The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, September 03, 1896, Image 4

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We Carry a
Fine Line of
Complete Stock of Summer
Footwear, Bathing Shoes, Etc.
John Halm & Co.
79 Commercial St.
See Our
Walking Gloves 1
1 N. Corsets
arc tine titters.
Maximum temperature, S9 degrees.
Minimum temperature, 59 degrees.
Precipitation, none.
Total precipitation from September
1st, 189, to date, .0i inch.
Deficiency of precipitation from Sep
tember 1st. to date, inches.
Forecast For Washington and Ore
gon, fair wather: warmer.
TO KKADKRS.-Th "Dally Astorlan
oatatM twtc as much raadlng waiter as
ut ether paper published la Astoria. It
la the only paper that preseau lu reader
with a dally telegraphic report.
torlan" has more than twice as many read-
are as any other paper published In Asto
ria. It Is therefore more than twice as
valuable as an advertising medium.
The proceedings of the city council
last night will be given In tomorrow's
Dr. W. I. Howard, Homoeopathlst, 6S
Commercial street.
Frank Gerdes has gone to Portland
for a short vacation.
Captain Archie Cann. of the lightship,
is visiting in the city.
If Snodgrass doesn't make
photos you don't get the best.
Gunther's famous Chicago candles In
sealed packages at C. B. Smith's.
Mrs. Carl Johannsen and son. of the
Necannlcum. were in the city yester
Well furnished rooms, with or with
out board, at the Bartholomew House,
Toung Hellborn, who was out collect
ing yesterday, says he is ready to vote
for the gold standard.
The up-river boats are so crowded
with passengers that it is necessary to
engage berths several days In advance.
Tou can buy a six-ounce cake Im
ported white Castile soap and washrag
at Chas. Rogers' drug store for 10 cents.
The first full carload of freight to
pass over the Seashore road was con
signed to Campbell Brothers yesterday.
Carbons are the only permanent
photos as well as the most artistic,
and Snod grass knows how to make
In the rear of Scholfield & Hauke"s
store, Uppertown, yesterday, the steep
bank was being reduced by hydraulic
Kopp's new brewery is rapidly being
completed, and will be an ornament to
that part of the city in which it is
Carpenter work on the Hotel Flavel
has been finished, and the building will
be turned over to the company today
or tomorrow.
Ice cream by the bushel at C. B.
Smith's. Ice cream soda a specialty.
Private parlors for ladles. 483 Com
mercial street.
Mr. G. M. Berry, the champion roller
skater, will commence giving his ex
hibitions at the Olympian skating rink
In a few days.
The Blaine and Garfield Clubs, of
Uppertown are to be revived and merg
ed into one at an early date for the
work of the campaign.
The youngsters will give an entertain
ment tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock,
at the Star Theatre, corner of 17th
street and Irving avenue.
Go to the Astoria Creamery, 10th and
Duane street, for Tillamook and Albany
creamery butter, fresh eggs, pickled
and packed butter cheap.
Family commutation tickets to Clat
sop beach over the Seashore railroad
can be had on application to the aud
itor, Room 4, Flavel Block.
News was received by telegraph yes
terday from Luverne, Minn., of the
death of Miss Lulu Miller, sister of
W. C. Miller, of this place.
The remains of Mr. Jos. Itiippa ar
rived from the East yesterday morning,
accompanied by .Mrs. JUippa. The fu
neral will take place Friday.
Mr. Henry Casser, from whom was
recently stolen a very valuable violin,
yesterday recovered the Instrument,
and is delighted in consequence,
"Grandma Munra," the well known
and popular hostess of the Log Cabin
eating house at Meacham, on the O.
K. and X., I spending a short vacation
at the Seaside Huse,
Taslor Walter, of the Methodist
church, reports that the church debt I
rapidly being arranged for. and will
soon be pl.ccd out of the way.
The hoes and girls of dace rhutvh
v.ulld are requested to meet at the rec
tory at 4 o'clock this afternoon. ISus
inexs of Importance is on hand.
Mr. A. M. Smith, president of the
Oregon Tottery Company, Portland, Is
visiting In the city, the guest of his
uncle, Mr. Wade Hampton Smith.
Mr. Henry Thompson leaves on this
morning's boat for an extended trip
to Chicago. Mr. C. H. Higglns will ac
company him as far as Yellowstone
Judge A. A. Cleveland leaves tonight
tor St. Paul where he will attend the
i treat Council of the Imp. Order of Ued
Men of the Cnlted States, which meets
In Minneapolis on the :'Sth Inst.
