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JJttUy gLotovimt.
Telephone No. til
8nt by mall, per year ..K Oii
8nt by mail per month 60
8rved by carrlfr, per week.
Bant by mall per year, $2 In advance
Postage free to subscriber.
All communications intended for publl
cation ahould be directed to Ih editor
Business communications of ail kind
&4 remittances must be addressed to
The Astortan.
Tkt Aatortan guarantees to Ita
crtbers tl.e largest circulation ot any
Mwspaper published on the Columbli
Advertising rates ran be had on appli
cation to the business menasr.
The Weekly Astorlan. the second oldest
weeklv In ih. .tat. of Ore iron. has. next
to the Portland Oregonlan, the largest
weekly circulation in the state.
Inn. F. Handley Co. are our Port
land agents, and copies of the Astorian
can be had every morning at their stand.
IM Third street
We are unalterably opposed to any
scheme that will trlva to this country a
appreciated or debased currency. We fa
r the use of silver as currency, tut to
the extent only and under such restric
tions that Us parity with cold can be
maintained. Wisconsin Republican con
vention. "A year ago. In TbomaatUle, Ua., Major
McKinley, when offered the delegate ot
three Southern states If be would de
clare tor free silver, said, in the presence
t the editor of this Journal: 'II th
Republican platform dec! ires for lr
coinage, I will not be a j&njldate. 1
would not run on a free silver plat
form.' "Chicago Times-Herald.
''If our people were isolated from all
"others, and If the question ot our cur
"rency could be treated without regard
-to our relations to other countries, its
"character would be a matter ot com
"paratively Utile Importance. It the
"American people were only concerned
"In the maintenance of their phyl?al life
"among themselves, they might return
"to the old days of barter, and In this
"primitive manner acquire from each
"other the materials to supply the wants
"of their existence. But If American
"civilisation were satisfied with this, it
"would abjectly fall In Its high and
"noble mission."
"He hasn't got the votes, and can't get
them" is the prophecy that ex-Senator
Thomas C Piatt makes concerning the
possible nomination ot Major McKinley
by the Republicans.
"No human power can stop McKinley"
hi the terse way that General Urosvenor
views the situation.
Two views, so diametrically opposed to
each other, must have some ground for
their utterance Mr. Piatt declares that
General Grosvenor is convicted by the
figures that he puts out. In the con
vention, 460 votes will be needed to nomi
nate, and he maintains all that McKinley
has that he can rely upon Is J19 13i short
of a nomination. Then he goes on to
say that the reason for his opposition is
that Major McKinley would embroil the
party In trouble, and Incidentally points
aut that Governor Morton Is a better
balanced man of affair, to his mind.
Then be Institutes comparisons, to his
kb satisfaction; among other things he
says the Ohio man "la not a great man.
aa Mr. Reed Is; he is not a trained and
educated public man, as Senator Allison
is; be Is not an astute political leader,
aa Senator Quay la. He Is simply a
clever gentleman, much too amiable and
much too Impressionable to be safely In
trusted with great executive office, whose
quest for honor happens to have the acci
dental advantage of the association ot
his nam with the last Republican pro
tective tariff."
The picture painted by General Gros
venor is of a. different hue. He doesn't
even doubt but Major McKinley will have
a majority In the conevntlon, no matter
how the contested seats may go. He
places more faith In the integrity 01
those who have been pledged to McKin
ley than that they will be recreant to
the trust reposed In them. In addition
to the 548 claimed by him In a table he
presents, he feels confident of 20 votes on
the first ballot east of the Alleghenies,
not enumerated in the total. Of the
K contested seats, Mr. MeKlnley's man
ager says he haa assurances that sev
eral Intended contestants have informed
him that they do not Intend to prose
cute the claims they made. General
Grosvenor intimates that he is modest In
counting on 60 delegates of those remain
ing to be elected. Summing up he sees
the choice of McKinley on the first bal
lot, with votes to spare.
A silver paper, the Idaho Dally States
man, says:
The real basis of the contention of the
blmetalllsts Is the fact that the opening
f the mints to free coinage would at
once make available all the silver held
in any form, and It would all be counted
In the money basis of the nation. The
base would be doubled In dimensions,
and prices of products would gradually
rise In proportion.
Those who are now so eager to see
prices rise sky-high might be sorely dis
appointed at the result - To say little of
the panic which would certainly follow
the enactment of a free coinage law. Its
effect on prices would be disastrous In
the Western and Southern states, whence
the chief clamors for free ellver now
eome. The rise of the prices of all that
farmers and planters buy would be tre
mendous, but the prices of farm products
and the wages of labor would rlne last,
and but slowly, and by no means In pro
portion to the Immensely enhanced cost
of living. Moreover, free coinage would
strike a terrible blow on the export trade
In American agricultural products and
provisions. If the farmers and planters
can now be fooled by their politicians
Into the adoption of a new and depreci
ated money system, by which they will
be paid nominally more, but actually le-s.
for their surplus products thmt they now
receive, they will suffer untold tew.
