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J Ftrwail for Wiihinlo mil Oiruni
Oai sully Mr Mlhr J
2 clfxwlatlooi th I
tie, i4 thi lir.
ASTORIA hit Hit tart LOCAL i
final I I rCUCD.I .1 '
rfMl TOTAL clnul.lln. F
MA ino
i II I lll.ll I ill 11 I' I run itrrurn no rmwiuii irid f'lnum Mm f linn Aitn..i... l . , ,
Of the Fine Lines of Men's and Boy's Cloth
ing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas, Blankets,
Quilts, etc., at factory prices for cash, a
one price to all alike.
For the One-Price
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
In Office Supplies?
A New Lot of
Playing Cards
Just Received
...City Hook Store
ScmtHry Jensen Ktpluln a Mlsun
(IcrsUmlinj) ih to Men u
Siggoiiuii to Hatcberic ti HttMt
ill rMilagnai. IV i Toig HiUt
imt fcrtlacit Rcntrkto
Ike Mlnaliu.
Boat Stores... Everything
In the Fisherman'A Supply Line
Triinlcc for M. C. CKOHIIY
Suits to Order-
Material Furnlstitd
...Duck HtillH...
Prom $2,()() Upwnrtl
...Wool HultM...
From ffi to $50
Milk HultM, 20 Upwnrcl
Alta 5pll Sal on LADIliS'
tlut anil
I NDLRWEAR. Call and u
S. FKUGMAN, lata of I'm man A Hulmri.
K. T. EAHLU, late ol Stockton, Cat.
Foundrymen, Blacksmiths, Machinists and Boiler Makers
Manufacturing and Repairing of all Kind
of Machinery.
Iron and Brass Castings. General Blacksmith Work
In rornmrnllna- upon tin mpjrla mado
In tho iiuH-ni rmlrnlny, and purllrularly
Uun lha anrimnt In tha Aalurlun, Boo
rnluiy Jrn-n, of Uw Pluhrrnwn'a I'nlon.
atl Hint tlia KulPinnit that tha flfl)
rrinrn h'nl muds any kind of praioii.
ilun lo nmimmiM on four conta, m
nilMlulrmonl, nilaundrrntajidlnf, and
dlmlly ronlrury to I ho KMlilon of thr
nv-n. Cummin did call upon tha ran
mrymi-n, tint In ubrnllt!n their prop-
iinlilim lo return tarlnn and net. Mr.
n.Mii itya thry did not Inland to
convry tha Mr thnt thoy would bo aril
line to nh for four rem after tha other
men had dropprd out. "There nr men
hut. If hey ran the pay for their
nettlnf. will no out of tha nnhln hml
lir, and leava a lelti-r ehan' for lha
mhera to mnke aomethlnar tha talanr
tha ae.ion. Hut even now, at Ave
rinl. with hu If tha men worklnjr. they
rould hanlly n.nke w;icea. The men rati
d to e ilm ranneiymen Thurwlny to
mrn what they would he wlllln lo do.
rheew were the aiih-nnranlaullona of aarh
annery. They had held meetlna-a of
heir own, and were aniliiua to find out
If the raniH-rynien would he wllllna to
iiko hark lha nel and pay Ihe men for
their Inhor In knltllne them. The pnre
fur year paat for knltilnr common Kill
net, ha been one-half cent ner menh.
They did not maka any proposition to
h at four rent. The lata aprlna;
III mnke a ahnrt park In Alaxka
ell a on the Columbia river. rlre
now aet for 1(4 at five tvnta, and It
III be that ur nothln. The three lmt
ear have leen comparallvrly rood on
he t'ntumlila river, and no we can
look for an off yenr.
nil genera! principle It would eem
at the qunnlliy of nh In the river la
en.llly decrraalnr. anI I do not think
hat Ihe hiilrherlea will matrrtnlly heln
the alluatlon unleaa different methcel
are mir,ieM.. Not until It t umnwl
hi away wllh email meah enr. whe-l
nd Irnpa. ran Ihero tie eineetp,) an
rolcilDn to Columbia river Bh. In d-
lllliin to lhl rople In the Kant and fnr-
rlirnrr mum be rduraliM concemln Ihe
llllT. renre between flue Columbl.1 river
Chinook and Hie lower ura le of nh
pin-kit! on I'uicet Bound and In Hrtllnh
Columbia. We believe that matter can
he o nninxed that the rnnnerymen can
pay live eonl ami we are t.ndlnf on
thnt proponitliiti.'
