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I'.xnuiiNU HOW?
a iij worry " .
An "Ad" -
In rim AronN'
"Wnl Column,"
Tbc Dally Astoria n
Has a Rioiiun
...Fimlly Clrculatloa...
Morn than Tumi tim t
NO. 236
Our Handy Waj;on...
Coitililns nil tlx fMtur of th child'
plain rn in1 velocipede, nl, nil
thing cunalileteil, roai the consumer 1
than either. Ha desirable, convenient and
atlefacory Iim II proven, (hl, u
ready "seller," II hti no equal. We lake
imm-iI prlilc, too, In dellverlnc ihr
hid promptly and In fault lee cond'
Hon to lli Inula.
Base Ball
Croquet Tackle,
Sets Garden Tools
.... J
tiox or SCOTCH,
Something New
and Fresh...
Sentiment Now )verwhtniiiiiily Kc
iiiMKiin ii ml rriimiMN n
(.real Vl.torv.
With llu- Hume Men. Mlmn, Manufac
tories, Money, mill Genius u In 1S10
In I1": Wlinl ('hiibis (In Pres
ent lcpllSloll?
Call and Be
Trustee for the late
Oregon State Normal School
A Training. Sihool fur Teacher. Senior Year Wholly Professional.
Twenty week of Psychology and General and Special Methods; twenty
week of Touching and Training Department.
Training school of tiln grade with (wo hundred children.
Regular Normal Court of Three Yean.
The Normal Diploma la recognized by law aa a Stat Life Certificate to
Light Expenses; Board at Normal Dining Hall II. M per week. Furnish
ed room with light and fire, 76o to 11 00 per week. Doard and lodging In
private families ll.W to IS. 50 pur week
TUITION: Bub-Normal, l&.OO per term of ten weeki; Normal, f S 25 per
term of ti n weeks.
Grades from reputable arhoola accented.
CatnloKiit'i cheerfully fumlnhcd on application.
Addres.i P. L. CAnPBELI., Pre., or W. A. WANN, Sec. of Faculty.
I1ic SiiccwhMir f tli I I I Of I f .! . The Stock ('ouslHtsfof
vim miiiiKiu mv: mi w w . -w -w ii ATiiiu
will Inuuuu
mij continue until i,5tMi h i-iiIncJ from MACKINTOSHES
the htnek. Sale poHitivvly without reserve. and Thousands of
600 COMMI1IICIAL HT. other goods.
H. KKIUDMAN, Auctioneer
Astoria & Columbia River
Beginning on Monday, Sept. Hth.tralng on tha A. and C. R. R. R. will
run aa follow:
Leave Seaside at 7:30 a. m. dally.
Leave Heiuldo at S p. m. dally except Sunday. Seanlds at 4 p. m. Sunday.
Leave Astoria at t a. m. dally.
Leave Astoria at 4:16 p. m. dally except Sunday.
Leave Astoria at 6:30 p. m. Sunday. C. F. LESTER, Supt.
Oregon Industrial Exposition
SEPT. 19 TO OCT. 17
The itreut resources of the Pacific Northwest, Agriculture, Horticul
ture, Fisheries, Alines, Manufactures, Machinery, Transpor
tation, Trade anJ Commerce will he represented
more completely than ever before.
Grand Band Concert Every Afternoon and Evening
Lowest Rates Ever Hade on All Transportation Lines
For Exhibit space, apply to Geo, L. linker, Superintendent, at the bnlldlog
E. C. MASTEN, Hecrelary.
TriiIihi, nh!,,. Oi J.iImt Mc
K 1 1 1 1 ' ' I. lay u.blri'.m it III'4 'b-li iilluHH
from Vt Vliylnln. nud from ii'tiiitt
r..nty. ililn. Itf sail .
'Tin- Iti I'til'lli un ramlliliili- Iiiih nn
fiin.ui 1 ,i -oiii'-rit In Kpi'iikliiK to Amrr
Irilll litl'lli'Mi " Hi limn not have In
imiki a illflVrwit ei--rb fur illlTerent
liH-nlltli-s. W'lui t In witil'l wiy to the
p--.,," of w.ii Virginia r any ulh.T
Htnti of tin Hon Hi, tliut h would iy
In New KiikIhihI or mi (he I'sltlc
r.t, fur 1 h prlnclplin of (he ltepuh-i
llran parly urv us natluiiul as our flag.