Pat O'llarn was over yistcrdny from
Long ISeach. and reported that Hay
den's place at llwaco was robbed of
J;5 on last Saturday. A grand ball
will be given tonight at the Hotel Port
land. Fresh country eggs, 13c rer doi.m;
Albany Creamery butter, the only but
ter to put on the table; fresh fruits of
all kinds, at the lowest market price,
at the Astoria Creamery. 4:5 Puane
A large Are was burning In the woods
on the side of the hill above the Clat
sop Mill yesterday. It Is thought by
some that it might be necessary
the Are department to see that
flames were kept under control.
The old Taylor motor which Is being
used in handling the steel rails at Fla
vel. broke down yesterday afternoon
and was brought over to the Astoria
Iron works for repairs. The engine
will be ready for use again this morn
ing. "Manager" Dick Carruthers will be
in charge of Mr. Charles McDonald's
store during the absence of that gen
tleman from the city during the next
ten days. It has been suggested that
the new- manager will be all right on
bicycle costumes.
C. B. Smith, the confectioner, carries
the only complete stock of French and
American candles in the city. Prices
from 10c to J3.0O per pound. All mail
orders receive prompt attention. Fresh
candies manufactured every day. 4S3
Commercial street.
The Scow Bay depot Is under con
tract to be finished by October 1st. The
waiting rooms, ticket rooms, and toilet
rooms are already nearly finished. The
express and baggage rooms will be
commenced as soon as the piling ar
rives for the foundation.
The Ladies' Guild of Grace Church
will give an afternoon tea a week from
today at the residence of Mrs. Mitchell,
on Uth street, between Franklin ave
nue and Exchange streets. Prepara
tions are being made for an entertain
ment and sale of fancy articles for
the holidays.
Mr. A. J. Taylor, nephew of Mr. J.
M. Turney, and well known as the
purser of the steamer Flyer, running
between Tacoma and Seattle, Is visiting
in the city. Mr. Taylor has Just made
an extended trip through the south and
middle west, and is in the city looking
over the situation.
Messrs. C. C. McDonald, Horace
Thing, Geo. Smith, J. H. Seymour, V.
Boeliln, and Manager Clark, of the Pos
tal Telegraph Company, will leave at 6
o'clock this morning In buggies for the
Nehalem, where they will spend a ten
days' vacation. Each man will carry
a shotgun, rifle, and fishing tackle.
Mr. Tom Anderson, of Fort Canby,
returned yesterday from an extended
visit to his home In Chicago, where he
spent his leave of absence of six
months. Mr. Anderson Is the Fort's fa
mous half-bark, and helped Astoria de
feat the Union Pacific team, of Port
land, two years ago. He says that Chi
cago vvlll go strongly ror .Mcrviniey.
He leaves for the Fort today.
The new band saw now In operation
at the Clatsop Mill, Is a magnificent
piece of machinery. It was erected
by Edward P. Allls & Co., of Milwau
kee, Wis., and was sold through L. B.
Hanson, their San Francisco agent. The
band Is 45 feet long, 12 feet wide, and
14 guage. It has a capacity of 45,000
feet of one-Inch spruce per day, or
50,000 feet of fir. The saw operates over
two eight-foot fly wheels, and revolves
at a rate of speed of 10,000 feet a min
ute. It makes little or no noise, and
is handled easily by one head sawyer
and two assistants. In operation it Is
a great saving over the circular saw,
as it only takes out one-half the
amount of material in a seam. Above
the saw in a cupola is the filing room,
where the bands are sharpened for use.
There are four bands on hand all the
time, and the machinery for repairing
and sharpening Is operated automati
cally. Mr. Harnhart Is the machinist
In charge.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
If you want a sura relief for
mn, use an
Bs Alt IN Mind Not one of
tlon it ai good at the genuine.
Family commutation tickets to Clat
sop beach oer the Scnshoro railroad1
can be hud on application to the aud
Itot. Koom 4, Klavel Week.
(Continued from First t'ge.)
be a prospeivus one. Parties who be
little any legitimate enterprise lit the
city not only stand in their own lUhl.
but Injure the prospects of their friend
What we want here is united Chicago
pluck the kind of pluck that made
Chicago the city It In t-slay. Not
money, but s. nsible enterprise Is the
necessity of the hour, and If we all
work with this end in view, we will
have a town here second to none on
the coast."