A irroup of (enllemrn were yeatenlay
nflernoon dlncumiln; the alluatlon and
amonif thi m win Mr. IlenJ. Youn. That
gentleman aald: "I am a tnekholder
In n Inri paeklnit company In Alueka.
Hlnre the Colurnbl.i strike hna been on.
the atock of our company ha Rone tip
ien point, i am biIvihc.1 that they ex
peci 10 puck wm.ono cnae. and thnt It
wm cot mem only fifty cent a cnae to
put up the rood. I rnlly do not e
how the Columbia river pneker can
meet aueh comprtltlnn and pay five cent
I" iioumt for flh. Hunlnc In the
city la nlmoat fifty wr eenl lea than It
nhbulil lie nt thin aeaaon of ttie year, on
account of the trlke, and while the
romllllon of affair help Alaaku and
lirltlah Columbia pucker, yet peraonnlly.
aa a realdrnt of Aitorln. I have for
wifk been very annlou to ee a ei
tlement hrouitht aliout. I live In fpper-
inan, ami mnny nnhcmien paaa my
houne eviry day. I hive cnIIihI many of
tnem in and have talked mutter over
with them. During the pnt we.'k or
ten day I got the aame lda from mnnv
of the men a were preaented In thl
mornlns'i Aatorlan: nnd I think; that
eomo auoh nrranirement would I a kwhI
one. If preaent condlllnoa continue and
the Columbia river nncker nrw com.
nelleil lo met the tremendous competi
tion of Aliinkn nnd lirltlah Col tmbl.i enn
iierl", where Intmr la ao ch?.ip, there will
never niraln to pnld rive cent per pound
for llnh on the Columbia. riNer,"
full liefor he rch"d Ihe r'latnop Mill
at which placa be took a mm hie that lout
him the race. Here h broke lha front
rim of til wheel and waa compelled to
cut tha alv to prevent the tiro from
rtplodlmr. He w wheellea. t,iit bor
rowed an lc wniron from a ympathetlo
bydunder and flnlahid tha race.
Hryra got homa at l.ti.V and Hovey at
7 J7;0J. Th former' lime waa I mln
uiea, T aecond, and tha latter" It mln
uiea J5 eeconda. Th other rider did
not flrilah till aeveral minute afterward
and even then could not reach Ihe final
becauae of the crowd on tha trick.
Hovey" handicap of X aecond gav
flrvre lha nr. tiv u . n.l.
mer would undoulKedly have won wit for ',,( IKON AM) STEEL DEMAND
nie nnioriunaie afeiiirnta. Iloih i-e
and Hovey put up fine runa. tha former
firovlnjr hlmull u a ii . , , .,
vey'a grit In aurvlWng hi repeated fall Stocl i Sal rnqciaCO Took II I' p.
iiu -noving me ic wagon home I verv
commendable. Km.ill' rihlhlilon waa
not up to eiiwtatlon. iU la null, an
Xo Disturbnnce Over the Heavy Gold
Nhlpments Troves Our Finan
cial Soundness.
athlete, and wheelman looked for a good
howlmr for him. Hut ha proh-ihly la.
rnme dlguled with Ihe comlninn ,
Ihe track and took hi time. Ring ur
prlne.1 everyone. n Wii thought he
would never finlh, but he "lived the
rati out and came home alih Hmall.