The only classes. If any, I hat could
profit by free usilnng are th banker
anil manufacturers, nnd tin- losses they
would sustain from the general crash ot
business nnd Industry consequent ion
th Insane experiment of free silver
would probably more than counterbal
ance any temporary gain they mlRht
lertv from It.
The friends of Major McKinley have
maintained nil along that ho Is for sound
money, while his enemies liuo proi'iss.d
that his resord Is not sound as could
he desired. Those ho haw boon uneasy
on this score will no doubt ho reassured
by Hen. Alger, who has Justroturti.d
from a lll to MeKlnley's home, and
had an Interview with him. Gen. A brer
j said he found Win well pleased with the
1 existing situation 'Then' ear. be no
' " ...(.I XI,- kl....r "m h..rt, M.-Vlnl. v
stands on the financial question. Ho Is
for sound money and for protection.
Th-r has been some talk regarding
Ms financial views, bm I am personal!
'"""re Uut they are for sound money."
It Is at M that Gen. Alger nlll .sit
New York to assure eastern men of the
certainty of MeKlnley's favor for sound
"What Is now needed mire than any
"thing else Is a plain and simple pros
" Ion of the argument In favor ot
"sound money. In other wonts It Is a
"time for the sre.n American people to
"reason together as member of a great
"nation which can promise them a ron-"tlnuanee-
of protection ajM safety only
"so long as Its solvency Is unsuspected.
"Its honor unsullied ami the soundness
"of Its money unquestioned. These
"things are lll-exoh.unred for the Illu
sions of a debased currenry, and th
"groundless hope of advantages to be
"gained by a disregard of our financial
"credit and commercial standing among
"th nations of the world."
One of the attractions of our climate
Is the great variety of weather It can
furnish within a brief period. We have
gone abruptly from winter to summer
ami back again twice within a month,
and yesterday we had summer In great
Scheme to Keep Fishermen on Shore to
Prevent Losing Their Voles.
A gentleman from the Washington side
of the lower Columbia, quite familiar
with the troubles now existing betwe n
the fishermen and the packers, arrtv, d in
this city yesterday and registered ul one
of tho hotels, where he was seen by a re
porter of the Oregonlan. Being a bus
iness man whose interests centered l.i the
revenues that the fishermen derived from
their labor, he objected to his name bclr.g
used in connection with his utterances.
His standing, however. Is vouched for.
and his thorough knowledge, gained by
years of experience of the political sit
uation in Oregon and Washington, gives
insight Into his utterances. Me said:
"Th fish Industry is one that affects
not a community, but the entire state.
It Involves millions of dollars In capital
and labor, and Us success means success
for the state, and Its failure means gen
eral losses throughout the whole state.
I don't thlr.k the public generally under
stands the great Importance of this In
dustry to Portland and Oregon, and the
fact that the whole gist of the present
senseless strike rests on a political Iss le.
In which the poor fishermen are being
used as paw by the politicians of Clat
sop county to pull the chestnuts out of
the political furnace next June. TV
fishermen. I urn satisfied, would long
since have accepted the reduced rate ami
gone to work, had It not b-en for certain
political bosses, who cunningly worked
up the men to the point of holding out,
on false hopes th;rt the packers wouM
eventually have to give In anil pay tie
five cents demanded by the Fishermen's
Union. The whole thing Is being engin
eered by four men. These and the candi
dates from Clatsop county are m 1nipul.1t
Ing the union and making the fishermen
believe whatever they want. Just now
It suits thm to keep all the fishermen on
shore until after the election. If the
men were to go to work, and the bulk or
them, on election day, would be on the
water, and their votes would be lot
Thls lesson was learned by experience
elth?r two or four years ago, at which
election one of the bosses was defeated
by about 200 votes, being about the num
ber of men who were on the river fish
ing, and who could not come fn to cast
their votes.
"This year, In order to get a cinch on
all the men, the strike has been fostered
and the men so worked up that nothing
short of 5 cents will be accepted. The
bosses are equally aware that the pack
era cannot possibly pay the 5 cents, as
they are losing figures, and with the
two elements at daggers' points, the po
litical bosses have expended their time
In the lost few months in keeping the
ele nents apart, namely, by successfully
urging the fishermen to hold out for five
cents. This game will be colntlnued un
til after the election, when, with every
fishermen's vote cast where wanted. It
will be found convenient to show the
fishermen that as the season Is well ad
vanced, four cents would better be ac
cepted, and so discourage a continuance
of the strike and let the men shift for
"You mark my words. It Is a deep
game those politicians are playing, and
so far they have been so successful that
It has made them a little boastful, and
they have been talking on the side a
little too much for their own good. They
expect to land every fishermen at the
polls, and, as the poor, Ignorant devils
are half-starved down there, they will
be ready to vote any way they are told.
After election they will be dropped, as
they will then be of no further use to
"Today the fishermen's union held a
meeting In Astoria to again consider the
proposition whether or not they would
accept the four cents or hold out. I saw
a dispatch received by a business man In
this city about an hour ago, which con-
To be thin, for a baby, Is
to be deprived of its natural
ease ; to suffer and not be able
to feel it ; to wear a sad pinched
face; to live on the edge of
sickness ; to grow imperfectly ;
and to lose the power of re
sisting disease. When a baby
is thin it needs more fat than
h gets from its foodj it is
starved, fat-starved. Scott's
Emulsion is the easiest fat
it can have; the fat it needs.
fs. and iws at all druggists.
