The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, May 10, 1896, Image 1

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Tk ASTORIA", ku Hi brrsal LOCAL
" " .
Ouailmal llfhl ikasfti, W
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J III ptn published I
I I Aatorla, ft
NO. 100
Of the Fine Lines of Men's and Boy's Cloth
in?, Furnishing: Goods, Hats. Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Trunks, Yaliscs, Umbrellas, Blankets,
Quilts, etc., at factory prices for cash, at
one price to all alike.
For the One-Price
Clothiers. Hatters and Furnishers
In Office Supplies?
wa OAN
A New Lot of
Playing Cards
Just Received
...City Hook Store
Boat Stores... Everything
In the Pisherman's Supply Line
...Oust Be Sold in the Next Sixty Days
hiuiahiui:hh oh cumt
Trunloo for M. C.CIiOMHY
Suits to Order-
Materlal Furnished
.Duck Multm...
From $2.00 Upward
...Wool Hulta...
From $0 to $80
Hllk Hull. (920 Upwnrd
Alio 5nrclJ 81 on LADII!S' I'MllikWIiAR. Call and a
valut and Price.
Land Locked Harbor of (he I'olumulu
That Can ISc Made Im-prctjnablc.
Sklppiau nl lac World Caa rk Accoaaodatcd
aid Aaiply I'mtcttcd Modcr p.
pliaacc Needed fur Coast
Delete, tie.
8. PRIillMAN, late ol Freeman a tlulmca.
R. T. EAKI.E, lala ol Stockton. CJ
Foundrymen, Blacksmiths, Machinists and Boiler Makers
Manufacturing- and Repairing of all Klnda
of Machinery.
Iron and Brass Castings. General Blacksmith Work
N I'l'CIALTIKS Walch Patent Wheel. Ship
) Smithing anil htramfcuat Wurk. Cannery nj
Mill Machinery. Marina anil Stationary Boll
era Uulll to OrJ.r. '
llTSpeclally equipped for Loggers' Work. Located on i8th and Franklin (Scow
Bay Foundry). Phone 78. Correspondence solicited.
A. F. C
Box ollloe open
at N. Y. NoVBlty
8tore, on Tues
day, li)tli lnnt.
Presenting- the Grand Military Drama
'At the Picket Line
Get your tickets
Any member
or the Club.
Admission, 50o
To all parts of the house.
Rents Rnsorved
without extra charge.
Tin- mouth of ih Col-miUli river la
Uin only Hrl of Ita alaa ami Importance
Hint haa nut on ir too dry disk a. (it
all the araiKirui on Ilia Pacino coast Aa
turta la prrtuap the on which run be
mnat easily defended uailnat a foreign
power, and tha ana whose geographical
position Will naturally give It the- l.irif
at ocean Iraflto In th future. Th har
bor la but ten mil 'a lha ocean, la
land lo.-kd, and poaaca. the tremen
dous advantage of Vln a freak Hater
lartKir. Thn main turrrnt and thimni-l
at th oanranra of lha f1ver aaaa rluao
utwli-r tn brow of th hWrh rlltTa of Port
Canliy. and no ahl rojlcl powll'ly intrr
th port without th prmiaalon of tha
(ovrnainl troopa alittlonisl at that
Hiim With molrti niaxt drfrnaa an
pllms. th rumparatlvaly amall ie-rt-aon
at Knrt Canby ould Minlly prvnt
Ihf rurahlpa of tha wurtd frtm t-ntrrlnc
in Cnluni'ilo. Tha i'hann -I ol th rtvr
la elrrp rnoua-h to acvontmoilat th
lnri(-al wur vrla, whll th nr. h int
nu.rln IWl of th world rould fttxl ear
and arcurr aw-hnrt within tkia har
N.r It la thin no wonder that on of
tha drat worka of nuticnlludr to Im tin
Irrtakm by th projwtora f th lm-
trovm'nla at Aatorla and fit low.r
( olumbla. ahouM ha a drydnrk. In whlrh
ran b arrommodalpd th lanrxat Vraaola.
