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gaily gVotovlam
Telephone No. tit.
Sent by mall, par year ,
Bant by mall per month ,
rved by carrier, per week
.. .14.00
... .to
... .10
lat by mall per year, 12 In advance
Postage free to ubaorlber.
All communications intended (or publl
cmUoa ahould b directed to the Mltor
Batalness communication of all klnda
4 reaarltancea must be ddreed to
Tb Aeaorlan. j
Th Astorian guarantees to lit ub j
criYera tlic largest circulation ot any!
sawspaper published on th Columbia
Atvertlsing rate can be had on appli
cation to th business manager.
Tb Weekly Astorian, th second oldest
weekly In th tat ot Oregon, ha, next
ta th Portland Oregonlan. th Unrest
weekly circulation in the tt.
Jim. R Handley Co. ar) our Port
land agent, and copies of th Aslortan
aaa b had every morning at their aland,
B4 Third street
V ar unalterably opposed to any
ckm that will (It to this country a
appreciated or debased currency. W fa
Mr th us of silver as currency, but to
Ik utent only and under such restric
tions that Its parity with (old can be
maintained. Wisconsin Republican con
vention. "A year ago, in ThomasvtUe, Ua., Uajor
HeKinley, when offered the delegates ot
ton Southern states if he would de
lar for free silver, said. In the presence
f tb editor ot this Journal: 'If the
Bapublican platform declares for Ire
aolnage. I will not be a .-anjldat. 1
would not run on a free silver plat
farm.' " Chicago Times-Herald.
This la an age of sudden and ustound
. toe- poUUcal mutations, but all the sudden
pnliMral revolutions of modern times
uast be entirely eclipsed If the nomina
tion of UcKlnley Is to be defeated in the
St. Louis convention. When he broke
th lines of the field combination by
winging Vermont out of the Reed col
inn and capturing Illinois from her
tarorlte sou. It was evident that a ile
Klnley tidal wave was sweeping over
the country: and now that California,
Michigan and Indiana have fall-n Into
the UcKlnley line, political science is
not equal to the task of turning back
that UcKlnley hurricane before tbe meet
tug of the national convention.
The last stand made by tbe opponents
f McKlnley was In Indiana, and while
Harrison did not permit the use of Ma
aunt as a candidate, the opposition to
McKlnley lad all the advantage of bis
jarional strength to prevent the absolute
ontrol of the state delegation In the In
terest of McKlnley. With Ul the re
spect that Is felt for Harrison In hU own
state, and with the united and earnest
Sorts of his special friends to stem the
Mckinley tide, tbe cwuvention gave posi
tive, untrue lions lor McKii.ley with a
jelL and the delegation will be soiij for
the Ohio candidate from first to last.
' The McKlnley buttle is without exam
ple In our political history- i'he party
was deteaud by a million mujortty Im-
nediately alter tiie passage ot the Mc
Klnky turiff, with that mvuure us the
Issue before tbe people, and in IsW the
Republicans suffered their most disas
trous defeat with the McKlnley tiirift
as the millstone that bore them down.
Had anyone then predicted that Mc
Klnley would ever be a hopeful candi
date for President he w:ul'i nave been
laughed at, but today tbe Kepublican
masses undoubtedly prefer him over all
ethers, and they have swept the field
against the best political leaders the
party has developed.
The force of any legislation is not in
the letter but In the spirit. The most
elaborate statutes fail when not based on
reason; the loosest enactment that em
bodies a vital principle gains strength
with time till It becomes self-enforcing.
It has been so with the civil service act
Congress never expected It to reach very
far. It was not made obligatory and
at first It had a very limited application.
But it created a system that was recog
nised as sound, and gradually It has been
extended, by executive order, to one class
f federal employes after another, and
congressmen have been compelled to
stand by and see their patronage disap
pear, helpless to intervene, because pub
lic opinion approved and demanrl..-d the
sew system. It took a hard flht to
make the beifinninp, but President Clevi
land's successive orders extending the
civil service system, though thfy have
effected a practical revolution in poll:!.?s,
no longer attract more than panning no
tice. The reform has come to -stay firl
Its enforcement Is now tiken for granted.
The latest order extends the system ot
an organized civil service, with appoint
ments by open competition and removul
nly for cause, to all classes of derVs
and other subordinate officials in all
departments, or practically to all execu
tive appointments that do not require
the advtre and consent of the senate,
with the present excentlon only of
fourth-class postmasters, and it is ex
pected that tliey also will be Included
m a subsequent order. The original aot
f congress provided for this, but It was
left for the president to put it gradually
Info force, and never was so groat a
reform so quietly effected. When vn
gress had once ef tablished the principle,
the doom of the spoils system was fixed,
for true reformers can never o back
ward. f yaln's finances were liad enough be
fore the latest revolt In Cuba, but the
cost of the campaign on that Ishmd h.ta
brought them to a desperate pa?.
Everything In sight has been mort paged,
the nation Is staggering under a debt
ef sixty-eight dollars per capita our
ewn being alwut fifteen dollars and Ihr
strain Is constantly Increasing. If we
are to credit the statement that the sal
aries of all Spain's diplomatic p presr-nta-Ifns
in the United States are to be re
duced one-half. It Is evident that the gov-
ernment la now resorting to practical
and heroic mmwiti Italy' campaign
In Abyssinia has In like manner added
to nor almuly ruinous debt, until Signer
Colombo l now forced to Increase the
Import duties upon barley ami the while
corn that constitute the principal food
of a considerable part of the population.
