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The Resort
On Ornmereial street, is the plaoe
where the businesaman and the labonncr
irmn firo for what is called "BEST ON
T1IE COAST," or o nice cool drink of
the celebrated Onuibrinaa'beer. Hand
. wiches of every kiud mude to order, and
an elegant free lun-b served every day.
Yon are weloorae.
Grosbauer & Brach.
378 Commercial Street.
Manufacturer of every description of
Loungee, Mattresses, etc.
Clap a glas-? on those 21c
boys' stockings. See why they
aru woith Me. Notice the
threads; p'ump, round, even
Honest work in oery twir
that changed that cotton into
Such hose will stand bang
ing wear and hold their own
The makers intended they
should be sold for more than
21c, and they would be else
- ...
Oeneral riachlnist and Boiler Work.
All kinds of Cannery, Ship, Steamboat
ana Engine wow or any uescnuuun.
Castings of all kinus maue to oruer.
Foot of Lafavette St, Astoria, Or.
After (Deals!
Or at any other time
when you wish a good
cigar ask for the well
known, home-made,
hand made, white labor
'La Belle Atorla."
Conceded by oil smokers
to be the bcht cigar
71 Nin'l? Street,
Astoria, Oregon.
Picnic, Canned Goods,
Camp Stoves,
Camp Cooking Utensils,
And the latest
All-Wool Sleeping Bags
At all prices. Just the tiling for camp
ers, prospectors, etc. Sure to keep warm
at nights. Better than blankets.
Is there a man with heart so cold,
That from bis family would withhold
The comforts which they all could find
In articles of FURNITURE of th
right kind.
And we would suggest at this season,
nice Sideboard, Extension Table, or se
of Dining Chairs. We have the largea
and finest line ever shown in the city
and at prices that cannot fall to pleas
the closest buyers.
: first Class Funerals :
POflb'S Undertaking Parlors,
Rates RaMonaois. Embalming Specialty
As Franklin says, good dress opens
all doors, you should not lose sight of
the fact that a perfect fitting suit Is
the main feature. Wanamaker A
Brown are noted for fit, workmanship
and superiority of qualities. Their rep
resentative viHlts Astoria every three
months. Office 6 Dekum Building,
Portland, Or Reserve orders till you
hnve seen the spring line of samples.
The only railroad lighting Its trains by
. ' nj ..
Tne only railroad using the cekbrated
decme berth reading lamp.
The coaches now runntntr on "The Mil
waukee" are Palaces on Wheels.
i. .ii iia thmuirh lines, the Chicago,
Milwaukee and 8t. Paul Railway runs th
most perfectly equipped trains of Sleep-
!. pvior. a-n1 DlrJnsr Cars and Coaches.
r kweat rates to any pant in the
United tSates and Canada, apply to ticket
agents, or address u. j. w".
rtaneral Amtit.
Portland, Oregon
SHILOirS CURB Is sold on a gi-ar-ntee.
It cures Incipient consumption,
t is the best Cough Curs. Only ont
ent a doss. 26 cents, o cx.. uu ej.w.
For Bale by J. "W. Conn.
ROYAL Baking Powder
has been, awarded hisbest
honors at every, world's fair
where exhibited.
Just Received!
For Fall and Winter Wear $
I -Stylish Jack-VTp.. X
Graceful designs in S
Fur and Plush Capes, S ,
Tailor-Made Suits, $
Separate Skirts, etc.,
ft v"'" X
i All twin of th.Lacst Slyle nd Fh-
Albert Dunbar i
, ComiiMrclal Street, Corner Ninth.
I do not ra rj ov. r old ock f om jj
X year to y. r. but mi personul X
ff Ir-ctiou Iriini the latcri Eailern im-
p tiUltoni. jj
Local weather for twenty-four hour
ending at 6 p. m. yesterday, furnished
by the United Statea Department of Ag
riculture, weather bureau.
Maxlmumtempcrature, 66 decrees.
Minimum temperature, 49 degrees.
Precipitation, none.
Total precipitation from September 1st
18, to date, 2.66 Inches.
Deficiency of preclpitalton from Sep
tember lat, 1895,, 1.20 inches.
Get your milk of Reftli & WHson.
