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m &.Au. nr.
Clildrtt nd TostttV Sitel-Slio Siot. Ml
Sites tit Styles
We also carry a fine line of
adies' and men's shoos, from
the best to the lowest reliable
goods. All goods warranted
iust as reprvsented.
479 Commercial street.
Local weather lor twenty-four hour
ndlng at i p. m. yesterday, rurnisneo
by the United 8tates Department of Ag
riculture, weather bureau.
Maximum temperature. 60 dogr.
Minimum temperature, decree.
Precipitation, none.
Total precipitation from September let.
ISM, to date. 56. B inch.
Skm ot precipitation from September
1st, IMS. to date, .54 Inch.
Job printtnt of all klndi at the Astortan
Job office.
Tee Marshall's: Tou take chance on
lb other.
C. O. Palmberg. architect. Room Num
ber S. Kinney's bulldlrg.
Dr. O. F. Ball. Dentist, with lady as
Blatant. Room I. Kinney Building.
For the best of commercial Job print
ing call at the Astorlao job office.
Meany I the leading tailor, and par
tbe highest cash price ror iur ,u
Marshall's salmon twin 1 without a
competitor. Strongest, handsomest, best.
Just received, at the Scow Bay Wood
Yard. 115 cords of oak wood. The finest
wood ever brought to Astoria.
Dumbarton's Irish flax salmon twine,
superior to any In the market. Fisher
Brothers, agents tor in v.wumui n.
Parties desiring the best of Job printing
.. ,. lr.wat nrk-M she ild call at the
Astortan Job office before going else-
da to US Ninth street to have your
amhcallaa reoalred or recovered. A One
line of cover roods to select from at
iwasonshU prices.
Business men. tt you want to tlx up
your office for the coming year, with the
best of letter heads, bill heads, state
ments, etc. call at the Astortan Job office
wher you will find the beat of stock
and material.
Our own Sanaparilla Is mad of the
best material that money can buy. It's
a specific for Impurities of ihe utood. It
cure rheumatism, pimples, liver com
plaint, and foul stomach. Large bottles
cents. Charles Rogers.
The Oregon Trading Co.. Commercial
street. Is the pl to buy your dry
goods, clothing, boots and shoe, men's
and ladles' furnishing goods. Should you
want an auctioneer, 8. Friedman makes
his office at the Oregon Trading Co
Marshall's twine used by 3 per cent
f the fishermen on the Columbia river.
A prominent steamboat man says: "Mv
family have used nearly every rjrand of
Beef, Iron and Wine made, and are sat
isfied that the preparation made by the
Esles-Craln Drug Co. is the most palata
bel and nutritious of any they have ever
need. If you are run down and need a
tonic, you should use it.
Most so-called "salmon twines" are col
ored with acids. The acids rot the fibre'
and render the material useless. In the
office of Elmore, Sanborn ft Co. Is an ob-1
Ject lesson that ought to be examined byj
all fishermen. It is the whole of thej
material used In the manufacture of Mar
shall's twine from start to finish. Go.
there and examine the color right,
through. Tou will see then why Mar-i
snail's is called the best In the world.
"For 25 cents you can secure an excel
lent well-served meal at the Bon Ton
Restaurant, No. 571 Commercial street.
They are also fully prepared to terve
all kinds of fish, game and delicacies of
the season, ss well as oysters in every
Imaginable style at the lowest living
prices. Come once and you will con
tinue to come.
Charles Wlrkkala's saloon, on Astor and
7th streets, which has long been one of
the most popular and best patronized
drinking places In the city, has been
moved from its old location to the lot
Immediately east of the Casino theater.
Many improvements will be added, as
Mr. Wlrkkala Intends kerning up the
reputation his saloon has had since he
assumed charge years ago. Only the
best wines, liquors and cigars sold at the
bar, a musical concert by the best talent
In the city, under the leadership of Prof.
Bchwabe, the well-known pianist, given
nightly. Call around and bring your
friends with you.
NEW GOODS Arriving Daily.
NOVELTIES Shown in Every Department.
The Leading
Dry Goods and Clothing House of Astoria
SPECIAL OFFER We have now placed on the market Block 105 and water frontage, and will offer lots in that
. addition at prices way below aajoininn property. We will give you good terms on this property, and a few
) dollars invested in lots in this addition will sure make you money. See fine display map in our window.