Wilh tha rrrtemplat.! fat arvl- I.
twn Aatnrla and Kan Kmntiaco. and tha
handllna of th W,rc numn-r of mer
chant vraa.-la N-r nr. aaart to curry on
th ahat nnd lumln-r trkfTic of ttr.-on,
on of th flrat prnvlalnna Mr Liking rnr
of tlita trims will bo a Hunt tloallnf
ilrydork. Plant aud prWVillnna of th
prtnrlpal drydm-ka nf tha 'rnltd Htali
and Ktimpo. ar now In Kia.ainn ot
th partit a 1tirrratd In tli hull Una; up
of th Iowtt OilumMa Tlvr nort. and
It la M peeled that drdntrr action will )
lnk-n In a vary ahirt inn to,ir. th
patnblUhnariit h r of a mo.1 -m 11, mi,,.
Th di'rlupmrnt of tn.luatil.-a on lh
wrat .l.t vl th lay an-h ia rv dr-ilo-k
and hnti. rlrviitora, tc, m.-una but a
I'nraoiidirtion of Inii-mta on txith akt.a
of th hnr. Thrr raji rw but on loan-
one tfr.-M.-r Aaron. n, a,vani-Fmiii
on on Yr of Hi Iry mnna th pro
nmtlnn of vry lnt.Tt on th othrr.
Thrrr r no room for -nHrriw )lnuab-a
and romHtltlin. nor inn It Ih' iprta
IhM Htty aurh rrinrna-a will n n-roa;-nl1
lrr 1:1 lAti-r It of btialn mrn
In lt liter part if ttir tlty. Tho who
have hhtitod nt unv aiirMi i-omlltlon or nf
fnlra hmv rtrtnlnly mad a ntWinkr. lt '
r wvei aitdw a m r n 011 hav thflr mathln
ahnfia, rlpvntora utiH a drydot-k. ann
nat Aatorla will hav Ita an-nt wr-
lioiiara, Itirtre mi'tvunrtl rt:ihllHtiminta
Iwnka, wild rwr.U antoplnv houara. With
th Vatina-'a Iwy lirttlKO affonllnir quli k
trnnalt tH-lwrim th two tiolnta. berth -n,li
of tit rlty will h wnnd tOKtnr In
aurh n manner that limhlns can aena.
nun fhvlr tnloroata.
l.ookhir nt th alt'oitlon of tMa nort
from 1h atandtiolnt of urotrotlnn la
the nutlon'a Intrrrata. thir can n po
IMy rm mlatalte mnrr In aolrr-tlnx thla
harbor for a roullna; aiutum and rrnd.a
voua for the iroremmrnt'a war vvaarla.
At Inflrmrly Iran exiMrran nnd with mtirh
Rtvater certainty of ntmohita protection
can her n ratnbllahed n naval etnTVrm
mmtileto In every reaneot. nrnk-vitnir a
dry do and proper conat dffenae appn-
" are eainnnHnen. tin the bliitTa at
Fort Pnnliy a few mortar and modern
prima atntlnned behind the rldir wouM
hav romplete control nrer th entmne
to thla narbor. It la rvtiaonahly certain
nai tneae couat d.-fen will la -ti..
Ilaheil. With proiier action nnd henrtv
cn-nttonitlnn on the nart mf the oitta..n.
of Aatorla nnd Platanp ooutity It la ulno
rrnaonnntr certitln thnt the othr fen-
urea necewwry for a lairfect rennort
will nlao le a,-cijnd. A drydn-k. atn-h
na la required by the Inrsost nnr veawln.
nnd the merchant mnrlnv. can cnally ly
ontnlneil If only Ine iX'.mlc atitn.t tn
nether na n unit upon Ihla auhject na
ni'v nnve in their efforts hj aocure
What were one the aubur! of C'hlrnco
now comooae Ita nutnM rentv-r. Whnt
la now a fnrm In Astortn will tomorrow
he the henrt of the city. T.Ike tho recent
ly forme I irrenter New York, the YoutiR't
liny brlilR will Join toireth.-r two differ
ent aeetlona. each ap.clnllT ntttid to take
it piuco In the new city. One able ot
lha buy will not b d"pb'ted to nAviim-e
the other. One will nnpplement the
oilier. nnt notn toeether will form
aplemlld clly well qinilltlod to control
the commerce of the Northweat Cotwt.
Spoke to a Large Crowd I.nat Rveolna;
on the Fallacy of Sound Money.