KxcpMng the eoviltlon of the track,
the only dlagreable feature 'waa the
pcrliency of the crowd In blocking tha
home elretch Men who should have
better aenae acted like wild Indiana and
awarmed on the track near the Anal
cratch. Hryc got through all right,
but Hovey had to find hi way, while
Hmall and Ring could not fore an en
trance. The gentlemen having the ar
rangement of the raca In charge ahnuld
treteh rope, along th homa atretrh or
tatlon men every two or threo ynrd
wirming aenp inna prraon who al
low their enthualaam to et it..
of what Utile ena they might po.-,
off the rourne.
The aecond ra- oceura Win....
evening at T o'clock- hrp. Rider
nhould be on hund promptly that hour
the committeemen aert rolttvrly
that they will not delay the race fne
Tom llryce ha five nolnl ta hi. ji.
and 8ovey three. '
I'eraon who had not entered th. a-.i
race may enter the other Thoae dealr
bur to run ahould aimiv m o....
Clunn. of th A. K. C. at the Occident.
ward Jloventit. The nectdtd.
Driiyiig Rail to Tkrec
New York, May I -R. J. Dun I Com
pany' We kly Review of Trade, which
lue tomorrow, will ay;
Tht the export of .o.H) gold thl.
week have produced no monetatry dla-
luroance i at once proof of the ound
ne of financial condition wl of the
prevailing confidence In better thing to
come. Much of tha hesitation at present
I due to the temporarily reduced de
mand in all Industrie, and In Iron and
teel the power of the new combination
l twin teated by a refusal of order.
o that the production exceed the con
sumption: but tha consumption exceed
Ihe new buying. The r-ncral lrrugijlnrltr
o price and the ilarkneaa of the de
mand for flnlahed product does not pre
vent the marking up of prices by com
bination, but are largely dua to th
doubt where uch prices p fixed If
they can be maintained. Traders in
wheat have lifted prices a little, and yet
nobody question thr correctne of
Western report Indicating more than an
ordinary yield of winter wheat and un
uaual progre In the planting of spring.
8ovcy Fell Three Tlme, Drokc HlaWherl
and r Inlnhcd a Good Second.
N 1'FOAI.TinS Welch Patent Wheel. Ship
. Smlthlnir and Steamboat Work, Cannery anJ
lMlll Machinery. Marin anJ Stationary Boll
art Built to Ordar.
tlTSpeclally equipped for LogRers' Work. ' Located on 18th and Franklin (Scow
Bay Foundry).' Phone 78. Correspondence solicited.
A. F. C.
Box office open
at N. Y. Novolty
Btore, on Mon
day, 11th lnat.
Presenting the Grand Military Drama
'At the Picket Line
Get your tickets
Any member
of the Club.
Admission, BOo
To all porta of the house.
Seats Reserved
without extra c barge.
At last the first run of thnt much.
tulkitl-of bicycle rond nice hfi taken
place. The nun shone brightly nil dnv
yesterday, nnd the hope of the wheel
men wore IiIkIi : "hornlike," Riild they,
"Ihe rond will he dry nnd wo will hnve
nice race." They were doomed to dla-
appointment, however, for shortly before
o clock the rain bennn to dron. ni.
though not In large nuuntllle. Durlmr
tho course of the run no ruin fell, but
the rond wn Just wet rnough to make
fnst riding dangerous.
Duane street wa crowded with a surg
ing mass of humanity; persons whom the
street urchin calls rubborncckcrs." La
dles were out In full force, and manl
feslod qullo as much Interest as did the
gentlemen. It was general ly thought
thnt the race would be between CeJTl
Hovey and Tom llryce. with the former
tho favorite. Hovey had a handicap of
.Tii seconds over llryce, which mean
snout HK) ysrds. For once neon I nro.
