The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, February 09, 1896, Image 3

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It you want a aura relief for naina la the back, side, cheat, or
jiniDi, tin n
Bkar in MiNrNot ona of the hont of counterfeits and Imita
tion la Rood a tin genuine.
The Asfonan Job Office
fc. " . r
Is always prepared to print to order
And all kinds of Commercial Printing at Prices as
Low, If not the Lowest In the City.
R. P. ELtiMORE,!
Open For
Special Charter.
Bailin dates to 11 ml from Tillamook and NeliaU'in depend
on the weather. For freight nnd passenger
rates apply to
ULA10RE, SANBORN & CO., Agents.
O. K ft N. CO., Arena. Portland.
After meals I
Or at any etlier time
whan you wleb n irno.l
cigar ntlt lor il well,
kuewti, lionio-mini",
IiiiihI made, wbito labor
cigar .
"La Hello AeUorla "
Cononiied by all smoker
to b the bat olgar
. 71 Nintf? Street,
Aitnrl. Oregen.
Grocers, : and : Butchers
Alton and Upper Aatorla
Fim Teas and Coflees, TaN Uellcaciaa, DonaiUc
ana Tropical r ruin, Vegetable!, Sugar
Lured II. m., Hacun. Etc,
Choke Fresh and Salt Meats.
la there a mHn with heart ao cold,
That from hla family would withhold
The comforta which they all could find
In articles of FURNITURE of to
rlk-ht kind.
And w would auRfft at t!il gcason,
nue ftl.l.dosrd. Kx tension Table, or lie
of Dining Chairs We have tho large
and finest line ever shown In the city
Mi.l at price that cannot fall to plena
fp f.o,.t buyer
Special attantlon paid to steamboat re
pairing, flint -clos hormwhneln. etc
l7 tunny afreet, between Third and
and fourth Asinrla. Or
Conromly St., toot at Jat-ato. Aatorla.
General Machinists and Boiler Maker
Land and Marin Enghwa, Bollar work. Slum
boat and Canntry Work Specialty.
Catlings ot All Description Mad to Order et
Short Notic.
lohn Fox. President and Pirrintender
A, L. Fox Vloa Preslder
O. B. Prael Beoretar
Gentlemen: I bad oeoaskaB to oae
everal boxes of Krauat'a Hwbcb'
Capsules while traveling to Chicago tc
attend the National Dcmoermtk Con
ventlon. They acted Ilk charm In
preventliia- heaoarhea and dlaitnoaa
Hnv had very little headaohe atnee
my return, which la remarkable.
Totira. reoDoctfuliv
Ed. Renovo (Pa.) Record.
For anle by Chaa. Rogera, Atoru
Or., aol agent.
IB 1 to 6 Jli
Wit l It non-itolannAtii
mmnar ror uotiorrnw.
OliHit, Buermntorrbopn
Vhltr, unnatttml dt
ohrrgo, ot ny in tin mm;
tUm, irrlutton ui ulvci-
tiin uf in it v a it hit
? 0.. . ".4 i,r ,"B ,n Uhl w.r"iv
Vf m OircuUr inut uu ri-ijuout
Tide Tabic for February, 1896.
iiki ti
Mu'iiflii . , ,
VVeilwixliiy. ,
Tlitir'lny . , .
r-iit rtr.lit v . .,,
HI'N.W.VY ...
Tiii'wliiy . . ,
U'cilnewliiy. .
TliiirmlNy. ...
fa'ur.luv, . , .
Tiifmluy , . , , ,
W'i'iliir.iliiy , ,
Tlnir'lny. ..,
I rulwy
Snlnnlitv .. . .
I mwilay
ViMliii'.(y .
Tlnirwluy . , ,
A. M. it - f.
! , i
III, 111, 1 It. i h. mi. I ft-
I f 41 H.7 .1 2 27:HH
i a hi .u i; !i in , ".a
:i a M 11.0 ' in it
4 4 HI H.I) ! on .
ft hU 'I 'i t
II I.I H.7 j .7 41 5.
7 7 Oil H.IJ i 0 1:7 6.0
H H 1:1 8,4 10 M 6.