11. F. PK.VKU
"Judge Taylor's letter In
last Sun-
dav's Astorlan exactly
expresses my
idea on the subject.
'I do not In any manner approve of
the articles which have appeared In
the Ibidget and Herald from time to
time, running down A. 1'. Hammond
'or,anj th,, railroad. Mr. Hammond has
the i not In any way fallen short of his
agrvemnts and promises, but I can say
from personal excrlonoe that he Is
buving a large share :f his lumber and
Umber from us; that he pays his bills
promptly, and that the railroad con-
-i ...i. . t ...
siruoum .. ..... "-., ... "".. "
assistance to the city. Had it not been
for the railroad work the Clatsop Mill
Company would have been compelled
to shut down long ago.
"The newspaper crltclsms and those
made by individuals, referred to In
Judge Taylor's letter, have been un
fair, unjust and uncalled for."
"I think Judge Taylor's letter, pub
lished last Sunday Is on the ruht lines
I don't believe In kn'xking people Ir
the head for rendering Inestimable ser
vice to the community. We have had
too much of this kind of work alrnidy.
We have got to have some one to help
us develop a city here and bring our
natural resources to the front. Mr.
Hammond has already done more than
was required of him. and he should
have the support instead of the kicks
of the community."
The particular attentlon.of the public
is called to the fact that no tickets will
be sold to way stations on the Sea
shore road on tlrst-class trains, lief
erence to the published time cards will
show that on tlrst-class trains passen
gers will be carried onlv between As-
torla. Warrenton, Carnahan. Gearhart
Park and Seaside. Passengers
nsl.le P.,.nr. for
Sunnymead. Sklpanon, Morrison. G fen
wood, Weston, Clatsop City, Hutter
fleld, Ohanna, will take second-class
C. F. LESTER. Supt.
Notice Is hereby given, that the part
nership heretofore existing between
Sam E. Harris and Charles Wright, of
Astoria, Oregon, under the firm name
of Harris & Wright, has been by mu
tual consent, this day dissolved, the
said Sam E. Harris continuing the said
business, collecting all of the outstand
ing accounts and paying all the debts
of said firm.
Dated this 1st day of September. WZ.
For the balance of the season the- ln the senior scull Itol Johnson row
manager of the Gearhart I'ark Hotel j e( ov,.r lne courH ui,,ne, no opponent
announces that In order to assist In ; appearing.
celebrating the opening of the railroad' ln today's regatta the senior fours
line into Astoria his hotel will charge! was won by Victoria; Vancouver Iluat
but f: per day, and 110 and tl:' perng Club second; and Durrani Inlet
week for board. Since the best part of Rowing Club third.
the season Is yet to come, and the
opening of school has been postponed,
Astorlans will thus have a good oppor
tunity of enjoying the sea beaches.
Notice is hereby given that the Sea
side Bakery has been sold to the firm
of Hermann & Alopaeus, who will be
found In possession after this date.
The undersigned will be responsible for
all debts now outstanding, and all ac
counts due said bakery up to Septem
ber 1, 18WS, must be settled with him.
Astoria, August 31, ISM.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding Clatsop county warrants In
dorsed prior to August 8th, ISM, to pre
sent the same to the county treasurer
for payment, as Interest vvlll cease
from this date.
I-iat'-d this 1st day of September, A.
Treasurer of Clatsop Co., Or.
Use WcM'oot Corn (Jure. No
cure no pay. For sale at Ks-tes-Conn
iJrusr Store.
Naturalists say that a single swallow
will devour six thousand lll-s In a sin
gle day.
Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises,
scalds, burns, are quickly cured by
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great
pile cure. Chas. Rogers, druggist.
There's more clothing destroyed by
poor soap than by actual wear. "Hoe
Cake" contains no free alkali, and will
not Injure the finest lace. Try it and
notice the difference In o,uallty. Ross,
I Higglns & Co.
naini in the back. tide, chest, or
the host of counterfeits and Imlta
(Continued from First Pane t
not as enthusiastic as they thought it .
should be. Strong fieri is being made j
to bring out Senator Palmer or ileneral I
Iliac k. of Illinois Secretary Morton, of I
Nebraska, and Panic! l.anler. of Min
nesota, are also enjoying Incipient li.i
Senator Palmer does not desire the
nomination, and there it said to be a
letter here fn in S.vrclar Morton de
clining to permit the use of his name.