Phcslod correctly, although Sovey did not
There were but four starters whn the
gun went off-Sovey, Hryce, Small and
Ring. Hryce was scratch, Povey hud
30 seconds handicap, Ring had 30, nnd
Small 10, The others who had entered
fnlled to matorlullse at the proper mo
ment nnd were not wnlted for. The start
wn mono nt 7:07:). The four contest
ants stayed well together on the road up,
Sovey being the only one to neet wllh
an accident. Near Columbia Engine
Houko he became mixed up with a street
car track and was thrown, tlryce was
setting the pace, n he was the only
scratch man. and Sovey had hut to
"hang uplo" him. This fnll lost the lat
ter ten seconds, during Which limn TIptT.
had Increased his lead about 200 yards.
Hy hard riding Sovoy closed un the nn
and the riders turned the upper pont as
, VYf?'1S ,flat! 8ovcy- T:1S:M: Small.
7:15:10; Ring, 7:15:11
During the run home the hlkee h....
to string out, Hover and Rn h..i..
well In the lend. But Boey's troubles
were not at am end. He had two mora
The New York leslalat
passed a law comnelllrur rnllen.t. .
carry bicycles free of charge. Why not
pasa a mw that paaaengers hall ride
free and have done with It? This Is a
part of the socialism bv which rr-..
sk th government to pay the freight
of their export product to foreign port,
which gave the Interstate
commission power to regulate ratten..
tariff and which created the bill now
before the New York leellature restrict
Ing the romblnntlon.ot productive enter
prise under tha flew of vreventlng
"corner." All thl onlr shoar. .hu
Inngerou legislation I nosalhle i.n.l.. .
il-mi rri.ey when the voter . n.
of et'onomlc and political science. Thl
ucycie law la slmpuly a hid for the
ote of bicycle lider ai ihe
of Ihe rallronds. It I a reflit-tion unon
he goo.1 sense and public Intecrtiv nt
the political party re)Knslhe for It.
If a bicyclist should save hi wheel
carried free, why ehould not an em,...
Irian have hi hore carried free when
he wants to go by rail? The popular
assumption that railroads and large cor
porations should constantly he made the
victims of attack by legislation shows a
state of economic vlclousness. This
kind of legislation Is being constantly
Introduced Into state legislatures as a
menna or compelling corporations to pay
blackmail to HIHIcal lobbyists and cheap
legislator. The public sentiment which
has made this possible Is but the natural
fruit of the educational campaign to
men ine American neonle hv. Ku.
New Tork, May t-Pridatreefa tomor
row will say:
The relatively unfavorable feature of
the general business situation this week
Includes the unfavorable cool weather,
which at some centers has checked trade;
the falling off In the demand for lumber
at St. Louts and Mirmeapoll and the
continued dullness In Iron and steel,
where, although mill and furnaces are
fairly active, there Is a continued ab
sent of new orders. Chlcaco Jobbers
report business In light, aeasonoble fab
brlcs as the only fairly satisfactory
transaction In clothing smaller than a
year sgo. and the leather market weaker
owing to the lack of demand, but the
light hardware relatively the more active.
The favorable side of the picture ln
e4e)c a mark! Increase In the total
volume or Dank clearings, a longer list
of staples for which quota'lons have
advanced, almost uniform and unexpect
eiiy improved prospects for c.Treal and
cotton crop, and the reflection of
business In the Improved demand through
more confident r?eilng as to the autumn
out the territory supplied by St. Louis
naniuts nty. umaha. St. Paul. Mln no
li poll a, Milwaukee. Duluth and Sioux
i nr.
There were 2S7 business failures report'
eu throughout the I'nlted States this
weeg a compared with td last week:
224 in the week one year ago. 1M In the
nmi woe ot May. ism, and as compared
with Jl In the corresponding week of
inere were S8 business failures re
ported from Canada this week, against
K lost week, !7 in the week one year
ao and 90 two years ago.
Ac s against public sentiment and the
recommenaaiions or two hoard of army
..i,.... ..mi, v( imuornia, or m
mentml on the extraordinary condition
by which the commerce committee of
the senate waa forcing an appropriation
on the state acatnst the wishes of It
wnaiurs, representatives and people.
