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gaily otorian.
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"I believe the Republican party at St.
"luls should be roverned by a conatr
"rative sentiment respecting the tariff,
"but tt cannot be too pronounced on the
"money question. I am in favor of an
"explicit and unequivocal declaration in
"favor of malnulntne" the gold standard;
"for Uie money question and not the
"tariff, will the Issue of the campaign
"this year." Benjamin Harrison.
"The agricultural, manufacturing-, mer
"cantil and w age-earn lr In teres is ot
"the Vnlted States, have now an oppor
tunity to put this country beyond the
"cavil ot doubt on a sound, safe and per
"manent sold basis. Tha par;y sulci
"tails to sec that this la the only tru
"Issue and to take lis stand on a sold
"platform, will fight a losing bailie In
"lb coming campaign. " Chauncey M.
"If the sound money sentiment abroad
"In tho land la to save us from mischlet
"and disaster. It must be crysultsed and
"tombinrd and mad immediately active.
It tat dangerous to overlook the fact
"that a vast number of people, with
"scant opportunity thus far to examine
"tho question In all lu aspects, cava
"nevertheless bee., ingeniously Impressed
"with specious suggestions, which In
"this time of misfortune and depression,
"find willing; listeners prepared to give
"credit to any scheme which Is plausibly
"presented as a remedy for their un
fortunate condition." Grover Cleveland.
An old correspondent asks the Aiio
rian. "What Is to become of the silver now
In circulation If we have a gold basis;
will It not depreciate In the hands of
tho pe jple?"
Our subscriber doesn't seem to under
stand that this fear of depreciated silver
and appreciated gold In the hands of tue
people Is the only difficulty with our
financial condition, and that this appre
' tension has been produced solely by the
agitation of the past few years ' for a
change in the existing system by the
adaption, of a law providing for the free
and unlimited coinage of silver.
It should be borne In mind that the
g-old advocate is not demanding- any
change In the existing- money standard,
with reference to either gold or silver.
We now have as good money as any
country In the world, and there is no
occasion to change It- Our silver and
gold circulate everywhere side by side
V; with each other at the same parity. As
Judge Northup explained the other night,
one of our silver dollars will now buy
two Mexican dollars, notwithstanding
the Mexican dollar contains tne larger
amount of silver. The Popuiist says
this fa because of the government's fiat
an the silver dollar, but he is mistaken.
It la because our government guarantees
not a promise to pay, as the Populists
put It, but the actual payment on de
mand of a dollar In gold for each of Its
silver dollars.
This is the gold basis, and upon no
other can the government maintain the
circulating- parity of the two metals.
There cannot be two standards of value
lor the same money, snd such a proposi
tion suggests a ridiculous solecism, a
physical Impossibility. The question be
fore the country today Is not that ot
having two standards, but of conforming
aur monetary system, or rather keeping
J conformed as It now Is, to that of all
other great nations In the world. They
nave the gold standard, and, whether
right or wrong, will have no other. We
must of necessity have the same measure
lor our money, or cease to do business
with them except at great inconvenience
and disadvantage.
It thus happens-that the men who de
fend the gold standard are fighting to
maintain the parity value of the silver
dollar, for It is only by the preservation
f the gold standard that the circulation
tt the silver dollar can be maintained;
and this la why the gold standard advo
cate is the true friend of silver. This Is
the true issue of the money question,
and after all, what a plain and simple
ne It is. Shall we keep our money
at the certain fixed value which makes
It good, or shall we try an experiment
whtcta would reduce It to the vacillating,
ancertain value which the history of the
world shows has always made It bad?
If our subscriber, therefore. Is satis
fied with the present value and purchas
ing power of his silver dollar, he should
act with the gold Btandard men and help
protect that dollar from the depreciation
which would Inevitably result through
the free coinage of silver.
The Boies Democrats of Iowa say in
their platform that "the lessening of In
dividual enterprises" and "enforced idler-ess
of grunt numbers of the working
eluasfs are due to adherence to the gold
standard." It Is worth while to contrast
with thla statement of brawling dema
gogues tiiut of a business man who gives
the real reason why Individual enterprise
la lessened, and worklrHrmen ore Idle. A
large .lass factory In Ottawa, III., elosod
down Inst week for nn Indellnlte time,
throwlna; Ju men out of work. One of
the owners says;
Hud not the nuttier of the value of a
dollar bi-ti In a-ttitihi the work would
still le riinninit. We were unwilling to
pile tip our stock In our warehouse tor
which we must pay a full alue dollar
to UlK.r and fr materials and then sell It
when the market opemM for half Its
value. We have to Imy mat. ri.- t- Irom
foreign countries, for w hich e must pay
in gold. Many other maiiuti.ctutvr I.H'k
iilain this matter In the same lit: lit we do.
lake they haxe no mom y to risk
when the pnwivt would lie p inent tor
goo.i In a currency cut In halt in value.
In caw free silver Is a part of the plat
form of either party the greatest suf.or
era will be the laNMvi-e, who will Iv kept
out of employment and le torv-eO to nuke
all manner of sacrulcea to keep from
Here la the employer's story. He does
not shut down because of the gold stand
ard, but since he Is afraid of the silver
one, which will rut down the value of
silver certificates, greenbacks, and bank
notes one-half. As he cannot tell what
kind of moiey or price he may get for
his goods he will make few or none till
the money question Is settled. He dee
not want to make dollar glass Tor future
delivery and then be paid for It In hall
dollar money. So his workmen are Idle
and must hunt for other Jobs. Altgcld
haa probably befogged and deceived
many of them Into supporting his 50-vrnt humbug.
Sound Money to Win In Oregon and In
the Nation,
The Oregonian.