Jnmea R. floverelgn nddnaaed a lnrg
nndletice at Klaher'a lnnt evening on the
grout laaite now before tho American
people-th money queatlon. l'rohnhly
NH neraona naaembltHl to hear Mr. 8ov.
erelgn, the arrlke mnklnir the nttendnnce
Inrge. Mr. Rvonilaeth, Vopullxt enndb
ditto for the loglHlntttre, mndo a brief
oiienlng addreaa and IntnHlnced the orn
tor of tho evening "Jnmea It. Hoverelgn,
grnnd tuoster workman of the Knlghta ot
Mr. Sovereign begna with nn attnrk on
Secretary of the Treaniiry" John (?. Oar
llstle, tho lntter'a ap.'ech to the norklng
men of Chicago aeemlntf to bother the
free silver orntor more than inythlng else.
Mr. Boveregn attributed tho expression
'W-ccnt dollnr" to Mr. Cnrlltle, nnd anld
there wna no attch thing. Thnt a.Htlc It.
"If I begun telling von of n wn.nnSrt
gnllon, or n two-peck bimhel, you would
hoot me out of tho honae," anld tho
apenker. "Then whv should there t.
such n thltiH na a 'Bfl-cent dolliu-T There
la no audi thing."
lha orntor then went on In lull thnt
whrn the government nuts Ita atamn nn-
on n piece of silver nnd rnys It shnll be
a dollar, n dollnr It l not a Co-cent o.ol
lar, but 11 dollar dollar. Tho gentleman
did not tell the wondering people, when
the government put Ita atamu upon a
plec of allvar and guaranteed It should
h a dollar, II manl that thn roln aa a
dollar wua julvalM to 1ta) rents In
gold In the mnrketa of the forld. Mr.
Hoverelgn stuted that Kfliind nnd Ih
('tilled Htal could never ngroa on a
monetary system hecaua of the dlrr.r-
n- In form of aoverninont If this
country wra lo hava tha m policy aa
Knirlaml, Americana muat have a mon
arch form of government. Hut, aa
the I 'nlted Rum and I'.riKliuid have both
iM-en unler gold atandarda for many
yrara past, and aa th former Is still a
republic; iiini the latter a mon'trmy, no
lKiy surely paid much attention to tha
sp-aker! auu-rtlon.
I "Jollied" lb fl.herm.-n on th strlka
ajid aitld ha knew th-y would win. Ha
said further all th tlah.rm.-n must go
on u big strike at the polls In June and
help to break away from th awful yoke
whbh hor Ihem down, lie ralM ihe
fishermen "you boys," and they evident
ly liked It, for mu-h uplauao follow. d.
Then Mr. Sovereign said the volar
should foraaka tlu-old parties, and told
a story In which he likened tha old party
m.-n 10 the principal In th tale.
Me said a Presbyterian My once In
vited another lady of the Methodist frilth
to attend the Presbyterian service. The
Invitation ns readily accepted, and to
gether the two Indlea entered th house
of fJod on the following 8indny. In the
the Mothodlat church, recited the speak
er, the faithful may rmphiislxe a good
point by th pastor with "Amen." or
"Hallelujah!' Tills custom la not prac
ticed In th Presbyterian church. The
Methodist lady became very much In
terested In the sermon, nnd when the
pastor brought a truth out quite forci
bly, showed her Appreciation by an
"amen." Th good Prvshytartana naivd
at her In ajnaaement Uut th old lady
Wiia unconscious of the sharp glance
and again burat out with a fervent
"Hallelujah!" Then the other looked
upon her with hatred, finally th pas
tor, getting warmed up to hi subject,
drew a beautiful moral, and this time
the old lady was delighted beyond meaa
ure. A vigorous "Amen! Hallelujah!
Illesa the MrdT" waa th result, and
then two deacon went over 10 where
the lady waa sitting and carried her
bodily out of tho church.