1 1) 21 H.4 : II 4i 0,'.'
Ml 10 i'l 8.6
II 0 i'4 fl.i ! II 1ft H A
11 M 7.4 j 0 li
1.1 I 24 7.H j 0 44 H.i
14 1 61 .0 1 21 8.1
1ft 2 l i 8.U , 1 67 I 7.8
li 2 4) 8.6 I 2 U 7 3
17 A lift 8. ft I II II 7.0
1H ; ! 8 6 II 61 .4
I'J 4 10 8.6 4 40 6 U
20 4 Ml 8 4 I 6 41 6 6
21 6 III 8,8 (I W) 6.2
22 0 27 8.1 8 112 6 2
23 7 8,2 l 60 6,0 .
24 H 4.1 8. 10 M 0.8
2ft 61 8,0 J 11 IW 7.2
20 10 6.1 .
27 0 1(1 7.8 II 47 9.2
2H 0 62 8,4 I 88 U.2
& I 20 8 8 1 27 U.I
it. .
P. M.
11. Ill, I It. ;l. til. J It
8 :iH I.H ' 8 62 U. 4
1) 1.4 11 .8 o.;l
10 11 1.2 10 II 1 2
11 12 1.0 , 10 64 2 1
0 20 O H 11 41 8 .1
1 lift 0
0 42 8 2 61 0.1
2 II 4.4 8 67 -Ji.2
8 41 4 .4 4 68 4) 6
4 63 4.0 ft 4n r" -H
6 41 3.7 0 20 1-0.8
0 84 3 2 0 60 -41.7
7 14 2 .H ; 7 27 -ti 4
7 4'J 2 6 7 62 0.1
8 24 2.2 8 1.1 0 6
8 60 2.0 8 ail 0 0
1) 24 1.8 9 02 1.4
10 00 1.7 9 vi) 1 V
10 46 1.6 9 68 2.3
11 87 1.4 10 84 2.8
0 41 1.2 1121 8 7
2 Oil O.U
0 42 4 1 3 14 0.4
2 8ft 4.C 4 16 At
4 lift 8.0 6 00 j-0.7
ft (M 8 3 6 61 -1,0
0 00 2 6 I 0 82 -1.0
0 40 18 ( 7 10 j 0.8
7.-2 t.l 7 48 -0.4
1 i
Ilr.w Th'-y liO'ill 1o Trtni iO Mil p
I lini A t' r.f' J-. i".
Marine matters, Here, Tbere and
The I nlk Vlil. tie W toned to ' )
Tho Narrlwua la on her way to Ihia
Kirt fnmi Antwerp.
The KloilhH-k and airnaaln-r Irav 1'ort
IkihI Iwliiy for Ihia port.
The Orrull. whral lailrn from thlnort.
anlvnl In Iximlon 1'rlirurtry 4.
Th alminrr Hint, of California Mllril
yiniirnliiy mornlna for Han ."ronrlitco.
t, h,.,n,, 1lHln V f I m hntl Iff 1
Hn Kranclwo W'rOiiewUy for lhl port.
ri.. It. ,,. I vmimiIhv lir.tltirl.l a
Ion. I of pulp lown from th Young"
nxr mill".
Mmirra lrn the wntrrlronl nr very
qulit. The Varana I now tn only vr-
il In tho harbor.
KKty miH-l have a lid from thl port
wlih wheat for Kurop lncr th bruin
nlna of the rrop irtion.
Th Uranwhlp rolumhla I rapMly l-
InK rrpnliTil In Tortliind. 8he will oiob-
aiily Im. rmdy to Mil In tin ilaya.
Tho trnWr Kavorlti', Captain N. Mo
tion, clrrHl from Victoria on her an
nual -riiln Thurwlay. Bhe rarrle a
crrw of aeven whll and Ju Indian and.
Inten.l hiintinif along thl roant.