Mr. George T. Myers, "the gentleman
from Seattle," as his legislative frl. ml
sometimes facetiously call him, arrived
yesterday from an extended tour
throughout the Kast. and w as not averse
to talking to a reporter upon the political
"I might just mention." said Mr. Myers,
"the surprise which came over me as 1
crowed the Oregon line and learned the
stJe of Judge Xorthup's boom for con
gress. I want to say that, under the
present condition of affairs. It would be
a red-letter day for Oregon. If we could
semi back two sound-money men, and 1
now firmly believe It can be done. On
the train I talked with several prominent
men of Eastern Oregon, Democrats and
Republicans, and from what they said 1
think Xorthup's speeches in Vnion and
Baker city were In the nature of a whlrl
wtnd." In response to the question as to what
he thought Xorthup's vote In Baker
county would be. Mr. Myers said that he
expected It to be lancer than that ot
any other candidate. In speaking of the
sound-money vote In the East. Mr. Myers
said It was aggressive and determined.
"In New England. It Is practically un
animous, and the East generally will
stand no jockeying with the tariff. Reed
haa a large sprinkling- of friends, but
they have about come to the conclusion
that McKlnley haa the boom, and arc
ready to yield to the Inevitable. It will
be protection and sound money, and you
can stake your life that whoever Is nom
inated, be will be elected."
Makes Gains In Wasco and Very Strong
In Crook.
Oregon Ian.
Mr. T. A. Hudson, secretary of The
Dalles Military Road Company, and a
prominent business man of that place. Is
In town, and was seen by a reporter yes
terday relative to Judge Northup's cam
paign for sound money.
"I Introduced Judge Northup to the
audience at The Dalles." said Mr. Hud
son, "and I can truthfully say that his
speech had a most pronounced effect In
our town. I was surprised the next day
at the change of sentiment. Men, both
Republicans and Democrats, whom I had
no Idea were going to vote for Northup,
came out openly and said they were gc
ing to support him.
"Two years ago the Republican vote In
Wasco county was some 1,300, the Demo
cratic was about 450 and the Populist
was about 530. I myself believe that
Northup will get votes, although you
can't estimate It, because It Is going to
be a silent vole.
"In regard to Crook county, which
joins on to our county, I have received
an account from that section through a
prominent lawyer of our place. He has
been over there attending court, and he
told me on his return that there was
no talk over there among; Republicans
and Democrats except sound money, and,
as near as he could judge, Mr. Northup
would receive a large majority."
"The stockmen generally," continued
Mr. Hudson, "are In favor of sound
money. The night the Judge spoke there
were several sheepmen, who came In
just to hear the speech, and they left
very enthusiastic over It."
The following- from Mr. Hugh Gourlay,
of The Dalles, written from Hay Creek,
May 25, haa been received at the North ap
headquarters at Portland:
"I got here yesterday (Sunday) after
noon on my way to Prinevllle, and a
little notice brought together a very good
crowd of sheepshearers, - woolhaulers,
sheep-herders, etc., and I addressed them
in the evening-. The sentiment here Is
over-whelrolngly for Judge Northup. Free
sliver men are scarce. They tell me It la
the same around Prinevllle and Fltchell
that the judge will g-.-t a large vote from
all parties In Crook county.
Classical knowledge seems to be at a
low ebb on Staten Island. On the park
at Richmond, the county seat. Is a tab
let bearing; In big letters the singular
statement, "Richmond County Goal.
Erected Anno Domino, 1W0."
Boaton Courier.
The bones and muscles of the human
body are capable of 1,200 different mo
tions, and some orchestral leaders utilize
them all at once.
.Tnrtrlnti T am vnlnir In ht,v m v t.;.nl
bills disinfected before I handle them.
Mrs. JorKlnH for what reason; Jorkins
To remove the danger of eontatrlon to
my family. Mm. JorklnH I never he:.rd
of your family being exposed. Ex.
Parties desiring the best of Job printing
at the lowest prices should call at the
Astoria Job office before golujf elsewhere.
1 fK!
q 1 t vv !
S 'V
Blackwcll's Genuine
Tec will nrvl one coapoa imu ci i mow
Buy absc. n1 ttweoupaa vi how to f
Sine I.eo Xtlll. has tilled the chair ot
St. lVter he has repressed the humorous
side of his nature, which made him
greatly In demand as a diner out when
tlllitur the office of nuncio at lriels.
Always sex ere In matters of propriety,
he was deeply offended on one of these
occasions by a tiaron who paast-d him a
sn-iff box on the lid of which was enam
eled a feminine tigure en dohaltlto. Ad
mirably controlling his annoyance, his
future holiness replied: " Very pretty:
Is It your wife?"
from scrofulous, skin or scalp diseases
ouirht to be given Dr. Pierce tlol.len
Medical Discovery for purifying the
blood. For children who are puny, pale
or weak, the "Discovery" I a tonic
which build up both flesh and strength.
What Is said of It for children applies
equally to adults. As an appctis-nk.
restorative tonic. It set at work all the
processes of digestion ami nutrition,
rouses every orvan Into natural action,
and brintr back health ami strength.
In recovering from "grippe." or in con
valescence front pneumonia, fevers, ami
other wasting diseases. It speedily and
surely Invigorates and builds up the
whole system.
For all diseases cause,! by a torpid
liver or Impure blood, as Dyspepsia,
Biliousness. Blotches ami Eruptions, It
gives most perfect satisfaction.
Evidence given at the inquest on the
body ot Colonel North showed that there
was something df tragic omen In the
manner of hi death. While presiding
over a meeting of the Buena syndicates
tt wa his duty to take note of the fact
that a certain resolution had been duly
carried. He accordingly asked for a
pen. and. exclaiming. 'Passed'" dropped
his eyeglasses and fell back In his chair.