While they were carrying Iter out the
lady shouted at short Intervals. "Oh. 1
cannot stanl th honor!" Hla-lng her
upon her feet, they asked her what she
meant. ai4 aha replied:
"Our good Ird rode Into Jennalem
on on donkey, and now two are carry
Ing me out of Ills house, oh, 1 tannot
atann in nonor:
"The ndhereota to th standards of tho
old parries ar like unto the old larlv
they ar helng carried away by two deti-
aeys. uin the eneakcr. Then ie told of
in mmocratlo and Renuhfl-aLn rari
There waa rll ao dlSeranew tearwven
them. While ties a wr In
power in ashlngton the peotde wouln
sufrer. and he warned thn witer not to
aurcumu to th tarfff dose I the Reul
llcans. Thtre waa but a dlfft-rrtre ot
nnc-fi.ur or on perr-it between (ke Wll
son and Mi-Klnley Mils, the ce was
as injurious aa th other. The IVmo
nieTa twk the tariff off apool thread and
put It on sktln thrend: ihe lt.-puhllciuis
iua tne iintr orr hooie-poles nrr.l nbic.-o
ft uKn hoti jioea. Not a Unv uf dlffer-
1 ne Hopie, coirnnued the spttkw. have
mnyeu wttn the old parties an long that 11 fifty veara bs-hlnd m mnases
m sint,-nianhti and tlfty year ahead
m Tnscnllty nre now In wer In Waah
tnaton. Just tVtnk 1f auch honest, up
tnirlit. enenretlce-apnltle nnd brilliant m. n
-i llolio Coxey nnd ie Ken.-ga.le Wea
ver running around the country when
they might or making IiiwsMn Washing
ton! Hut Tillman, hrlt, Klilning star.
ia mere, ana -wttn Htm a 'tttchfork. so
mutters an wot so twd a they might
be. Yet the floufh Canllhia freak H
almost alone, and this makes matter
tln less aatlstartnry.
Mr. Aovrrrrn told hla hxnn-ra that
their Uvea wvr being CTUHhe.1 out by
the despotic Uolngs of th millionaires.
They muat revolt. He itl not doubt
hut what th old fume patnotlim rf the
Hevoltitlonary mem was still In the
brensta of th American iteople, and be
anld he know this -spirit would soon be
come evhWit. He said !ota of hnnl
things nbout gold atuitliuM ndvocatea,
all of which was vorlferoiialy applauded.
The npplairae wtr.Hi! hav been much
more hearty hut for the fact thnt a re
'henrsal was going ton In tho hall below
and a ivqntvt was ma le that nthu
etlaats only clap thttr hnn'K
Jiinu-D R. ftoviTtiom w.ut n dlsappnlnt
men as a lecturer. While his nmnn.r
nre those of a geialtunan -and he use
lunKuage that Is nt vulgar, he cannot
speak. HI reatlensuily traits, legitimate
IniiauaKe and modemy give him a big
adviititiige ovrr the thnr Itupultsta who
go lOiout the country like -.wild Indiana
Hut Tdr. Sovereign la not iwMiat can be a good sp.nk.T-. 1n fuct. he Is not
its guar I a talker aa wao mlftkl expect to I ... 111. .aw n- Q n U. 1, . I
....u ... -...vj t.nno tvnn run. lit- t-lt'IIKS
nowiy, tun not I.-irticrat.ilx and fr'
4'icntly repents hla wsrd; nail at time
siaimtntKvd like a maa who Mens simply
reciting n incmorli -.1 tpeech prepartM
by eemeone elae for hhn. Neither Is he
of coninuimllng tppcarnncn. To look nt
htm one tvouI.1 iww think ho ruled the
Mrtrhts of Labor with 10 firm a hand
nnd in m -exc. ll. nl 3. manner. STho fact
that Mr. fltiverelKn Is a gneat laWor lend
cr vanlMit W denlnl, but he positively Is
not a speaker. His dlscotorse last even
lug was comiKised largely of Tunny sto
ries, which would insist opon "pupping
Into my hid, and these utles ervcd
grtsitly to 'kep the audience In good
After listening to such an oratorical
monstrosity aa Weaver, It wa a ideuaure
to hear Mr. Sovereign Uncus the name
subject, even It he cannot articulate.
The latter will meet with a much better
reception In Oregon than did the former,
lie any he la going to stay In Oregon
till he enrrlea the state for the Populists
so he probably win have committed hi
leech to memory by thnf time, and thus
a long suffering puNIc 111 eventually
bo relieved from the poorly -recited and
stereolyiH'd hnrangue he delivered lust
There were enough person present Inst
evening lo elect a candidate nt the coun
ty election In June thnt Is, enough sym
pathisers or Populists. Now wntch tho
ropttllst vote.