The lli!hthoue kiMT are moving to
linve an mrnilmit to the bill now bv (
fort, roimre. providing for the penalon-
Ing of lire-avrr o aa to Include, ine
former In It provlalon. Coaat Senmrn-
Th llrltlnh tmer Tynehead, ay
. . . . .. . I.Mlrn.l liBM K Ml
chartered lo carry the twenty remaining
locomotive of the order being fllle.1 by
. . 1. 1 1 . 1. 1 iv.
tno jiaiuwin worn ni t iiiiuui.oin. . n,.
for ine iiimaiun governniviu.
t'nfortunate Dwlfordiihlre! Ycter.lay It 1
wa ripcrird ahe would aurely go 10 wt,
but. owing to the roughne of the bar
ml the iliaiKMlttnn of the crew, he l
till at Rand lalnml an.'horage. The four
nun who mutinied and attr-mpted to de-
rt on vlniulay. iinwW In caualng
a general mutiny, and yvMeiitny, a the
tanH a about to put to era, they In
formed Captain Hugo thnt thy would
poKldvely not go to work. Ie;iuly I'nltrd
Ktatc MarahHl Ntuart wa ent ror, ana,
with the amlHtnnc-j of eluht or ten 'long-'
ehorrmen, rrtriilnrd Ih men from
Iravlnn the vcul. The four men who
were at the bottom of the mutiny were
placed In Irona. Once outalde. Captain
IIiiko think he will have no trouble, but
he cannot croaa out with the men In Iron
r, unilrr auch "andltioni, hi charter
would I In'pnlr'd. The llcdfordiihlre ,
Ih r.ow the only vcl at 8nnd Inland,
h" ai lioum-r Oil If navln allc l.
The Ni'w York Klvhlng Curette ha tho
following notes:
The forvlgn nalmon park of P9J along
the I'nrlllo coni.1 wa the larguat In the
hltory of the trade. Nearly a million
cneea were hlpvd to Kuropcan port
during the acaaon.
The pilot of Portland, Or., have given
order to builder for a (team pilot boat
to coat tv.ouo.
The North Pacific Fish Company, of
Tacomn. V.'jh., wa reorganised on Jon-
limy I lr . .Mr. Hlgelow retiring. The
memlMT of the company now are V. 1.
ItoynoliK prenidcnt: Mile Helly, t-M
urer, ami Kilw. A. Chaae, aecrctary and
gcnerr.1 manager.
Accoidlng to Kiah CommUaloner Me
Outre, of Orrirrn. the total pack of Cr
lumbla rlvir .nlmon for the pnat cnT.
umounti'd to U' C'U case. It I aho
ntatrd thnt the toial value of the Colum
bia river ealmon catch of to IMG, In-,
climlve, waa ia.05!,WH.S7. .
The ateamahlp Btrathnevla, aaya the
Tacoma IKlger of the 7th, will today
begin Inking on the cargo which she dis
charged Into the Kureka dock warehouse
before going on the dry dock. It la ex
pected "lie will be loaded by the begin
ning of tho week and ready to sail on
Wednesday. One of her otHcera yoatcr
iluy in'il that about 6,000 acks of her
finrr caigo, which wa taken from her
hold In a slightly damaged state, would
be sold at auction. The date of the sale
ha not been set. There Is additional
cargo for thn Orient at the Northern Pa
clflo ocean dock warehouse which the
ttralhnevls will take In place ot that sold.