It wa the moment of his fatal leisure,
and almost with that word, on his lips
his own spirit passed away.
Than one This, of course. Is no news '
to veteran fishermen who clean their owr. I
fish. But there is always a best way in
everything. The best way to overcome
everyinina-. i ne oei way iu oihwhib
or prevent malaria, to conquer Incipient
rheumatism or kidney trouble, and to
relieve dyspepsia, biliousness, constlpa-
Hon and nervousness, is to begin without
delay, and to pursue steadily and rvgu
tariy. the use of Hosteller's Stomach
Bitten, a standard medicine Indorsed by
medical men everywhere. It strength
ens the system and Improves the appe-
ttle and leep of those who employ It as
a restorative, and accomplishes health-
giving results which fairly astonish those
nrevtnuslv .inacnilAlnlett With tt elllcat-V.
Invalids of all sorts testify In Its behalf.
ti u ,h. leadin tonic of this era.
Business Depression.-Talk about hard
iim. th. man with hlir
neck and a paper-weight diamond In his
cravat "talk about hard times: I never
seen anyflna; like what we've been
t'rough. before." "Did you did you no-
tlee It r was the surplrsl Inquiry. "Did'
I notice It? W'y de farmers net been
so poor der couldn't Indulge In de ordl-
nary luxuries. Look In de newspapers
an' see fur yerself. Dere ain't sne gold
brick sold nowadays where dere useter
be a doxen." Washington Star.
Mr. G. Calllouette. Druggist. Beavers-
vllle. III., says: 'To Dr. King's New ills-
rovery I owe my life. Was taken with
La Grippe and tried all the physicians
for mile about, hut of no avail and wa
given up and told I could not live. H&v-
Ing Dr. King's New Discovery In my
stora I sent for a bottle and be-
gan Its use and from the first dose
began to get bettet, and after using three
bottles was up ai.o about again. It Is
worth Its weight In gold. We won't
keep store or house without It." Get a
free trial at Chas. Rogers' Drug Store.
M. Theodore Dubois, whose appoint
ment as succesosr to Ambrose Thomas
at the Paris Conservatoire Is announced,
Is a former pupil ami professor of the
great musical of France. He Is 59, nnd
his works, though not reaching the celeb-
rtty of other composers, are marked by
great character, chiefly of the religious
and stately mold. His "Circe." an opera
which is said to be a powerful compost
tlon, will not be produced until the new
Opera Comlque Is finished.
As a remedy for all forms of Headache,
Electric Bitters has proved to be the very i
the most dreaded hah I uaJ sick head.
ache, yield to it. Influence. We urge a I,
who are afflicted to procure a bottle.
and give this remedy a fair Vial. In
case, of habitual constipation Electric
Ulttrs cures by giving the needed tone
to the bowels, and few cases long resist 1
the use of this medicine. Try It once.
Fifty cents, and 11.00 at Chas. Rogers
Drug Store.
Colonel Schnack, the new Danlrfh min
ister of war, la descended from a peasant
family of one of the provinces. One or
his daughters Is the wife of Count von
Moltke, a relative of the field marshal,
and lives on a great estate near Marien
berg. The colonel's son married a daugh
ter of the minister present. Hen Et
rup. The new minister is now 07 years
The best salve "lnIhe worll for Cuts. I
Bruise. Bores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum.
ZT!?. BOre 2;M,:,t?Mlt"?,?. "Z"6''
Chilblains, Corns, and All Skin Erup
tion,, and positive cure for Plies, or no
P'-rfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price. 25 cent, per box. For sale by
Chas. Rogcn, Odd Fellows' building.
James Judd, son of Orange Judd,
founder of the American Agriculturist,
has been elected vice president of Htorrs
college agricultural experimental station,
In Bridgeport, Conn., In place of Prof.
Charles D. Woods, who haa b;en elected
director of the Maine state colbge station
In Orono, Me.
ROYAL Baking Powder
has been awarded highest
honors at every world's fair
where exhibited.
is the
very best
i ;
o w wsw ,nwr . , vw hi. it
yut ! MM la pnUk K
A correspondent of the New York Trlb
line write: "ISneon I'eabody New laud,
of l.awrvnoevllle, v.. was present a
the laying of the corner stone of the
Bunker Hill monument. If he lles tin
tlal September ' next he will I years
of use Althouuh he Is souu what feeble
In health, his mind his clear and hla
memory Is good. He take nn Intelligent
Interest In the new of the day, espe
cially of new Inventions, and regularly
votes the Kcpuhllcan ticket.
Whea Baby was sick, we gw ber Castorta,
When she was a Child, ah cried for Castorla.
Wbea she became St I, she clung to Outoria,
WbeaiheL "fclklrao, lb fa -sUteta Cutorta,
Unavailable "t'.ot a huhly laudatory
letter from Statesman Barks In response
to our present of a ropy of the diction
ary." atd the secretary. "tiood." wild
the publisher. "Have a lithograph copy
of It made and print it in every paper
In hi district." "Can't do It, He hai
mtielled four word." Cincinnati Kit
qulrer. '
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
"Talk about the misery of unattain
able aspiration," muse,! the Fair Ioly
who had something of a penchant fur
philosophy. "You weren't here, 1 gueas,
when the Four-lcged Girl first got the
bicycle erase" No, the India-rubber
man had not been there at the time men
tioned. However, he laughed hoarsely
Detroit Tribune.
Or. Price's Cream Haklnf PowtJa
Cental e Aaawnia er Alaav
Iceman On the dead, lady, we are sell
ing; Ice at a loss right now. Mr, nick
Ire I believe you. I am certain that
, - . . - r , . .