Fresh candles every Hour at the Bon
bonnlera. THE SAME) PLACE 118 12th street Is
the place to buy fresh flan every day.
Meany la the leading tailor, and pays
the highest cash price for fur skins.
The Astorian will hereafter be found
on sale at McGuflre's Hotel at Seaside.
Our milk Is guaranteed strictly pure
and freslj from the cow dally. Keith
ft Wilson.
Umbrellas repaired and re-covered by
Mrs. Fredrlckson. Leave orders at Grlf
fln & Reed's.
The coolest and best glass of beer In
town can be bought at the Gambrlnua
saloon, 12th and Commercial streets.
WAH SING & CO. Merchant tailors,
636 Commercial street, cheaper than yen
can buy ready made. New stock com
plete. Water melons! Water melons! Water
melons! A carload received yesterday
will be sold cheap today at Pat Lawler's,
671 Commercial.
Trade with Foart A kee al-
ers la Groceries, Hardware, Croeliery,
provisions. Hour, fruits and vegetables.
They will surely please yon.
The Entes-Craln Drug Co. have a win
dow full of fine tooth brushes that they
are selling Tor 10 cents each, And give a
sample bottle of Rosofoam with each
Hunger Is a very disagreeable sensa
tion. There is a place In this town where
you can satisfy Its demands with the
cleanest and best 25 cent meal you ever
ate. That place Is Jo Terp's.
No better milk was ever brought to
Astoria than Is furnished far five cents
a quart by Relth & Wilson, and de
livered Im a. olean and tightly dosed
glass bottle at your door every morn
ing. Just arrived at Copoland 4 Thorsen's,
a nice line of high grade footwear for
ladles, all widths from A to 1013. No
trouble to show goods, and satisfaction
guaranteed to every purchaser. Call and
examine them.
What brings people back to the Asto
ria Wood Yard after they have sounded
the possibilities everywhere else? May
be It's one thing, and May be It's another.
Hut the fact remains hack they come.
And of course the Astoria Wood Yard Is
proud of It.
Purest of iwlnes, liquors and cigars
elegant free lunch-ll the dally papers,
at the Qambrlnus, 12th and Commercial.
The Troy Laundry Co. has made ar
rangements with A. J. Squires to act as
lis agent for Astoria. This company Is
noted for high grade work and prompt
delivery. (Mending and repairing free.
Handle called for and delivered. Olllce
471 Commercial street.
Nothing so distressing as a hacking
cough. Nothing so foolUsh as to suffer
from It. Nothing so dangerous if al
lowed to continue. One Minute Cough
Cure gives Immediate relief. Chas. Rog
For the remarkably email sum of 16
cents one can procure an excellent chirk
en dinner every Sunday at the popular
"Denver Kitchen," east side of 9th street
between Astpr and Bond. Mr. Richard
son, the proprietor, also assures the pub
lic that they can obtain at his place a
wo'.l-eooked, we'll served breakfast, din
ner or supper any day In the week for
the above mentioned price. Give him a
ca'.l and be convinced that he speaks the
Right thousand rejected bricks and
bats, at Parker House dock. Take them
at your own figure.
Co to Dr. Howard, the painless den
tist, 662 Commercial street, for fine den
tal work of every class. He challenges
an equal. Trices reasonable. Satisfaction
It has been agreed by the milk mea of
Astoria, Or, that on and after the first
of October, 18M5. they will furnish milk
to their patrons at the foUowtng rates
and no lees: 4 cts a pint; T cents per
quart: 1Q cts per half gaCCon; 22H cts.
per gallon: 60 cts per can of I gallons,
end 10 cts per quart sold on the street.
By order of the Milkmen's Union of
September Mth, 1896.
Remember that ''a etitch in
time saves nine." The rainy
season is now so ting in. Come
and get your loots and shoes
hall'-Foled find repaired before
they are too far gone. I am
now better prepared than ever
to do (lr's in a cheap, neat and
lasting manner.
Fcspc fully ours,
114 12th street, corner oppo-
ri'e Fisher Bros.' sto:e.
The Waterworks Muddle to be
Cleared Up.