Ladies' Sweaters
Albert Dunbar.
Black veils eJfei in tutttr color
lace. SOc. each.
Though a man has fourteen pockets.
And a woman has but one.
He can ro through all of hlsn
While her search Is Just begun!
Ilwiw'i Bataar.
The small dog Is one ag'n .o have
his day.
There are no Frog In R U Boyle ft
Co.'s window.
Mr. M. Abrams, of San Francisco, Is
at the Occident.
Harry B. Holman, of Portland, Is down
on a business trip.
8ummer clothing sold at extremely low
prices at P. A. Stokes.'
Mr. J. P. Wampel. of San Francesco,
Is In the city, a guest at the Parker.
Buy lot In Block 106 of R. L. Boyle
ft Co., It you want to make money.
Mis Annie Turner, of Fortland. Is In
the city, visiting Mr. George Marsh.
Mr. P. Matson. of Seaside. Is the
guest ot Mr. and Mrs. August Panlrlson.
Lent Howes and James Tsylor returned
yesterday from their San Francisco trip.
The ship Balochmyle yesterdsy took on
a lot of supplies from Ross, Hlgging ft
8om of the new blouses for ladle are
so Ttrr Persian they look like old rag
Mr. R. A. Abbott and daughter, of
Sktpanon. are spending several Jays In
the city.
Mr. A. L. LIndsley, of Tacoma. was
In th city yesterday, a guest of the
The boiler for the steamer Dispatch
was yesterday shipped out of the Astoria
Iron Works
The Estes-Craln Drug Store has gons
Into the Frog business. R. U Boyle ft
Co., sole agents.
Councilman W. V. McGregor ! building
an addition to the south side of his East
Astoria, residence.
Messrs. D. K. and P. C. Warren, of
Warrenton. were In the city on a busi
ness trip yesterday.
Ed. Adllng is said to be a candidate
for constable at the coming elections, on
the Republican ticket.
Just received, an Immense amount of
Genu' summer clothing, from Eastern
manufacturers, st P. A. Stokes.
The summer girl Is already planning
her bathing suit. Puffed sleeves will not
be one of Its beauties, as formerly.
The Astoria Box Factory will dose
down tomorrow for repairs. The work
will cover a period of two or three days.
Local contractors are about through
with the work of compiling figures for
John Kopp's new building. Bids will fce
opened tomorrow.
O. A. Johnson, of San Francisco, who
was formerly constable In I'ppertown,
arrived yesterday on the steamer Wueen
. for a short visit in this city.
Look at the map in our window of
Block U6 If you want to see where It Is
located, and then get our prices. They
will astonish you. R. L. Boyle ft Co.
During the recent lrehe-j In the small
mountain streams about 2,W.M) feet of
boom logs were Moated down Gray's
river, where they will remain until sold.
Mrs. M. McKenile, corner 9th and Com
mercial street, invites the ladle of As
toria to her display of spring millinery
on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 24th
and 25th.
The Ross Millinery store will hold Its
spring opening of the latest novelties on
Tuesday and Wednesday, March 24 and
25. All the ladles of the city are Invited
to attend.
A Frenchman declares that vegetation
can be aided by electricity. Potatoes
planted in the path of an elecrtic cur
rent grew enormously, and electrified
flrpd Sold at
Estate, LomiH, lt.veHt..ietitH ntict Inmirrmcc.
tomatoes became ripe eight days bfor
the others. Clatsop is tnai mucn ocvier
than Prance that the vegviahlca grow
enormously without X rays. j
The man from the railroad camii who ,
ha be-n Isld up In the hospital with
fever. Is reported by Dr. Tut tit? as heng
In a condition to return to work In a
few days.
An Interesting set-to took place on Pla
vel's wharf yesterday afternoon when
th Telephone was landing, much to the
uuiMnwnl of a large crowd ot people, i
No damag was done. j
Th Unn county Mountain Trout Can
ning Association, of which Captain O
V. Pope, of Portland. Is the agent, ha i
about concluded to have It cans mad j
by the Pacific Can Company. i
Mr. O. 11. Crandall. of Oak Point, was I
brought to this city yesterday, suftermg
from a very sever Illness. She Is at j
the residence of K. O. Hoed. Dr. Tuttle .
was called to attend the case.