! the 50-pound chunk, you leave have ... -
"V" " " , '.
J Dr,ur 1 .ne....-.,.-... -u...t
W might tslt yon more about One
Minute Cough Cure, out you probably
know that It cures s cough. Every one
docs who haa used It It Is a perfect
remedy for coughs, colds, hoarseness. It
' Is n especial favorltt for children, be-
' 'n Pleasant to lass ana quica in curio.
i vna. noswrs.
! A Pretty story la told of the widow of
the great Schumann. When she played
1 any ot ner nusnarm music sne reai. over
" of the old love letter that he wrote
during the day of their courtship. o
that- h "' "nUiiht be better
""" "" J"-""- """r"
, ot ,n l,,rlt of hl m0Tk
It's Just as easy to try On Minute
J Cough Cur as anything else. It's easier
' to cur a sever cough or cold with IL
, Let your next purchase for a cough be
One Minute Cough Cure Better medl-
cine; better result; better try It. Chas.
Judge Rensselaer R. Nelson, of the
United States district court of Mlnne
'a' " resigned the other day, was
J ot,leKl federal district Judge In the
' 1 " " 'i""
"'" ,N J- ,n " w" "n
! ' Jud Samuel Nelson and began to
! Ptclce law In New York
, Take a dose of DeWltt's Little Early
! Risers Just for the good they will do
: you. These little Pills arc good for In
, digestion, good for headache, good for
' liver complaint, good for constipation.
i They are good. Chas. Rogers.
I "I am glad to see that one thing has
! been brought to the attention of con
gress," said the man who Is perpetually
indignant. "U na, do you mean?" "The
! necessity for a universal standard of
weights and menaures. What we want
! right away is some scheme that will
I make fifty pound of Ire weigh Just ns
! much In July as it doe In April."
Washington Star.
Burns are absolutely painless when De
Wltt's Witch Haxel Salve Is promptly
applied. This statement Is true. A per
fect remedy ror skin diseases, chapped
hands and lips, and never falls to curt
piles. Chas. Rogers.
"It's real mean," snld the Amazon In-
. T.T IO, T"
1 ZLL 2,1 i.Tl.Vl "T'
" ylllxed warfare." "What do
1? , L h"" iW
P."Le'?:. 8,he ""P0''. ,h"t
"," 7. " ," " a "
All the patent medicines advertised In
thla paper, together with th choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles etc., can
be bought at the lowest prices at J. W,
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Hotel. Astoria.
Dick Tou know that feller workln' In
shaft 17 who was always klckln' for a
raise? Mick-Yes. Dick Well, he
kicked over a can of dynamite today,
and got IL Up to Date.
Pure blood means good health. De
I Witt's Barssparills purifies the blood,
cures Eruptions, Ecsems, Scrofula, and
J" ar'"" tl0m imUn bl0Od-
' Iwe"'
Miss Summit-Mr. Fiddlehaok wanted
to send you a birthday present, but I
1 . 1 V. I ...... V. n V. . . 4 .. V, 1 U
-X to. year. .. Was.rW Mis.
""rtt ''.Z. vou sioDoetl -Truth
two year arter yo" "topped.-1 ruth.
Palinode I believe so. I know It was
Busy people have no time, and sensible
people have no Inclination to use a slow
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promptly and gives permanent benefits.
Chas. Rogers.
Mrs. De Pot They say Colonel Chum
perly, the old warrior, whs always where
the bulleUi were thickest. Knverdy
Yes: he drove an urnmnultlon wagon.
Philadelphia North American.
DeWltt's Sarsaparllla I. prepared for
cleansing the blood. It builds up and
- strengthens constitution. Impaired by
disease. Chas. Rogers.
Tui: Oasis oh thv
A Hew
111 LOW I HE LfcVll
Dry and Pure Tropical
Proiiouiicotl ly I'lipicisins the
most Kavtirahlt hi A nn-rifa
for Sullt'ivrs from , . ,
Lung Diseases and
Many Remarkable Cures
The objection urged sgslnst Indio In
th past by th larg number who
otherwise would hav been glad to tak
advantage of It beneficial climat. ha
been a lack of lullabi accommodation.
Th Southern Pacitlo Company takk
pleaaur In announcing that several
Commodious and
Comfortable Cottages
have Just been erected at Indio station,
that Will hs SMnlS.1 l, stmlleanl P.-.
unable rate. They ar furnlhed with
modro convsnwn.', supplied with pur
arfaslaa arstsr sjwl sat sllnsf.! li I
occupant all th advantag to be 1-
mw t rum a more or ia protract es
residence In this delightful climat.
(From th San Francisco Argonaut.)
'In th heart of th great dert of the
Coloradowhich th Southern Pacitlo
traverses thro 1 an oal called Indio.
which. In our opinion. I th sanitarium
of th earth. V ballev. from personal
Investlsailon, that for certain Individuals.
there I no spot on thla planet so favor
O. T. Stewart, M. D.. writ: "The
purity of the air, and the eternal sun
shin, fill on with wondr and delight
Nature ha accomplUhed o
much that thr remain but lull fur
man to do. As to Its possibilities a a
health retort hr I the most perfect
sunshine, with a temperature always
pleasant, a perfectly dry soil, for rain I
sn unknown factor: pur oiygsn, danee
atmosphere and pure water. What more
can be desired? It I th place, above
all others, for lung trouble, and a para
dise for rheumatics Considering th
number of sufferers who hav been
cured. I hare no hesitancy In recom
mending thl genial oasis as th haven
of th afflicted."