Receiver Halm's Appointment is
Upheld and the Bondsmen Have
' Decided to Complete the
Tho plain and complete statement of
affairs In connection with the water
works trouble that appeared In yester
day's Astorian had the effect of giving
the public full and complete knowledge
of the real state. of affairs for the first
time, and was welcomedi on till sides as
explaining the situation fully. Among
the people -whoso eyes were opened by
the disclosures therein made were a great
many of the laborers who have been
thrown out of employment by the stop
page of the work. They came down town
very early In the morning and crowded
the offices of various attorneys to find
out what it all meant. John Hahn, as
the newly appointed receiver, also came
In tfor ai good share of attention and
many of them seemed to And consolation
In standing In front of his store all day
and watching all his movements. At
noon the proprietor of the boarding house
at the top of the hill, which has been
kept, open for the past few days, dls-
oenslng hard tacK to a rew or tne lucKy
ones, announced her Intention of closing
up, and at 2 o'clock all the doors and
windows of the place were securely Bat
tened. About a hundred of the men
looked on at this performance with stolla:
indifference, though they knew that it
meant the taking away of their last
chance of getting any more food. A repre
sentative of the Astorlaii visited the
camp In the afternoon and found that
the reports which have been brought to
the city, concerning the starving" con
dltlon of several laborers there, are well
founded. There are fully thirty men who
have not tasted food for three days, and
many more have gono hungry for forty
eight hours. Their situation is every
hour getting more deplorable, and the
general Impression seems to be that the
recently appointed "labor committee" of
the city council should at once turn Itself
Into a relief committee to supply these
starving people with food. After the
boarding house was closed down a
great many of the men stood around on
the street corners all over town and
discussed the situation In an orderly
manner. One crowd of this kind was
stationed In front of the Astorian office.
It numbered fifty or sixty men. Mayor
Kinney, coming along down Commercial
street, found himself In the middle of
this Impromptu meeting', and taking his
station at a telegraph pole, proceeded to
express hl views about things In general
and about foreign laborers In particular.
He told them that If they didn't like the
country the best thing for them to do
was to get out of It, and advanced sev
eral other vigorous opinions of a like
character which were not calculated to
afford the men much consolation. They
took It all very patiently, even when the
m.uyor went a step (arthcr and told them
that he had given orders to the police
to throw them o'ff the streets If they
congregated about In groups any longer,
and that he "was about full of such
Judge McBride seemed to take a slight
ly different view of the acts of these
laborers, In speaking of their conffuct
yesterday, he said that he had ntver
seen ai set of men under like circum
stances 'who have behaved themselves
with such moderation and who have by
their quiet and manly acceptance of the
situation so deserved the sympathy of
every citizen.
When the court opened yesterday morn
ing Mr. LaForce was on hand with a
suggestion to the court for an order
directing 'Receiver H.ihn to proceel with
tho contract for the completion of the
water works construction. This motion
or suggestion was vigorously contested
by Fulton Bros., who appeared In court
and announced their Intention of ask
ing for the discharge of the receiver,
by a vacation of the order of appoint
ment. The discussion that ensued was
generally participated In by all the attor
neys present. After considerable talk as
to the regularity of the receiver's ap
Fclntment and the question of the avail
ability of the nsspts of the Insolvent
company, the court finally terminated the
hearing by postponing It till some hour
In the afternoon, Informing Mr. LaForce
that he might then mak hls showings to
support his application to have the work
continued by a receiver. Before this af
ternoon session, however, Fulton Bros,
tiled a general tndavlt on behalf of the
bondsmen explaining their relation to
the Paclllc Paving Co., and their liability
to the city under their bond for the com
pletion of the contract. This affidavit
ailso set forth In full their assignment
from the Pacific Paving Co. of all the
assets, material and property of every
dercrtptlon In this city, Including tho
balance of money In the hands of the
commission, after allowing the various
previous assignments. In addition to
thU. Fulton Bros, fted a second affi
davit from Engineer Adams, of the water
commission, showing the Impracticability
of completing the contract at the price
for which It was undertaken by the In
solvent company. The attorneys for the
claimants were Immediately notified of
the tiling df these affidavits, and' 3 o'clock
was the time set by the court to hear
them. At that hour Fulton Bros, opened
tho case for the bondsmen with a recital
of the woful condition of the laborers
who were left stranded without their
wage, and argued that. In the Interests
of the city and! the water commission,
and for the sake of furnishing Immediate
employment to the men, the $1840 In the
hands of the commission not subject to
assignment Bhouid be turned over to the
bondsmen. If this was done, counsel
stated that they would make an obliga
tion to return it for the satisfaction of
ca'llms, If needed, with whatever profits
that might ensue from the completion or
the contract: the bondsmen to be ap
pointed receivers and instructed to com
plete the contract.