The grint llioiiKbt of the people of this
country, wlierevi-r Ihey may reside, or
whatever be their occupation, Is how
ite are to ft hark, as a nation, to the
Id conilltloii of bunlni'M activity and
proHTlly. S'liiiethlng has gne wrong.
We have the same country; we have
the mini- men: we have the some mltiits,
the minic iMumfiii torli-. the same mon
ey, tlit same niiistiTrul genius among
our i-ipl i hud between litu and
is2, but we have not the same degree
of prusperlty now thai we hnd tlwn.
And what Is the trouble? (A voice
l'iii,i ruilf fre, iraileV) In a nln-f U
oril l lie trouble with tin country In
the lm k of cotiit'leiu'e. The merchant
has cnfl'leme hen In atocka his
shelve with more r.w's In (hu expit't.i
lion of large .1' The inanufaeturi-T
has conllih ru e when he Increiuiea hi
machinery, hires more men. adds m '
fiu turl, ), la h hi his material In ad
vance, certain thai It will nut ib-cllne
before hl ftnlsheit rw1tirt is sold: con
n.leiit that he can pay the wagca V
laiiur anil tin pi Ices for his raw ma
ti rial. an. I III not ttml In the end hi
koimIs will be ilrivcn out of the Anierl
can tnarki-t by forcltrn g'Miils under
free trade policy. iTremen,ous cheiT
lug ami nli-s of that's the stuff.') Th
laborer feels this ronll'leiicc when as
Slll'iil of fiteady employment."
Aside from two oritanlnsl delegations
McKlnley l.-lny met ninny InKulsh
11I i nlleis. A 111, mt: them were Hurry
Cnrtlel'l. of uhlo; Senator Henry Cubot
UmIkc. of .Miumachuwtls: Theodore
Itoosevelt, New York: Congressman
IMiiKley, chalnniin of the house ways
and means committee, nf Maine; Hulh,
erford Hayes, of Ohio; Congressman
Dalicll, of rittsburg.
Congresi'maii f dngley said he expect
McKlnley's eliHtlon to be imphatlJ
and overwhelming. He also expects
the next house to be Itepubllcan and
against fn-e silver by a larne majority.
He Is hopeful that the senate will be
carried In the general victory.
Mr. Itoosevelt says the Itc publican
sentiment In the Kast amounts to
tidal wave and he believi-M It will sweep
over lllld ellKUlf the West.
Senator Lodge preilli'ts nn unpre.
cedeiidnl Kepubllcan majority In Man
siudiusetts and a complete victory In
the nation for the liepubllcnn party
Telegrams from James It. I'll line, at
the Chicago heinhniarters, says the bad
weather of this week Interfered with
the w hec linen's arrangements for to
morrow, but that about B.0O0 will come
to Canton. Chicago will send between
3(10 and 400 ami the parties assembled
at Cleveland, Pittsburg, and other
points will gather recruits en route.
Eleven delegations are scheduled for
cntiil Id ports of Lower
Affected the Chkaijo
m, i!i(i, Is II.3X0. The larK'st nggn
ii'jiorl'd for a like period since a
'if thlr character has been compiled.
Tin ii'il Inrgesl correniomdlng total
was ll,ll:i, for the name nine months
In the panic, year of h'.i3
The total business failures through-
out the nonunion of fanuda amount o ' Contlntntul Ktports of Lower I'rites
i.'i.n ior ine nine iiioriuis, nn increase
lt 315 coniriareil Willi the C',er..a,u.n.ll
pi-rlvl last yriur. The Into! ilnlillities ' rll':-
'itiinuiit to ir.'.Jl.'si0, agiiinst !,2!r7,OUO
last yeur. I
It Is Thought the Kfforts Will Jie
Hcatlle, October :-'upt. liisxliill, of
Kan I'nini Ivcn, and 'a it. Hunter, of
iho ship L'liuillllu. 111,. now haul at
work nl Port T'.wns. iid with a force of
men t i get evcryihliu' In riadinens In
an efTi rt to rul- the I'lnailila und get
her ai iiind the point and If necessary
beach h'T. With the cargo out snd
powerful pump to exhaust th. water
from 4 he fore and aft compartments,
and two other pumps to clear the fire
room. It Is l-lieveil the steamer will
come off (ho beach without much dim.
ciilty. It may be pixwlhle to take her
to thu drydis'k. The weather at Town
send la reported threatening tonight
and It Is feared storm may arise and
Inflict additional damage to the steam
er. The diver employed has found a
hole about thre feet juare directly
amidships near the k'-l.