Is 612 miles from
and 130 iiiltn from
LOS an;klks
Fate from Los Angeln
For further Informailon Inquire ot
any Southern Pacific Company agent,
or address
Asst. f!en. Pass. Agt. H P. Co.
Dlst. Pass. Axt.
Cor. First and Alder st., Portland, or.
R. P. Elmore
W. H. Harrison
A Li
Sailing dat to snd Iro Tillamook
snd Nehalem depend spen
th weather.
For Freight and Pungr
Rates Apply To
O.R. A N. CO.. Agents, Portland.
nt ts a mn-hninnmi
H-tivxlr fur U(mrrlia,
tllwt, Hpt-rniat(rrrhes,
Whil,-N, uniiatnral file
rlinruxs, or stir ilitlurnma
tlon, irritation or,-
U"n r in 11 nous nii'in
fHEtMNlOillMirn f!o, branna. Niii-aa.rlnK-iit.
Wnlil by Umgglsta,
or sent In plsln wrnrin-r,
lif eiprtie. prfpsi'l, for
I 'll, or 3 l.olll.,. (2.7.'..
Circular writ ou ref.uuet.
f f IB 1 to 6
mu ar Onrniw1 J
'M not u t'Wtnr,
r 1 MnMgiois,
tiViiillniied I
Kitchen, John, lot hi, blk , t'o
liimblA H.iilol addlllou to As
toria; lot 4,blk n, Hklpaiioii ail
dltlon to Astoria, .1c,
Ktlebler, llarnmil, lot II, IS. blk.
IM, t'oltinibla uitdllloit ID As
toria, ST., John, lot X blk. Its. Mo
Clur'. Aalorla. a. eileiitled by
Cyrus iilu.-y, lot 0, blk, id,
First nddltlon to AlderbriHiki
H. W. V, of M ,V. t Heo. II. T.
N., It. II W.. acres; N.K.
of N K V, Hec. Si, T. N It.
W . l acres, 1U1VI
lamahlin, J. M , lot I, K, blk. 17,
Hallway addition to Astoria, ?K
l.wl-e, Theialore, Iota . lu, II. It
II, U. U Is. blk. in, Itoanlnl lo the city of Astoria,
Ianui, M , und. t lot J, 4. blk.
lau, MiH'lurs Aslorl. a a
tetuled by Cyrus dlney, int.,..
I.liidle, Carrie, begin at renter of
Hee. M, W. 94 du eh., N. M links,
K. 14 90 rhs, H. T link lo he
SlIllllllK Hec. M, T N , It. I
W, IM acres, UU
latan, II. K, U, 11 ml U, lot I, IK.
blk. a. IVmeiif. addition to lite
city of Astoria, IJe
l-ovell, Ham, N K. t,, H t of H W.
v.. K It l 1 K. t Hec. I, 'f.
N , It W., JSi acre. lM ...
I.ills, Helen, lot H, , II, Hee I,
T, 4 N . It. T W , I3 acre, iJ
I .y. ill. W. II , lot i, blk. t Iterry
addition lo Aalorla, ITo
I.ersnn. N J, ami August tils. 11.
lot 4, extstt tract of K II.
Crle. Hec. 34. T. I N., II. W.,
S acres, 4V ., , ,
Mct'ormlck. Hntdila. K. SI ft. lot X
blk , Met lure Astoria, lit II
McFarh.nd, Mnlcom, H.W l. Her.
a T I N It. I W , m acre.,
Iliial ,
Mcilrath. Pal, H W V, Hec ta. T.
N . It. W . I, acres. ......
S ft
31 K)
1 90
13 97
4 W
I 70
I 91
J 7
it n
7 n
i a
n it
17 7
17 T
7 II
McMllleit, Mil. is. W 4 Heo i,
T. I N . It W , km acres. mi1
Marsh. Adelaide It, lota 1 3. hlk
7, Urmlbiiry adilltlon lo ta-rati
tlrove. js,... ,
Marsbnll. John, und H of H S of
H W 1,. H W. V4 of H K. V, H..C.
, It T N , It I W , mi acres
I -
Martin. Kmmn, lot . blk In, Kast
Astoria, We
Malheea. N N . tola 91, 31, blk I.
Power's addition, l"c
Mayer. J. I', lot & s. hlk J. t-.'nst
Astoria. Sa....
Meeder. Christopher, H K. I4 Heu.
SI. T T N , II ( W lo acre.
tn a
Methodist Church of Astoria, lot
S. blk Xi, Adair' Port of t'pia-r
Astoria. l4 ...
Miller. Mrs II. I , W I of N K
of H W. t,. H K t of H W
Hec. K. T t N . II. I W , l
acre, racrpl land sold lo Ira
It. iNa'wson, per vol an, pag '
Mlnthorn. II J , lot . , blk (1.
Pscinc addlilon tn Astoria, sr .
Mitchell. Harry, N K. tWc. 4. T
t N.. K W.. IHi: acres, t .
Montoith. Thorns, let 10. 11. U,
blk 11 Hallway addition lo As
ton, tic
Moo'.y. Alesander, K. S of N K. V,
HW. K, T N.. M. t W., M
acres. 111 11
Mnman. Mary, lot I, U 1 t It
II. It blk M k.i. U U t t
7. a. blk. 6S; lota I, U I. t t
7. i, . 10, II. It hlk. O. Hhlv.
Iy' Astoria. t-J 71
Morgan. Harriet, K. S See. Is. T.