Did Xot Trove So Successful as Was
Anticipated Kheo the Idea
Was Conceived.
Ot Aboit tfrlKMHHI freMitcd to 9tdcot.
bit IVl.000 tits Beta Repaid
Claiaed to fk Deaorilitiag
01 Recipiuit.
Cle eland. May . -Since U7I the board
of education of the Methodist church ha
been loaning Indigent deserving rtudent
money with which to complete their
studies necessary to make them minister
or missionaries. The loan were for long
time and on easy payment. Two days
ago Rev. Charles Hayle, of New York,
corresponding secretary of the board,
presented a report on these loans for
the entire twenty years during which
they hav been given. This report show
ed that tWn.OOO had been presented to
the (tudents, and of that sum only t-V),-
M had been returned.
At a meeting of the conference com
mittee on education today this matter
came up lo the form of a motion for a
ub-conrmlttve to look up the apparently
extraordinary state of affair. General
Jume T. Huallng, of New Jersey, de
clared that the loan ayatem waa evi
dently turning Methodist divinity stu
dent into paupers, and that It Impaired
inrir usefulness and was a bad thing In
all wraya for th students.
Rnr. J. H. Clendonnlng, of Fort Smith,
Ark., said he could circely believe his
ane when the figure were placed be-for-
him. Th effect t this avstera on
atudent could not, he ald. be other than
disastrous. Men who would not pay thlr
oeoia, ne aectaren. were not nt for roln-
Inters. Dr. Hale, srho waa Informed of
th reception hi report met with, said:
The gentlemen are too hasty: they
do not know an fh fact. They should
rtad all of the report, which shows the
smau return of the loans. When the
Plan was irm put Into effect tho re
quirements were lax. No notes were
taken and the nwiry was generaltT con
sidered as a gtft In the cause f Christ.
N note -were required up to 1. Again,
some of those tided student have taken
charges where they can barely get a
living. Other of them hav riled. Tut
the Tmvm causa of the showing In the Te
non rs mere It the fact that the great
bunt or thl fMu.WO ha be-n loaneC o
recently that sufficient time ha -not
elnirsnl for Its repayment."
Huge PlllAra Completed by the Columbia
Iron Works.
The Columbia Iron Works, which Is
rapidly taking Ha place in tho front
ranks of Astoria's mannf -irtnrlnjr Insti
tutions, hna Just finished turnlnir out the
large Iron pillars for Kopp'a new brew
ery. The casting were the Inrgest ever
made In this city, nnd were finished on
n lathe the only one of Its kind here or
in Portland. Architect Sohacht was sim
ply delighted with '.ho manner In which
the work was executed, ani It is a.ife
lo predict that this eompinv will not be
behind In the proe.slon during Asto
ria's future growth. Messrs. Karle, Free
man and Lovell hnve good reason tn ha
proud of their success.
York. May . Purely Rratnclal
rvmlderutlrrn were the Important factors
In shaping Wall street sentiment Curing
the week. The withdrawal of IE.S3i.6d)) in
na from the treasury during the -week
and indtentlona that draft upon the
gevemment reserve would probably con
tinue, caused some apprehension which
trauld aetm to h nrj'nature, owlna; to
the fact that the- aaury holdings of
free gold at this time amaunt to 1119.-
XK.491. Kaperlenced banker contrail that
thl reserve will lie abundantly suffi
cient umil the balance of trad shall
snve ttnrned In favor of the TTnlted
States. It should be recalled that tha
efflux of gold at this sensoa of tho year
h normal and that gotd 1s rlmttlv for
warded In settlement of International
trade btfkuices.
New York. May . The Ftnanclr?ar:
Ytie atonement of the Associated Ptvnks
of New York for the week ending May
Is tn marked contrast with the one pre
ceding it. The change s due rruvhtly to
centmueti exports of gold, -which have
drawn from the banks a targe amomtt of
frmds which otherwise would haw been
counted hv excess of the reserve. A note-
hy expansion In loans vll ItM-VX)
wa also an appreciable factor In -thl
connection and wa one M the most fa
vornble features of the tatement. Indt
enrrng aa R does, a demand to a remt
ntint rrom mercantile sources. The
market for ' loans during the -week wa
on a steadier basis, destte fke irola
shlytmnta, .atnd the demarvl for commer
cial pn(er h wlthoit doirtjt Inerensing
and the business of the banks has taken
on a broadening character.