There was no atatmcnt In the Interest
at th Boyd revival meetings Issl night.
Several person arose for prayer while
three young men cam forward and sur
rendered themselves to a christian life.
The Astoria Box Company h
chased from Thomas Boyle all the re
maining timber at his camp on Young a
river. There is about I.M.vM feet In th
lot. and It Is arriving dally at th mill.
Don't forget that Snodgrass. the Potog
rafer, give a crayon portrait and frame
made to order, valued at I15.W. free of
cost, to some one of his customers this
month, guessing contest open until April
The pile driver used In making repairs
to the Frsnklln avenu and Thirty-first
stmt crossing Is still occupying half th
avenue. It has been ordered removed,
but. like the stars and stripe. Is still
The difference between the Columbia
River salmon packers and Columbia Rlv.
er fishermen Is that the packers haven't
been able to form a combination, while
the fishermen made one In about fve
minute last night.
A new spring gown of cloth has a full
shoulder cape trimmed on the edge with
a band of black velvet covered with
braided embroidery. The soft frtll which
fills in th front Is of chiffon, edged with
lac, and rosette of lac trim th neck.
"Oour Corner" was opened laM night
by Anderson ft Peterson, with a full
house. A bras band In the evening at
tracted a large crowd to the corner, and
the many visitors were loud In 'heir
praise of the beautiful decorations of the
buffet room.
Harry Wood, th trap man. Is erecting
stables and net racks on Desdemona
sands, st which place he will operate
a elne during th coming season In con
nection with his traps. Mr. Woods
shipped the lumber for th Improvements
on Wednesday.
Superintendent Newell experiment. d
yesterday afternoon with th first of
the new combination car. The car Is
a handsome one with outside seats on
each platform. It worked very success
fully and goes around the curves easier
than the old cars.
Keep your eye on Block 105. R. TL
Boyle ft Co.. sole sgents.
Just received A beautiful line of all
wool and silk mixed Plaids, a handsome
line of dress goods In black, and all the
new shades; also silks In all the new st
deetgns for waists. Just land, 4. our
spring wraps In silk and velvet. I. Cohen,
Low Price Store. Ml llond strut.
Go to Elmore. Sanborn's office and -e
their new and handsome twine testing
machine. Take along some of the twln-'s
"as good as Marshall's." In your pocket,
and tt them. Then see how much more
Marshall's will stand. It's money In your
pocket snd fish In your net to find out.
Workmen who have made repairs to
the city pipe line In Esst Astoria, have
been very carelees In replacing the plank
ing which they took up and as a conse
quence there are many loose planks on
the street. This 1 a very successful man
ner In which to destroy tha city's thor
oughfares. Ladles, take notice The Unique, No.
3C7 Commercial, one door east of B. F.
Allen's, will formally open as a ladles
cloak and suit house about April 1st.
Madame Levins, established for the past
tan years In Portland, will occupy the
place of head cutter and fitter for the
Just received a large consignment of
wall paper and room mouldings, by far
the largest and best stock of goods In
tho city, now on hand. No house on
the coast can undersell us. P.ear this
in mind. Call and get the proof of this
assertion. B. F. Allen ft Son, successors
to B. F. Allen.
Corey Brothers have movd Camp No.
1 to the saddle of Tongue Point, and will
be reaily for business there Monday.
Work will commence at once opening up
the cut through the point, and It will
Bottort? Prices.
not be a difficult matter for clllsem to
reach the place of operation front I'p
pertown. (superintendent ama says
that he Is always glad to entertain lll
or. Mr. Chailca Francis Adams, formerly
president of the 1'nion Pacific rallios.l,
I now visiting In Portland. Four years
ago Mr. Adams was In Astyrls, and at
that tint staled that when the Jetty was
completed at the mouth of the rtr, As
toria would have all the railroads she
W. W. Corey went to Portland last
nlsht and waa accompanied by Mr. 8 J.
Allen, who for the past few week has
been doing th purchasing for the ramps,
ami la now on his wsy to (he Ogdrn
office. Mr. C. J. Core). who arrived ihe
other day from Ogden. will attend to the
purchasing for the present.