7 N., It. S W , U acre, f I .
Morgan, Kvsna and 1'avld. W. L,
of the J. W. Moltltl I U C,
Hec . 17. H V, T I N , H. I
W.. J3UM acre. 147.17
a 11
I 41
I tt
4 l
II ts
4 r,
I tt
3 91
U til
i; 9
17 79
MortenMn. Anton, lot I. t t K S
of N W. N t 1, of W. i,
Hec. 11. T 4 S., It. 7 W., IM.04
acres, ts 47
MorrUon. Mai hew, H. W, t, of N W.
V, Hec. . W. 4 of N K. V
H E. at N.K t, Hec T 4
N , K. W . u acre, ua
Morion, o. F.. H W 1, Hec. lu. T.
7 N , It. 1 W., 10) acre. I4 ...
Moriensen, Anton. 8. H of H K. t
Hec. IK, N I, of N K. 1, Hec X,
T N . It V Iftl acres. II
Mortensen. Charles, , V. Hec.
1. T. N , II. W., ldt) acre.
Ill 9
Munsun. Hilda P. lot I, blk W.
Mct'lure s Astoria, 117 in
Mulllnl. Ulierty p . lot I, 1 11, tug.
li, Warrenton. 11.14 ,
Mulraney, William, lot 14. II, It.
17. is, blk II. New Astoria. II 14
Newell. O. I' . H K V, H. I. T.
N.. R I W.. IM) ,cre. r 7 ...
Nelson, Itasmus, lul I. I.Ik. 1, A,
lotia, a laid out anil recorded
by Martin Foard, U 17
NVttleton, T fl , und. 4 lot t, nik.
11. First addition to Alderbrooa,
Nllson. August, lot t blk. I, De
ment addition to the city of
Astoria, 17c
Noe, T. 1-. und. H hit n. blk. 11,
Hill s First addition to Aalorla,
II 10
Nohllng. Peter olof, luts I. . w.
H of N W. V,. 8 K U of N W.
V, Bee. 7, T. N . K 7 W.,
lW.m acres, $.M
Olsen, Charles, lot 4, blk. li. trad
J of Ulney s adilltlon to Astoria,
a laid out and recorded by
Hustler Aiken, riecutora;
lot II, It blk. I. Klveralde addi
tion to Astoria, IMc
Olsen, Martin, lot 10, blk 17, Alder
brook. Ill E
Olsen, Moren Anna, lots 11, It blk.
6, Dement' addition to the city
of Astoria, aa:
Olsen, James, lot 1, 2, S, blk. 5.
Klverslde addition to Astoria,
IS. 41
Olsen, lien 8 , 8 K. '., of H. K. 1,
Hec. H; 8.W. 14 of fl.W. 14 Hec.
33: N W. I, of N.W. "i flee. S;
N.K. of N.K. Her. V. T. 6
N.. It. W.. PKI acres, Ill.fO....
Olsen. Cerry H., N. V, of 8.K. .
B.W. of H E t4 gee. ; N.W.
V4 of H W. V, Bee. 3. T. 6 N.,
It. W., PHI acres, I1I.M
Olsen, Julius, N W. 14 or B K. ti,
N.W. f N.K. i of H K.
Bee. II, T. 7 N It. 10 W Hi
acres, U u2
Olsen, Martin, 8.W. 14 of H.K. t(
Hec. 12; W. 4 of N.K. 14, N.W.
V4 of B E. 14 8ea IJ, T. 4 N
K. 7 W., s acre, l(l uj
Olsen, Andrew, lot a, t, 10, 11, 12,
N.W. 14 of U.K. 4 Hec. 7, T.
4 N , R. 7 W., 14.M acres. 111.7(1
Olsen, llellen A., lot t blk. ,
Clatsop Orove, 12c
Oregon Ijirul Company, lota 1, 2. I,
4. S. , 7. ft. , 10, 11, It blk. 3.
Pacific addition to Astoria; lots
1, 2, I, 4, 6, , 7, . , 10, 11, 12,
blk. 1; lots 1. 2, I, 4. S, I, 7, s, ,
10, 11, 12. blk. 2; lots 1, 2, 1. 4,
t, , 7. 8. 9, 10, 11, 12, blk. S;
1. t I. 4, t, I, 7. I, I, 10, 11, it
blk. 4: lots, 1, t S, blk. 6; lot
1, t 1. 4. 5, . 7. fl, , 10, 11. 12,
12. 14, 15, ID, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,
a, 24, blk. 7; lota 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, A,
7, II. 9, 10, 11, 12. It 14, If., It, 17,
IB, 19, 20. 21, a, a, 21, blk. a; lota
7, 8, 9, 10, II, It 13, 14, IS, 10, 17,
1ft, hlk. 9; lots 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, ,
7, ft, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Id, 17,
ih, 19, 211, 21, a, a. 24, bik. 10: imN
1, 2, 3, 4, 6. , 7, II, 9, 10, 11, 12,
13. 14, 15, 1, 17. 18, 111, 20, 21. 22,
a, 24, hlk. 12; lot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ,,
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1.1, H, 15, 11!, 17,
18. 19, 20, 21, a, a, 24, blk. 13: lots
1, 2. 3, 4, 5, R, 7, 8, !l. 10, II, 12,
13, )i, 15, 1, 17, 18, 10, 20, 21, 22,
a, 24, blk. 14; lots 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, II,
7, 8. 9, 10, II, 12, 13, 14, 16, 111, 17,
IS, 1ft, 20, 21, 22, , 24, I.Ik. 15:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ,, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 1(1, 17, 18, l!l, 20, 21, 22,
a, 24, blk. I: ltd 13, 14, 15, III, 17,
18, 111, 20, 21, 22, a, 21, hlk 17; lots
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, , 7, 8, H, 10, , 12,
13, 14, 15, 111, 17, 18, 1(1, 20, 21,
a, 24, hlk. Hi; Iota I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0,
7, 8 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 111, 17,
14 Ul
19 r
19 17
10 &
U ai
4 (4
4 t,
4 n
11 n
1 u
4 iu
7 TV
20 a
20 a
e 62
19 64
21 02
6 63
lit, 19, 1, 91 it U, HI, blk. ri; lot
I, l It, 4. &. , 7, . 9. 10, II, II.