Anotker event, which has had a hearing
on the situation, has been the payment
or seven mlllhais into the sub-.ream-j- by
uie go-ernment depository banaxi, so
that uhogethxar the -reek's opennlon
prevented an accumulation mt Inferior
funis, wrilch are still moxlng heavily
in this oirectlon. and reducing the flp
Tnreni suriiius reserve.
Tlie present condition of the market Is
more normal than at this time last yeair
or tne year previous.
Th National League games were as
At Iulavllle floaton, 17: laMlsvlll I.
At Cleveland f'rooklyn 19; Cl-velanl .
At Plttburg-Wahlngt?n H; Puts
burg, t.
At St. Loul-Nw Tork IS: St. Iruls I
At Chicago Philadelphia 11: Chicago I
At Ctnclnnati-lialUmor t; Cincinnati t
The record of the league 1 as follow:
Philadelphia Won, 12; lost, i; played.
18: per cent, .721
Boston Won. 12; lost, t; played, 1
per cent, .
Pittsburg-Won, 11; lost, ; played, 17:
per cent, .Wl.
Cleveland-Won, 1 lost, 7; played. IK;
per cent, .13.
Chicago Won. 11; lost, J; played,
per ent, .SCO.
Cincinnati-Won, W; lot, t; played, 1J'
per cent. .655.
Daltlmore Won. Id; ot, I; played W
per cent, .US.
Wahlngton-Won, : lost, I; played, JJ;
per cent, .5).
Brooklyn Won, i: lost, 10: played, U;
per cent, 444.
St. Louis Won, 7; tost, 1J; played, IS;
per cent, .J69.
New York-Won, I: lost, U; pUytd, U;
per cent, .223.
Louisville Won. t; lost, 17; played. 1;
per cent. .106.
The Portland team beat the Seattle 11
to yesterday, and Tacotna got back at
Victoria by a core of I to i. The stand
ing of the North Pacific League Is:
Port land-Won, 1; lost, 1; played. I;
per cent.
Seattle-Woo, I; loaf, I; alayed. S: Der
cent. .(00.
Taco ma-Won. I; lost, 4: played. 7; per
cent, .43.
Victoria-Woo. J; lost. I; played, $; per
cent, .400.
Liverpool. May 1-Wheat, spot, steady;
demand, poor: No. I red winter, ' did;
No. 1 'California, S Sd.
Hops, unchanged.
New York. May .-Hops, quiet: Hate,
common to choice, 184 crop. Ir'c: 1S9
crop, 3Sc; Pacific coast, UM crop, ?4c;
US6 crop, 14Tc.
Portland. May I. Wheat, unchanged.
Enjoyable Affair, at Which
Stewart Won the Prise.
The "Silver Gray" contest given Friday
evening under the auspices of the W. C
T. V. was a very unique and enjoyable
affair. All the ladles connected with It
looked quite handsome with their white
kerchiefs, powdered hair and lac caps.
The. exercise were opened by a finely
rendered Instrumental solo by Mrs. Ran
nels: Mother Fox and Mr. Gerllng fol
lowed with a song. Mrs. Fox closing
with the stately and graceful "courtesy"
of "ye olden times," which brought down
the house. The quintette consisting of
Much Dissension la London Over the
Government's Attltode Toward
Chartered Com pa ay.
Tle Haa ralitier Talkiag for All laerica
Cerana Stwspiptr Waris tit Tto
pte Hoi to Coat to tk
talted State.
(Copyrighted. UM, by Associated Press.!
London, May 1-South African roubtea
ar the talk of the hour, and every other
subject seems to have almost disappeared
from popular attention. Th annouacse
ment of the secretary of stats for taw
colonic. Joseph Chamberlain, that ne)
committee of Inquiry Into tha affairs of
the British South African Csatpans
would be approved until After Jameson'
trial, which cannot be proceeded witlt
until Jun 11. and that Cecil Rhode, to
the meanwhile, I to be allowed to ra
tal a hi noaltlnn aa rn rtiritnlstritnr aa1
the company's territory and as director
ot that organisation, hava caused muck
disappointment among th mass of E
gtlahroen and others who hava na
rlenced a feeling of shame and humilia
tion at th recent development at Pretoria-
Chamberlain, It la weil known,
yielded to the pressor brought to bear
upon him 4y friends of th ccmpany
who are Influential socially and politi
cally, and It seems evident that th gov
ernment has decided to shield Cecal
Rhodes. Thus, looming darkly la th
distance, la a scandal that, may wreck
the ministry.