Hie largest piece of
Good tobacco
ever sold for 10 cents
firms what t have told you. nam. ly.
that the meetings are being manipulated
by political bosses, who are unxlous that
the men shall continue to hold out. Ti e
dispatch I saw reads something as fol
lows: " 'Fishermen have refused the proposi
tion made by the Fishermen's Fucking
"Th poor devils can't see that they
themselves are caught In a polltleul net.
which will hold them together until afti r
the June election, ahen they will be
turned loose to shift for themselves."
"Afflictions sore long time sb bore
Physicians were !n vain "
At lust one day a frio id did say,
"You'd soon 'ie w-MI naln."
If you would lake, as I did. Dr. lMere's
Favorite Prescription, for that Is the
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women Ir Is a safe, slm-.ile nd sur9
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maladies make woman's life a bur
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uterine disorders. Inll.tmnintbms and
ulcerations, prolapsus and klndnd weak
ness s. As 1 nervine It cures nervous
exhaustion, prostration, debility, roll' ves
mental anxiety and !iypxhondrl.i nnd
Induces refreshing sleen. She took the
inlvlee and .s well. "Faeorre Freserlp
tlon" Is the only remedy for the delb'ate
deriiniremen's and we.iknes s of fcnales,
sold by druirgis's. A pamphlet free.
Address World s Dispel try Jl.ill -al As
sociation, Huffalo. N. Y.
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treatment. For pmmhlet, testimonials
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sary Medical Asso litlon. 'fuffnlo. N. Y.
The following story Is told of the court
ship of Mr. Disraeli, afterward Ionl
Reaconsfleld, and Mrs. Wymlham Lewis:
Mrs. Lewis was living near Curdirr, when
through the window she saw Mr. Dis
raeli approaching, and ordered the serv
ant to say she was not at home. When
the servant descended to the hall Mr.
Disraeli was hanging his light overcoat
on a pes;. "Mrs. Lewis, sir. Is not at
home," said the flurried maid. "I did
not ask for Mrs. Lewis," was the calm,
statemanllke reply. "But I don't know
when she will he back," urged the mold.
"Neither do I." phiiosophieully replied
he; "but I am going to watt till she doe
come back: so make me some tea." He
did wait, he got his tel. and be married
the widow.
Financial convulsions which disturb
the equilibrium of the business world
are productive of far less misehlf than
the failure of the iildneys to perform
the office assigned them by nature.
When these organs oecome Inactive th
circulation acquires Impurities which
bring on dropsy, diabetes, Rrlght's dis
ease, gravel, catarrh of the bladder and
other maladies. To Impart to the kid
neys and bladder a he.ilthy Impetus,
very different from the excitement pro
duced by an unmeditated alcoholic stim
ulant, use Hosteller's Htomuch Flitters,
the finest diuretic In exNtnce. This ex
cellent remedy for inactivity of the kid
neys is also of the irreatest service In
malarial, dyspeptic, bilious and rheu
matic troubles, and has recilved the un
qualified sanction of eminent physicians.
The nervous, the elderly and Infirm and
convalescents derive unspeakable benefit
from Its us. Ue It with persistence
and at fixed Intervals, nnd anticipate
with confidence the happiest results.
At Railroad Restaurant: Traveler
But this corn beef la stone cold. Walter
Probably. It was ordered by a gentle
man who was In the train before this;
he didn't have time to eat it. Trav
elerBut Isn't It a little rough on me to
set It before me? Walter It will come
out all right. You will get square on
somebody In the next train. He will
have to take the coffee you have ordered,
for 'Han't likely that It will be here be
fore your train starts. Boston Tran
The best salve In the worll for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and All Skin (erup
tions,, and positive euro for Piles, or no
pay required. It la guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price, 26 cents per box. For sale by
Chaa. Roger!, Odd Fellows' building.
"I remember," said Mrs. Wlekwlre,
Impressively, "you once said If you bai
the world you would gladly lay It at my
feet." "O, did I?" axked Mr. Wlekwlre.
"Yes, you did. And now I have to nng
at you for three days to get you to lay a
carpet" Indianapolis Journal.
The U. S. Oov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
s on to it
"You may now bring up the eaptle."
'said the cannibal chief. 'Sire,'' ans
i we red th minion, "he seems to be com
pletely ured up this morning." "Well,
I It he is." said the savage potentate with
I irritation, "some one else has been to the
I pantry. 1 remember distinctly that
( there were at leasl three ribs over from
I last msrht." II angrily culled for a
I yam. New York Tribune.
From a letter wntlea by Rev. J. Oun
dcrman, of lilmonddle, Mich, w srv
rmlued to make ths extract: "I have
no heeitatlon In recommend. ng Dr. Kl.ig'B
Xeir Discovery. s the results were al
most marvelous In the ease of my wife.