Nephew of Henry Villard Commits Bui
ewe in Hpokane, Wn.
Bpokane. May l-A. M. 8. Hllgard.
nepnew or Henry Villard, and a rising
anorner OI Bpoxane. la believed l
uav commitiea sulrld at t o'clock thl
morning, tie hsd been duwlpating, and
had been beard to discus wlf-detruo-
uon. ne leic nis room about midnight,
taking a loaded revolver with him Wh
his roommate detected his absence he
reported the fact to police headquarter.
At daybreak Hllgard's hat was foils
wn ine rosi ureet hrl.lge Jut above the
main isiia or ine Hpokaoe Klver. An In.
iiecuun or ine onnge Indicated th..
Hllnard had climbed over tha ratlin
and. hanging on with one hand, sent a
bullet through hi brain, Hllgard, who
was a social favorite, waa attorney for
the Oregon Mortgage Co., and other
large concerns, and hy many waa thought
w oan nnu ine lairest prosnects of ur
i" " at ine par. i-noe Who knew
blm more Intimately, however
that he was given to periods of dlsalua-
J-oruand AuthorlUes Apprehend a Man
names. Here ror Adultery.
Special to the Astoria n.
Portland. Mar 4.-T. T. FrMh.
Astoria, was arrested by DetecUvs Cody
In this city today on a telegram from As
toria aaylng that Freshett la wanted
there to defend a charge of adultery. The
prisoner denies that he la milt r h.
charge, and claims he came to Portland
for the purpose of securing witnesses
necessary to his defense.
Kreshett has been in Portland foe
cral days "looking for witnesses," and
his case In the justice's court baa been
postponed twice. Judge Abercromhl haw
came tired of waiting for him. and sent
thertff Hare to Portland to bring Fresh
elt back. He will be tried Mondsv 1
8m n Francisco, May H Then, u
treated during the last decade by free m ,n ,he n'nlng stock market today,
trade doctrinaires and socialist propa- " wa" 'aul to at ,wl9t three brokers,
gnndlsts. It was largely a campaign of Z " f,"u,', Kfn announced nt noon.
Industrial blackguardim for the ole Ih bmkm are In difficulty are
purpose of discrediting a tnrlrT policy J"narle p Harris, E. L. AUlnson. and
thinking thnt Ignorant nntogonlsm would .HMry L- Fox- Th various amounts
be Inflamed more easllv hv m.i..,i. ,n which the llrms have failed la un.
known, but It will require six figures to
uci-iKiuite ine loial.
The flurry In the stock market was
caused several dnys ago by the I) ml Ing
of a good streak of gold ore In the
Ilrunswlck lode, which parallels the Corn
stock. The Brunswick lode la n.n.ul H.
crippling the Industrial enterprise of the "L" plnH'u, Comstock companies and
pointing to successful bus!
large ronwratlona as plunderers of the
poor. The consequence Is, the nation
Is saturated with seml-soclallst senti
ment which Is bearing fruit In a crop
of dangerous soclullstlo leirUtniir..
which. If continued, will succee.1 in
nituun. rrom (.(union's Miuraxtne iv v
for May. '
Came Pretty Nearly Killing
fleer Seafeldt.
ollce Of-
About l:f0 this mornnlg a miv in.ii-
vldunl and a gun at the corner of Rlvit.
and Bond streets, on tho Bowery de
traeled a great deal of attention. Evl.
lently tke fellow wn shoiin.
hear thme noise, but nut in nu-hi n
law abiding cltlxen In the nelKhborhooil
Police Officer Seafeldt heard the .....t.
nn.1. gun In haml. ran around the corner'
When tho shooter saw the officer he
threw his gun to the ground, which,
sinking, exploded, the ball whistling past
th officer's ear and lodirlmr In the h lin
ing. The man was promptly lalled.
