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GEn... A resort
4 nth St.
Colombia Hartor
Land Co.
BOND ani
Maps on application.
New Astoria...
located at tbe terminns of the AstorU anl
Colnratia River RaOroal at the moutb of the
Colamtia River.
It fronts on the deep water of the Columtla
River Harbor, and kin perfectly protected from
wind and seas, affords the very best docks for
ships on this lay: therefore. It is the exact spot
for the seaport of the peat Northwest.
These facts were recognized ty the Astoria
& Colamtia River Railroad Co. when
New Astoria Was Selected as
the Starting Point for their Railroad
and the Location for the Terminals.
New Astoria is platted upon a plane high
enough for perfect drainage, and well protected
ty a high ridge behind it.
Its streets and avenues are wide. and. in
fact, it is laid ont on modern plans.
Extensive street improvements are now un
der way.
The New Astoria Company .COMMERCIAL .ST.
Something New...
Children's and Youth's Steel
5 bod Shoe, ail Sizes and Styles
We also carry a fin Use of ladles' and
men's shoes, from the best to the lowest
reliable goods. All roods warranted Just
as represented.
47 Commercial Street.
Local weather for the 24 hours ending-
at 5 p. m. yesterday, furnished by
the United States Department of Agri
culture, Weather Bureau.
Maximum temperature, (1 deg.
Minimum temperature, 47 deg.
Precipitation, .10 Inch.
Total precipitation from September
1st. 1&95, to date, 77.01 inches.
Excess of precipitation from Septem
ber 1st. 1895, to date, 8.75 Inches.
Forecast Fftir weather, fresh west to
north winds.
The 6. ft. and K. Co. has made reduced
rates for the following meetings:
Republican National Convention, fit
Loula, Mo., June M.
Democratlo National Convention, Chi
cago, III., July 1.
People's Party Convention and Ameri
can Silver Convention, St. Louis, Mo.,
July n.
National Convention Young People's So
ciety Christian Endeavor, Washington, D.
C, July 7 to IX
. National Education Association Meet
ing. Buffalo, N. T., July 1 to 10.
Encampment Grand Army of the Re
public St. Paul, Minn.. September 14.
For Information regarding rates, etc.,
call at the O. R. and N. ticket office.
.Most so-called "salmon twines" are col
ored with acids. The acids rot the fibre
and render the material useless. In the
office of Elmore, Sanborn A Co. Is an ob
ject lesson that ought to be examined by
all fishermen. It Is the whole of the
material used In the manufacture of Mar
shall's twine from .tart to finish. Go
there and examine the color right
through. You will see then why Mar
shall's is called the best In the world.
Overcoats and winter wraps will be la
fashion. They can be discarded, tempor
arily while traveling In the steam-heated
trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St
Paul Railway. For solid comfort, for
speed and for safety, no other line can
compare with this great railway of the
Use Webfoot Corn Cure. No
eure no pay. For sale at Es-tes-Crain
Drug: Store.
A gentlemen's resort, at corner Bond
and 12th streets. Ths finest brands of
liquors and cigars always on hand. Call
and try us.
For 15 cents you can secure an excel
lent well-served meal at the Bon Ton
Restaurant, No. 671 Commercial street
They are also fully prepared to terve
all kinds of fish, game and delicacies of
the season, as well as oysters In every
Imaginable style at the lowest living
prices. Come once and you will con
tlnu to come.
There's mors clothing destroyed by poor
soap than by actual wear. "Hoe Cake"
soap contains no free alkali and will not
Injure the finest lace. Try it and notice
ths difference in quality. Rosa, Hlgglns
ft Co.
Beaver Hill
and Oilman
" Family r Steam rrw usee
- ..i-u'ikiaim
If you will look Into the situation you will soe that
ia the cream of west side property. The center of improve
ments U here, and as an investment for business or a home
there, i Nothing to equal it in the whole proposition. In
ots are all large, full size, 50x100. Prices range from $i$0
to $250 each. SoU on installments. Terms to suit. Save
your change and buy a lot in WARRENTON
Ad offlc hu beeo opened by th pro
prietors one door oast of the Crosby
hardware (tore. Call, be shown the
merits of this property, and forest.
As things seem large which we
through mists descry
Dullness is ever apt to magnify.
A tight shoe makes you sick all over.