Minor repair are still being made to the
steamer. The work on tho new shaft
la not yet completed. Tho other ma
chinery la being cleaned up. The new
propeller has not been tried as yet, and
though It I an exact model of the old one
the otllccrs are anxious to aeo how It will
work. Though they have been In port
for a long time, the olllcer of the ship
ore not very anxious to go to sea. They
h.ivo been making friends, visiting and
enjoying themselves whllo In port, and
their stay has been anything rather than
tedious. , '
An exchange says: The Aimlo-Cnnn-dlan
Freeh Balmon Company has hren
formed In Iximlon and has purchar-d the
plant of the Texas I-nke lee and Cold
Storage Company, operating In Urltlsh
Columbia, with headquarters at Vancou
ver. Tho prlco paid was t'WO.OOO. The
company will ship frosen Mali to London
and Auxtralla. It has a monopoly of the
, refrlgorotor apparatus on the Canadian
steamships. The buyers estimate If they
hnnillo only eight hundred tons of flub
the proms will be C'&oon, which would
pay a handsome dividend on the Invest
ment. To tho gentlemen who think a canal
nnnrcesitary at Nlcuraga, attention Is
drawn to the above Item, The froien
flxh ore shipped almost three-fourths of
th way around the world lo get lo the
Ixjndon market. Shipped at Vancouver
they go to Australia, and ara there trans
ferred lo veMl bound to Kngland. Yet
large dividend arc mail on a mail ship
ment. If the present price warrant
thl frame with It enormous centinc-nt
expanse think how easily tho millions of
Great ilrllain and the continent ugni be
supplied with choice food fish wer the
Nicaragua canal In operation. Dut a
few days ago Ion of flh were dumped
Into th bay as th tide went out, be
cause the market waa glutted. Th pre
look up the subject to show th Inhuman
ity of th act. hundred of poor families
might have uen supported fur a day by
what waa absolutely and deliberately
thrown away. Hut fishermen do not risk
their Uvea for charily. Were the canal
open, that day a cargo of the finest her
ring, smelt, aalmon, sardines, etc., might
hare gone to Kuroe and there be sold
at a profit to exportvl, carrier and agent
In Kurope, at a price that would have
enabled those, now unable Jo afford those
luxuries, to purrhuw thr choice Ash a
a mailer of economy. What can b
done In thl harbor ran be even better,
and with a wider variety ot choice food
fKh to shipped be done at the North.
Thl I but one, and a comparatively
small. Pacific coast Industry that would
he enormously developed by the Nica
ragua canul.-8. K. Commercial News.
Noonday Itock. California.
Th Noonday Rock Hell Duoy, which
recently parted It mooring and went
adrift, ha been replaced In Its old posi
tion u) yard southwest hx eouth from
the rock.
Hy order of th Lighthouse Hoard,
Commander V. 8. N.,
Inspector Twelfth L. H. Dint
Office of V. S. Lighthouse Inspector,
San Francisco, Cal January K, 1M.
Quick In effect, heal and leaves no
scar. Ilurnlng. scaly akin eruption
quickly cured by Pe Witt's Witch Hax-d
Halve. Applied to burns, calds and old
ores. It Is magical In effect. Always
cure plies. Chaa, Roger.
Dr. Price's Itaklng Powder Is lustly cel
ebrated for It perfect purity.
Apple tart were once my paxslnn: now
It I love, truth, freedom, and crab aoup.
Whratena, Cream.
Panned Fgg. with Rashers of Itaron.
Fried Call's liraln. Bauce Tarlare.
Potatoe In Case.
Corn Muffin.
Hull Ion.
Fried Cod. Maltre d'Hotel Sauce.
Stuffed Kgg, Cream Sauce.
Sliced Orange,
rtrown fltone Cake.
Cream of Chicken.
Celery. Olives.
Salmon, with Oyster.
Potato Kails, with Parsley llutter.
Hreast of Lamb, Tomato Sauce.
Roast Partridge.
Lettuce Salad.
Cutler Pudding.
The best amlvs In the world foi Cuta.
'ruiaca. Sores, Ulcers, Salt liheum.
Fever Sores, Totter. Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Con.s, and All Skin hTup
lli'tis, and positively cures Piles, or no
lay required. It Is guaranteed to g
;ierf.-t wtlsracttnn. ur money refunded
Pile. ?5 cento per tox. Fur ssio by
Chits. Rogera, Odd Fellow building
The woman who wears diamond ear
rings to market I a cousin to the one
who wear a lace neglige to the hotel
A hleh liver with a torpid liver will not
e s long liver. Correct the liver with
n WHt'a Little Early Risers, little pills
.' at cure dyspepsia and constipation.
C has. Rogers.
