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4 Foncut for Oregon ni Wiihlnrton,
tflf wsiUier. s.
j Ths ASTORIAN hat ths largest LOCAL B
5 circulation! th larireit GF.NERAl circuit- .
. Tj Hon, and tht largest TOTAL circulation of
till piptrt publtthed Id Aiterls.
NO. 231.
255-. v I .jr'x'-Viiii.A.rA'A,
Can Yon Tell Why?
a . a
Say 8 a man to me yesterday,
me a suit that
faked in olivine
T elsewhere and paying more than
they can be bought for at regu
lar prices," especially when he
had bought suit3 of me that
gave entire satisfaction, and he
liked my "style of doing busi
ness, strictly one price and
throwing in nothing," while
selling Men's or Boy's
Clothing, Furnishing
Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots,
Shoes, Trunks, Valises,
Umbrellas, Mackin
toshes, Etc.
The One Price Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher.
Clean Republican Sweep
New York, Ohio, Iowa and flassacbu-
sett dive Phenomenal majorities
niMiaslppl nourna the
Wrack Alone.
Open every day from 3 o'clock to 6 :30
BDd 6:30 to 9:30 p. m.
Subscription rates $3 per annum.
South wet cor. Eleventh aud Dusne SU.
They Lack Life
There are twines sold to fishermen
on the Columbia river that stand In
the same relationship to Marshall'
Twine as a wooden Image does to the
human being- they lack strength life
evenness and lasting qualities. Don'
fool yourself into the belief that other
twines besides Marshall's will do "Just
as well." They won't They cannot
Books !
School Supplies!
At Greatly Reduced Prices.
Oregon -Books
Everything fleeessary for- School Use.
Griffin & Reed.
In a desirable location, 2 blockslrom Hth School.
On the nev Fipe Line Boulevard Just the place for a cheap home.
STREET OAR LINE will be extended this, summer to within 5 minutes
walk of this property Will fell at decided bantam.
In 5 or 10 sore trsots inside the mty limits also adjoiuing Flnvel.
GEORGE HILL. --471 Bond St., Occident Block,
Ladies' Grey Woolen Vests
75 Cents a Garment.
These same garments sell everywhere for $1.
fIen's Overcoats
These same goods are marked out at all the stores as
bargains for $11.50.
$650 - Men's Suits - $6.50
A Pull Line of Shoes and Hats.
Not "York. Nov. 6. New York state has
teen cammed by tine Republican by plu
ralities ranging from 48.000 to 55.000. com
pared with. 24,484 for the bead of the ticket
two yearn ago. Palmer (Rep.) for sec
rotary of stalte. bus carried tho state
above h Hartem. and based unon re
turns from 1796 election districts out of a
wrtal of 8.383, be carries more tin an one
half of tine outside election dtatrlcta by
prooaoiy 100,000 plurality. Kin (Dem.)
has oarrted New fork and Kinira county
by a plurality of 60,000, giving- the toad of
une mapumioan .ticket a safe plurality of
50,000 In tin state ait large. The legis
lature a-omaflns as before under the dl
reoutm of the Republican's. The World
today says editorially:
"The roaltctanary result in this city yes
terday was provoked by tlhe pig headed
fo Howling of the president of the police
board. But for the exasperating effect
of Mr. Rooseveldt's uncalled for, unjust,
bonvih. and oppressive execution of the
Sunday excise law. Hie union of the aaii-
Tammany forces iwould have won as east
and rrlirmpfHatit a victory as they did last
year. Tho predicted reaction tuts come.
Tammany recovers In the first ejection
atfitor tts trernerrclous overthrow. The re
sult is . discouraging. It impeaches the
capacity of the people for self-government."
Boston, Nov. 6. The Question in Mas
sachusetts from the first was one of
majority, since the Democratic leaders
WImt?'amm4 re-election of Gov.
ernor UroemJ natch. Governor Greenhalgh i won as . large plurality on the state-tick'
ana time entire republican ticket as en
dorsed toy a plurality practlally the same
as uiiat or ikm. line legislative depart
ment of the government is oCso solidly
Republican. In brief, the result is a clean
sweep for the Republican party in the
Hate, It Jilavng suffered In no way from
tihe utosetf dafootlos-wwfecd by the A.
f. a. morwmejrt.