While 1 was past r of the lUp lit
church at Rives Junction she was brought
down with pneumonia succeeding la
vrtppe. Terrtbi, paroxysms of courhlig
would last hours with little Interruption
ami .t seemed ss If she could not sur them. A friend recommended Dr.
King's New Discovery; It was qutrk In
lis wrfc and hutily satlsfscto.-y In rv-siil-s."
Tral bottles free at Charles
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and tl.
"Wasn't that 0enlng number of Fade
re ski's perfect"' said Ethel. " didn't
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In getting to the hall. There wus the
most delightful plano-orgnn playing In
front of our house playing 'Only One
lilrt.' and Daisy and I waited until It
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Electric Hitler s a medicine suited for
any seajn, but perhaps mora generslly
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Suddenly the heroine shook off the
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cried the peopls from pit to gallery.
They were agreeably surprised. Inasmuch
aa they had supposed sh hod already
shaken everything she could. Detroit
When Baby wsa sick, w gaw her Castorla.
When she became Hiss, ih clung to Castorla,
Wbsashek 'Jiudrw, sb r ' thsia Osstori,
Mrs. Dunlap Hopkins, founder of the
New York School of Applied Science for
Women, who Is now In Ixindon at tho
Invitation of Princess Christian to assist
In establishing a school of design In con
nection with the South Kensington
School, reports the moat gratifying re
sults concerning the work.
Ws might tell you more about One
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I Chaa. Rogers.
I Mme. Emma Nevada has had the mis
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Miss Martha Ilichborn, daughter of
Chief Naval Constructor Philip Ilichborn,
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Interesting colonial specimen. It is a
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tea party.
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v with the world, 2000
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'ii L
Nolle Is hereby given 'that the assess
ment nimlc by tiilhiane No, 1Y1, nt lbs
city or Astoria, counrmltut h- assess
ment on Roll No. I, for Ih construction
of a drain In tho city of Astoria, ss laid
out and recorded by John AdiUr, coin
mettcltur at a point lit block ', and hav
ing Ita utillet In Thtrlv-thltd street, ,.
tween block 1 nnd If, In Adair a As
toria, nnd known and dclgimtd as
" Dralnag District No 1," will b du
nnd payable on Iho 1Mb day ot May, lM,
In V. 8. gold or llver coin, at lb utile
of the vliy treasurer, and If not so paid
wllhltt or hefi id said lime, th common
council alll order warrant Issued for
th collection of th snine. Th assess
ment Is as follows:
latura I. Adair, lot i. block It,
Adair's Astoria ... I M 41
Laura I. Adair, lot , block Is,
Adair' Astoria . Ull
Mary U Adair, lot i block M,
Adnlr's Astoria It)
Mary U A, lair, lot 1 1, block tt.
Adair's Astoria i tl
Mary 1. Adair, lot 1 block (X,
Adair' Astoria..... 10 M
Mary I. Adalt, lot li. block ,
Adair' Astoria 10 W
Mary 1. Adair, lot IT, block UK,
Adair Astoria I 41
Mary U Adair. W half lot 19,
block A Adair's Astoria 4 0
Mary I. Adair, lot 1, block
Adair's Asiorla I.... I II
Mary U Adair, lot II. block; t
Adair's Astoria I It
Mary I. Adair, lot W, block
Adair's Astoria I II
Mary l- Adair, lot 11, block .
Adair's Astoria I IS
Mary U Adair, lot It block It,
Adair's Astoria I II
Mary U Adair, lot U, block M.
Adair's A.torls I II
Mary t Adair, lot 1. block .
Adair's Astoria I II
Hetty Adair Hreiiham, und one
eiKbth lot t block M, Adair'
Astoria T7
lletty Adair Urrnhnm. und one
elKhth lot 7, block 1. Adair's
Astoria M
lletty Adair Hrenham, und one
eighth lot t, blo- k 1. Adair's
Astoria. IK
lletty Adair Rr, nham. und on,
elithth lot t, hlocg I, Adair
Astoria .. IS
lletty Adair lirmham. und on
eighth begin at XK corner hit t
block 40. then.- 8 M feel. W 71
feet. N M feet. K T fl. lot I
block 40. Adair's Astoria 1 14
K.ll.n Adair MendelL und on
eUhth lot 2. bloeg Is, Adair's
Astoria ITT
Kll-n A.lslr Mrndrll, und on
eighth lot T, block I. Adair
Astoria CM
Kllen Adair Mendell. ur.d one
eighth lot i. block 1, Adair's
Astoria I II
Kllen Adair Mendell. und on,
eighth, lot , block I, Adnlr's
Astoria IV
Kllen Adair Mendell. und one
eighth begin at NK corner lot 1,
block i. thene H reel. W 76
feet. N M fret, K 71 feet, lot X
block 40. Adnlr's Astoria 1 14
Kat Adair Welcher, und one
elshth lot 1, block 14. Adslr's
Astoria I TT
Knto Adair Welcher. und one
eighth lot 7. block 14, Adair's
Aatnrtw tM
Kate Adair Welcher. und one
eliihth lot S, ,oek 1, Adair's
Astoria H
Kate Adair Well her, und one
eighth, rat s. block I, Adair
Astoria 10
Kat Adair Welcher. und one
eighth begin at NK corner lot 1.