Italy- debt la nearly three time a
large as our own, and amounta to eighty
three dollars er capita. The provincial
and municipal debt are even more
crushing. Tbe reduction of her foreign
trad through the custom war with
Franc.' the reaction from the wild real
estate speculation of eight or ten yeara
agvv. overborrowlng on every hand and
banking mismanagement and corruption
hsvnn the destmctlve work which the
cost of the Abyssinia campalirn has com
pleted. Wars are very expensive In
diligences nowadays, .
F.ven the Washington Republican have
come out squarely (or sound money by a
majority of two to one. Of all the states
In the I'nion heretofore counted saMy
Republican, Oregon has the distinction ot
standing alone In Us mis. rble nttcmpf
to bmure or dodav issue, and It Is
the only state which has ever given a
Republican majority that Is considered In
doubt this year year destined to re
th greatest Kepublican year in the his
tory of the party. This Is a humiliating
and discreditable position for irvon to
occupy, but It U the legitimate conse
quence of putting the mere personality 01
candidates and leudets ahead of the prin
ciples of the party.
It is about tlir.c tbe taxpayers of Cl.n
op county are calling halt on unneces
sary expenses of th county Thre is
a btiilge being built across the Lewis Jk
Clarke river at a cost of several thous
and dollars, which is of no use to any
one. The road connecting with it will
never be used. The few settlers In the
vicinity will use water tnuiportatlon. as
the road cannot be made available.
The next tlitug will be a ferry across
Young's Bay which la only good for real
estate speculators, 1 suppose the county
court will want to build a bridge to
Frankfort, next. TAXPAYER.
Editor Astorian:
Will you permit me to enquire, through
the columns of your paper, whly it Is
that the paper mail, which arrives at
about o'clock In the morning. Is quite
frequently not delivered to business
houses within three blocks of the post
office until nearly noon? As they some
times get around considerably earlier. 1
do not understand why there should le
so much difference In the time of de
livery. CITIZEN.
Astoria, May 14th. 1SS6
An old-fashioned man who lias listened
to considerable talk about the develop
ment of women through hanl work In
vites ore of these advocates of the doc
trine of equality of the sexes to take the
negative In each one or all of the five
following propositions:
L That neither In the design of nature
nor In government expediency can be
found a Justification for wage-earning
toll by women.
1 That wage-earning toll by women
Is an evidence, not of national progress,
but of national retrogr-sslon.
t That that nation will be the best
and happiest In which the Hast wage
earning toil Is done by women.
I. That the presence of women In the
ranks of toilers is a reproach to our
civilisation and a menace to posterity.
a. That the increasing number oi chll
dren in the urray of toll.'rs Is of. the
same sort of "progress" that the "ad
vanced woman" glories In.
The affirmative will proba, ly 1 ask-d
why man has not provided (or the s:p
port of women who have no natural sup
porters, t will be admitted that the
spectacle of u family of girls posing In
Idleness while the head of th family is
working for such wages us the average
workingman can command woull not be
edifying. We cannot know much about
the design of nature except us nature
speaks through the conditions of life
which It permits to be establisnd. It is
manifestly unjust to deny woman the
nrht to work witnout making some pro-
vision by which she may live without
working. Justice is a higher law than
cxi-ediency. So long as a percentage of
womea are comoelled to earn their own
living a Just man cannot 'Jeny her the
right to earn It the best way she can.
She should not be barred out from the
occupations In which work Is best re
warded. There Is no necessary connec
tion betw.-en the right of a woman to an
education which admits her into the
highest pursuits, and lur right to vote.
The one comes to her as a simple act of
Jusiice which should not be withheld,
while the oth'r Is a m.ttter of expedi
ency. The condition of a woman who
has her own living to earn is Improved
by opening to her4the occupations in
which men find the highest results. But
It does rot follow that the condition of
women would be Improved by devolving
upon them the full responsibilities cf
citizenship. If there were any Imposi
tion on the part of men to oppress wom
en with unjust laws her demand for the
ballot would be und-rstoxl. Hut men
have voluntarily discriminated In their
laws in fa"or of women. If there was
any assurance that women would bring
to the conduct of public affairs higher in
telligence or greater honesty jf purpose
than men possess the best of men would
welcome her participation in the i'ull
work of citizenship. The luesiion. after
all, resolves itself to this: Would the
suffrage make the itm- of women
happier than they are now? It Is the
masses, either of men or women, who
are to be considered. Th- favored few
can take care of tfu nis 1 It is the
average young woman who fln'ls herselt
dependent upon her own re-ource whom
the state Is most con'.--rne 1 about. -Han
Francisco KuRetln.