It also ooncosas tho election of a Re
publican legislature which insures a Ro
publican successor ito United States Sen
ator Gibson, sard says that the entire
Republican ticket to elected by a good
There are enough, returns to indicate
a tandaHtde In Maryland and to dhow that
doe Democratic tkrke Is snowed under
by majorities ranging from ,000 upwards.
There seems to bo no room for any doubt
rniait the RiepublK&ns nave elected thwlr
entire staite nd city tlcksts and will
have a, majority In the next legislature
whldh will choose successor to United
States Senator Gtbson. -
-line city goes nepuoiican by a ma'
Jority of from 6,000 to 8,000 and! both
bnaindhes of the cKy council wUl uroba
bly be Republican for the first time In
many years. In fact, there Is not' a leg
left tor tine Democratic party to stand
upon, thouglh tSus baa long been consider
ed one of the suura&t Democratic states In
too. union.
Cincinnati, Nov. 6. One hundred and
nlnetyflve precincts outside of Cincinnati
give BuslhneU 29,314; Campbell, 20,557. The
same precdnots In 1893 gave McKln.ey 2S,blll
and Neal 21,227.
Columbus, Nov. 5. Chairman Kurts
claims Onto if or vBuabnell by 80,000.
The Democrats claflm that Campbell will
carry the state outslMe of Cincinnati.
There are no Indtouttons ifrom there. The
RepiibUcama claim the state by a large
pluramty and Cincinnati by 5,000.
At 8 o'clock dhtadnman Kurts. of the
Republican commlotee, callms that the
pluHamitiy Is equal to that for McKinley
in 189S, but me letnoiaraiUc state commit'
tie say that the Republican pturaUty will
not be Waif that ox two years ago, al'
though tlhey do not claim the election ot
Campbell, or Si ntajonlty of the legislature.
They say they (have twon la. victory If the
Republican pliuraMy Is reduced . to Us
normal sise of 80,000.
Since 10 o'clock toniigOvt the Republican
state conurittltee claims the plurality for
BuahneUI will exceed tliiat of 80,000 for Mc
Kinley in 1893.- Ttere srs some at bead-
quaitra who say that the -returns will
rihow , Rttpulbltcnxi plurt9lty ahnost equal
to thlat of last year13T)00-thie high wa
ter imairtc. At tlh DemocrWtiic headqonr-
tens at 10 o'clock the announcement was
made that Ohlio had gone Repuhllcan by
a decisive majority. In the legislature as
for Uhe admtnistraitlon man. Most of the
returns give Ualoney doubls that of his
opponent. While H cannot affect the re
sult, since the Republican candidate ts
polling hds fuN party vote, it Is of great
Interest as ehowtng how the Nebraska
Democrats stand on financial issues. Two
yeans ago the relative strength of ths sti
ver and gokt Democrats iwasj in the ratio
of 25 to 1.
Chloago. Nov. 6. The Republicans havs
cameo itne erections ty pluralities ot
Blbout 30,000 on the enure ticket. Ball,
Republican, ifor Judge of the superior
count, intus oeKnitekt Morrison, Democrat,
by 30,500. The Republicans have elected
Ave of the trustees ot the 330,000,000 drain
age canal.
St. Louis, Nov. 8. Almost comrolete re
turns from the 18Ui Illinois congressional
dtotrtct show the election by a ohsulttv
of 3,200 of the Republican candidate. This
is a gain of 700 over over 1804.
Kansas City Nov. 1 Returns from Kan.
sua to rnddnlghft indicate that the Re
publicans liave canned a majority of the
county ticKets in thWr entirety, by plu
ralities of from 200 to 800, and that David
Martin, Republican, for chief Justice ot
uie supreme ' court. 1s re-elected bv
handsome majority.
Topewa, nov. . Reports from the Stalte
ire very meagre but the Republicans are
saitusiwa that hef Justice David Martin,
Is elected and that the Republicans have
gainea many county omces.
In jSpite of Senator Ct a tidier
' ' Agreement Reached.