It 14, 15, Ill, 17, IK, Hi, blk. 91; lot
I, I 3. . 5. II. T, , 9, 10, II. It
1.1. 14, 15, HI, II. 18, in, , 31, W,
a. 1)4, blk. ), I. da I, I, 17, Is, l.
ill, SI. 91, :l, 91, blk ti. I'l
I, 3. S. 4. II. it, 7, , , in, II, II,
1.1, 14, 15, HI, W, 18. ID, , 21. lit
IU, 31. blk. II; lul I, I, t 4, , .
7, 8. 9, to, II, It It II, II, IH, 17,
IS IU, i, 91, a, U. 91, blk. . lot
I, 9. t 4, a. X I. . 9. I. H. 19. It
II. I. HI. 17, 18. 19, 3.1, 21, 22, .
94. blk, J. I. us I, !,,),&, t, 7,
. . IH, II, 19. It II. 15. I. 17. I".
19. 181, 31, 9t 9t 94. blk 98. lul
I. t t 4. a. X 7. X 9, HI, II, 19. It
14, 15. I. II, 18, in, l, 21, 23, It
94, blk 99. lots I, I, t 4. t, , 7,
8, 9. in, II, 13, It 14. lit. 18, II, 18.
19, 9H, 21, , S3. 91, blk , lots
I. t I 4. a. X 7, . 9, IH, II. It
blk. 31, lot I. t I 4. 6, , T,
8, 9, 10, II. it It 14. It I. 17, II,
19. 90. II, . 3t 91, blk 13; lots
it 14, 15. 18. II, 18. I. HI, II, a,
a, 24. i.ik a, lot
8. . Ill, II. It It 14, It, IH, II, 18.
19, V. II, a a. 14. blk. 14; lots
I, t t 4. X X 7. s. 9. 10, II. It
blk, J, lot i, i, X t. X X 1,
X 9. ID, II. It It II. I I. II. ts,
19. K II. a, 3t 14. blk. : lot
I, I t . t X . . 9, lo, II. II, It
14, i x it, ta. in, si, 11, a, a,
21. blk 18; lot It 14. It It li. 18,
19, So, 91. a. a. 34. blk 39, lot
t, , 7, X X l. II. It It It 15.
18, 17, 18. 19, 90, , ffl. 3t 94,
blk 4ii, lot I, t t 4, I. X t,
8, 9, III, II. It It It 15. It I". I.
in. in, 31, a. a, 21. blk II, Iota
I. t t 4. 5, X 7, s. 9. in, II. 13.
19, 90, blk 43; lot I, t 3. 4. . X
7, 8, in, 31, ts. a :t. bik
43. lots I, t t I. t . I.
8. 9, 10, II. It It 14. tt 18, II, 18.
19, 31. a, a. 24, I.Ik 45. lot
I. t t t t . 7. 8, 9. Ill, II, It It
II. IN !, 17, It l, 311. II. . a.
,21. blk 48. lots I, t t 4. a. . I.
8. 9. b, II, It It 14. Ws It i:. I,
19. S. 21. 3, a 34. blk 41; lot
I. t t t t , 7. t 9, IH. II. 13. It
li. u it ii, 1. ia, s, ti. st a.
21. blk 18. I, U UU I,
9. 9, 111, II. It It 14. 15. 18, li. IN
It I. II. a. a. It. blk l. I. .la
I. t t 4. X X I. 8. 9. IU, II, 13. It
it 15, it i:, n. is, 91, 31. a. a.
bik 51. lot 1. :. 1, 4. 5. , :,
8, t;. i n, 71:, ri. ,ti a. u. i.ik
ts; ioi it, 1 . ii, in, i. ja, n. a,
a, m i.ia u-101 1, 1, tits.
t 9, lu. II. It It 14. It It 17, l
19, Si, 31. a. a 91. blk 54. lols
15. K 1;. iv 19. ji, 31. a st ri.
blk U, lota I. 3. t 4. t 8. i. .
9, in, II. It blk 5d. lols I. t t 4.
X X J. t 9, 10, It 11. It I. 17. It
19. 3U. 31. a. a 31. blk 57: lot
I. t t I X X 7. t 9. 10. II. It
blk. b. lot it Ik, 17, It 19. .
II, a a it bik ts. lot
L I X X X X 7. X 9. 10. 11, it It
14, tt it ir. it i. i, ji. n. a,
H blk o. lot I. t t t t t 7.
I 9, 10, It. It It It It It 17. It
19. Si, 21. a. a 21. blk l: lots
I. t t 4, X X 7. t 9. IU. II. 13. It
it it it ii. it 1. w, si, a. a,
it i.ik a lot 1, tt 1. 1 1 ',
X X H II. It It It It It 17. it
M. 39. 31. a. a 4. 1.18 a. hh
I. I t t X X 7. t X !. II. 13. U,
II. It It 17. It It 3U. n. u a
34. blk 4. lols I. t t t t , 7.
t X lo, II. It It It It It 17. It
19. iu. I. a a tt. bik tt; loi.
I. t t 4. t t 7. t t lo. II. It It
it it it 17. it it si. ii. a a
a bik . lot 1. t t 1 1 1 t.
