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J Tha ASTORIAN has ths largest LOCAL J)
J! circulation! tht largest GF.rlERALclrcula- R
4 aiul th. !rt TOTAL circulation tf
tfl Forecast for Oregon and Washington, j
M fair weather.
fl ill paptn published In Aitorla.
NO. 252.
- m i l ii hi ns r.ui i r i . ir i 7
. rr v kVTn in : j i i i i . ii ii
Can You
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, A i
. II
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and 6:30 to 950 p. m.
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Evejythlng fleeessary for School Use.
Griffin & Reed.
In a desirable location, 2 blocks from High. School.
On the new Pipe Line Boulevard1 Just the place for a cheap home.
STREET OAR LINE will he extended this summer to within 5 minuU-s
walk of this property Will sell at decided baritwD.
In 5 or 10 acre tracts inside the oity limit', also adjoining Flavel.
GEORGE HILL,.--471 Bond St., Occident Block,
Ladies' Grey
75 Cents a
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These same goods, are marked out at all the stores as
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"'.' 1 Lm.rim.qia A BTTar S5r Pi 11 . - . '
: t r-, . ? If: F ATl if rti'.
mmT ONB NUEDS A BUHTJF8 EUUCATION.. Many rsnng men and
mun ran spend but sue or two years at Hw-why not take a course that ess
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O M a a h in n .r f .l A t
I OiiYo a man w uw jjrotGiuoy,
i -i : .,: li.
wnen snowing me u suit -lutii
he said he "was faked in buying
elsewhere and paying more than
they can be bought for at regu
lar prices," especially when he
had bought suits of me that
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They Lack Life
There are twines sold to fishermen
on the Columbia river that stand In
the same relationship to Marshall'
Twine as a wooden Image does to the
human being they lack strength life
evenness and lasting qualities. Don't
fool yourself Into the belief that other
twines besides Marshall's will do "Just
at well." They won't. They cannot
Woolen Vests
everywhere for $1.
Republican Rally Last Night a
Grand Success.
The List of Delegates Is a Splendid
Selection of Some of the Party's
Best Material.
The Republican Citizen of Astoria got
together test night In the court house
and talked over the altuV-tm. Incidental
ly tlhey held a kive fcat and did a whole
lot of solid business.' '
Everybody wvaa there, t'.iat Is to say,
every Republican who could get there,
and as Astoria has more Republicans to
day than the ever had before, toe hall
was filled. The meeting was the result
of the crII signed by the presidents of all
the Republican Clubs for the purpose if
considering llho nomination of deU gates
to be voted for by the. party today. All
the organisations were Well represented,
and most of the prominent business men
of the city were present.
Mr. John Halvn was unanimously elected
oh&trman of the meeting, and he lost no
time In getting down to business. The
Republican party of Astoria, he said,
condtltuted ebout ifbur-fllTtihs of tine cltl
sens, and their property certainly exceed
ed four-dftlna of the total valuation. Thla
being tlhe case lie was anxious to know
wOvy the Republicans', banded solldCy to
gether, and working for the ultimate good
of the city, iweren't ttoree-flftha more
of a Cltlxena' aarty Bhan any lltttle
clique of Derri(x;ratlCJttl ciaitter4ng noli-
selves y jiuut name.. As nobody attempt
ed to salve this simple arithmetical prob
lem, tlhe. ctialnomn went on to' remark
that after taking four-fifths from flve
flfths,' wlhat was left wasn't worth the
trouble of counting anyhow,9a sentiment
of whTcflie .meeting prseeMed tb show
ks hearty approval by several rounds of
applause. Mr. Hiahn ttien esp'ialned the
object; of tlhe meettng lhue Selection of
delegates to nominate a good clean, (honest
Republican ticket for Khe -coming muni
cipal campalgm. tie expressed tlhe hope
tlhat wtiytW'aVai,4neettng aaw fit
to take Wyilltt;'Bj. .."msaaiyotla and had no
doubt ttiat, wera- thla course adopted, the
choice would fall on men In every way
worthy of tlhe trust.