"Afflictions sor? lon time he bore
Physicians wre In vain "
At last one day a frle id did ay,
"You'd soon v.-ll aaln."
if you would take, as I did, l)r. IVr ''
Favorite Prescription, for that Is the
cure for all the peculiar ailments of
women It Is a safe, simple and ure.
remedy. It banishes tho?e dlHtr-s.-iing
maladies that make woman's life a bur
den, curing all painful irregularities,
uterine disorders. Inflammations and
ulcerations, prolapsus and klmlnd weak
ness s. As i nervine It cures nervous
exhaurtlon, prostration, debility, relieves
mental anxiety and hypochondria and
induces refreshing sleet. She took the
advice and Is well. "Fa.orte Prescrip
tion" Is the only remedy for the delicate
derangements and weaknesses of females,
sold by druggists. A pamphlet free.
Address World's lilspensary Medical As
sociation, liufTalo, N. Y.
Asthma cured, by lewly (Uncovered
treatment. For pa'nphlct, testimonials
and reference., address World's Dispen
sary Medical Association, 'fuffaio, N. Y.
Visitor Will, 1'nddy, how many
brothers have you? Freddy 1 have o e,
but my sister Stella has two. VMtor
Wny, how Is that? Who are they?
Kreddy Me and rny brother. -Kxchangc.
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One Minute Cough Cure. Better medi
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met or
Blachwkll's Durham toiacco company.
Is W
to-4ay. Youri very truly,
H ya kan say etfficaNy ta peecwriaf ysar
swap, cat HI (hi atk sad em 11 wltfe
yar ardsr t year sr.laala esalsr.
The mania for collecting bads to
strange accumulations Near IVnto
fract lives a banker who has a museum
of obi door. They are frvvm old houses,
castles, or ahbea that have some his
toric Interest. (Julte lately he bid (1.1W1
In Fans for a door through which, dur
ing the French revolution. Marie An
toinette, Charlotte Oorday, Damon ami
Kobeplerre passed to the gullotlne. Ore
of his door Is autd to have shut off
Charles II. from his Roundhead pursuers,
and it bears mark of a battering ram.
A collection of ancient weathercocks Is
also one of this gentleman's collections.
Mr Fred Miller, of Irvln-r. 111., writes
that he had a Severe Kldncv trouble for
many years, with sevr pains In his
back and also thnt his bladder wns
affected. He tried many so-cnlled Kid
ney cures but without any good result.
About a year ago he begin the use of
Klrcttic Hitters and found relief at one.
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trial will prove ur statement. Trice
Vic and $l.i. At Chas. lUvers' Drug
"But. Tom, dear, where Is the big trout
you said you caught
"Oh, that one? Why yes. of course.
Well. I took that trout, an.l it lockci
so good I cooked it and ate It on the
spot. And. speaking of eating. Maude,
I wish you'd hurry up that dliut.-r I
haven't had a mouthful all day."
Ami then Maude, for the first time,
doubted her husband's veracity.
The best salve In the worn for Cuts,
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tions,, and positive cure for Piles, or no
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perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price, 2S cents per box. For sal by
Chas. Rogers, Odd Fellows' building.
Richard Wagner, a Vienna dnen dealer,
registered the comjioser's portrait as a
trade mark two years ago. He then
proceeded to semi out "Richard Wagn. r
sheetings and towellngs." Frau Cos
man and her son Seigftied brought suit
against him, but the courts hsve decided
that he has the right to the picture and
the name.
Whea Baby was sick, we gave her Caatorla.
When she was a Quid, tbe cried for CaslorU.
When she became Vim, she clung to Caatorla,
Wheoahel. IDdrwi, she ga them CastorU.
The Fish a Little Shy. lirown (to
Jones, who has Just returneu .rom a
week's fishing excursionl Did you have
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Sunday School Teacher- And the
prophet rent his clothes! Johnny, what
(bes that mean? Johnny-1 s'pose he
he didn't have the price to buy 'em. Fx.
The U. S. Oov't Reports
how Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
"Will you be my wife, Fraub ln 1'uula,
and make me happy?" "I am sorry,
doctor, but I should like to te lappy
myself." Humorlstlsche Hlatter.
DeWltt'a Sarsapsrllla Is prepared for
cleansing the blood. It builds up and
strengthens constitutions Impaired by
disease. Chas. Rogers.
"Any amusement In this town to
night?" asked the stranger, "1 reckon
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f. T, .1 .. .
... w.u,,.. ,e. ,M me s,elm
shove which has supplanted hlmi-CCs
all roight-ut's all might: yes can shovel,
but, dom ycz, yez, can't vote: Truth.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Contains nn Ammnnii or Alum.
"What did that famous de'ense of the
pass of Thermoplyae tako place?" ask 'd
Dolly Cumrox, who Is studying the class
ics. "I can't say," her father replied,
"with any precision. I have a bail mem
ory for dates. Hut It must have been
since the Interstate comm-ree commis
sion was establishes!." Washington Star.
It Is not a miracle. It won't cure
everything, but It will cur piles. That's
what DeWltfs Witch Hazel Salve will
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Detroit Free Press.
"They say," renisrkts! Miss kcMU-k,
"that the most warn p.t on a carpet
In ik gll room U that directly In front
of her mirror."
"It cain't te the case In your room."
replied Mr. Hoggins
"Why l-o you think I have nothing
to look In the mirror for"
"Your little feet would never wear Ihe
Flnan. I.d convuW.vis which disturb
the equilibrium of the business morld
are productive of far less mischief than
tho failure of the Ineva to perform
the othVe assign d them by nature.