This motion was opposed by the attor
neys 'for the labor claimants who did
not seem to agree with the counsel for
the bondsmen where the responsibility
for the pitiful condition of the laborers
rested. They insisted that to turn over
the wages of these men, then In the
hands of the commission to ths volunteer
sureties of the Insolvent corporation to
be used by them In the reduction of their
liability to the' ckty so Incurred, would
be both unjust and Inequitable, especially
In thA Jlirht Af ITnulntui. A.lanu' alfl.lnvtf
On the suggestion of the court that the !
best interests of all concerned would be
subserved by some form of compromise
between the conflicting views "of counsel
on both skies, a recess was taken to en
able them to hold a conference. Shortly
after this, both sides came Into court and
announced that an agreement had been
arrived at, under which the present re
ceiver should be continued, and put In
possession of .'.! property claimed by
the company's bondsmen; the. court to
appoint an appraiser to value all tile
property and material belonging to the
Pa.-irtc 'Paving Co.; and the receiver to j
deliver to the bondsmen such portion of j
the material s might be desired by ,
them' for the completion of the water
works at the appraised value. In addi
tion to this It was also stipulated that
the receiver should pay to the bondsmen
the $1840 claimed by them in the commis
sion's hands, upon the execution to the
receiver by the bondsmen of an obllgay
tlon, with security, for the repayment of
the sum so advanced, together with the
appraised value of the material to be
used by them, provided their rights under
their claimed assignments should be de
cided adversely. This ended the hearing.
Subsequently, on representations to the
court by attorneys for the claimants,
Judge MdBride made an order directing
tho water commission to turn over to the
receiver all moneys In its possession on
account of the Pacific Paving Co.
The effect of the day's court proceed
ings, detailed above, will be to bring the
money heretofore in the hands of the
commission into court where it must be
followed by the various assignee claim
ants who will thus be compelled not only
to prove to the satisfaction of the court
the validity of their respective claims,
but to submit to such adjudications there
upon as Judge McBride may see fit to
determine. Needless to say, this new
turn in the affair has awakened consid
erable nnxiety in the minds of several
assignee claimants whose previous out
lcok for the recovery of one hundred
cents on the dollar had been so promis
ing, and who now will have to submit
their little "preferred" claims to the
cold scrutiny of the laiw. The whole
tendency of the present situation seems
to strengthen the belief that the laborers
wia not only get their wages in full, but
that the remaining proceeds will be fairly
and equitably distributed among all the
other honest creditors of the Pacific Paving-
Oregon's big guns on the way.
Casino Opera Company next week.
L. A. Loomls, of Uwaco, Is In the city.
Tonight' the school piano concert All
win attend. .
The cricketers will niect today In Port
land U. S. boys must win.
Howell & Ward have Just received this
morning 200 boxes of fine table apples.
guaranteed free from worms. Call early
lor tney are going to move.
uorn, to tne wire or Bwan wilean, a
Jno McKlnley, of (Portland, Is at the
J. W. Brlstow, of Portland, Is at the
W. Maurice Kelly returned from Port
land yesterday.
A. P. Stockwell, of Aberdeen, Wash.,
Is a guest at the Occident.
Grapes, grapes. Special sale of grapes
today by Pacific Commission Co.
H. B. Parker went to Portland last
night to spend a few days in recreation.
Martin Ovsen yesterday sent three more
people to Sweden via the Canadian Pa
cific. Buei Lamberson, of Portland, was In
the city yesterday on a short business
Anton Kllnt, of Gray's River, yesterday
returned from a business trip to Port
land. E. B. Miles, of Knappton, came to town
yesterday and! will make ai short business
Capt. G. Walker, and Z. E. HInson, o
the atea'mer Cygnet, are registered at the
Pears, pears. Fall Cutter, Benver, Bart
letts and cooking pears. Pacific Commis
sion Co.
It is rumored that August Nelson win
bo a candidate for Justice of the peace
at the next election.