Influential weekly papers here, like th
Spectator, the Observer, and the Sunday
Review, protest sgalnst th Kovenunent'a
leaning toward the chartered company,
as the tatter's complicity tn th Jameson
raid had been established beyond a posst
btllty ot doubt. Th recent Interview aa
American politic of th Chronlci artts.
Joseph Pulitzer, proprietor of the Kew
York World, has attracted much atten
tion. The St James rjaxett says:
"The owner of the largest and most
powerful newspaper In America think
President Cleveland' mea-sage to simply
a party dodge. We do not nnd this
consoling, for It means that th gravest
Madams Gray. Lelnenweber. Parker and
Mr. Wyatt and Judge Gray, delighted ! Uwues of peace or war are at the mercy
or any unscrupulous demagogue anxl-wa
tha audience, with ,..!- I
of th old favorite. "The Old Oaken
Bucket," and also "The Inebriate's La
ment." -Tommy Don't On" waa also
roost effectively sung In character by
Mrs. Raimel and Judge Gray. The con
testants, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Wright. Mrs.
Kronqutst. Mrs. Qerdins; and Mrs. Btt-n,
did exceedingly well considering this was
their "first appearance in public." Mrs.
Stewart won the-prlxe. a handsome book,
"Literary works of Mrs. Mary T. La
throp." But the decided hit of tke even
ing was "The Annals of Flshertown." by
Samantha Alien. It wa brimful of sharp
thrusts and humorous hits on 3olng in
Astoria, particularly Samantha's applica
tion f "The X Ray" to the back cont
ram of offire seekers and legislators "to
dtscwrer a backbone." Altogether the
ladles of the W. C. T. V. have reason to
congratulate themselves on the success
ful exttartsinment -given.
A prominent lawyer of this city has
Just received a letter from James M.
Rice, and attoriney In Peoria. HI., in
rex-vd to the settlement an tstate.
ooeaa- 01 one heir are residents of Asto
ria, and xaence ttn correspKulence. The
Pe-wta hrevyor acyi: "In regard to the
for votes."
Th Globe remarks: "Political econ
omists throughout the world will watch
with Interest McKlnley and the political
campaign. The Isolation of Great Britain
through her fret trade policy Is becom
ing; dally more complete."
(Copyrtghted, 1W. by Associated Press.)
Berlin, May , The Rel :hsaiuelger to
day publishes a long article warning Ger
mans against emigrating to the United
States and giving extracts from the an
nual report of the German society of
New York referring to the Increase ot
tho -number of emigrants from Italy,
Russia. Poland, Ireland and Austria,
with whom, the report adds, the edu
cated German mechanics cannot com
pete because they are used to a higher
standard of living.
In addition, German Immigrants with
capital are cautioned against Investing
In land, the title to which. It la .ih 1.
often fraudulent or doubtful, or where
in conotitons make investment unproflt-
Clerks, teachers, officers, scientists and
female teachers especially are advised
1 not to go to America, no "natter how
unoesiraDte xm condition at their homes-
new Immigrant law DroDoa.1 win r.n
Improve affairs.
rJliSn,m' "V" ,ne Relchsanxe also say. thai ta.
ha. opphed to every loan company in 1 new Immigrant law nronoall win
i-wsna, traertng wcurlty many times the
ahs u" the loan desired, but ao far
he has own unable to ecure the accom
modation. 1'eorile here ire ulrh.ln.iai..
their money from the banks on account !
A ,4- . . .
Serai Their Delegates to St. Louis In.
tructed tor a Sliver Candidate.
Virginia City. Nev.. May . The Re
publican state convention met today. Stx
delegates to represent the state at the
National Republican convention were
chosen. The resolutions passed contnhv
ea a declaration for the free and unlim
ited coinage, of silver at the ratio of K
to 1; and favored the election of Ne
vndans who mnke their homes In this
state to the office of United States con
gressman nnd senator. A resolution wn
embodied opposing the funding bill. The
national delegates were pledgex only lo
use nit nonorntue means to nom nate an
advocate of sliver at the St. Lewis con-ventlon.