Judge McGulre. of Seaside, who Is In
the city, reports everything quiet there,
but they anticipate a good summer's bus
iness when the Young's Hay bridge Is
complete He stated that Alex. Gil
bert la building a new pavilion, and ras
a lot of boats secur'd. and that he Is
iienerally painting and cleaning house.
Among the visitors Irom the country
yesterday were Wm. Anderson. IV-P
River: lald Keefe. John lv: Andrew
Young. Young's Itlver: Olaf Olson, l II.
ami W. J. Heckard. Mrs. l.lbke, and Mi
Wm. Hartell. l-ewls and Clarke; A. Max
im, Warrenton: Carl Hansen, Crooked
Creek; Alex Tagg and A. II. Ilaumgar
len, of Clatsop.
Jame llornback'r. of Foard ft Stukes,
met -with a sever accident yeafnUy
afternoon while handling a large cross
cut saw. The saw slipped from his
hands, snd In dropping to the floor struck
his leg. driving on of th teeth about
an Inch Into his kne cap. He had the
wouml dressed by a surgeon, and Is
abl to limp around.
Councilman McGregor, who made a trip
Into th country a few days ago, reports
the road from this city to the VYalluskl
bridge In excellent condition, due to the
pleasant weather. Considerable corduroy
work has been done on th road this
sid of th bridge, and th drive la a
pleasant ono. Thst much-talkesl-of mud
hole near th reservoir has been dons
away with.
Captain Pope, of Pope, Anderson ft Co,
Portland, who Is In Ihe rlty, says that
h will be In the market for Cascara '
grada." the sacred hark, or w hat Is com
monly known as chlttem bark. If picked
clean and In good condition, gath rers
ran get $30 per ton for It In Portland,
and the captain wants fifty tons. It Is
understood there Is plenty of Ihe bark
to be had on Grays and Deep rivers.
Charles Wlrkkala's saloon on Seventh
street, the well known and popular re
sort In the Howerr. still maintains Its
reputation. Mr. Wlrkkala la an tine
rlcnced man In his line of business and
keeps on hand only the best grades of
wine, liquors and cigars. Concert every
evening furnishes amusement for visit
ors. and Professor Hchwatvp, the well
known pianist. Is making the music one
of the feature of the place. Call and
bring your friends with you.
The entrle for the coming Indoor
game to be given by the Astoria Koot-l-all
Club will close Monilay evening All
active member are ro,ueste.l to l at
the club rooms on that evening, as th
try-outs will take place. The club's mem
bership list Is dally growing longer At
the next meeting of the executive com
mittee ten new applicants for nieml-er-shlp
will be admitted. The handball
court has been completed, with the ex
ceptlon of the painting, and presents a
very neat appearance.
At the committee of the whole meeting
soon to be held by the common council
the loader of the combine of Insurance
companies will b In attendance. The
discussion of a new rate for the city
will take place. Mr. McGregvr. chair
man of tho fire and water committee,
-iMiins no r-sluction Iias lt-,-n niHle since
the excellent water system has been
rompleLsl, and. now that the city has the
beet fire protection on the coast, a re
duction should be made. It Is not ilefl.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Onld Medal. Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years tbe Standard.
I vilely known when Ihe meeting will be
held, but II Is thought Ihe liiaurano matt
will arrlv aom time this week.
lecld.t That Five Cents Must II Paid
or They Will Strlk.
A mass meeting of fishermen waa held
In Klsber s hall last evening Th meet
ing was largely attended, there Iwlng
tA men present It was decided to de
mand live cents per pound for fish,, and.
In the event of failure of the cannerymeii
to comply with this, ihe fishermen will
Harry Olsen waa selected as light-keep-.
It waa decld.d to utilise th
scow Pathfinder In pulling snags in th
river. It waa further decided to Incorpo
retn the Columbia Itlver Klshfrmrai'a
Protective 1'nlon A hoard of trustees,
consisting of seven members, waa elected
a follows; II Lorusten, 11 Mettvm, N.
J Svetidseth. It Kllbrig. J Maltsvin, C.
Christens.'!) and II Simons.