When these organs tveome Inactive the
circulation acquires Impurities which
bring 011 dropsy, diabetes, ltrlht's dis
ease, crav, I. catarrh of rh- Madder and
other maladies. To Impart to the kid
neys and bladd.T a healthy Impetus,
very different from the excitement pto
duced by an unmodleated alcohoir stim
ulant, use Hostetter'a Stomach llttti-ni,
the t'.nest dluretl - In existence This rx
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qualified sanction of eminent phvste'arts.
The nervous, the elderly and Inrlrm and
convalescents derive unspeakable benefit
frvm Its us Ce It with ivi--s!,nce
and at fWe,l Intervals, ifi.l nnftclpate
lth court fence the happiest results
' Mr. Qullllam. a lawyer of l.indan. Kn
I gland, a follower of Vahomet an.l the
I Shetk-ul-lslam u hlef of the religion) of
! the Hrltish Isles, has tssurd a pro. lamn
i tlon In hts journal, the Cres. ,mii. and
j has had It translated Into Arabian, IVr
j slan and lftmhvnstnn. calling upon all
'the fallhful to decline to take rnv 1 art
I In the Soinlan expedition lie s,in th 11
' any Mahometan who ever Klves a glass
i of water to a soldier Intending to war
. against hts fellow-bell, vers Is not worthy
of being counted amonrt the faithful
James I.. Francis. Afsl-rman, Chicago,
says: "1 regard Dr King's New ll.
covery as an Ideal l'ana -ea for Coughs,
Colds and I,ung Consphilnts, having used
It In my family for the last five wars, to
the exclusion of physician's prescription
or other preparations."
R-v. John Hurrus, Keokuk. lows,
writes: "1 have teen a minister nf the
Methodist Kplsrnpal church for "si years
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I Now that Mr Pana, of the N'e v York
Sun, nas started on his Kurop.-an
trip, conjectures are in order as to wh it
new study he w'll take up this Urn-.
Several veers ago lie visited It is 1 1 and
become much Interested In the I'.ussian
. language and cuMoms. lu. e then lie
has devoted nhoiit two hours dallv to
the study of Russian. At resent he
reads atiout tw Ive lanif uaces, tM-Ing able
to speak many of them !l icnt'y
1 Burns are absolutely painless wh-n De.
, Witt's Witch Haxel Sslvs la promptly
1 applied. This statement Is true. A p'r-
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' hands and lips, and never falls to cure
; piles Chas. Rogers.
' I. O. Elliot, the American naturalist,
; sailed a few days ago fion London f r
j Homallland, where he will spend some
I time. Mr Klllot h is been ,rnt abroad
1 by the Field Columbian Museum of Chi
' cago to secure a number of ant dopes
' and other larger African animals for
that Institution.
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j people have no Inclination to use a slow
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: Chas. Rogers.
fleueral Weyhr Is rpioter) as saying
that It will lake two years to suppress
the Cuban revolution This seems to
promise Maeco another long life.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
"' " " ""'" 'I
It I. .!. .!..(.. I .. r .t T..
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All the patent medicines advertised In
thts paper, together with, the choicest
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Hotel. Astoria.
Important to American seeking Eng
lish Capnlal for now enterprises. A llit
containing the name und AdaVes ot
3M successful promoters who have placed
ovirr flOfiij'o.Ofn .Sterling In Foreign In
vestment within tue list six years, and
over I8,0M,0j4 for the seven montc of
Hilif.. frier. or 'u, pay.i.bie by postal
orler to the London and Universal Bu
reau of Invesiiira, 20, Cheip-lde, London,
E. C, Subsenhera wii be entitled, by ar
rangement with tlie dlrs?t'irs to r-celve
Mith'T persma; or loiters of Intraductuln
to any of ther su c'sf il promoters.
This lien Is Meat class In every rea'ieet,
and every man or flm whose name ap
Ie;n 1liereln may Im il.-pen led upon.
For placing the following it will be
found InvaiuaWe IVuids or Shares of In
dustrial, Commercial and Flnancla con
cerns. Mortirige loans, Hale of I-jamla,
I'aJtetits or Mlnen.
Hilt KDWAI'D n. ROH-I.
The Astorian
invites attention
to its Job
Printing Department'
Notice Is hereby given that ihe assess
ment made by Ordliianoe No. .W4 of th
city of Astoria, eontlriuinc th" assess
ment on Roll No. I, tor tho construction
of a drain lit the city of Astoita, a laid
out mid retarded by John Adair, com
mencing at a point In block ta mid hav
ing lis outlet tit Thlrtv tblrd street, be
tween block IS and IT, In Adair s As
toria, and known and designated as
"Dralnag District No I." will Iw dti
mid payable on the luh day of May, IM.
In t'. S, gold or silver coin, at tb oftl.-e
of tho city treasurer, ami If not so paid
within or before said time, lb coinmoit
council will orvler wnrrama Issued for
th collection of the same. Th iisae.
Hie lit Is as follows;
Luira I1. Adair, lot i, block Id,
Adair Astoria.. . I U t
leiura IV Adair, lot t, I'Kn'k Is,
Adair's Astoria M 41
Mary L Adair, lot 1J, block U.