A birkeitine was reported outside
yesterday afternoon.
Sweet Cream that is cream, 15c per
pint, at C. B. Smith's.
A choice lot in New Astoria at
bargain. R. L. Boyle Co.
A choice lot on Irving avenue 75x150
for $400. R. L. Boyle ft Co.
John Grant, of North Shore, called
on bis Astoria frletds yesterday.
Fresh strawberries every morning at
lowest market price. C. B. Smith.
The Columbine Is expected back
from Alaska at the end of this week.
L. S. Enyart, and John Elliott, of
Elliott's Landing, were In the city yes
terday. The regular meeting of the T's will
be held this afternoon at 4:15 at Res
cue Hall.
Engineer Adams and family will
leave for San Francisco on the next
Judge J. J. Erumbach, of Ilawco, and
F. J. Norvell, of St Louis, are guests
of the Cccidtnl.
New 20th Century tan lace shoes for
ladles. Columbia Shoe Co., successors
to Copeland & Thorsen.
Ross, Hlgglns Co.'s new Window
decorations called out many favorable
comments yesterday evening.
Business In the various courts yes
terday was very dull. As a matter of
fact there were no cases heard.
Lawyer Frank Spittle left up the
river last evening for a few days' visit
at various points, Including Portland.
Fred Johnson, one of the popular
salesmen of Foard ft Stokes, has gone
to Gray's River for a month's vacation.
The return of sunshine yesterday
was welcomed by all, and Mr. Grover
says it will stay until a change takes
The circuit court will convene next
Monday morning, and It is expected
that Judge McBride will be In attend
ance. Mr. Frank Cook and wife i, who have
for the past week been rusticating at
Pillar Hock, returned to the city yes
terday. Miss Alma Holmes arrived In the
city yesterday from the East, where
she has been attending school for sev
eral years.
Ice cream by the bushel at C. B
Smith's. Ice cream soda a specialty.
Private parlors for ladles. 483 Com-i
merclal street.
Tru If
1 Ijf II...
A CO. A rents. AstorU.
A lot with good business huui. rent
ing for JoO per month on Commercial
street. 15000. Host buy n Astoria, It.
L. Boyle Co.
A 50 foot lot with good business house
on Commercial street renting for "S
per month, fur IS.S00 on easy terms. R.
U Boyle ft Co,
The 5 o'clock tea given yesterday af
ternoon by the Ladles' Guild of Orace
church was largely attended, and en
joyed by all.
Mrs. S, M. Grimm and Mrs. l Miller,
of Sacramento. Cal.. are In the city,
visiting Mrs. C. B. Haradcn and Mrs.
K. Z. Ferguson.
Malt Juice from the National Brew
ing Company, San Francisco, requires j
no brumo seltter in the morning. It
is healthful and nourishing.
Four or Ave vesels an? now due at
any moment at this port, two of them,
the Suthirlandshlre and Clackmaiian
shire, coming from Calcutta.
Mr. E. J. Smith returned yesterday
from his trip up-river, and reports
business at the points he visited as
being In fairly good condition.
The coroner's Jury yesterday decided
that the body found at Clifton and
brought down Tuesday night by Mr.
Pohl was that of Sam MellanJt.
Short sleeved bathing suits are no
longer deemed good form. The puffed
affairs reaching to the elbows are pre
ferred by women of quiet taste.
Among the Portlanders registered at
the Occident yesterday were W. 8. Mc
Farland, Wm. Ladd. the banker, and
wife, H. A. fehurey, and J. V. Pone and
The regular weekly meeting of the
W. C. T. V. will be held In Rescue
Hail parlors this (Thursday) afternoon
at 3 o'clock. A full attendance Is re
quested. It was stated yesterday by a gentle
man who ought certainly to be In a
position to know, that there are many
men who want to and will fish this
A raft of piles is expected today
from Goble for the big railroad dock at
Flavel. Contractors Corey Bi others
will then push the work forward very
rapidly. ,
Contractor Oter!g has everything In
readiness to push the work on his sec
tion vigorously, and is only waiting
for piles, which are expected down the
river at once.
Children's day will be observed at
the Congregational Church on Sunday
evening, and the entire school will
j meet for rehearsal this evening at 7:30.
Let all come.