' Hal lied Trice, However, and Prevented
a Slump Htrong Market In Kan
Francisco and Several Cargoes
Shipped to Calcutta.
I'bHuco, Octoler 2. Wheat opened
today w ith Indications pointing to a de
cidedly b. urlsh market, with accom
panying lower price. To begin with
the nrly Llverirool cable quoted spot
wheat Id hlgh'-r, but futures 192d low
er. Continental market were quieter
and Inclined to weakness. New York
wired that foreigner were good seller
there and cable response to offer last
night were generally that offer were
too high. Hroker who were large buy
ers yesterday on continental order, led
In selling at the opening. Indicating
that the rapid rise here was temporari
ly stopped at least, on foreign demand
for American wheat. The heaviness of
northwestern receipt. UK cars against
would give to the country a depreciated I
dollar, which would enhance nominal
t fil,i..a tiiitl I.0 itH.,!! In Him r.aumun, ,
d'-bta, but would be attended by the)
ruin of all Industries, the destruction
,,f public and private credit, and Irre
parable mischief. Our plafurm commit
us to the maintenance of the Terno-i
cratic fiiith. II any of our associate,
deluded by deceptive sophistries, are ,
supporting a coalition which disavows i
the traditional faith of the Democratic
party. The beat we can hope for them . .
is that they may be defeated. and."FECT EMPLOYES SHOWN
when defeated, they may return to the!
safe paths that they have heretofore!
J. Bryan's Great Scheme
ti to Kailroari h
Ei posed.
i U'40 car last year, also received atten
tion. Hut overshadowing all this were
reiterations of the failure of the India
The Catch of 1SW Better than that of tr"l. which came from both London
Las 1 Year. and San Francisco, In the shape of fur-
ther engagements for shipments to that
Seattle, October 2. A Port Tow nsend country. These report came in soon
dispatch to the I'ost-Intelllgencer say: after the opening and stopped what
The catch of salmon In southwestern otherwise would probably have been
AiimHa is aiiout jv per cent more than lively decline. As It was, prices rallied
that of last year and about equal to the at once. The market elcsed steady at
pack or the preceding year. The steam- C'.'!N a net decline of I.e.
er Afognak. from Karluk Islami. re-
it various
Philadelphia Times.
William J. Uryan. the Lemocratlc
Popullst candidate for president, was
greeted In Philadelphia on Tuesday
Eigh Hundred Thousand Men to Hold
Office on the Roads at P!uura of
Political Parties and Lose Their
Jobs Every Four Year.
Not aa Encouraging aa Hoped; Total
Failure Exceed the Panic of 'S3.
New York, October 2. Bradstreet's
tomorrow will say:
Cool weather and continued pur
chases by Interior merchants, notubly
West and South, continued the slight
Improvement in trade recorded In the
preceding weeks. Merchants at pri
mary cotton markets and large centers
in the spring wheat region report a
better movement of staples, due to
the unusually heavy receipts of theee
crops. Throughout the Central W est,
including such points as Bultlmoiv,
Clnclnatl, Cliicngo, and St. Louis, the
olume of trude falls behind that of a
year ago In some instancies, but It is
equal to it In others. In Eastern cen
ters an Improvement Is seen In a great
er case? In money markets, and more
disposition to discount commercial pa
per, although at unchanged rates.
Wholesale merchants report a better
feeling very generally, but few antici
pate any material Increases In the vol
ume of business this month. Mercan
tile collectkns continue slow and as
dllllcult to make as heretofore, except
In the cotton states, and at some points
In the Northwest, where heavy crop
receipts have enabled Interior mer
chants to liquidate many long stand
ing accounts. Tho total number of
business failures throughout the United
I States from January 1 to September
lirls the following catches
Karluk. 170JV case; Chlgnak Hay.