block 40. thene R as ft, W 71
feel. N W feet, K 71 feel, lot i,
block 4. Adair's Astoria - I M
Mary Adair Jordan, und on
eighth lot I block 1. Adnlr's
Astoria T
Mary Adair Jordan, und on
eighth lot 7. block !. Adair's
Astoria tM
Mary Adair Jordan, und one.
eighth lot 5. block 1, Hhlvely's
Astoria in
Mary Adair Jordan, und on
eighth lot 4. block 1. Shlvely'a
Astoria in
Mary Adair Jordan, und one
eighth Is-gln at NK corner lot 1,
block 0, thence H n feet. W 75
feel. N M feel. K 75 feet, lot 1,
block 40. Adair's Astoria t M
Mary It Adair. nnd one.
eighth lot I block 18, Adair's
Astoria I TT
Mary It. Adair, und on
elghlh lot 7, block It. Adair's
Astoria .H
Mary R. Adair. tird ona
eighth lot I. block 1, Hhlvcly'a
Astoria 1 n
Mary It Adair. und one
eighth lot i, block 1. Hhlvely's
Asiorla 1 n
Mary R. Adair. und one
eighth begin at NE corner lot I,
block 40, thence 8 M fet W 75
faet N M feet E 71 feet lot L
block 40, Adalr'a Aetorla 1 14
Laura Adair Barker, und three-
eighths lot I block 14. Adair's
Astoria IT Jl
Laura Adair Darker, und three,
eighths lot 7, block 14, Adair's
Asiorla u a
Laura Adair Barker, und three
eighths lot S, block 1. Bhlvlv's
Astoria 75
Laura Adair Murker, und three
eighth lot . block L Bhlvslv-s
Astoria TB
Laura Adair Barker, und thr
elghtha begin at NE corner lot U
block 40; thence 8 feet W 71
feet. N M feet, E 71 feet lot i.
block 40, Adalr'a Astoria T tl
A. uoottt racking Co., lot I, block
1G0, Shlvely'a Astoria 46 II
a. iiootn racking Co., lot f, block
. Shlvely'a Astoria a O
victor Anderson, lot t, block 1,
Bhlvely's Astoria 10 M
Tina Amundsen, lot 4, block 4L
Adair's Astoria 11 gj
una Amundsen, lot i. block 4L
Adair Astoria u tj
Astoria savings Bank, trustee, lot
V. block U, Adair's Astoria I U
isaao iiergman, lot 12, blook 141,
Bhlvely's Astoria 10 00
Kudolph Ilarth, lot 4, block If,
Adair Astoria M ij
Hiram Hrown, lot 1, block 17,
Adair's Astoria 41 u
Hiram nrown, rc half lot I, block
17, Adalr'a Astoria fj 01
Hiram Brown, lot 4. b ock 17.
Adair's Astoria fs JJ
Hiram Hrown, lot . block 41.
Adalr'a Astoria.... U ,
mram Brown, lot 4, block fL
Adair Astoria SI 41
Hiram Hrown, lot 5, block II,
Adalr'a Astoria 41 15
Hiram Brown, lot 9, block 91,
Adair's Astoria M U
Hiram Hrown, lot I, block M,
Adnlr's Astoria it l
Hiram Brown, lot 4, block M,
Adair's Astoria 41 II
Hiram Brown, lot 1, block 17.
Adalr'a Astoria M II
Hiram Brown, lot t, block IT,
Adair's Astoria 41
Hiram Brown, lot I, block (17,
Adair's Astoria 41 15
Hiram Brown, lot 4, block 17,
Adalr'a Astoria ' 44 15
Hiram Brown, lot 6, block 67,
Adair's Astoria 14 66
Hiram Brown, lot 6, block 67,
Adair's Astoria 14 66
Hiram Brown, lot 7, block 67,
Adnlr's Astoria 14 66
Hiram Brown, lot 8, block 67,
Adair's Astoria 14 65
Laura Adair Barker, lot S, block .