Contractors WakefMd and Jacobsen
are rapidly getting their drivers and
machinery In position near Kinney's
cannery, and will soon have a large
force of men at work.
August Danlelson returned yesterday
from a visit to Skamokawa. He re.
ports that the people of that burg are
prosperous and that the neighboring
farmers are doing well.
"Delightful!" says the lawyer; "re
freshing," says the doctor, as they are
chatting at "The National," enjoying
a glass of the finest malt beverage
brewed on the coast.
The work of tearing down warehouses
and docks to make way for the rail
road, Is going on rapidly. There will
soon be a clear right of way up to
the Telephone dock.
It is said that there is a good deal of
religion which Is purchased on the In
stallment plan. You get a quantity of
it, but you fail to pay up, and the first
thing you know you haven't any.
It Is said that a woman can carry a
bird cage, two satchels and a bundle
of umbrellas and not make the fuss
over It that a man does when he
brings home a pound box of candy.
It was reported yesteiday afternoon
that afterr holding a meeting, the com
mitter decided to hold no regatta this
year. The members of the comittee
tendered their resignation accordingly.
The Potter reported panning about
twenty boats oft Tongue Point yester
day afternoon fishing for salmon. As
the men were using short nets It Is sup
posed they were fishing for their own
Mr. P. A. McGIUis, brother of Stew
ard McGlllis, of the White Collar Line,
with his friend, Mr. Phil. Snyder, re
turned to Chicago Sunday evening.
Both gentlemen spent the winter In
The Astoria Iron Works yesterday
finished repairing three soldering ma
chines for the Pacific Sheet Metal
Work. This latter concern l working
null a large crew of mmi and turning
ut quantities of tin ran.
Mr, W. J. Honryman. of Portland,
one of the bondsmen for Contractor
Wolfe, returned from a visit to the
prpoaed railroad grade last evening,
and reported that no division had yet
been arrived at concerning the matter.
The new 'bus. drawn by a spanking
team, driven by Proprietor Cole, of the
Hotel Astoria yesterday afternoon, at
tracted much attention. The rig I a
handsome one, and Is evidence of the
energy of the proprietor of the new ho
tel. Mr. J. E. Young, son of the Hon.
Ilenj. Toung, returned yesterday from
the Washington Lee I'tilvemlty. Isl
ington. Va.. a full-fledged attorney at
law. having secured hi certificate to
practice from the authorities at Salem
w hile on his w ay home.
The school children of the city are
rejol'lng that their labor for the year
are about completed. Various exer
rises, examinations and entertainment
are taking place, and with the gradua
tton of the High School class Friday,
the business of the school year will
The Improvements going on at N'-w
Astoria, hae begun to call attention
to the west side of the bay. It w evl
dent that the owner of this proprty
do not propose to lose any of the good
weather, and regardless of any other
consideration, will make hay while the
sun shines.
For the next ten days we will have
a special sale of velvet, silk, and cloth
wraps at wholesale prices, the hand
somest and best fitting shirt waists,
and a large line of duck suits, and
w rappers at way dow n prices. 1. Cohen,
Low Price Store, 491 Ilond street, cor
ner Eleventh.
The rehearsals for the concert to be
given by Miss Kelly for the benefit of
the fund being raised by the firemen
for the entertainment of visitors at
the tournament to be held In this city
are progressing well, and the program
as arranged Is an exceptionally fine
one. A treat Is In store for lovers of
At 7 o'clock last evening Miss Chris
tina Nordlund, of Bvensnn's Landing,
and Mr. John Dixon, were united In
marriage by the Hev. J. Mi Cor mac.
The ceremony took place In the pres
ence of the friends of the contracting
parties at the residence of Mr, Me
Cbrmac, and afterwards a pleasant re
ception was held.
Yesterday morning Tom Loughery
who was working on Clinton & Sons'
pile driver, "ii Exchange street, was
struck by a pile head that hud Just
been sawed off, which knocked him
about sit feet below Into the street.
Dr. Estes reports that he sustained se
vere internal Injuries, Just how serious
have not yet been ascertained.
Roth steamer lines yesterday report
ed river traffic, both passenger and
frelglit, as being very light. The boys
In the office now have time to read the
papers and look out the windows. They
anticipate, however, that the summer
travel to the seaside will soon com
mence, and that they will have enough
work to keep them out of mischief.