4IHD ciuk s: South End, if 0 c as -s; Jos
Hume, Chlgnak Hay. Hi; l'acltic
Whaling Co , Chlgnok Hay. Il.Oufl; John
son's cttiinerynien. NusJ-.eJik !iu 115
.000; Cook's lul-A cannery, S2M).
Promlm-nt Men Repudiate the Chicago
.Ticket and Will Vote for McKlnley.
San Franc isco. October 2. What has
lately given the stnimtest kind of sur
l"ort to the local market, and has be
come a startling and sensational fee.
ture of tht situation. Is the demand
from India for California wheat. The
rice crop has been failure there this
year and the grain crops are also dam
Within the past forty-eight hours two
whole cargoes of California wheat, to
go In steamers, have been sold, the des
orceonlan ('nation of which Is Calcutta. These
Portland, Octolier I. Th.
will tomorrow publish letters from ex- '""' cargoes amount to 10.000 tons. If
C.overnnr W. W. Thayer, Judge E. C more steamers can be procured and the
Hnuiuugh and Hon. I lent on Klllen, all price of wheat does not go too high,
prominent neinocraui of this city, re- "'her cargoes may be nought for ship
piidlatlng the Iiemocratic nominees for n,ent to India. It Is likely a number
president and vice-president. Judw of sailing vessels will be secured to
Hronuugh states he will vote for Mc- ,"ai1 f"r Calcutta.
We Are (Jetting Ready to Make Goods
for Ourselves.
Sheffield. England. October 2. Ex
ports from this place to the United
In Burning Words Can Only Wish the
Democrats Defeat.
The following words of General Palm,
er, upon his acceptance of the nomlna
tlon for president at the hands of the
States for the third quarter of the National Democrats, deserve the most
careful reading:
Tou give me official Information
present year amounted to ISiHl.fiHj, a
falling off of over JUHVOOO, when com
pared with the same period of 1SJ5. The that delegates representing the Nation
decrease Is attributed to doubts as to
the result of the presidential election.
al Democracy of forty-one states, late
ly assembled In convention in the city
of Indianapolis, honored me by desig
nating me their candidate for the presi
General Huckner ana I were once
representatives of opposing factions.
We met on the battlefield, where great
public controversies that admit of no
other method of solution are determln
ed. I know he did his duty, and I trust
the country believes I did mine. The
ADVANTAGES OF THE FIVE PER nominations made by the National
CENT DEBENTURE. Democratic convention at Indianapolis
prove more conclusively than anything
Liverpool, October 2. Wheat Spot,
ilrm; demand, moderate; No. 2 red
spring, 6s; No. 1 hard Manitoba, 6s 2d;
No. 1 California. 6s 3d.
Portland, October 2. Wheat Walla
Walla, SS!ir9; Valley, 6Ki62.
The late Nicholas Flnrer, a wealthy which haa occurred within the last
luuacvu inanuiuciurer or auuuieiown, years that the American oeonle are
Ky., on June 30. 1SSM, obtained a policy again united. I accept the unsought
in the Mutual Life Insurance Company honor and responsibilities Imposed upon
of New York for J100.000, on the five per i me by the National Democratic conven-
cent debenture, 10-premlum plan, the tlon. I accept them as proof that my
annual premium being $8,133. ! Democratic fellow-cltttens confide In
The death of Mr. Flnser makes this ; my devotion to Democratic principles
policy a death claim with the following so clearly and accurately defined In
results: the proceedings of the convention v
At the end of each year the company meet and deal with existing conditions.