Wore ileneral llrnut; not In the way.
Senator lias might I"' named, but he ,
absolutely refuses to consider the ques
tion us long as Ceneral loagg Is In the
Mold. The Walterson Iimih 'Iocs not ;
Hugh C. Wallace, of Washington
who began booming Cleveland for the
nomination when he came here a few
days ago. Is now engaged In trying to
undo all that ho has been doing. It Is
said that he has been called off on an
Intimation from Humird's Hay that his
effort were not approved by the presi
dent. ' Marvellous
New York. Sept. - In the free for all
pacing race at Fleetwood I'ark today,
, jn ,. ,;,.ntrv , ,r. tn,tght
ha(!. nWn j ,,n(ih
hlr,,. ,,u,(. ,
i ,(m ,.,., . ri,,,,r,,
(and breaks the world's record for three
All the finishes were very close and
exciting and the contest was from ev
;ry standpoint of view a creat ",e.
I llobert J. had beaten his rival so often
of late, and he was known to bt In
such splendid form that everybody," In.
eluding the keenest circuit followers,
expected him to win the championship
purse at Fl.-t'tuood. The odds were
I't to ;! on his chance 1-efore the first
heat, and so confident w. re hi backers
that he would win that the recoil-hold-r
remained the faorite to the
end. starting at even money against
the Held (n in,. fMll .,n.
Marvellous is the only weird that d -scribes
the performance of John I;
Gentry. The day to., i hilly to fa
vor fast time, and a stiff breexe retard
ed the horses In the home stretch.
Fleetwood, never a fast truck, was In
gil condition, though not at Its lest,
('entry k'ot two l.-ngths the worst of
the send-oft in the first heat, un I tailed
the leaders, while Hubert J. and Frank
Asun w.nt off to the thre,-,uart-r
pole. Hubert J made a br-.ik In the
"'""'1 " r. leaving Agan In the lead
J ....I.e.... .lull u gr. Ul I.JiM
of spot-d. and beat him u short neck in
th" drive to the w Ire
The second h'-ut was 11 repetition of
jof the first, except that Hubert J. broke
befure reaching the first turn and Agan
I was three lengths in the lea. I at the
stretch when Andrews made his drive
'with Gentry. Like an arrow the lit t
stallion came on and cut down Agan's
bad, winning In the last strides by n
short neck
In the last heat Gentry gut away un
ven terms with the others and was
lot headed.
V A N ( -o I V i : R R KG A TT A.
; Vancouver, II. C., Sept. 2 This morn
ilng was tak.-n up with a military and
naval review and a sham light, In
i which the local militia and sallurs and
marines from II. M, S. Conius t"ok
ipart. In the afternoon the regatta wus
Fur professional single sculls Hob
Johnson, of Vancouver, won; McLean,
of Vancouver, second; and Martin, of
Nanalmo, third.
Concord, N. H Sept. 2. The Demo
cratic state convention met today. The
platform commends the Chicago con
vention and Its plaform and pledges
earnest support to Ilryan and Sewall.
A resolution endorsing the administra
tion of Cleveland was lost. The gold
Democrats left the convention hall.
Col. Henry Kent, of Lancaster, waB
nominated for governor.
New York, Sept. 2. The North Ger
man Lloyd Steamship Company an
nounces they received a telegram today
that the steamer Trave, which sailed
from Southampton this evening for this
port has on board gold.
ROYAL DaKing Powder.
Highest of alt in leavening
Strength.- V. S. Oovernment Report
of John It
SllltOII SCH Salt for blltllS llt!PaU f lnw'lu"- C.eupsl.le, London,
. , , , . 1 K. C. Subscribers wll he entitled, by ar-
tlie i'.Stl'S-l OHM Jl 'I'll LT OlOre ' r,r,i.,..,.r. I mltl. Hw. illrnetn In r,e!v
lOtj find 2.M! jicr package.
It was reported yesterday that busi
ness around the corner was lirst clans.
The best chemical compound for wash
Ing powder Is "Soap Foam,'' as It will
not "ycdlow the clothes," nor burn the
hands. It's the finest thing In the world
for the bath. One trial will convince
1 you.
Columbia Harbor
Land Co.
BOND and
Ma"s on application.