Mr. P. C. Warren, of Warrenton, was
In -town yesterday, taking in ,the sights
of the water worku town.
The president of the Willamette Valley
Chautauqua says that "Prof. Rldde'.l sur
passes Ell Perkins as a humorist."
One hundred crates and boxes of grapes
today at the Pacific Commission Co.
H. M. Adams, the well known travelling
freight agent of the O. R. and N. Co.,
Is In the clfy, a guest of the Occident.
A'Jbert 'Ay'.'more, of Lewis and Clarke
yesterday brought In a. l'oud of fine
pumpkin which met with a ready sale.
Prof. Beggs' children's dancing classes
commence this afternoon. Committees
having other classes In chairgo will please
Parties wishing to buy candles at
wholesale will save money by calling on
or writing to the Astoria Candy Factory.
461 Duane street.
The Paslflc Commission Co. make the
prlcea on fruit for the Astoria market.
L. 'Mansur's folks havo returned from
Cannon Beach and spent yest-jrday In the
city. Today they will go to their home
at Knappton.
This is the Jewish holiday, "Yom Klp
pur," or day of atonement, and all stores
will be closed between sunset Friday and
sunset Saturday.
Miss Mason will re-open her private
kindergarten in the Hotel TIghe Monday
September SO. Afternoon session only.
Visitors will be welcome at any time.
The Rev. O. Murphy, of Moscow, Ida
ho, will officiate at Grace church on Sun
day, at 11 a. m. Sunday school at 12:30
and at Holy Innocents' at li:. p. m.
A fine lot of peaches received at Ross,
Hlggina A Co.'s, contained some large nnA mpAMiirlnff QUm inches in
circumference and another 11 1-4 Inches.
Tokay, Muscatel, Rose,-- Peru, Native
and Ohio Concord grapes. Pacific Coin-
mission Co.
It is rumored that W. Maurice Kelly
and E. J. Smith will In a few days make
another trip through the Nehalcm, and
that this Dime the other one will' get lost.
Two hundred boxes of the finest apples
ever brought to the city, guaranteed free
from worms. If you want something line
call and get a box of these from Howell
It WaTd.
Subjects of discussion at the Baptist
church next Sunday In the morning,
"Takln an Observation;" In the even
ing, "The Deadly Character of Sin,"
Sunday school at 13:16 and B. Y. P. V.
at (.30 p. m.
The Uppertown Dramatic Club bids fair
to be a howling success. Frank Uerdes,
the leaxllmr man, Is determined that the
next entertainment, wihcH will occur
next week In all probabilllty, shall be
beyond criticism.
Mrs. Anna Zelgler, who has been vis
iting her son, Mr. O. Zelgler. and wife,
will leave Tuesday for her home In
Frankfort-on-the-Maln, Germujy. She
wltt go via Sacramento, th?re spending a
few days with her son. Louis.
The Sholarshlp League of the High
School yesterday had some very interest-
Winding Up Sale
Schlussel Stock
fit the White House Store
By order of the Administrator, this entire stock consisting of
Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Will be placed on sale in lols to suit purchasers and will be closed out at less than
MANUFACTURERS' COST. This is a chance of a life-time to buy high
grade goods at lower piic-s than cheap goods are usually sold at. This well-known stock
is the largest, finest and most complete in Astoria.
Sale Will Commence Monday, September 30th, at 9 a. m.
U' Order of Administrator.
lng exercises, consisting of music and
recitations. These Friday afternoon ex
ercises are becoming quite a feature ana
afford much amusement for pupils and
Bullock's team, which was standing at
the corner of 15th and Commercial yes
terday afternoon, while the driver vas
In a neighboring store, became frighten
ed and started up Just as the car came
along. The car and wagon collided,
smashing the wagon and Injuring the
Yesterday afternoon one of the gas
mains on Duane street burst and In a few
minutes the air wao filled with the odor
of escaping gas. A still alarm was turn
ed In and the chemical engine company
promptly responded but their services
were not needed. The pipes were soon
filled with dirt 'by the workmen and
further escape of gas prevented
The Oregonian in commenting on Prof
Riddell and his lecture on "Blunders of
Life as Seen by the Humorist," fays:
"It was w philosophical discourse, highly
humorous, and completely captivated the
popular fancy." Hundreds of Portland's
best people who have followed the pro
fessor In his varied themes for weeks
declare they have never heard his equal.