I I iu, 11. it it it it it 17. it
19. II, II. a a, H I.Ik 17: lot
1. t t t X X 7. t t l, II. It It
it it it 1:. it it ii, xx a
94. blk (8. .. I. I t t t t t.
t 9, 19. II. It It It It It 17. It
19. S. It. a. a 14. blk 9. lot
U t t t t t 7. t k lo. II. It It
It It It 17. 18. I. Ml. a u,
It blk 7. lot t t t I. t t 7.
9. 9. 10. It. It It It It It 17. It
19. to. ri. a a 34. t.ik. ?i. lot
I. t X t t . ?. X 9. la, II. It it
it it it 17. 11. it st, 31, a a
9. blk 73: lot I. I. t 1. t. t 7,
t 9, lu, II. 12, It It It It 17. It
19. SI, 31. a A 94. blk 71. lot
I. 2. t t t t 7. t t I", II. It It
It It It 17, It 19. Si, 21. a a.
31. blk 74. ltd I. t t 4, t X 1.
8. I. 10, II. 12, It II. It It 17. ID.
19. SI. 31. a a 31. blk 75. I. .la
I. t t t X X 7. t 9, lo, II, It It
it it it 17. is, i. si. ii. a a.
31. blk Ml: lot U X X t t t 7.
t 9. 10, 11. 12. It It It It 17. it
19, SI. 31. a. A 31. blk. 77; I. .Is
I. 1 X t X X 7. t X 1. II. 17. It
14. 15. 18. 17. It 19. 3U. 21. , a,
34. blk 7". lot I. t X 4. t X 7.
t X 10. II, It blk :. lot I. t t
4. i, t 7. t 9. M. II. It blk so.
lot I. t t t X X 7. t 9. 10, II. It
blk 81: lot I. t t 4. 5, X '. t
9. 10. II. It blk .'. lnla. I. 3. t
4. t . 7. 8. , 10. II. 13, I.Ik 3.
lot I, 3. t t t, t 7, 9, 8. 10, 11,
13. blk. 84: lot I. t t 4. 1, t 7.
t 9. 10. II. It blk 85; lul I. t t
4. t t 7, t 9. , I.Ik Ml, in North
Pacific addition to Aalorla; N
H of N.K. I of H K. V, Hee. V,,
T. I K., It. 9 W., i acres Ul Si.. 2391 Si
Oas-ood. I. U. ut 1, . 1,11, u,
Hhlvely' Astoria, ti a 34
Otto. Charle. lot I, blk. In. War-
rent on, 2c m
Packnnl. II. F.. lot H tract 2. sub
division of blk. Si. nine)' 11. Ml
tloll to Astoria, as laid out and
recorded by lluair A Aiken,
exerutor, !5o j
Packard, Klmer. H K. 1 of N K V,,
N K t4 of H.K. ti. 8. 14 of H K
t4 Hec. a. T. t N . II. I w . nn
ai res, 11215 tl u
Paisley. William, lot I, 3. I.Ik. 1.
Merry's addition lo Astoria, 2V I (u
Palmer. Borah Jane. H K 14 of
B.W. t. Hoc U. T. t N.. K. 9.
W.. 40 acre 2ol a n
Purker. I,, C. lot 3. K. 14 lot 4,
I.Ik. 8; lot 29, blk. 10. (learhart
Park, !k- f i
Park. Nettle, lot J, 4. 5. , 7. 8,
I.ik W, ltiMiiile addlilon lo I he
rlty of Aalorla, 12c 10 113
Peterson, fl. II., lots I, 1, H u, of
N K. Hn-, t T. I N., It I
W.. 149 18 acres, 111108 H m
Peninsular Land and Trust Com
pany, lot 19, a, blk. 107, Tay
lor's Aalorla, 28c 41
Penter, Ocorac W lots 3, 4. 6, 8, 7,
8. 9, 1.1k. ; lot 15, 18, 17, blk.
II, North ndiltllon, as laid out
and recorded by K. A. Noye,
11 17 20
Pioneer Historical Hoclety, Iota t,
t blk. , Adair's Port of L'pia r
Astoria, III 32 jj t
Pound, fl. fl.. lot 11. V 1,11, nt
North addition, a. laid out and
recorded by K. A. Noye. c, 410
Pool, O. W., lot I, blk. 21, Chelsea
itaiironil addition to Asorla, by
M. M. Dee, 15o as
Pope, T. A., N. V, of flee. 38, T. t
n., K. 0 w 320 acres, 121.26.... II 40
Porter. ItnlHTt. lols B, , 10, blk. 26,
new Astoria, 11.15 7
Powell, Marl hit, lot I, I.Ik. 2I; lot
10, blk. M; lota 11, 12, 13, 14, IS,
blk. 37, of Powell's addition to
Kast Aatorlu, 3c ij 41
Itiuilie. W. II.. lot 20, 21, hlk. J,
neaview audition, as laid out by
A. P. Oliver, a 4 n
Itnncoiirl, I.ucy A., lot 8, hlk. 2,
Miitlcr'. nildltion to Wnrreiiioii,
58c , ,.,
iliismiiSKon, Knut, lot 3, H.K. if
m n. w. 14 nee. 11, T. 7 N., It.
10 W.. 08 70 iii-n s. Ik 14
niilhoni, Mury II., Inls 18, Hi. ,k
1. First nddltlon to. Ocean
ilrove, !i;ic - u,.
lb-mi, Niilhiinli-I 11., l.Kn 1,122 ft.
i-:. anil ri. H. of N.W. cor.
of T. P. I'iiwith' N. I,. I,.;
thence H. 1,7"8.a fl., W. 1,1120 ft ',
N. 1,708,2:1 ft. to I.eKllllllllk- He 3.
fl. T. 8 N., t, 10 w., 20 acres
5 19
(Continued In Haturday's Uiilly.)
... : 1