The residents of the three wards were
then segregated to enable them to make
a vflioilce of their own candidates, and
the deliberations dMnt tost longer than
hUlf an hour. A large number of gentle
men were nominated tn all tlhe wards,
but owing to the excellent metlrod em
ployed U took a very tlhort time to arrive
at the result. The following delegates
were selected to compose tlhe ticket to
be voted on today:
H. B. . PBRG-USOX. ,
wr.r. TRnr,L.iNGER.
G. .O. MOEN,
w. f. McGregor. ,
W. T. SCHOFIELO. . ' .'
Judse Gray, immediately after the an
nouncement of tlhe result, moved that
every ReputCictain present ratify tlhe nom
inations by rising to his feet.
Hon. C. -W. Fulton, in seconding the
motion, said: "I would like to add to
this resolution tlhe injunction that every
Republican present get out and work
for tlhe election of these delegates who
have been nominated here tonight ' and
eh3 for tihefnen wfhom jhey will noximate
for city offices next mont&v . This Is a
time for Republicans to hand together
tl e glad. We have every hlng .to
encouniga us, and nothing to discourage
u. ' An over the land ths vo!c of tlhe
pecp'.e is going up, and 14 is saying, that
. It wvunts .our party to the- fore- aga)a in
city, tuate and national affaiiw,-. Ths poo
f of tlhe Cnltevj' States avrs -not -after
this change wltbdat reason; : They, see nweartty for p-jiflnif 'Republican e. I
zona and Repitb'.irart prmoiples on guird
once more and keeping them Dhere. There
la no question biat that our next pros? Jcnt
la rolng to be a rock-ribbed Repub'lcan,
and don't you forget 1t." (Loud applause.)
"I want to see the Republicans of As-
torUi and Clatsop county get together.
I want to eee them drop all peOty fac
tional dlfTerenicefl, md beyond oil, I want
to see tlhe young mm of our party come
forward tend infuse new- life into our local
party Interests. Clatsop ts beyond all
question a Republican county . Astoria Is
an ove-rwUneX-nlngly Republican city. Thtrt
Is no reason why every office tlhat exists
here fihoulld not be filled by .Republicans.
And iwliry not? If our party principles are
wor.ia fltvtlns lor, are wortlta upholding,
tihen tihone principles re Wortih puttJig
into practical effect. Taere we people
who pretend to hoM otp their bands
against party politics in dtiy government.
Those peop.e have a wrong conception ot
'tlhtngs. Pure party politics, urged on and
camrted to the .front by men iwlth a fired
and determined policy of honest govern
ment, Is something tlhat this city and
every city staaids in need of today. The
Dime toaa come iwhen we ahoimd Biwaken to
the knowledge that our combined strengtlh
can canry us to piny victory. 'W have a
desire to 'win. No comibination, no trick
ery, or fates rcproseutatlon can stand
against ,ut Leit us cariry Republican
principles to the front; let us drop petty
dkpntes, and Jet eA'ery' cltlaen here to
night wiuhout a, dissenting voice get out
wnd work not for : the succeia of his
broaher, or his friend, or (his relation, but
of iMs party. We are going to do It, too.
We are grtng to ratify the nominations
of the convention, no matter who gets
there. Let our main thought he to allow
Republican fem to gdt th'are, and let our
representatives be ftt aird worthy to bear
Wie tiamner to victory. We are going to
do this at bhe coming election, and we
are going to give Astoria the best gov
ernment she ever had." (Cheers.)
The motion wua curried .by .acclamation
without a dissenting voice, and the meet
ing then adjourned.
Which Started the Ball to Roll
ing Yesterday.
S. L. Boyle & Co. Effect Important
Transfers of Real Estate. Which
Bear on Future Business. '
That matters have taken a turn In As.
toria for tlhe betiter, and decidedly on
the lines of a sharp advance in values
of real estate, resultant from a rapidly
increased graiwlb in basinets and popula
tion is evidence! by the several large
real estate deats made yesterday.