Adair Astoria ID
Mary 1- Adair, lot II. block ,
Adair's Astoria 5 U
Mary L. Adair, lot IS, bio. k M.
Adair's Astoria .... W M
Mary I. Adair, lot Is, block t
Adair Astoria Il
Mary I. Adair, lot 17, block 6.
Adair's Astoria IU
Mary I- Adair. W halt lot It),
block ts. A.lalr's Astoria 4 M
Mary I. Adair, lot 0. block
Adair's Astoria Ill
Mary I. Adair, lot 11. block M.
Adair' Astoria I it
Mary I. Adair, lot JO. block .
Adalr'a Astoria I II
Murv L Adair, lot SI. block O,
Adair Astoria I It
Mary I.. Adair, lot B. block .
Adair Astoria I II
Mary L Adair, lot J3. block 8.
Adair's Astoria I 11
Mary 1. Adair, lot J, block s.
Adalr'a Astoria I 11
lietty Adair IJrcnham, und , one
eighth lot t block Is. Ad.vlr s
Astoria I TT
Hetty A.latr Itrenham, und on
eighth lot 7. block PI, Adair's
Astoria IU
Hetty Adair Itrenham. und one
eighth tot t. block t, Adair's
Astoria IS
Hetty Ada.r Hr. und one
eighth lot ft. blocs I, Adalr'a
Astoria IB
Hetty Adair Hrrnham. and "lie
eighth begin at NK corner lot 1.
block 40. thence S feet. W M
feet. N Cli feet. K TS feet, lot 1.
bbk'k 40, Adair's Astoria IM
Flbn Ad.vlr Mendell, und one
cUhth lot J, block 14. Adair's
Astoria I Tl
Ellen. Adair Mendell, und on,
eighth lot T. block 1, Adair's
Astoria 114
Ellen Adair Mendell, ur.d one
eighth lot 5. block I. Adair'
Astoria IB
F.llen Adair Mendell, und one
eighth, lot I, block 1. Adair's
Astoria IB
F.llen Adair Mendell. und on,
eighth begin at NK corner lot 1
block ), theme S 68 feel. W Tt
feet. N M feet. K 75 feet, lot X
kl.H-k . Adair's Astoria IN
Kate Adair Welcher, und one
eighth lot !, Mock 1. Adair's
Astoria I 77
Kate Adair Welcher, und one
eighth lot 7, block 14, Adair's
Astoria IM
Kate Atlalr Welcher. tind one
eighth lot 5. block 1. Adair's
Astoria IS
Kain Adair Widcher. und one
f'.ghln, lot 6, block 1, Adalr'a
Astoria IB
Kate Adair Welcher. und one
eighth begin at NE corner lot 3,
block 40. thence 8 JI feet, W 75
feet, N W feet. E 75 feet, lot 1.
block 40. Adair's Astoria 1 M
Mary Adair Jordan, und one
eighth lot 1 block 14, Adair's
Astoria I 77
Mary Adair Jordan, und one
eighth lot 7, block 14. Adair's
Astoria IU
Mnry Adair Jordun. und one
eighth lot 6. block 1, Shlvely'a
Astoria IB
Mary Adair Jordan, und one
eighth lot . block 1, Hhlvely'a
Astoria IB
Mary Adair Jordan, und one
eighth begin at NE corner lot S,
block 40, thence H fW feet, W 75
feet, N M feet, E 75 feet, lot I,
block 40, Adair's Astoria t 54
Mary R. Adair, ' und one
eighth lot 2, block 14, Adair's
Astoria 77
Mary R. Adair, und ons
elghth lot 7, block 14, Adair's
Astoria IM
Mary It. Adair, urd one
eighth lot 6, block 1, Hhlvely's
Astoria 1 a
Mary R. Adnlr. und one
eighth lot , block 1, Hhlvely's
Astoria I 26
Mary It. Adair, und one
eighth begin nt NE corner lot 3.
block 40, thence fl V, fret, W 75
feet, N (H feet, E 75 feel, lot I,
block 40. Adair's Astoria : (A
faiura Adair Barker, und thro.