will pay $5,000 to the wife of the Insured, j and these the late National Demo-
contlnulng such payments for twenty ; cratic convention addressed itself. Its
years, then If she Is still alive the com- platform asserts truths which can be
pany will pay the face value of the pol-: demonstrated, and It correctly defines
Icy 1100.000. In case of her death be- ; Democratic principles. The convention
fore the end of the twenty years the ; which assembled in Chicago, In de-
company will continue to pay her rep-j mandlng the unlimited coinage of silver
resentatlve the J5.000 until the end of 1 offers to the country a scheme from
the twentieth year, when the full , which every voter may expect whatever
amount of the policy will be paid, thus advantage to the country or himself
making a total payment by the com- his reason or even his Imaginations
pany to the heirs of the Insured of can suggest. The advocates of the 1111
200.000. limited coinage of silver do not airree
The total amount of premiums paid as to what will be the consequence of
by the Insured was J:M.3!3. thus giving the adoption by the United States of
net profit nt the end of twenty years . their favorite measure. The more in-
nf $1,5,601 over cost. itelllgent know that it Is lmuoaslbl,. hv
In other words, by the payment of law, to give to silver a local value in the
24,3!i9 In three years. Mr. Flnzer has United States, and, therefore, Mr. Bry-
secured for his family and heirs a stat- ,on asserts his belief that the unlimited
d Income of J.i.000 a year for the next ; coinage of silver by the United States
twenty years, or a five per cent Invest- alone would Increase the value of bul-
tnent on the principal of $100,000, which lion, which Is 67 cents per ounce, to
remains Intact until 1916, not subject to $1.29. It Is something that this opinion
loss by bad Investment or depreciation has no support In the
by the possible mismanagement of the mankind. It Is enough for present pur-
xocutors, administrators or attorneys poses to say It has no foundation other
of his estate. . than the confident assertions nf thnp
The widow and children are provided jwho share In that belief. The real ex
Ith an ample and certain Income for : pectatlon of the great body of support-
twenty years, when the original $100,- 1 ers of free coinage of silver, and one
000 Insurance Is paid over to whoever j much more In harmony with experience
is legally entitled to the same. Is that the unlimited coinage of sIIvpp
Nsw York, October 2. Attention la
called In the Railroad Gazette to an-
evenlng by an Immense concourse ofloth?r interesting feature of Boy Bry-
people, and It U only natural that he!"1' grt scheme of government by
might have lietn misled In the belief i Plunder. The Boy demand that the
that he had an overwhelming sentiment (government shall own and operate all
In his favor among the people of this 1 railroads, and that, therefore, all rail
city, jroad employes, from the superlntend-
Mr. Bryan1 meetings have been very!enU ""d chief engineers down to tha
large wherever he has appeared. andjcrew of gravel trains, shall be made
the character of them waa best llluat. J S-'vernment employes. He also de
mited by the greeting given him atmn'i that there shall be no life tenure.
Lexington, Kentucky, by one of the old- " Publlc office. How, a correspondent
time' Kentucky colonols. There, aJ"ks, would the practical application
elsew here, an Immense and enthusia- !of tnM Principles affect railroad men?
tic assembly welcomed him to the home I Tn Ra'lroad Gazette answers them
of Clay, while two-thirds of the people j Plainly and truthfully. It would reduce)
of Lexington and a large majority of Ith8 tenur of every one of them to tha
the people of the county will vote j terra of 'ngle administration. Every
against him. iman, from superintendent to brakeman.
An enthusiastic old-time Kentucky I would UaoU turned out every
colonel who attended the Bryan recep-,four J""1- A cheerful prospect, that.
tlon at Lexington, who had become 1 Ior ln men' na one promising a moat
greatly enthused by the mixture of jefflclent service! The Gazette well odds
Bryan and Bourbon Inspiration, grasp-that the Chicago platform Is "a bill to
ed Mr. Bryan by the hand with all the 1 dtaco"" the performance of duty,
fervor of the most generous Kentucky M we" " 10 Paralyze trade and tha
hospitality, and said: "Colonel Er an, .administration of Justice."
sah, by gad. sah. this was a grand dem- j Nor ' tnat Taw are now soma
onstratlon, sah; altogether the grandest j 8d0') or "ore men employed on th
ever had In Lexington, sah. since Jum-;""-1"8 ' United States. Mr.
bo was exhibited." This tells the story i Erjan v"'ould roake tnMn JI govern
or Mr. Bryan's immense meetings. I ,nent employee with no permanent ten
The aftermath of Mr. Bryan's appear- !ure of mce oey"d the pleasure of tha
.nice In Philadelphia, must be fearfully I administration. What patronage that
HilN-rlng to his enthused expectations 1 woulJ give t0 tne la Power! What
of Tuesday evening. It would grate ;a P0"1'"! machine for securing tha
harshly upon his ears today to tell him ie0,jnd ,erm "h'ch Mr. Bryan S3 aua
that the sober artermath' of lis' great t Urely dclars B o"' vn- never,
demonstration in Philadelphia wlU be:nver take! The. postofflcea and cus
hls defeat In every single ward of this ! tomhoue and consulships would fade
city. He will be the only Democratic ! ""ff"-"eance comparea witn such,
candidate who ever ran ln this clty!a fi?ld for "'w-dlng the faithful."