Jiw that gold (?) belts are only fifty
cents apiece, the natural Inference Is that
they will not weather even one summer
anionic tho elect.
vll the paten: medt-wa idvertiaefl
.. hls paper, together with the ohcte
si perfumery, and toilet articles, etc
he hntitrht at tne lowest pnees a
l W. Conn' drug store, opposite rv
Mnl Hotel A torta
For the feminine suburbanite who has
to aacrlnV a cooked breakfast to the ex
Igencleo of the time table, let us sug
gest a cup of coffee with an egg broken
in It.
"Olvo me a liver regulator and I can
regulate the world," said a genius. The
druggist handed him a bottle of De Wltfs
Little Karly Risers, the famous little
pills. Chas. Rogers.
The telephone girl who snappishly re
plies "well" when you call up "central"
could many a tale unfold if she started
In to tell what she hears every day of
her life.
For breakers ahead when pimples, bolls,
carbuncles and like manifestations of Im
pure blood appear. They wouldn't ap
pear If your blood were pure and your
system in the right condition. They show
you what you need a good blood purifier:
that's what you get when you take Dr.
Plerce'a Golden Medical lUscovery.
It carrls health with It. All Blood,
Bkln, and 8calp Diseases, fro ma common
blotch or eruption to the worst Scrofula,
are cured by It It Invigorate the llvor,
purifies and enriches the blood, nnd
rouses every organ Into healthful i.ct rn.
In the most stubborn forms of blocd
eases, such as Salt Rheum, Kcaema, Tit
ter, Krvslpelas, Carbuncles, and kindred
ailments, and with Scrofula In every
shnpe, and all hlond-tulnts. It effects
perfect and permanent cures of the worst
Kc liuiute.
"Much dipeivl i,n .llnli;" ani mite1!
depend iiIko oh the loom II nhMi w
(line. A rate gim ml r'l1 In tli il dining
room fiiriillure should lie dark, though
not gloomv Onk In been tho ncce.t.d
wood for a 'ohger Mini ihi It deserved.
It I ugly, wild fnuhovinv Is very I '-anti-
fill, giving a suKKc.ckn nf warmlli nd
l, lil, ex mi.MI,le .j lpli omi.
'Ml )ilh-backd chair vero a move In
Hi wroiirf i Irectirm, f it tlil n liigh
liacked climr Is 1 1 n., r -i'i,.
one oinn'ii i .uh' loll in it riiunir.
They make " '. m-rvU "ii Hie f.l
the waitress an Impwsllilllfy, and If a
dining roui nuoooM 'i Imvo w imrn.
llh n ileairiti v!iw lli'-y oo,.iruct It I
L. t lliora In no v k'e fur the ii aii m !
Icing cnnili.e'a't',. and lo ihly t'.d i'-t
them be of ultlj.nt d'piii In lh tint.
The carver' chair mutt liavn arms nnd
a smaller nrm i hair is generally provided
for th mlatr's.
lllrh topped sli.iV'U'iU Imv pone out wlih that mjirtrr -Hy ths bd
stesd sllh towrl.ig licf,l. I. A prrlty
and rlliio fancy I I lie low l.uff' t with
out any top at all, that prevailed a cen
tury ago. One nf the prettiest effect In
a dining room Is produced by a collecl-
tlon ui plate hung over U' n e Ociril.
Inde,-i, you can scarcely uims Imi much
china In dining win decoration, top-
ping short, of course, of any soeic ationj
of a wholesale china house. Narrow
shelve Hlth low railing over the doors.
th cabinet mantel wlih Its eii . Iv-a tnd '
nooks, a corner csl-llut with ?. :vm front!
ami aides, a hanriug all can n-t may
all he used for tho display of odd or
pretty pieces.
A city dining room and a country din
ing room are entirely different affairs,
and must be treated differently. Of th
latter, on In pretty Montclair presents
Itself lo my Ailnd's eye a a model.
Through It two great, wide window you
get glimpse of landscape as charming
a anything C'orot ever painted. Sep
arated from this by a wide curtained
arch Is the most fascinating of libraries,
where there are cushioned divans and
great roomy chairs and books every
where book tempting you lo hour of
dreamful ease. The fortunate guest who
find himself seated opposite thl room
sees through a broad, low window the
nearby purpling hills which anon are
covered with bewildering shades of green
and again glow In scarlet and gold. The
big fireplace Is tiled, and a truly log fire
burns on the red brick hearth with its
wrought Iron lire dogs and f.nder. The
table la real mahoaany at least a hun
dred year old and the chairs, of like
antiquity, have been upholstered In gray
green Morris tapestry.