17, Adair's Astoria 52 41
Fred Barker, lot 4, block IX, Adair's
Astoria 61 41
Katherlne C. Rllssett, lot 4, block
39, Adair's Astoria 62 41
Retina Norwegian Kvangellcal Lu
theran Church, N 60 feet of B
half lot 1, block 18, Adalr'a As
toria 10 41
D. W. Bush, lot 18, block 4L
Adair Astoria UB
D. W. Hush, lot 22, block 41,
Adair's Asiorla II M
D. W. Hush, lot M, block 41,
Adair's Asiorla , tl 11
Alice M. lluth, lot K, block II,
Adair's Asiorla II U
Jacob llossnrl, lot 16, block ,
Adair's Astoria 10 M
Jacob Itoasarl, lot 16, block AO,
Adair's Asiorla 10 Hi
A. Ilrunliold, lot It, block lu,
Adnlr's Asiorla 10 tt
A, Ilrunliold, lot U, block '',
Ailnlr's Asiorla 10 M
Cryus t'arriilbers, lot 1, block IT,
Adalr'a Asiorln 41 II
Cyrus fnrruihrra, lot T, block IT,
Adolfs Astotia , 49 41
Kraslmo t'nserognlla, N half lot 6,
block 3D, Adair's Asiorln M SO
Nellie tl. t'hnrlalon, und halt lot T,
block J, Adair's A.torlt, N 0
I', II, Coop.r, lot I, block 10,
Adnlr's Asiorla 10 M
C. II. Cooiwr, lot t, blook W,
Adnlr's Astoria 10 H
0, II, t'ooper, lot 10, block 40,
Adair's Asiorln 10 M
C. II. Cootwr, lot II. block tl.
Adair's Astoria 10 It
C. II. Conner, lot H block ,
Adnlr's Asiorla 10 M
John nutwood, und ipinrtcr lot 1,
block tl, Adnlr's Asiorln II 10
lltilh A Cornelius, und half lot J,
block 0. Adair's Astoria ... Ill N
It. I. Drsnnnn, und half lot I,
block tl, Adnlr's Asiorla II 10
II. I'. Drannan, lot $, block tl,
Adnlr's Astoria M II
IV A. mutelsott. und half lot 7,
block . Adair's Asiorln M 10
J. II Duncan, lot I, block 4
Adnlr's Astoria JO IV
J. II. Duncan, lot 1 block M,
Adnlr's Astoria , III H
Samuel l.lmore. lot jtt, block e,
Adnlr's Astoria 10 t
Hmmicl timers, lot I, block 10,
A. lair's Astoria , 10 M
Hnimicl K'linore, lot 17, block tu,
Adnlr's Astoria 10 M
Samuel IH more, U 91, block to,
Adair's Aalort , 10 H
Alex Olitwri, lot t, block It, Adair
Asiorln M II
Annie listens, lot ! block 17,
Adnlr's Astoria U tl
Annie ilntrns, lot 4. block II,
Adnlr's Astoria 6) 41
I'alhrrlne tloodman, tot II, block
l, Adair's Astoria IJ B
I'. J Ooodmnn. lot 11, block II,
Adalr'a Astoria U U
Anna Marin llramms, lot 9, block
i, Ad.ilr's Astarla. to Ml
Anna Mnrln U ram ins. lot W, block
t. Adair's Astoria 10 M
Helen F. Ornham, lol I, block O.
Adair' Astoria U 41
Helen F. tlrnhnm. lol t, blink 43.
Adair's Astoria II 41
Intfrrd i". (l.Hirse, lol T. block I.
Hhlvely's Astoria 10 00
Mary t Holmes, lol 1, block 17,
Adnlr's Astoria II n
Mary C Holme, lot a, t,o,k 17,
Adnlr's Astoria l It
Thomas A. Ilyland, lot t, block .
Adnlr's Asiorln U 41
Kris I look, lot 4, bio. k 41, Adalr'a
Asiorla U JJ
Hrle llouke, lol 7, block tl, Adnlr's
Astoria U JJ
F. A Hill, lot t, bbsH X, Adair's
Astorta 10 M
F A Hill, lot 7. block ii. Adair
Asiorla Id 14
Aleck Iversan, lot II, block t
Adnlr's Astoria I 4a
Aleck Iverson. lot IJ. block t
Adnlr's Asiorln ... J
James Jaikaun, lot 6, block tx,
Adair's Aslerla 10 M
James Jackson, lot 4. block tn,
Adair's Astort:: Ii st
laiMina Jonansen, kit li block It,
Hhlvely's Astoria 10 pt
John Kopp, lot I. block 42. Adair's
AatoMa 61 41
Christina A .Alfred. Josephine nnd
Frank I". Ix-lnenwels-r. heir of
Frank Lelnenwetwr, lol 6, block
69. Adnlr's Astoria a Ot
Christina A Alfred, Josephine nnd
Frank I. ta-lnenwetier. heir of
Frank llnenweber, lol , block
SO. Adalr'a Astoria U0
Christina A. Ilnrnwener, lot 1,
block 69, Adnlr's Asiorln 13 M
Christina A !.clnenwlier, lot 7,
bits k 69, Adnlr's Astoria . tt 16
Christina A. lailnsnweber, lot I.
block 69, Adnlr's Asiorln 44 16
Christina A Lelncnwelwr, lot I,
block 60, Adair's Astoria U 14
August lirsen. N half lot I, block
. Adalr'a Astoria 76 10
John Kopp, ut t, block 42, Adair's
Astoria 57 41
Mary J Kyle, lot 4, block a,
Adair's Astoria 61 41
Mary J. Kyle, lot 6, block 42.