Contractor Bavles yesterday reported
that he had received a barge load of
brick for the Flavel hotel, and that to
day a barge would arrive with 80,000
feet of lumber, and tomorrow another
one will bring down 100.000 feet. Next
week the finishing lumber will be re
ceived. The work of excavating for
the foundation has been completed,
and a large gang of men will soon have
the frame work up.
Captain Olsi,on, of the Earlscourt,
who arrived the other day from Aus
tralia with a cargo of coal, stated yes
terday to an Astorlan reporter that he
Highest Honors World'! Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Yean the Standard.
A Beautiful Addition on the
West Side.
was here without a charter, and
looking for any freight that h could
secure. Hi Vessel will be placed slonu
sldn the dock at the ga works, and
after discharging lou tons of roal, w ilt
proceed to IVrtlatid. The ispu'u ex.
IMvts to tart up river about a week
front Saturday.
Officer At. Seafeldt yesterday resign
ed from the police force In order to go
Into private business Mi. Fred. Kiwis
was appointed to hi place on the force,
and w 111 today resign a constable. Mr.
Seafeldt has been In the service since
February, SM, and lias made an en
viable reputation a an officer. Mr
OVrg. whose efficiency and experience
are well known, makes a fitting addi
tion to the force.
The report published III Tuesday Is
sue of the bearing In Justice Alwr
croiuble' couit of the charge luaile by
Kosm Hlgglns A Co. against a par')
for the theft of a case of egg, serins
to have hn made under a misappre
hension. Tbe Justice states that since
there was nothing produced In the evl
denre to show that the gixxl lost had
any value, then was no around on
w hlch to commit the offender to Jnll.
and of necessity he w dismissed
A large truck belonging to Ilia I'rael
teaming company, heavily loaded with
coke, met with an accident at the cor
ner of Commercial and Tenth street
yesterday afternoon. While passing
over the crossing, and when the hind
wheel was close to and parallel with
the south rail of the street car track.
It w it through an old hole which had
been temporarily rover-d with an Inch
plunk, ami the bed of the truck Mas
let down upon the street. Truffle on
the street car line was delayed about
twenty minutes. Finally by the united
efforts of a number of bystander, the
nut;on was rescued from Its ugly posi
tion. The remarks made ly those who
witnessed the action, seemed In Indi
cate that there was still room for lin
provment In Astoria streets.
The Juniors of the Astoria Hlitli
School, with fitting honor lust night
ushered out tbe clan of 'M at the
school building. The assembly hall
was crowded with a gala throng of stu
dents and parent who enjoyed the llt-
rrary program during the first part
of the evening. The hall was decorated
with beautiful flowers and Various col
ored lights. The banquet prepared by
the young ladles ws a most dainty
one, and all availed themselves of the
Invitation to "fall to." Ureal credit Is
due to the excellent entertainment pre
pared by the program committee, and
the affair will not soon be forgot hh
by those who were fortunate enough to
be present. After the banquet the
members of the school board made a
few appropriate remarks to the class,
The forming of an alumni association
was taken up, but action deferred to
a later day. Among those who par
tlclpated In the program of the evening
were the Misses McLean, Morgan,
Shlvely. Gray, Ho. Fox, Thompson,
Estes, Habel, Hlgglns, and Mr. Lester
Little or no chnnge was made In the
fishing sltuntlon yesterday. The Cut
ting Packing Company and Elmore's
cannery took their boats out of the wa
ter and stored them away. In the af
ternoon there was a large mass meet
ing of fishermen at Fisher's hall, which
did not adjourn until a late hour. In
the evening, after the meeting. It was
reported by a number of the men that
It had been decided not to allow thi"
fishermen of the Scandinavian Packing
Company to go out. It was stated that
the Scandinavian men offered to the
I'nlon to put up ten, and even twenty
per cent of their earnings, If they were
permitted to fish on the proposition
made by the cannery. It was also as
serted by some of the men that the
Scandinavian men would In all proba
bility arrange to fish anyway. One
could hear almost 'any rumor that he
wanted to. Just what was done and
what the outcome will be It la Im
possible to learn. Secretary Nelson, of
the Scandinavian Packing Co., said he
had received no official notice of the
proceedings of the meeting, but that
he expected to hear from the officials
of the Union today.