Almost across one aide of the room in
building the house a niche or sort of bay
was thrown out lo flt the heirloom ma
hogany sideboard, whose brass fittings
and warm polish reflect the glow of the
fire. Above Ihia I a triumph In the way
wi HiKiiieu Kittnn ernnioj; s pale areen anil I
gold ar.d silvery glints acrofs the table, j
The walls am hung wlih pale green cart-
rlilge palters; the wide frlele shows lrnpl-
ral foliage, palms and grass. s In dark. r I
shades of green, end grnccful maiden
hair ferns are tied up wlih flowing love
knot of green ribbon on th" ceiling.
On one lde of the rtrejilice a Dutch
double room open Into avine-covered.
roomy porch, with seats built on three
sdes of It. At the other aide is a quaint,
curious cabinet, with unlooked-for shelves
and corners rilled with china chosen espe
cially fcr It l.armoiilxng but contrast
ing coloring. The hsxel-eyed mistress
Is an advanced, but not a "new woman."
Victim of fist t,cn't'tui sTiould leii al
inr for a Iwis
JoatexiiiiioA how
nil H aul vl("r
lV jfc. V5 'd P-rmawnUy
r- kc Aid ree'ored. .n man
' tj weakness ran a(-
l e, ' ford to iuiHi: e t'l!
PP'A Hmelf urtvlce.
kLl ""it tell l,uu
foil s'roch, de
velopment and tone are Imprrted ui tti
porfloi, of tr,n body. Kent, Willi peji.lve
proofalseaied) frt loaoy um.u oq birliailou.
Are You Going East?
If ao, drop n line to A C. Sheldon,
general Bg'-nt of the "iJurllngton
Route." 2',o Wahlngt,-n t-, Portland.
He will mall yon free of charge, maps,
time table, and advise you as to the
through rates to any point, reserve
sleejrtng car accommodation for yon,
and furnish you wlih through tickets
via either the Northern, Union, Hou th
em. Canadian 1'uc-lflc, and Oreat North
ern ml I road at the very lowest rates
Trie Uurllncion Rout Is generally
rari'-edod to be the T.'iest ei1iliie4 rll
rond In the world for all dames nf
lf?72 l8s
Lubricating r-" i
OILS rlSl1
Specialty. Brothers,
Ship Chandelery,
Iron & SU'fcl,
(iroccrie it Provifcions,
Flour A Mill Fee-J,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Loggers Supplies,
Fairhank's Scales, ,
Doors it Windows,
Agricultural Implements
I Wagons fc Vehicles.-
.1. .... ... - ' i- . i.
E. HcNEIL. Receiver.
Mrs. L. R. Patton, Rockforil, 111.,
writes: From personal txiierlence I can
recommend DeWltt'a Ssr'aparllla. a cure
for Impure blood and general debility."
Chas. Rogers, Dniggit.'
Gives Choice
Tuio TraDseontinental
as iai ii I I -w . a.
The Persian crate will be greater than
ever thl spring.
Close clusters of yellow and
roses sre seen on sailor hau.
St. Paul.
white j
Omaha or
St. Paul.
A man's table manners tell a great deal
of his breeding to a woman.
Pullman and Tourist Slow.
Free) fieollnlng Ch lrs Car."
Astoria to San Francisco.
Those who have' used Dr. King's New
Discovery know Its value, and those'
who not have now the opportunity!
to try It free. Call on the advertised
druggist and get a trial bottle free.!
Send your name and address to H. B I
Bucklen A Co., Chicago, and get a:
sample box of New Life Pills free, as
well as copy nf Oulde to Health and
HousetioM InSrruCt or, free. All of I
which Is guaranteed to do you good
and coat you nothing. Chas. Rogers '
4rugg1st, Odd Fellows Building.
Columbia. Tuesday, Jan. U. .