Adnlr's Astoria 61 41
Mrs. Anna Kopp. lot 4,- block U,
Adnlr's Astoria 1. , 61 41
I. N. Kearnev, und half lot I,
Mock tl, Adair's A si oris 2110
James F. Kearney, hit 1, block 61,
Adnlr's Astoria. 11 41
Frank J. Carney, nnd half lot 7,
block 41, Adair's Astoria D 1
Mary A. Cenrns, und half lot T,
block 61, Adnlr's Astoria U J
Mary II. Ilnenwelier, W half lot
i. block 17. Adair's Asiorla B ft
Christina A., Alfred tl., Joauphen
ami Frank I. Lelnrnweber, heir
of Frank Lelnrnweber, lot
T, block . Adalr'a Astoria 11 41
Christina A , Alfred (1., Jmn-phrn
and Frank P, Ialnenwofror, hair
of Frank Lelnrnweher, lot
9, block W. Adair's Asiorla 12 41
L. I-ebeck and Ollv Wlnton, lot
I, block I, Hhlvely's Astoria 10 00
L. Letieck and Ollv Wlnton. lot
4, block I, Hhlvely's Astoria 10 00
L. Lebeck and Ollv Wlnton, lot
I, block 1, Hhlvely's Astoria 10 00
L. Lebeck and Olive Wlnton. lot
10, block 1. Bhlvely's Astoria I 01
Nloholetta Malagamba, W half and
8 M feet of K half lot t, block H
Adalr'a Astoria 41 M
Rev. U. W. Morns, lot i, blook 40,
Adair's Astoria 41 1
Rev. ii. W. Morris, 8 4 fct lot t,
block 10, Adnlr's Asiorln It U
Rev. 11. W. Morris, lot 6. block 40,
AJalr's Asiorla 41 16
Rev. II. W, Morris, lot 6, blo'lk 40,
Adair's Astoria 46 II
Rev. ii. W. Morris, lot 7. black 40,
Adair's Astoria 46 11
Rev. B. W. Morris, lol f, block 83.
Adulr's Astoria 46 It
Itov. B, W. Morris, lot 1, block 61,
Adair's Astoria 46 It
Rev. B. W. Morris, lot 4, block 01,
Adair's Astoria 46 II
Rev. B. W, Morris, lot 4, block 40,
Adair's Asiorla 46 1
Fred Munsen, lot 2, block 41,
Adalr'a Astoria 61 41
A. Mel'harlan, lot 10, block 60,
Adair's Astoria , 10 86
A. Mvl'barbui, lot 11, block 10,
Adair's Astoria , 1 u 86
, F'rvnaji '
r1 I
Vj I t II
Li m
mi mm
'sowutxcreMswuo wnrmapr.
mi y
Oonrg Nelsun, lot 6, block IT,
Adnlr's Asiorla 14
tleorg Nelson, lot a, blook IT,
Adair' Asiorla II 04
Christ Nits, lot I, block 41,
Adalr'a Aslol'U I tl
Christ Nana, lut 10, luVk U,
Adnlr's Astoria... 1 41
Theresa trillion, lot . block W,
Adnlr's Astoria tl 41
Theresa O'Hrleii, lot t, block W,
Adnlr's A.loila ,,, II II
lalaanl tl' Connor, lol I, block 41,
Adnlr's Astoria II II
Kdwnrd O'Connor, lol I, block 41,
Adnlr's Astoria , II M
Kdanrd O'Connor, lol I, blink 41,
Adnlr's Asiorla , ,, II U
Andrew Olson, lot 7, block M,
Adnlr't Asiorln I 41
Andrew Olaen, lot , block tl,
Adnlr's Astoria , I 41
J. II. l'Rlmr, lot t, blook 41,
Adnlr's AniiitU 61 41
Ann M I'ope, lot I, block ,
Adnlr's Asiorla 10 H
Kiln I'npe, lot 4, block tu, Adair's
Astoria 10 M
Frank I'sllon, trustee, lol U, block
to, Adnlr's Astoria 10 M
Frank Cation, trust, lot II, block
1, Adnlr's Astoria 10 M
i. II. Palmer, lot 4, blink 13,
Adnlr's Asiorla , 13 It
W. W. Parker, lot a, blook Ms,
Sblvely's A.toMn 10 10
W. W. Parker, lol I, block Its,
Hhlvely's Astoria 10 t)
Jxnnl II. Parker, lol II, blm k IW,
Hhlvely's Astort II 01
Mary J, llyrle, lot block 10,
Adair's Asiorla 10 M
Hnrnh II. Hherninn, lot 4, block M,
Adair's Astoria 11 41
Maix.l I. Hulllvnn, R half lol 1,
block , Adnlr's Asiorla St
N. Hlmons. li, lol 13, bio, k 41,
Adair's Asiorla II M
N Hlniunsen, lot 14, bKx'k 41,
Adnlr's Asiorla II n
O. Hoiey, lot W. block II, Adnlfa
Astoria Ill)
tl. Huiey, lot 14, bbn'k 41, Adnlr's
Astoria II II
lleiison Hablne. lot 7, bbak 41.
Adnlr's Asiorln 13 41
Flltnhelh Henfeldt, lol II, Mo k 43.