How the Team Played Yesterday and
me Kespective Standings.
Yesterday wns nn off day for home
teams. Friday Chicago bested Phllai -1-phla
by a score of 5 to 5. Yesterday
the Quakers retaliated and won from iy,.-.
Suckers by a score of 11 to 1. strange as
U may appear, Washington mad 14
runs Ij Pittsburg's 9. Boston nnioinv.i
Louisville and New York beat St. Louis.
There's more clothing destroyed by nnc
soap thnn by actual wear. "Hoe Cake"
soap contains no free alkali and will not
injure me nnesi race. Try it and notice
the difference in auulltv. -Ros iti,-i.
of ihe nther arase. to such an extent Four Men Killed at a Fire at Ashland,
that tho hanks nnd It difficult to keep Wisconsin. .
up their ttsserve fund. Any one borrow-
ing money now fens to pay the blghost Ahland. Wis.. May 9. Half a million
rate of inn-rest allowed by law on con- j dollars' worth of milling property and
tracts rn Hllnols. -vlx., setren per cent, j '"mber went up In the flames this nfter
and must an rue ts pay in United States noon. The Shores Lumber Company's
goia coin or the present standard of val- the largest on Chequamagon bay,
ue and fineness."
Is A amniililln. nil. .a a.h .1,1.
'- .. .unciiin Willi QVV-
i eral thousand feet of lumber docks, loob
I which was piled 19.0tW.ou) feet of lumber.
i he nre started In V. R. Durf ee's lum
ber dock. The ttre is still burning fiercely.
t-ai XT' .VJTvTT . D"t has been checked somewhat. Four
iitlunilnnt j . , , " t ttU( lit, III IIIO 111 C. 1 1113 H UprUJL imtiEO lOSfl
.Utendant and swept his eyes over the n the mlliina- nronerrv i ,io,.u.
"Feiiow-eiiia.,r, " h. -i. ' r1"7" on me lumDer, 2a.ia.
wi lth7iV,TmlJr VT The boule8 ot tnree men nave already
4'7hanilouortPrrT1ofiery1our !.,n reCVered' "n0,her ma ml-
esteem, coming as It does unsought and I
unrxpected." i
Puuslng a moment while the audience i WESLEY SCOTT DROWNED.
pulVd out the legs of an Armenian who I . ,
had Inadvertently strayed oft the leser-! Known Engineer Fell Overboard
vatlon, the sultan resumed; ort the cean Wave.
"I asad In your flaalUng eyes and wide. , . ' .
ooen countenances . aa ,i.i r-ortiann. May . wasley ScotL the
stand by the faith of your ancestors. I 1 'knnwn fneineer. fell overboard
The powers, I am told, would depoae me i rom 8tftmer cean Wav early this
aa your ruler. But would that answer'' I m'n'n, Hnd VAB drowned. No one saw
uiu acciuriu, nui snoriiy auer it occurred
his hat was found floating on the water.
A search was mado for hi body and It
was found late this afternoon. He was
a nephew of Cupt U. B. Scott -and well
known on the Columbia and Wiliametta
rivers. ..
Would you have any other master bel
fore me"
And In one Impassioned roar, wtth
unanimity that was marvelous, burst
from ten thousand throats th cry:
Never bar Allah.
With a Turkish rua- on hi. .hnM .
Abdul Hamld (turned to the reporters.
Xet that be your anstveer" ,.u
trldlng haughtily away.
Ithaca, N. Y.. May 9.-The third Inter
collegiate championship game between
What with Senator Tlllnv.n i..Hn l'0ne,l " he University of ?ennsyl-
the West on "Tke Mistakes of Grover IJtZ T ia L tnl venIn8 on the
Cleveland," and th genial Colonel Inger- f g i he ZfM wa8 a v,ctoT
sol enlightening the East .to "rheTll, ! f" PwaThlnla,.ihUgh Corne"' ho"-
Hon. .ed VZfitfJftSZ I ousedVa
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
I X'N.-i' fa 'ftJfc4 F !
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