eighths lot 2, block 11. Adair's
Astoria 17 ;i
I-atira Adair Barker, und three-
eighths lot 7, block I'l, Adalr'a
Astoria .... '.0 K
Ijiura Adair Barker, und three-
eighths lot 5, block 1, Phhcly'i
Astoria J 75
Lnura Adair Barker, und three-
eighths lot 1, block 1. Hhlvely'a
Astoria J 75
Laura Adair Harder, und three-
lihths begin at NE corner lot 3,
block 40: thence S W reel, W 7f
feet, N IS feet. E 7r. feet, lot 3,
block 40, Adnlr' Astoria 7 S
A. Booth Packing Co., lot 5, Mock
1.71, Hhlvely's Astoria 44 It
A. Month Packing Co.. lot 7, block
W. Hhlvely's Astoria C2 41
Victor Anderson, lot 8, block 1,
Hhlvely's Astoria 10 00
Tina Amundsen, lot 4, block 41,
Adair's Astoria J JJ
Tina Amundsen, lot 5, block 41,
Adair's Astoria 12 J2
Astoria Ravings Bank, trustee, lot
?, block OS, Adalr'a Astoria g 15
Isaac Bergman, lot 12, block 140,
Hhlvely's Astoria 10 00
Rudolph llarth, lot 4, block 14,
Adair's Astoria 40 15
lllnim lirown, lot 1, block 17,
Adair's Astoria 44 IB
lllram Brown, E half lot 3, block
17, Adair's Astoria 23 06
Hiram Brown, lot 4, block 17,
Adair's Astoria 46 It
lllram lirown, lot 3, block SI,
Adair's Astoria C2 41
lllram Brown, lot 4, block 01,
Adair's Astoria f2 41
lllram Brown, lot Ti. block 11,
Adair's Astoria 40 15
lllram lirown, lot 4, block 111,
Adair's Aslorla 40 IB
lllram Brown, lot 3, block Wl,
Adair's Astoria 44 IB
lllram Brown, lot 4, block 44,
Adair's Astoria 44 15
lllram Brown, lot 1, block 67,
Adair's Astoria 41 IB
lllram Brown, lot 2, block 67,
44 It
44 It
44 It
II 4t
U 4S
II 41
tl 41
tl 41
14 41
11 n
11 tj
11 u
10 N
10 H
10 H
44 It
U 41
24 JO
10 M
10 M
10 H
10 M
10 M
11 10
111 20
11 10
44 II
10 at
10 M
10 M
10 M
10 M
10 n
12 41
U 41
1: 11
11 n
10 st
u II
11 41
to 00
44 It
tl II
12 12
12 22
1 M
10 Ml
I 43
t 43
10 at
i 10
11 41
a 01
23 01
D. W. Bush, lot
Adair' Astoria
D. W. Bush, lot
Adalr'a Astoria
Alice M. Hush, lot
Adalr'a Astoria
block 41,
block 41,
Jacob HoasarL lot
Adalr'a Aalorla ..
Jacob Boaaart, lot
Adalr'a Astoria . .
block 40,
block 4U,
11. biiVk ' ,
a. block ,
A Hrunbold, lot
Adalr'a Astoria . .
A Hrunbold. lot
Adalr'a Astoria ..
lot i Mock it.
lot T. blo.'k "i?!
Cryus Carruthera,
Adalr'a Astoria..
Cyrus Carruthera,
Adair Astoria
I. 'raalino Caserotolla, N half lot t,
block . Adair Astoria
Nellie tl. Cbarlston, und bait lot 7,
black 51. Adalr'a Astoria
C. II. Cooer, lot 4, block 4W,
Adair' Astoria ,
C. II. Cooper, lot I, block 40.
Adair's Astoria
C. II. CooMr. lol 10, block 10,
Adalr'a Astoria
C. II. Cooper, lot II, block V.
Adair's Astoria
C. II Cooper, lot IJ. block
Adair's Astoria
John Chltwood, und quarter lot 1,
block 41. Adalr'a Asiorla
It 11 1 11 A Cornelius, und half lot V
block 1, Adair' Astoria
II. P. Drnnan, und half lot I,
block 41. Adair's Astoria
II I'. Drennan. lot a. block 41,
Adalr'a Astoria
D A iHuieUoti. und half lot 1,
block I". Adair's Astoria
J It. Duncan, lot 1. block 44,
Adair s Astoria
J. II. Duncan.
Adalr'a Astoria
lot t. block tl.
Samuel hlmore, lot B.
Adalr'a Aslorla
flamutd Klmor.
Adair' Aatorl.
Samuel Flmore,
Adair's Astoria
Samuel Klmor.
Adalr'a Astoria
Alex tllltiert, lot I, bio. k 14, Adalr'a
Annie listens, lot
Adair's Astoria
Annie listens, tot
Adalr'a Astoria
Catherine tl.Hslman,
i. block 17,
4. Murk" "it!
lot 11. block
41, Adalr'a Astoria.
V. J tloodmun, lot
Adalr'a Aatorl
IX. block 41.
Anna Uarta (Iramma, lot
' block'
4B. Adalr'a Astoria
Anna Maria (Iramma, ol ), block
4. Adalr'a Aalorla
Helen F. ilraham, lot I. block 42.
Adalr'a Astoria
Helen F. (Iraham, lot 2. block 42,
Adalr'a Astoria
Winifred C. (leorge, lot 7. block I,
Bhlvely's Aalorla
Mary C Holmes, tut
Adair's Astoria
Mary C Holmes, lol
Adalr'i Astoria
block r.
block Jt!
Thomas A llyland, lot t, block .
Adair's Astoria
Frio llouke. lot 4, block 41, Adalr'a
Eric llouke. lot 7, block 41. Adair a
F. A. Hill, lot
F. A. Hill, lot
MihSx i, Adair
bloivk 40, Adair a
Aleck Ivemon, lot
Adalr'a Astoria ..
ll! block 4
Aleck lverson, lot 13.' block ,
Adair Astoria
James Jackson, lot
Adair's Astoria ...
James Jackson, bd
Adair's A.I..C.
Louisa Jonansen, lot 10, hlix'k
I in.