Opposed to Any Operations Clashing'
With the Law, bat Must Have
' Protection for Themselves.'
Boribon. Nov. 6. Out of 203 district In
Boston, GreenhaBi (Rep.) gets 14.108, omd
vv'iMiwims uem.) i2,m. Trw sumo pre
olnots last year gave Greenhalgh 13,886
and Russell 12,149. Th!d is a gain of 522
for Greenhalgh.
The Times says Oreenhalim wins in
Maeeochusetts by 60.000.
Woman surnrage was overWhelmlnsrlv de
feated in this stalte.
ifloJt Lake. Nov. 8. The Reoubllcana
probably elect .the governor and the ma
jority of the taglsUature, but the Dem
ocrats wlB probably get the congireswnuin.
une returns Indicant the adoption of the
const ttiutton toy a Iwge majority.
iTOiaoeih!l,i:Nov. 6. Returns no to
mwnlglhrt lndlcoite thlat BenJanWn J. Hey
et. Borne of 'the Demooratie ma nagers fay
Vhbt tlhe result Is due to the same cause
as In 1893 and 1894 opposition to Presl-
Vie nit Cleveland's aidmlnttatrtitlon and the
last congress. As both pairtlea had the
same finamdlal pfank, the -silver qwstlon
wia not am Issue In the campaign. The
tart ft was the only national issue between
the parties. The Ponullrtts east about Andrew Oarnerie Snends t2 l0A.OM nn Pitia.
DdtroK, Nov. 6. Detroit has elected the
entire Republican ticket and added two
aManmen to the Republican majority In
the common council.
Mayor Pirarree 'to elected for a fourth
40,000 votes; the FrofhlMMon party about
20.000, and Wre Bocialteta about 2,000. Net'
'wood, RepubOkun, has been elected stae ' hlar the third, fourthi or fifth parties, nor
treasurer 'by about 150,000 hlurallty, a Re
publican gam -over 1893, which was also
an off year, of about 15,000. This state also
elects seven Judges of the new superior
count. ev-"V-ixnopiibllcans no mi.
mrteu'V'xjted.:?rr?-il seven la In
doubt' In tills city the Republican ttekat
to elected by an overwhelming malorttv.
wammwton, Nov. . esldent Clove, i "bioo (uem.) two. This Is a net Reoubli.
lano aid not maKe his appearance at the oan gam or 887 over 1893.
the A. P. A. affect the rcsflt. The con
test was beJtmreen the Republicans and
JJQinoanalta on the tariff and state issues.
' IOWA. '
uva monies, 'iMov. unwty-nve pre-
cmcta m low give Dnave (Rep.f 36.68:
iVVhlte House at all today, but remained
ot his country home at Woodley. The
election dlspaMhes of epeclal Interest
were telephoned to Htm.
The ftdlowtlng buleltlns given in the or
der In which they were received at the
lAsMtrtan office last night will be read
iwidh interest, as Showing the progress of
the count and the predictions from va
rious sources.
'Fltteftuwv, Nov. 6. This w Pittfbunr's
great day. The city not only received a
gfft of a rnllllon dollar library, mudc
hall and art gallery, from Andrew Car
negie, but the anouncement was made
that Mr. Carnegie would endow the art
gallery with 11,000,000. and also oroDOsd
'thieereetton for the greater Frttsburg of
free libraries at Duqueene, Carnegie and
The building presented to Pittsburg to
Fifty precincts in Iowa give Drake 5503 ;1 J ay oat 8800,000, the Site having been pr-
rnasea 'oy une cny. n nmnoh libraries
are yet to be built In various parts of
the dty, for iwfhMfo (Mr. Carnegie has st
aside 1300,000. THIs with the endowime-vt
of $1,800,000 to the art gallery, nuikcs the
sum of 12,100,000 don sited to Pittsburg by
Mr. Cbtmegle.
New York, Nov. 6. Voting is proceeding
quietly in this cfty. Indications are that
the vote i will be CJoee In the state. Tnere
I much scratching.