When some of the native priests saw
photograph of Kmneror nf
Aoyssinia tney upbraided him for allow
ing a Ktiroican to reproduce his features
Dy means or an instrument Invented by
the devil. "Idiots," replied Menelek, "on
me contrary, it Is God who has created
the materials which make the work pos
sible. Don't tell me such nonsense
again or I'll have you beheaded." He
Is a great admirer of the French. After
ine r ranco-uermnn war he asked a mis
sionary ir nc might not contrihute a sum
or money toward paying off the Indem
nity. ami when Carnot was killed he
sent a wreath to be placed upon the
the result was a steady rise in rnnei.
stock. Only a few days ago Chollar
stock begged buyers nt JO cents. The
neea 01 me uruswlck discovery boomed
this stock until yesterday, when It reach
ed 3. while today its bids receded
to lis. All the Comstork companies felt
the boom, and after the market went
up short sellers like Harris and Atkinson
found themrelves unable to buy and were
practically shut out.
Consolidated Virginia on May 1 was
ouoted ut 165 and at the close of ihe
market yesterday It was R.S. Today
stock reached to 3 nnd closed at t ' S5.
Short sellers who were forced to buy and
sell from flay to day it the market prices
could not stand the upward tendency and
smashes were Inevitable.
The supreme court decision today In
the Hale & Norcross case. -ei-eiMing' the
decision of Judge Hobard, caused a slight
flurry In the slock of that company. The
price dropped from $1.19 to $1.23
Fred Gilbert, of Spirit Lake, Iowa, Wins
uio American cnamptonshlp.
New York. Mar S. Tha ahonilna- vm.
ney which begun at Gntteabura: w
completed today. The principal feature
waa the champlonshlD contest. ahM
was Introduced for the purpose of de
termining who waa entltlml to the kn...
of being the c ham Ion target shot of
America, and alter an exciting ami well
contested series of twelve event. h.
title and sriver eon were rem hv v
Gilbert, of Bplrit Ijtke. Ioara. while Ful
ford. of Itlca, and Elliott of Kansas
City, tied for second place. Gilbert
broke a out of J0 targets.
Bon Francisco. May g. -Commander and
Mr. Booth-Tucker left this city tonight
and are now on their wav north r
num. as tner stood in tha vol, In.
f the ferry building at the foot of Mar-
aireei iney jointly composed a fare
well address to th Salvationists of ,k.
the Pacific Coast and to their friends.
Crew of the Amerltaa Schooner Com
petitor on Trial fay Court
Hi !Uae It Jokl Miltos. Tkmaat to He .
Satire of KiiMt-Sciooicr Had a
Lirg Quitit of Vir
Boston Transcript
First Lady Do you see that man over
merer well. 1 want to tell you about
nun. no a a most insulting creature.
I got Into the electrio the other day,
and he gave me his seat After I had
oeen seated, perhaps a mile or so, he
comes up to me and. says he, "If you
are rested, marm, I think I'll take my
Second Lndy-Mercy! What did you
first Lndy-Say? I said nothing
I gave him such a look!
Becond Lady And served him
The presumption of the monster!
There's more clothing destroyed bv none
soap than by actual wear. "Hoe ct."
soap contains no free alkali and will not
Injure the finest lace. Try It and notice
the difference In quality. Ross, Hlcglns
House Appropriates for Its Members
nivcr ana Harbor Hill Completed.
Washington, May S.-The members of
the house today voted themselves $1W
ier monin tor cierk hire during the re
cess or congress. Under a resolution
passed by the Fifty-second congress, the
members of subsequent congresses re-
eivcu iuu per month ror clerk hire dur
ing the sessions. Today the proposition
to extend this allowance to members dur
ing the recesses of congress came up In
the form of the Hnrtman resolution, ad
versely reported from the committee on
nccounty. It occasioned some very sharp
It had the support of Cannon, chairman
of the appropriations committee, but was
opposed by Dlngley, the floor leader of
the majority. Aldrlch said It would In
volve an additional expenditure of I2l6,d00
per annum. The resolution was amended
so as to except members who are chair
men of committees having annual clerks,
and as amended was passed 130 to 108.