Hhlvely's Astoria
John Kopp, lot I. block 42, Adair's
Christina A . Alfred, Josephine and
Prank P. Iielncnwelvrr. hrlra of
Frank Idnenweher, lot t, block
fill, Adalr'a Astoria
Christina A Alfred, Josephine and
Frank P. l-elnenwrbrr, heirs of
Frank Lrlnenwehrr, lot I, block
W. Adair's Astorls
Christina A. I.elnenweter, lot I,
block W, Adalr'a Aalorla
23 01
44 IB
44 It
21 91
74 K
12 41
52 41
52 41
52 41
23 10
23 OS
23 ft
52 41
K 41
10 00
10 CO
10 00
Christina A. la-lneuwelier,
bio. k :a, Adair's Astoria .
Christina A. Iltionweber,
liltM k . Adair's Astoria
Christina A. Islnenwetier,
I. lock U). Adalr'a Astoria..
lot 2.
August I.arsrn, N half lot l, block
XI. Adair's Astoria
John Kopp, lot 2. block 42, Adair's
Mary J. Kyle, lot 4, block
Adair's Astoria
Mary J. Kyis, lot t, block
Adair s Astoria
Mrs. Anna Kopp, lot 4, block
Adair's Astoria
P. N. Ken rue v. und half lot
block 41, Adair's Astoria
James F. Kearney, lot 2, block 41,
Adair's Astoria
Frank J Carney, und half lot 7,
block 41, Adalr'a Astoria
Mary A. (Yarns, und half lol 7,
block ll, Adalr'a Aslorla
Mary H. ladnenwelier, W half lot
2, block 17, Adalr'a Astoria
Christina A , Alfred )., Joscph'-ne
and Frank P. Lelnetiwelier, heirs
of Frank I-lnenweber, lot
7, block J Adair's Astoria
Christina A , Alfred (I., no
and Frank P. Ilnenweber, heirs
of Frank Idnenweber, lot
4, hlork Adair's Astorln
I, Leberk and Olive Wlnton, lot
3, block 1, Hhlvely'a Astoria
L. 1 .check and Olive. Wlnton, lot
4, block 1, Hhlvely's Astoria
L. I-cl.cck and Olive Wlnton, lot
ft, block I, Hhlvely's Astoria
L. Isebcck and Olive Wlnton, lot
Cu. Spot Csn
Adair's Astoria ,
lllram Brown, lot i, block 67,
Adair's Astoria
Hiram Brown, lot 4, block 47,
Adalr'a Astoria
Illiani Brown, lot t, block tfl,
Adalr'a Aalorla
lllram Brown, lot 4, block 07,
Adalr'a Aalorla
lllram Brow 11. lot 7. block 47,
Adalr'a Astoria
lllram lirown, lot s, block (7,
Adair's Aalorla , ,
Isiura Adair Barker, lot , block
It, Adalr'a Astoria,,
Fred Barker, lot 4, block tft, Adali'
Kalherln C. HllsMtt, lot 4, block
, Adair' Astoria
lleilna Norwegian Evangelical Lu
theran Church, N tl) feet of H
half lot i. block U, Adair As-
tori ,
D. W. Hush, lot II. block 41,
Adair' Astoria
9 5 MA'sf4Cv..j
iliWcHiMiM 11
WttAlO'OMSMItfOTOfKmo?)'. J?i
III, block I, Hhlvely'a Aalorla I 00
Nil liolelta MnlHgaiuba, W half and
M HU (eel of K half lol J, block l,
Adalr'a Aalorla 41 HI
llev. II. W. Mollis, lol I, block 40,
Adair's Aalorla 44 II
llev. II. U. Morris, M l frit lot ,
block ki. Adalr'a Aslorla K M
llev. B. W. Morrla, lol 0,'blovk 10,
Adalr'a Asloilu 44 It
llev. II. W. Mollis, lot 4, block 40,
Adalr'a Asloi lu 44 It
llev. II. NY. Morrla, lot T. block 40,
Adair's Aalorla 40 II
llev. II. W. Monla, lol 1 block IU,
Adair Astoria 44 B
Itov. II. W. Mortis, lot t, block U,
Adalr'a Aatoi lu 44 U
llev. fl. W, Morris, lul 4, block U,
Adair Aslurla 4 U
llev. II. W. .Mori la, lot 4. block 40,
Adair Aalorla Mil
Fred II 111111, lul
Adalr'a Aslorla
A. Mcl'liarlan. lot
Adalr'a Aslorla
A. Mel'harlan, lot
Adair' Aalorla
tlvorg Nslson. lot
Adalr'a Aslurla ...
Uvorii Nslson, lot
Adair Aalorla
Christ Nas, lol
Adair' Astoria ....
t, block 41,
Movk 'io!
ll! "'block ;"!
"wov'k !' Sri',
" 4! MvK'k "li'.
1!' 'iiioik' H!
L'brut Nssa, lul
A. lair Aslurla,.
There tl Hrl.n, lol
U block m.