R. L. Boyle A Co., .the active real es
tate agents of AetorKi, Ule yesterday
evening, closed tlhe papers In three large
transactllons which will have a consid
erable bearing on ths immediate future
of this city..
The first .Wainsadtion was the sale to
J. O. HanUhorn of Lots 5 anil 10, In Block
68, Just across tlhe street from Herman
Wise's store on Bond street. The con
sideration paid was $19,000.-. In conversa
tion, iwJUh (Mr. IHanbhorn last night he
conn:'.ned 'tlhe Statement of the purchase
made by him and In answer to the quea
Won as to What he intended to do with
tlhe property, he stated that it was more
Ohan likely tlfrait hy rprlng time brick
and motitar would laxgeCy be In evidence
op that block. In fact it to seife to say
that a handsome Mck block will soon he
under conntruotlon In the center of the
D. K. Wairrem purchased Lot 10, In
Block tS'h, on Commercial street near
Cooper's score for (7,000. A cplendld
buiXUi.g will ibe commenced at once by
Tr. Wlainren, which When completed will
bi occupied by Ross, Higglns & Co., the
eiJienprlsing grocers. This Is one of the
most progressive houses In the city In
.act on the const and It goes without
iymg Bhat when they open their new touKdilng it will be second to none.
Lot 4, in Block 11, now ..occupied by
Chas. Wirkkala as a saloon, was told to
August Erlckson, the Portland saloon
.nan. Within thirty days Mr. Ericsson
will begin tlhe erection of a first class
22x96 foot three-story business block on
this well known corner. The ground Hoot
will be occupied by himself ss a concert
halt and refined resort. It .will be known
as the Hajbtoram Concert Hall, and wUl
fax on the corner of Astor and 7th
Dtreets. The floor of the main Stall will
be marble tile and the entilre building will
be nnUhed m hard wood, finely carved.
Mr .EflJckson rays .(Ihat no money win be
spared to make this one of the finest
palaoes hi the Northwest and when com.
pleted will cost about $14,000. The upper
floor will be finished as a ball to be used
by tihe various societies as an assembly
Mr. Erlckeon's architect was here a day
or two ago and Is now draiwlng the plans
for Km building. The construction will
be done by Astoria mechanics arid all
luofter and material, so far as possible,
will be purcCx&td in Astoria. It will lake
about three tsonthaV to complete the
biaOllng. ' . - -
- i ; - - r
Special ts tte Astaiaa. ,
Kctt Tor.' No. fc-The Duke of Jfsrl-
borsugb anfl ilisa Cemuelo VanlcvMit
' e umtttfl tassy at-M. Thomas (Una e ;
Tfs m town, fs tht best;
"awmiT son m swutrhea the skin;
Won't "ytMm your cio0eak"
You wll be asreeably surprised,
- Sorry you didn't know It sooner.
Tomson'i Coap Foam; larss psrkagea.
Is Complete and Col. Bradley
Urged for the Presidency.
Altfreld Says "It is Bad Form for a
Corpse to Talk Back While a
Wake is in Progress."
Loulavllle, Nov, (.The Republican
claims and Democratic oorcessions show
tonight that not only has Kentucky elect
ed the full Republican state ticket, but
that tlhe complexion of tihe kg stature in
sures a Republican successor to Senator
Blackburn. State. Auditor Norman, the
Democratic caimpalgn chairman, In a
statement to thw Commercial, said that
BJadklburn'a defeat was assured. ,
"The Republicans with 'the help of the
Populists, will control the legislature," he
said, "and Bluckburn la sure to be de
feated. Kentucky is now a Republican
elate. The people wanted a change and
.Dhey took it, the Republicans being aided
by tlhe iPopullsts and the A. P. A. No
Democrat could have carried Kentucky
at this election, not even Carlisle.'