- UUI 1... A ntsORT
and nth Sts
Al I CAMI'lll'l 1., Ptup.
ito.vun v i:jr.i.i..vTiiN m i:i:t-
Notice is hereby given that beginning
on Monday. September ;s, v,m, t n
o'clock a. in, and cloKing on Saturday,
iV,,lt.r j lv)li Bt 5 ,, ,. ,,. i..,-,i vt
KUal!atlon of Clatsop county will
hold a meeting for the purpose of pub
1 til y rxiimlulng and comvtlni; all er
ror of valuation and description of
lunds or other properly
lug on the UNMeHMiuent rolls of
Clatsop county; when and where
It Is the duty of all persons t..
appear If they wish correction made
In said roll, as no correction or alter
ation inn be made on ald loll l any
otlleer after the adjournment of said
County Assessor
Astoria, September I. Is'":.
The Western I'nlon Telegraph Com
pany has announced a reduction In
rates to take effect September 1st. The,
reduction Is unite general throughout'
the country, and applies more largely
to non-competitive point Itelow Is a
partial list of principal places In Ore
gon and Washington, which are af
fected by the change In rates from As
toria: licdiicod from Irt to ;1 rent Cascade
I'cks. Pallas, Independence.
fayette, McMlnnvllle. Monmouth, Ore
gon City. Salem, Woodltiirn.
Kodiiced from .Ml to I" cents Adam.
Albany, Arlington, llr ou Hie. Cor
atlis. Empire City, Eugette, Itos.burg.
The Ii.ill.s. Anacort.-s. Everett, North
The Presbyterian Sunday sellout will
give an excursion and picnic to Flavel
on I'll. lay. September ; The steamer
Gialy will 1. 11 v , Mam sheet dock ut
'.' in the un. ruing, returning at ." In the
evening, thus uffurdlng everyone u Hue
opportunity lu See the elegant new h".
ted and Inspect the steel ship I'h.lms
ford. Tl k. ts, adults. .;, cents, children
I.', cents, on sale at liuss. Higglns Ji
., and at C. A. Hanson's lie sure to
bring your bathing suit.
The Olympian Holler Skating Rink
will up.-n on Saturday evening, Sept.
Uth. lV.Mi, at Erl. kson's Hall, 7th and
Astur streets, under the management of
Geo. M. Horry, rhmtudon roller skater
of California. Watch fur further an
nouncement. NOTICK TO SHiri'ERS.
Shippers are hereby notified that lo
cal frelKht to points on the Seashore
road vvlll be received at the Telephone
dock only. All freight must be dellv.
ere I one hour befure train time. No
freight will be rwelved after 4.30 p. m.
C. K. LESTER, Supt.
A gentleman's resort, at corner Bond
and Uth streets. The finest brands of
liquors and cigars always on band. Call
and try us.
Eighty thousand canaries are yearly
imported from Germany to this coun
try. OABTOniA.
! simile
Wild ducks are estimated to fly 90
miles an hour, swallows two hundred.
Cash Grocer
Important to Americans seeking Eng
lish Captlal fur new enterprise. A Us
containing the naimes and addresses or
3M successful promoters who have placed
over flOO.'W.OOO Sterling In Foreign In
vestments within tlhe last six years, and
over ,18,000,000 for the seven months of
IMG. Prlcj, 5, or t-, payable by postal
order to the. London and Universal Bu-
khr persona! or lottcrs of Introductoln
to any of those succMsful promoters.
Tills lint Is first Class In every respect,
and every man or firm whose name ap
pears therein may be depended upon.
For placing the following it will be
found In valiiabla Bonds or Shares of In
duntriall, Commercdal and Financial con
cerns, Mortgago loans, Sale of Lands,
Patents or Mines.
If you will look into tho Munition you will m thut
is tho ('roam of wt'Nt hMo property. Tho contor of iinpiovo
iin'iits is hero, mul as tin invontiiinil for liusiiii-sM m a liomo
thoro is nothing to oipml it in the whole proposition In
lots tiro nil largo, full size, fiOxlOO. Prices range $150
to $-'.)() each. Sold on installments. Terms to miit. Save
ywirch,ng ,,l,,uyuUin WARRENTON
Beaver Hill
and Oilman
ror ramiiv- ttr ateam l'urimi
time: card
Of the Astoria & Columbia River R. R.,
To I Int. op Heai'lt.
; y
i T
! :
, i.
. M.
? i
r. M r.M
A. M.
i .hi ;:io5.:i in ;.in r m i.obv .