Adair Aslurla
There O llrlen. lot t, block ,
Adalr'a Astoria
IVlwaid O' Connor, lul I, Mock 41,
Adalr'a Aatorl
Edward O'Connor, lul I, block II,
Adalr'a Aslurla
Ialwsr.1 H i oiuior, lul i, block 41,
Adair Aatorl
Andrew tilsen, lot 7, block ,
Adair's Astoria
Andrew tUsen. lol I, block 41,
Adair's Astoria
J. II. 1'aliner. lot I, bio. k 41,
Adalr'a Astoria
Anna M I'opv, lol 1, bliak 40,
Adalr'a Aslurla
Ell IVpe, lol 4, block 10, Adalr'a
Frank l otion, trustca, lot Si, bba k
at, Adalr'a Astoria
Frank ration, trusloe, lot M, blo k
40. Adalr'a Anuria
J. II. Palmer, lot 4, block 42,
Adair' Aslorla
W. W. Parker, lot I, Mock Its,
Hhlvely's Astoria 10 a
W W. Parker, lot I, block It,
Hhlvely'a Aalorla 10 M
Jennie II Parker, lot II, block 111,
Hhlvely'a Aslorla
Mary J llyrle. lol t, block u,
Adair' Astort
Sarah ll Sherman, lol I. block B,
Adalr'a Astoria
Mabel I. Sullivan, 8 half lot X.
block , Adalr'a Astoria
N. Hlmonsen, lot . Mock 41.
Adalr'a Aalorla
N. Slmonsrn. lot li block 4U
Adalr'a Aslorla
0. Hover, lot IS. 41. Adolr
a Hov.y. ut K block II, Ailslr
Benson Hablne, lot 7, blink 41.
Adair' Astoria ...
Elisabeth Rcafoidt, lot 21, Mock 41.
Adalr'a Astoria. .
Ellaatwth Hrafeldt. lot 22. bto. k 41.
Adalr'a Aslorla .
Mary A. Schroder K half lot 11,
block 4n. Adair Astoria
W. T Hchoineld. utvl half lot t,
blos-k tt. Adair Aatoria
W. T. Hclioineld and K. llouke,
frac lot I. block I. Hhlvsly'a As
lurla W. T. HchnMeld ami K. Hooks,
lot 1 block I. Hhlvely's Aatoria .
John Helncus, ut I, block .
Adair's Astoria
John Helnesa. lot 4, IdiH'k W,
Adalr'a Astoria
Peter Nufur. H half lot t, block .
Adalr'a Astorl ,
Jacil. t'ttinger. lol 4, hl.H'k 31,
Ailalr'a Astoria
Ole (I. Vlge, lot is, blin k 40, AiUlr'S
01. 11 Vise, lot 22. block 00, Adair
Chas Vrrachruren, W half lot 11.
block 4n, Adair' Aslorla
Nicholas Wlsnrr. lot U, Mo k 41,
Adalr'a Astoria
Nicholas Wlsnrr. lol 17. block 41.
Adair's Aslorla
Charlr Wlssman. lot 12, Mock 40,
Adalr'a Astoria
Charles Wlssman, lot 17, block '.
Adair's Astoria
(leorge Watson, lot IS. Mock
Adair's Astorln
(leorge Watson. lo U, blink
Adalr'a Astoria
Marcus Wise, lot
10. block 13.
"',' "t-Vo'ck 4l!
23. block 4l!
Adair's Astoria
Marcus Wise, lut 30,
Adalr'a Astoria
Marcus Wise, lol 23.
Adair's Aslorla
Marcus Wise, lot 24,
Adair's Astoria ....
Marcus Wise, lot 2t,
Adalr'a Aslorla
block 42.
idock 41.
Marcus Wise, lol 24,
Adalr'a Aslorla
block 43,
Mary Wilson, lot I, Mock tin,
Ailnlr's Astoria
Walter. Mamie. Annie, (Irarl and
William Wilson, heir of William
Wilson, lot 2, I lock Ailnlr
(He Willl.erg. lot H, block 40,
Adair's Astoria
Carolina 0. WllllH.rg, lot 23, block
ft), Adair's Astoria
Caroline O. Wllluerg, lol 24, block
40, Ailalr'a Astoria
Churles Wright and H. E. Ilariie,
lot 4, block 41, Adalr'a Astoria ...
Charles Wright nn.l H E. Harris,
lot I. block 41, Adair's Astoria..,.
Charles Wright and H. E. Ilarrla,
lot 10, Mock ll, Adalr'a Astoria...
Onirics Wright and H, U. Ilarrla,
lot 14, block 41, Adalr'a Astoria...
Charles Wright und H. E. Harris,
lot 10, block 41, Adair's Astoria..,
Charles Wright und H, E. Harris,
lot 2o, block 41, Adalr'a Aalorla...
Charles Wright and H. E. Harris,
lot I'l. block 41, Adair' Aalorla...
Charles Wright ami H. E. Ilarrla,
lot 27, block 41, Adair' Astoria...
Charles Wright and H E. Harris,
lot 2H, block 41, Adair's Astoria...
Charles Wright mid H. M. Harris,
lul 2!i, block 41, Adair' Astoria...
Charles Wright and H. E. Ilarrla,
lot , block 41. Adair's Aslorla...
Charles Wright 11 11. 1 H. E. Harris,
lot 31, block 41, Adair's Astoria, ,,
lot H-', block 41, Ailnlr's Astoria...
Charles Wright and H. E. Ilarrla,
l inen Astoria, nr., April 23.
Auditor and Pullce Judge.
fttwfmvt. (SfttyiW.
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10 M
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11 u
10 S4
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10 M
14 M
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10 M
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