The WorM saiys Tammany has elected
11 out of 12 senators and 11 out of 26 as
For secretary of state, 305
trkJta out of 1392 in the city of Neiw York
gUve Palmer (Rep.) 18,413; and King (Dem.)
Babb 3383.
Reports ifrom various parts of the state
Indicate a very tight vote. The DemJocrot-
le Stalte committee say: "We claim the
Sdaite is very close and believe Babb will
oe rated
Ts. RwrmWksan gains over two years
ago give uraxe, sKpubllcan, for governor,
a piraiitv or ovee 80,00 If the prestn
rate ts conitilnued. The present Indications
are mat the PouHsts will make large
gains al lover the state, making thnlr to
tnll vote 50,000, the largest ever polled in
tne state.
Denver, Nov. 5.-Harry Clark, of Den-
ver, In a sanctioned trial at the Denver
Wlhttel ClfUb track toodnv. brnVs all wnrWV.
The ReipubJIcan vote iho,ws no recoros unpiaoed for both Classes A and
special loss; the lassos to the I'opullnts
neing almost umraranay wkJv the Demo
crats. ODtumwa, Nov. 6.-Tl Detncwits con
cede the election of Drake for governor
by 40,000.
At midnight tlhe Republicans claim, ihe
dMte by 86.000. The ReonlbMcans havii
election d-ls- !18 160 mc?tom legislature,
election (ris-1 hairing the re-electicm of Aiiil
B, from three to five miles. His time was
as follows: Three nujes, 7:18 1-5; four
miles, :6J 1-5; five miles, 12:34 2-5.
Reguir aiorttWy Meeting
Held Last
6oo Commercial Street.
hi the state election 27 dismUcts out of
3393 election districts outside of New York
and Kings oounltyv give King 38,470, and
Palmer 40.320.
Six hundred and seventy districts out ot
3383 outside of New York and King's coun
ty give King 67,889, and Palmer 90,199.
Eleven thousand and twenty-five dis
tricts out of 1392 in the city give Palmer
76.388 and Kdng 110,787 for secretary ot
The election of Amos J. Cummlngs,
Donx, to congress from the lOtihi district
conceded by the Republicans. Last
year thki district went Republican by a
small majority. V
A morning paper has this bulletin pnS'ed
at 7:20: "At Democratic headquarters in
this city the cKy is claimed by 60,000 ma
jority, wbme Tammany claims 1t by 40,000.
At 6:04 o clock Commissioner Rooseveldt
said at police headquartero: "I admit
that the Democratic county ticket is
The Press rRep.) says: "The Tammany
local ticket wl hve 20,000 majority. The
Morning 'Advertiser estimu'ies the Repub
lican majority in the state wW be 75,000.
John C. Sheehon concedes New York
state to the Republicans.
A World . bulletin says that . bo h
branches of the New York legislature will
be heavily Republican.
The Mail and Express says: "The Re
publican state ticket will have 40,000 ma
Joritqr." The World says the state Is RepublKun
by 46,000 majority.
For secretary of state, thirty of the
New York dUsrrlcts comp ete, give Palmer
(Rep.) 97,334, and King (Dem.) 138,948.
LoulsvUte, Nov. 6. Never b of ore has
there been sudh Interest 1n an election.
The vote Is heavy. The Republicans are
hopeful. The Democrats concede nothing.
There has been on ugly feeling all day
between the A. P. A. -and Catholics In the
"burth ward. A pltclied battle occurred
'ttiween the elements. Twenty shots were
cxoWamged. Jacob BnHteht. an A. P.
A. man, was seriously wounded.
Tlwre is a dearth of news at the head
quarters of the Democrats and Republi
cans. Omctfaasman Hunter, chairman of
"s e RepufeCtdan state oonvmrttee, was not
fivonably trnpreswd with the returns
from the interior. He raid a continua
tion of these reports wouCd indicate the
election of Hardin, Democrat.
Lexington, Nov. 6.-The Evening Post
I'uem.) says thtst the state Is In doubt.
The returns to midnftght give Hardin
(Dem.) (or governor, 1,222 plurality.,
Up bo a late hour the election Is in
doubt, though) the returns favor the Dem'
NOV York, Nov. 5. The Tribune says
the RepubTlcans will dairy New Jersey
by 20,000 majority.
The New Ywk Press rays: "Griggs,
the eRpubCOcan candidate for governor of
New Jersey, has carried Essex county by
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 5. The content Is
being fougftlt on party lines. The Repub
licans claim the state by 10,000, and ths
Democrats claim It by from 1.000 to (.000.
At midnight both parties claim the state
but returns ore favoral.e to the Republl.
cans. The chairman of the Moyer county
Democratic club concedes the staite to
the Republicans by from 10.000 to 15,(
The leglRlature 1s surely Republican.
The official vote for governor of New
Jersey Is: Grtgrs, (Rep.) 28,422; McGlll,
7,600; Getg-gs' plurality. 20,822.
Jackson, Miss, Nov. (.Ths campngn
Wrenr ONI! KKCDS A BDrrra CDCCATTON. Maay yeans- rns ss4
mil eas spend bat one sr'twv years at school why sot tske s eoorss that ess
be eemp)d In that timer The college Includes a short ENGLISH COUR83 be-
i a BT78TNE8S and SHORTHAND couRHK. ror eataiogoss sasrass.
Baltimore, Nov. 5. The heaviest vote
ever polled In Maryland 1s being cast, ac
companied by occasional acts of disorder.
The Evening News pre rl Id that this cKy
will give the Republican ticket 10 000 ma
Jortty. Hurst (Dem.) Is more than holding
own In the outside eoimtJes.
lx precincts out of 19S In P.alllmor give
Hurat 894; and Lowndes 1203. This ts a
Reoublinwi tafei avw i ji ui
The Demoorwtlc rtite committee on- t closed las on she ree silver cr
ceeds the election of xwndea (Reo. tor- tton sgraitaslt the gold standard
governor and Hooper (Rep) for wiarer . he swmtl-Ss a oompleu vlotory for ths
The Sun fanWJDemecratlc) claims tils,' ""weSM. . Wis Dassocratle e-4srhy
Lowndes fltep.) Has carried the -stats by lsasJssawisiso-o aVPO.4
from 6,000 to 8,600, and that the-entire ' J ' 1
. , RepuWican state and city ticket Is sleet- ' rjTERHABKA.
oe vhws (uem.) ae lsued an extra in Omaha, "Msv. . At 11 rsturnsy Oavt
wWrth It cJahns that Lowndes (Rep.) hn bgun tecsssss as slowly from the state,
carried the day by 15,000 and to elected T tewflrer fvr.m ot the returns is the
gov, r nor. - dlfTerefiee betiween Mis vote for Mai oner.
Ttae HenaM (IndRpendentl eenc4M Oia h khnMsiwlin rMnurntlc candidate
eleoMon of Lowndes and says that bis or the supreme court, sad Phelps, the
majority ta the stats may reach ! silver Democrat, sbenrteg enormous gains
The regular amount of routine business
was trowUcted Vast night at the meeting
ox the whiter commhwion. All the wa
ter commlissloners iwere present; Engineer
Adams was unable to attend.
Minutes of the last meeting were read
and ojpproved.
The report of the clerk showed that the
receipts ifrom water rents were tl. 411.80.
with a large number of new consumers.
The report of Superintendent Smith
showed that many repaint had been made
to the oM Unesi which are In a wornout
oomllolon and that twenty new penmlta
ware Issued iwltUx a gratifying toorease In
new consumers.
A communication was read, signed by
seven Uppemown parties, to have the
pipe line of the new iwater (works con
tinued to ths corner of 38th and Duane
Streets. The tntatter was referred to 'the
Communication was real from C. W,
Shlvely, and a bill attached, asking for
the value of 40 new posts which hod
been used to fill a mud hole, with the
significant endorsement, "please pay." As
the comrmleakm had not used the poS:s
the matter was referred to the "parties
wmo wad used them."
'Mir. Campbell, of Hhte Pacific Bridge Co.,
who are now doing the tunnel work, re
ported that It was neceSasry to make
20 foot cut from Grand avenue to Irving
avenue, on 16th street, and asked for ex
tn compensation, offering to furnlsti the
force account plus 10 per cent for tools
and the super tai tendency. The matter wss
referred to Messrs. Bowlby, Fisher and
A proposition by MVtrtr Smith, Scog-
gin vnd Burke to make a walk of rolled
crushed rock around the reservoir was
refetvSd to the engineer to report at the
neat meeting. "
Tile clerk was authorised to A t a
wsnwant for 8300 In favor of Messrs.
Smithy Booggin and Burks on ths esti
mates for October. .
The contractors reported that the pow
er house will be completed In two weeks
ord ths flitctngis within ten daysi
The dsdm of Perelll for $2,481 was re
ferred to the engineer;
Hnglnenr's ipoy ro3 for 91.410 and expense
bin for 171.70 wsre ordered paid.
The Oltiy pay roH for 1284.00 and sundry
expense bills amounting to 8771.27 were
A committee ef three eonMsting of 'Bo 1-
by, 'Ehnons, ' and ths engineer' was ap
pointed so proceed to Cedar Creek and re-
port upon the art visibility of cutting a
ditch smd securing data looking to in-
croaslng tfoe mstsr supply. ,
Recent ad vies from New York says:
Tttvs presidents ot ths trunk lines and
Htuetr pnuncapal iwestern connections met
today In the roomie of 'the Trunk Line
Aissodiation to take flnaU action on .the
new traffic agreement. The agreement as
submt'Jted to the presidents at ths meet
ing, on October 10 contains over twenty
articles,.. many of which are divided Into
several sections
It provides thbt the Joint Traffic Asso
ciation shull be organised, which elhaU
have Jurisdiction over all competitive
and passenger traffic, with certain speci
fied -.exceptions, passing to, from, or
tlhiroughi . the Western termini of the
trunk lines.
. Not less than nine directors shall con
etiUilte tin board of management, which
dlvall Include representatives of the Grand
Trunk, Vanderbllt, LaolcawanR, Lehigh
Valley, Erie, Pennsylvania, Baltlrore and
OhOo, Oheaapoake and Ohio, and Wabash
Any system hereafter admitted 1s also
to have the right of represeatutlon
The boettl of management shall meet at
the caUl of three presidents. The board
hall co-operate with the Interstate com
merce commission to secure stability and
uniformity of rates. Power Is to be given
the. board to examine under oath officers
accused ef violation of the agreement.
nTbe.corrvrw.niM are to deposit with the
board wrtliln twenty days after the 'agree
ment becomes effective the aggregate sum
6f KO.000 to defray the expenses of the
axuociation, to be apportioned among
them as the board may determine. Each
company shall deposit monthly 1 per cent
of )ta .grOss revenue from business sub
ject to the agreement, but thls percentage
shall be reduced If found exceeslve.
. The agreement is not to become effective
until it shall have been, approved by the
boards of directors of the several com'
panics,, and c entitled copies of the reeolu-'
tlons gtvini; such sipproval are to be rued
Wilth the asaociaitlon. ".' The .agreement 'Is
to continue, for five, years, and is to be
Signed by tlhe presidents of 'the companies
and to have the seal of each company at
tached. - The meeting lasted until 6 o'clock to
night, when an adjournment was taken
until November 19. The following state
ment, was Issued after the session:
."The presidents of ths trunk lines and
jtVMwn nflentlons were dully reptresent
id t,';i, nwlettag. and received, consid
ered,' and further amended the contract
subnrritiwd to them by the committee on
revision since the last meeting. By rea
son thereof omd of additional suggestions
received from counsel and others fur
ther meetings of the presidents were deem
ed desirable, to be held on dates to be
announced hereafter.
No dissent was expreeesd, and and the
boards of directors of partlei to the agree
ment have acted favorably upon It."
Thwe art) eatoebsrablle5nddviaeiiaslr
There appears to be a serious hutch In
the final adoption of the inutfh-dlto kWPd
Joint trtLfllc agirecment. The new scheme,
which Itias been in process of formation
since last June, and wihtdlv readily receiv
ed ths formal approval of the directors
of severe! railroad companies, tailed of
ttatlflcatlon, chiefly, it Is said through
fflor of thb -lnlterstats ooromerce law.
The .more conservative men, Including
PrewMenlt Roberts, of the Pennsylvania,
ho,ve all along been averse to taking any
steps that tnlghlt be construed ns clashing
wiui me jaw. a meeting of the revision
comrriltte will probably be held within
a few days.
done Marriage 'to nctsrly the extent of
82,000,000, tOw ineurtance men estimate, ondj
the heamt of the retail business on Broad
was was in ruins. The Manhattan Bank
building iwas valued at about $1,000,000.
St. Paul, Nov. 6. A SpeclaT from Devil's
Lake, N. D., says: Since the strike "Mia
ordered on the Great Northern no freight
tnuUres have departed and but one has
arrived. Passenger trains are not Inter
fered wttii.
St Paul, Nov. 6 Specials report a
heavy snow storm raging, from 6 to 10
Inches, m North Dakota today..
. The Sunday school to now under the
supervision of Mr. Fulkerson. Miss DbJ
West Is organist, and Harriet Waterhouse
Mr. J. C, Adams is togging on one side
of Culluby Lake.
There is a scheme talked of and ser
lously coruridored by Its Inceptors, to
make a canal all the way from the k!p
smon to O'HOnna- creek, near eeasU,
twenty feot wide and deep enough so
that the tide will ebb and flow througb
It. It Is argued that the logs along Its
banks, cedar and spruce, would much
more than pay for It, besides giving an
outlet to the logs of the Necsnnicum snd
the 0' Harm a. There are obo many cedar
and spruce togs near the lake by Mrs.
Bryd'e and the streams tributary to It.
Besides the logs. It would be the means
of reclaiming all the marsh land, end
launches could run from Astoria to Sea
side. The cost of the canal has been
cutlmoited all the way from fifteen to
thirty thousand dollars.
The debating society will start here
agialln soon for its winter term, at which
they Willi probably, discuss the chances
of Cleveland's third term. How be made
six million dollars by being U. 8. presi
dent two terms; if Cuba ought to be ad.
mltted and mode a state, etc., etc.
The notice of the bridge meeting on the
Lewis and Clarke river was not received
In season for any one to attend. The road '
Is becoming quite passable. It will be a
fine hecycle route In a. couple of years
hence. . One cltlsen remarked that his
neighbor could take a doten of eggs in
a tetket on his arm. ' go to town over
thlat road, sell his eggs, and saving bis
fare, could have all he got for his eggs
to buy supplies with.
Italian prunes are said to be excellent
for any one with weak digestive organs.
Thiey seem to be a tonic, and rhey also
correct acidity of the stomach.
Tiuore aim Miver claim diggers this year.
Mr. Fulkcinson Is an efllclervt teaclher
of Uie public school,- and gives general
siJttef action; still, the people can't forget
Mr. Pirescott, of last, year.
Many are praying for the time to coma
wihen 1W raltiroad bridge will be finLlhed . '
so that they can go to town on the
train, not so much for their personal con'
vonlence, as to save handling the freight
so much. One man was heard to say
that he hoped they would have a clean
place to put meat 'that was sent to mar
ket when the train sua all the iway
thiroueb to Astoria.
Ons con teM if one ts a quarter of a
mile away from the track, whether Dick
Hhenman is firing, or not, on the train.
Orainberry pickers were very numerous
thils year, and tout few bwrrles were left,
aMUourfh they were quite plentiful at
ftnrt. The wild berries growing on Got-
oip aire so mudh superior In flavor to
the Eastern berries that people go to lots
of trouble to get them. The berries are
better, too, since the waiter twos lowered
by true dltdh, besfcVs being more plentiful.
it seems to co only necessary to keep
the grass and weeds out ot the vines,
and the calotte from tramping tfliem, to
have good cranberry land here.
A big rain coming at the critical time
during tlhe bloewomlng period, ' Is apt to
hurt the crop of berries. The apple crop
suffers sometimes the same way here.
! , "B."
It's In town. It's the best;
Won't burn nor roughen ths
Won't "yellow your cVrthMi"
You will be agreeably surprised.
Sorry you didn't know tt sooner.
TotrSKra's (Joap Foam, rarri pttltagA.
Eugene, Or., Nov. 6.-In the circuit
court today H. P. Hayes was found gull
ty of Incest, his complanion In crime be
ing Mies euson Walker, his niece. 'The
Jury reconxmnided Hayes to tlhe mercy of
the court. Miss Walker, against whom
the charges were entered, was released
and Itlhe charges drsmteseld.
Austin, Tex., Nov. S.-Tthe first race n
the regatta today wow s naif mile- dnsh
for 0. purse of $100. whtoh. wus finished
with Teemer. Gaudaur and Rodgvs Ir
the order named. Teelmer won by hall
a length. Time, 1:22H
The trial twtat between the English dou
bles for position In the Anal against Tee
mer and Rodgers, the Amertcanr crew
(Mas won by Bubear and Barry by half
length. Time, 19:34 1-4.
The mile and a half straight siwixy be
tween Mine Rose Moeen-tthieimv of St. Loulr
and 'Uksj Til lie AShfley, of Hartford
Conn, was won by Miss Mosenthelm, In
I6:17!f. .
LlWrpocS, Nov. . Wheat, spot, quiet'
demand poor; No. 1 red winter, 6s 3d
o. 2 red spring and No. 1 hard Manito
ba, stocks exhausted; 'No. 1 California,
(s 4H1.
Portland, Nov. 5. WBuiaJt Walls Wslla,
WAP Volley, 61052.,
Nev York, 'Nov. 6. A Are started to
night In Keep's shirt factory, at Broad-
tay and BCeeker streets which, extended
to Orosby -street and Is enthrw'.ed to
n(vn dona tdamfcure to ths extent ol
$1,000,0000. It iwas compartlvely a new
building of the Manhattan Savings Inetl.
t union that was destroyed. Several fer-
sons were Injured. --'.
Lster-WitJhln three trours ths fire had
WtiUlt the 'PCiay Writers oridl Actors are
William IA, Crane Is itlU playing "
Senator." .
MUton Nobles, the great author-actor,
Is playing in (Portland.
Lewis Morrison has a new play itfhCs '
soason dolled "The Privateer."
Marie Jannen has a new musical come,
dy, called' "The Merry Countesa."
. Mumager Brady Is having great success
wOtlh hts new play "Itble Cotton King."
E. H. Eothern's new play, "Tlie PrOsooer
of Zenda," 1s meeting with, great eucc sss
in New York.
Thomas Q. Soabrooke s playing in Le.
nmdar Rtdhsrdson's new force comedy,
"Baby Mine."
It Is eaM that T:orrus Keeue's aotlng
w shown to the best advantage in the
dharaofer of G roster, In ' Richard III.".
In the near future, Henry 3. Weeks
and Terry McKeen will produce that fun-
ket of farces, "Bos and Cox," at Rescue
Julia MerOdwe Taber and Robert Tafber.
htarve the following pieces In their reper.
toire this senson: "Rcmeo and Juliet:"
As You Like It;" "Twelfth, Night." and
"Henry IV."
.Following are the piuys In Sir Hw
trving's repertoire thls.esason: "King
Airltlhiur," " "Don Quixote." "A Story of
Waterloo," "The Corstfcan Brothers,"
"The Merchant of Venice," "Much Ado
bout NbllMnir" "Becket." "The Lvons
VUII," "Louis XI." "ChairCwi I." "Thm
BBlls," "Nance OMfleM," Bind "Faust."
Cocu county residents, says the Gold
Beach Gaxette. must be xor flnandars.
Wj-Ja a large number of sawmills run
ning, several coal mines In coeration and
Other industries circulating large sums of
money, tihlit county should be nrosooroua
and money p'.entlftil; yet ait the term of
court there Just passed we notice that
8!wre were 'nineteen suits to foreclose
nortgatjin and elgiht suits to recover
noney. Peiraaps Kie residents thvre ore
apt t'dholans, and are practicing the
arirrdhtotlc djoorines by certain
of thehr local' papens-t'hat ttie ri(h man
Has no tighk to his riches, and the poor
irwn shiould make him yield up soma ot
his wealth.
HlghesLof all ia Leavening Power.-
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