. Seaside
on Satin day N'os. & and ( run throutih one hour earlier than lima glvrn
alMive. and on Sunday one hour later.
First i las trains curry baggage but no freight and make way slop at
Warrenlon and only.
No freight will be can led on Sunduy. C. F. LESTEIt, Hupl.
Wholesale and Retail
sni.i'5 Steel Cookinq
Cash or
Oregon Industrial Exposition
SEPT. 19 TO OCT. 17
The giviil resources of the I'iicIHc Norllnvc!, Agriculture, llni tieiil'
tin e, l ithei'le, .Mines, M.iiiiil.iclui es. .Machinery, I l un-p.n .
I.itlon, I rude mul Coin iik tee vvlll he represented
111. re completely tluin ever before.
Grand Band Concert Every Afternoon and Evening
Lowest Rates liver flade on All Transportation Lines
fur iu.c apply In Leo. L. Il.kcf !iupcrintrB.lcot. at the tu i 1 .1 1 11
I-:. C. MANTCN, Hotrvtary.
R. L. Boyle & Co.
H 1 iP
"The Louvre"
Fine flames nf All Kinds. Twit
Msg-Ill nrrnl liars.
evkkytnim; riKST-iuss
Good Order and Everybody's Rights
Beaver Hill
Gilman Coal
For Family or
Steam Purpose v
Reasonable In Price
Agents, Astoria '
Bailey Gatzert Ocean Wave
(Whlto Collar Line.)
Leave Astoria Leave Portland
Tuesdays 7 p. m. Mondays 8 p. rn.
Thursdays 7 p. rn. Wednesdays H p. m.
Sundays 7 p. in. Fridays, 8 p. m.
Connects at Astoria ut 8 a. m. Hun
days with steamor leaving Portland
II p. tn. for Flavel and llwaco,
lltll.KV (iATKllT.
Leave Astoria Leavo Portland
Mondays 6 a. m. Mondays 8 p. m.
Tuesdays 6 a. m. Tuesdays 8 p. m.
Wednesday 6 a, mAVednesday 8 p. m.
Thursdays 6 a. m. Thursdays 8 p. m.
Fridays 6 a. m. Fridays 8 p. m.
Saturdays 6 a. m. Saturdays 11 p. m.
C. W. STONE, Agent.
Ti, le
... I 1 It.,
A CO. Agents. Astoria.
r'roltl rliituip llmrh.
a .
S !
. U A M. r M
f u
. Arrive 7 ;tn II) ;llft ft lift tl tft '.' -JK)
Leave" III il ;1MI 4 IHI ft :VI I ;:()
l-Mialltirafv fid
Ranqes i:kom
Wc Citti Hove Yon Money.
W A.Ti:i--Tvv.( table b..rder.
tleuien. piivte family, address. II ,
Ant. . 1 Inn
cure WAN'TI.'D-At oner. K. Libelees. Ap
I ply nt M. Klin. .re's 1 'til. nt n rannery.
iflOtti flS per Keck fur men ami women
j for easy homo work. No hooks or
j canvassing. No experience. II. ma fide
' offer. No Catch. Heiid stamp for
i work and particulars. K. HKIt.MANN.
j :13 H. Hixth street. Philadelphia, Pa.
VANTK! At mice; active ugrnta
' for each county. Kxcluslve rontr.d and
- no risk. Will clrur 12 to 2f hundred -j
dollars a year. Enclose slump for full
particulars or 2f.c for it sample. Itlg
I Ituplds Mineral Water Co., Hlg ltuplds,
Furnished rm to let, Mrs. Fosb.rg,
14711 Franklin avenue,
Knit ItKNT-A furnished suite of
rocms un ground floor centrally located.
IH Kxchange street.
FOU RENT Newly furnished rooms
hot and cold baths; call at this offlce.
FOH IlENT-eThre. furnished rooms -with
or without board. Apply 181 7th
FOH BALK Two cottages, new. In
quire of Mrs, Hall, 861 Exchange street,
or A. A. Cleveland, Kinney Ilulldlnf.
FOR SALE 12-room Lodging .House,
Centrally located; cheap lease; bar-,
gain, Astoria Land and Inv. Co,, 365
Commercial street.
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FOUND A lady's shoulder wrap.
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Parlies desiring the boat of Job printing
at the lowest prices should call at th
Astoria Job office before going elsewhere.