Colonel W. O. Bradley, iwho yesterday
Carried Kentucky for the Republicans in
tlhe gubernatorial election, will bo the
choice of h'is state for the presidency,
isind his friends claim thuit he will have
tlhe Support ot 'tlhe Southern Republicans,
It at significant that the friends of Gov.
eraor Morton, as well as the political
ohaoaplotis of Governor McKlnley, have
a teen In constant correspondence with
'the lrterads of, Colonel Bradley, and have
urged them to push his claims tor the
second place on the ticket. Colonel Brad'
ley has heretofore refused to discuss the
malftar, but tonight, 9t Is announced by
Walter Forster, eecretiary of Colonel
Bradley's campaign committee, and man
aging editor of the Commercial, the Re.
publican organ of the state, that Colonel
Bradley's claims for national recognition
iwlH be urged at the national convention.
The friends of Governor Morton are
urging thie Bradley people to support a
New York man on tlhe ground that the
geographical posldlons of New York and
Kentucky would render Governor Mor
ton's nomination for president almost de
cisively In favor of Bradley's nomination
for vice-president. On the other hand the
McKlnley men aire arguing that McKlnley
and Bradley would make the strongest
ticket that could be put up because ot
the personal mugncitUm of the men and
the prestige (hey enjoy of having won
many gallant victories.
Salt Lake, Nov. 6. The Republicans have
elected the state ticket and carried the
legM'aiture by a safe majority. The Re
publican tato central .committee has re
ceived ireiturns from 163 precincts, covering
portions of 23 counties and the most popu
lous parts of the 'territory,, giving Allen,
(Rop.) for congress, 16,363; Roberts (Dim )
15,712, .being a majority of 661, which It I
claimed will be Increased to 1,000. Wells'
(Rep.) , nwrjorlty for governor will be con.
lderably larger.
The eledtton returns from 215 precincts
out of 320 give, Wells (Rep.) for governor,
a plurality of 2482, and Allen (Rep.) for
congress, a plurality of 1072. The Re
publicans have elected ten senators, the
Democrats five, and 'three In doubt. The
Republicans elect twenty-nine represen
taotvea; the Democrats swen, with nine
In doubt. '
Governor Aitge'.d Spettiks His Mind on the
Springfield, 111., Nov. 6.-II is ths belief
of Governor Altgcld that tihe great Re
publican landslide of yesterday was
brought about dhlefly by the national ad.
ministration and gold bug twins' of ths
Democratic . party in Wall street. The
Democratic .conventions in many tCatea,
he cays, 'were packed by poatimutfters and
Ohe menlals ot the administration who
forced the adoption of Cleveland's poKcy
on the money question. The governor
was aeked what he thought about the re
sults of yestertlay.
"Oh," he answered, with a broad amlle.
"It Is not our place to ta k. We have
Just been laid out, and you knew that Hi
polite eoclety it Is regarded as bad form
fur a corpse to indulge In much talk
while tWe wake is In progress.
New York, Nov. 6. The total unofficial
vote for secretary of state Is: King,
(Dom,) M6.590; Palmer (Rep.) M2.520.
Palmer's plurality, ,53S.
Omaha, Nov. C The returns ahow the
election of Norval (Rep.) by safe plu
rality. The vote of the administration, or
sound money wing, of the Democratic
party. Is four-fifth of the entire vote of
the rlnte, probably 23,000, and Is a very
surprising feature f the alet'ton. . -'ir
Kvr dement erf, the Democratic
Pr".y Is urging that she entirt machinery
of the federail trovernmeat In the state
as yard In securing votes for .Miwjncr.'
. sound money candldute. Mahoutji's
pir onsl popularity comrlbiRed largely to
bis success.
The great flgTC In the party was fevr tha
'avowed purpose of establishing the rela
tive strength of the two factions with a
view of sending a delegation to the next
national convention.
Brooklyn, 'Nov. 6. It now looks as it
the mayoralty contest would be trans
ferrekl to the courts. Grout refuses to
Concede the election of W ureter, and reg.
ufar campaign Democratic committee has
retained counsel to look after Grout's
Topeka, Nov. . The latest returns re
ceived today from all parts of Kansas
dhow large gains for the Republicans.
