee, No. 110 11th street, this
day, November 12th, by IS o'clock noon.
Chairman of Committee,
By B. 8. Worsley, Asst Sec'y.
The V. S. Oov t Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all oihert,
Some of the ring being mail fof
October brides are In three shades of
gold, twisted together chain fashion.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet.
All druggist refund the money If it
falls to cure. tie. For sale by Cha.
Roger, Druggist.
TherSs more clothing destroyed by
saor soap than by actual wear. "Hoe
Cake" contains no free alkali, and will
not Injure the finest lace. Try It and
notice the difference In quality. Roes,
HIgglns ft Co.
The Successor
...To the
Oregon Trading Co.
Has made such deep cuts
iii the prices of good
that they don't need to
make auction now to raise
money. The people have
found it out from the
bargains they are getting
at private sale. YV e are
not yet out of the woods
We must inise $4,000 by
the 10th of December, and
to continue tho nwh so
that the amount can eas
ily be raided we will nell
from 150 to 50 per cent be
low actual value until the
amount is raised.
..6oo Commercial Street..
Steamship Company's
Will be dispatched from Portland, Or
egon on or aliout November 9, 18D4, on
the route from that point to the Co-
qullle River, touching at all Interme
diate points as Inducements offer, and
will remain permanently on that route
making regular trips.
For rates or other Information apply
at offices of the company, Worcester
Block, Portland, Oregon, or 121-123 Da
vis street, San Francisco.
Main Street Dock, Astoria.
at any roan eomlng out of
our iiora and you'll get a
portrait of a man brimming
over with pleasant thoughts.
Bueb quality lo the liquors
we have to offer an enough t
pleaie tar maa.
187a 1895
A Specialty.
Ship Chandelery,
Iron & Steel,
Groceries & Provisions,
Flour & Mill Feed,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Loggers Supplies,
Fairbank's Scales,
Doors & Windows,
Agricultural Implement
Wagons & Vehicles.
Good Times!
lYoplo who have mn hoarding awny
tht'ir money are now buying
and Warrenton Park
Remember that price on these lola,
side of the bay, within a stone' throw
piMpleare now living, will be advanced
... .. .
WANTKD flood girl for general
housework. 740 Franklin avenue,
WANTED A good girl for general
housework. Apply at the Astorian of
fice. FOR Ml NT.
TO I. KT Three furnished rooms suit
able for housekeeping. Apply 1M tOlh
street, upktaJr.
FOR REST A front room nicely fuiC
nlshed. Inquire S24 Bond street, city.
FOR RENT Three or four furnished
room, suitable for light house-keeping.
Inquire at Crow' OalUry.
rOR RENT Three or four room,
with board. Mrs, E. C. Holden, oorner
9th and Duan streets.
ANKHK Goods for Christmas and the
holidays, at Wing Lee', (41 Commer
cial street
FOl'ND Diamond pin found at the
Louvre, Owner can obtain same by
proving property and paying charges.
Cedar Shingles
Columbia River
Trains leave Seaside for Astoria al
7:30 a m. and 2 p. in. dally.
Trains leave Astoria for Flavel at
a. m. and 4 p. m. dally.
Trains leave Astoria for Seaside at
10:30 a. m. and 4 p. m. dully.
Trains leave Klavel for Astoria at M0
a. m. and 2;M p. m. daily.
Use Webfoot Com Cure. No
cure no pay. For sale at Es-tes-Conn
brusr Store.
Concomly Tribe, No. 7
Imp. Order of Red Men
will give a ball Thanksgiving eve. Tt will
he a maMjucrade ball, a largo ball, und.
brilliantly colored ball, red.
Following Are
First prise Meat dressed lady, an ele-
ftant toilet set.
Second prise Best sustained lady
character, Japanese tea set
First prise Best dressed gentleman,
meerschaum pipe.
Second prize Best sustained gentle
Twentieth St. and McKee Ave.
Good Reason
Why Lots
...Are Selling...
1 ' : I
483 Bond Street.
Now Is Your .
.At Special Prices
which are the beat situated on the west
of the Warrenton depot, and where 800
January 1, 1X97.
. . "-!X
R. L. Boyle & Co.
"The Louvre'
flae Miilt. Oaaaee af All Klads. Twey
Magalteest Kara.
tvcRTTtiixG ritm-cim
Good Order tod Everybody's, Right
THl'ITLV avis
The Palace Cafe
Is the Place for i
Good Meal..,
Eastern Oysters
la tic skill or est
Served to Order or Sold it Pet a ft
S. rwtAN. u at r-tt aa A Hla.
U. T. Eaiiis. Urn at Shatatn Cal.
BUcksmlths, Machinists
and Holler Maker
M"J';"4 RI1 Kinds ot Klaohlnery-
Iron and Bmaa Cnatlnva .
OvnsnU Blacksmith Work
Mill M,
PfCIALTIFS - l'hint Wheal, Shla
Smllhlnf nj Slrl"xl Wok. CanMfy ana
1 Maiimwy- manna ana swmwy
Bulll to Ui4r.
Spxlallv Kjulrrxl h" lotc'' awe
Curia ipoaOanca tuliilil
18th and I'ranklln. Phone 78
Teutons Blacksmiths.
Special Attention Paid to Bleaiuboet Re
pairing, First class UoraeatiOeinv, Eto.
1U7 tlLNKV ST.. bet. d ans 4lh.
the Prizes:
man character, silk umbrella.
The prises are now on exhibition lit
the Estes-Conn show window.
Tickets, fl. Ladles en masque, free.
Spectators, CO cents.
A costumer from Portland will be
here a few days before the ball.
Situated on the south side
of Astoria's hills.
Twenty degrees warmer
and vegetation 30 days in.
advance of the North side.
Magnificent sites for res
idences, overlooking river
and bay, sunny and shel
tered. Easy and natural grades;
little or no grading needed.