A Unto party of bicyclists will leave
this morning on the steamer llwaco for
the s.-ene of th wreck of in Glenruitag.
Nearly all ar members uf lb ,. p, t
Arriving at llwaco Ihsy will ride to
Ocean Park, a vllsiam of I? mile, near
which place the wrecked vessel tic. A
targe party of Portland bicyclists are
eipcoled down this morning, and th trip
will doohtl-sa be a pleasant on for all.
From this time on regular Dunday ex
cursions will In. made by the bicyclists.
Prot'dbly not' Hut If you do, try and
gvt th dyspepsia by unwise feeding.
Then you'll suffer marDrdom with a
veivgnvance! Mom people ar martyrs to
this complaint from childhood to the
grave, sulTerlng from all It attndan
horrors of heartburn, wind and pain In
th stomach, weary slumber and night
mare, capricious appetite, nausea, till
loustkess, leanness ami sallowne. No
nv.-uy fur all this The complaint,
vibstlt at a It is, when Ihe ordinal y
remeille are brought to hear upon It,
Invariably If 1.1 to the gri stomachic,
llottt-r's Hitlers, which re
store tranquility 10 th gastric rgl in
and nerves, regulates th llvr and
(hi vveli. Nun ot which are dlslurbol by
weakness of live stomach, and promol
appottts and an Increase of llrsh That
"tocsm of the soul." th dinner hell, when
It peal uHm th ear. suggest no pre
monition of dlr qualms after a tom
fortable meal If you have tried a course
of the Hitters, which also bil
iousness, rheumatism, nervousness, ma
laria and kidney trouble.
g) No; ws're not making muoh
t money on thos men's shoe, w
ar selling for 13. but w ar mak
ing an active canvas w for us out
of every customer who buys a
It L. Iloyle A Co. located th depot
at Alderbrook. Be th map In their
Por a dinner, served on th Ilnlng cars
of tbe Chicago. Milwaukee and Ht Paul
Railway, will h sent to any addres on
rooript of a iwj-eent postage stArrp.
Apply b' "on H IISnfTord, Oineral !'-sengi-r
Agent. Old Colony Hulldlng, Chi-1
., Illinois. j
Notice Is hereby given to all partle
holding Clatsop county warrants Indors
ed prior to Msy th, isM. lo present the
sum to the county treasurer for pay
ment, as Interest will cease thereon after
this clnte.
I'ated Ihe lith day of March, A I).
1S-A It. K WAHD.
Treasurer of Clatsop Co., Or.
Overcoats and winter wrapa will lie In
fashion. Thev ran be dlsrardrd, tempor
arily while traveling In th steam-heated
trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee and Pt
Paul Hallway. l-'or solid comfort, for
speed and for safty, no other line can
compare with this great railway of the
Men buyers are coming In
from every part of the city
for shoe. And no wonder!
Those shoes w price at 12 they
think ought to be O.
Mrs. Ilnrgess Wheeler. Clnlrvoyint nnd
Magnetic Healer, itoom 3, Hotel Tlghe.
INO. Scaled proposals will he received at my
office at the North Pacific Ilrewery,
where plans and specifications can be
seen until 10 a. m. March 23, 1MS1, for
the construction of a brewery building
at Astoria. Or, for John Kopp. The
right Is reserved to reject any or all
bids and to waive any defects.
N. P. Brewery,
Astoria, Or.
By the 11,000 neauty, Jones, th Orang
Outing from Borneo. For further par
ticulars call and see Joe, at Via Com
mercial street, where he Is on exhibi
tion from I a. m. till I p. m., for on
week only, commencing Saturday, March
21. Jos la the first orang ouuuig ever
exhibited west of Chicago. Everyone
should see him. Admission only 10 cents.
A twister In twisting
May twist him twist.
For In twisting a twist
Three twists mak a twist;
But h on of th twists
Untwists from tho twist.
The twist untwisting
Untwist th twist.
That Is, when It's twisted wltn any
other twins than MARSHALL'S.
ROYAL Baking Powder
has beta awarded blghett
bonora at every world's fair
where exhibited.
TpPeople Wanting Homes
On the Hinman Tract
Good Reidence Lots Kasy of Access
Comparatively Level
And only five blocks west of the Post Office Square, will be sold at low prices and on easy terms for a short time only.