Many counties that have been Populist
for four yews elected all the Republican
candidates. Judge Martin will be over
whelmingly elected chief justice of the
supreme court.
Expresses Regret at Campbell's Defeat In
Chicago, Nov. 6. A Dally News Wash
ington special says:
President Cleveland Is charging none
of the results of yesterday's election to
'hls'admlnlstratiion. On the contrary he Is
taking a quiet smile over certain features
of the returns. Senator Gorman declares
that President Cleveland's personal fol
lowers contributed to ths success of
Lowndes. The administration Democrats
appear to be willing to assume the re-
responsibility as another achievement for
rePonm. There seeims to be no doubt that
they expected and desired the defeat of
tlhe Gorman ticket. The president and
every member of his cabinet took deep In
terest In tlhs cause of Campbell, of Ohio,
and express regret alt his defeat.. The
helpless condition presented by the Ken
tucky Democracy is remarked as a re
buke to 'the free silver Democrats.
Will Remain Open This Season
1 Longer Than Usual.
The Exceptional Fine Weather Wil,
Affwd Shippers a Continuance
' of Cheap Freijrht Bates. ,
' It will be Interesting to shippers to
note the following from an Eastern pa
per fh regard to take navigation which
will affect transcontinental freight.
Lake navigation iwlll continue until De
cember, A couple of weeks ago it iwas re
portM that lake navigation would close
about the mlJJlle of the present month,
but business is so heavy and weather
prospects so favorable tlhat lake lines
havo deoUed to extend 'tlhs close until
December 1, or iheiulflber. In fact, it
would not be a great surprise to ces some
lines pay the heavy premiums on ma
rine Insurance after the season policies
expire, since the demand of traffic Is so
great and general rate so high.' Such
i Stanly stream of vesacC pass through
tihe government toctc at thto "Soo" that
a channel Is likely to be kept open till an,
unuuua ly late date. Yesterday the f re.tht
traffic officials of th Great Northern
distributed the following circular anent
dhiis subject, iwhidh implies that the last
steamer from DuruTh, as on other lines,
will leave about November 30.
We are advlsexl that . the Northern
S-ceamtJliip Company will discontinue re.
oelvlng call and lake thlpments at New
York arid Pttiladelpihila at close of business
on Saturday, November 16, 1895.
Rail and lake Shipments at Bat son and
New England joints at close of business
on Qalburday, November 9. , ,
Rail and lake (jhipmertts at 'Pittsburg,
Cincinnati and Mahonlng ValOey points
at close of business on Saturday,, Novem
ber. 16f
It la how expected tlhat the last sailings
from Buffalo will be on Saturday, Novem
ber 23, and from Cleveland November 25.
All freight must be In Buffalo wnd ready
for delivery to steameMlps of company not
later than Friday, Novamber 22, and In
Cleveland Saturday, November 23.
Stabbed at an Election Droll In Ntiw
New York, Nov. I -John B. McGoldrlcfc,
clerk of ths supreme court and secretary
of Tairnmamy Hall, i lying in a dangerous
d.'aite at his home,, ths result of la stab
wound received in an election wrangle
yesterday. Although the affair Is said
to have occurred at 4 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, no report was made of H and
the first Intimation of It was hid when
Will hum DowJing, bartender, was ar
raigned in Vhe Jefferson market police
court today charged wltta having slabbed
M'XJoldrlck. The patrolman who fad
Dowllng In charge would Say Httle about
the case and even tried to belittle It to
the mttglstrats.
, Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Repcrt ' "
V 'I .!
l - It
V A fcs -
. t v
Explosion of Boilers in Detroit
Causes Many Deaths.
Scene of the Slaughter Many Peo
ple MIssinjc Who are Supposed
to be Among the Victims.