Adair's Asiorla 10 M
FHsnls-lh Henfeldt, lot It, block U,
Adnlr's Asiorln a M
Mary A Hchnxter K half lot II.
blm k , Adnlr's Asiorla I 41
W. T Hchoineld. und half lot i,
hi,. ok 1 Adnir' Astoria M W
Vt. T. Hoholn.ld ami K, Honks.
frao lot I. blink I, Hhlvely's As
toria IN
W. T, ftchnirield ami E, llouko,
lol t blm k I. Hhtvely s Astoria . 10 M
John Helnesa, lot 1, block tl.
Adnlr's Astoria 10 M
John Heltiens. lot 4, bl.ick tn,
Adnlr's Astoria 10 H
Peter Nufur. half lot t, block .
Adnlr's Asiorla MB)
JaHb I'laingar. lot 1 block M,
Adslr's Astoria 11 41
Die ii. Vise, lut II. block 0, Adalr'a
Astoria II M
Ole It. Vlg. lot tt, block 60, Adalr'a
Astort 10 M
Cbns. V.rsehrurvn, W half lot II,
block to. Adnlr's Astoria Ill
Nicholas VYI.lier. lot IJ, block 41,
Adnlr's Asiorla II U
Nicholas Winner, lot 17, block 41.
Adnlr's Astoria II U
t'hsrli Wlasioan, lot 11. block 0.
Adnlr's Astoria 10 M
Charles Wlssman. lol 17. block tu,
A.lair's Astoria 10 M
George. Watson, lot 16. blot-k 41.
Adnlr's Aston Ill)
tlrorge Wnlson. lol It, blm k 41,
Adnlr's Asiorla It a
Marcus Wise. I.. I 11. ).ik kt 11,
Adair's Astoria 10 H
Marcus Wise, lot blink 43,
Adair's Astoria 10
Mar.-os Wise, lol 13, bl.x-k 43,
Adair's Astoria 10 H
Marcos Wis, lot It. block 43.
Adair's Astoria 10 M
Marcus Wise, lol 3, blmk 43.
Adnlr's Astoria 0
Mar-'iis Wis, lot M. block 43,
A.lair's Asiorla 10 M
Mary Wilson, lot I, bio, k do,
Adnlr's Astoria 10 M
Walter, Mamie. Annie, timet and
William tt tlsoti, heir of Willinm
Wilson, lol :. lloek Adnlr's
Asiorla 10 M
Din Wlllberg. lot II. bio. k SO,
Adair's Asiorln 10 M
Caroline tl. W lllherg, lot 13, bbx-k
at. Adnlr's Astoria bl H
Caroline II Wlllls-rR, lol 31. blm k
til, Adnlr's Asiorln 10 M
Charles Wright nnd K. Harris,
lot a, bloik 41. Adnlr's Astoria..., 11 O
Charles Wright nnd H K. H.irria
lot I, block 41. Adnlr's Astoria ... It U
Charl.-s Wright ami H K. Hnrrln,
lot 10, block II, Adslr's Astoria... 11 U
Charles Wright nnd H. F. Harris,
lot H, bl.H-k 41. Adnlr's Astoria. . . Ii It
Chnrles Wright ami 8 F.. Harris,
lot It, Uock 41, A.lair's Astoria... It U
Charles Wright and B. K. Harris.
lot . block 41, Adair's Asiorla... 11 It
Chnrlss Wright and 8. K. Harris,
lol 11, block 41. Adnlr's Asiorln... It U
Charles Wright and H. K. Harris,
lot 17, block 41, Adair's Asiorla... 11 II
Charles Wright and 8. K Harris,
lot a block 41. Adnlr's Astoria... II 31
Chnrles Wright and H. ft. Harris,
lot 2, block 41. Adslr's Astoria... 11 tt
Chnrles Wright and H. K Harris,
lot 1U, block 41, Adnlr's Astoria.., lilt
Charles Wright and 8. K. Harris,
lot II, block 41, Adnlr's Astoria... 11 It
lot U, block 41, Adnlr's Astoria... 11 a
Chnrles Wright and 8. R Harris,
Dated Astoria, Or., April 33
Auditor and Folic Judge,
Important to Amwiran seeking Eng
lish Cardial for now enterprises. A IMt
comnlnlng th names and nl4rm ot
S4 uccewss'iN fro mot sirs srho have placed
over IIUO.OD.OT) Hlurllng In Foreign In.
vesRmerMs wlnhtn th last six year, and
over 11,000,000 for the seven months of
1M. Prte. ::, or US, payable by pontal
order to tho London and Universal Bu
reau of InvrsMors, M, Chenpslde, London,
E. C. Sulmcrtlwra wll be entitled, by ar
rangement with direotor to receive
either pensmuS or lestor of Inlroductoln
lo any of thews su-csid promotars.
ivils IUt Is Hrat otaaa In every respect,
and every .ravu or firm whoa mum ap
pears) therein may b d.ionded upon.
For placing the following it will be
found Invaliiahto-lkmds or Hftare of In
dmnrlad. Commr.dal and Financial con.
cerns, Mortguge loans, Hal of Lamia,
Patent or Wlno.
i ' i
Tsrnw.,r '