. W. SMITH, Manner
.Headquarters at Smith Bros.' Law Office.
Lightest Store in Town
Ycu Can See What You Are Buying
This Offer Holds Good for a
pew Days Only.
The Reliable Price Clothier.
X Fruit and
Urge and Choice Stock of All
the Delicacies in the Market . . .
Per San Francisco Steamer Today
SccunJ lti-.lulliiiv.itt.if IH'Ml Wnll
1'npvrs, nuvl More to Come.
Part lea who ara d.wlrous of securing
tho latest lv! patents and deslsns In
wall paper should call on C. M. Cut
birth, who haa Just received his second
Installment from the Kast. A third Is
now on the way. Mr. Cutblrth claims
he has the best selected stuck In th
city, and It will be sold at lower price
than prevail elsewhere. The slor oc
cupied by Mr. Cutblrth Is spacious and
well llxhtcd giving th purchaser a fair
chsnc to eiamlne his goods. Bear In
mind that this stock la all new and up
to date, opposite postolflce, on Wist
C. 11. Rrnlth, lh confectioner, will be
gin the manufacture of hi famous In
cream today. Everybody knows what
his goods are. a they are made from
the pure cream fresh from th creamery
every morning. Ice cream soda a spe
cialty. Private parlors for ladles.
Having removed to JJond street nest door
to Jerrff's restaurant, I respectfully In
vite my friends and others In need of
kihhI, honest footwear, to call on ma In
Ihe new place. New work as well as re
pairing. Oood workmanship and live and
let live prices. B. A. U1MRK.
Hlonp Iiolphln. length, IS feet; breasih
II feet. Apply at once to
Bay Center, Wash
We're no stopping the sel
ling of those, boys' 11 SO shoes
for $1.28. Th course has oponed
as wo'vs got along, and now
they're selling without much
talk. THE AltCADK.
Notice la hereby given that the tax roll
for MUG Is now In my hands for collec
tion. Taies must bs paid on or before
April 1, 1K90, to save additional coats.
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
Th steamer llwaco will leave Astoria
at 7:34 Sunday morning and will connect
with the train for Ooean Park. lUduoed
rate will b mad to afford all a chanc
to visit the wreck ot th Qlenmorsg.
A gentleman's resort, at corner Bond
and 12th streets. The finest brands of
liquors and cigars always on hand. Call
and try us.
would laugh if any one
were to tell you that fish can fly;
of course, no one makes this as
sertion, because It would not be
believed; but when we say that we
will sell foods at a reduction of IS
percent.the balance of this month
you can bet that It is the truth.,
because our Mr. Wise joes to
'Frisco in a few days to buy the
balance of our SPRING ST0CK
part of it Is now on the way from
the East-and we wish to make
room and. besides, we want to
raise a little money.
Vegetable Display
WANTKI An honest, sctlv
or lady to travel fur reilabi established
hous. Halary. t7M, payable HI weekly
and espense. Mltuatlon perrnansnt. llrf
srence. Kni-los set f-sd tressed stamped
envelop. Th Iiotnlnloii Coni any, fit
Omaha Building, Chicago.
For Bal-Th FrrU property, oorner
of Klchang and 14th streets. Price,
M.Xt). W. C. Cassell, 171 loth street, agent.
JAPANK8H aOODts-Just Out-Just M-clv4-Jut
what you want, at Win
Use's, Ml Commercial street.
w flsst Brsnda l
Th I'smous (Ismbrlnas Hear
Alwsys n Tsp. . . .
Mi Commercial St., - - Astoria, Ore.
Certainly you do and of ooursa
ysu have laundry work dona
Avoid all danger of Chinas
disease and uncleanllnsss by
having your work dons by
whit psopl.
Will li returned from th
Astoria Steam Laundry aa
pur and clean aa though Just
new. Calls mad for cloth
ing, and delivered fre of
RICHMOND tt ROSS, Proprietors.
J. P. H0LL0WMAH, Manafer.
Corner f Ninth and) Astor streets, op
posits th Parker House. Charges rea
sonable and special wskly rat for
Cor. Tenth sad Hand Atrssts.
1... t;