Slate of California. Sunday, Jan. 11
Columbia. Friday. Jan. 24. 1 .
State of California, Wednesday, Jan. a
Columbia, Monday, Feb. 3,
State of California. Saturday,
Columbia, Thuriday, Feb. li
J;!cri!:!!3 A iftr icait
ill ". "AD MAHKe.
eOPYaiCHTB- mta.
gnr wnrmwrnKnn rre iiAn.,iRjo wnre to
mi. .sn a CO.. tnd liK'iAbwj.. Srw yoM. hneeaii fo aecor.fifl: piiti n'. in Atnerica,
"rr r:ifrnl lakrn nnt l,r at I. jm,r-hl le-f,.r
ti pui.Uc by a Mtioa given fraoof oluunr la lti
gtiwitii: SiMtian
ptn-nlntfAn of nmT tvlvntlflf pmvff fn fh
Worki. huvihiit ..luttrtsvit,!ll'-n
tria.n htiLl im wftteoub It, Wtwi ty, .
Jnri$ij)txm'mtUK Afl.lffMfVN tAte.
mi,rniM,auA iJnadwiy,i-w .wrk Cur,
0 i iMiTPn
1.1 III I I UUl
SBAHON or ISoS'inve-
WILL all.
Tuiiee a Week
San Francisco
. . AND
New Orleans
Over the Great
J Unset "Joute
' Leaving San Francisco
Tuesdays and Saturdays
" From Tuesday, Nor. 5, 1895.
Thetnot complete, modern, elegantly
equipped and perteeUy a.-niowed Veati
buled TransconUneotal Tnain in Atnartea. -New
Eqalpmoot, esiMCiCiy designed for
. i i . -Tub.
I. , L 1;
The agi of the most prominent candi
dates for the Republican presidential
nomination are aa follows: MrKlnley,
51: Reed. 66; Harrison, C: Allison. 06:
Morton. Ti.
One Minuet Cough Cure touches the
right spot It also touches It at the
right time If you take It when you have
a cough or cold. See the point?. Then
don't cough. Chas. Rogers.
Edmund Clarence Stedman, who Is the
author of the beat critical works on the
Vlctorlrn poets, eiya that Mr. Austin
will do as poet laureate "during what
may be called an Interregnum."
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Contains ne Ammonia or Alum.
Dr. Caroline Hamilton, a medical mis
sionary. Is doing a noble work among
the suffering Armenians of Asiatic Tur
key. She Is a graduate of Smith college,
and was a worker In the College Settle
ment of New York city before she went
to Turkey.
Astoria and Portlnd Steamers. ",
The T. J. Potter will leave Astoria at
I p. b. daily, except Sundiy; leave Port
land at 7 a. m. dally, except Sunday.
The Steamer Lurtlue will leave Astoria
at (:4S a. m. daily, except Sunday; leave
Portland at t p. m. dally, except Satur
day. . . " '
Km- rate aud nenwral .Informal HMTCfclJ
it or addreaa . '
'. . i Ageot.
Gen. Pas. Art. Portland. Or.
SIIILOH'S CURE is sold on a guaran
tee. It cures Incipient consumption. It
Is the best Cough Cure. Only one cent a
dose. 2S rents, 50 cents, and 1.C0. For sale
by J. W. Conn.
N.'orly all the manuscripts of Charles
Dickens' works are accounted for, Dm
that of "Nicholas Nlckleby" has disap
peared and no trace of It can be found.
The manuscript of "Pickwick" wns never
preserved In Its entirety, but etray fr.ijr
monts have turned up In various part of
the world.
Gentlemen: I have always recom
.nended Krense'a HeacWne Capsules
wherever I have had a chance. They
have proven a veritable boon In my
family against any and all kinds of
neadache. Yours truly.
Leavenworth, Kansas.
For sale by Chaa Rogers, Astoria
Oregon, sole agent
W W ii. w. ir -sr ,
A passenger train on the Chicago, Mil
waukee and St. Paul Railway. No. Its
tarlns are t;estlbuled, heater by steam,
and lighted by electricity. Each sleep
ear berth has an electrlo reading lamp.