Sherman A Thing have opened a riding
school next door to Pacific Express office.
Competent Instructors constsntly In at
tendance. Cleveland and Crescent bi
cycles for sale and rant.
The Scholarship League In Mrs.
ltusey's room yesterday rendered the
following programme:
Composition , ..Elsie Elmore
Ths best chemical compound lor wash
ing powder Is "Soap Foam," as It will
not "yellow ths clothes," nor burn th
hand, it's the finest thing In ths world
for ths bath. On trial will convlnc.
, Composition..
Guy llrwii
...Alema Nylaud
. Herman Sclunld
Cllnor Cronk
Oua Wirt
Violin solo
Composition ,. ..Jennie Hurkhesd
Composition Ross Ti ullltixrr
Composition Lulu Kste
Composition.. Knillti Nymsn
Composition , ..Lloyd t'nhrsrt
limitation Clara Punbar
Pluno solo Lulu Kates
I n tag Hume
Ily Hoys of A and It Classes
Composition Mary Nowland
Composition , (lua Wlrl
Conitioaitlon Ellen t'lwn
t'oinKsiiloit Carl Itos
Composition , NeUi I'amlccu
I'lano solo Allvln KerchofT
CoiuiKmitton John Mci'ann
Composition Fanny Copelaiul
Composition Tom 1'arker
ConiMltlon Charles Clevntsnd
Sll! :'. .. I. . School
Song" A merles" Schisil
Til officer of the league sr as fol
President, Thomas K. Talker; vlc
president. Peter Klnlayson, secretary
Kllrn Olsen.
tlatsop County, State of Oregon
Whereua. on the !7th day of My
isx. Esther Udre, Js.k Iinlwrl,
Adolph (luolnage and Sam Mellaudt
were waylaid and murdered near Csth'
I a met Head (two mile below Clifton)
In Clatsop county. Oregon.
Now, therefore, Clatsop county hnre
by offers the following reward ol
ONE Hint S.Nt (ll"u IXM.LAUS
for Information that will lead to the
arrest or conviction of the per m or
person w ho murdered said purl li s
Said reward will be paid a follow
Flv Hundred (.'om dollar will he paid
for Information that will cause the r
real and conviction of any one of the
gang of murderer, and
Five hundred tiooi will be paid for
Information that will rause the arrest
and conviction of th balance of the
persons committing said crlin.
Astoria. Oregon. June Jl, M.
J. II. 1. GHAT,
County Judge, CI I sop County, Or.
The U. S. Qov't Reports
$how Royal Baking Powder
iaperlor to all other.
Salton !Sen Malt for baths at
the Estes-Craln Vrvg Store.
10c and 2c perpackage.
Meany Is th leading tailor, and pays
ths highest cash prlr. for fur skin.
Beneath a steamer's berth
there's Just room enough for
one of our 13 H telescope satchels
and not near enough for th.
ordinary trunk. H.nce, a satch
el Is a necessity If you're going
on a sea voyags.
June 19th
To raise a fund to entertain visiting fire
men during the tournament and conven
tion next August.
Tickets, CO oonts, to bs procured of any
of the firemen, or at the New York Novel-
ty Store, where seats can be reserved
without extra charge.
CloukM and Suits iimde tu Order or
ready imtdc at the
Ladle' Tailors.
Land &
Investment .
Bond Street...
Astoria, Or.
ftaport of tha Condition
or Tit.
First National Bank
At Aitorl. hi llw nuts of tiiegiiti, at ili.i'loss
of business, Ms? I, Ism,
IjmuissikI UUeiMMiu,. ...... u.',m oa
tiierorittu seeurett siiutiiiweurriL.H, III IS
I. n, llonas In pMltr lreuUl!c,... t3. IV
I'r-nduiit en I' a ttouds.M.H. ,..lw.,
HHH'ks. eeurllle. tn Ii.tfll W
littler Ileal kall Slid Hurtls.