An analysis of the vote shows that lit
Republicans, 15 Democrats and 1 Hiiv.-i.
voted for It. nnd 53 Reouhllcans M !-...,-
crats and 1 Populist voted against It.
Washington. Mnv The ri. ...
hnrhor bill was completed in the senate
today wllh the exception of an Item for
a deep sea harbor on the Ronth.rn ci
Ifornla coast. This has nmn.i
opposition, tho two California senators
opposing the proposed contract appro
priation of W,098,0n0 for a harbor at Santa
Monica Boy on the ground that if i.
a project fostered by the Southern Pact-
Elisabeth Lyle Saxon of New Orleans.
The legal and civil disabilities of wora.
an are a violation of human h -ht.
odious abuse of power on the part of
the strong,' with the cruel ailvn nni
out In the action "mlsht makes right"
n oman is today ready for civil liberty,
by the progress she has made, and by
the duties that have been thrust upon
her by changed conditions, which com.
pel her to labor outalde of domestic life
for her own, and her children's support.
Women are Just as capable of Judging
and determining the use of Ju and
equitable laws as men are. and have a
strong love of country, and as exalted
ana pure patriotism as men have.
Woman has from the long centuries ot
Inability to earn for herself, been eom.
pelled to economise the money grudging-
u uuieu. ur ireeiy given, and she will
carry into the national household her
spirit of economy and order, her love of
detail, and hate of waste and foolish ex
pense, will reform government, and sup-
.iit3o murvum ana accumulation of of
fices, will produce much from little In
stead of like men, producing little from
much: and the poor tax-payer will not
find fault with the change.
The negro always feels that his chance
for securing Justice Is Increased by hav
ing one of his own race on the Jury It
tried for crime, or suspicion of crime,
yet woman Is made amenable to lows,
nnd tried, even punished by death, un
der laws to which her consent has never
been asked or given: It Is declared "men
shall ba tried by a Jury of their peers"
she is tried by a Jury of masters by
right of both sex and law: deprived of
the ballot she has no means of protec
tion against legal or Judicial injustice
Possessed of the voting power they will
stand before the law equal with men,
and will be able to not only redress their
own wrongs, but to vote for purer men
if women go to the polls, the better class
of men will go-those who aro now con
spicuous by their absence, and have by
their neglect turned municlDal r-o.-.m.
ments over to a class of men with whom
nicy wouiu not entrust a purae for ten
Under such conditions every evil has
been fostered, that will drag down and
ruin the youth of the land, for sons
roilow the father's example, oftener than
the mother's counsel when they pass
from under their control.
English municipalities are better gov
erned than those of America; there
W,0m,enJote' anJ the baliot symbol
of dignity, as well as of liberty, and It
alone can give real cltlsenshlp.
Mrs Henpeck-I called on young Mr.
and Mrs. Newed today. Now. I think It
nice to see a couple happily married and
settled down.
thVnk'T-o lft;,nIy)-ye, I should
think It would be.
(Copyrighted, 1KW. by Associated Press.)
Havana, May l-Th trial by court
martial of the men captured on board
the American schooner Competitor, of
Key West Fla.. by the BpanUk gunboat
Mcnsajera on April 23, began la tha court
of Justice at the navy yard hers today.
Before beginning their work the mm
btrs of th court assembled la the chapel
of the navy yard and reverently wltnoss
ed th celebration of mass, going these)
directly to the court of Justice, when)
many other officers bad assembled. A
guard of picked marine Infantry soldiers
then brought In the prisoners.