with a majority against him In every I KeaJly' U mlsnt KOod POt-ca for Mr.
war j Bayan to drop free silver and make hie
It would also grate very harshly upon flght on railroad i8sue a'one" t
his eVs to be told that this city that hundre1 thousa"d -ces to be
welcomed him with such enthusiasm fllled- no clv11 S6rvlce rulea- Bnd 't0
What a
very hun-
on Tuesday night, will cast over 100,-
000 majority against him on the 3rd of
November; altogether the largest ma
jority ever given against any candidate
In the history of Philadelphia politics.
It would be extremely distressing to
Mr. Bryan to continue the atory of the
sober aftermath of his appearance ln
Philadelphia by telling him that Phil
adelphia is only the reflex of the state
of Pennsylvania, and that , for the
first time in the history of Pennsyl-
victor belong the spollsr '
I campaign cry to arouse the '
gry and very thirsty!"
St Louis. October 2. Vice-President
Stevenson arrived here today. A rep
resentative of the Associated Press In
formed him soon after his arrival of
reports that Sewall and Watson would
resign or be dropped from their re
spective tickets and a candidate sub-
vania politics, a Democratic candidate stituted who could bring the voters of
will be defeated by a vote of more than
two to one. The majority against him
in Pennsylvania will certainly be
greuter than his entire vote received In
the state.
It would alsj be an unpleasant re
flection to Mr. Rryan if he could be
made to appreciate the fact that, of
the tens of thousands who hazr.aed
themselves hoarse at his welcome on
Tueseday night, not one-half of them
and mor? likely not one-fourth of them
will vote for him on the third of No
vember. A citizen of this state, as In
other stales, must be qualified as an
elector; and not one in a hundred of
those who wer? most enthusiastic In
his welcome would qualify himself as
an elector to vote for him by the pay
ment of the trivial tax of 50 rents. In
deed, there were more voters ln and
about the Academy of Music on Tues
day night last than the entire vote
Mr. Bryan will receive In this city.
In 1S72, when the Liberal Republicans
held a most Imposing national conven
tion ln Cincinnati and nominated Hor
ace Greeley against Grant, his friends
who were there to study the situa
tion reported to him In great alarm
the character and number of the Lib
eral movement. Grant quietly puffed
away at his cigar until he had heard
the story, and then he said In his sen
tentious way: "Yes, they were all
there." Not only were all the Bryan
men of Philadelphia out to welcome
him on Tuesday night, but curiosity
called out many, many thousands who
will vote ln the most direct way to de
feat his election.
Such is the sober aftermath of Mr.
Bryan's grand demonstration tn the
City of Brotherly Love.
the Democratic and Populist parties to
gether. He said:
"This Is the first time I have heard
of the matter and I think it amounts
to nothing more than newspaper talk."
In reply to the question whether If
such action was taken and the nomlna
tlon offered to him he would accept.
General Stevenson said:
"That Is hardly a fair question to ask
under the circumstances. I have not
been offered the nomination, nor do I
think I will be."
Jacksonville, Fla., October 2. The re
ports that have been sent out concern
ing the loss of life at Cedar Keys are.
grossly exaggerated. It Is so far pos
itively known that twenty persons have
been drowned ln that vicinity. In ad
dition to this It Is feared the crews
of numerous sponging vessels were lost,
but aa communication Is still Impossi
ble, any statement of the probable num
ber would be the merest guesswork.
In the interior of Florida the destruc
tion of property was very great, but
no loss of life Is reported. (Signed) The
Jacksonville Citizen.
If we were Mr. Bryan we would wor
ry less about our second presidential
term and more about Mr. McKlnley's
present chances. Chicago Record.
Washington. October 2. Secretary
Carlisle today sent the following self
explanatory telegram.
"C. P. Thompson, Louisville, Ky. My
Dear sir: Your favor of SeDt. 29. mik
ing a division of time with John C
Blackburn at all the appointments I
may make to speak ln Kentucky Is this
moment received, and the request la
respectfully dcllned. Yours very truly.
John G. Carlisle."
For Oregon and Washington, fair
weather, cooler eaat of the Cascades.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
11 w