usufii , i,:m w
lu InMii nsliiHisl bank. iMut !! '
sswitsi II l t
IhM Inuu slsis Hank and tMiiksr . St
Ihte (row seiMoke rrvr aseiiis 9u,.vit 4s
checka sod mlisr rsti Itruis is iu
Notes u oilier Sslliiual Uaiika. .. . ... g
Mekels and MM'
Ijkwrt'L Mnxsv Itsasavs in IUkk, Visi
Hiwh .i a m
l-SSl leMtlrr Moles.., . ,., U)'
HrdeniHtca fumt with t, H Tiraaurer
t&peiriil,u(eirculatloiii. , y N
,,. liV T
I'spllsl sloe wld lu I !,! 00-
NumMiii fund .,.... 4 KM) UU
1'lio.lvttleU mnt less ex
penses .i ll Uies ll. . H.VU Jtt
Nallousi han soles niit
slaiiiliiis . ., .. 00
luo to iat Hsnss slid
hanker 4,(l
lliilltlilual iti-pusUa sub
)ec lor link til. Ms 6
teui rertlOialM ol
posit oo-sksx tr
Tolsl ,. ,. ll.isg ST
tie ol I'regtvn, 1
OmiiiIii of liaison, I
I, a. . IomiIimi, nuhier of ths shots sasusl
bonk, l solemul) wef Mist Ills stMe staU
rnent U true tu til bel tif my knoalrUi; will
belief. S. H (OlKlMlN.I alller.
Hjuuserlbrd sixl ssjuiu 10 tel"i n this lllli
day ol May. In C. k. illoMMiN,
Nulary IMbUs,
lurren aneii
JilllV s pf W IN,
J A. nil KAMM.
Our large ix-s of stn, s, I I c, Ul,.i 4
l'niilreatH a ill
mult July In, M. wtihiml ihii
' S'S
and rrlulile fur yuur tnniie,, as He
Pv t .. . .. 1 -. . . . 1 ..
ki H.t 1
WA.NTKlA dressmaker would Ilk.
soma sewing by th. day. Address Has n.
W A NTKD Three unfurntstrd room,
for light housekeeping. "F." Astorlan
WANTKD HemlnaMor. typewriter rov
er. Address II. XI , Astorlan Omv.,
WANTKIl-fllluatlon by compet.nt
book keener. Address II. Astorlan ofnra.
- WANTKD To llent-A house of six or
savon room, centrally loco lad. Address-
J., Astorlsa ofnc.
suntloman ne latlv Ia fi-mvl fn. ilnto
stabllahed nous In Oregon. Hatary, 1710,
payaoi. in weekly and .xpnsrs. tiltua
lion DermanehL References. KnriAu
addressed stamped snvclop. II. II. 1 less.
Pres., Dearborn direct, Chicago.
WANTED By hous. twenty rear
standing, Isdy or gntlsmn, willing to.
I.arn our business, then to travel or to
do offlca work. Salary, INM.00. Encloso
elf-addressed stamped .nv.loo. Is A.
T. ELDKIt, Mansgsr. car bally as
FOIl SALE C1II0AI'-A oil. drlv. rAti.
ply to llwaco Lumber Yard, llwaco.
FOn BALE The rerr.ll property, cor
ner of Kxchsng and lth sireaia Prlo.
H:M. W. C. CasMll. 4T1 Uond .treat, sgt
JAPANESE OOOrii - Fireworks JTu.s
out Just received-Just what you wnt,
si oi ijes s. hj i.umm.rrii si rest.
FOR RENT Small dwelling hn..... f,,-.
nlture for sal. Apply at Astorlan ofTlco.
FOR RENT A furnished room. It Ir4.
FOR RKNTTheaa fmie t.t.
board, at Mr. E. C. Holden's, comer
Dunn, and Ninth straits. I'ri,-. r...nn-
TEN rOT.T.A!lH RR-WATin lil K-
for any Information which will lead to.
th arrest and conviction of th p.ison
Or Demon Whn slnla th nliiHh --.1 m
celver from th Palnc Car..
W. W. WHIPPLE, Proprietor.
FOUND A gentleman's gold rlns.
marked with Odd Fellow's emblem. Own
er can recover same by applying nt As
torlan office.
Emil Schacht
GEO. N1C0LL, Assistant.
lopp's cw Brewerg
For a dinner, served on th Dining cars
of the Chicago, Milwaukee and Bt. Paid.
Railway, will b. sent to any address on.
reoelpt of a two-cent postsg. stamp.
Apply to Geo, H. Heafford, General Pas
senger Agent, Old Colony Building, Chi
cago, Illinois.