The first to enter the court room wsa
Alfredo Laborde, who Is classed as a
leader of the filibustering expedition. Af.
ter Laborde came Dr. Ellas Bedla. anal
a man named John Mlltoa. said to be m
native of Kansas: William Olldea. aauA
to be British subject and Teodoro hed
Mala, described aa fishermen, and classed)
a witnesses. The prosecutor dmimI
th proceedings by describing In detail
th capture of the Competitor. He said
that Lieutenant Butron, In command of
the gunboat Mensajers, was notified trr
some fishermen on April 8 that a saugaV
clou looking schooner, apparently a pilot
boat was oft Beracos. The Menaajera,
waa headed for that part of tha roost
and when within balling distance of tho
schooner called upon her to show her
colors. The schooner did not do so, asat
the men on board her Jumped overboard
and mm for the shore. Two of tha
lattr were seen to go down, and other
may have been drowned.
In addition two more of the ao-calloJ
filibusters were killed br the rifle nro
of the crew of the gunboat while trying
to reach shore. The filibusters who were)
already on land, continued the prose
cutor, opened hro on the gunboat, ho
dfcl not succeed tn hitting anybody. Tbw '
sohooner was then seised.
Lieutenant Butron said he found m
board the captured schooner a number
of documents. Inscribed and classified or
ders from Colonel Munson. an Insurgent
offlcer: recommendation from Estrada,
an Insurgent chief, to Callaao. another
insurgent leader: proclamations signed
by Laborde: lists of the members of the
expedition and of the war material on
board, and permit for the Competitor
to be used as a "lifeboat."
Lieutenant Butron also said that that
war material captured consisted of 9
Remington rifles, ) carbines, X pounds
of dynamite, and tjO.OOO cartridges.
San Diego. May (.-Charles N. WyBe.
a young man who Is wanted in Union
county. O. gon. tor forgery, waa ar
rested In this city tonight. The nolle.
here were not notified from Oregon)
"' "isi " eaneenay to De on the look
out for Wylle, and they soon located
him at a hotel where he was reglstred
as C. B. Wilson, of Chicago. His arrest
was deferred Rending the arrival of the
papers, but tcday It was learned that
he had bought a ticket for Arizona, so
on the strength of the copy of the Ore
gon complaint forwarded by telegraph, a
new complaint was sworn out and he
was taken Into custodv. He la accused
of forging- a warrant for JS0 against
School District No. 8, Union county. Or
Chicago. May 8. Chairman Harrlty, ot .
the Democratic national committee, with
S. P. Hern, of Indiana: Judge 1raether.
of Missouri: T. H. Sherlev, of Kentucky;
and Ben. T. Cable, of Illinois, an mem
bers of the sub-committee of the nav
tlonal committee, came to Chicago today
and went Into session at the Wellington
Hotel. They were Joined by Joseph Don
nerberger and A. A. Goodrich, of tho lo
cal committee. Donnerberegr handed
check to Harity for 115,000, whloh with
$10,000 already pnld, makes C5.000, leaving
only 115.000 yet to be paid for holding the
national convention at Chisago.
"When you visit us next," said Don
nerberger, "the account will be cleared."
Wardner. Idaho, May &-The Dubois
men led the Shoshone county convention
today by over J to 1. An attempt had
been made to prevent Dubois securins;
a delegation to the state convention to
nominate delegates to the national con
vention. The opposition waa led by W.
D. Heyburn, In this county, and Governor
McConnell In Latah county. The Dubois
men have won over both opponents. Res
olutions were, adopted declaring 'or bi
metallism, proection and reciprocity, for
me iree ana independent coinage of sil
ver, and heartily endorsing the position
of Senator Dubois In the recent firm
stand taken by him In the United States
Lawrence, Kan., May 8.-Af ter having;
taken 113 ballots during a struggle ex
tending through four days, the Second
Republican Congressional district con
test this afternoon nominated J. P. Har
ris, a fanner and banker of Ottawa.
Franklin county, to succeed Hon. Orrtn
I Miller In congress.
Observer Grover deserves a good mark
In the chimney corner for having gives
us one day of sunshine. ,
Highest of afl in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
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