Everyone should 'hear him In the M. E.
Church Monday eve. Seats free.
The Upper Astoria Social Club held a
mettlng at O'Brien's Hall In Upper As
toria last night. The follow lng program
was rendered: Reading, Thos. Irwin;
speech, John Mathews; reading, Fred
Johnson; song, Mark Kyle; reading, Al
fred Schroder; readlns, M. V. Burton;
song, iPeter Wnldc; instrumental solo,
Chas. Slmonson.
A comlcaO farce was then acted by
Mark Kyle, Alfred Schroder, Arthur Bur
ton. The debate of the evening was "Which
Is the most destructive, alcohol or war?'
After an Interesting discussion it was
decided that war was the mcst destruct
ive. The society paper, "Kodak," was then
read, which groat-ly delighted rhe mem
bers and was continuously applauded.
The club meets every Friday evening
at O'Brien's Hall and extends an invlta
ticn to all Interested In this kind of work
Five new members were enrolled 'a.t
Following Is a criticism from the Ta
coma Dai:y News of the performance of
Mikado, 89 given by the Casino Comic
Opera Company .which begins an en
gagement in this city Friday evening
next. "The third performance of Mi
kado by the Casino Opera Company.
last evening, met with the kim warm
reception 'as tho evening before and by
even a larger audience. From the rise
to rhe fall of the curtain the production
was meritorious In every particular. All
the tuneful solos and duets in the opera
were well rendered and proved that the
company's claim to gool and well train
ed voices was well Justified. The suc
cess of the production was heightened
by the fact that new and special scenery
was provided."
To the Editor:
In view of the extreme necessities of
the water works laborers the action of
Herman Wise and others In giving them
some temporary relief from starvation
seems most commendable and necessary,
and it seems surprising that any should
be found so destitute of sympathy for
these poor feliows as not only to wlth
hould such assistance, but to condemn
and discourage the same in others. We
hope such heartless attitude will be far
from general. MANY CITIZENS.
There is nothln but bold, clear-cut
truth la the statement that te secure per
fect fit, quality and style In yeur shoes
at ths lowest reasonable prices y on must
ro to she firm of John Hahn A Co., 479
Commercial street
Acts at once, never falls. One Minute
Cough Cure. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverldh condition which accom
panies a severe cold. The only harmless
remedy that produces Immediate results.
Chas. Rogers.
Notice is hereby given that payment has
been stopped on the following numbered
warrants drawn by Rescue Engine Co.
No. X. same having been lost or mislaid
No. 40S. 43, 423, 424 and 42$.
Boots and Shoes, Trunks, Valises,
Blankets, Umbrellas, etc, etc,
Is offered by C. Mortensen, of Astoria,
to anyone furnishing information con
cerning the whereabouts f Harry Schra
der, that may lead to his re-capture.
Schrader was on-j of the number who
broke Jail at Astoria and escaped.
Schrader Is a Dane by birth speaks Eng
lish tolerably -well; is about 5 feet BVj
inches tall; stout built, weighing about
1C5 pounds; is fleshy, round featured, has
dark hair and moustache, and blue eyes.
Schroder has probably gone to the
hop fields, where he is acquainted, but
will, In all probability, try to get out of
the way 'by some vessel and is apt to be
found around sal'.or boarding houses for
that purpose.
We have choice property In Van Du
sen's, Alderbrook, Adair's, Shively's, Mc
Clure's, Taylor's, New Astoria, Warren
ton, and Astoria Addition to Warrenton
for sale. Also money to loan In sums of
$200 to $3,C00 on good real estate security.
Notice i hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed administratrix
of the estate of Francis Feakes and all
persons having claims against said es
tate are hereby notified to prevent said
elahr.n wiili the necessary vouchers
within six months from tile date of this
notice to me at the ofllee of F. D. Win
ton in Uie I'ythian Castlo building, In the
City of Astoria, Clatsop county, Oregon.
ANNA FDAKKS. Administratrix.
Astoria, Or., Sept. 20th, A. D. 1 .)",.
A well-furnished sul-e of r.Mns, with
use of pirlor, and, If desired, good
table board, at reasonable rates. 4U5 Du
ane street, corner of Ninth.