Detroit, Nov.. 6, A gaping rent nearly
40 feet wide from the top to the bottom
of a Ave story business block) a doxen
dead bodies recovered; a score of persons
Injured, and more Chan that number .min
ing, with a certainty Uttat many more bod
ies are beneath the ruins, such are tha
resul ts of an explosion iwlhlcih startled the
efty today and totally wrecked about a
third of the building at the corner of
Lamed and Shelby streets, occupied by
the Evening Journal and several other
'tenants. ,
At 9 o'clock this morning the whole
neighborhood was terrified by a fearful '
Hhock caused by the explosion of ths
boilers In the basement of the Journal
bulhllng. Plate glads windows acroffs the
street and some of these farther awy
were (ihattered by the concussion and
several persons were cut by failing glass.
At the claims Instant the five floors and
roof of that section of the building col
lapsed and fell to the basement, carrying
with It at least fifty persons who had
not tlhe slightest warning of their dan
ger. A ctoud of duet which blinded the
eyes of 'the amazed spectators of the her-
rcr was quickly succeeded by ths smoke
of the fire i which started in the ruins.
The' work of reacue was rushed to the
utmost all day and tonight but little prog
ress has been made as the work Is ne
cessarily slow. Ths dead thus far taken
from t)h ruins at:
Lizzie Tapley, Henry Walsh, John J.
ntmiiM niotfvnovk XT J&miIa flvnrer f-m W
Willie Hawes, James Bis Wm. DtMilap,
Henry Larlvere; CarriQ ' Bauer; an un
known boy's remains Were' found In ths
ruins, the features unrecogniealble, sup
posed to be John Bowman. A number ot
the Injured wlH die. ,
Some thirty tenants and employes In the
building are still missing and there can
be no doubt that most of tthet are under
the debris, dead.
Fighting the Steamdhilp Companies on ths
' souna,
Tacoma, Nov. fc The Southern Pacific
today announces a reduction in paiseenger
rates from Tacom to San Francisco
from 122.75 to $15 second-class, amid from
$31.25 to $1S first-class, tickets to Include
sleeping car berths. Tickets are good only
on suchi dates corresponding with ths
sailing dates of the Pacific Coast Steam
ship Company's steamer.
Liverpool, Nov. 6. WfteW-Spot, steady;
demand, poor; No. 1 red winter, fs 814d;
No. S red spring, and No. 1 hard Manito
ba, stocks exhumated; No. 1 California,
is d.
London, Nov. Hops-Pacific Coast, ti
Portl'andi Nov. 6.-Wheat-Valley, 61c;
Walla Waila, 46c.
New York, Nov. 6.-Hops, quiet.
Seattle, Nov. 6.-The Reliance football
team, of Oakland, defeated the team of
the Seattle Athletic Club today by
score of 28 to 0. The local club was badly
nandlcapped 'through lack of practice, but
nevertheless' put up a gams that sur
prised! Its admirers.
Tacoma, Nov. $. Cashier W. F. Peters,
of the foiikxl Columbia National Bank,
was arrested this afternoon on a warrant
sworn out by Bank Examiner Charles
deary. 'It dhUrges hlro with making a
false entry In the Individual deposit
ledger on October J, thereby crediting the
city treasurer with a special deposit of
$10,000, when in fact, no such deposit was
trade. It is alleged that his object was
to deceive tlhe comptroller of the currency
sal to the bank's condition.
Eugene, Or., Nov. . In the circuit court
tftxlay, H. P. Hhyes, the FU4 Creek tchooi
teacher, was sentenced to one year. In
the penitentiary for Incest comunittrd up.
on his niece.
Louisville, Nov. . Today Otto Zclgler
took sjway Johnson's only remaining
track resordi of note the paiced, standing
fjai.-t, one mile. Time, 1:50 2-6; previous
record, 1:62 M.
Willis T. CartJy beat Titus' record ot
20:54 4-8 for standing paced ten miles;
time, 20:13. ,
' 3 M r-i rv v ""5 -
! h lH.
4' - V! .
ti C
$AmH4wt L.