Its dining cars are the best In the world,
and Its coaches are palaces on wheels.
This great railway, connecting as It
does with all transcontinental lines at St.
Paul and Omaha, assures to the tarveling
public the best service known. Tickets
via the Chleairo, Milwaukee and St. Paul
Hallway are on sale at nil railroad ticket
ofllces to anv point In the United P'nt.s
or Canada. For maps, folders and other
' 'formation, address.
C. J. KDDY, General Agent,
J '". CASEY, Portland. Or.
T.av. Pass and Tkt. Agent,
Portland. Or.
Are You "Going.:" East?
Be. sure and. see that your, ticket,
reads via , "
and '
. K
This Is the '
Between .
DULUTH, . ;. "'
ml all Points East and
South. '
Their Magnificent Track. Peerless Ves
tlbuled utning ana oieepmg v.x ;
Train and Motto:
Have given this road a national reputa
tlon. AH classes of pasoengera carried
on-the vestlbule.d trains without extra
harge. Ship your freight and travel
ver this famous Una. All agents have
ticket. ' .
W. H . MEAD, . V. C. BAVaOE. ..
Gen. Agent Trav. F. and P. Agt
2W Waahlne'lon St., Portland. Oe. .
Mrs. T. ' S. Huwktns, ' Chattalioojfa,
rnn.. snvs. "Shllor's Vltallrer SAVrD
MY LIKE.' I consider It tne best-rea
dy for a debilitated system I ever
ised." For Dyspepsia. Liver or Kid
ney trouble. It excells. PiLve 76 eta,
For Sal by J. W. Conn.
irect foanectiuas la New Orleans
or all Eauterti minti. OnL-lr tlen .
Acts as trustee tor corooratlona and in
'Transact a general banking business.
Interest paid on time deposits.
J Q. A. BOWLBT......
..Vice President
C molar
- ' . . DIRECTORS.
Q. "A." Bowlby, C. It Page, BenJ
loutig. A. . . Keed. . JJ. F. Toompaoa
W. E. Dameat, Gust Holmes. . .
Few Hen Would Ask
. 'for a Finer Dinner
than those wa serve, -We're trying In
every way to Bake them the most en
joyable In town. All the "good .'things'
jf .the eaoo cooked by our excellent
rook in the most delicious' style. Perfect
service. .
, tf you Invito a friend to the . Palace
Heatauraot the place Is a sufficient guar
votee that he will receive a good meat
- The" Palaee ' Restaarant
MJrass. box i8o. PostofBc. , ASTORIA. OR
A complete stock ot lumber en hand
n the rough or dreeaecL Flooring, ru.
do, celling, and all - kinds -of finish;
mouldings and ahlngles; also bracket -work
done to order. Terms reasonable
and prices at - bedrock. All orders
promptly attended to. Office, and yard
at mill. H. U LOG AN. Prop'r.
Meaalde. Oregon.
Captain Sweeney. D. 8. A.'. Sail Diego
Cal.. says: "smioa's Catarrh Remedw
Is the flnai niMlliln. T . . -
- ' . . - f,cr lounrj
that would ,o me anv omul.. rri- u
tts. Bold by J. W. Co..n.
Gentlemen: This in to certify thaf l
have lifted KrnilOA'H Uoan...nA .- l
with satisfactory results. I taught a
box which cost ins .5. and one capscle
cured me of a dreadful sick headache.
My i wife and nwself riave- both -used
the medicines manufactured bjt the.
nuroian jjcniT sirg o.. and we re-'
commend them , to the public as being
Oust what they are represented.' .
; ' ; Respectfully, .
' . . W. J. HUTCHISON. .
1 Ed. .Gazette, Pleasant Hill tr ' '
Twenty-five cents., for sale by' Chaa j
Rogers, Astoria. Or., sote agents, s
EARL'S CLOVER. ROOT, th. great
R'ood purifier, gives reanness and
eletrrneew to thej c-omnuKnon and cuies
Constipation. X tts.. so cts. Ji.oo,
For Sale by X W. Cooa, '