A twister In twisting
May twist him i& twist,
For In twisting a twist
Three twists make a twist;
Bus If one of the twists
Untwists from the twist,
The twist untwisting
Untwists the twist.
That Is. when it's twisted with any
.nher twine than MARSHALL'S.
Ladies, do not deceive yourselves. There
is not a wrap, Jacket r fur garment In
Astoria that will compare in richness,
beauty, or price with the. lines Mr. Co
hen is showing this season. You can
save at least $3.00 to $3.00 on a garment
at Cohen's place. He does not advertise
so as to sell you a lot of shoddy and
tell you he Is giving you remarkable bar
gains, leaving you to find after you get
homo anl go through your purchase
male in a darkened store that you have
paid dearly for your purchase. Cohen
has the latest styles In dress goods, trim
mings, etc., and gives the best value for
the money expended. Positively ro de
ception practised in order to malce sales.
Say, why don't you try DeWitt's Little
Early dliisers? These little pills cure
headache, Indhjestlon and constipation.
They're small, but do the work. Chas.
SHILSH'S CURE, the great Cough
an'd Croup Cure, is In great demand
Pocket size contains twenty-five doses
only 25 cents. Children love It Sold
hv J. W Conn
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
AM persons having claims against the
estate of Jno. P. Dickinson, deceased,
must present the same duly verified, to
the undersigned within six months from
this date. B. VAN DUSEN.
Astoria, Sept. 20, 1895.
Groceries, Flour, h'eed, Provisions, Fruits
Vegetables, Crockery, Glass and
Plated Ware. Loggers' Supplies.
Cor. Cass aud S'iumoque Streets. . Amur's. Ore
Acts as trustee for corporatlens and In
dividuals. Transact a general banking business.
Interest paid on time deposits.
J. a A. BOWLUY President
BBNJ. YOUNG Vice President
J. Q. A. Bowlby, C. H. Page, BenJ
Young, A. S. Reed, D. P. Thompson
W. E. Dement, Gust Holmes.
W-ANTED A good girl for general
housework 'at the residence southeast
corner 15th ft. and Franklin avenue.
WANTED To employ an energetic la
dy or gentleman to represent our business
In every counxy. SoUairy, $50.00 per month
and a commission. Address with stamp,
Chas. A. Robinson & Co., Saline, Kane.
WANTED Oerman or French pupils.
Address L. L. H., care of thU office.
WANTHD An honest, active gentle
man er lady to travel for reliable es-taSils-.ied
house. Salary, $760, payable
$15 weekly and expenses. Situation per
manent. References. Enclose self-addressed
envelope, H. E. Hess, Pre, Chi
cago. WANTED Agents to represent the
old National Life Insurance Ce., of
Montpelier, Vt For further trifrjnrtmv
tlon, address G. M. Etolp, General Coast
Manager, 82-84 Crocker Building, Ban
Francisco, Cal.
WANTED Man or lady to collect, do
some office work, and manage sgeoM.
You will deal through your leading mer
chants. Something new and very popu
lar. We pay all expenses. Peel tl an per
manent. Send four references and ten
cents for full particulars, John Finney
Mgr., P. O. Box 484, St Louis, Mo,
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, sulfa- '
ble for housekeeping. Centrally located.
Apply at Crow'a photograph gallery.
JAPANESE GOODS-Just out Just re
ceivedJust what yon want, at Wing
Lee's, 643 Commercial street.
MONEY Apply to Astoria Abstract,
Title and Trust Co.
A nti-nanl warn left at Dswmm
drag store sometime ago. Owner can
recover same by calling at this office and
paying for this advertisement
FOUND A pocket book. Owner can call
at Crow's photograph gaJlery, pay for
this advertisement, prove ownership, and
receive property.
STRAYED A white cow with a broken
horn, has a lump on knee. Finder will be
suitably rewarded. Call on or address
A. Gibbons, assessor's office.
$75,000 PER WEEK using and Selling
Dynamos for plating watches. Jewelry,
and table ware. Plates gold, silver,
nickel, etc., same as new goods. Dif
ferent sizes for agents, families and
shops. Easy operated: no experience;
big profits, W. p. Harrison & co
der No. 14. Columbus, Ohio.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla,